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Jennifer Ellison Superstar

Jennifer Ellison

The British superstar is a true Renaissance Woman, she is gorgeous, she acts, sings, dances and models. With such attributes, soon Britney and Christina will be overshadowed and this young beauty will capture our hearts. Famous for giving the world The Beatles, the English city of Liverpool was also the birthplace of Jennifer Ellison on May 1st, 1983. Entertainment was in her blood from the very beginning. When she was 2 years old, she was sitting on the counter at a fish 'n' chips restaurant and screamed that one day she would be famous. What she didn't know was that the woman who would be her agent throughout her career was present and noticed the young blonde. At the age of 3, Jennifer began taking singing and dancing lessons. Studying the arts, she became a dancer. She was so good that she won national championships for both ballet and modern dancing in 1996 and 1997. This led to her snatching the coveted lead role in a ballet production, which was performed before Princess Anne at Her Majesty's Theatre in London's West End. Acting was always something she wanted to try. Since the age of 9, she had been writing letters to the producers of the hit British soap opera Brookside to see if there were any roles for her. As expected, all her queries were met with disappointment, but her parents were proud of her drive.

In 1998, she was informed by her manager that Brookside was holding auditions for a couple of 14-year-old girls who would portray sisters. Originally paired with an actress with whom she had absolutely no resemblance, she was fortunate when the producers dismissed the latter and matched her with Suzanne Collins. The two young actresses got the parts although Ellison was initially signed on for only six episodes. Playing Emily Shadwick O'Leary, an untamable vixen with a wild streak, it didn't take long for the producers to realize they had a genuine star on their hands.

Not only was she a fan favorite, but many guys tuned in just to get a glimpse of Jennifer. It came to a point where there were always two piles of fan mail at the production office: one general Brookside pile and a Jennifer Ellison pile. Thanks to her popularity, Jennifer stayed on the show for five years. Before her stint on the show came to an end, she diversified her career by modeling. As a matter of fact, Ellison starred in the Marks & Spencer "Relax At Home" lingerie line in 2002. In 2003, her character was killed off Brookside and she decided to return to her performing roots and give pop music a try. Even though she was initially discouraged, she managed to get a recording contract with East West.

Her first single, "Baby I Don't Care," is a new version of the 1989 Transvision Vamp classic and was launched June 16th, 2003. To promote her musical career, she even sang before 60,000 people at the Southampton Road Show. Her new single "Bye Bye Boy" was released November 24th, 2003.

Because of her hectic schedule, especially since she's set to appear in the film Hey Mr DJ and is currently shooting the upcoming Joel Schumacher movie, The Phantom of the Opera, which is scheduled for release in 2004, an album is still forthcoming. She currently lives in Liverpool and recently ended a two-year relationship with long-time boyfriend Tony Richardson, partly due to his involvement in a gang feud.

More fast facts about Jennifer Ellison

Height: 5' 6½
Nickname: Jen
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Won the National Ballet & Modern Dance Championships in 1996 & 1997.
Has one sister Gemma (born 1991).
Supports Everton Football Club.
Voted sexiest blonde in the world by readers of Nuts magazine (2004).


Jennifer Ellison quits music for movies

Pop star Jennifer Ellison has quit he singing career in favour of films.

"I'm not going to be releasing any more records. I'm glad I did it, but it's not what I want to be doing any more. I really want to do more films - serious stuff and romantic comedies - that sort of thing," femalefirst quoted Ellison as saying.

Meanwhile, the star has also donned a nurse's uniform for her latest TV role.

"I've just finished playing a nurse for an ITV drama with Alan Davies and that was absolutely brilliant," she said.

Stars turn for popstrels

Vague feelings of Fridayness pervade the Daily Star with its gloriously pointless 'Pop Babes - 4-Page Pullout".

It's free inside the rag, if you can tear your bog-eyes away from the naked snap of scousey multiskiller Jennifer Ellison on the front page.

The first totties of song spesh comprises vague trouser-rubbing treats in the form of demi-clad delights including Ellison, Rachel Stevens, Eurovision hopeful (!) Jordan, Girls Aloud, Liberty X (just the girls, mind), Natalie Imbruglia, J-Lo, Paris Hilton (double !!), Ashanti, the girl Valance and a brace of Minogues.

