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True to its title, Stripped, the audacious new RCA Records release from Christina Aguilera, strips away the last remnants of her previous teen idol persona and what’s left is as real as it gets. The sixteen new tracks that comprise Stripped, including her sensational debut single, "Dirrty," showcases an unadorned, unfettered and fearlessly outspoken artist who has liberated herself, her soul and her music on an album that is as much a declaration of independence as it is a convincing demonstration of her fierce and original talent. Simply put, this is the real deal. "When you’re seventeen years old, green and inexperienced, you’re grateful for any guidance and direction you can get." Says Christina on her rocket sled ride to the top following the 1999 release of her eponymously-titled debut album, with its string of consecutive chart toppers, including "Genie In A Bottle" and "What A Girl Wants." It was a feat she would repeat the following year with Mi Reflejo, the smash Spanish language version of her debut, followed by her hit holiday release, My Kind Of Christmas. Ten million plus albums, a Grammy win for Best New Artist and a marathon round of world touring later, Christina began to fearlessly break free from the mass media mask that hid her true self, and the full scope of her talent. "I felt trapped," she admits. "I was under the thumb of people who were mostly interested in keeping me doing exactly the same thing. But I’m not blaming anyone," she’s quick to add. "You learn fast in this business and, once I knew where I wanted to go, I didn’t let anyone get in my way."

Where she wanted to go, at least initially, was to her Los Angeles home where she could catch her breath, reconnecting with herself and her two canine companions. "I needed a break," she reveals. "I wanted to disappear into empty space for awhile. So much had happened in such a short time, and not only in my career. I’d gone through a breakup with my first real love and I began realizing that I should be experiencing a bit more of life than TV and recording studios, hotels and green rooms."

As well intended as her much-deserved hiatus may have been, the vocalist and songwriter still had to contend with the restless creative energy that had fueled her preteen trajectory from talent show contestant in and around her native Pittsburgh to international superstardom.

"I’m driven," is Christina’s frank admission. "Even in the midst of touring, I was thinking about what my next album would be, writing bits and pieces of songs in journals and scrapbooks."

That album, like Christina’s long overdue R&R, would have to wait. Unable to resist the lure of a promising creative collaboration, she joined forces with Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim on the smash "Lady Marmalade" single and video. That eye-popping slice of ear candy kept her front and center in the international spotlight even as she began, slowly and steadily, to lay the groundwork for a musical manifesto that would change all the rules.

"I was straight ahead about what I wanted to do," Christina continues. "For a long time, I’d been uncomfortable with the image that had been built around me and my music. It felt like I was pretending, trying to hide the real me, and hurting inside because of it. This time I was determined to step beyond the hype and glitter, to take it back down to the bare necessities. It was like starting all over again."

Yet at the same time, Christina’s bold work-in-progress wasn’t simply a reaction to the past. "I wanted to explore some of the music that had inspired me coming up," she explains. "I’ve always been a huge fan of soul. I love real rock & roll and hip-hop, of course, is one of my biggest influences. I wanted it all."

And what she wanted she set about to achieve with a relentless determination and a willingness to stretch her creative boundaries. "I’ve always thought recording was about attaining perfection," she reveals. "What I discovered making this album is that getting across real feelings is what’s important. As much as possible, I wanted to have the listener right there in the studio with me. I wanted to introduce myself, to get down to it. What mattered was sharing what I was really going through…for the first time."

And the first and most formidable challenge for Christina was to assemble a supporting cast that, in her words, "weren’t influenced by my old image." A ruthless process of elimination yielded a production and songwriting team that included, among others, Pink producer Linda Perry; the team of Redman and Rockwilder; Alanis Morrissette producer Glenn Ballard; fast rising studio wizard Scott Storch, as well artist/producer Alicia Keys.

Recorded over an eighteen-month stretch, with Christina firmly at the helm every step of the way, Stripped slowly but surely took shape, not only as an exercise in breathtaking stylistic diversity but as a resonant and revealing look into the mind and emotions of a young woman on the verge of personal and professional liberation.

The result is resonant and revealing original tracks that decisively shred Christina’s squeaky clean persona, even as they set the stage for a career that, millions of albums and concert tickets later, is only now just getting started.

The proof is all over Stripped, from the opening notes of "Impossible," the smoky ballad by Alicia Keys, to the romantic revelations of "Can’t Hold Us Down," featuring the persuasive production of Scott Storch; from the soaring affirmations of "Beautiful," to blistering licks of "Make Over," to the superheated funk of "Dirrty," featuring Redman and Rockwilder. "I loved ‘Let’s Get Dirty,’" Christina reveals, "So I asked Rockwilder to put something together kind of like that for me." She laughs. "What I got was a little too close, but then I figured, ‘Why not?’ The track is like an answer song to the original, only from a female point of view."

As much excitement and surprise as a first listening to Stripped might generate, there are other textures, urgent, honest and unguarded, that emerge with time. "Everything I sing about in ‘I’m OK’ is real," she asserts. "I took it right out of my life and I’m singing it right to my Dad." While another Stripped standout, "Can’t Hold Me Down," may at first sound like payback to a certain superstar rapper, for Christina that’s hardly the point. "I haven’t got time for all that," is her retort. "I’m more interested in helping girls stand up for themselves. That’s what the song is about – double standards and how we’re supposed to look and act a certain way just to please men. If I have any influence as an entertainer, I want it to be optimistic and uplifting, to make this world a little better place to live."

For Christina Aguilera, it all begins by getting real. "This music is who I am," she confidently asserts. "You can take it or leave it, but I’m not going to change, not for anyone." In the end, she says, it’s a tribute to the millions of worldwide fans who have made her a household name. "Fans grow up, too," she smiles. "We’re all reaching out for something more real and if we really want it, we’re going to find it. This album is for anyone who really wants it."

Christina was born on December 18,1980 in Staten Island, New York. Her parents are Shelly& Jim and she has 4 siblings: Rachel, Michael, Stephanie ( step-sister),and Casey (step-brother).
She resides in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Her favorite food is meat and potatoes.


Christina Aguilera pays for her double speak!

'Dirty' singer Christina Aguilera has been reportedly lost a deal to launch her own clothes line, after publicly berating other celebrities for doing the same.

