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britney spears

Britney Spears

With her increasingly raunchy videos, skimpy costumes, and tabloid exploits, it's sometimes easy to forget that young Britney Spears is a simple, small-town girl at heart. But she was born Britney Jean Spears on Dec. 2, 1981 in the small Southern 'burb of Kentwood, Louisiana (population: 1,200), and it was in this tiny town that she started performing at a very young age in local stage productions and church choirs. This experience eventually led to appearances in national commercials and off-Broadway plays, and finally, starting at age 11, to a regular role on two seasons of The Mickey Mouse Club TV show, starring alongside future fellow teen-pop stars Christina Aguilera, J.C. Chasez, and Justin Timberlake (the latter of whom would become her much-publicized boyfriend for a couple years, providing plenty of fodder for the gossip pages). After leaving MMC in 1994, Britney auditioned for an all-girl singing group, but instead wound up with a solo recording deal with Jive Records, home to similarly minded teen-pop sensations the Backstreet Boys. Jive savvily and aggressively marketed Britney to the Backstreet crowd by including her songs on a Backstreet Boys CD sampler and offering free previews of her now-legendary debut video (which featured the baby-diva doing her best Lolita impression in a very short plaid Catholic schoolgirl skirt and skintight baby tee) to anyone who requested the Backstreet Boys' "I'll Never Break Your Heart" video on cable music channel the Box. Jive also secured her a slot alongside BSB on the Sabrina The Teenage Witch soundtrack, and landed her generous coverage in teenybopper mags like Superteen, Bop, Teen Machine, and Teen People--all this before her debut album, the somewhat suggestively titled ...Baby One More Time, was even released.

The boy-band connections didn't end there, either. Rumors of Britney's romances with Timberlake and BSB's Nick Carter--the latter of which she continuously denied--probably helped generate interest as well, and she also toured with her beau's mega-group, *NSYNC*. All this cross-marketing obviously paid off, as ...Baby One More Time's first single (the title track) went to number one, and the album also debuted in the top spot on the Billboard charts, making Britney the youngest female artist in Billboard history to have her first single and first album go to number one in the same week. But the Britneymania was only getting started.

With cutesy early song titles like "Soda Pop," "Email My Heart," and "Born To Make You Happy"--not to mention appearances in McDonald's commercials and Tommy Hilfiger print ads--Britney was often dismissed as a pretty puppet whose sole purpose in the mega-marketing food chain was to push products of any kind to child consumers, be they record albums, Big Macs, or various pieces of merchandise bearing her perky blonde likeness. Whether or not this was true, Britney nevertheless proved her initial success was no fluke with her second album, Oops!...I Did It Again. Spurred on by the hit title track, the album entered the album chart at number one, setting a new record for single-week sales by a female artist in the process. A string of hit singles followed, including "Lucky," "Stronger," and "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know," pushing the album to sales of an incredible 9 million copies. And of course, each single was accompanied by a video even racier and sexier than the last, indicating that Britney--who at one time had famously declared her desire to remain a virgin until her wedding night--was eager to shed her girly, goody-two-shoes image for good.

Along with the steamy videos, Spears's attempts to outgrow her teen-dream image included confessional songs like "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" and sexy ones like the Neptunes-produced "I'm A Slave 4 U," the latter of which she performed on the MTV Video Music Awards wearing little more than a belly chain and a live snake. Both songs appeared on her third album, Britney, which like its predecessors entered on the Billboard album chart at number one. But it seemed her star was beginning to dim slightly, perhaps because some concerned parents were steering their children away from the now-naughty Britney. While the album's first single, "I'm A Slave 4 U," reached number eight, subsequent singles from the album failed to even crack the top 10.

Making matters worse was Brtiney's big-screen debut, Crossroads, which flopped miserably, although she redeemed herself slightly in an amusing turn as a fembot in Austin Powers: Goldmember. Britney also continued to reveal her not-that-innocent side with a variety of tabloid-baiting antics: For instance, after her very public breakup with Timberlake, she confessed in an infamous W magazine interview that they'd (gasp!) had sex, and later, she impulsively married a childhood friend, Jason Alexander, in a quickie Las Vegas wedding (the marriage was annulled 57 hours later).

But Britney's biggest scandalous act happened right before the release of her fourth album, In The Zone, when she played tongue-tag with her idol/role model Madonna during an opening tribute to the Material Mom at the 2003 MTV Music Video Awards. Madonna returned the favor by appearing on the recording and in the video of "Me Against The Music," the first single off In The Zone. Sadly for some dirty-minded viewers, the video featured no Madonna/Britney makeout sessions, but the clip for the next In The Zone single, "Toxic," featured Brtiney in a see-through, rhinestone-encrusted bodysuit...and "Toxic" became, perhaps not coincidentally, Britney's biggest single to date.

Britney's followup single, a ballad called "Everytime," was accompanied by a rather disturbing (and perhaps loosely autobiographical?) video depicting her in a bathtub with slit wrists. Given the post-Justin turmoil in her life, the video seemed like a cry for help from the troubled starlet. Only time will tell if Britney is best remembered for her music or for her personal problems when all is said and done, but one thing is certain: Whatever she does, millions will be watching her every move.

Don't Call Me Britney

Today's pop stars say they're all about being real — except for the ones who would like us to believe they're really somebody else.

Alter egos are spreading like a silly flu virus.
Britney Spears said recently that from now on, she's going to discuss her private life "solely through art." Once the deafening chorus of "yeah, right" dies down, you might be inclined to wonder, whose art would that be? Probably somebody else's, we suspect — maybe that of her alter ego, a character called "Mona Lisa." That is also the title of one of her new songs, a rough mix of which Britney unveiled on KIIS FM in Los Angeles. It's about an "unforgettable" and "unpredictable" icon who "suddenly fell." Hmm. "Mona Lisa" also gets a co-directing credit for her current video, "Do Somethin'."

What she says: "Whenever I feel like being mean or possibly bossing people around to get stuff right, it's kinda easier to be called 'Mona Lisa' instead of Britney," is how she explained it on "TRL."

What we say: Has Britney read Dan Brown's best-seller "The Da Vinci Code"? The book floats the theory that the Mona Lisa is Leonardo's self-portrait in drag — that Mona is in fact a guy. Britney, are you telling us you have a pair?

Britney Spears was never 'too hot' for her hubby!

Britney Spears might disagree, but her husband Kevin Federline has admitted he didn't fancy her when he first met her.

"I came to LA and two weeks later I went on tour with a group called LFO, which was opening for Britney. I was on the road with her for two months. I'll tell you one thing - I never thought any of this sh*t would happen," the Mirror quoted him as saying.

"Me and Britney met. A bunch of us went out one time in a big group. That was when she was starting to get big. She was, like, 18 and I was 22. So I wasn't even thinking about her like that, you know what I'm saying?," he added.

"A few years down the road, and a couple of tours later, I wound up meeting her ass again... and here we are. I didn't find her hot, I wasn't even really in that mind frame," he concluded.

Britney Spears being sued for $30million!

Britney Spears is being sued for $30million by a man who claims she stole the idea for her debut movie 'Crossroads' from him.

Christopher Merrill says the pop babe, along with Paramount Pictures and MTV, who produced the movie and are also being sued, copied the script he wrote, called 'Dream Alive', which was submitted long before 'Crossroads'.

He told American TV show 'Celebrity Justice': "We were working on this case for almost three years. We've been trying to negotiate with MTV and other production companies but they haven't responded."

His lawyer says there's no doubt the script was copied, saying: "There's no question that they took his material."

Britney was universally panned by the critics for the movie, in which she played the lead role, and it was a box office flop.

Meanwhile, Britney has taken a vow of silence after being stung by a magazine interview. The sexy singer said on her website, britneyspears.com, that she will no longer discuss her personal life with the media after journalists from America's Allure magazine branded her "hardly more grown-up than many pre-teens".

She wrote: "I feel the article focused too much on my personal life and events from my past which I've already dealt with and have fully moved on."

Britney Spears Forces David Duchovney And Tea Leoni To Leave Malibu


Hollywood couple DAVID DUCHOVNY and TEA LEONI are considering leaving Malibu, California, after BRITNEY SPEARS moved into a house nearby with husband KEVIN FEDERLINE.

The idyllic area has been besieged by paparazzi photographers since the TOXIC singer moved in two months ago (JAN05) - destroying the peaceful life enjoyed by other residents.
The X-FILES star says, "Britney moved in a couple of months ago, and since then it's been crazy.

"The other day I was walking to a restaurant and there were photographers in front, and they took a picture of me.

"I asked, 'What's going on?' and they said, 'We're waiting for Britney.' I knew they weren't waiting for me."

Is Britney Spears pregnant?

Pop princess Britney Spears has sparked speculations that she is pregnant after she was spotted flaunting a paunch.

The pop babe, who has made no secret of her desire to start a family with second husband Kevin Federline, was snapped in a figure-hugging white top, which showed off her growing belly.

"Britney normally looks so trim, but made no attempt to hide her big belly. She is either having a baby or she has been tucking into too many burgers and fries," a source was quoted by Femalefirst as saying.

Earlier this year, Britney sparked rumours she was expecting her first child after she bought a maternity swimming costume. The sexy singer reportedly ordered the garment from exclusive Los Angeles boutique Babystyle and then asked staff if there were any shops nearby for expectant mothers.

Britney and Kevin to launch fashion line

Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline are reportedly planning to launch their own fashion line.

According to femalefirst, the couple wants to call their new company 'Pair A Dice' because they think that dice are lucky for them.

"I've got a lot of good ideas about fashion that I want to put out there. I'm just gonna see where this business goes. I want to do some cool casual stuff, like jeans and T-shirts and sweatsuits. And then I want to hit the flip side - high-end, classy stuff too," the report quoted Federline as saying to men's style magazine Details.

Britney Spears Promises To Shut Up About Her Personal Life

Singer says from now on she'll address all such issues in her music.

For a girl who's supposed to be on a break, Britney Spears has been speaking out a lot lately — from posting on her Web site to leaking new music to conducting cover-story magazine interviews.

But no more. After the latest of these cover stories, for Allure's April issue, Spears says she's shutting up — at least about her personal life. (See photos of Britney Spears in April's Allure.)

"I feel the article focused too much on my personal life and various events from my past," Spears wrote on her Web site Thursday. "I've already dealt with these issues with the support of my family and friends and have fully moved on."

Spears has given far more personal material to other magazines in the past — from posing bottomless for Esquire and topless for Rolling Stone (and again for Allure) to sharing her wedding, photos and all, with People, and talking about the state of her marriage for Federline's cover story in Details.

So what sort of personal issues did Allure delve into that rubbed Britney the wrong way? For starters, the magazine dared to mention her breakup with Justin Timberlake, her first marriage to Jason Alexander (later annulled), and the admittedly rocky start of her second marriage to Kevin Federline.

Of that first marriage, Spears told the magazine her behavior was a "desperate cry to her family," even though "I didn't think it was real." Perhaps what Spears really took issue with is the magazine calling her trip down the Vegas aisle (and her assessment of it) "implausibly naive," surmising that the singer is "hardly more grown-up than many preteens" (see "Britney Spears Married In Las Vegas, At Least For A Little While").

Spears also told the magazine she was grateful that paparazzi shots revealed she had gotten heavier, because "it made me see that I needed to lose weight," and she attributed the extra pounds to "just lounging around and eating and lying out" during the early days of her marriage to Federline, pointing to her stomach and calling it the "honeymoon aftereffect." She told the magazine she's not pregnant and that having a baby soon is "not something I'm striving for."

"In the future, I will refrain from discussing my private life in interviews," Spears wrote on her site. "It will be expressed solely through art."

Representatives for both Spears and Allure couldn't be reached for comment.

Britney Spears to Go On a Diet

American pop idol Britney Spears decided to go on diet after seeing the pictures of her shapeless body.

The famous blonde, who has actually been spotted with a new brunette look while leaving a studio outside Los Angeles on Saturday after a photo shoot, admits she stopped looking after her appearance since her marriage to dancer Kevin Federline that took place last September.

But the 23-years-old realized that she actually looks awful after seeing her post-marriage pictures in magazines. "After I got married, I let myself go. I was just lounging around and eating,” Irish Examiner quoted Spears as saying. “Photographs of me overweight made me realize I needed to lose weight."

Another statement was made by Spears denying the rumors about her pregnancy. The star has warned her fans that she would quit singing when she decides to have a child. The singer claims: “To be a really good mom, I feel your child needs to be your full-time job, so it would have to be at the right time.

"I want to share all of those precious moments with them and not rely on nannies."

Britney Spears In Topless Shot

There's nothing like slipping yourself back into the limelight by getting your kit off.