What have they got in common? They fill four pages, look good in bikinis and, er, that's it.

Meanwhile, on page three of the same rag MegaStar favourite Natasha Mealey lolls - also nuddy bar a pair of thermal socks - beside a fake Photoshop fire as thoroughly tenuous topless eye-candy to conclude the Star's 'Desperate Housewives' week.

Houses have fires, you see. Geddit? No us neither.

Sure beats all the other tabloid dross about the last day of legal foxhunting and Her Maj supposedly being miffed at the venue change for Chaz 'n Cam's impending nuptials.

Oh, and the Star says telly chiefs are going to muffle the sound on Wayne Rooney during Saturday's Everton v Man U FA Cup showdown, to spare viewers the f-word-strewn sputum certain to launch forth from the Red Devils' scouse mouth.

Newspapers, eh?

Jennifer Ellison's 'Poseidon Adventure'

Jennifer Ellison has landed a role opposite action star Heath Ledger in a remake of 70's disaster movie 'The Poseidon Adventure' reports The Sun.

"Jennifer has real presence. She is perfect for this movie. She has acting experience from her days in Brookside and is a stunning girl,".

"Landing a part in a movie of this scale is a dream come true for her. She'll be acting alongside Heath and other big names yet to be revealed. The Sun quoted a source as saying
The shooting of the movie will begin in Prague in a couple of months and will probably hit theatres next year.

Minnie Driver had to stuff her bra with 'chicken fillets' for new movie 'Phantom of the Opera', according to busty co-star

Jennifer Ellison currently stars with Minnie Driver and Emmy Rossum in her new movie 'Phantom of the Opera'.

Jennifer Ellison rose to fame in the role of Emily Shadwick on Channel 4 soap, Brookside. Since leaving the series she's embarked on a career in pop. We caught up with her for a quick chat about her new singing career

What have you been doing since you left Brookside?
I've been really busy recording an album and single.

What made you decide to go into music?
I didn't just decide. I've always had the intention to do it. I've never had an acting class, but I've sung and danced since I was three years old. It's what I've always wanted to do.

Your new single is a cover version of the eighties classic Baby I Don't Care originally by Transvision Vamp. Did you choose it?
Yes, I chose it, just to go on the album at first. But when the record company heard it they said it was going to be one of the releases, then it ended-up being the first one.

What kind of style is the album?
It's kinda rock-pop, there are a few ballards on there as well, but you can't keep changing style through an album. So it's mainly pop and funky rock stuff.

Are you planning on going into movies?
I want to focus on music right now, but I've been offered a script, so I'm going to go through that and see what it's like first. I'll have to see if I've got the time really.

Who are your showbiz pals?
All the guys from Brookside. I still keep in touch with all of them - they're great. I don't see them that much any more, though, because I'm so busy, but I probably catch up with them once a month, when I go home to see my mum and dad. I speak to them all the time.

Which women do you most admire?
Princess Diana - she was a fabulous woman; Victoria Beckham - I admire her style and the way she's kept going and, lastly, I admire my mum 'cos she's great.

How do you stay fit?
I don't do any exercise, but I'm beginning to put a bit of weight on, so I'm going to start going to the gym.

Which products can't you live without?
Ooh - for skincare I use a range of Dermalogica stuff. I can't live without Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream and my Yves Saint Laurent Mascara, either.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I'd like to be settled down with a family and still recording, but not as full-on as I'm doing now.

Jennifer's new single Baby I Don't Care is out now.

'Brookie babe' KOs pop career and Simon Cowell complains... again

Bad news for all those who found the sight of one-time Brookside actress Jennifer Ellison bending herself into awkward angles on Saturday morning television somewhat stimulating, all in pursuit of pop fame - the girl herself has called time on her music career.

Ellison said: "I gave it a good go because I've always wanted to be a singer. When I got into pop I found it wasn't so much about the singing as about how cool you were. How can you expect to be given a fair chance when no one will give your record airplay."

Fair chances are given to good singers, dear.


In kinda related news, Simon Cowell was overheard on the blower to American Idol producers, ranting that there's very little talent among those that have auditioned for the 'talent' show. Cowell apparently said that most hopefuls were "...just a bunch of untalented Usher wannabes".

I want to be Usher. Please.