Bosses at European licensing company BASIC BOX have announced they're terminating a deal to manufacture and market a line of clothing under Aguilera's name, after the singer's recent comments in an interview.

Aguilera said, "I just think it's so tacky. I have always thought that it's one of those things that just makes people look like they don't know what to do any more."

Basic Box bosses have already admitted they were puzzled by the comments, but now they've confirmed they're dropping Aguilera altogether.

"Obviously we are extremely disappointed. We had genuinely believed since coming to this licence arrangement with Christina at the end of last year that we were going to be able to put out an extremely successful range of clothing and accessories under her name," a spokesperson was quoted by ratethemusic as saying.

"We had understood that she was completely behind the project so, not surprisingly, her comments came as something of a shock.Basic Box has already invested considerable sums in the project and in the light of her comments we had no choice but to terminate the agreement immediately," he added.

Christina Aguilera Keeps Up Attack On Fashion Industry


CHRISTINA AGUILERA has upset bosses at British clothing company BASIC BOX by slamming celebrities who have their own fashion lines, despite being in the process of launching one herself.

Earlier this month (MAR05), the BEAUTIFUL singer insisted stars with clothing lines are merely compensating for their flagging careers.
She said, "I just think it's so tacky. I have always thought that it's one of those things that just makes people look like they don't know what to do any more."

But her comments have left chiefs at Basic Box angry - because Aguilera signed a deal reportedly worth millions of dollars (pounds) with the fashion firm.

An Basic Box insider says, "That's a very strange thing to say when she's got her own range coming out. It annoyed a lot of people who've been working really hard on the clothes.

"Dealing with Christina has been very difficult, but then she signed the contract."

Christina Aguilera Finishing 'Raw' LP, Waiting For Perfect Film Role

Singer has been reading scripts and working on as-yet-untitled soul album.
Christina Aguilera has laid relatively low since canceling her tour with Chingy a year ago, but not because there's nothing to talk about.

"I'm finishing the next record, planning a wedding, searching for the [perfect film] role — there's lots going on," the singer said last month at Vanity Fair's annual Oscar party, which she attended with music executive Jordan Bratman, who proposed to her in February .

Aguilera is nearing the finish line on her as-yet-untitled follow-up to Stripped, and the sound might surprise fans.

"It's very special for me," she said. "It's a retro blues/jazz/soul record, but a really meaty, gritty, real raw record of soul. So it'll feel good — a feel-good record."

Aguilera kept the production details to herself, but revealed that she has yet to re-team with Linda Perry, the former 4 Non Blondes singer who co-wrote and produced "Beautiful" and has since gone on to work with one of Aguilera's rivals, Kelly Osbourne.

"I would love to [work with Aguilera again], but I don't force myself onto people," Perry said recently. "If she calls, I would look forward to it. If she doesn't, I'm sure she'll make a great record no matter what."

As for Aguilera's movie debut, it looks like that might have to wait another album cycle.

"I've been [reading scripts, but] I'm waiting for the right role," she said. "It's very important that I don't play myself in a film."

The singer has also been watching a lot of movies and was happy about the Best Actor and Best Actress winners at last month's Academy Awards.

"Jamie Foxx is great," she said. "I got entranced in his performance. I thought we were watching Ray Charles. He was pretty amazing. And [I have] a lot of respect for Hilary Swank for putting on 19 pounds of muscle. I mean, that's nuts. That's crazy. Good inspiration for whenever I take that path myself."

Marriage Proposal Stuns Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera says she was shocked when a Valentine surprise turned into a marriage proposal. The 24-year-old pop diva says music executive Jordan Bratman, her boyfriend of two years, popped the question at Big Sur, Calif., last Friday after recreating a romantic dinner the two had while touring India in the fall.

"It was unbelievable," Aguilera told Us Weekly magazine. "Every cute thing he did, I totally thought was just a Valentine's Day surprise he got me!"

"He sent me on a scavenger hunt," she said. "My mom used to do scavenger hunts for me when I was a kid, so it had sentimental value. Each clue was a poem and in the final clue he proposed!"
The 26-year-old Bratman gave Aguilera a 5-carat diamond ring designed by jeweler Stephen Webster, who also made wedding bands for Madonna and Guy Richie.

"I'm finishing my album, so we haven't set a date yet," Aguilera said. "But it's definitely given me inspiration to make my best record ever."

Her hits include "What a Girl Wants," "Genie in a Bottle" and "Beautiful."

Aguilera gets what a girl wants

This Valentine's Day Christina Aquilera got exactly what a girl wants.

The racy pop star's boyfriend of two years managed to shock her when he popped the question in Big Sur, California.

As part of his romantic marriage proposal, music executive Jordan Bratman recreated a dinner the two had while touring India last fall.

He sent the 24-year-old pop diva on a scavenger hunt with clues.

The final clue was the proposal.

The 26-year-old Bratman gave Aguilera a five-carat diamond ring designed by jeweller Stephen Webster, who also made wedding bands for Madonna and Guy Richie.

Aguilera is in the process of making another album.

No date has been set.

Christina Aguilera To Marry Music Executive

Jordan Bratman proposed Friday night while the two were on vacation.
Christina Aguilera is engaged to boyfriend Jordan Bratman, whom she has been dating for two years, The Associated Press reports.

The two were on vacation together Friday night when the 26-year-old music executive proposed to the the 24-year-old singer. No wedding date has been set yet, Aguilera's rep told the AP.
Bratman is one of the principal members of the Soundproof music agency, along with Aguilera's manager, Irving Azoff. He has previously worked as producer Dallas Austin's manager, as head of A&R for Atlanta-based DARP Music Inc., and as a soundtrack consultant for Universal Pictures.

Christina Aguilera: Can the 'Dirrty' girl get her mojo back?

Aguilera is working on an album and recently spent time in India searching for her muse, saying, "India has always captured my imagination with its myriad cultures and spiritualism." Whether or not she finds any answers, X-Tina is better equipped for adult stardom than most singers who break through as teenagers, said Geoff Mayfield, director of charts for Billboard magazine. "Her last album had five radio hits, which is deeper than most artists go. Most teen-pop artists hit that wall faster, and I think the period between Stripped and her first album helped her audience grow with her. A song like 'Beautiful' spoke to teenage girls ... but even on her first album she was already drawing adult listeners."

