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Adam Brody Actor OC

Adam Brody

A member of Fox's fast-growing hit series "O.C." Born and raised in San Diego, California, Adam Brody told his parents that he was going to attend college in Los Angeles after graduating from high school. Once there, however, rather than enrolling in school, he took private acting classes and signed with a personal manager. Brody landed a number of roles within a short amount of time, including a guest appearance on ABC’s hit TV series Once and Again, a role in an independent film called Never Land (2000) and the lead role of Barry Williams in the TV movie biography Growing Up Brady (2000). A stint on the MTV series Undressed was short lived, but Brody managed to make appearances in another independent film, The Silencing (2000), and in the MTV movie The Sausage Factory (2000), all before the year’s end. His career kept up its frenetic pace in 2001 with guest appearances on the WB series Grounded For Life and CBS’s Judging Amy and Family Law. He also appeared in two more independent films, Roadside Assistance and According to Spencer, and made his big budget film debut as “High School Guy” in American Pie 2 (2001). Soon after, he was cast as the lead character Zach in the MTV series Now What?, which ran for 13 episodes. He made a guest appearance on the WB’s hit series Smallville, then landed a supporting role in another big budget feature, The Ring (2002), before playing Dave for nine episodes on another WB hit, The Gilmore Girls. On The O.C., dubbed the “hottest new show of the fall” for 2003 (with an early start date of August 2003), Brody plays the supporting role of Seth, the son of a public defender (Peter Gallagher) who takes in a teenage boy (Benjamin McKenzie) with a troubled past.

Brody also landed a starring role in the Warner Brothers big screen movie Grind (2003), playing one of a group of avid skateboarders. Off the screen, he enjoys surfing and lives in Los Angeles. He was born on April 8, 1981 in San Diego, California.

He been seen: As adorably snarky Seth on Fox's hit The O.C.; joining Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a kidnap victim in'' Mr. and Mrs. Smith''. He was friends with O.C. costars (and love interests) Samaire Armstrong and Rachel Bilson before they all landed the show. "We took acting classes together, and we became really good friends."


The O.C.'s Adam Brody stars in "Missing Brendan"

Before Adam Brody hit stardom with ‘The O.C.’, he landed his first dramatic leading role in Missing Brendan, alongside Edward Asner and Illeana Douglas. From shirtless and steamy kisses to shy awkward charm and fiery arguments, Brody shows his acting chops and a side to him none have yet seen.

Originally cast in a small role, Brody won the young male lead through a twist of fate and a winsome personality. Writer and Producer Christopher D. White explains, “the potential actors we were looking to cast in the role of Patrick Calden could not get their visas. By then, Adam had won us over with his personality and incredible ability to add-lib. His talent was undeniable.” Casting agent Jean Scoccimarro, credited for discovering Angelina Jolie, adds, “Adam has a self-effacing charm about him which he brought to this role and now ‘The O.C.’. He can be goofy, funny or serious. He was a sweetheart to work with and he was friendly, polite, considerate and always prepared.”
This patriotic family drama follows the lives of three generations of the Calden family including grandson Patrick (Adam Brody), his father (Robin Thomas, The Banger Sisters) and grandfather (Edward Asner) as they embark on a difficult and emotional journey to Vietnam to search for the remains of their sibling (Brendan) who has been MIA since the Vietnam War. Accompanied on their expedition by archeologist Julie Conroy (Douglas), they encounter far more than they expected forcing the Calden family to test the bonds that have tied and estranged them over the years.
White wrote the screenplay with Edward Asner in mind for the role of the grandfather and lucked out when he accepted. Asner explains, “I chose to do the role of George [Calden] as it was an interesting challenge in a script that had something to say regarding the inter-relationships and conflicts within a family that all seemed right and true.”
Missing Brendan is a film about family, hardship, perseverance, hope, healing, forbidden love, cross-cultural issues and is a dedication to those who have served in the war.

Missing Brendan hits stores February 15, 2005 on DVD. Running time: 100 minutes.

Adam Brody's cool factor

Adam Brody has a secret. Though he plays the most beloved outsider currently on the small screen--Seth Cohen on Fox's The O.C.--he actually was a bit of a snob back when he was in high school.
"I was a bit of an elitist," he admits with a laugh. "I grew up in San Diego, and I surfed every day. Only three of us at school had surfboards, and we thought we were cool. It was funny. We had our own little clique."

You'd never guess it from his portrayal of The O.C.'s tongue-in-cheek geek, a role that has catapulted Brody into the limelight, after smaller parts on Gilmore Girls, Judging Amy, Smallville and ABC's Once and Again (where O.C. costar Mischa Barton also got her start). Brody's first break into the biz wasn't quite so high on the cool factor: He played Barry Williams/Greg Brady in the NBC movie of the week Growing Up Brady.

Brody's newfound popularity has already landed him a cool big-screen role--he just signed for a part in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The kid deserves it. "I think Adam has a very unique and original voice that people respond to," says O.C. executive producer McG. "He has a great sense of humor and sense of irony...and he's such a cute son of a bitch."