And that's exactly what Britney Spears is planning for a magazine photo spread.

The 23-year-old singer is all set to appear topless on the cover of US fashion magazine Allure, according to IMDB.com.

Of course, she won't be entirely topless... instead she'll be kitted out with a necklace given to her by husband Kevin Federline.

But it's not just the photos that are revealing, the singer also admits that her new marriage has had its share of trickiness.
"We hit a little bit of reality, hardcore, after the first three weeks. But we handled it fine, and now things are starting to go really smooth."

She goes on to explain how her new-found responsibilities were tough to deal with at first - especially after the fun and frolics of touring:

"Before we got married we were on tour, and we were just like kids, ordering room service, saying, 'Let's go out tonight.'

"Then, all of a sudden, you have this home, you have the kids (Kaleb and Kori), you have to get the diapers, get the dog to the vet. It's this reality."

Britney now finds Tinkerbell 'very cute'!

Pop diva Britney Spears, who had annoyed Paris Hilton by saying that her dogs are much cuter than Tinkerbell, now backtracks her comments.

In a statement released on her website, Britney says, "I hope none of you really took my comments seriously when I was talking about Bit Bit and Tinkerbell. I was just being silly and of course I think that Tinkerbell is very cute. Who knows? Maybe they will have a little play date together!"

Certainly, 'The Toxic' singer, who started her canine family last year with Maltese puppy Lacy Loo, before buying Bit Bit and Lucky, is hoping to avoid a potential dog war with the hotel heiress, reports ratethemusic.com.

Britney, Paris and Pamela Anderson barred from the Oscars?

Britney Spears has reportedly been barred from the Oscars this weekend.

The pop babe is among a host of stars including Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson that organisers have snubbed in a bid to prevent the evening turning into a "downmarket scrum".

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney would have wanted her entourage with her but the Academy wanted to keep things as tight and as highbrow as possible.

"They plan to focus on those people who have worked in the film industry for years - not people who are merely celebrities in other areas."
But sources say the decision to ban certain stars is down to the fact that Hollywood's Kodak theatre holds less than half the capacity of previous venue, the Shrine Auditorium and claim that even high-profile stars are struggling to secure tickets for Sunday's (27.02.05) event.

Insiders have revealed that Destiny's Child star, Beyonce Knowles, who is performing at the movie ceremony, may attend the show alone after failing to arrange entry for fiancé Jay-Z.

The source added: "The Academy gets inundated with begging requests for tickets a year before the event.

"The Kodak theatre can't take more than 3,500 guests. Even Beyonce's boyfriend hasn't even received an invite."

Britney Spears Will Bring Up Kids In Louisiana


American pop superstar BRITNEY SPEARS wants to bring her children up in her home state of Louisiana.

The singer and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE are eager to start a family and, despite owning several homes in California, Spears admits her hometown of Kentwood is looking more appealing.
On her official website, Spears says, "For some reason, I can relax so much better when I'm in Kentwood. It's like food for the soul.

"I think when Kevin and I start a family we might build our dream home right behind my mom's. It's true; home is where the heart is.
"I've been having so much fun with my mom lately. We've been indulging ourselves with the simple pleasures of life. I think I may do this for a while."

Us Weekly Calls Britney Spears a Hypocrite

When Britney Spears found photographs from her honeymoon splashed on the cover of and inside the magazine Us Weekly, she was justifiably angry. She thought employees of the Fiji resort were taking pictures of her and husband Kevin Federline to use in a scrapbook they said they were preparing for the couple.

"Kevin and I chose a resort location where we were promised absolute privacy and seclusion," Spears said. "Unfortunately, staff members took photographs of us, which we allowed them to take once we were assured they were being taken only for private use in a scrap book they gave us as a souvenir."

Next thing she knew, Us published them with the headline, "Britney's Private Album!"

Photographs show Spears and Federline on the beach, in the hotel, and enjoying their first weekend together as a married couple.

Spears said other magazines contacted her to let her know they were being offered the pictures, but would not publish them.

Us purchased the photographs however, and tried justifying it by implying that Spears was a hypocrite and was just upset that some people—and not her— profited off the photos.

"Coming from a celebrity who sold pictures of both her wedding and her stepdaughter, it's unlikely the issue here is privacy," Us told the AP. "Could it be that Britney is seeing red after not seeing the green from these photos? Britney Spears should start a magazine if she'd like to dictate her own coverage."

In other words: Us doesn't feel Britney deserves privacy.

This matter is sure to be brought up again because the owner of Us is the owner of Rolling Stone, a magazine Spears will surely go to for some publicity when she releases her next album.

Britney 'Disturbed' by Unauthorized Honeymoon Pics

Britney Spears feels betrayed. The pop princess is upset that private photos of her honeymoon with former backup dancer Kevin Federline were leaked to the press.

"I am disturbed by the photos and article that appeared in this week's issue of US Weekly magazine (dated Feb. 28, 2005), which they call my 'private honeymoon album,'" says Spears in a statement.

The newlyweds had booked their trip at a resort that promised "absolute privacy and seclusion."

"Staff members took photographs of us, which we allowed them to take once we were assured they were being taken only for private use in a scrap book they gave us as a souvenir of our honeymoon," she says.

Unfortunately, Spears' trust was misplaced. The photos found their way to publications, but only US Weekly decided to publish them after discovering they were unauthorized.

"Other magazines, including the Star, contacted us when presented with these photographs and refused to publish them," Spears continues. "Kevin and I thank those other magazines for respecting our rights of privacy."

Spears, 23, has been taking "some time off" and married Federline, 26, in a private ceremony in September. She's been out of the public eye lately, only contacting her fans through letters she publishes on her official website www.britneyspears.com.

Her latest album, "Britney's Greatest Hits: My Prerogative," dropped in November and has sold more than 2.6 million copies. On Sunday, Feb. 13, she won her first Grammy Award for her best dance recording of "Toxic."

Britney gushes over Kevin

Britney Spears coos over her new hubby in her latest letter to her fans.

In the letter on her Web site, she says she's grateful to have someone she loves and adds, "I fall more and more in love with Kevin everyday."

She also gushes over Kevin Federline's pictures in Details magazine, saying they're so hot.
She wouldn't divulge what she got him for Valentine's Day except to say it's a great surprise.

Meanwhile, Spears finally took a Grammy home on Sunday after six nominations.

She nabbed her first Grammy win for Best Dance Recording for "Toxic."

Britney's hubby ditches dancing

Don't call him Mr. Britney Spears. After nearly six months of marriage to the pop star, Kevin Federline is emerging from Spears' shadow. In the March issue of Details magazine, he reveals that, for one thing, he's done with being a backup dancer. "I'll always dance for fun, but for work? I've done it, dude," he says.

Instead, Federline's ambitions lie in creating a fashion line with Spears, which he says could launch this year.

"I'm gonna design the men's and she will design the women's. We're thinking about calling it Pair A Dice - because dice are lucky for us."

Before marrying the 23-year-old Spears in September, Federline, 26, had appeared in the movie "You Got Served" and performed as a backup dancer for Justin Timberlake - Spears' former boyfriend.

"I'll tell you one thing, dude - I never thought that any of this (stuff) would happen," he says.

Now, Federline says he and Spears are as happy as can be.

"I could go on forever about my love for this girl," he says. "She's more proud of me than anyone has ever, ever, ever been in my lifetime. Ever."

Britney's dogs better than Paris'

Britney Spears says her dogs are better than Paris Hilton's pet Tinkerbell.

Britney claims her three chihuahuas - Bit Bit, Lacy Loo and Lucky - are far better turned out than Tinkerbell.

According to Britney's website she said:"My dogs are stylin' and profilin. Von Dutch just sent them the coolest little clothes. My dogs are so much cuter than Tinkerbell"

The stars are rarely seen without their dogs reports the Evening Standard.

Britney's dog Bit Bit wore a diamond-studded collar to the Billboard Music Awards in December. Tinkerbell and Paris, meanwhile, sported matching outfits on reality TV show, The Simple Life.

Britney and Kevin Forever

Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline say they will be together forever.

Speaking about their marriage Britney said: "We're going to be together for ever. We know that, and that's the only thing that matters."

Federline who married Spears in September said: "I could go on for ever about my love for this girl."

The former pizza-delivery boy turned dancer told Details magazine that Britney was incredibly proud of him reports the Evening Standard.

He added: "I could be sitting at home doing nothing. I could be playing video games. She's more proud of me than anyone has ever, ever, ever been in my lifetime."

He admits that their parents warned them not to rush in when they announced their decision to marry last September, after just five months together.

"Our parents were telling us to take our time," he said. "But I mean, it's like, we knew. And how often do people listen to their parents anyway?"

Their declaration of love comes amid reports that their marriage is on the rocks.

Don't call him Mr. Britney Spears

After six months of marriage to the pop star, Kevin Federline is emerging from Spears' shadow. On the March cover of Details magazine, the former backup dancer is for the first time stepping out to reveal something about the man known as Britney Spears' second husband.

To begin with, Federline is done with dancing.

"I'll always dance for fun, but for work? I've done it, dude," Federline tells Details in an issue to hit newsstands Feb. 22.

Instead, Federline's ambitions lie in creating a fashion line with Spears, which he says could launch sometime this year.

"I'm gonna design the men's and she will design the women's. We're thinking about calling it Pair A Dice - because dice are lucky for us."

Before marrying the 23-year-old Spears last September, Federline, 26, had appeared in the movie "You Got Served" and performed as a backup dancer for Justin Timberlake - Spears' former boyfriend.

"I'll tell you one thing, dude - I never thought that any of this (stuff) would happen," he says.
Federline was previously involved with actress Shar Jackson of TV's "Moesha." They have two children - a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old named Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline.

Now, Federline says he and Spears are as happy as can be.

"I could go on forever about my love for this girl," he says. "She's more proud of me than anyone has ever, ever, ever been in my lifetime. Ever."


Britney Spears Honeymoon Not Over Yet!!!


The honeymoon is definitely not over for BRITNEY SPEARS and new husband KEVIN FEDERLINE as they showed during a photoshoot for American men's style magazine DETAILS.

Despite rumours the couple are having marriage problems, they seemed totally in love when cameras for TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD caught them kissing and cuddling at a recent photoshoot.
The show's BILLY BUSH also landed a chat with Federline as his pop star bride sat off camera - and she couldn't help but have her say as her hunky man tried to keep his cool.
When Bush asked, "How would you describe yourself?" Federline answered,

"I'm me. I'm easy, laidback, nice..." and, as he paused, Britney added, "Sexy."


Spears' Marriage 'On The Rocks'

Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS' marriage to dancer KEVIN FEDERLINE is reportedly on the rocks after less than five months, according to two US magazines.

American publication IN TOUCH WEEKLY claims Federline, 26, has been socialising on a regular basis without his 23-year-old wife, who he wed in September (04) after a whirlwind romance.
In Touch reports a friend of the couple saying, "Kevin has suddenly started partying like a single guy.
"In addition to going out on several occasions without his wedding band on, he's been hanging out with his old posse of pals and flying to Las Vegas for weekends of drinking, gambling - and even lap dances in strip clubs."

Another magazine LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY claims Federline's behaviour has prompted her to re-consider starting a family. Federline infamously ended his relationship with MOESHA actress SHAR JACKSON in April (04), while she was pregnant with their second child, to be with Spears.

A source tells Life And Style, "It has occurred to Britney that Kevin isn't a great help in cleaning up after the dogs (BIT BIT, LACY LOO and LUCKY). And he might not be too eager to be on midnight diaper patrol either."

Federline is said to be annoyed by the amount of attention Spears pays to the three pooches.

The source adds, "The other night Britney was leaving with Kevin for a romantic meal, but Bit Bit whined and whined and refused to be left. Eventually, they stayed home and ordered takeout."

Britney Spears slams marriage split reports

Britney Spears has slammed reports that her marriage is in trouble.

The pop babe claims her relationship with former dancer, Kevin Federline, is stronger than ever and vowed that the couple would never split.

She told American magazine Details: "We're going to be together for ever. We know that, and that's the only thing that matters."
Earlier this week it was claimed that the 'Toxic' singer had been rowing with her new husband over money after she was left to pick his $5,400 bill for a weekend spent partying with pals in Las Vegas last month.

But 26-year-old Kevin, who has two children from a previous relationship, also denied that there were problems in the marriage and insisted that he is still smitten with his new wife.
He said: "I could go on for ever about my love for this girl "I could be sitting at home doing nothing. I could be playing video games.

She's more proud of me than anyone has ever, ever, ever been in my lifetime Meanwhile, stunning Britney, who married for the second time last September, also revealed that she is set to launch her own clothing range.