Prediction: A new generation of teen queens has taken over, so X-Tina will probably go more mature.

Aguilera To Get Engaged?

Pop star Christina Aguilera is reportedly getting engaged to boyfriend Jordan Bratman.

Bratman has been shopping for an engagement ring for the singer in preparation to pop the question, according to sources.

A pal tells the New York Post, "He's been making inquiries about rings with different jewellers."

Aguilera recently said of Bratman - who she met two years ago when he was working for her management company Azoffmusic Management - "He's the one guy I can credit for making me think about marriage in a whole new light."


Christina Aguilera one of the bling brides

If anyone reading this is in the hat-making business (hey, it could happen!), prepare for a bumper spring. If the rumours currently circulating the press are to be believed, there could well be two big pop weddings on the way.

First up is Girl Aloud Cheryl Tweedy, who is apparently so loved-up with her footballer boyf Ashley Cole that she's considering letting him make an honest woman of her. She gushed to the Sun: "We've spoken about marriage and are comfortable with it."

And of course, as soon as one popstrel gets married, the rumours around Christina Aguilera - which last surfaced when Britney tied the knot with Kevin Federline - immediately start up again.

The New York Post is running quotes from a friend of Christina's main squeeze Jordan Bratman, who says that he is "making inquiries about rings with different jewellers."

And seeing as Christina has already said that Jordan is "the one guy I can credit for making me think about marriage in a whole new light", 2005 could be the year to stock up on confetti.

Anyone out there in the confetti biz? Hello?

Aisle Be Classy

Christina Aguilera says she won't be having a Britney-style, trashy wedding when she walks down the aisle.

Ms Dirrty who has a love/hate relationship with Britney, insists that when she and her fiance Jordan Bratman get hitched, there'll be no velour tracksuits or cheese burgers at the reception.

Aggy, who is about to release her new single, 'Car Wash', told the Sun: "I think everybody tries to jump on the bandwagon of marriage. If it's right for them, then it's right for them. But I'm not going to do it like that."

"I don't know if Britney got married to get attention because I don't know her any more. I don't know the man she married and I don't know her."

Aggy, now sporting a glam Marilyn Monroe retro look, also said of her bad girl image. "I have been portrayed as bad but that was never really me. I think I am a good girl and always have been. I see my persona as one of a strong, aggressive female who had every right to be outspoken in her sexuality."

Gosh, well, when you put it like that...


Mobile phones, trainers, badminton sets, kiddies' crayons. You name it and it seems Christina Aguilera is willing to advertise it. The Sun has uncovered an amazing list of 450 weird and wonderful products that Ms. Dirrty plans to flog under brand name Xtina. Laywers for Aqualibra have filed her products with the US Patent and Trademark office.

A legal source close to Agi told The Sun: "There is so much money in merchandising it would be a waste if Christina didn't launch products. She has a shrewd business brain and has come up with a lot of these ideas herself.ú

Latest US billboard ads show Christina plugging a ghetto blaster but she also plans to model, er, clay, deodorant and wait for it, electronic multi-activity toys. We're guessing that's not a Playstation that does the washing up...

Christian Aguilera?

What's going on with the lady pop stars of America? Britney Spears, who seemed to be the model of nice-girl cool, now seems determined to show the world exactly how tacky she can be when she's with the wrong company, and now Christina 'Trousers? What Trousers?' Aguilera is trying to convince youngsters that having sex too early is a really bad idea.

X-tina has filmed a documentary series called Sex, Votes And Higher Power for MTV in which she interviews young couples in her home city of Pittsburgh. The teenagers have all opted to stay celibate until they are married, and no amount of popstrels writhing around in their pants is gonna change their minds.

Apparently Christina was very keen to make the films once she'd seen the spiralling statistics on underage sex in the US. To counter this, a group called Silver Ring Thing is trying to spread the message that there's no shame in waiting until you're married. A message which Christina is said to be very keen for her teenage fans to think about.

Whatever next? Marilyn Manson for Pope?

Spears Desperate To End Feud With Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears is desperate to end her long-running feud with Christina Aguilera.

The pop babe has admitted in a notice posted on her official website, BritneySpears.com, that she is keen to rekindle her friendship with her chart rival.

She wrote: "Britney would love to be close with Christina again. In fact, Britney recently wrote Christina a letter telling her how happy and beautiful Christina looks lately."

Britney, 23, and Christina, were friends when they co-presented TV show The Mickey Mouse club as child-stars, but reportedly lost touch as their pop careers took off and haven't spoken for some time.
In an interview after Britney's wedding to former dancer Kevin Federline
last year, Christina admitted the pair were no longer friends and increased their rivalry after she branded Britney "trailer trash".

She said at the time: "I don't know if Britney married to get attention because I don't know her anymore. I don't know the man she married and I don't know her. "She's not trailer trash, but she sure acts that way."

The 'Beautiful' singer, who is reportedly engaged to music executive Jordan Bratman, also allegedly burst out laughing when she heard about Britney's wedding in the garden of a friend's house.

She added at the time: "I'd never have thought that girl would have done it this way. I know she really loves Kevin, but this is really low rent. The whole affair seems somewhat pathetic."


Christina Aguilera is the premier voice of her generation

In less than a year from the day that she burst onto the world musical landscape, Christina Aguilera scored two #1 smash hit singles, was able to watch the sales of her chart-topping RCA debut album surpass the eight million mark worldwide, headlined the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, performed for the President, and to top it all off, took home the Grammy for Best New Artist. With current plans that include a mammoth summer / fall national tour, a new Spanish language album, and a holiday album of seasonal favorites, Christina Aguilera continues to provide evidence that she is the premier musical voice of her generation.

Other highlights for Christina include a duet with blues legend BB King and a solo performance of "The Christmas Song" for President Clinton on TNT's 'Christmas at the White House' TV special. This led to the President asking Christina to sing the first song on his televised Millenium special from Washington. Christina had to decline due to a prior commitment to perform from Times Square in New York on MTV's New Year's Eve broadcast. Christina's amazing new year continued with a great duet performance with Enrique Iglesias at the Super Bowl Half Time Show which also featured Phil Collins and Toni Braxton.