Jennifer Ellison: People in America thinks she is "sweet" and "pretty"!

No your eyes are not deceiving you. Over at the IMDB message boards, alot of Americans having seen her as Meg in The Phantom of The Opera are raving about her.
Saying how sweet she is and how natural and pretty she looks. They cannot understand why us Brits are so negative about her. I'll be the first to say she is suprisingly good in POTO, we all knew she could act anyway she was good in Brookside. But I cannot get past her trashy image.

I find this very disturbing. They also seem to think Jennifer was a ballerina before she got the part. They have no idea
about the trashy outfits, the whole gangster boyfriend thing, the obvious breast inlargement, the fake tan, the barbie hair and those tacky photos spreads for the lads mags. Oh and the failed pop career.

Be warned people, with musicals back in fashion. I'm worried Jen could become a big star!!

Jennifer Ellison To Come Out In Europe Only

Neil Sean of Sky News reports Jenifer Ellison is fighting the release of her album because it might hurt her Hollywood hopes. "I enjoyed it, and all that, but I think that, a year after making the album, it sounds a little old so it would be best kept away," Jennifer Ellison remarked.

"Just look at how they attacked Catherine Zeta-Jones for her failed pop career. It can haunt you for the rest of your life."

Despite Jennifer Ellison's pop regrets, her record label plan on releasing a record in Europe only.

Jennifer Ellison and her friend Minnie Driver

Jennifer Ellison has struck up a friendship with fellow actress Minnie Driver on the set of new flick Phantom Of The Opera. And Jennifer reveals that Minnie is also planning a pop career.

"Her stuff is kind of like Sheryl Crow," explains the beautiful star. "It's really different. It's great. You'll be surprised."

In fact lantern-jawed Minnie, 34, has just signed a £1m deal with EMI Records and will release her debut single, Everything I've Got In My Pocket in September.

"She actually played a lot of her stuff to me when we were on set," continues Jennifer, whose new single, Bye Bye Boy has just been released. "She's got an amazing voice."

Jennifer Ellison, Minnie Driver and her 'chicken fillets' bra

Minnie Driver had to stuff her bra with 'chicken fillets' for new movie 'Phantom of the Opera', according to busty co-star Jennifer Ellison.

British TV actress Jennifer was delighted when producers told her she would not have to strap down her large breasts - because big chests were the style in the era the film is set in.

However, the blonde beauty's less blessed co-stars, Minnie Driver and Emmy Rossum, who play the lead roles in the lavish movie version of the hit musical, had to have their busts boosted with silicone 'chicken fillet' pads.
Jennifer, who plays Meg, revealed to Britain's Heat magazine: "Thankfully, in the period that the film's set, the fashion was for big, rosy chests!

There was no need to bandage them down.

"Minnie and Emmy had to be stuffed with padding and 'chicken fillets'.

But mine were fine!"

Jennifer Ellison to write autobiography

Jennifer Ellison is reportedly planning to tell her 'life story' in a £500,000 autobiography, according to The Daily Star.

The 21-year-old already has publishers queuing up for her story, claims the tabloid.

It will include details of her love affair and break up with footballer Steven Gerrard.
The book will also detail her fall out with Alex Curran who's now engaged to Gerrard.

Alex accused Jen of stealing her then boyfriend Tony Richardson who's now seeing Jen.

The Star quotes a friend as saying: "There will be one or two famous people who will be very jittery about how they will come out of it."

And Jen said: "I just want to set the record straight.

People talk about me without getting the facts right."

Jennifer Ellison wants fairytale wedding

Jennifer Ellison wants to get married in a fairytale ceremony.

The sexy actress, who is engaged to Tony Richardson, says she needs to save a lot of money for the wedding as she wants to do it in a castle.

She said: "We're engaged. We are going to get married, but we don't know when. We'll need to be millionaires by the time I get married, because I want a big, posh wedding.
I want a big fairytale one. I'm going to fly all my family to Scotland or Ireland and get married in a castle."

The 'Chicago' star says the wedding will happen in about three years as she wants to be married before she has children.

She added in an interview with Britain's New magazine: "I want kids when I'm 25, and I want to be married before then, so maybe when I'm 24.

Me and Tony will have been together for seven years by then, so we'll get married and avoid the seven-year itch!"

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