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beyonce knowles

Beyonce Knowles

Ask Beyonce what she wants people to hear when they listen to Dangerously In Love, her debut solo album, and the multi-platinum-selling pop/urban recording artist answers, "My range. I want them to hear all of the musical influences from hip-hop to rock to jazz, there's even a Shuggie Otis sample. I want them to really hearthe talent. I know that folks love me as a pop star. Now I want them to understand me as an artist." That they will. Musically challenging and lyrically honest, Dangerously In Love is more than just a solo CD from a superstar. It is everything you'd expect from Beyonce and more than you could have hoped for. Another side of someone we've loved for years, Dangerously In Love is equally divided between seductive mid-tempos, lush ballads and fiery club bangers, providing a sharp focus on who Beyonce is right now: as a performer, as a woman, and as a creative force to be reckoned with. The vibe is more mature, more playful, more deeply passionate and sexually aggressive. Dangerously In Love is the sound of a grown woman clearly staking her claim in the world and, in the process, redefining expectations of who she is. A 21-year-old Houston native, Beyonce Knowles is a founding member and chief songwriter of Destiny's Child, one of the biggest selling female acts of all time. With many of the group's hit songs co-written and co-produced by Beyonce, Destiny's Child has sold more than 33 million records worldwide. When Beyonce won the 2001 ASCAP Pop Songwriter Of The Year Award, she became the first African-American woman -- and the second woman ever -- to receive that honor.

Led by founding members Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, Destiny's Child burst on the scene in 1997 with their multi-platinum single, "No, No, No," from their self-titled album. That success was dwarfed when Destiny's Child's The Writing's On The Wall was released in 1999. The album would go on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide, driven in part by three Top 10 hits: "Jumpin, Jumpin," "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills," which spent 9 weeks at #1 on the Billboard RandB singles chart.

A year after Michelle Williams joined Destiny's Child in 2000, the group recorded Survivor, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Survivor was certified double platinum four weeks after its release and has gone on to sell more than nine million copies worldwide. In 2001 Destiny's Child took home two Grammy awards: Best RandB song ("Say My Name") and Best RandB performance by a Duo or Group ("Say My Name"). Destiny's Child has won numerous other awards, among them Billboard Artist of the year, NAACP Image Awards, American Music Awards, Nickelodeon Kid's Choice and The Sammy Davis Jr. Award for Entertainer of the Year at the Soul Train Awards. The group has toured worldwide and performed at many high profile events including The Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Concert Special and the Concert For New York City.

Given the fact that the general public is so familiar with chart-topping songs such as "Say My Name," "Independent Woman, Part I" and "Survivor," it's fair to enquire how Dangerously In Love differs from a Destiny's Child project. "Naturally the songs on my album are going to share some similarities," Beyonce admits. "But this time because I only had to write for myself, my songs are much more personal. I also wanted beats that were harder and to be able to collaborate with other people. Basically this record was a chance for me to grow as a writer and a singer. There are more ballads. The vocals aren't as precisely produced and because it's just me, there aren't as many harmonies. The experience was very liberating and therapeutic. I felt free, because I could go into the studio and talk about whatever I wanted, but in many ways it was actually harder to be on my own creatively. I depend so much on Destiny's Child (Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) to tell me if they like something or not. I'm so critical of myself that it's scary to have to depend on your own instincts."

Helping Beyonce trust those instincts are an impressive array of musical collaborators, among them Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Sean Paul, Mark Batson, Mario Winans, D-Roy and Mr. B, OutKast's Big Boi, Rich Harrison, Fanatic, Scott Storch, and the legendary Luther Vandross on "The Closer I Get To You." Beyonce shares co-executive producer credits on Dangerously In Love with her father and manager Mathew Knowles. She took an active role in all aspects of the album: from writing and choosing material to producing, mastering and mixing the tracks. Beyonce pays tribute to her father on the hidden bonus track, "Daddy," which was produced by Beyonce and Mark Batson.

The sexy first single, "Crazy In Love," featuring Jay-Z, was co-produced by Beyonce and Rich Harrison. Jay-Z returns the favor for Beyonce's part on his hit "Bonnie and Clyde 03." With a beat that Beyonce says is "so hard it makes your heart hurt!," "Crazy In Love" is about that moment when you realize you're falling into love and looking crazy but you simply don't care. The abandon continues on "Speechless," produced by Fanatic. "As soon as I heard the track it inspired me," she admits. "It's very sexy, very sensual. The sort of ballad that I've never done before. This song is definitely a population increaser!"

Laced with an Arabic ambience, fused with a ghetto-fied edge and encompassing a sample from Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby," "Naughty Girl" is uptempo and party perfect: a sexy fantasy about having that one night where you lose all your inhibitions, head to theclub and work it like a naughty girl. "Many of the songs on the album examine aspects of relationships, and this is one element."

Also sexy is the dancehall-Arabic flavored "Baby Boy," featuring the red hot Sean Paul. "I knew Sean had to be on my album because I love his approach," she says. "'Baby Boy' is another song about a fantasy and it's one of my favorites."

Such unabashed and upfront emotions might come as a surprise to long time fans but make no mistake, Dangerously In Love isn't a rejection of DC's sound. "I love Destiny's Child and I am a member of the group, "she asserts. "We haven't broken up. We're going to continue to tour and record and be a group. We've recorded a song, 'I Know,' for "The Fighting Temptations" soundtrack. We all decided a long time back to explore solo projects and I'm the third member of the group to release my own record. Things like working apart keep the fire going and keep the fans eager for you. I'm not trying to get away from DC or the legacy we have. I just wanted to show a different approach and the growth I've experienced. "

That growth is evident in Beyonce's burgeoning acting career. In 2001 she starred in MTV's "Carmen." In 2002 she appeared as Foxy Cleopatra in "Austin Powers in Goldmember." This year she will co-star with Cuba Gooding Jr. in "The Fighting Temptations." She has two more features currently in production and can also be seen on the small screen in a series of Spike Lee-directed commercials for Pepsi-Cola. She is also the spokesperson for L'Oreal.

Beyonce and J.Lo play tug-of-war for Becks !

Both Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly vying to sign up football star David Beckham for their forthcoming videos.

According to The Sun, it comes as a result of a Pepsi ad that all three of the stars did together last month before which the two pop divas apparently had no idea how popular the England captain was until they met at the launch of the new ad in Madrid.

"They couldn't believe how popular he was.During the promotional appearances more people were screaming for him than for them. Beyonce and J.Lo have good business heads and realise what great publicity it would be to have David in their videos ", the report quoted a source as saying.

Meanwhile Beckham is reported to be flattered by the attention he is getting from the two popstars thinking which choice to make.(ANI)

Beyonce may play Bob Dylan looking his best !

Maverick director Todd Haynes is planning a film on the rock legend Bob Dylan's life .

In the film called "I'm not there: Suppositions On A Film Concerning Dylan", Oscar winner Haynes is casting six men and one woman - all black - to portray the enigmatic star at different stages of his life and the choice for the female role may be between Beyonce Knowles and tennis star Venus Williams.

The unlikely role of a woman playing the singer-songwriter at the height of his popularity in the mid-1960s, "when he was best-looking", is one of seven stages of Dylan's five-decade career represented by different actors and also reportedly includes an 11-year-old black boy.

"Bob Dylan is somebody who has continued to reject all of the various personas that he has embodied over the years. (He) continues to move forward by discarding himself, so my idea is to put together a film of multiple characters and tell their stories simultaneously.The woman actor would play him as he appeared in the era when he was best-looking " , Femalefirst quoted Haynes as saying.

"I am setting out to explode the idea that anybody can be depicted in a single self", he added.

However, the Paramount movie bosses are reportedly having doubts over how the critics might react to the film.

"Dylan has always acknowledged his debt to blues and gospel, but critics may say there are other ways of celebrating the African-American musical heritage", the report quoted an executive as saying.

"Todd is, however, a serious film-maker and we are confident that he will treat it all with respect. We hope", he added.

Moby Attacks Beyonce Over Hilfiger Link

MOBY is waging another war of words with BEYONCE KNOWLES after criticising the DESTINY'S CHILD star for teaming up with designer TOMMY HILFIGER to front a new cosmetic line.

The outspoken dance music star, who has been feuding with rapper EMINEM for years, accuses Knowles of "gratuitously" lending her name to Hilfiger's new fragrance TRUE STAR.
He rants, "I see so many public figures just gratuitously lending their names to products that I really don't understand.

"I just wonder why, like, Beyonce's doing this Tommy Hilfiger thing, and isn't it enough to have $50 million? Do you need $51 million?"

But Moby insists he doesn't mean to single out Beyonce in his rant about greedy stars and fears an ongoing feud with her.

He adds, "It wouldn't be good, because then all of a sudden JAY-Z (Beyonce's boyfriend) and DAMON DASH (Jay-Z's business partner) would be involved.

"I'd find myself at the bottom of the Hudson River."

Beyonce Will Perform At Oscars, Destiny Bares All

Beyonce will be singing two more Oscar-nominated songs at the Academy Awards in addition to her previously announced duet with Josh Groban . Beyonce will perform "Look to Your Path" from Les Choristes, accompanied by the American Boychoir, and "Learn to Be Lonely" from the Phantom Of The Opera at the event on February 27. Billboard.com reports that there was speculation actress Minnie Driver (news) would perform "Learn To Be Lonely," but sources say she was unable to appear due to scheduling conflicts. Driver appears in the Phantom Of The Opera, but her singing was dubbed for the film. Driver did sing "Look To Your Path" which is played during the film's closing credits.