Over all, Christina Aguilera is as overwhelmed as she is thrilled by her enormous success, but she remains reflective and grateful. "It's been quite a roller-coaster ride," she laughs, "But I think I've grown and learned a lot about myself. In this business, it's often all about hype, record sales, and a crazy schedule of traveling, performances, and it can be easy to get lost in all that. But for me, the greatest thing is being able to interact with fans and touch peoples' lives. I know that's a greater accomplishment than selling records. For that I give thanks. I simply love the job I'm doing."

Christina Aguilera speaks about her life

MTV News: Why don't you begin by telling a little about yourself.

Christina Aguilera: I was born in Staten Island, New York. But I call my hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, because that's basically where I ended up from age eight on. But right after Staten Island... I've lived everywhere from Texas, to Japan for three years, to New Jersey. I'm this traveling girl. My father was in the Army, so I guess I'm an Army brat.

MTV: I was going to ask you about your last name....

Christina: A lot of people wanna perceive [me] as a little white girl, trying to sound however. I'm just singing, like, what feels natural to me and what's most comfortable. And I'm not completely white. I am half Hispanic, half American-Irish. My father is from Ecuador, South America, so I am proud of my Latin roots. I'd like to get the Spanish community involved as well, being that my last name is Aguilera, and record a Spanish album one day and release it. That is really important to me.

MTV: So how long have you been singing and performing?

Christina: I've been singing and performing ever since I was in diapers, basically. I mean, from laying a towel on the floor in the bathroom and using the shampoo bottle as a microphone, to local block parties and talent shows and things like that, and to "Star Search," "[The New] Mickey Mouse Club," and the record deal.

MTV: Tell us about your "Star Search" experience first.

Christina: It was awesome. I got to meet Ed McMahon, and it was my first time in L.A., and I lost on "Star Search," so that was a little devastating for an eight-year-old. I was up against a twelve-year-old, so I was like, "Not fair!" But it was cool.

MTV: Can you tell me about your experience as a Mouseketeer?

Christina: Being a Mouseketeer on the "Mickey Mouse Club" was cool. I was on for ages twelve and thirteen. I was on the last two seasons, and I was in pretty good company, with fellow Mouseketeers Britney Spears, J. C. and Justin from 'N Sync, Keri Russell from "Felicity." So we all had fun on that show.

MTV: Any funny anecdotes or stories that you have from that?

Christina: There was some crazy things that happened on the set. People were always telling jokes, playing pranks and stuff like that, but... I have to keep certain things secret.

MTV: Tell us how you ended landed a record deal.

Christina: I landed a record deal simultaneously as I landed the "Mulan" soundtrack. I had just turned seventeen years old and during the same week, I just landed both. I recorded for the "Mulan" soundtrack first and then a few months later I was out in L.A. doing the record for about six months.

MTV: What are your biggest fears about being in the entertainment industry?

Christina: You know, the comparisons kinda bother me, because that takes away from my own artistry and the other person's. We're all individual artists, and that sort of bothers me. Maybe "here today, gone tomorrow" sort of scares me. But I plan on working hard to make sure that doesn't happen. Staying focused.

MTV: How do you distinguish yourself from someone like Britney Spears or some other teen pop idols?

Christina:Well, what's cool is that I'm a fan of Britney Spears. I'm a fan of Mariah Carey, who I've also been compared to, which is amazing. I mean, we are all our own individual artists, you know. I'm not a Britney Spears, and Britney Spears isn't me. But I think especially when people hear more of my music... it'll definitely distinguish who I am. On the upcoming album, it is a pop-R&B album, but I have a lot of soul, and there's some rangy vocals in there, so it gets kinda crazy. We've got everything from mid-tempos to really big ballads .

MTV: Who are your influences?

Christina: I would grow up in the talent shows singing Whitney Houston songs. "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" from, you know, back in '90 or '91 or whenever that was. I have a love for her. I have a love for Mariah Carey. Her style and technique is amazing. Brian McKnight I really admire. He's my favorite male vocalist. As far as blues goes, because I'm a huge lover of blues, R&B, and gospel, I love Etta James. Completely. I have a lot of respect for Lauryn Hill, because she's so heartfelt and deep on everything that comes out of her.

MTV: What's in your Walkman right now?

Christina: The new Limp Bizkit CD. I like Fred Durst, and I love that band.

MTV: What's in your VCR right now?

Christina: Janet Jackson, "Velvet Rope" tour. I just love watching people's performance videos. And she, being an amazing performer, her and Madonna, I aspire to do my little shows like that one day.

MTV: Are you planning to tour any time soon?

Christina: I am going to be on tour possibly with TLC, a couple of dates with 'N Sync. I'm doing a few things with Lilith Fair, a lot of radio shows.

MTV: Are you excited to be reunited with some of the guys from 'N Sync on tour?

Christina: Oh, that's funny. The 'N Sync guys are very cool. I mean, who knows? It's always good to see them, and we will run into each other occasionally, and being that we were all great friends back in the ["Mickey Mouse Club"] days it'll be fun. I do miss Britney, though.

MTV: What are your plans for Lilith Fair?

Christina: I am not going to be singing "Genie in a Bottle" at all. It's a time where I think I can get in front of a bunch of women and really sing my heart out to just piano and vocal. It's just a piano and a mic and that's it. I'll get bluesy with Etta James' "At Last," which is one of my favorite songs.

MTV: If you weren't singing, what would you be doing right now?

Christina: I can't really picture me doing anything else besides what I am doing now. I don't know, but something funny. I always wanted to work the window at a drive-thru fast food restaurant. I always thought it was a cool thing to do.

MTV: Last question. If you could describe yourself as one animal, what would it be?

Christina:This is a funny question. I guess, everyone says that I remind them of a cat. Like, I'm sort of laid back all the time, but when I get onstage, it's like, I sort of pounce... it's like I come alive. So I can surprise people like that. So I guess a little kitty cat.

Christina Aguilera speaks about her plans

Christina Aguilera looks tired and incredibly tiny. Sipping from a glass of orange juice to fight off a cold that forced her to cancel a recent European appearance, the 19-year-old Grammy-winning singer sounds a bit overwhelmed as she lists her upcoming projects.

