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Ying Yang Twins Rappers

Ying Yang Twins

As kings of the club circuit, the Ying Yang Twins have ridden their zany, cartoonish personas, witty lyrics and Grade-A production to the top of the charts. The Atlanta-based duo of Kaine and D-Roc released in 2003 its acclaimed third album, the platinum Me & My Brother, which spawned the hits "Salt Shaker," feat. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz and "Whats Happnin!," feat. Trick Daddy. Now, the Ying Yang Twins return with My Brother & Me, a crunktastic CD/DVD combo that features 10 new songs, 3 videos and behind the scenes footage of the premier party-starters. The CD/DVD set’s lead single "Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk)", sports an injected guest shot from Homebwoi backed by an all-star marching band There will also be two "Salt Shaker" remixes, one with Lil Jon, Juvenile, Murphy Lee and Fat Joe; the other version is an extended mix with additional verses from BG, Jacki-O, Pitbull and Fat Man Scoop. New songs are "In The Club," which features Yani, and the "Get Naked" remix, which features Bonecrusher. Other songs include a "Slow Motion" remix with Juvenile, Ying Yang Twins, Wyclef and UTP; a "Georgia Dome" remix with Jacki-O; and a "Me & My Brother" remix with YoungBloodz. The My Brother & Me DVD gives fans an intimate look into the crazed world of the Ying Yang Twins. It features the videos for "Whats Happnin!," "Salt Shaker" and "Naggin’," as well as a the Ying Yang Twins performances on WB’s Pepsi Smash, 2004 BET Awards, BET’s 106 & Park and their appearance on MTV’s CRIBS.

Even though the Ying Yang Twins exploded in 2003, the pair already had two hit albums (2000’s Thug Walkin and 2002’s Alley: The Return of the Ying Yang Twins) and a string of hit radio and club singles ("Whistle While You Twurk", "Ying Yang In This Thang", "Say I Yi Yi" and "By Myself") to their credit. The instant success of both "Whistle While You Twurk" and "Ying Yang In This Thang" made Ying Yang Twins immediate players in the hip-hop field. Subsequent hits "Say I Yi Yi" and "By Myself" established Kaine and D-Roc as hip-hop’s premier party-starters and earned them guest spots on albums from from Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz and Kizzy Rock.
The Ying Yang Twins extended their hit streak with the release of their third album, Me & My Brother, the pair’s first on independent powerhouse TVT Records (home to Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, among others), contains the type of crunktastic club bangers that have earned the pair thousands of loyal fans across the country.

"We aim to please everybody, explains Kaine of his group’s infectious sound. "All we want to do is keep smiles on everybody’s faces. We make things with a catchy vibe, so that you’ll be eager to want to get to know the song. It’s like if you want to holler at a female, you’re going to step your mouthpiece up real good before you say what you’re getting ready to say to her because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression."

Interestingly enough, the Ying Yang Twins get their inspiration for their mega-hits from the simplest of resources: each other. " We just sit around and come up with something that somebody else ain’t gonna come up with," D-Roc says. "We sit around and trip. We’re some quick-witted trash-talkers. With trash-talking comes a brain because I’ve got to talk faster than you if you’re talking trash. That’s how our songs come about. We talk trash, formulate it, put it together and then it becomes a song. We’re like two cartoon characters. Cartoon characters are always tripping. That’s how we come up with everything that we do." United via mutual friends at the end of 1996, D-Roc and Kane had to become a rap duo. D-Roc, a solo artist at the time, was signed to Ichiban Records. Producer Beat-In-Azz (then known as DJ Smurf) was also signed to the imprint and was solicited to do a remix for D-Roc. The two became friends and Beat-In-Azz requested that D-Roc be on his album. D-Roc brought Kaine to the recording session. "When I heard them rhyme together, their chemistry, I had never heard anything like that before," Beat recalls. "I told them they needed to be a group. I don’t think no one else captures that chemistry on record."

Ying Yang Twins Fly The Flag For The U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta)

Album isn't due till summer, but leaks forced early release of single, 'Wait.' The Ying Yang Twins have crafted more than a few crunk anthems, so it only seems natural that they'd have a country to go with them. Sure enough, the Twins' upcoming sophomore set is called U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta). The crunk movement, a lot of people think that Atlanta is just now getting on the scene," said Kaine. "Atlanta had a big rap scene in the early '90s. People just started paying attention to it now because we came by the masses, but the third coast has never had a shot at being in the industry [until now]."