The 23-year-old beauty, who has been repeatedly blasted for her sartorial style, now plans to put her name to her own fashion brand after seeing a host of rival stars profit from similar ventures.

A source said: "Britney said she's seen how much J-Lo has raked in from her designer line and thinks she could do as well.

She was spurred on when Beyonce announced she was having her own clothing line too."

Britney Spears Planning To Move To Trump Development


Pop beauty Britney Spears has decided to live in the true lap of luxury when she buys her next home - she's eyeing one of the new California houses Donald Trump plans to build.

The TOXIC singer - who lives in Malibu, California, with her new husband KEVIN FEDERLINE - and former HERCULES star KEVIN SORBO are both interested in one of the $5.2 million (£2.7 million) villas Trump plans to build in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, according to the 58-year-old property tycoon himself.

Trump tells the WALL STREET JOURNAL that he and Sorbo discussed the proposed 260-acre The Estates at Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes while golfing in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, last summer (04).

Britney Spears branded 'Bitchney Sneers'

Britney Spears has been branded 'Bitchney Sneers' by an American magazine because she never signs autographs for fans.

The sexy star topped a poll by American magazine 'Autograph Collector' which reveals which celebrities are "cool or cruel" to fans waiting to collect a souvenir from their idol.

Magazine publisher Steve Cyrkin, who conducted the 13th annual poll, said the 'Toxic' singer deserved to scoop pole-position because her lack of co-operation showed her fans how little they mean to her.
He said: "While we're the first to defend any celebrity's right not to sign, how do you defend rude, crude and downright unattractive behaviour? "As one collector told us, 'Britney has done all she can to earn her nickname, Bitchney Sneers.'"

Other stars on the list include Britney's former boyfriend, Justin Timberlake and his fiancé Cameron Diaz, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and former couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston - who reportedly overlook requests for their signatures.
Cyrkin explained: "They're not nasty, but they pretty much ignore fans requesting autographs."

Meanwhile heartthrob star Johnny Depp beat Matt Damon and Tom Cruise into second and third place respectively, to win the best celebrity signer title.

The generous 'Pirates of the Carribbean' star came first in the list because he rarely leaves fans empty handed.

Publisher Steve Cyrkin added: "Johnny Depp has decided to be the undisputed most-accommodating autograph signer in Hollywood today.

"He never says 'No' to autograph seekers. "One collector told us, 'He'll sign for everyone, and it doesn't matter how many things you ask him to sign.'"
The Worst
1. Britney Spears
2. Cameron Diaz
3. Tobey Maguire
4. Justin Timberlake
5. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
6. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Eminem
8. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
9. Halle Berry
10. Paris Hilton
The Best
1. Johnny Depp
2. Matt Damon
3. Tom Cruise
4. Mike Myers
5. Angelina Jolie
6. Elijah Wood
7. Lindsay Lohan
8. Jessica Simpson
9. Hilary Duff
10. Charlize Theron


A Britney Knee Memory Problem

Oops. Britney Spears (news)' bad memory may have cost her a cool $10 million.
The "Toxic" singer sued eight insurance companies for refusing to reimburse her $9.8 million for her canceled Onyx Hotel Tour last year. The suit was filed Friday in New York State Supreme Court.

The insurers, seven of which are based in London and the other in Paris, are balking at paying the claim because Spears forgot to check a box on a standard insurance form regarding preexisting injuries.

Apparently, Spears didn't recall that she had knee surgery five years prior to embarking on the tour, described in court documents as "a highly crafted production which included the well known music an dancing of Spears, supported by elaborate costumes, complex choreography as well as cutting edge video production, lighting and other effects," according to court papers printed on the Website for Celebrity Justice, which first reported the suit.

Spears had to cancel the U.S. summer leg of the 82-date worldwide tour after blowing out her knee.

The 22-year-old's left knee went out during a show in Moline, Illinois, on Mar. 18, 2004. After missing a few dates, she finished the spring leg of the tour.

Then, on June 8, while filming the video for "Outrageous," she tweaked the knee again. The following day, she underwent arthroscopic surgery and then scrapped the remaining dates on the tour.

According to court documents, the insurers refused to make good on their policies (which set Spears back $1.3 million) because they claim Spears misled them about her bum knee. The blonde singer had forgotten to tell them about a previous surgery on her left knee in March 1999.

Spears' lawyer refer to the memory lapse as an "innocent omission." In the lawsuit, Team Spears says Brit was cleared before the tour by an independent doctor (who, for the curious out there, pronounced her "in sound health and free from disease" and "in a fit condition to tour"). Then, after tweaking her knee last spring, her lawyers say Spears was cleared by the insurers' doctor, who, the suit says, reported the new injury was not related to the old injury.

No immediate comment this weekend from either Spears camp or the insurers.

The singer, who has fully recovered from her surgery, has been taking a brief hiatus from performing but is keeping herself plenty busy with other, non-court-related matters. Per a recent post on her Website, she directed and choreographed herself in the new video "Do Somethin' " off her Greatest Hits album and found time to decorate a room in her house for her new pet dog. She has begun work on her next album, tentatively titled The Original Doll, and is also reportedly masterminding hubby Kevin Federline's debut album. And, according to the New York Post, she's set to star in a TV ad for anti-acne cream.

Spears will also put in face time next Sunday at the Grammys (news - web sites), where "Toxic" is up for Best Dance Recording.


Britney Spears Buys Another Dog

Pop singer Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline are expanding their family -- they've bought another dog.
The hitmaker and her younger sister Jamie Lynn bought puppies Lacy Loo and Allie Boo in July, and then Spears went on to buy Chihuahua Bit Bit in November.

On her official Web site, Spears enthuses she has purchased another pooch called Lucky and has created a dog bedroom in her new Malibu, Calif., mansion.

Spears explains, "I have a new dog named Lucky and I just bought her a new dresser for her room. Yes, she has a room, which she shares with Bit Bit.

"For Christmas, they got a baby chandelier to go in it. It's the cutest thing in the world. I have to go now because my other dog, Lacy, has been sick for a little while and I need to go give her medicine." Also...

Spears surprised her husband Kevin with a brand-new motorcycle over the Christmas holidays.

The singer gave the bike a personal touch by having it emblazoned with a hand-painted depiction of the same dice they have tattooed on the inside of their wrists.

A pal says, "He's in heaven; what guy wouldn't be?"

Spears has also promised to build a recording studio for Federline in their new Malibu home so he can spend more time working on his musical debut.

Federline gets metrosexual makeover

Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline has received a "metrosexual makeover" for an upcoming magazine interview.

The former back-up dancer was stripped of his usual wifebeater/baggy jeans combo for a more "dapper" look in the shoot for April's Details.

Spears was also present, with new dog 'Bibit' in tow, to provide "direction" for her partner.

Street healer helps Britney to de-stress

Britney Spears has turned to a Bulgarian street-healer to cure her stress.

The singer spotted Nicky Peevski helping passers-by to relax while shopping in Malibu.

Nicky told The People, "Britney asked what I was doing and I explained I could cure headaches, arthritis and other problems using the healing energy of my hands.

"I told her to sit on a wall and close her eyes. I moved my hands around her head and body, putting energy into her.

"After 10 minutes I told her to open her eyes. Britney said she felt great and would come again."

Kylie Minogue defends Britney

Kylie Minogue has warned the media not to write off Britney Spears' career, and is convinced that she will remain in the spotlight for years to come.

"I wouldn't take her out of the game yet," Kylie is quoted by Breakingnews.ie as saying. "I feel for her because I've been through exactly what she's going through, where you've been so successful, suddenly you're not as successful, and people think doomed to failure.

"She's a force. Whatever she does, people will take notice."

Spears Switches Her Name To Mean Mona Lisa

Britney Spears has credited herself as Mona Lisa on the credits for her new self-directed, self-choreographed video Do Something because that's the name she adopts when she's barking orders.
The pop star admits she feels uncomfortable shouting out instructions and dance moves when making her own videos and so adopts a pseudonym, so her crew mates know it's not really her.

She explains, "I think she's kind of like my alter-ego. Whenever I feel like being mean or fussing to get stuff right it's kind of easier to be called Mona Lisa instead of Britney."


Britney's husband Kevin Federlines Trip To LA Lapdance Club


BRITNEY SPEARS' new husband KEVIN FEDERLINE and his pals treated themselves to a series of lapdances during a weekend trip to Las Vegas - and he was given his wife's blessing.

On 21 January (05), the dancer and his friends checked into the VIP suite at the American gambling haven's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino before dining at the Pink Taco.

The next night, they enjoyed a steak meal before heading on to the popular strip club, Spearmint Rhino.
A source says, "Kevin had several lapdances. But they didn't get out of line."

Spears, who was enjoying a spa trip with her girlfriends, arrived in time to see the show by circus troupe CIRQUE DU SOLEIL the following night (22JAN05) before the couple holed themselves up in Federline's hotel room.

Spears' representative LESLIE SLOANE says of the lapdances, "Big deal. It's a guy thing.

Britney Spears gets new Kabbalah tattoo

Britney Spears has had a new tattoo in tribute to the Kabbalah religion.

The sexy star, who became involved in the mystical faith after being introduced to it by close friend Madonna, revealed that she has had a Hebrew symbol inscribed onto the back of her neck.

The pop babe says the religious symbol represents "the power of healing" to followers of the bizarre faith, which is an ancient off-shoot of Judaism.

The sexy star revealed that the new image was just one of two new tattoos she had during a romantic trip to a tattoo parlour with second husband Kevin Federline.
She said: "I have pink dice on my left wrist. It's something me and my husband we did together. He has blue dice, I have pink dice."

Last year, Britney was embarrassed after a previous Hebrew tattoo, also on the nape of her neck, was proved to be meaningless by religious experts.

A source said at the time: "She had hoped it would say 'New Year' or 'New Era'. It seems she's got the words the wrong way round.

"It is meaningless which will come as a bit of a blow to Britney."

Meanwhile, a Japanese inscription the 23-year-old singer had etched onto her hip bone two years ago was also proved to be fake.

Britney, who has three other tattoos, was said to be distraught when best friend Taryn Manning told her that the permanent image, which was supposed to mean "mysterious" actually turned out to say "strange".

Britney Spears Got Acting Nominations?

Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry also among the unfortunate actresses to be nominated for the Golden Raspberry.

They may not have won a Golden Globe, and their names were conspicuously absent from the list of Oscar nominations, but stars like Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are still vying for the gold: the Golden Raspberry.
For her roles in "A Cinderella Story" and "Raise Your Voice," Duff was nominated for Worst Actress. She'll go up against Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Shawn and Marlon Wayans — who got the nod for achievements in drag in "White Chicks."

Lopez and Spears will duke it out for Worst Supporting Actress for their small roles in "Jersey Girl" and "Fahrenheit 9/11," respectively. Carmen Electra ("Starsky & Hutch"), Condoleezza Rice ("Fahrenheit 9/11") and Sharon Stone ("Catwoman") are also up for the title.

Nominees for the awards were announced on Monday by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, a group that annually determines the most abysmal films, actors and songs of the last year. Suitably timed to strike Hollywood hopefuls when they're down, the nominees are unveiled less than 24 hours before the ceremonious announcement of the Oscar nominations .

With its tail between its legs, "Catwoman" leads this shamed pack of nominees for featuring what the Golden Raspberry Foundation calls "an Oscar winner calamitously miscast as a cartoon character." The flick, widely panned by critics, is a candidate for awards including Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Berry) and Worst Screen Couple (Berry and either Benjamin Bratt or Sharon Stone).

For being a "big-budget epic that managed to be both historical and hysterical," "Alexander" is a contender for six awards, including Worst Picture. In addition to challenging "Catwoman" in that category, it will go up against "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2," "Surviving Christmas" and "White Chicks" for the dishonor.

If selected as the best of the worst in their respective categories, nominees will receive "an unintentionally cheapjack tchotchke featuring a gold-ball-sized, handcrafted RAZZberry atop a mangled Super 8 film reel that's spray-painted gold and has an estimated street value of $4.79," according to the foundation.

With 2005 commemorating the 25th anniversary of the awards, the Golden Raspberry Foundation also revealed its nominees for the special Worst of Our First 25 Years Awards. The category of Worst Razzie Loser honors the Susan Luccis of the Razzie Awards, those actors who have been nominated several times but never won. Nominees include Kim Basinger, Angelina Jolie, Ryan O'Neal, Keanu Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who leads with eight nominations.

Winners will be announced at Hollywood's Ivar Theatre on February 26 at 7:30 p.m. PT, one day before the Oscars.

Britney is 00's biggest female seller

Britney Spears is officially the biggest-selling female artist this century - selling more records than any other woman.

