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Adrienne Frantz Actress

Adrienne Frantz

Currently starring as "Amber Moore Forester" on CBS's soap opera "The Bold And The Beautiful". She received three Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2000, 2001 and 2003. In 2001, she won the coveted award. Adrienne was born in Mount Clemens, Michigan, and knew right away that she had a passion to perform. As an outgoing only child, by age three, she was holding private dance recitals. By the time Adrienne turned thirteen, all of Detroit had become familiar with Adrienne's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," which she performed at numerous Piston, Neon, and Viper games. At age sixteen, Adrienne left Michigan for New York City, where she landed numerous commercials. Soon she was chosen to do vocals for the television production of Bye, Bye Birdie, starring Jason Alexander and Vanessa Williams. She also appeared as Hermia in the New York Youth Theatre production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Adrienne had just entered her freshman year at Marymount College in New York City, as a theater major, when she won the role of Tiffany Thorne, one of the original characters on the NBC daytime drama Sunset Beach. Adrienne has completed two motion pictures, Jimmy Zip and Speedway Junky, Gus Van Sant's dark tale of runaway kids living on the streets of Las Vegas. Adrienne's musical talents have been showcased on several B&B episodes. She won Best Performance by a Young Performer in a Daytime Serial at the 20th Annual Youth in Film Awards, as well as the Best Female Vocalist award at the 1997 International Music Awards. When Adrienne is not working, she enjoys writing poetry, composing music, attending concerts, skiing, playing softball and relaxing with her two cats, Cuddles Patricia and Angel La Rue. Frantz was born on June 7, 1978.


B&B Actors Dish Co-Stars

We caught up with B&B starlet Adrienne Frantz (Amber) and asked her to tell us who they love working with from the B&B cast and why. Adrienne admitted that her favourite new co-star was the charming and goofy Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas). "Drew is my favourite new person to work with, because I think we have really great chemistry together. I've been in the industry for a while so I kind of forget what it's like to be a "newbie," and I see that as really sweet, to watch him grow and become a good actor. At first everyone is green, but Drew has really blossomed into a really good actor."

The Happy Home-Maker Adrienne Frantz

Adrienne Frantz and Martha Stewart are two names you’d never expect to hear spoken in the same sentence. Yet despite THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL actress’ reputation as a hip Hollywood party girl, the funky diva who plays Amber Forrester is much more of a domestic goddess than you might think.

Rather than dance the night away at some pretentious L.A. club, the actress is much more comfortable taking care of her house and baking something out of a Betty Crocker cookbook. With specialties that include chicken and dumplings, macaroni and cheese, and any fudge, cake or cookie known to mankind, she is known to all her friends as a mother hen who always has a meal at the ready. And when it comes time to sit down and enjoy her culinary creations, you can bet that her dining room will have an atmosphere to suit the occasion. "I always go overboard," she admits. "I’m totally Martha Stewart, down to having glass bowls with colored water and floating candles in them for centerpieces." Frantz knows that flowers also make a lovely addition when one is entertaining, and while she has a gardener to keep her yard in bloom, she’s not above pruning the bushes on her own. "I usually do the roses," she says. "I trim them myself and pick fresh roses every day."

Frantz’s enthusiasm for arts and crafts is so serious that she even has one room in her house devoted solely to that hobby. Creating stained glass was once among her favorite pastimes, but she abandoned that pursuit for health reasons. "I went out and bought all the equipment, but then the warning label said all this stuff about lead poisoning and birth defects, so I just put it away," she says. "Now I’m doing these crazy decoupage boxes which are really cool." Last year for Christmas, Frantz made aromatherapy candles for her friends and family, in flavors like peach, jasmine, cinnamon and sour apple. When she’s in the mood for more involved projects, she grabs sandpaper, paint and varnish and sets to work on various bureaus and vanities around her house. "I love to refinish antique furniture," she says. "That’s one of my big interests." At other times, she occasionally curls up on the sofa with her needlepoint project, though she doesn’t often have the patience for such delicate handiwork. "I have this giant pillow that I’m working on, which I’m probably never going to finish," she laughs.

At the end of the day, Frantz certainly can claim that despite all the celebrity perks and fancy Tinseltown parties, there’s still no place like home. "I guess I’m kind of boring," she admits. "But for the most part, I just love to read my craft books and play house!"

Adrienne Frantz plays hot and sexy Amber

Things are heating up for Amber and Thomas and don't think a little family resistance is going to get in their way! CBS.com took a behind the scenes look at a recent photo shoot with their portrayers ADRIENNE FRANTZ and DREW TYLER BELL to get their take on this hot romance.