Beyonce and Groban will sing "Believe" from Polar Express. Carlos Santana and Enrique Iglesias will do the Oscar-nominated song "Al Otro Lado Del Rio," which is from the Motorcycle Diaries.

The 77th annual Academy Awards will be handed out February 27 at The Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and broadcast live on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

In related news, the ladies from Destiny's Child will be showing just how "bootylicious" they are in the music video for "Cater 2 U"--the third single from their double-platinum album Destiny Fulfilled. MTV.com reports that--according to a video treatment--the girls won't have to worry about a big costume budget because they'll be shown--tastefully--wearing absolutely nothing. Each singer will be shot in her own desert scene, with Beyonce on a diving board, Michelle in a lounge chair and Kelly on a deserted road.

The video will be directed by Jake Nava, who lensed Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" and "Crazy In Love," and more recently Lindsay Lohan's "Over" and "Rumors." During the same week they filmed "Cater 2 U," Destiny's Child shot the video for their song "Girl," with a Sex And The City-inspired theme. The video is directed by Bryan Barber, whose credits include "Hey Ya," "Roses," and "Ghetto Music" for Outkast.

Additionally, Destiny's Child will begin the overseas leg of their "Destiny Fulfilled...and Lovin' It" in April with stops in Asia, Australia and Europe. The tour is in support of their triple-platinum album Destiny Fulfilled, which is Number 14 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The first concert will be in Hiroshima, Japan on April 9, and the tour will wind up in Dublin, Ireland on June 9.

Beyonce keeps her romance private

Beyonce says she finds it easy keeping her romance with rapper Jay-Z private.

Beyonce has been in a relationship with Jay-Z for three years and never reveals details about their relationship to the press reports Contactmusic.com.

She said: "Even in school I was private. It kept my name out of people's mouths. Not because I was ashamed of anything or because I wasn't passionate about whatever it was, like who I was dating, but because it seemed more pure when I treated it like it was sacred.

"I don't mind being vulnerable, but people scrutinise celebrities and make up stories. Then when everyone in the world is talking about you, it makes things really hard - not normal.

"That doesn't work for me because I'm a regular woman."

Stars to join fight against anti-Semitism

Beyonce Knowles and Leonardo DiCaprio are not Jewish but they reportedly are ready to claim that they are in a fight against anti-Semitism. Several movie and pop music stars have agreed in principle to film public service announcements denouncing worldwide anti-Semitism and identifying with the Jewish people, the Jerusalem Post said on Friday.

MTV is donating studio time for filming the ads, which are to appear in Europe, the United States and Israel. The "I am a Jew" ads are the latest idea from the New York-based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.

DENZEL WASHINGTON and a bevy of his Beverly Hills pals will speak out against anti-Semitism. According to the New York Daily News, Denzel, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin and Beyonce Knowles, will all film spots for hip-hop honcho Russell Simmons’ Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. Not to be outdone, Kiefer Sutherland jumped on board to make a PSA to garner cultural understanding of Islam, after his hit show, ``24,'' was slammed for portraying Muslims in a negative manner.

Beyonce Set For Broadway


Pop star BEYONCE KNOWLES is being given the chance to expand her acting resume, and star in a new movie version of Broadway musical DREAMGIRLS.

After cutting her acting teeth in AUSTIN POWERS sequel GOLDMEMBER and the upcoming PINK PANTHER remake, producers are convinced Knowles has what it takes to make a full-time film career - and want her to headline the movie, about a singing trio from Chicago, loosely based on real life stars THE SUPREMES.
Beyonce is being tipped to play frontwoman EFFIE, the role made famous on Broadway by actress JENNIFER HOLLIDAY.CHICAGO screenwriter/director BILL CONDON is currently heading up the project and is rumoured to want RAY star JAMIE FOXX to take a role.
Filming is expected to start as early as this summer (05).

Beyonce Knowles: Wanted By Bollywood

Bollywood fan Beyonce Knowles is reported to be willing to record an "item number", the current demand for sexy song and dance routines in the Hindi film industry, appeals to Beyonce.

Beyonce has previously said she was a fan of Bollywood movies and was willing to explore the possibility of doing a role in an Indian film.

Why not? Indian films are so colourful, the singer star recently said in an interview with the Times of India.
It can be fun to do a film like that at least once. Given a chance, I would love to do an Indian film, she went on to say.
The Grammy winner for her 2003 solo debut, Dangerously in Love says she has seen some Indian hits such as Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum starring legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan, Oscar-nominated film Lagaan and Devdas.

Reported as saying she loved Devdas and that actress Aishwarya Rai was amazing, the film moved her to tears.

Devdas is a story of an alcoholic lover who pines for his childhood love and eventually dies.

Bollywood producers are wooing foreigners recently Emma Bunton was in Mumbai testing, aa well as celebrity singers to perform the sexy "item numbers" in Hindi films.

Pop stars who have already performed in Bollywood films include Tata Young in recent hit Dhoom, and Sam Fox.

Beyonce to sing Oscar contenders

R&B singer Beyonce Knowles is to perform a selection of Oscar-nominated songs at the Academy Awards ceremony, organisers have announced.

The chart-topping star will sing Learn To Be Lonely from the film version of The Phantom Of The Opera and Look To Your Path from France's Les Choristes.

Knowles will also duet with Josh Groban for Believe from The Polar Express.

The Counting Crows will sing their own Oscar-nominated song Accidentally In Love in Los Angeles on 27 February.

A performance of the remaining contender - Al Otro Lado Del Rio from Che Guevara biopic The Motorcycle Diaries - has yet to be announced.

The winner of last year's Academy Award for best song was Into The West, which was performed by Annie Lennox at the ceremony.


Beyonce Gets Soul Train Nominations

In a surprise to absolutely no one, R&B singer Usher led the nominees for the 19th annual Soul Train Music Awards, organizers said on Tuesday.

Usher, whose current album, "Confessions," was the biggest seller of 2004 with U.S. sales of almost eight million copies, will compete in five categories.

Crunk newcomer Ciara and Beyonce Knowles landed four nominations each, though two of Knowles' nods were with her trio, Destiny's Child. Alicia Keys had three nominations. The awards will be taped on the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood on Feb. 28, and will air in syndication on March 12.

Usher and Keys already have eight nominations each at the Grammy Awards, which take place on Feb. 13 in Los Angeles, second only to Kanye West with 10 mentions.

Last November, Usher was the top winner at the American Music Awards, scoring in all four categories in which he was nominated.

His Soul Train nominations include best R&B soul single and album (male), music video and dance cut. Additionally, his duet with Keys, "My Boo," was named in the R&B/soul single (group, band, duo) race, where its rivals include Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" and the Knowles/Luther Vandross duet "The Closer I Get To You."

Destiny's Child was also nominated for R&B/album (group, band, duo), and Knowles for R&B/soul single (female), a category also including Ciara and Keys. These two will also compete against each other for R&B/soul album (female). Ciara's other two nods were for best new artist and dance cut.

Beyonce hints Destiny's Child are no more?

Beyoncé Knowles has hinted that Destiny's Child may never record another album together.

The sexy singer, who has forged a successful solo career outside of the band, says the group's latest album, 'Destiny Fulfilled', may be their last as she doesn't think they'll be able to perform as well when they get older.

She said: "Maybe in five years we'll do another record, maybe not. We could do a reunion but we can't be 40 doing 'Bootylicious'."

Beyoncé recently admitted she and her bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, didn't get any work done on the first day they started recording their new album - because they were too busy talking.
The trio were so thrilled to see each other when they met up to record 'Destiny's Fulfilled' they got a bit carried away.

She said: "The first day, we didn't get anything done. We just talked and laughed and felt like we were home."

Michelle also said she thought it was great for the band to go their separate ways for a period of time, as she believed it improved them as a band.

She said: "It was good for us to each go out and do our own thing. When you're in the studio by yourself, you have to grow musically and learn to depend on yourself.

So when we got back together, we knew how we each wanted to sound.

Beyonce: Spray My Mane!

Her minder may have just (accidentally) stamped on her toe, putting her out of action for a week but Beyonce can console herself with some cheerier news. The details of Beyonce's current contract with L'Oreal hair care have just emerged. The Destiny's Child frontwoman is set to earn £2.6m for just 10 days work a year promoting L'Oreal hair products.

But there are conditions (or conditioners) to the five year deal. L'Oreal representatives have the right to inspect Beyonce's hair at two weeks' notice if Beyonce changes her appearance or puts on weight.

According to cult website, The Smoking Gun, Beyonce must keep "approximately the same physical appearance and health." The clause also adds that Beyonce "must maintain her current excellent physical condition and beauty, her skin colour, shade and tone, hairstyle, hair colour and weight." Oh and she isn't allowed too much sun and must do her best to avoid injury. Whoops! (see the start of this story!)

Beyonce Backs Barry Manilow's new musical

We all know that Beyonce is among the coolest stars to ever grace the stages of the pop world, right? Well, she's decided to lend some of that cool factor to another performer who, it's fair to say, ISN'T one of that number.