That said, it seems his female fan base--both young and old--will continue to grow. "He's the type of guy I would have gone for when I was younger," admits Melinda Clarke, who plays Julie Cooper on The O.C. "All I know is that we were at a family barbecue for the cast, and my four-year-old daughter immediately latched on to Adam. He was trying to have a conversation with someone else, so he told her, 'Hold on, sweetie.' She came to me, crying, saying, 'Mommy, mommy, Adam won't talk to me.' And I said, 'Stand in line, honey.' "

'O.C.' stars Brody and Barton inspire dedicated followers of fashion

For the fashion obsessed, TV just hasn't been the same since Carrie Bradshaw was mugged for her Manolo Blahniks. But that hasn't stopped us from looking for the next "Sex and the City." Channel surfing for trendsetting TV is leading many viewers to ABC's "Desperate Housewives" and Fox's "The O.C.," both evening soap operas about stylish suburban subcultures.

On the other end of the age spectrum is teen dream "The O.C." Now in its second season, the show has been buoyed by the personal style of its young stars Mischa Barton, whose relationship with the fashion house Chanel (they dress her for public appearances) translates into costumes for the show, and Adam Brody, whose signature geek chic (sweater vests over polo shirts) has even trickled down to the racks at Target.

A new subscription-based website (theocinsider.com) and a companion magazine launched last month offer fashion and makeup tips written by the show's staff, among other things. The site also sells clothes that the characters could wear. A bestseller is the "Mrs. Seth Cohen boy-beater" tank top, a riff on celebrity-wife T-shirts that refers to Brody's character.

" 'The O.C.' has a lot of impact on our readers," says Amy Astley, editor in chief of Teen Vogue. "After Mischa Barton carried a Chanel tote as her school bag, it was considered highly desirable. Of course, not everyone can afford Chanel, but the trend went away from the backpack to the tote anyway. It's also the impact of the actors themselves, like Adam Brody, with his Mr. Rogers cardigans. When we shot him for the cover of the magazine, we didn't change the way he was dressed at all."

Down at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, Calif., where "The O.C." is filmed, costume designer Karla Stevens is on an eight-day shooting schedule that begins with a shopping spree. She travels with her cheat sheet of actor sizes and her corporate card, though much of the merchandise will be returned within days. Continued...

"What's great about a show like 'The O.C.' is that it's a whole lifestyle we're selling," she says. "With a rich community, everyone looks beautiful, drives beautiful cars, lives in beautiful homes, and wears beautiful clothes. We have the opportunity, unlike other shows, to go over the top. We can look at what's coming off the runways and translate it into the characters."
The operative word may be "selling." When "Sex and the City" costume designer Pat Field put an enormous flower pin on Sarah Jessica Parker's lapel, it wasn't because she was partnering with a jewelry designer. But that kind of scenario could be coming to a TV near you soon.

"Sex and the City" didn't take advantage of licensed apparel and products until the last couple of seasons. But Lisa Gregorian, senior vice president of TV creative services for Warner Bros. Television, isn't going to make the same mistake. She's making "The O.C." into a brand, with interactive games, soundtracks, and high-end apparel.

Stevens puts together 60 to 100 costumes per episode. She also writes a weekly column for theocinsider.com, which begins, "Hello fans and fashionistas!" A recent missive discussed accessorizing with pearls, round-toe pumps, tweed caps, and Coach clutch bags.

"Desperate Housewives" has fashion potential too, says Teen Vogue's Astley. "I think their hotness may have hit them by surprise. But the leading ladies are attractive, and they are already somewhat identified by their clothes." The influential LA boutique Kitson has decorated its windows in the campy style of Wisteria Lane and will soon sell "Desperate Housewives" T-shirts.

Adair's schedule begins on Sunday afternoon, when she shops with each character in mind.

"I try to think what they would buy if they were out shopping," says the designer, who works with a team of nine. By the end of the eight-day shooting cycle, she has shopped for, altered, and fit 50 to 100 costumes, not counting the ones for extras. "A lot of pieces I re-dye or cut up. It is design because it's how you mix and match things, and that's what women do in real life."

Bree, the consummate perfectionist, always has to match. Gabrielle is more fashion-forward.

"There's a lovely line in an upcoming episode where she complains that her shoe shopping has been curtailed by Carlos's antics," Adair says.

Hebrew Ho-Ho-Ho hits ''O.C.''

Young Seth (Adam Brody on "The O.C.") has come up with the most innovative holiday celebration on TV since Frank (Jerry Stiller) introduced the world to Festivus, his Christmas-season holiday "for the rest of us," on "Seinfeld."

Seth's holiday hybrid is called "Chrismakkuh" - a melding of Christmas and Hanukkah that Seth hopes will unite the Jewish and non-Jewish factions of his family circle - at least for the duration of the holiday season.

But as tonight's new episode of "The O.C." demonstrates (8 p.m. on Fox/Ch.5), it will take more than a made-up holiday to bring the Cohen, Cooper and Nichol clans together for peace, harmony, egg nog and potato pancakes.