CBS.com: Have you been enjoying the hot and steamy storyline between Thomas and Amber?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: It's fun. They're falling in love.
DREW TYLER BELL: I'll let Adrienne answer that because I know she was really looking forward to everything. [Jokes] I was too.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: It's fun. The characters are falling in love. It has truly become a really sweet love story but with a wild, sexy twist.

CBS.com: So, even though it started out as a comfort thing, it's turned into love?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yes, it's turned into love.
DREW TYLER BELL: Yeah, it's evolved into an actual relationship.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I love you. [Teasing Drew]

CBS.com: What about the intervention by the Forresters? How has that affected Amber?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: She's about to go to Furnace Creek to stay away from Thomas because Stephanie told her that she's going to ruin his life. And she doesn't want to come between him and his family. She takes off to Furnace Creek but I think her intentions were to protect him and let him have a good life. But she's in love with him and love wins over all.

CBS.com: In the begining you could see Amber sort of fighting her feelings for him for the Forrester's benefit. Why does she care what they think now?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Because they were her family. They were really the only real family she ever had and so when they want to disown her it breaks her heart. She just has nothing left. That's why she cares so much.

CBS.com: What is it that draws Thomas to Amber?
DREW TYLER BELL: That she's hot and sexy. Isn't that enough? I think initially what attracted them mutually, was that they went through heartbreak at the same time with the same people. So it just naturally built from there by consoling each other. The more they got to talking [the more they realized] they are actually similar and enjoyed each other's company.

CBS.com: You don't think for Thomas it's about pursuing someone that's older, has more experience and that may be a challenge?
DREW TYLER BELL: I think that's definitely part of it. It's more exciting than dating someone your own age. But that's not the complete reason he's pursuing Amber. I think one reason is also the more people are saying, "No you can't have her," the more Thomas has to defend her and that's really drawing him closer to her just talking about it.

CBS.com: Did you have any personal hesitations about telling this story?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yeah, I felt guilty. I did, I felt like a little cradle robber. Then he started calling me Mrs. Robinson.
DREW TYLER BELL: Yeah, but that wasn't unprompted. I'm sure you did something to [deserve that comment]. [Jokes]
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I felt a bit guilty but I was really excited about it because it's something new and something different that we hadn't done and I've done a lot of storylines on this show. So I was actually excited about it because I had been bored for a while -- I'm not bored now.
DREW TYLER BELL: Whenever I get to act with good writing and have good material to portray it's enough. The controversy doesn't really affect me. It's more about getting to do good material.

CBS.com: Would you like to see Thomas continue to rebel against his family?
DREW TYLER BELL: Yeah, I think it adds an interesting aspect when you can see other sides of Thomas. You see the romantic loving side with Amber because he really cares about her but then you see the bitter and independent Thomas. He likes doing his own thing and doesn't care what his family says.

CBS.com: Amber's pretty down and out. What's her plan now?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: She doesn't have a plan.

CBS.com: Emotionally, do you think she's down and out on herself, thinking she doesn't deserve anything good to happen to her?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Oh yeah. She knows that she's not good enough for Thomas. But she knows that she will fight for him.

CBS.com: So Amber's intentions now are pure?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yeah. At first it was a little infatuation, a little lust. Here's this cute little boy who has a crush on me and I have all the power in the palm of my hands but now it's turned into a sweet loving relationship. I think that in the scenes just between Thomas and Amber that the audience is the only one who will ever know. They get to see inside what happens with just the two of them in their relationship.

CBS.com: Do you think in life that truly only those two people really know the truth of that relationship and that's why it has lasting power?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yes. Even through the ups and downs, you can sit and tell your girlfriends all the great things between you and your boyfriend but they might not know all the bad stuff that happens, or vice versa. You can say, "He did this! He did that!" But they won't ever really know how good it can be. So I think in life it's the same way.
DREW TYLER BELL: Yeah, well it's like famous couples that are together, the media will run twelve [magazine] covers in three months about the couple and make up all these stories. But why read them because they have no idea what they're talking about.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: That's why you keep your relationships out of the press.

CBS.com: Would you say that there's a small part of both of your characters that is in this for a bit of revenge and the "look at me now" factor?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Not any more. I think it's a genuine thing now.
DREW TYLER BELL: I think so too.

CBS.com: What is it about Thomas' personality that you like?
DREW TYLER BELL: He's becoming more self-sufficient, and less dependent on his parents which is just natural. You see him making his own choices and sticking to them and standing up for himself in what he wants to do. He's not just the little boy that goes to school. We actually see different aspects of the character which is always interesting to play.