The Destiny's Child singer has teamed up with '70s easy listening star Barry Manilow to launch a new stage musical that he's written. The show is called Harmony, and is set in pre-World War II Germany. To make matters even more starry, it's rumoured that Barry approached Jennifer Lopez for backing, before managing to get Beyonce to sign up.

This is Barry's second crack at making a musical. His first, Copacabana, was a big hit in the early '90s. All of which, combined with Westlife's No.1 success with Barry's song 'Mandy' could mean that the big-nosed balladeer is gearing up for a major pop comeback. Who'dathunkit?

Beyonce wants to be next Streisand

Beyonce's only just started filming on her new movie 'The Pink Panther' but she's already looking ahead to her future movie career.
She says she wants to model her choices on some of her heroines:

"I admire Barbara Streisand and Cher and Diana Ross and they sing in a lot of their movies, but when they acted, they really acted, and they were really good."

"It doesn't matter to me, I just want to do a really big musical - that's my dream."

"I don't necessarily have to sing in the movie, it just depends on the character."

Beyonce and Tina Knowles' Clothing Line, House Of Dereon, Announce Licensee Agreement with Tarrant Apparel Group

Beyonce and Tina Knowles today announce that The House of Dereon (de - ron) has signed a licensee agreement with the prestigious and renowned Tarrant Apparel Group. A leading provider of private label and private brand casual apparel, Tarrant Apparel Group and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Private Brands, Inc., have signed an exclusive licensee agreement with Beyond Productions and Kids Headquarters to collaborate on the design, manufacturing and distribution of House of Dereon brand apparel. Named after Tina Knowles' mother and Beyonce's grandmother, Agnes Dereon, the line honors the woman who worked as a seamstress and influenced Tina's love of fashion. Inspired by three generations of women who have joined together in a labor of love, The House of Dereon is expected to hit better specialty stores worldwide for the Holiday 2005 season. The young contemporary women's line will feature ready-to-wear, casual sportswear, and denim offerings.

Barry Aved, President and CEO of Tarrant Apparel Group, commented, "House of Dereon adds a very exciting new dimension to our growing portfolio of private brands, which includes American Rag, Cie, Alain Weitz large sizes, and Gear 7 brands. With the addition of the Knowles' family inspired apparel, our private brand strategy will reach another consumer through a new distribution channel. Beyonce will have an active role in supporting and marketing the brand and we look forward to working with her and her mother. We are confident that Beyonce's international popularity coupled with our strength in brand development will generate unique, fashion forward clothing for contemporary young women worldwide."

Tina Knowles had this to say, "Jason Rabin, Cory Silverstein [both of Beyond Productions/Kids Headquarters], and I worked closely to conduct a very thorough search to find the company that not only would best represent our professional interests but also was a well-respected brand in the industry. We wanted a company that would share our vision and meet our expectations for the launch of House of Dereon. We feel that Tarrant Apparel Group really understands our creative inspiration and will handle efficiently the production and distribution of the line."

Beyonce says, "It is such a rewarding feeling to be part of something that both my mother and I really believe in. I hope that everybody loves the clothing as much as we do; we have really put our hearts into developing these fashions."

Beyond Productions, LLC was founded in May 2004 by Tina and Beyonce Knowles, Jason and Arthur Rabin and Cory Silverstein of Wear Me Apparel/Kids Headquarters. The partnership will provide the infrastructure for licensing and brand management to House of Dereon. This collaboration was orchestrated by Tina and Beyonce Knowles who wanted to bring trend-setting style and a creative take on fashion to stylish women everywhere. The design alliance features three co-creative directors, Beyonce and Tina Knowles, and Heather Thomson Schindler.

Tarrant Apparel Group serves specialty retailers, mass merchants, national department stores, and branded wholesalers by designing, merchandising, contracting for the manufacture of, and selling casual and well-priced apparel for women, men and children.

Bootylicious Beyonce Wows Basketball Fans

BEYONCE KNOWLES was the centre of attention at a New York basketball game last week (21JAN05), when she arrived wearing a pair of dazzling cowboy boots designed by STELLA McCARTNEY.

The DESTINY'S CHILD beauty paid a staggering $3,800 (GBP2,000) for staunch vegetarian McCartney's gold and bronze imitation leather accessories. McCartney ensures no animals products are used to create her designs.

The LOSE MY BREATH singer joined boyfriend JAY-Z at Madison Square Garden to watch the NEW YORK KNICKS play the HOUSTON ROCKETS.

Beyonce Knowles Set For "Dreamgirls" Role

Pop star Beyonce Knowles is being given the chance to expand her acting resume, and star in a new movie version of the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls."

After cutting her acting teeth in Austin Powers sequel 'Goldmember' and the upcoming Pink Panther remake, producers are convinced Knowles has what it takes to make a full-time film career - and want her to headline the movie, about a singing trio from Chicago, loosely based on the The Supremes.

Beyonce is being tipped to play front woman Effie, the role made famous on Broadway by actress Jennifer Holliday.

'Chicago' screenwriter/director Bill Condon is currently in charge of the project and is rumored to want 'Ray' star Jamie Foxx to take a role.

Filming is expected to start as early as this summer


Beyonce's Dog 'Most Eligible Pet'

BEYONCE KNOWLES' beloved dog MUNCHIE has been declared America's Most Eligible Pet in the Nation.

The seal of approval comes from the winter issue of ANIMAL FAIR magazine, which features the CRAZY IN LOVE singer posing on the cover with her one-and-a-half-year-old pooch.

Editorial director WENDY DIAMOND says, "We've already been overloaded with calls from people trying to set their dogs up with Munchie!"

But, for now, Knowles is enjoying her four-legged friend's affection herself.

She coos, "He'll climb right up to your face and give you a kiss, and then he'll lie under your neck and give you a hug.''

Cowell slams Beyonce's singing - and body

Simon Cowell has dealt Beyonce Knowles the ultimate blow - by attacking her singing skills and much-celebrated curves.

While the Crazy In Love beauty Knowles attracts millions of admirers the world over with her looks and vocals, British music Cowell has yet to understand the allure of the 23-year-old star.

He tells Esquire magazine: "I find the whole Beyonce thing really mystifying. She's not sexy, she hasn't got a great body and she's not a great singer."

But Cowell cools off his attack when he speaks of pop star Ashlee Simpson, who's lip-syncing and howling vocals have drawn much criticism recently. He adds: "Why should you have to do something substandard just for the sake of being real? If it sounds better with the vocal you recorded, why shouldn't people listen to that? There's almost a witch-hunt mentality about people miming."


Star Singer Turns Actress, But Should She Keep Her Day Jobs?

The star: Beyoncé Knowles, 23

The start: The members of her all-girl R&B group Destiny's Child have rotated, but Beyoncé's been a fixture at front and center. This perhaps because dad Matthew has always held the proverbial reigns as group manager while mom Tina makes the sparkly, sinful attire. Discovered in part by icon Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child hit platinum with their 1998 self-titled debut, thanks to tracks like "No, No, No" and "With Me." In 2001, the group announced an "indefinite hiatus" to leave the three girls free to pursue "individual projects." Some whispered that Beyoncé's newfound acting career was partly to blame for the split.

Crossing over: Unlike most who baby-step into moviedom with bit parts and voice-overs, Beyoncé busted onto the scene with a high-profile role in Mike Meyers's third spy spoof, Austin Powers in Goldmember. As Foxxy Cleopatra, Beyoncé shimmied, shimmered, sassed and kicked butt, à la blaxploitation bombshells like Pam Grier -- afro and all.

High note: Now. Free of the chains of Destiny's Child, Beyoncé's solo career is skyrocketing. In addition to her still simmering music and movie careers, she's landed deals with cosmetics giant L'Oreal and Pepsi (bumping out ex-sponsor Britney Spears, whose contract with the pop company was not renewed).

Low note: You have to scrounge to find a low point for Beyoncé, but Carmen, the 2001 MTV "hip-hopera," wasn't such a smashing success. Geared to showcase Beyoncé's singing and acting skills, the special was fairly well reviewed, but not so widely seen.

Coming up: The musical comedy The Fighting Temptations. Beyoncé plays a single mom jazz singer with Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. as a big-shot music executive who has to polish a Southern gospel choir before he can pocket a huge family inheritance.

What she says: "I was very nervous in the beginning. I felt like I was starting completely over -- doing something that I had no idea about. They would say technical terms and I'd be completely lost" (on the first days of filming Austin Powers).

Beyoncé Spreads the Gospel

Say her name, Beyoncé . So very vogue in Hollywood -- think Cher, Madonna -- the heart of super-successful R&B trio Destiny's Child has transformed her considerable talents into an icon of personality, and therefore no longer requires a surname. She currently has a number-one single and solo album and a growing film resume -- following her adorable turn as '70s spitfire Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers' Goldmember with a more demure role as a gospel-singing single mom in The Fighting Temptations, opposite Cuba Gooding Jr.

"I wanted to play someone less glamorous -- that's actually how I got involved," says the 22-year-old Houston native. "I told my agent, in the next movie I don't want to have on makeup. I want to be just regular. And I want to have real issues. I don't want to be Goody Two Shoes, perfect, whatever. I want to have problems like everyone else, like every woman. I want to do darker films, where I can be more vulnerable."