The pop babe - who even outsold her idol Madonna - has been more successful than any of her female peers in the past five years. Even big-name stars including Kylie, Dido, Beyonce, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston have been overshadowed by Britney's soaring sales.

A spokesperson from Jive Records said: "It really is extraordinary. Britney and everyone here are thrilled. To become the biggest selling female artist of the past five years was amazing, but to outsell Madonna over the past half a decade is beyond our wildest dreams. "It just goes to show what a musical force Britney is." Meanwhile, Britney has reportedly asked Madonna to be godmother to her not-yet-conceived firstborn.

The sexy singer, who is desperately trying for a baby with husband Kevin Federline, was said to be so thrilled when Madonna agreed she gave her a diamond-encrusted Cartier watch. The two celebrities have been friends since the singer introduced Britney to the mystic Jewish faith the Kabbalah over a year ago. Madonna has since laden the young star with lavish gifts including a 900-year-old Kabbalah book - worth thousand of pounds.

Britney Spears buys maternity swimming costume

Britney Spears has bought a maternity swimming costume - sparking speculation she is pregnant. The sexy singer, who has made no secret of her desire to start a family with husband Kevin Federline, reportedly ordered the costume from exclusive Los Angeles boutique Babystyle and then asked staff if there were any shops nearby for expectant mothers.

Shopper Jenny Dyke, who was in the store, is quoted by Britain's Sun newspaper as saying: "She spent 20 minutes in the changing rooms. I don't know why anybody would want to try on clothes for pregnant women unless they are expecting themselves."

The 23-year-old pop babe went into the store with two bodyguards, who
reportedly asked for the door to be shut while she looked around. Britney recently admitted she was desperate to have a baby since marrying former dancer Kevin - who has two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson - last September, saying she wanted to be a young mother.

She said: "A lot of people think you should wait till you're older to have kids. I've had a career since I was 16, I have travelled around the world and even kissed Madonna! The only thing I haven't done so far is experience the closest thing to God and that's having a baby. I can't wait!" The stunning star also revealed she plans to take a career break when she has children, as she doesn't want a nanny to raise her future children. She said: "To be a really good mom, I feel your child needs to be your full-time job. I want to raise my kids and share all of those precious moments with them and not rely on nannies."

New Britney Clip Has Flying Hummer And More Underwear Dancing

Video leaks online days before U.K. premiere.

Britney Spears wanted control of her career, and she got it. The result? Her latest video, which she co-directed, features the singer playing air guitar in her underwear, singing in a faux girl band, and flying a pink Hummer through the clouds.
Spears said she had more of a hand in "Do Somethin' " than any other video she's made, as she "even came up with all the choreography and styled the entire shoot myself using Juicy Couture clothing" . "Do Somethin'," which won't be serviced to U.S. video channels, was slated to premiere in the U.K. this Friday, but fans around the world are already watching it thanks to an online leak.

In it, Spears wears a pink midriff T-shirt reading "Love Boat" and a pink capelet, making her way to a club called Hole in the Wall with her four blond bandmates via the flying pink Hummer and singing, "Somebody give me my truck/ So I can ride on the clouds/ ... Somebody pass my guitar/ So I can look like a star." En route, they whip their hair in sync to the beat as Spears puts the car on autopilot. Once they arrive, Spears and crew head for the dance floor, where she exhorts the crowd, "Get up out of your seat/ Why don't you do something?"

After a few dance moves, including one where her band pushes her around in a chair, Spears and the girls make for the stage and rock out a bit. Interspersed throughout the video are shots of Spears performing in black underwear and a white mini fur coat, as if she were shot in a separate room and is just being flashed on a screen à la "My Prerogative." But when her band starts performing, the in-her-undies Spears' response is to play air guitar.

Spears has described the video as "cute," which might explain why she goes back and forth between trying to look sexy and then goofy. She breaks from serious vamp poses to mug dorky grins and roll her eyes at the camera, even when she's in her underwear. Her answer to the incongruity might also be found in the song: "I see ya looking over here/ Can't you tell I'm having fun?"


Britney Spears to Star in Madonna's Film

Madonna has persuaded Britney Spears to appear in the animated film version of her children's book "The English Roses."

The "Material Girl" superstar pleaded with the "Toxic" singer to voice the story's heroine Binah - and Spears was eager to accept.

Madonna, 46, has also managed to secure the vocal skills of David Bowie and rapper Snoop Dogg for the big-budget movie, which will be produced by her husband Guy Ritchie.

The pop veteran herself will voice the Fairy Godmother in the tale of a girl - based on her eight-year-old daughter Lourdes - excluded by a group of schoolmates who are jealous of her beauty.

Fame Sucks! Pity Me!

It's hard being famous. No, really, it can suck, OK? Britney Spears will tell you, and so will other stars ... just turn on the radio.

Britney's "My Prerogative," Gwen's "What You Waiting For?," Lindsay's "Rumors" and Paris' soon-to-come cover of David Bowie's "Fame" all have one thing in common: the singer's love/hate relationship with fame. For fans, it can be hard to take this kind of bellyaching — don't these people have anything else to sing about? They've spent years clawing their way to celebrity, and they're complaining it isn't all it's cracked up to be?
as the nature of fame changed, with the rise of celebrity-oriented magazines like Us Weekly and cable channels like VH1, E! and, um, MTV, total saturation coverage has taken over, and today's stars don't like it. "Leave me alone!" Michael Jackson screams. "Whatchulookinat?" Whitney Houston demands to know. Is there anything that can be done to help these victims of fabulousness? We can try.

Victim: Britney Spears
Song: Cover of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative"
The message: She wants to be with Kevin Federline. Some people disapprove. But she doesn't care!
Her problem: She can't seem to please anybody anymore. She can't marry a guy or two or even go into a gas-station bathroom barefoot without the tabloids taking an intense interest. So she rebels. Her clothes are dirty? Her face is caked with acne cream? Her hair's a mess? So what? As long as the photogs don't completely lose interest.
The solution: Make a decision — are you really weary of press scrutiny ... or not? If you are, consider cutting back on things like, oh, hurling milkshakes in public, composing poems about your honeymoon and posting them online, and flipping off those delighted photographers. Don't mug for the cameras. Don't slob around in public. Don't make yourself a target. And whatever you do, don't get involved in Shar Jackson's reality show — that thing has disaster written all over it.

Britney Spears Labelled Arrogant And Not Very Intelligent

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS is "not very intelligent" according to a British TV presenter, who dubbed her one of his worst ever interviewees.

EAMONN HOLMES, host of the ITV network's morning show GMTV, found Britney arrogant and vacant when she appeared on the programme.

He says, "She was really quite up herself and couldn't be bothered. Sorry, but she's the sort of person who does an interview looking over your shoulder at the people advising her. I think her trouble is that she's not very intelligent."
He continues, "She doesn't know what's the right thing to say. You'll say to her,

'So tell me about the new record.' And she'll say, 'It's cool, it's fine, it's hanging out.' She gives the same answer to everything."


Britney Spears new CD

Britney Spears is hard at work on a new album which has the working title, "The Original Doll." One of the songs, "Mona Lisa," was recorded during her Onyx Hotel tour. The new CD will be in stores sometime late spring.


Britney And Bitbit Hit Campus

No dogs allowed" doesn't stop Britney Spears and her new Chihuahua Bitbit from crossing the velvet ropes. On Dec. 17, Spears, new hubby Kevin Federline, Britney's mom Lynne, sister Jamie Lynn and about five other family members arrived at Louisiana State University to celebrate the graduation of Britney's cousin Laura Lynn Covington from the Mass Communication department. But a campus spy tells Star People: "At the entrance, the lady handling seating said, 'You can't bring that dog in here!'Then she looked up and said, 'Oh my God, it's Britney Spears!'" The star struck ticket-taker sent Britney to talk to a security team and to the surprise of onlookers, soon Bitbit and family were seated inside -- where they greeted her cousin's stage appearance with "loud screaming."


Rock Star Britney Has A Rock Body

The hottest women in music not only have hit rock songs, but they also have hard rock bodies -- proving that if you want to make it big you better hit the high notes and the gym.

Britney Spears is first . Why we picked her:
We picked her because, well, she's hot -- on the music charts and in the music videos. But, let's face it: Britney is pretty much packaged goods. She's supposed to look good, and she does. The media's been obsessed with Britney's breasts since she hit puberty and the 2000 MTV Music Video Awards stage in her show-all outfit. And, despite complaints from conservative parents, she never stops showing off her firm yet feminine physique.

How she does it:
Make no mistake: Brit's knockout bod is the result of a lot of hard work. She burns a ton of calories at each concert, but that doesn't stop her from getting a daily cardio workout, and weight training on a regular basis. She told MTV, "When I get up in the morning and I work out, I have more energy throughout the day. I just feel better about myself."

Get the look:
You might not be able to afford Brit's personal trainer Bobby Storm. But you can develop a chest that defies gravity like Spears's by doing Push Ups. Do 2 to 3 sets of 8 to15 reps, 2 to 3 times a week.

(A) Lie on your stomach, with your legs out straight, feet a few inches apart. Bend your elbows and place your palms on the floor slightly to the side and in front of your shoulders. Straighten your arms and press your body upward so that your arms are nearly straight and you're balanced on your palms and the underside of your toes. (B) Bend your elbows to lower your body. When your elbows are level with your shoulders, press back up to the start.

Britney Spears: Sister, sister

As Ashlee Simpson is to Jessica, and Haylie Duff is to Hilary, Jamie Lynn Spears is to big sister Britney. While the younger Spears, 14, is not yet a woman, she is trying to follow in her older sibling's glittery footsteps. Jamie Lynn got her start in 1995 with a regular role in Nickelodeon's sketch comedy/musical show "All That" - she sings, she dances, she acts! No word yet on when to expect Jamie Lynn's debut album, but the singer-actress is back on the kid network with "Zoey 101," a sitcom about a Southern California girl attending a co-ed, beachside boarding school (9 p.m. Sundays, Nickelodeon). We tuned in to check out the latest Spears as well as to ponder the similarities - and differences - between the star sister act.

On the job
Britney Spears: Britney made her spotlight debut on "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" when she was 11 years old. In 1999 she helped kick-start the teen pop revolution with her debut album "... Baby One More Time." Since then she's released four more discs, including a greatest hits album. She also starred in the 2002 indie film "Crossroads."
Jamie Lynn Spears: Professionally speaking, Jamie Lynn beat her older sis by three years - she made her "All That" TV debut at the ripe old age of 8. Spears also has appeared in numerous commercials and in 2002 played a younger version of sister Brit's character in the film "Crossroads."

Personal stuff
Britney Spears: The elder Spears, 24, got hitched not once but twice last year. The second time around (in September) she wed Kevin Federline - who just happened to be exboyfriend Justin Timberlake's one-time backup dancer. Small world!
Jamie Lynn Spears: No word on whether the middle school student has a boyfriend. Jamie Lynn divides her time between Kentwood, La., and Los Angeles, and her hobbies include basketball and cheerleading.

Style watch
Britney Spears: Britney's ditched the schoolgirl uniforms that made her famous. Gone, too, are all those bubblegum-pink hues and other sweet-16 fashions. These days Spears favors midriff-baring shirts, short-shorts and statement T-shirts (example: "I'm a virgin - but this is an old shirt").
Jamie Lynn Spears: Like her older sister, Jamie Lynn lightens her naturally brown hair to a diva-worthy shade of blond. Her current wardrobe includes a lot of brightly colored T-shirts, sweaters and miniskirts. So far, however, there's been no sign of the famous Spears bellybutton.

Signature quote
Britney Spears: "I would really, really, really like to be a legend like Madonna. Madonna knows what to do next, and when she's performing, the audience is just in awe of her."
Jamie Lynn Spears: "My advice to Britney is to just scoot over 'cause I'm coming through and I'm going to be the star pretty soon!

Britney Spears: 'I'm not jealous of my sister'

Pop superstar Britney Spears has slammed reports she's jealous of her sister Jamie Lynn's rising stardom - because she sees herself as a mother figure.

The Toxic beauty has stepped away from the limelight to spend more time with her new husband Kevin Federline, while 13-year-old Jamie Lynn's showbiz career is taking off, with a starring role in TV series Zoey 101.

But Spears' mother Lynne insists: "Since the age difference between Britney and Jamie Lynn is so great, Britney's always taken on a mother figure role to Jamie Lynn.

"There has never been any sibling rivalry between these two, and Britney couldn't be more proud of Jamie Lynn and her success.

"Britney thinks Jamie Lynn looks beautiful on Seventeen magazine's cover and thought the story inside was very cute and funny."