"We're just trying to put everybody in on Atlanta," added D-Roc. "They say a whole lot of people have moved down there in the last year, but not everyone knows Atlanta."

Serving as the follow-up to My Brother & Me (see "Ying Yang Twins' My Brother & Me To Feature New Songs, Lots More 'Salt Shaker' "), the album, due this summer, will feature production from frequent Ying Yang collaborator Beat-In-Azz (a.k.a. DJ Smurf) along with Lil Jon. The album will also feature a host of guest vocalists, including Jon and his East Side Boyz and Anthony Hamilton, among others.

The duo's first single, "Wait," is already gaining attention with its whispered vocals. "It comes from the perspective of talking to a lady in her ear while in the club," explained Kaine.

"You know how you're in the club and you're trying to get you some but you got to whisper because you don't want anyone to hear," D-Roc added. "Also, when you're kind of tickling her ear, so it turns her on."

According to Kaine, the single wasn't scheduled to be released this early. "Somebody leaked our music, it got MP3ed to the world and took us by surprise," he said. "It wasn't even time for us to start looking at our album, but the streets called for it."

And while the streets are calling for the party track, the Twins also plan to serve up some message-oriented material. The duo teamed with the R&B soulster Anthony Hamilton on a gospel-inspired track titled "Belle."

"It's a remake of an Al Green song," Kaine said. "It's really the darker side of the Ying Yang Twins. It's more of an in-general 'Man, we are all catching bricks hard'-type song. That song is next level, and it will take Ying Yang to the next level. It's going to make people realize what we got to offer to the game, because it's bigger than what they think it is. We're more than what they see on TV."

Ying Yang Twins Obscene? University Just Figured That Out

Officials at Florida Atlantic University cancel duo's concert, citing their obscene and sexually overt lyrics. It looks like not everyone is into "getting low."

Officials at Florida Atlantic University have canceled a December 4 concert by the Ying Yang Twins, citing the group's obscene and sexually overt lyrics.

The crunked-up duo of Kaine and D-Roc were scheduled to play a concert during the university's football game against Florida International University at Pro Player Stadium in Miami.

According to the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, the group signed an agreement promising to play a family-friendly show for the all-ages crowd. However, the university didn't want to appear as though it were endorsing the Twins' other material.

The Ying Yang Twins' representative at TVT Records said it was "unfortunate" the school made this decision, especially since the group had just been booked the day before.

No word yet on what act, if any, will replace the Ying Yang Twins on the bill.


Ying Yang Twins' 'Naggin' ' Lands Them In Divorce Court

Duo hope new song, video will resonate with men worldwide. Burning up the airwaves with their appearance on Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz's booty anthem "Get Low," the exuberant Ying Yang Twins are ready to return and make their own mark with "Naggin'," the leadoff single from the upcoming Me and My Brother.

According to a treatment released by TVT Records, the video for "Naggin'," shooting Thursday (July 10) and Friday in Atlanta, depicts Twins Kaine and D-Roc in divorce court before their accusing women and an unruly court audience. As the judge questions the Twins, the galley explodes in a battle of the sexes as humorous vignettes of Kaine and D-Roc being nagged by their ladies are shown. The video is intercut with portraits of real-life nagging scenarios including a woman on a street corner holding one baby on her hip with several other kids around her, chastising her man for being no help.

Kaine recently said he believes the song will resonate with all men. "Nagging's like a universal term that every man can identify with throughout the globe. It didn't just start happening; it's been happening. We're just acknowledging it."

Although the Twins are expert at using humor and wordplay to view situations from a different perspective, as they did on their 2000 hit "Whistle While You Twurk," Kaine views "Naggin' " as a more realistic portrayal. "With a real-life situation song, we're not talking about twurkin' or shakin' or none of that. We're talking about being able to deal with a young lady. ... An everyday working man ain't doing no bull jack. He's just tired."

Me and My Brother is produced by longtime Twins associate DJ Beat-In-Azz, who also produced the Twins' two previous LPs, 2000's Thug Walkin' (ColliPark Records) and 2002's Alley ... The Return of the Ying Yang Twins (Koch Records). With a reputation for putting out Southern-style crunk records, Beat-In-Azz said he wanted to show the Twins' versatility on their new album.

"You don't want 10 'Get Low's running back-to-back 'cuz you ain't gonna ride it," the producer explained. "This album here, you have a bunch of good cuts. ... That's the biggest difference between this album and the last album. We gonna flip it now. ... I want [listeners] to know [the Twins] can do other things."