Beyoncé seems somehow unspoiled by her sensational coming-of-age (she began her musical career at age seven, with an early incarnation of Destiny's Child; she was 15 when the group released its first single). The current trio (Beyoncé; her cousin, Kelly Rowland; and Michelle Williams) was nurtured to stardom by Matthew Knowles -- Beyonce's father and Kelly's legal guardian -- and as the founding member and chief songwriter, Beyoncé was the first African American woman to win ASCAP's award for Pop Songwriter of the Year -- and the second woman ever -- to receive that honor.

In spite of numerous catty comparisons, she is no J. Lo: While she gracefully glides from song to screen, is involved in a high-profile love affair (with rapper Jay-Z) and is launching her own clothing line, Beyoncé is infinitely approachable and genuinely nice. She attributes her solid values to her upbringing -- and the family affair of Destiny's Child (her mom came up with the name).

"I pray for my family and I pray that God surrounds me with people who are supposed to be around me. And I pray that anyone who's not good for me is weeded out of my life. And I pray to stay humble and to stay grounded and to keep people around me who keep me focused and keep me knowledgeable about Him because it's very, very easy to lose touch with that," she says.

Halting a moment to choke down a persistent cough ("all these planes," she manages as she clears her throat), Beyoncé's distinctive and dreamy down-home drawl is melodic even as she reveals the grind behind all the glitter.

"In the beginning it was really glamorous -- but it's work. You don't realize when you see the person on television that they probably did a hundred other interviews that day and they didn't feel like talking. Even doing the photo shoots, you're in the stilettos with blisters on your feet, it's blowing wind and you're trying breathe. And your eyes are watering up but you have to try to look sexy -- it's not glamorous, it's a job."

The Fighting Temptations, about a New York advertising executive (Gooding) who travels to a small Southern town to collect an inheritance but finds he must create a gospel choir and lead it to success before he can collect, was in many ways a dream job for Beyoncé .

"It was strictly about singing, which was refreshing and wonderful for me," says Beyoncé . "I could just stand there and really sing and make whatever kind of faces I made and not have to worry about routines, whatever. And I think, vocally, you can really hear some of the things you can't hear in R&B music, you can hear in this movie."
Before meeting costar Gooding, she says, "I was nervous -- because he's great and he's so experienced... But everything went really well and he was really personable and he was very funny and just a people person and made me feel comfortable. And by the end, it was just like a family; it really felt like a choir."

Featured in the movie are legendary guardians of gospel -- including Melba Moore, Ann Nesby, Shirley Caesar, the O-Jays -- which was a thrill for the gifted ingenue.

"I grew up listening to Ann Nesby and Shirley Caesar, and they have influenced so many of the people who I like. It was great to be able to do a movie with them. Even to do some of the traditional gospel songs that I would never really get a chance to do. It's always just great to be around so many great singers. Angie Stone -- soulful. Melba Moore -- soulful. It was just being around all that soul, I was just like, Whew!"

Beyoncé and Destiny's Child, naturally, are featured on The Fighting Temptations soundtrack. "[It's] so beautiful because it's contemporary gospel, it's inspirational songs. And the power of this movie I think is the music," she says. "It's so strong and so uplifting and it heals you. You go into the movie theater and you come out happy because you feel like you've just had a breath of fresh air."

Which has been the basic reaction of the record-buying public to Beyoncé 's first solo album, Dangerously in Love, which she coproduced with her father and which features an impressive array of musical collaborators, including Jay-Z on the sexy first single, "Crazy in Love."

"Everything that I do, if it's a movie, it's my album, it's Destiny's Child, whatever, I give 100 percent," says Beyoncé , and her foray into fashion with her mom is no different. "I'm very picky about everything I do, because I don't want to rush anything. [With the clothing line] I want to make sure I have the right quality of designers who are collaborating with me. I want to make sure I'm teaming up with the right people. So I haven't made a decision yet who we're going to link up with, but we're sketching up things and still in that beginning stage. We were hoping for Christmas, but I don't know if that's going to happen."
Ambitious, yes, but Beyoncé 's confidence comes across more like charming and childlike enthusiasm than diva daring.

"I want to do a good musical like Chicago or Moulin Rouge," she says matter-of-factly. "Years from now I want to win an Oscar and a Tony Award. I want to do Broadway, a movie a year, and I want to do Destiny's Child, Beyoncéalternating albums, every year."

Beyoncé's Powers

Beyoncé Knowles is bigger than ever! And we're not just talking about the giant Afro she's sporting as Austin Powers's 70s sidekick Foxxy Cleopatra. She's following up her big screen debut in Goldmember by singing the movie's theme song -- which will also be on her first solo album! Don't worry, this doesn't mean the end of Destiny's Child -- Beyoncé's just testing out life alone in the spotlight. Read on for an outtake from CosmoGIRL!'s exclusive interview with Beyoncé Knowles.

CG!: You snagged such an amazing role in the summer's biggest movie! What did you think before you went into audition with Mike Myers?

Beyoncé: In the car I prayed that whatever was in God's will -- whatever was supposed to happen, I prayed that it happened. That He would give me the words to say, and if it was meant to happen, it would happen, and if it didn't happen, I'd know it wasn't in His will. More than anything I just prayed for the confidence and right attitude and the right words to say.

CG!: After working so closely with Kelly and Michelle for so long, is it weird to be without them?

Beyoncé: Kelly and I still live together, and I just saw Michelle two days ago. We're still performing together. We're going on tour in Europe for two months, so I'm not worried about that at all. It's just scary. I thought about our first time performing at the Soul Train Awards, how nervous we were. And how special it is to get up there and pray and look each other in the eye and say, "All right. We're here for each other." And then I thought about me having to perform for the first time by myself and how I always forget the words.
CG!: You forget the words to your own songs?!

Beyoncé: Always! I make up my own stuff. If you're a true fan then you know I mess up, because if you know all the words then you say, "Oh, that didn't go right there." But people who don't know the words, don't know. I've been like that since I was seven. I've learned to laugh at it. I just put the mic out and let the audience sing the words.

CG!: Hee-hee! You've been performing for a long time! Do you feel like you've had to sacrifice anything to become such a star?

Beyoncé: More than anything, a social life. It's not that I didn't do anything. We went to theme parks every week. We had the girls over the house every day. It was like a slumber party. We went shopping, we went to the malls, the movies. We did all of this stuff, had a good old time. But school is usually where you develop a social life. And that's where you meet guys, and you go on your dates, and I didn't get to go to high school. I didn't get that. That's why I don't have as many friends as I would like.

CG!: It must be hard to just hang out.

Beyoncé: It's hard without security. That sucks. I don't even want to do it anymore. I can't call and hang out with a bunch of girls. It's not like I can go shopping and go to the mall and go get my nails done without people asking for autographs and taking pictures. Then when it's Michelle, Kelly and me, it makes it even harder. It's like, "Destiny's Child is here." It makes it even harder. So that is a sacrifice. Normalcy is sacrificed. But that's just a part of it. You can't complain about it
CG!: Beyoncé, you can call us up for a girls' night out anytime!

Destiny's Child stunned by obsessed fan

Destiny's Child were left stunned when an obsessed fan showed them her back with all their faces tattooed on it.

The group, Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, were speechless when the girl showed them the unusual body art at a concert.

Beyoncé said: "One fan had all our faces tattooed across her back. It was very flattering, but very weird."

However, it is not the only time the group have come face-to-face with an unusual fan.
Kelly added: "One of the weirdest was a guy who gave me a dead rose as a gift. That was really odd. I just thanked him politely and ran away as quickly as I could."

Meanwhile, Beyoncé has confessed she loves big butts.

The stunning star, who is famed for her curvaceous behind, thinks curvy women are really sexy and should be proud of their shape.

She told Britain's FHM magazine: "I don't think butts can ever be too big. I'm proud I've helped make curves and curvy women sexy again."

However, the singer admits she is sick of fans shouting 'bootylicious' at her because of her famous rear.

She said: "I hate the word, because everyone shouts it at me wherever I go.

A busy 2004 for Beyonce Knowles

Losing her breath must be exactly what Beyonce is doing after such a busy year of music, love and designing a clothing line.

Winning five Grammys, the 2004 Radio Music Award for Artist of the Year, and her solo album Dangerously In Love reaching triple-platinum status, who would have thought Beyonce would have time to release a new Destiny's Child album?

She also announced in September the launch of her clothing line, The House of Dereon. She and her mother have been working on the line for about a year now and it is set to hit stores in Fall 2005.

This hottie has also managed to keep her love life sizzling with hip hop guru Jay-Z.

Knowles' Chocolate Syrup Shocker

DESTINY'S CHILD manager MATTHEW KNOWLES is on the hunt for the photographer who once intended to coat his sexy daughter BEYONCE in chocolate syrup - so he can attack him.

Knowles is refusing to mention names but admits he was shocked with the early morning call he got from his daughter on a photoshoot abroad.

He recalls, "She called me, gosh it must have been two or three o'clock in the morning, and she shared this idea that this photographer had.

"I'm gonna punch that guy one day. He's the one guy I want to punch."

Beyonce Not Obsessed By Beauty

Destiny's Child star BEYONCE KNOWLES is flattered she is often named one of the most beautiful woman in the world, but she can see beyond the superficial accolade.

The LOSE MY BREATH singer is more concerned with having a lasting career than basking in the attention her stunning looks get her.

She says, "It's very nice. I haven't heard that but it's very flattering. You know, that goes and that comes. Whoever is the hot person at the moment they do that for, but if you want to have a long career, you can't concentrate on that."