A Spears in a class of her own

She's only 13, but Jamie Lynn Spears has an entourage worthy of superstar big sister Britney.

Jamie Lynn Spears, the 13-year-old sister of pop star Britney Spears, plays a student at a California boarding school on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101.
The self-assured, denim-clad eighth-grader arrives for an interview accompanied by mom Lynne, brother Bryan, two publicists, one security guard, a girlfriend from home and the friend's mother.

All that hoopla befits Jamie Lynn's status as one of Nickelodeon's signature stars, now headlining the new series Zoey 101. It stars Jamie Lynn, a veteran of the Nick sketch show All That, as a cute student at a swank California boarding school. The show premiered Sunday (8 p.m. ET/PT), drawing an impressive 3.4 million viewers, and repeats today (7 a.m. ET/PT) and Thursday (8:30 p.m. ET/PT).

Jamie Lynn and her character are both assertive, but "Zoey is cooler than me around guys — she'll just talk to them," Jamie Lynn says. "If I ever met Brad Pitt, I would just totally stand still."

Not that she hangs out with celebs. As she eats chicken fingers and French fries at futuristic theme restaurant Mars 2112 — her favorite Manhattan hangout — the painstakingly polite Jamie Lynn says she's a normal kid who shops at Abercrombie & Fitch. Cheerleads. Text-messages. Goes to church. But the Spears last name does entitle her to a few perks.

"I want to get a new Louis Vuitton purse," she announces, pointing to her small white Murakami monogram bag. "I've had that one for a while. I need something a little bigger."

Jamie Lynn could be Britney's double: They share the same narrow eyes and soft Southern twang. But while her 23-year-old sister is, in person, breathless and distracted, Jamie Lynn is poised, focused and "much bolder than Britney, who was very shy at her age," Lynne Spears says.

Adds brother Bryan, 27: "Jamie Lynn is more camera-ready. She has a lot more self-confidence" than Britney.

The youngest Spears lives quietly at home with Mom in Kentwood, La. The paparazzi attention her sister attracts does "get annoying after a while," she says. "I guess it's good that everyone still wants to take pictures of her. But it does get tiring."

There's a plus-side to her sister's fame: "She gets to go on all these shopping sprees, and she always includes me in them and lets me bring a friend on all the trips," Jamie Lynn says.

Jamie Lynn hasn't pondered how stardom might change her fairly ordinary life. In the future, she might do an album, or go to college at Louisiana State University. But for now, "I want to act, maybe do a movie," she says.

Jamie Lynn won't offer up much information about Britney's marriage to Kevin Federline. "He is so much fun. I love him," she says briskly. "She's very happy."

Even so, Jamie Lynn doesn't ask Britney for relationship advice. "I'll tell her I like a guy, and she'll go downstairs and tell Mom and Bryan," laments Jamie Lynn, who doesn't have a boyfriend. "I can't tell her anything."

Britney Spears Desperate To End Feud With Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears is desperate to end her long-running feud with Christina Aguilera.

The pop babe has admitted in a notice posted on her official website, BritneySpears.com, that she is keen to rekindle her friendship with her chart rival.

She wrote: "Britney would love to be close with Christina again. In fact, Britney recently wrote Christina a letter telling her how happy and beautiful Christina looks lately."

Britney, 23, and Christina, were friends when they co-presented TV show The Mickey Mouse club as child-stars, but reportedly lost touch as their pop careers took off and haven't spoken for some time.
In an interview after Britney's wedding to former dancer Kevin Federline
last year, Christina admitted the pair were no longer friends and increased their rivalry after she branded Britney "trailer trash".

She said at the time: "I don't know if Britney married to get attention because I don't know her anymore. I don't know the man she married and I don't know her. "She's not trailer trash, but she sure acts that way."

The 'Beautiful' singer, who is reportedly engaged to music executive Jordan Bratman, also allegedly burst out laughing when she heard about Britney's wedding in the garden of a friend's house.

She added at the time: "I'd never have thought that girl would have done it this way. I know she really loves Kevin, but this is really low rent. The whole affair seems somewhat pathetic."


Britney's Million-Dollar Man Makeover!

Kevin Federline has set his sights on becoming a singing, acting and dancing superstar -- and wife Britney Spears is ready to spend up to $1 million to help bankroll his dream, insiders say.

The plan calls for Kevin, an accomplished backup dancer who's performed with boy band LFO and with Britney's former flame Justin Timberlake, to study with some of the best performance coaches and experts money can buy.

"Kevin claims that when they [singing, acting and dancing coaches] have worked their magic on him, he'll be in a touring and co-starring role with Britney," says a source close to the couple, who adds that they are both eyeing a Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson-style reality show if his career blooms.

"Everyone agrees that while Kevin looks like a laid-back, cool dude just willing to ride Britney's gravy train, nothing could be farther from the truth," the source said. "The fact is he's a very ambitious guy who not only loves her for being Britney but also worships her for what she can do for him."

A friend of Britney, 23, agrees that career plans for Kevin, 26, are heating up.

"I'm told the [lessons] will last for at least the first six months of the new year, taking place in both New York and L.A.," the friend says. "They don't want people knowing about it, but it will be hard to keep quiet."

The friend added: "She's told him to go for it -- that she'll bankroll him up to a million bucks for singing, dancing and drama coaches. She really wants him to succeed. Kevin's already a good dancer, but the other stuff is going to be relatively new to him."

Both sources say that as a former dancer, Kevin is eager to make his own name for himself on stage. And they agree that he doesn't want to be viewed by the public as just Mr. Britney Spears --or worse, as someone out to spend her money.

Further branching out in his career, Kevin recently modeled clothing for a spread in an upcoming issue of the trendy men's magazine Details, and he is reportedly interested in possibly starting his own clothing line one day.

Britney and Kevin's rep, Leslie Sloane, told Star: "Britney supports Kevin in everything and anything he wants to do."

She dismissed the idea that Nick and Jessica are professional role models for the couple, but as for taking lessons, or Britney bankrolling them, she said, "I don't know anything about it. Kevin didn't say anything. But it wouldn't be anything new for him. He was a dancer before. He's modeled. I can't say it's not true."

"I really don't know if he wants to act," she added. "Justin Timberlake and Usher did it, so if they can do it, why can't he?"


Britney Spears' Sister Gets Her Break

Day to Day television critic Andrew Wallenstein talks about the Nickelodeon network's new series Zoey 101, starring Jamie Lynn Spears, a younger sister of pop star Britney Spears. Wallenstein says it's sad that so many kids on television seem to need a famous last name to get a break.

Oops, I'll do it again - Britney

EARLY retirement apparently doesn't agree with Britney Spears. A mere 78 days after announcing she was putting her career on hold to start a family, the pop star revealed she has begun working on a new album planned for release this year.

Visiting a Los Angeles radio station, Spears, 23, presented rough mixes of her new song Mona Lisa.
"It has definitely the raw thing going on," she said.

Britney Spears To Launch Federline's Rap Career

Britney Spears wants her new husband to launch a rap career. The pop babe, who wed former dancer Kevin Federline in October, is reportedly urging her 26-year-old spouse to reveal his musical skills publicly after previewing his singing talent.

A source told America's New York Daily News: "Britney wants him to come out as a rapper - she says he can flow."Meanwhile the sexy star has also revealed that she has turned her hand to video directing.

The 23-year-old singer told fans in her latest Letter of Truth posted on her website, Britney Spears.com, that she is busy working behind the camera as well as in front of it.
She wrote: "I just shot a cute video for 'Do Something' that I co-directed.
"We shot the entire video in a record breaking five hours. I even came up with all the choreography and styled the entire shoot myself using Juicy Couture clothing."

Last week, it emerged that the blonde babe had ended her self-imposed retirement after less than three months.

The 'Toxic' singer, who announced she was quitting showbiz to start a family at the end of last year, returned to work last Thursday (30.12.04) after calling an American radio station to unveil her forthcoming single, 'Mona Lisa', which she dedicated to "all the legends and icons out there."

She added: "I recorded 'Mona Lisa' when I was on tour, right before I hurt my knee. It was done, I think, four or five months ago.

"It definitely has the raw thing going on."

Britney Spears coming out of retirement!

Britney Spears has ended her self-imposed retirement after less than three months.

The pop babe, who announced she was quitting showbiz to start a family after marrying second husband Kevin Federline in October, returned to work last Thursday (30.12.04) after calling an American radio station to unveil her forthcoming single.

The 22-year-old star made the surprise call to Kiiss-FM station in Los Angeles and asked radio bosses to preview an unfinished edit of new single Mona Lisa.

She said of the track: "The recordings are all live. There's a lot of stuff you can do to make them better.
"It's going to get better. This is a really rough mix."

The sexy star then dedicated the self-penned song, which was recorded while she was touring last summer, to "all the legends and icons out there."

She added: "I recorded Mona Lisa when I was on tour, right before I hurt my knee. It was done, I think, four or five months ago.

"It definitely has the raw thing going on."

Britney also told listeners that the track would feature on forthcoming sixth album, provisionally titled 'The Original Doll' and hinted that her return to pop would take place "before summertime, or maybe a little sooner than that."

Britney Clarifies: I'm Taking A Break From Being Told What To Do

Singer posts new letter to fans outlining her latest projects. Britney Spears fans might wonder what happened to the singer's pledge to take some time off — and she's got the answer.

In her latest online letter to fans, Spears clarifies her original missives and talks up her latest projects), which include co-directing her next video and plans to write and direct a musical.

"I think I should rephrase myself from my previous letters when I was talking about taking a 'break,' " Spears wrote, referring to letters posted October 15 and November 4 (see "Britney Spears Announces She's Taking A Break From Her Career" and "Britney, Back From Honeymoon, Posts Another Letter"). "What I meant was I am taking a break from being told what to do. ... It's cool when you look at someone and don't know whether they are at work or play since it's all the same to them. The things I've been doing for work lately have been so much fun, because it's not like work to me anymore. I've been even more 'hands on' in my management and the business side of things, and I feel more in control than ever."

Part of that sense of control, she said, comes from fighting her record label to commission a video for "Do Somethin'," one of the new tracks on her recent career retrospective, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative. Ultimately she won, but she said she was "a little disappointed" that she had to convince her label "that making this video was the right thing to do at this time" (at this time, the clip is slated to air only in overseas markets).

Though she didn't disclose the concept for the "Do Somethin' " video, she described the clip as "cute." She might have also described it as hectic — since it was shot "in a record-breaking five hours." That wasn't the only pressure added, though. Spears played multiple behind-the-scenes roles co-directing, handling styling and arranging dance steps. Her directing partner was Bille Woodruff, whom she described as "young" and "hungry," despite the fact that his credits include the forthcoming film "Beauty Shop" as well as 2003's "Honey" and a long list of music videos including Nelly's "Hot in Herre," Fat Joe featuring Ashanti's "What's Luv?" and R. Kelly's "The World's Greatest," as well as Spears' own "Born to Make You Happy."

"He had no ego whatsoever, and the whole process was just so much fun," she wrote. "I even came up with all the choreography and styled the entire shoot myself using Juicy Couture clothing. ... I think everything came out great."

Most importantly, she said, co-directing the video gave her a taste for working behind the scenes, which she said she now hopes to do more of "in the near future." That's why she's been writing a musical that she'd like to also direct, called "Hollywood," which "makes fun of the whole Hollywood scene."

"After doing about 20 videos, it gets kind of boring playing the same role," she wrote. "I feel like being behind the camera is sometimes more satisfying than being in front of it."

Britney hit with 'shopping ban'

Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline has reportedly banned the singer from shopping because of her "hoarding" ways.

Federline is said to be "fed up" with Britney's relentless shopping sprees and wants her to stop until she cleans out her wardrobe.

A source said: "He's told her that he doesn't mind if she dumps them, sells them or gives them away, he's just desperate for her to stop hoarding and buying more."

Beyonce's dad has his eye on Britney

Matthew Knowles has offered to manage Britney Spears.

Matthew, father of Beyonce and manager of Destiny's Child, is in the running to take over as Britney's manager but will only do so if she wants to start being successful again.

He said: "I'd ask Britney, 'Do you really wanna do this, because if your heart's not in it, as a manager I can support that, but just realise that you're not gonna have the success you once had.'"

If he did take the job then he would replace Britney's old manager, Larry Rudolph, who was sacked last October.

Britney Spears Most Searched For Person Of 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS' busy year of headline-grabbing antics have helped her earn the title as the most-searched-for person on the internet for the third time in four years.

The tally, compiled by AMERICA ONLINE, places twin actresses MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN second, beating American TV personalities REGIS PHILBIN and KELLY RIPA.