In fact, instead of inspiring togetherness, Seth's Chrismakkuh celebration actually contains the elements for a soap-opera style perfect storm, which is heading straight for the Cohen kitchen, where it will leave destruction in its wake.

Sorry to be so vague, but that's what happens when you're trying to recommend a TV show while trying not to ruin it in the process.

The most I'll reveal about the kitchen showdown is to list the Chrismakkuh celebrants who will be on hand to witness it: Sandy and Kirsten Cohen (Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan), Seth, Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie), Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton), Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson), Jimmy Cooper (Tate Donovan), Julie Cooper-Nichol (Melinda Clarke), Caleb Nichol (Alan Dale), Lindsay Gardner (Shannon Lucio) and Lindsay's mother, Renee (Kathleen York).

(Don't worry - it's a large kitchen.)

Meanwhile, not everyone who watches "The O.C." tonight will be as enthusiastic about Chrismakkuh as Seth Cohen is, since the concept makes light of both holidays.

Moreover, the merging of Christmas and Hanukkah will seem to some like the producers of "The O.C." are implying that the two holidays are really just the same thing - that Hanukkah is really just the Jewish Christmas.
This angers some Jews and non-Jews alike, but the truth is, Chrismakkuh is not really an idea to be taken seriously.

For that matter, neither is "The O.C." But that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it.

Happy (or is it "Merry"?) Chrismakkuh.

Adam Brody is one of the Sexiest Man Alive

The heart-stoppers on the pages of PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive issue range in age from 22 to 58-year-old Donald Trump and come from eight countries. There are 34 actors and 10 singers, but also a baseball hero, a shrink, a poker champ and a rubber-band man.
2004's Sexiest Men Alive elected by People Magazine Take a peek at some of the hottest of the hot – 16 of People Magazine's sexiest men of the year, including Jude Law, Ben Affleck, Andre 3000, Jason Bateman, Gael Garcia Bernal, Orlando Bloom, Zach Braff, Adam Brody, Billy Bush (host, Access Hollywood, Gerard Butler (Phantom, Phantom of the Opera movie), Dean Cain, David Carr, Jim Caviezel, Richard Chai (designer), Don Cheadle, Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G), Matt Damon, Tim DeLaughter (frontman, The Polyphonic Spree), James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Johnny Depp, Taye Diggs, Colin Farrell, Colin Firth, Matthew Fox, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gus Hansen (poker champ), Hill Harper (CSI: NY), Reef Karim (host of Court TV's House of Clues), Matt LeBlanc, Maroon 5, Seth MacFarlane (creator of The Family Guy animated series), Mark McGrath, Julian McMahon, Ben Mezrich (author), Jason Momoa (North Shore), Chad Michael Murray, Jerry O'Connell, Emeka Okafor (NBA rookie), Ty Pennington (carpenter, TLC's - Trading Spaces), Brad Pitt, Mark Ruffalo, Jimmy Smits, Eddie Steeples (from the Office Max commercials), Mark Steines (host, Entertainment Tonight), Donald Trump, Blair Underwood, Usher, Kanye West, Bruce Willis and Scott Wolf.

Adam Brody's new comedy movie ''Grind''

Adam Brody can now be seen weekly on The O.C.. He’s been acting for three years, but Grind is his first feature film lead role. His character’s goals of going to college are ridiculed by his friends, who push him to pursue the skateboarding Of course, when the character reveals his savings were about $700, you wonder where exactly he was planning to enroll?

Q: Did the film turn out like you imagined it would?

A: It turned out better. I think we took some liberties with the script and truly made it a little better. I think we switched some things around. There is a lot of crude humor in it, but there was more. We cut some out. And I like the flow of it. Here’s the thing. When I originally read it, I thought it’s going to be funny, but I don't know how much you’re going to care.

It’s a comedy. I don’t really think you’re going to care about these kids and their dream and making it at the end. But when I saw it, I really think you do.
Q: Where was your character going to college on $700 savings?

A: I have no idea.

Q: Do you think this is a positive or negative message about college?

A: I think my character wanted to go to school but clearly he wanted to try this first and he was talked into it. I don't think it’s anything negative. I don’t think it’s necessarily positive. I don’t think it’s anything about college. I think it’s college-neutral.

Grind proclaims itself the first ever skateboarding comedy, and I’m hard pressed to contradict that. There are dramas, like Gleaming the Cube, and snowbound sports comedies like Out Cold and Hot Dog, but I can’t remember any skateboarding comedies.
Grind follows four buddies on a cross-country quest to enter a skateboarding competition and get noticed by a sponsor. Adam Brody plays Dustin, a kid who just wants to go to college with his hard earned money, but his ambitious friend Eric (Mike Vogel) convinces him to make one last attempt at the dream before going to school. Joined by their troublemaking friend Matt (Vince Vieluf), they enlist Sweet Lou (Joey Kern)’s van and they’re on their way.

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