Bandmate KELLY ROWLAND supports Beyonce, adding, "And when it comes to Beyonce, we get to see her on the inside too and what's on the inside is beautiful too."

Beyonce blasted by animal rights campaigners

Beyoncé Knowles, Kate Moss and Paris Hilton have been blasted by animal rights campaigners for wearing rabbit-fur boots.

The famous beauties are among a host of celebrities who are fans of the Canadian Mukluk boots, which cost around 259GBP a pair.

But animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claimed rabbits are cruelly killed to make the boots, which have trademark pom-poms.

Spokesman Sean Gifford said: "The rabbits are sourced from Asia and love crammed into small, wire boxes before being electrocuted or strangled. Many are skinned alive.
"As far as we can see, this kind of treatment is what celebrities - those who don't give a damn - are supporting.

Fake fur looks every bit as good." Supermodel Kate Moss, who once appeared in a "rather go naked than wear fur" advertising campaign, owns two pairs of Mukluks, while pop babes Britney Spears and Rachel Stevens are also said to be fans of the furry boots.

This is not the first time Beyoncé has come under fire from PETA, whose supporters include Charlize Theron, Pink and Stella McCartney.

She was recently slammed for expressing her love of wearing leather and fur.

Other stars to anger the organisation in the past include Robbie Williams, who used video footage of a chimpanzee playing with a gun on his recent tour, and Ben Affleck, for buying ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez a chinchilla fur coat.

Beyoncé Knowles had no friends at school

The sexy singer’s mother, Tina, has revealed how her talented daughter had no-one to play with when she was younger – so she created imaginary friends.

She recalled: “Ever since kindergarten, Beyoncé was one of those kids that the other kids didn’t like.

At lunchtime, I’d go to her school and she’d be pushing an empty swing, acting like there was somebody on it.”

Beyonce and Alicia Keys are the only women on the Top 10 Pop Artists Chart

Among the top 10 acts on the year-end Top Pop Artists tally, only two are women: Alicia Keys and Beyonce. The same two are the only females among the top 10 R&B/hip-hop artists of the year. The only two women among the top 10 country artists are Gretchen Wilson and Shania Twain. Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow are the only two women in the top 10 among the adult top 40 artists. Etta James and Susan Tedeschi are the two females among the top 10 blues artists.

Then there's that Club Play recap, where the top six all come from the distaff side. Madonna is No. 1 after relinquishing the title last year to Justin Timberlake. She's followed by Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Annie Lennox, Britney Spears and McLachlan.

Madonna and Spears are the top two artists on the Hot Dance Singles Sales recap. Together, they have the No. 1 song of the year, "Me Against the Music," followed by Madonna's "Nothing Fails"/"Nobody Knows Me" at No. 2 and "Love Profusion" at No. 3.

Beyonce nominated for People's Choice Hip Hop Fashion Awards

Urb1.com is back to relaunch official ‘2004 URB1 Hip Hop Fashion PC (People's Choice) Awards’ at the end of the year along with many reviews for Hip Hop and other music categories in general.

Rod Rainey, the owner of Urb1, said, "After suspending the online voting ceremony which received around 3,000 votes in it's first year (2002), I feel it's a great opportunity this year to restart the fashion vote.”

“The next step is finding how I can get the celebrities to accept awards and hopefully run this in conjunction with my physical fashion event, the Urb1 Hip Hop Fashion Show, held in Greenville, SC.," said Rainey.

The 2004 URB1 Hip Hop Fashion PC Awards categories include: Best Dressed Male Artist, Best Dressed Female Artist, Best Dressed Group, Most Unique Style, Best fashion styling in a Hip Hop Video, Best Dressed Professional Male Athlete, Best Dressed Professional Female Athlete, Most Influential Hip Hop Fashion Trend Setter, Best Composer of Hip Hop fashion related Lyrics, Best Major Male Hip Hop Fashion Line, Best Major Female Hip Hop Fashion Line, Best Male Underground Clothing Line, Best Female Underground Clothing Line, Most Unique Clothing Designer, Best Online Hip Hop Fashion Retailer, Best Physical Store Chain, Worst Dressed Male Artist, Worst Dressed Female Artist and Worst Hip Hop Video Styling Job.

Over 150 celebrities and clothing brands were voted for by the Urb1.com visitors and fashion forum users. Of those, only the top 5 selections for each category were selected as official nominees. Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, KanYe West, Beyonce Knowles, Camron, P. Diddy, Usher, and Missy Elliot are few names from the list of Hip Hop celebrities nominated in the different Hip Hop fashion categories.

Major clothing brands such as Akademiks, Marithé et François Girbaud, Baby Phat, Rocawear, Sean John, Apple Bottoms, and L-R-G, were among some of the clothing lines the public selected as nominees for the fashion awards.

Urb1.com, the Original Hip Hop Fashion Focused website intends to launch the Online Fashion voting ceremony on Christmas Day, December 25th, after announcing the winner of their 2nd Annual Urb1.com Hip Hop fashion Wardrobe giveaway.

Why Beyonce Knowles likes to wear fur

Stars are taking out their fur more often lately. How can these women waltz around Hollywood wearing the hide of some tormented animal? Why aren't they supporting animal rights, à la Charlize Theron?
One of two possibilities: (1) Beyoncé believes that fur comes from corn or from trees, or it gets made in cotton-candy machines; or (2) she and the other fur wearers really, truly, utterly could not care less about anything other than how they look on Extra.
It's really very, very simple: Given how fur gets made (hint: the animal has to die first, usually through gassing or genital electrocution), and given that even Pamela Anderson can comprehend that fact, then this B!tch has no choice but to assume the truth lies closer to possibility number two.

In other words, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Ms. Knowles know very well that dozens--yes, dozens--of little creatures often have to die to make a single fur coat, and they really, really don't care. At least, one has to assume. Most of them aren't talking about it. I mean they haven't been available for comment. Which means they aren't talking. (Beyoncé, along with Paris Hilton and former PETA spokesmodel Kate Moss, got spanked this week by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for wearing mukluk boots, made from bunnies.)

Want more people who don't care? Sure you do.

Eve. Diddy. Ja Rule. Mary J. Blige. Gisele Bündchen. Ashanti. Lil' Kim. Nicole Kidman. Usher. Madonna. Claudia Schiffer. Celine Dion. Star Jones. Lara Flynn Boyle.

They have all publicly appeared in fur. Animal activist and top designer Stella McCartney even once tried to chew out Madonna for putting on a pelt. But Madonna can only adopt one belief system at a time, and Kabbalah already occupies that spot in her frontal lobe, so no luck for Stella. Stella buddy and fur-basher Sadie Frost also tried some ninja persuasion tactics on Moss, who likes to gallivant about in fox furs with the tails trailing around her, like the entourage she wishes she had.

"I don't care what Sadie thinks," Moss retorted to the London Daily Mail. "She has her own mind, and I have mine. I wear what I want to wear." Foxy Brown, evidently in dire need of a new career at 25, has launched Foxy Brown Luxury Furs in New York, featuring Russian sable- and gold- and amethyst-colored chinchilla. She's reportedly working on a Persian lamb coat for Oprah. You know. For a little present.

Speaking of foundering careers, all hail Cindy Crawford, whose desperate attempts to look sexy in the woods--for that new Blackglama fur campaign--have done nothing to endear her to her former fans at PETA. "Despite signing a pledge stating she would never wear fur, back during the height of her career, Cindy has apparently become so desperate for work she is willing to sell out the animals for the sake of a buck," PETA senior campaign coordinator Lisa Franzetta tells this B!tch. "And former fans across the country have been up in arms about it, doing protests from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York."

We'd say the same about another former PETA mouthpiece, Naomi Campbell, but did she ever have fans?

Who wants to be a paid member of ''Destiny's Child'' Internet website ?

I love Destiny's Child. But when I go to their Website, you have to become a paid member. Why the hell do we need to pay for an Internet membership when they make millions from a CD or other sources of entertainment?
You confuse me. You're willing to pay 13 bucks for lyrics like "I'm all alone/ I feel the fabric from your T-shirt," or words like "I'll brush your hair/ Help you put your doo-rag on." But you won't pay $19.95 for the official Destiny's Child Fan Club, which offers video downloads and other juicy pop giblets.

So that $6.95 is your line in the sand, your way of demanding respect from these people who dress in gold lamé Daisy Dukes and parade around courtside with their blingy, blingy men.

Yeah. Good luck with that. Welcome to the future. "Remember," scolds Dell Furano, whose company, Signatures Network, runs fan sites for Jessica Simpson and others, "recording artists don't make as much money now, because of piracy, so many artists are looking for other sources of revenue."

Now, was that you who ripped all those Usher singles off of LimeWire the other night? Bad girl. You'll never be his boo. And if he needs to charge $30 now to support his diamond-earring habit, it's you're fault. Besides, the poor boy is squiring Naomi Campbell. He needs that pocket money for the prom.

Also consider--before that newfangled Internet arrived, your granny would put five wheat pennies in the mail for a year-long subscription to the Do-Wap-a-Diddy-Diddy Lads Fan Club. Furano argues that paid online sites simply serve as a modern update to that kind of worship-by-paper. The past 24 months, especially, have seen an explosion in paid fan sites.