The Twins will be busy right up to the day their new album drops on September 16. They'll appear on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," performing "Get Low," and will tour the country late this summer along with Lil Jon, David Banner, Chingy and Killer Mike on the Dirty South Mix Tape Tour.

Ying Yang Twins Twurkin' It Again With 'Say I Yi Yi'

Atlanta duo score hit with their second strip club soundtrack, Alley: The Return of the Ying Yang Twins. If you rhyme and you're from Atlanta, chances are a couple of your cuts will end up on the sound system at your local gentleman's club.

But your whole album?

"Ying Yang love the women," explained Ying Yang Twin Kaine about the ubiquity of the duo's music in their hometown strip clubs. "Not only do we speak about [strippers], we indulge in them. We're from the heart of the city. It's not hard to get up and go to any club or ghetto in Atlanta from where we're from. The girls tell us they're feelin' our music, so they play the whole album."

Which is good, because on their second CD, Alley: The Return of the Ying Yang Twins, when they're not complaining about all the "Playahatian" coming their way, the 23-year-old MCs are speaking to their captive, lap-dancing audience. As a follow-up to their 2000 hit "Whistle While You Twurk" — which was recut after Disney threatened to sue over its sampling of the Seven Dwarfs' signature song — the boys are twurking it again with their infectious booty-blessing anthem "Say I Yi Yi."

The song, with its chattering chorus and video game sound effects, was, of course, inspired by the Twins' beloved pole-dancing friends. But, the boys said, they were also thinking about a different kind of dirty dancing. "That's from dirty swing music," Kaine said of the song's ragtime hook. "It's that Cab Calloway sh--. We try to make songs that are easy to learn."

"We like our music to be high-adrenaline, easy to enjoy," piped in partner D-Roc. "That was the first song we recorded for the album and we wasn't even lookin' for it. We were snoozin' on it. But we woke up and got right. We'd done other, longer versions, and then we caught the vibe of it and redid it the way it is now."

With a sound that owes a debt to the Dirty South bounce made famous by such brethren as Outkast and Goodie Mob, Ying Yang aren't afraid to twist in some gospel flair on other playa hatin' anthems like "I'm Tired." Working again with producer Beat-In-Azz — who also produced their 2000 debut, Thug Walkin' — Kaine and D-Roc bounce their way through tracks like "Twurkulator" and the military march "Sound Off," then switch it up on the dark, grinding thug tale "ATL Eternally." The song, which features Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boys and Pastor Troy, sprinkles in chunky rock guitar riffs under an Onyx-like shouted chorus.

Even though they rap about shaking loose those leeches who come calling after success ("By Myself") and come up with another dance craze in the making ("Hunchin'"), Ying Yang Twins said they don't get tired of making stripper anthems because they know why you keep hearing them in the clubs.

"We speak on everything," said D-Roc. "But you wake up and go to your job, go get your hustle on, get your car washed, then you want to go to a booty club and do whatever for the rest of the night. Nothing is worth getting tired of because [there's time for] everything to get addressed. The big question was would we be able to bring us another [single] that had the same effect as 'Whistle'? ['Say I Yi Yi'] is bigger, though, because it's steady climbing [the charts]. It's the perfect sequel because it's got that jingle motion, that happy sound."

Like any thugs worth their salt, Kaine and D-Roc said they feel too many in the rap game have disrespected their skills, treating them more like a novelty act (Tag Team) than the true rap pioneers (Run-D.M.C.) they feel they emulate.

"We're an emotionally driven group," explained Kaine. "Atlanta was once a city of variety like New Orleans, not the city it's grown into. We're outcasts in the [rap] game because we're comin' with what they don't want to hear. Nobody ever questions [Run-D.M.C.] 20 years after they came with their style. 'Walk This Way' was rock, and 'It's Like That' was straight hip-hop. Totally different tracks. I guess the game just calls for a lot of questions of that sort. You see what they say about Ying Yang in 20 years."

And, lest you think Kaine and Roc disrespect the ladies by only rapping about the ones who make it "wobbedy wobbedy when it wiggle," they serve up a little "Tongue Bath" near the end of Alley.

"That's just to show that we're versatile enough to step into that lane," Kaine said of the gospel-tinged ode to, um, females receiving some special attention.

"I mean, what lady do you know who don't like their man to put it on them?" added D-Roc. "We had to make one for the women."

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