"Right now, we're getting ready to finish up the Latin album, which I've been in Miami recording for a few weeks now," Aguilera says, "translating a few songs from my debut album and putting a new twist on some new material - -a new R&B/salsa kind of a twist. There will be a lot of very versatile things on that record coming out in the fall."

She takes a deep breath before rattling off the rest of her plans in one long, uninterrupted list.

"Then I'm working on the Christmas album on the side ... doing a duet with one of my favourite idols, (blues legend) Etta James, for that one which I'm really excited about, as well, preparing for the tour and of course, in the meantime, writing and coming up with new ideas, new areas to explore for this second album, the follow-up to my debut album."

But before the new album is recorded, Aguilera plans to release at least two more singles from her debut: "So Emotional" in the fall and "Come On Over" as soon as "I Turn To You", her current hit, "runs its toll," she says.

Aguilera also plans to re-record "Come On Over".

"We're going to head back in the studio, give it more of an edge, R&B it up a little, maybe rock it out a little, give it a lot of different new directions and get it out there," she says excitedly.

The teen star's songs aren't the only things she wants to re-invent. Sitting in her hotel room in a glittery 'Rock Star', midriff-bearing T-shirt, and pulling on her now trademark platinum tresses, she claims her current look won't be around forever.

"I'm experimental by nature," Aguilera says about her image, "...always exploring my creativity. Right now we want to keep it pretty simple. On 'Come on Over', we're going to edge out the make-up a little bit more. I love what Gwen Stefani (of No Doubt) does with herself and her image and making it a little different, but she's still glamorous at the same time. She's a glamorous rock chick, and that's really attractive to me, that's really cool - -experimenting with different hair colours, hair styles, not afraid to be daring and funky, just changing it up."

Aside from experimenting with hair colours, Aguilera also plans to break new ground on her second album, which she says will be released in 2001.

Some might wonder if she's feeling the pressure to live up to the success of her self-titled debut, which shot up the charts and earned her a Grammy for Best New Artist. But Aguilera has big plans.

"There's still a lot to be accomplished, that was a dream of mine of course - to win a Grammy," she admits, remembering how her knees shook as she took the stage to accept the award. "But my long-term goal is to become an all-around entertainer. I look up to great performers such as Madonna and Janet Jackson, who've taken on the stage, the studio and the screen and have been successful in all three while maintaining their strength as positive female artists who aren't afraid to take chances and be daring and experimental and sexy, yet not ... you know, they still have a power about them. They're still dominating as females and not being vulnerable in their sexuality, which is really cool."

Lofty goals for such a young star, and hearing the minute singer discuss the different aspects of female sexuality and her long-term goals, it's easy to forget that she is only 19, until she's asked about her rumoured romantic interest in fellow music star Enrique Iglesias.

"Right now I'm pretty single," she insists. "I'm just so focused on what

I have career-wise on my plate, it's kind of like overload with the tour and the Spanish album and the Christmas record. My career is my boyfriend."

She's used that line before and knows it, but she smiles for a moment and lets her human side shine through her slick, rehearsed answer.

"But I do have fun on the side. Enrique and I have actually maintained friendship since the Super Bowl [where they both performed] and he's a sweetheart, sent me flowers when I was sick and everything over the past two weeks," she says. "He's just...he's a wonderful person, really down-to-earth and for as gorgeous as he is, you wouldn't expect him to be. It's really cool talking to someone like that."

That seems to be the extent of the Enrique relationship, but Aguilera is quite open about her romantic past..

"I fell in love for the first time over the past year," she says. "That's also been a learning and growing experience for me. But right now it's just I had to get back to my own independence and stay focused on what was important and that's my career, above all, for me right now. But it [love] is a really amazing thing. It turned my world upside down for a second. I was like, 'What is this?' And it still pretty much has."

Is the love over?

"Not necessarily," she says. "I don't think you forget your first love, that's what everybody says. You always have that little glass that goes across your heart when you think about it ... but it's not like that. It's a cool relationship right now."

After successfully downplaying the much publicized romance rumours, Aguilera tackles the question that very young pop fans want to know: Are

Aguilera and Britney Spears, who were in the Mickey Mouse Club together, friends or competitors?

"I have not been able to talk to Britney at length since we were best friends on the Mickey Mouse Club," she says. "I miss her a lot. I think she's a really sweet girl who's really talented. When we cross paths we definitely say 'hey'. I miss the girl. Someone did my make-up for the July issue of Rolling Stone and the guy was going to see Britney in a week and I told him to give her my phone number, so I gave it. We'll see if she calls. There's no hard feelings or competition like everybody thinks there is."

The words are barely out of Aguilera's mouth before she's whisked away to her next interview. Stifling a cough and taking a deep breath, she readies herself for more questions. This is Aguilera's life, and she shows no signs of slowing down.



Christina Aguilera: Can't Hold Her Down

Sorry you can't define me
Sorry I break the mold
Sorry that I speak my mind
Sorry, don't do what I'm told
Sorry if I don't fake it
Sorry I come too real
I will never hide what I really feel
No way

And that's Christina Aguilera, on her latest album, Stripped. Baring her soul though the music and lyrics -- and her skin in the artwork -- this genie is definitely out of the bottle. Women.com, while shivering in New York, tracked down the big-voiced singer while she caught some much-needed R&R in Hawaii. We played a little 10 Questions.

1. What does the title of the record, Stripped, mean to you?
This album really allowed me to express a lot of my inner self that hasn't been seen before. This is all me, plain old me, stripped of hype, glossiness, fakeness.

2. Several years have passed since your debut album. What has changed in your life since then that's allowed you to embrace your true self more fully in your music?
From 17 to 22, who doesn't grow up? I had and lost my first love. I've been burned in the business. But each time I've been hurt or betrayed, I've gotten stronger, wiser, so I thank God for those experiences. They've made me a better person, more comfortable in my skin.