Additionally, to their credit, most paid clubs offer goodies aimed squarely at people like you: the ability to buy concert tickets before the general public, for example. (That may sound lame, but according to some reports, up to half of any given Dave Matthews concert is filled with paid club members.) Besides, those clubs offer discounts on concert T-shirts. Or don't you want to pay for those either?

Maybe this will comfort you: Even the oldsters are having to pay up for the extras. Britney may charge $24.98 for the right to buy advance tickets through her paid club, but Fleetwood Mac is charging your dad up to $80 for a similar membership. Still other lummoxes pay up to $100 a year for paid online fan clubs. Why?

"There is a fair amount of money that goes into maintaining an artist Website," Furano notes. "Some sites are updated three or four times a week, some daily. And most fans are happy and satisfied with the ability to buy tickets in advance."

If that doesn't put a smile on your face, change your tastes. KISS lets fans access its site for free.

Beyonce doesn't want her kids to be stars

Beyoncé Knowles says she wouldn't want any daughter of hers to become a star - for the sake of their love life. The sexy singer, who is dating Jay-Z, says being in the spotlight and working such long hours makes it difficult to find and keep a lover.

The 'Crazy in Love' beauty, who is in the UK promoting her latest single with band Destiny's Child, revealed: "We'll let our children make their own decisions. What if they are boys? What if they are tone deaf? You never know. They could be journalists - anything but singers. "It's really hard to find and keep love because we work so much."

But, despite Destiny's Child's busy schedule, the girls still manage to set time aside every day to pray - and last week even cut short an interview to commune with God. During a media question-and-answer session, a member of the girls' entourage called a halt to the proceedings saying they had to "go and pray". A source said: "It was a surreal moment. This guy just announced it was prayer time and the girls were escorted from the hotel room. "It totally messed up their schedule for the day - surely they can pray when they're not working." Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were whisked off to a separate suite to pray.

Beyoncé Knowles claims she doesn't want any children she has to become famous - because of the "sacrifices" involved.

The sexy singer was just ten years old when her father, Mathew, created a girl group around her - which later became Destiny's Child - and she was only 16 when they had their first hit single, 'No No No'. However, Beyoncé, who is romancing rap star Jay-Z, explained to Britain's Sunday Times Magazine: "I definitely would not want my kids to be entertainers.

It's really hard. It's hard enough doing any kind of job and being a teenager. But being a teenager in the spotlight, it just heightens it. People pick you apart. "I definitely feel like we've all sacrificed things." Beyoncé has also revealed she suffered from exhaustion after the last Destiny's Child album because she had been working so hard without a break.

She said: "At the end of the last Destiny's Child album three years ago, I was so overworked. I had to start saying 'no' to certain things. That's when I learnt you have to know your limits."

Beyonce puts her wedding on hold

Beyoncé Knowles has reportedly put her wedding to Jay-Z on hold to focus on her acting career.

Sources claim the stunning star, who has confessed she would love to win an Oscar, has scrapped plans to marry the rap star within the next year because her work schedule is so busy.

After filming a role in the new 'Pink Panther' movie with Steve Martin, Beyoncé has reportedly been offered a staggering 12millionGBP to star in a film based on her amazing life story.

A friend revealed to Britain's Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "Beyoncé is very much in love and does want to make the ultimate commitment to Jay-Z by marrying him.
But it will have to wait because she is snowed under with recording and beginning to think about the new movie."

Beyoncé is set to start shooting the autobiographical movie in October and she will also record the soundtrack. A young actress will play the sexy singer until she is 16, when Beyoncé will take over and play herself.

For Beyonce Knowles curry flown from UK to N.Y.

Pop beauty BEYONCE KNOWLES enjoyed a curry in New York last week (ends19NOV04) that had been couriered 4,828 kilometres (3,000 miles) from Britain.

The DESTINY'S CHILD singer was one of 20 celebrity guests who were fed by VIRGIN RECORDS boss TONY MATTHEWS.

Extravagant Matthews spent $7,200 (£4,000) on ordering the tasty food from Lingfield Tandoori in Surrey, near London, after he remembered liking their curry while attending a SPICE GIRLS concert in 1998.
Matthews says, "Takeaways in New York are not great so I flew a proper British curry over. It seems extravagant but I did it because I could."

Lingfield Tandoori owner MUHIB MIAH says, "I part-cooked the meals and flew with them to New York. It was crazy. How many people ask for a takeaway to be sent 3,000 miles?"

Beyonce gets stuck in the elevator with 600lb security guard Shorty

Security surrounding Destiny's Child has been dramatically stepped up after desperate fans were found hiding in their hotel. Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were reportedly left shaken by the incident, which happened as they returned to London's swanky 1,000GBP-a-night Sanderson Hotel.

Minutes before the girls returned to their bedrooms, their private security team discovered two groupies hiding in the corridor outside.

The group's bodyguards, who ejected the stalkers from the hotel immediately, have now been put on high alert while the group are in the UK promoting their new single, 'Lose My Breath'.
A source close to the band revealed to Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "As the group got back to their hotel their security team did a quick sweep and found two fans hiding near their rooms. "They had been posing as guests and I think they were just desperate to meet the girls.
While it is unlikely they posed any risk, the breach of security did highlight, the constant need for vigilance." However, the band's security team have been experiencing problems of a different kind - after their biggest bodyguard, 600lb Shorty, got stuck in a lift.

The giant minder was accompanying the girls in the elevator at London's Virgin Megastore, where they were doing a signing session, when it ground to a halt - unable to cope with his weight.

A source said: "The lift can only carry 700lbs, so when Shorty got in with Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle it couldn't take the weight and got stuck. The girls' helpers were rushing around in a panic trying to get them out." Shorty was immediately banned from using the lift again.

Jay-Z is Beyonce Knowles ''muse''

Beyonce Knowles has expressed her love for boyfriend Jay-Z in the sleeve notes for the new Destiny's Child album.

Just days after Beyonce's father Mathew said he "didn't care" for the rapper, the sexy singer has declared her love and admiration for Jay-Z, calling him her "muse".

She gushes on the inside cover of Destiny Fulfilled: "To my baby, I'm your number one fan. U R so smart and talented it scares me sometimes. U inspire me to be better. U challenge me for the better U R my muse. I'm so in love."


Beyoncé Knowles's father dislikes her boyfriend, Jay-Z

Mathew Knowles, who also manages the sexy singer's career, isn't fond of the rapper and doesn't like spending time with him. He reportedly said: "I don't care for him at all. No, I'm not close to him. He is not somebody I like to spend time with." Beyoncé, 23, has been dating the controversial 34-year-old star since last year and speculation has been rife the smitten pair are set to marry.

A source close to the couple recently revealed: "Jay-Z's really keen to make an honest woman of Beyoncé - they've never talked about their relationship but they definitely see a long future together." In January, Jay-Z reportedly announced at a party that the couple would tie the knot "very soon". They were at Manhattan nightclub Taj for a celebration in honour of Island Def Jam records president Lyor Cohen. After Lyor's farewell speech, Jay took to the microphone with Beyoncé next to him to tell guests of his desire to marry the stunning star. He announced: "This woman beside me is my best friend. I love her so much and I will marry her very soon."


Destiny's Child and Beyonce at the top again

"Lose My Breath", the first single from the R&B trio's hotly anticipated album "Destiny Fulfilled," quickly marched its way to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Now industry observers are handicapping how the group's sales destiny will be fulfilled following the release of its first album since 2001's "Survivor".

The album debuted this week at No. 19 on the Billboard 200, based on only three days of sales in the week ended November 14. It officially went on sale November 15. For Destiny's Child members Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, however, the issue is not about sales. It is about the group singing together again. During the three-year break, each member released a solo project. Knowles still remains on the pop and R&B charts with "Dangerously in Love" (2003), which has sold 3.7 million, copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and snared multiple Grammy Awards.

"Obviously, it would feel good to be No. 1," Knowles says of the new album. "But we're not thinking competitively. We did this record for ourselves, not to sell a million the first week out. That doesn't mean as much to us as just the fact that three friends got back together to do another record. That was our destiny." "Destiny Fulfilled" finds the threesome making the transition into womanhood. With a decidedly more R&B stance, the album is a mature sequel to the act's 1999 album, "The Writing's on the Wall".

Each song introduces a new chapter in that journey -- from love's exhilarating start ("Lose My Breath") to its sometimes disappointing end ("Through With Love"). The second single "Soldier", featuring rappers T.I. and Lil' Wayne, was co-produced by Rich Harrison, whose credits include Knowles' runaway hit "Crazy in Love." Among the other writer/producers the group worked with are Rodney Jerkins, Sean Garrett, 9th Wonder, Rockwilder and Mario Winans.

The album's lyrical content was drawn in part from conversations the three women had upon reuniting in the studio. Given prior commitments on their busy solo schedules, the trio had only three weeks together to record. "We're talking and singing about what we love and relate to," Williams adds. "There's no song on this album that we didn't experience."

Serving as executive producers with manager Mathew Knowles (Beyonce's father), the trio also co-wrote all the songs. Beyonce Knowles is also credited as co-producer and vocal arranger. "I wanted to make sure Kelly and Michelle were heard," says Knowles, who alternates leads with both on the album. "I wanted people to hear how beautiful and strong their voices are, how much they've matured." "This album shows how they've all grown as women and businesspeople," Mathew Knowles says. "They were involved in every aspect of this album, from picking the songs to mixing and mastering."