The top three "mother" searches were JULIA ROBERTS, SHAR JACKSON - the ex-girlfriend of Spears' husband KEVIN FEDERLINE - and LIV TYLER, who gave birth to baby boy on Tuesday (14DEC04).
Top of the most searched-for male category was musician USHER, with KOBE BRYANT being the most-searched athlete.

Britney is one of the most annoying people of 2004 by Star Magazine

#1 It's A Tie!:

BUG us, baby, one more time, and we're gonna scream!

Britney is the pop princess who seemed to do everything this year -- but sing and dance. (A knee injury led to the cancellation of her U.S. tour in June -- all together now -- awww!) She went from a blink-and you'll- miss-it marriage in January to in-your-face honeymoon bliss at year's end. Brit, what more can you do in 2005? Hey, we know you'll make a great mom!

Britney and childhood friend Jason Alexander were married for 55 hours -- in a row! You don't always have to look glam to leave the house, but come on! It was kinda cute the first time; now we're wondering if she knows any other words.

Thankfully, we'll always have Paris: your average multimillionaire exhibitionist and reality TV star with a tiny dog. So, what's so annoying? Well, she's everywhere! You can't escape her partying -- and her private parts. Hard to imagine that the star of one of the most famous sex videos of all time could be, well, overexposed. On the other hand, Star has to commend you -- you are a good sport and have great style. We can't deny that you live life to the... hilt.


1. Britney Spears/Paris Hilton
2. Anna Nicole Smith
3. Star Jones Reynolds
4. Ashlee Simpson
5. Cameron Diaz
6. Lindsay Lohan
7. Sir Elton John
8. Gwyneth Paltrow
9. Michael Moore
10. Bill O'Reilly

Britney's got baby fever for her new bald puppy

Rumors that Britney Spears is pregnant now seem unlikely, since Star has spotted her smoking and drinking wine. But last week, she became a new mama... of a bald baby Chihuahua called Lacy Loo. Will her older dogs, Lacy, a Maltese, and Lady, a toy poodle, be jealous? Chihuahua breeder Richard Hernandez thinks not: "They should get along. My Chihuahua played with a rottweiler." Meanwhile, Brit's new perfume, Curious, is selling well, having hit stores two months before Paris Hilton's, Paris Hilton Eau de Parfum.

Could Britney have Paris envy? Better ask Paris' Chihuahua, Tinkerbell.

Britney Spears is 2004's ''Top Star''

'Access Hollywood'' has revealed its ''Top 10 Stars of 2004,'' and Britney Spears is in the No. 1 spot.

The rankings are based on the number of stories the syndicated entertainment television show aired on each star. Spears -- who was married twice, canceled a summer tour because of a knee injury and released a greatest hits album -- topped the list with 119 stories.

Beyonce is ranked No. 2 with 102, followed by Donald Trump, 94; Michael Jackson, 84; Tom Cruise, 72; Jessica Simpson, 69; Paris Hilton, 63; Nicole Kidman, 62; Jennifer Lopez, 54, and Whitney Houston, 52.

''We want to thank these stars for helping to make 2004 the best in 'Access Hollywood' history,'' executive producer Rob Silverstein said in a statement Tuesday.

The Top 10 list is as follows:

1. Britney Spears (119)

2. Beyonce Knowles (102)

3. Donald Trump (94)

4. Michael Jackson (84)

5. Tom Cruise (72)

6. Jessica Simpson (69)

7. Paris Hilton (63)

8. Nicole Kidman (62)

9. Jennifer Lopez (54)

10. Whitney Houston (52) (ANI)

Britney Yoga Pants, Sum 41 Neckties And Other Holiday Gift Ideas

Sport your favorite artist on your legs, around your neck and, er, in your navel.
'Tis the season for giving. But what do you give to the music fan who already has everything? Gift certificates are lame, and that reindeer sweater just won't cut it. To help you find that perfect present, here's a list of some gift ideas.
It's proof that not all band merchandise has to fall into one of three categories: patches, pins and panties.

Britney Spears yoga pants $12.95, BritneySpears.com The perfect gift for the Britney fanatic who's already got the "Baby One More Time"-era Catholic school girl outfit, the "Oops I Did It Again" patent-leather spacesuit and the "Toxic"-inspired futuristic stewardess get-up. In these "very comfy" yoga pants (emblazoned with the logo from the ill-fated Onyx Hotel Tour) you'll be emulating Britney's newly "spiritual" life in no time. Dancer/husband not included.

New Found Glory necklace $10, NewFoundGlory.com What do you get when that special someone loves pop-punk more than he or she loves you? How about winning their heart with this extra-classy silver necklace, available for a limited time on NFG's official Web site.

Good Charlotte's Made flip-flops $8, MadeClothing.com Neither Joel nor Benji Madden has attended college, but somewhere along the way they learned the most important lesson of dorm life: Always wear flip-flops in the shower. So they've designed these kelly-green beauties to help keep your feet fungus-free. Not surprisingly, the flip-flops are "non returnable," because no one wants to walk around in some dude's old shower shoes.

Slim Shady bobblehead $15, MusicToday.com If you're one of those people who wishes that Eminem would just keep his mouth shut, then this is the gift for you: You'll hear nary a peep from this bobblehead Em. And if you're one of those people who wishes that Eminem was just a seven-and-a-half-inch tall figurine with an oversized cranium that wobbles gently in the breeze, well, look no further ...

Sum 41 necktie $17.99, BandMerch.com Going on a job interview? What better way to impress your potential employers than by wearing a tie decorated with falling bombs? In no time at all, you'll be the coolest junior account manager in the firm.

Donnas shoelaces $8.95, BandMerch.com It's a little-known fact that the Donnas are huge fans of two things: rocking hard and tying their shoes. Now you can emulate all that rocking and double-knotting with your very own pair of Donnas shoelaces.. Bet you regret buying those Velcro shoes now!

Linkin Park belly barbells $15.95, LinkinParkMerch.com Are you a girl? Between the ages of, say, 13-18? And do you like Linkin Park? Then this is the perfect gift for you. Accessorize your navel with the band's album, available in three cool colors: red to symbolize the anger of Mike Shinoda's rhymes, blue to symbolize the melancholy of Chester Bennington's lyrics, and silver, to symbolize ... um, something about Joseph Hahn.

Personalized pimp cups $14.95-$49.95, IcedOutGear.com A great gift for anyone who's ballin' on a budget, a personalized pimp cup is the perfect way to party like Lil Jon, without spending big-time cash. Carry your Crunk Juice in one of several smooth designs — like the "Don Juan," the "Cashville" or the fearsome "Beg for Mercy" — because no self-respecting pimp would be caught dead chugging Hennessey out of a paper cup.

Kevin Federline's Ex Shar Jackson Looking To Follow In Britney's Footsteps

Mother of Britney's stepkids recording album with her pop group, Mpulz. Shar Jackson wants something Britney Spears has.

A music career.

The former "Moesha" star, in the spotlight lately for recently giving birth to her second child with Spears' husband, Kevin Federline, is going full force in 2005 with
her long-development pop group, Mpulz.It's a five-girl group, multiracial, pop, R&Bish, really, really, funky," Jackson said of the group at VH1's Big in '04 Awards (see "Craziness, Politics, And Plenty Of 'Reality' At VH1 Big In '04 Awards").

Mpulz first appeared on 2001's "The Princess Diaries" soundtrack, but lineup changes have delayed the release of their debut album, which will feature some familiar producers and guests.

"I'm not gonna say yet, I want it to be a big surprise, but it's some really incredible people," Jackson said.

The album will include material written by Jackson about her situation with Federline, which served as tabloid fodder for months. The first single, "Hot Girls," is due early next year. "It's kind of fitting because, you know, we're hot girls," Jackson said.

Meanwhile, Jackson is also shooting a reality show about her life. "It's just following the life of a single mom in Hollywood, you know, just raising her kids and doing her thing," she said.

And how are the young ones? "They're awesome," she said, obviously missing them. "Don't talk about them, I'm gonna cry."

Britney's Book Report at Auction

One of Britney Spears' primary school assignments which is littered with mistakes is being auctioned.

The book review contains many spelling mistakes written by the pop star when she was just eight or nine years old. The report - about children's book Raymond's Run - has missed out words and grammatical errors and has been scribbled over in green crayon.

Her unimpressed teacher has written "Proof-read", "Messy" and "Don't write on the back" on the essay, and has plastered question marks over it.

The undated work goes on sale at Christie's in New York on Friday and is expected to sell for 1,000 dollars, reports the Splash news agency.

Curious Britney Spears is top Seller

The first fragrance by pop icon Britney Spears, Curious, was the #1 beauty product sold in November on Amazon.com as well as the top-selling fragrance in U.S. department stores, according to E. Scott Beattie, Chairman and CEO of cosmetic giant Elizabeth Arden.
The Curious collection, developed by Elizabeth Arden in partnership with the 23-year-old music star, includes Eau de Parfum, Deliciously Whipped! Body Souffle, Lather Me Up! Shower Gel and Write On! Perfumed Shimmer Stick, and retails between $20.00 - $49.50 on Amazon.com. The first product from the line, the vanilla and magnolia scented perfume, was also successfully introduced to Canadian and Australian markets.

The line will be available across Europe in spring 2005, with additional products expected to launch in the U.S. shortly thereafter.

“Of course her name is incredibly powerful, but [the fragrance] also has a fantastic presentation - great packaging, a great juice, great modeling and the TV advertising is breakthrough,” said Thia Breen, Executive Vice President of Cosmetics for the Federated Merchandising Division, about Britney’s new product.

The promotional campaign for the new fragrance features Spears in an evocative video and pictured in sultry mode on a sofa. To reach their young consumers, Elizabeth Arden also used non-traditional advertising methods, such as banner advertising on teen websites
and an innovative voice-messaging campaign utilizing Britney Spears’ voice.

The curious BRITNEY SPEARS(TM) collection is comprised of Eau de Parfum (3.3 oz & 1.7 oz), Deliciously Whipped! Body Souffle, Lather Me Up! Shower Gel and Write On! Perfumed Shimmer Stick, and retails between $20.00 - $49.50 on Amazon.com. The line will launch in the rest of its international markets in spring 2005, with additional products expected to launch in the U.S. shortly thereafter.

Britney Spears' booze binge silences pregnacy rumors

Pop star Britney Spears' latest booze binge has silenced all rumours that the singer is pregnant with her first baby.

According to Femalefirst, the 'Toxic' star had a blast in Las Vegas, earlier this week, Spears was reportedly escorted out of the Hard Rock Hotel bar by her mother Lynne, after she had had too many drinks and she even vomited in the parking lot.

"Britney always has a wild time in Vegas. She even popped into the Palms Hotel, which is where she stayed after she got married at the New Year," a source was quoted as saying.

"She's been smoking away and drinking loads so those pregnancy rumours must be way off the mark," he added.

Britney Spears splashed £100 on a steak for her dog

The pop babe ordered the prime cut of meat when she took Chihuahua Bitbit out for a gourmet meal at the Picasso restaurant in Las Vegas' Bellagio Hotel.

However, top chef Julian Serrano - who usually only prepares food for the rich and famous - had no idea who he was cooking the steak for, and colleagues claim there is no way he would have prepared it if he had known.

One said: "Julian is one of the top chefs in the US. The idea of him having to cook for a Chihuahua is ridiculous. Just as well no-one told him where his dish was destined. It was a total insult to his talent."
Britney - who married dancer Kevin Federline in September - bought Bitbit earlier this month and she is often seen carrying it around and it even accompanied her to the Billboard Music Awards.

Britney Spears new Toxic

It's a fine line between the sweet smell of success and the stale smell of excess. Or maybe it's a swine line? Whatever it is, Britney Spears crossed it, according to the National Enquirer, on a recent cross-country flight with hubby Kevy Kev. Fellow first-class passengers reportedly complained because Brit was, well, stankin'. Seems the pop star had majorly odiferous dogs when she took off her shoes, and the flight attendant had to ask her to reboot, as it were. No biggie, we've all had our bad hygiene moments. Thing is, the breach of etiquette was actually premeditated, as Britney reportedly said, "These shoes are so comfortable, but they always make my feet stink." Maybe she picked up a fungus when she hoofed it barefoot into a gas station bathroom? Whatever. Hello, Miss Cheap-Ass Super Celebrity? Buy some new kicks!

Britney Spears wins the Hot Dance Single of the Year at Billboard Music Awards

It was all about R&B and hip-hop at Wednesday night's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. Usher was the big winner with 11 awards, followed by Alicia Keys with seven, Outkast with five and Kanye West with four.
Usher, who opened the show at the MGM Grand by dropping down from the ceiling for a glitzy performance of ''Bad Girls'', was named Artist of the Year and Billboard 200 Artist of the Year, and also took home awards for Billboard 200 R&B/ Hip-Hop Album of the Year and Hot 100 Single of the Year for his song "Yeah!"