3. One of the prevailing themes on Stripped is empowerment -- personal, spiritual and sexual. Was this something you were conscious of while writing the lyrics?
Yes, empowerment has always been a theme. It started by just writing my feelings, pouring my heart out on paper, and there it was in several different areas -- spiritual, sexual and personal. But no matter what, women, men ‑- everyone ‑- should be empowered to just be themselves
4. You've retained elements of the sound you're known for -- big ballads, bluesy vocals, Latin pop -- while adding more urban touches on tunes like "Dirrty" and "Can't Hold Us Down." What led to you try something new?
I've always had a passion for R&B and hip-hop, and there are a lot of really great, talented people I wanted a chance to work with because I knew they would get my style, like [producer] Rockwilder and [former 4 Non Blondes singer/guitarist and current Pink collaborator] Linda Perry.

5. Let's talk about the guests on Stripped. What was it like working with Alicia Keys? Lil' Kim? Redman?
Everyone was really great. I've wanted to work with Alicia since her first album. She has such great talent. And Kim is just straight RAW. I was very interested in working with her again after [Moulin Rouge soundtrack single] "Lady Marmalade." Red is cool as hell. I was totally glad he made the "Dirrty" video.

6. How involved were you in the conception of the "Dirrty" video?
Well, the director basically tells me what to do, but then I take his direction and express myself through that. I had some concepts of what images I wanted included and what I thought were taboo subjects.

7. How do you decide what to wear? Do you have a stylist for media events and openings?
Yes, I do have a main stylist, Trish Summerville, who knows me inside and out and has the right vision of what I'm trying to go for and what makes me feel comfortable and free.

8. Where do you go shopping? What are your favorite labels?
I do like to go shopping, and I also get sent a lot of amazing stuff from my favorite designers. For casual, I love Paul Frank, Joie, Bella Dahl and Juicy Couture. For going out, I love Roberto Cavalli, Julien Macdonald, Rick Owens, Gaultier, Dior and Vivienne Westwood
9. What kind of makeup do you wear? Are you devoted to any specific kinds?
M.A.C is one of my faves, but I'm into a lot of different products.

10. Who are your favorite singers?
My all-time favorite is Miss Etta James, for her aggression and boldness. And I love Alicia Keys ‑- she has soul that separates the girls from the women.

Christina Aguilera Stripped

Christina Aguilera spilled all to CosmoGIRL! about breaking up with her first love, breaking out of her old image, breaking down barriers in the music industry -- and how it's all made her feel more powerful than ever! See for yourself in the March issue of CosmoGIRL! -- on newsstands now!

Read on for an outtake from CosmoGIRL!'s exclusive interview with Christina Aguilera. And for more, check out cosmogirl.com anytime!

CosmoGIRL!: A lot of people are shocked that, image-wise, you seemed to do a complete 180 with this new album.

Christina: I think some people just don't understand that this IS me and before was kind of NOT me. I was 17 when I did that first album, and now I'm 21 and I'm exploring that, and more comfortable in my own skin.

CosmoGIRL!: Do you feel like you ARE the real you now?

Christina: I think we go through many different growths in our lifetime, and I think I'm just gonna grow from here on out. I'm going to explore other types of music and other forms of being an entertainer, always growing and developing and changing and re-evolving. But for now, I'm so happy that this is definitely me in a nutshell on this record.

CosmoGIRL!: Can you think of a moment where there was something you had to say or do that WASN'T you?

Christina: I do like to dress a little edgier, less conservative, whatever, and I just remember one day showing up at a photo shoot and there was a clothing rack in front of me full of all kinds of floral and laces and just very "pretty" clothes. And I just cringed. And I was like, "This is VERY not what I want to be! It's not me!"
CosmoGIRL!: You recently had a major breakup with Jorge Santos, who was one of your backup dancers. That must have been really hard to deal with while you were writing this album.

Christina: I can definitely say my first love was a good one. But it's a difficult situation when you're in the spotlight, and he doesn't want to be part of it. I mean, you just want to go to the movies, and you can't avoid getting your picture taken, and he doesn't want to go through that all of the time. It was difficult for him, and it was my first big breakup -- it really did break my heart.

CosmoGIRL!: This was around the same time that your former co-Mouseketeer Britney Spears was also going through a very public breakup...

Christina: I actually ran into Britney at a club, right around the time when the press was making such a big deal out of her breakup with Justin, and I said, "Girl, I just went through the same thing! He's not worth it! Just keep on going."

CosmoGIRL!: The whole rivalry with Britney thing seems really media-driven. You guys practically grew up together, you must have some happy memories of her.

Christina: I have so many! Playing Ping-Pong, for example. We used to have crazy games of Ping-Pong. I'd love to challenge her to this day! I've brushed up on my skills a bit!

CosmoGIRL!: So how do you deal when people start rumors that aren't true?

Christina!: It's about being okay with yourself no matter what people say, what people do, how they talk about you. Making a statement about who you are and being comfortable with that--that?s power to me.

Christina Aguilera battles paparazzi in the court

The battle between CHRISTINA AGUILERA and a paparazzo made its way to court yesterday (22DEC04), in a pre-trial hearing to decide if any cash should be handed over for an alleged attack.

Last year (03), photographer David Keeler filed a lawsuit against the DIRRTY singer, after claiming that her bodyguard physically attacked him outside Hollywood nightclub Nacional.

Keeler's attorney, RICHARD KOLBER, tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "(Keeler) found Christina in the club. She came out, he took a couple of pictures and then got punched inthe face and beaten up."

The suit also says Christina "appeared to be intoxicated" and needed "assistance walking to her car".

Kolber notes, "It certainly sends the message to photographers that if you take an unflattering picture of Christina Aguilera, then you might get beaten up."

The photographer is seeking unspecified damages from Aguilera, although the judge encouraged both parties to try and reach a settlement.

Aguilera has countersued Keeler, claiming she had nothing to do with what happened. Her representatives have stated she didn't even witness the incident.

Christina Aguilera voted favorite female artist: MTV Asia

Declared as Favourite Female Artist at the 2004 MTV Asia Awards by young people across Asia, Aguilera 's appetite in trying new kinds of music has affirmed her as one of the most popular female singers of her time. Constantly pushing the envelope, she co-wrote and co-produced her latest album Stripped, which has already sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

The MTV Asia Awards is the only pan-regional event of its kind in Asia that brings together the largest gathering of international and local talent ever seen in the region. Filmed before a live audience of over 7000 music lovers, the event will be broadcast to over 180 million homes across the region. Viewers can cast their votes for their favourites from 15 November to 15 January 2005 through various ways including voting on the official website at www.mtvasiaawards.com and via short message service (SMS) for vote collation.