In the wake of performances at the Radio Music Awards in October and the National Football League's kickoff show on ABC in September, the act's marketing blitz has shifted into full throttle. Among the linchpins is the group's global partnership with McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" campaign. The partnership officially launched in November with Destiny's Child serving as worldwide ambassadors and appearing in a special commercial on November 20 for World Children's Day. McDonald's is also sponsoring next year's Destiny Fulfilled and Lovin' It tour, which ramps up in April 2005 and stops in 70 cities.

The promotional blitz is international: "Destiny Fulfilled" was released November 15 in most territories. Noting the group has "sold at least as many records outside the U.S. as it has inside," Columbia Records Group president Will Botwin says the act -- which recently returned from a London promotion -- will make more promo trips to the UK and Europe "where the opportunity for growth is very apparent". "Who knows what will happen in three, five or 10 years?" Beyonce Knowles says. "The main thing is that we maintain our friendship and that we do it because we want to -- not because it's a good business move.


Beyonce and Destiny Child promote their new album ''Destiny Fulfilled'' in London

It is six o'clock on a Monday evening in London's West End, and the throng of homeward-bound commuters is being hampered by an unlikely source. American R&B supergroup Destiny's Child are in town to launch their new album, Destiny Fulfilled, and so traffic grinds to a halt. They have been in London for five days now, making special appearances, parading themselves on telly and, whenever possible, visiting their favourite high-street outlet, Top Shop. Wherever they go, hordes of fans follow, a large minority of whom appear to be the kind that scream and cry and generally look ever so slightly deranged.

Right now, the ladies - Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams - are doing an MTV interview in Leicester Square, and dispensing all the usual soundbites. "Yes," they tell the VJ, "they love London", and, "Yes, it's great being back together again after two years of solo projects." No, Beyoncé won't be discussing her boyfriend, the US megastar rapper Jay-Z, but she will say how much they are all looking forward to next year's world tour. The band smile, say thank you and then depart with a rarefied elegance. It's been a pleasure.

Next stop is a signing at Virgin Records in Piccadilly Circus, a gentle five-minute stroll away. But, like royalty, Destiny's Child don't walk anywhere in public, and so the journey requires a fleet of cars, a phalanx of security guards, and a police escort. Those who have arrived too late to join the queue clamber up some scaffolding on the building opposite, and scream out Beyoncé's name over the rumble of traffic. Some, oddly, are in floods of tears. "It is strange when people cry because they meet you," Beyoncé says afterwards, "but then I understand what it is to meet your idol. When I met Nelson Mandela, I was in tears, too."

Destiny's Child are the most successful girl group of all time. In their seven-year career, they have sold 40 million records, not just by creating some occasionally terrific music (the best in its field by a long way), but also by being incredibly motivated and very shrewd. Managed with unswerving focus by Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles, the band continually strive to cover as many bases as possible. As such, his daughter, the clear leader of the group, makes for a very 21st-century superstar, a multi-tasking singer, actress and face of colossal advertising campaigns (Pepsi, L'Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger and, most recently, McDonald's). As the main songwriter and executive producer, she is an empowering figure for independent women the world over, but one also happy being a scantily clad sex symbol for goggle-eyed boys. And she is one of the few artists to have appeared at both hip hop events in the US and f Republican rallies (in 2001, she played at fellow Texan George W Bush's inauguration).

"I have," she says, "a lot of commitment to reach people, to get us noticed everywhere, the world over." She was born 23 years ago in Houston, Texas, to a salesman father, Mathew, and a hairdressing mother, Tina. Although painfully shy, she was performing at local talent shows with her cousin Kelly Rowland by the age of nine, and four years later, after enrolling local girls LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, Destiny's Child was born.

In 1997, they released their first self-titled album and had become, in the singer's opinion, "the hardest working group in history". By 1999's The Writing's On The Wall album, Luckett and Roberson had become exhausted by the work rate, and were forced out of the band, subsequently suing Knowles for favouritism and breach of contract. They settled out of court before, in 2001, mounting another legal battle, this time claiming that the lyrics to the single "Survivor" ("Now that you're out of my life I'm so much better / You thought I'd be weak without you, but I'm stronger") contravened the terms of the settlement.

Knowles didn't mourn their loss, and quickly - some suggested too quickly - replaced them with two new members, Farrah Franklin, who lasted just five months before bailing out, and Chicago-born Michelle Williams who, so far, has yet to quit. Beyoncé found herself saddled with an ugly reputation for an ambition that knew few limitations. It made her gravely depressed and so guarded that, today, she refuses to discuss anything of a private nature.

Two years ago, the band announced a hiatus in order to pursue solo projects. Williams recorded a couple of gospel albums (Heart To Yours and Do You Know) and appeared in Aida on Broadway, while Rowland released a pop-soul album called Simply Deep. But it was Beyoncé who flourished most, releasing the phenomenal single "Crazy In Love", and the album Dangerously In Love, which would go on to scoop five Grammy awards in 2003. She also branched out into film, appearing alongside Mike Myers in Austin Powers: Goldmember, Cuba Gooding Jnr in The Fighting Temptations and a remake of The Pink Panther with Steve Martin.

They had always planned to reconvene for another Destiny's Child album this summer, not just because they knew they would be missing one another's company but, says Beyoncé, because they had already paid for studio time and had set the wheels in motion for a 2005 world tour. Any delay would have cost them a lot of money. And so, despite full solo workloads, they got together in August for a frenzied bout of recording that ran to just three weeks. "We've always worked well under pressure," Beyoncé says, "but there is no way that we will ever put ourselves through something like this again. It's just not worth all the pressure, all the stress."

Up close, they look amazing. Beyoncé really is uncommonly beautiful, her skin the colour of honey, her almond eyes as bashful as Bambi's. Kelly Rowland is preternaturally cute, her tiny face framed by lustrous curls, while Michelle Williams is all cheekbones and pout. "Well, we are," Beyoncé says, unexpectedly confessional. "If I can be honest with you, and I hope I can, I hate doing these things, I really do. Don't take it personally, but my whole life right now feels like an endless round of promotion. I've only just finished working my solo album around the world, I've just done a new advert for Pepsi [with David Beckham and J Lo], I had to do press for The Pink Panther movie, and now here I am with a new Destiny's album, and that will keep us busy for 12 months at least."

"We're not complaining," Rowland adds, "because we love making music, we really do, but it's the selling that takes it all out of us. "Beside her, Michelle Williams is nodding in agreement. "How would you like to face the same questions and give the same answers and have your photograph taken a thousand times a day?" she says. "It's enough to drive you crazy."

The music speaks for itself, after all, so how about we discuss the tour? Why on earth, I ask, have they chosen to have their 2005 concerts sponsored by McDonald's? Given the impressionable youth of so many of their fans, it's a rather irresponsible choice, no? "I'm confused," Williams says, stress lines corrugating her forehead. "You want to know if we've had any criticism for allowing McDonald's to sponsor us, right? No, of course not. Why? We're trying to do something positive here, so why are you getting all negative on us?"

Beyoncé explains that, in the US, they will visit some hospitals under the Ronald McDonald House programme, a charity that has helped care for sick children for the past 30 years. I wonder aloud whether they considered any other children's charities, if only because McDonald's is so associated, at least in part, with America's current obesity problem. Have they not seen Super Size Me? "No, we haven't seen that movie," says Rowland, "but the children we visit are so beautiful and it makes all the difference for us to be a small part of their lives." "Look," says Williams. "We grew up going to McDonald's, it was a big treat, and we still go there today. Not necessarily for burgers, no, but we do like their salads, and we believe that as long as it's everything in modesty..." or, rather, moderation, "... then everyone's OK, right? Beyoncé, it seems, shall have the final word. She sits up straight, full of the poise and decorum of a wannabe Miss World. "We would like to thank McDonald's for choosing Destiny's Child to be a part of their campaign," she says. "We feel truly honoured."

"What you have to understand is that we've been doing this since we were kids," says Rowland. "And it's only natural that after a while you want to do something else." They go on to suggest that after Destiny Fulfilled, they will take some extended time off and try to lead normal lives. Rowland would like to get into sitcoms. Williams wants to do more theatre, Beyoncé more movies. The band won't end, they say, but will only record future albums on their terms, and only when they are ready.


Beyoncé Knowles will be Kelly Rowland's bridesmaid when she ties the knot next year.

The sexy singer was delighted when Kelly asked her to accompany her down the aisle when she weds American football player Roy Williams in March. Meanwhile, Kelly claimed she was not feeling jittery about the big day. She said: "We're so excited, but I'm not getting nervous yet." Kelly had managed to keep her relationship with the 23-year-old sportsman under wraps before announcing their engagement in May this year.
At the time, the gorgeous star revealed how her future husband - who plays for the Dallas Cowboys - proposed to her in the most romantic way She said: "There were rose petals and candles everywhere and I was like, 'Okay, what's going on?' and then he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him." Before she began dating Williams last year, Kelly had been linked to hip hop star Nelly after their duet, 'Dilemma', and had confessed she was desperate for a man in her life. She said at the time: "The truth is, if I had just one wish for the rest of my life, I'd ask for a good man to settle down with and be the father of my babies."