Keys, who performed "Karma" with a pair of violinists, two bucket percussionists and a troupe of break-dancers, won Female Artist of the Year, R&B/ Hip-Hop Single of the Year ("If I Ain't Got You") and Hot 100 Songwriter of the Year.

The show also featured the first-ever Ringtone of the Year award, which went to 50 Cent's ubiquitous rap track "In Da Club." Maroon 5 were named Digital Artist of the Year and Outkast won Digital Track of the Year for "Hey Ya!"

The show featured a number of bizarre moments, not the least of which occurred when actress Tara Reid tripped onto the stage to face nearly 30 seconds of agonizing downtime while the TelePrompTer apparently malfunctioned. Reid introduced the reunited Mötley Crüe (see "Original Lineup Of Motley Crue Reuniting For World Tour"), whose singer, Vince Neil, stammered a few times and then admitted he could not see the Prompter without reading glasses. And when Ashlee Simpson collected Female New Artist of the Year to a small chorus of boos, the singer responded by doing a dance step and joking that if artists ever get nervous, they can do the "Texas jig" she did after her infamous "Saturday Night Live" lip-synching incident (see "Ashlee Identifying With 'Wannabe' Character, Says She's Over 'SNL' Episode").

Britney Spears, making her first public appearance since marrying dancer Kevin Federline, took the stage in a body-hugging sheer dress to present the first award of the night, Rap Artist of the Year, which went to Kanye. Spears won the Hot Dance Single of the Year for "Me Against the Music."

Destiny's Child were given an Artist Achievement Award, and an all-star cast that included DC, Mary J. Blige and Diana Ross closed the show with a musical tribute to Century Award winner Stevie Wonder. As the band vamped on one of his songs, Wonder took the stage and spontaneously burst into a vocal performance of his 1973 hit "Higher Ground."

The Billboard Awards are based on record sales and airplay tabulated by the magazine between December 2003 and November 2004.

Happy 23th birthday to Britney Spears!

Britney Spears reportedly spent her birthday in her hotel suite engaging in a 48-hour romp with her husband. The pop babe, who wed second husband Kevin Federline in September, remained inside the couple's luxury £2,500-a-night suite for two days in an alleged bid to get pregnant - emerging only once for a quick meal.

Insiders at the exclusive Bacara hotel and spa in Santa Barbara, California, revealed that the love-struck pair hung a Do Not Disturb sign on the door of the five-star presidential suite soon after arriving. And staff at the resort claimed that the blonde babe - who celebrated her 23rd birthday on December 2nd - refused to open the door of her suite to room service staff trying to deliver flowers and a birthday cake.

Meanwhile, the stunning singer is reportedly re-designing the interior of the hotel room where she spent her first wedding night. The pop babe - who wed childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander for just 55 hours before the marriage was annulled in January - is allegedly working on plans for the £2000-a-night suite at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Earlier this year Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, also designed a room at the Onyx hotel in Boston to resemble her daughter's bedroom in Louisiana, which visitors could hire for £4000 a night.

Britney Spears pooch gets a fancy doggie cot!

It seems that celebrity pet pooches never had it so good before. After Paris Hilton, who simply dotes on her pet, its now Britney's turn to lavish love on her canine companion.

According to The Sun, the "Toxic" singer dresses her Chihuahua in designer clothes and has recently bought a doggie cot for it.

"Britney has given it designer clothes and a Burberry-style dog cot which has its own water bowl. It's a good job somebody dressed up for the meal," a friend of the singer was quoted as saying.

Britney's new love

Britney Spears dined at a Malibu restaurant with the new love of her life - a tiny hairless Chihuahua pup. The Toxic star took the pooch to the exclusive Moonshadows eaterie - and even dragged along hubby Kevin Federline.
And Britney was quick to make sure the pampered pooch, real name not yet known, was achingly fashionable. The doggie was donned in an up-to-date red and black poncho, a favourite item of Victoria Beckham and Colleen McLoughlin.

Dancer Kev strolled to the restaurant with the dog in his arms. But when he saw the paparazzi -and mindful of his manly image - he quickly handed the slavering pooch to his missus.
Britney immediately placed it in a Burberry-style doggie cot along with a bowl of water - and her Kabbalah book.

After two hours all three went for a quick walkies before heading back to the singer's luxury home. Carrying a tiny canine around is fast becoming de rigeur, with Paris Hilton recently seen out with her own chihuahua,Tinkerbell. Geri Halliwell has long carried her pet pooches to showbiz events and even George W Bush has been spotted with his pet.

Topless Britney's New Vid

Britney Spears is to release her raunchiest pics yet - and the ones fans thought would never see the light of day.

The previously unseen shots show the topless pop babe writhing and gyrating to her collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Outrageous. In another sexy scene blonde Britney is seen snogging the rap star.

And her breasts are only just covered by green writing saying 'Baby Can't You See' - lyrics from her hit Toxic. The scenes are finally released next month in the US on her new greatest hits DVD, titled My Prerogative.

Britney Wants London Home

Britney Spears has revealed she wants to move to London.

The wannabee Cockney says she and new hubby Kevin Federline are preparing to move to the capital. In fact, the Toxic singer is nothing short of gushing in her praise for the city - because she reckons nobody recognises her in Blighty!

Britney is quoted as saying: ""I love London. I have to get a place there. It's the one place I feel anonymous. I just love it. When I'm not working that's where I feel at home. I love the clothes, I love the shops."

Not that she and Kev will be seen shopping down Streatham, Croydon or Peckham but the sound of it... "I try to stay as near to the shops as I can. I love Knightsbridge and Harvey Nichols is such a cool shop."

Is Britney Jr. on the way?

In a message posted on her official Web site, Britney Spears hinted to fans that she's expecting and said she's really looking forward to having kids because motherhood is the only challenge she has yet to conquer. "I've had a career since I was 16, have traveled around the world & back and even kissed Madonna!" wrote the singer. "The only thing I haven't done so far is experience the closest thing to God and that's having a baby. I can't wait!"

Britney Spears bought a new restaurant for her father Jamie

Britney Spears has reportedly splashed out on a new restaurant for her troubled father to run. The sexy singer has bought smoothie store JJ Chill, which sits on Los Angeles' Venice Beach, and has appointed dad Jamie - who recently spent time in rehab for alcohol addiction - as the manager. However, a spokesperson for Britney, who has become one of the shop's most devoted customers, insists Jamie bought the restaurant himself, with his own money. It is not the first time Britney has ventured into the hospitality industry, although she will be hoping JJ Chill will not experience the failure of her first restaurant.
Last September, the pop babe's New York restaurant, NYLA, was forced to file for bankruptcy after customers complained that both the food and service was poor.

Britney Spears sued by Lite Brreze Co.

The case is scheduled for trial in late fall 2005. The depositions of the principal parties, including Mr. Garner of Lite Breeze and Ms. Spears, are anticipated to go forward in late 2004 or early 2005 after the court rules an a motion for summary judgment that the defendants intend on filing in October or November of this year. In the meantime, Lite Breeze will not abandon its federal and state law rights to its trademark 'In The Zone' and will continue its efforts to rehabilitate its IN THE ZONE brand in an attempt to retain its customers and gain new customers by providing them with quality products and services.

A lawsuit was filed against Britney Spears and several other defendants in February 2004 by Lite Breeze, Inc. alleging that Ms. Spears and the defendants have infringed, and continue to infringe, its federally registered trademark 'IN THE ZONE' and related common law rights. Ms. Spears and the defendants have denied the allegations. On September 9, 2004, the Court allowed Lite Breeze to add Britney Brands, Inc. as an additional defendant in the case because Britney Brands was involved in the production and/or manufacture of In The Zone t-shirts, which Lite Breeze alleges, violates its federally registered trademarks. Lite Breeze is a San Diego company that develops and promotes talent worldwide in promotions, events, concerts and merchandising under the IN THE ZONE brand. Lite Breeze also markets a sporting brand under the IN THE ZONE label for athletic teams, cheer squads and bands throughout the United States.

Lite Breeze believes that its trademark rights were infringed beginning in late 2003 when Ms. Spears released her 'In The Zone' recording album and then began promoting the album internationally with public appearances, a concert tour and related merchandising. Since the defendants began their blitz using Lite Breeze's trademark IN THE ZONE, Lite Breeze has suffered a loss of its goodwill and reputation because it has been linked in the marketplace with Ms. Spears' sexually explicit album and related concert tour.

The lawsuit is going forward and the defendants received cease and desist letters in February 2004 requesting that all uses of the trademark IN THE ZONE immediately stop, yet Lite Breeze has discovered that infringing t-shirts are still being sold to the public through on-line sources such as Amazon and E-bay. Although Ms. Spears changed the name of her concert tour from IN THE ZONE WORLD TOUR 2004 to THE ONYX HOTEL TOUR 2004, the continued sales of infringing products causes confusion in the marketplace and makes it difficult for Lite Breeze to market its goods and services under its own brand name. Some Lite Breeze customers have expressed disinterest in associating themselves with the In The Zone brand because of Ms. Spears' unauthorized use of the trademark.

Lite Breeze is attempting to rehabilitate its IN THE ZONE brand by distancing itself from Ms. Spears and the other defendants. However, it has been difficult to achieve this result since Ms. Spears and the defendants have flooded the marketplace with unauthorized and unlicensed use of Lite Breeze's brand name. Lite Breeze appeals to the public to assist it in tracing the unauthorized use of its trademark by asking people who purchased or saw any Britney Spears In The Zone merchandise for sale at concerts, in retail stores or on-line to call Giant Sports Factory, a division of Lite Breeze toll-free at 1-888-586-8586.

Britney is MTV's Europe Best Female Artist

Britney Spears may have put her pop career on the back burner to concentrate on married life, but try telling MTV Europe, who named her Best Female Artist today.
The blonde chart topper, who is currently enjoying life as Mrs. Kevin Federline, wasn't in Rome to pick up the award. She was also nominated in the best pop act category, won by Black Eyed Peas, and for best song (Toxic), which OutKast won with the mega hit Hey Ya! for Toxic. In fact OutKast topped the winners list, picking up three prizes from the five categories in which they were nominated, including best group. The hip-hop stars from Atlanta also won best video for Hey Ya!, which featured multiple Andre 3000s performing the song for a screaming audience of young females.

"I hope you don't get tired of us. We only do what we do," Andre 3000 said while thanking the crowd of around 6000 at the Tor di Valle hippodrome in the Ialian capital. American artists dominated the awards, with R&B star Usher adding two further prizes - best album for Confessions and best male - to his long list of successes this year. Only this week, he picked up four awards at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

The ceremony saw live performances from a long list of stars from Eminem to Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand. Rapper Xzibit, who played host, was rolled onto the stage on a chariot by aides dressed in black leather gladiator costumes in front of a row of pseudo Roman columns. The show kicked off with Eminem's Just Lose It, song that sparked controversy because of a film clip alluding to Michael Jackson's child molestation allegations. The track is from Eminem's new solo album Encore, which debuted at the top of the US charts this week. The Detroit rapper appeared against a backdrop of a camouflaged tank, drummer boys, and children dressed as soldiers. He later won the award for best hip-hop along with co-members of group D12.

Usher sang a duet with R&B beauty Alicia Keys, who won in that category. The most original performance came from No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, who was lowered onto the stage under a giant red clock in an Alice In Wonderland costume where she danced on top of a table at a set of the Mad Hatter's tea party. Stefani performed her debut solo single, What You Waiting For, which hit the No.1 spot on Australia's singles chart this week. Other live performers included Swedish band The Hives and LA rockers Maroon 5, who won the award for best new act. Hip-hop icon Nelly appeared flanked by four dancing girls clad in bejewelled bikinis and feathered headdresses, while veteran New York rappers The Beastie Boys rode on stage on bicycles and a skateboard.

Xzibit said that the event was broadcast to a potential worldwide audience of some 1 billion people in 156 countries. "That includes at least 16 countries that George Bush isn't planning on invading," he quipped. More than 12 million people had cast votes for the awards.

As a warm-up to the main show, a free concert was staged in front of the Colosseum featuring pop superstar Anastacia and British icons The Cure, among others. With thousands of fans arriving, the area around the Roman Forum was closed off to traffic, with subway stops closed and bus lines diverted. Organizers estimated that some 200,000 attended the concert, while police put the figure at 40,000. The show, which follows recent concerts by Simon and Garfunkel and Paul McCartney also held at the Colosseum, raised concerns about possible damage to Rome's most distinctive landmark.