The official sponsors for the MTV Asia Award 2005 are Toyota Motor Corporation, HP and Samsung. Local sponsors include Sinyal Kuat Indosat in Indonesia, 5425 in Korea, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, Addict Mobile in the Philippines, StarHub in Singapore and Heineken in Thailand. The awards are also supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Aguilera discovers exotic India

India finds yet another foreign fan. Pop sensation Christina Aguilera seems to have been struck by all things Indian and has absolutely fallen in love with the mystic beauty of the country. She took four days off at Lonavla to unwind.

During the short break she listened to Indian musicians performing including percussionists Taufiq Qureshi (drums), Niladri ( sitar ) and Vijay Khote ( tabla ). Christina was impressed by Indian classical music and said that she found it very inspiring. She added that would love to incorporate the flavour of Indian music in her compositions. The pop sensation also had the taste of some Indian folk dances like Charkha, Garba and Bharatnatyam . She tried putting on mehendi and heard out parrot readings from astrologers.

Christina is specially fond of massages and tried the Swedish massage in Lonavla. Her other hobbies included horse-riding, golf and playing video games.

She took some time off for shopping too and carried home a host of typically Indian goodies including pashminas , silk rugs, Indian jewellery and furniture. And she loved Indian cuisine too, "with less spice though," she noted.

Happy 24th birthday to Christina Aguilera!

Christina Aguilera is an adventurous Sagittarius who loves to send shock waves through her audiences and critics alike. She's also a fabulous example of how Sagittarius can harness sexuality to dramatic effect. Even when you can't see her (she recently voiced a character in "Shark Tale"), through her voice, you can sense her comfort and joy at being in her own skin.

Christina Aguilera to host MTV Asia Awards 2005

Multiple Grammy Award-winning artist, Christina Aguilera, will be making her debut appearance in Asia as a host for the 2005 MTV Asia Awards, which are to be held in Bangkok on 3 February, 2005. Aguilera will join performers Maroon 5 and Namie Amuro, on stage to mesmerise the crowd with her star prowess. More artists and celebrities will be announced in the next weeks.

Aguilera shot to fame with her self-titled album Genie in a Bottle in 1999. The album stayed on top of the charts for over five weeks and made sales of over 16 million copies. With a string of chart toppers under her belt, Aguilera earned numerous accolades including a Grammy award from Best New Artist. The following year, Aguilera earned her second Grammy for her Spanish language album Mi Reflejo.

Declared as Favourite Female Artist at the 2004 MTV Asia Awards by young people across Asia, Aguilera 's appetite in trying new kinds of music has affirmed her as one of the most popular female singers of her time. Constantly pushing the envelope, she co-wrote and co-produced her latest album Stripped, which has already sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

The MTV Asia Awards is the only pan-regional event of its kind in Asia that brings together the largest gathering of international and local talent ever seen in the region. Filmed before a live audience of over 7000 music lovers, the event will be broadcast to over 180 million homes across the region. Viewers can cast their votes for their favourites from 15 November to 15 January 2005 through various ways including voting on the official website at www.mtvasiaawards.com and via short message service (SMS) for vote collation.

The official sponsors for the MTV Asia Award 2005 are Toyota Motor Corporation, HP and Samsung. Local sponsors include Sinyal Kuat Indosat in Indonesia, 5425 in Korea, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, Addict Mobile in the Philippines, StarHub in Singapore and Heineken in Thailand. The awards are also supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Showbusiness is fake, says Aguilera

She might be in the showbusiness, but Christina Aguilera has slammed the music industry for being fake and malicious.

According to Female first, she added that she has struggled to remain successful because she's surrounded by untrustworthy people who are desperate to destroy her reputation.

"Showbiz is a crazy world and so are the people in it. And that includes me. Showbusiness is a fake business filled with people who are fake. You are surrounded by people, each one more false han the other, always ready to step on you. Either you quickly learn to survive or you fail, you lose everything as quickly as you find success," she was quoted as saying. (ANI)

''BLUE'' blast Christina Aguilera

British boyband BLUE have hit out at Christina Aguilera, because she ruined a recent gig they performed.

The ALL RISE hitmakers were stunned to spot the sexy singer at the concert and found the experience off-putting.

Singer Antony Costa says, "We did a gig in France and Christina Aguilera was there, sitting in the front row of the audience with this snooty look on her face. We took one look at her and it really put us off.

"I think it might have been one of out worst performances, because her evil eyes made us feel really uncomfortable."

Aguilera wants sis to be a singing sensation!

Singer Christina Aguilera has advised her younger sister Rachel to enter the pop arena and follow her footsteps to dizzy heights of fame and superstardom.

The 'Dirrty' star also claimed that her sibling is likely to become a pop sensation because of her great voice, gorgeous looks and killer instinct to put the charts on fire.

"Rachel, my younger sister, said to me that she admired me and that I was her role model. I was really moved," rate the music quoted Aguilera as saying.

"She has such a great voice that it wouldn't surprise me if she became a big singer too. She is so beautiful, I'm sure she would succeed if she wants it. I'd love that to happen for her," added the 'Genie In A Bottle' beauty.

Christina Aguilera visits India to get more spirit

US pop sensation Christina Aguilera will be visiting India in the first week of December. The Grammy and MTV Video Music award-winning artist will visit the Sahara Amby Valley Lake City for three days to explore 'mysticism and spirituality.'

"This is Christina's first visit to India on the invitation of our group and I am sure that she will enjoy her stay thoroughly and discover the cultural diversity of India," said Sahara's Head of Corporate Communication Abhijit Sarkar.

Christina appeared briefly before media at Mumbai’s Sahara Intercontinental, and declined to comment or give interviews. Dressed in pink, the pop-diva was accompanied by her boy friend John Bartman away from media glare. He even tried to hide his face when photographers tried to shoot him while he escorted Christina to her room Wednesday.

Aguilera headed to town to Big Bazaar for some shopping and left for Amby Valley in Pune in a private chopper. She is here on a special invitation by Percept and Sahara.