It's not just family business for Beyonce Knowles

"It's really fortunate to have someone that cares about you," Beyoncé said. "Even if you don't sell a record, if you completely stop singing, you know that they are there for the right reasons, because they care about you and they want to see you succeed." Another advantage of parent managers is it's a way for busy musicians who are rarely in the same city for longer than a few days to see their families on a regular basis We've gotten to see the world together," said Mathew Knowles, who manages Beyoncé and his other daughter, singer/actress Solange, while his wife, Tina, is their stylist. "The traveling and the experiences that we've had, it's been really, really a wonderful, wonderful thing.''
Mathew Knowles learned the importance of differentiating between business and family actions while running a hair salon with his wife in Houston, where several family members held jobs. "I've had to fire my first cousin, I've had to terminate people very close to us and make those tough business decisions," he said. "I've just been given that gift to be able to separate the business from personal." Beyoncé said that's the reason their relationship has worked so well on both fronts. "I know when I'm talking to my father it's a different person than when I'm talking to my manager," she said. "We go at it big time, you would be very surprised. But when he's my father, I respect him like he's my father and he respects me like his daughter. And I still respect him as a manager, but it's a completely different thing." Beyoncé, holed up in a Beverly Hills hotel to promote the new Destiny's Child album, paused to collect her thoughts. "It's a difficult thing to be able to cut the two apart, but it's really necessary, otherwise I don't see how it would work," she continued. "It's also harder when they start off managing you young because there is this transition when you become an adult and sometimes it's hard for them to let go ... but when I turned 18 ... I think he understood that."

Like most parent managers, Mathew Knowles never intended to work for his daughters. He was a sales manager for Xerox when the original incarnation of Destiny's Child made it to "Star Search" and lost. "Seeing your daughter cry, I didn't want her or the rest of the ladies to give up on their dream, and so that's when I stepped in," Mathew recalled in between meetings at his Los Angeles office, where he now runs a company that manages dozens of acts, including Nelly, Mary J. Blige and Jadakiss. "I asked the producer of the show what I could do and he said most people go back and rededicate and make changes to their organization, and that's when I started pursuing the management."

Knowles enrolled in music-business classes at Houston Community College and took over every aspect of Destiny's Child. "I had to be the front sound man, I had to be the security, I had to be the road manager, I had to wear all of those hats, and so it allowed me to really understand almost every aspect of the day-to-day," he said. "I also used a lot of the business savvy that I had learned at Xerox, and that was understanding the customer and knowing how to work inside of a major company. I find that a lot of new managers don't have that attribute of dealing with the different departments in a record label and building this energy." Through working in the rough and tough sales world, Mathew also learned to hide his emotions. "If somebody came up to me and said, 'You know, I think Beyoncé sucks.' I'm not going to get emotional about that, because that's their opinion and I have to maybe continue a business dialogue with them. Certainly I would want to understand, 'Why do you feel that way?' But then there's some parents that would get very emotional if someone said, 'Your kid sucks.' "

For his first few years, Mathew never told anyone he was Beyoncé's father. "I wanted them to accept me as a manager," he said. He was exposed on a national level, however, when two of Destiny's Child's original members (who were kicked out when they tried to hire a new manager) sued him for putting his daughter's interests first. The lawsuit, which was settled out of court, also accused Mathew of "greed and desire for control" — allegations he vehemently denied.
Mathew Knowles has also gotten to a point where other managers take care of Destiny's Child's day-to-day duties and the girls oversee their recordings, and Patton has a similar situation with Usher, leaving the music to a creative team of label execs. "That's just not what I do," she said. "I'm just there to make everything happen."

Psychologist LeGagnoux considers parent co-managers a way to compromise. "Not having your parent as a manager doesn't mean that you can't have them as co-management or a watchdog situation," he said. "But ideally somebody has a professional who is managing them who can do all the things and be very clear about their role." In the end, LeGagnoux is against parent managing, although he stops short of giving medical reasons. "There's no direct link of pathology between a Hollywood mom and a mental illness, there's no condition, however that doesn't mean that anybody can't exaggerate a role and become maladaptive," he said. "Undoubtedly, there are some individuals who go across the line into pathology, only that's not the typical situation. ... Are there obsessive parents? Certainly. But there are obsessive parents in Little League. There are obsessive parents in preschool. But the majority of parents are not." Mathew Knowles makes a similar point. "Remember, there are managers in this industry who aren't parents who do a really poor job, and there are managers in this industry who are parents who really do a poor job," he said. "To me it's not about if you're a parent or not a parent."

Beyonce wants Destiny's kids to form group too

Beyoncé Knowles hopes she and her fellow Destiny’s Child stars will have children at the same time - so their offspring can be bandmates. The Crazy In Love singer, currently dating rapper Jay-Z, admits she often fantasises about a future where she, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have children who become best pals - and pop colleagues.

She says: "My dream is that we all get married and have kids and that our kids grow up together." As for their offspring being in a band together she adds: "We'd all have to get pregnant on the same night. We'll plan it. And we'd all have to have girls."

Beyonce and Destiny's Child release new album ''Destinys Fulfilled''

T'S been a long-held belief in the music industry that Destiny's Child was little more than a launching pad for Beyoncé Knowles's inevitable solo career. In the proud tradition of Diana Ross, David Lee Roth, Michael Jackson, Sting and many others, she would leave her group for solo stardom. So why is Beyoncé, who made a spectacular leap last year from the girl group Destiny's Child to genuine main attraction, releasing the album "Destiny Fulfilled" on Tuesday with her old partners, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Destiny's Child was little more than a launching pad for Beyoncé Knowles's inevitable solo career. In the proud tradition of Diana Ross, David Lee Roth, Michael Jackson, Sting and many others, she would leave her group for solo stardom. So why is Beyoncé, who made a spectacular leap last year from the girl group Destiny's Child to genuine main attraction, releasing the album "Destiny Fulfilled" on Tuesday with her old partners, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams?

"For me it was an easy decision to record with Michelle and Kelly," Beyoncé said in an e-mail statement. "This is having fun with my best friends. There is nothing sweeter than three-part harmony." In 2002, after releasing "Survivor," which sold more than four million copies, the Texas-bred trio announced that they would pursue solo careers, while promising to someday reunite. Each member of the trio pursued a different musical genre. Ms. Rowland explored alterna-pop, releasing an album called "Simply Deep" that sold a moderate 583,149 copies. Ms. Williams tried gospel; her first album, "Heart to Yours," has sold 203,622 copies, and her follow-up, "Do You Know," has only sold a meager 59,262.

Beyoncé stuck firmly to the sultry, cooing R&B style that had made the group successful. Her debut, "Dangerously in Love," sold nearly four million copies, reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts, and spawned several hit singles, including the ubiquitous "Crazy in Love," "Baby Boy" and "Naughty Girl." The album also established Beyoncé as a highly marketable superstar, one with endorsement deals (L'Oreal), her own fragrance (True Star), movie roles (she will star in the coming remake of "Pink Panther") and a high-profile boyfriend (Jay-Z).

Margeaux Watson, arts and entertainment editor at Suede, a fashion magazine for young black women, suggests that the star does not want to appear disloyal to her former partners, and called Beyoncé's decision to return to the group a charitable one. "Diana Ross completely dissed the other girls; she was cold-blooded," said Ms. Watson, speaking of the famous split with the Supremes. "Beyoncé will always make sure the other girls are taken care of, even if it means teaming up with them every now and then for an album."

Tom Calderone, an executive vice president at MTV, believes that the reunion is a reflection of the strength of Beyoncé's career, not a challenge to it. "Destiny's Child never got as big as Beyoncé," he said. "She wants to see if she can take Destiny's Child to the next level." Ms. Watson doubts that Beyoncé will continue with Destiny's Child if it hurts her marketability. "From Day 1, it's always been about Beyoncé," she said. "She's the one you can't take your eyes off of; no one really cares about the other girls. I think Beyoncé will eventually realize that these girls are throwing dust on her shine."

Beyonce is the face of ''True Star'' Tommy Hilfiger's new fragrance

Beyoncé is one of the 21st century's biggest stars. Now, as the face of Tommy Hilfiger's new fragrance, True Star, she's almost dangerously famous.

Beyoncé. The name alone conjures up images of Amazonian beauty - big, bold and larger than life - shaking her bootilicious bod at every opportunity. So when I meet this paragon of all things womanly, curves and all, I'm rather taken aback. Beyoncé, Tommy Hilfiger - is the launch of the new Tommy Hilfiger fragrance, True Star, for which 23-year-old Beyoncé is the face. It's ironic considering that she's been widely reported to be allergic to fragrance.

But her star quality is undeniable, shyness, jetlag and all (she flew into London just a few hours earlier); her charisma and relentless work ethic make her perfect for the job Tommy has given her - something which the world-famous designer realised the minute he met her at a private performance when she was just 16. "I knew back then that she was going to be something spectacular," he tells me.

But what does she think? Who is the biggest star in the world? "I don't know if I can say one person is the greatest star... Of course, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye ... Other true stars who inspire me daily are my mother and my friends. I get a lot of inspiration from them. I write a lot of songs based on people's lives." Beyoncé's mom comes up a lot in conversation. Aside from the obvious mother-daughter connection, Tina Knowles is also responsible for creating a lot of her daughter's looks. In fact, Beyoncé's favourite outfit to date is one of Tina's.

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" Who's making the headlines today?! "