Is Britney Spears a desperate housewife?

Everybody's talking about TV's "Desperate Housewives," but I think Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez may just qualify as the most desperate housewives around
Britney Spears Federline, as she is now known, recently posted a letter to her fans after promising to do so for quite some time. In an interview with Britain's "OK!" magazine, she told her minions that she'd deliver "The Letter of Truth" and it would only be available to those who joined her official fan club, which meant they'd have to pay to read the thing.

And what was her grand revelation? She says she's going to lie low because she's learned how to say no. She's going to turn down work and be her own gal. Brit blames her advisers for pushing her since the tender age of 15, suggesting her naiveté and youth led her down a less-than-desirable path over the years.

Now, let's take a closer look. I realize the business of celebrity is just that, business. Once these kids choose the limelight, there's virtually no stopping the PR machines that become their lifeline. However, she did make choices, and Spears not only has a bevy of advisers, she also has a family. She has a mother active in her career and a father on the sidelines, both of whom watch what's going on along with managers, publicists, etc. And I can assure you, none of them — advisers, trainers, mommy or daddy — pushed her to get loaded in Las Vegas and marry a high school pal for all of 55 hours.

And when the young singer tied the knot, her inner circle swooped in to get her out of her own self-induced downhill spiral. In her letter, which might aptly be called a "Declination of Dependence," Britney also claims her recent knee problems were obviously a big sign from the "Man Upstairs" that it was time to stop the insanity, so to speak. She wants out of the public eye for a while. So she quickly married again, and she tells fans she's ready to start a family of her own.

Britney's priorities are herself, her husband Kevin and starting a family

Britney Spears is happier than ever and planning an old-fashioned Christmas, according to a new posting on her website. Just back from her honeymoon in Fiji, Spears tells fans: "This is the happiest I've ever been in my life", adding that she and new husband Kevin Federline are preparing for the holidays in their new home.

Spears writes: "I can't wait to have my own Christmas tree in my very own house. I love decorating. It's very therapeutic for me. "I believe your house is a reflection of yourself, so I want anything in mine to be exquisite." Spears also reiterates the fact her pop career is no longer at the top of her priority list - and she hopes to forge ahead with plans to take time off.

Noting that her priorities in life had changed, Spears says she's going to focus on three main areas of her life for the immediate future: "Myself, my husband Kevin, and starting a family." She adds: "I don't think I'll do another tour for a couple of years. At this point in time, what I want is not my face on every cover, but someone else's instead. "I really want to help other people achieve their dreams and possibly even develop new artists."

Britney Spears marriage is legal

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have filed their marriage licence with the Los Angeles county registrar’s office, an agency spokeswoman said.

The Oops! … I Did It Again singer, 22, married Federline during a September 18 ceremony in a Studio City home, but did not immediately file the licence with the county, raising questions about whether they were legally wed.Now Kathy Tacawy, a county registrar’s spokeswoman, has confirmed that the documents were filed in Los Angeles County within the 10-day legal window. She said the marriage was official, but refused to comment further and would not say when the documents were filed. A Spears spokeswoman previously said the couple had filed the marriage licence, but county officials had not confirmed it.

Federline, 26, has said the delay in filing the paperwork was caused when the couple moved up their wedding date as word leaked that they were planning to be married on October 16. Moving the date, he said, did not give their lawyers time to finish their prenuptial agreement.

In a recent posting on her website, Spears wrote: “This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. … We are just settling into our new home and it is coming together perfectly. “I’m redecorating a lot of things because when we decide to start a family, everything in it needs to be perfecto!”

In January, Spears married childhood friend Jason Alexander in a surprise wedding in Las Vegas. That marriage was annulled 55 hours later. Federline was previously involved with actress Shar Jackson of TV’s Moesha. They have two children – a two-year-old and a newborn.

Britney Spears get poetic about her honeymoon

Britney Spears has kindly informed fans of details concerning her honeymoon with Kevin Federline, but she thought that she would be original and shed the light in the form of a poem. The pair married at an unpredicted ceremony in September before flying to Fiji's exclusive Turtle Island, where, her poetic work reveals, she experienced "magical nights" and a "little piece of heaven". An extract from Britney's poem:

'Honeymoon Poem'

A honeymoon at last, to get away from it all
My assistant Fe gave me the call.

I remember it well, as she was smilin'
She said it was called Turtle Island.

I packed my bags light and quick,
Then grabbed my pink dress & favorite lipstick.

We hopped on a plane and took our flight
I slept really well, all through the night.

As we arrive, I turn and look out the door,
People are greeting us right at the shore.

A meal, a shower and some ice cream
Then I threw my man down, you know what I mean!

Magical nights filled with stars
Silence is golden, no running cars.

Private dinners, romantic fires
Little piece of heaven, whatever your heart desires.

Friendly "hellos" and never goodbyes
When you're having fun, oh, how time flies!

As we sit and prepare to make our part
I thank you, Turtle Island, with all my heart!


Britney's Greatest Hits Album Ready To Top The Charts!

britney spears

November 12, 2004.

She’s all set to embark on a two year break from the music industry, in order to enjoy married life, and, if some reports are to be believed, motherhood. And it seems UK fans of the new Mrs Federline are determined to give her a send off to remember. Midweek sales suggest that Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits album ‘My Prerogative’ is set to give the 22-year-old pop princess her very first No.1 album in the UK. With projected sales of 130,000 the collection, which includes the likes of ‘Lucky’, ‘Oops I Did It Again!’ Madonna duet ‘Me Against The Music’, and of course ‘Baby One More Time….’, is well ahead of Britney’s nearest rivals, Westlife, who return as a quartet with Rat-Pack album ‘Allow Us To be Frank’. The disc has already become the singer’s first No.1 album in Japan. While the American singer has enjoyed an unprecedented 4 consecutive number one albums with her first 4 releases in her homeland, Britney’s success in the UK album chart has been more muted. Her first two releases ‘Baby One More Time…’ and ‘Oops! I Did It Again!’ both stalled at No.2. Her most recent studio album, ‘In The Zone’ was a relative flop, reaching no higher than No.13, though the release did spawn two consecutive chart topping singles, ‘Toxic’ and the pensive ballad ‘Everytime’.

In all Britney has enjoyed five UK chart topping singles. Current release, 'My Prerogative’, a cover of Bobby Brown’s 1989 hit, entered the charts last Sunday at No.3, behind new releases from Eminem and Destiny’s Child. But while Britney has a sizable head start, there’s one individual hoping to seize the number one spot himself. ‘Encore’, the fourth release from Eminem is released this Friday, having been brought forward several days due to internet piracy. While this will only give the rapper two days of sales to count toward this Sunday’s album chart, demand for the release is likely ensure it gives Britney Spears a run for her money.

Britney would love to name her first baby Aurora!

Britney Spears has is reportedly decorating a nursery in her new home – fuelling rumours she is pregnant. Source claim the stunning singer, who is rumoured to be expecting her first child with new husband Kevin Federline, has designated a room in her Malibu mansion as a baby’s room.

Friends are also saying the newlywed couple – who have made no secret of their desire to start a family soon – also like the name Aurora for a baby girl.
Pals of the couple believe they will make a pregnancy announcement at Thanksgiving. Earlier this week, Britney revealed she was decorating the 5millionGBP home.

She said: "I love decorating. It's very therapeutic for me." Britney, who has refused to confirm rumours she is already pregnant, says she’s enjoying married life with 26-year-old Kevin. She added: “This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Britney Spears has reportedly announced to friends she is pregnant. The sexy singer, who is currently on honeymoon in Fiji with new husband Kevin Federline, is said to have told friends and family she is "excited" at becoming a mum, according to America's Us Weekly magazine. A source revealed: "We had a call from Kevin himself about the good news.

They always said they wanted to have kids as soon as possible. Kevin and Britney want a real big family so they're getting into the swing of things straight away."
Britney has made no secret of her desire to have children since she tied the knot with Kevin in a surprise Los Angeles ceremony last month.
She recently told Germany's Bunte magazine: "I'd love to have a baby already. I want to become a mother. I'm crazy about children. Next year, when I'm 23 I'll be ready." The star was even said to be drinking a herbal fertility potion in Fiji to improve her chances of conceiving.

However, Britney's spokesperson has denied the reports, insisting: "She is not pregnant." The pop babe has been plagued by pregnancy rumours since she wed Kevin, who has two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. Sources even claimed Britney brought the date of her wedding forward so she would not have to walk down the aisle with a baby bump showing.


Britney signs-up for college

Pop superstar BRITNEY SPEARS is going back to college in an effort to line up a career when her pop fame fades. Britney Spears wants to study for a career as her fame fades.

The 23-year-old newlywed has enrolled at Perrerdine College near her Malibu, California, home and is intent on having different employment options - because she's tired of seeing her face splashed across newspaper and magazine covers.
A source reveals, "Despite all the money she has, Britney is getting bored. She is enjoying her current newlywed status, but even she knows that fame won't last forever.


Britney's husband is ''the sexiest man alive!''

Britney Spears has declared her love for new husband Kevin Federline - by writing about it on a shop wall. The sexy singer, who wed the former dancer in September, was at the Hollywood store with Kevin when she grabbed a marker pen and began scribbling a message on the wall, which described her husband as "the sexiest man alive". The memo said: "Britney Spears woz here!! With her hubby Kevin Federline, who is the sexiest man alive! P.S. B Wicked, Love B."
Meanwhile, Britney - who recently announced a two-year career break to start a family with Kevin - has revealed she has started taking art classes.


Britney Spears as Ambassador of Science

In her 22 years on this planet, Britney Spears has been many things: "Star Search" contestant, Mouseketeer, seductive schoolgirl, snake handler, patent-leather-clad spacegirl, movie star, a slave( 4U), married, Madonna's make-out partner, a futuristic spy/stewardess, Bobby Brown, and married (again). Now, in addition to all that, she's a professor of physics.

Witness "Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics," in which she holds forth on such topics as the subtle differences between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, the properties of the Schrödinger equation and the delicate art of photolithography. All while wearing little more than a sparkly tank top and a wry, come-hither smile.

It's all the brainchild of Carl Hepburn, a postgraduate student at Great Britain's University of Essex. For no particular reason, he's developed the world's only online guide to all things semiconductor-y that relies on photographs of Britney interspersed with diagrams and charts to explain complex scientific concepts. On the site, visitors can see Brit hold forth on topics like "the Wigner-Seitz Cell," "the zincblende structure" ("Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but their crystalline structure is closely related to the zincblende structure") and "the Reciprocal Lattice." Oh, and they can also learn the lyrics to all of Spears' songs, too.

As Hepburn writes, "It is a little known fact that Ms. Spears is an expert in Semiconductor Physics. Not content with just singing and acting, in the following pages, she will guide you in the fundamentals of the vital laser components that have made it possible to hear her super music in a digital format."

And Hepburn appears to be an expert in both realms: Not only does he have degrees in theoretical and experimental physics, but, as he writes in his bio, he "also enjoy[s] playing the piano."

Let's try to simplify things. According to "Britney's Lip-Glossary of Semiconductor Physics," a semiconductor is defined as "a material that is characterized by the ability to conduct a small electrical current." These materials include diamonds (which Brit famously covered herself with in her "Toxic" video), metal (which she proved herself to be when she covered "I Love Rock-n-Roll" in her film "Crossroads") and silicon (which, um ... never mind). When impurities are added to, say, diamonds, and an electrical current is added, electrons are re-combined and photons are emitted. Those photons are what make up lasers. And those lasers can be used to read tiny grooves on compact discs, of which Britney has sold plenty — which is what makes her an expert on the subject.

"Now that the site is established, I have secondary hopes for it. I would like it to be a useful reference to anyone that wants to know about semiconductor physics of lasers," Hepburn writes on the site. "The strange addition of Britney Spears to the guide has made the Web site stand out from the crowd. I hope that Britney does not mind being an Ambassador of Science."

Some of the ways Britney upholds her ambassadorship: demonstrating how the plunging neckline of her tank top relates to the dip of a "Conduction Band," posing next to a blackboard filled with the equation explaining the "Density of States" and donning a shiny top to illustrate the principles of "Distributed Bragg Reflectors." And though all the photos are clearly doctored, they do make for more interesting viewing than anything in your average science textbook.

So Hepburn will continue to use Brit to help decipher the intricacies of the semiconductor. And when he isn't busy continuing his pursuit of a "Ph.D. in GaInNAs Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (VCSOAs)" or updating the site's fairly large collection of Britney galleries, he's putting his degrees to good use, wading through the volumes of nearly indecipherable comments left by confounded visitors to his site.

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" Who's making the headlines today?! "