Unconfirmed reports say she might be planning to incorporate Indian music in her next album or even collaborate with some well known classical musicians of India at Amby Valley. She may also do an appearance or dance number in Sahara’s Bollywood films. This is Christina’s first visit to India and plans to explore the cultural diversity of India in the meantime.

Christina Aguilera's boyfriend prepares to pop the question

Close on the heels of arch rival Britney Spears, this time around it is pop diva Christina Aguilera who might be taking a trip down the aisle, as insiders have revealed that her boyfriend, Jordan Bratman, is all set to pop the question.

According to the News of the World, Bratman, who has been seeing the 'Dirrty' singer since the past 18 months, wants to get engaged on Christina's birthday and has already ordered a 20 carat diamond ring worth 54,000 dollars.

"Christina and Jordan have been together for a while now and feel ready to settle down," the report quoted an insider as saying.

Paparazzo sues Christina Aguilera over her bodyguard

Christina Aguilera became a pop goddess with smash hits like "Beautiful," but her latest legal battle, over claims that her bodyguard battered a paparazzo, is downright ugly.

Photographer David Keeler sued Aguilera for an incident that occurred last year outside the trendy Nacional nightclub in Hollywood. On Wednesday, both sides duked it out in the courtroom in a pre-trial hearing dealing with whether or not Keeler should be entitled to big bucks in punitive damages. "He was punched in the mouth, his mouth was bloodied, his nose was bloodied, he had lacerations inside his mouth," stated Keeler's attorney, Richard Kolber, in court.

In Keeler's lawsuit, obtained by "CJ," Keeler claims he was waiting outside Nacional when he saw Christina leaving with a bodyguard. Kolber spoke exclusively to "CJ" about his client's lawsuit, telling us, "He found Christina in the club. She came out, he took a couple of pictures and then got punched in the face and beaten up."

Keeler claims the bodyguard snapped when the photog began to snap pictures. According to the documents, the bodyguard told Keeler he, "needed to learn some respect," and then spat on his face and "punched him in the mouth. " The suit also says Christina "appeared to be intoxicated" and needed "assistance walking to her car." What's that have to do with the case? According to Kolber, "It certainly sends the message to photographers that if you take an unflattering picture of Christina Aguilera, then you might get beaten up."

The injured photographer is seeking unspecified damages from Aguilera, although the judge encouraged both parties to try and reach a settlement. Aguilera has countersued Keeler, claiming she had nothing to do with what happened. Her reps have stated she didn't even witness the incident. But Kolber says that doesn't mean Christina should be off the hook.

The question remaining is whether or not there could be another reason for the attack. Aguilera's lawyer, Kenneth Wang, told the judge there's a lot more to be discovered, and stated that a self-defense argument would be explored. Ironically for Christina, this incident only ensures that there will be more cameras on her in the future.

Christina Aguilera's sex secrets

Pop diva Christina Aguilera has revealed that she likes to get experimental while having sex and that she has a fetish for handcuffs. According to The Sun, the Dirrty singer also said that she likes to be the dominating one while having sex and that she likes to play rough.

"If a lover wants to experiment with handcuffs, then that's fair enough for me! What's the point of holding back that side of your personality if it's horny and turns you both on?" the report quoted her as saying. "I'm a red-blooded women who doesn't feel guilty about making love. And it's only human nature to fulfil that need every day if you can. Sometimes I want gentle, tender love-making, other times I like to play a bit rougher and not let the man dominate me," she added.

Christina happy to work with Missy in ''Shark Tale'' the animation movie

The last time they got together they wanted us to ‘Gitchie, gitchie ya ya da da’’ with them for their number one smash ‘Lady Marmalade’. Along with Pink, Lil’ Kim and Mya they produced one of the biggest hits of 2001 and went on to scoop a handful of awards for the saucy video that accompanied the track.
Now the dynamic duo have joined forces again for a reworking of the Rose Royce disco classic ‘Car Wash’. The track has been produced by Missy and Ron Fair and recorded exclusively for the highly anticipated DreamWorks animation "Shark Tale". ‘Car Wash’ is the lead single from the "Shark Tale" soundtrack released through Polydor Records. The feisty twosome are joined on the album by some of today’s biggest chart-topping artists, including Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Blige, Nelly Furtado, D 12 and Sean Paul.

"Shark Tale" is the story of Oscar (Will Smith), a fast talking little fish who lands in hot water when a great white lie turns him into an unlikely hero. The movie boast a voice cast of some of the most recognised names in Hollywood, including Robert De Niro, Renee Zellweger, Angelina Jolie and Jack Black. Featuring multi-platinum and Grammy-winning artists such as Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige, the soundtrack to "Shark Tale" reads like a who’s who of the hottest artists around.

The album features some great collaborations including lead single ‘Car Wash’, a cover of Rose Royce’s disco classic performed by Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott. Justin Timberlake teams up with Timbaland for ‘Good Foot’ and Mary J. Blige gets jiggy with the star of the film, Will Smith, for their reworking of ‘Got To Be Real’.

When invited to record ‘Car Wash’ for the soundtrack, Christina jumped at the chance to team up with Missy again. "It’s really exciting to be coming together again with Missy for this movie and recording such a great song like ‘Car Wash’. I’m really amped about doing this record; it’s got a really good classic soulful feel". The musical score for "Shark Tale" has been written by legendary composer Hans Zimmer whose credits include "The Lion King", "Gladiator", "Thunderbirds" and "King Arthur". The release of "Shark Tale" marks the 10th Anniversary of DreamWorks, which have brought us such blockbusters as "Shrek 2", "The Terminal" and "Collateral".


Christina is open to many sexual experiences

Pop diva Christina Aguilera has come out with the saucy info that's she'd be into having lesbian romps. The raunchy star has claimed that she is aroused by thoughts of lesbian encounters and says that she is open to all sexual experiences.

"I must admit that the idea of two women getting it on does do it for me. Women are beautiful creatures and the sight of them kissing or caressing each other is horny," said Aguilera in a recent report by gay news website Femalefirst.

Aguilera is reportedly involved in the creation of a new MTV documentary promoting sexual abstinence to US teenagers.




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