CBS.com: How does Thomas think that this relationship will ever work out if there's no family support? Is he hoping that eventually they will change their minds?
DREW TYLER BELL: As long as he keeps his GPS unit deactivated in his car everything will be fine. [Jokes] No, I don't think he's thought that far ahead. Right now it's just, how can I go see Amber as much as possible without getting in trouble by the family. He's trying to figure out any way to sneak out of the house or to take the car when his parents are gone. But as far as a long term plan, he doesn't have one right now. He just wants to see the girl and he's going to do what he has to do to accomplish that.

CBS.com: Is Thomas still accepting of Brooke as a mother figure even now that she's opposing this relationship?
DREW TYLER BELL: Thomas likes Brooke and he likes having her as a mother figure but I think it's just natural when someone opposes you, you tend to bring up things that you don't like about them. So Thomas starts saying, "Well, you're not my real mother. You can't tell me what to do." I think you see him more bitter than he actually is toward Brooke just because of the circumstances.

CBS.com: Have either of you ever in life been in a situation where you were so blinded by love that in hindsight you thought maybe it wasn't too smart to pursue?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Oh yeah. I thought I was in love with every one of my ex-boyfriends, but I really only ever fell in love once. I look back [on past relationships] and I'd be like, "I love him." But I think that people confuse infatuation with love. I know I have in the past. You know, where you can't get enough of someone and the second you see them you have the jitters through your stomach. It's not love, it's lust, infatuation and people confuse it. Then you look back and you're like, "Wow, no, no, no. That was not love." It may have been fun, but it's not love. [Laughs]

CBS.com: In those relationships were there outside influences telling you, "Don't be with that person!"
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Oh yeah, my friends definitely are very opinionated about my relationships. They hold nothing back. It's hysterical because they're like, "I don't like him!" Or I'd get the, which is even worse than somebody saying something, "Well, I'm not going to say anything about that." Yeah.
DREW TYLER BELL: You're older than I am [referring to Adrienne], so you've gone through more. For me, it's just been like, you have your little teen romances but at 18 I try not to get too serious. Chances are that you're going to have a long term relationship with that person are not very good.

CBS.com: That type of thinking is beyond your years.
DREW TYLER BELL: I mean, it's good to date and have relationships because you learn a lot from that. But I've heard people say that it's pointless to date somebody in high school because like 1% of people who are in high school dating each other end up married.

Adrienne Frantz learns a lot and enjoys her new life

Ever since Rick kicked Amber to the curb, she's been fighting to regain her life! And although she was down and out for a moment, she seems to have landed back on her feet with the promise of a new venture with Deacon and Sally. CBS.com met up with ADRIENNE FRANTZ to find out how she's enjoying Amber's new found freedom and the throw back to her old spunky self.

CBS.com: Amber is back to her old self! How are you enjoying that?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yeah, she's wild and crazy again. It's fun. It's boring being married that long because there's nothing fun you can do. Then when she snapped that was great. Wow, she's having a full on nervous breakdown and holding babies over cliffs. It's great fun. And now she's back to her wacky old self.

CBS.com: Now that Rick and Amber went their separate ways, she really went to work to get her life back and it seems to be working out for her.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yeah, it is...except Oscar doesn't want anything to do with her. [Laughs]

CBS.com: Well, you see a little interest in her but then he pulls back. What is it about Oscar that attracts Amber?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I think he's the one guy who's not wanted her to change and accepted her for exactly who she is. The one thing with her life with the Forresters was that she was always trying to change herself to become the person that they wanted her to be when she really wasn't that person in all actuality. Turning back after her own little breakdown, she's like, "Okay, this is me. I get to be free and I get to be who I am." So, I'm enjoying it.

CBS.com: I can see even onscreen that there's a sense of freedom with your character.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: It's like pressure has just been released and she's like, "Whew!"

CBS.com: Do you think that's why she's pursuing Oscar so hard?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I think so. She's like, "Look, we're so much alike. Come on, we'd be great together!"

CBS.com: Do you think we'll continue to see Amber pursing custody or time with Little Eric?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I think she's basically twisted her way back into his life. It's like she always says, she'll find her way around everything. She found her way around it with Deacon and now she's living with him. I think she doesn't need custody now. She pretty much realizes that she's gotten away with this much and she's not going to push it for awhile.

CBS.com: It seems like Amber always catches a break in some way. She'll be down and out for a minute and then something ends up working out for her and right now it's starting this new company with Deacon and Sally.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yes, a new fashion company with Deacon and Sally. She's had such history with both of them so it should be really interesting to watch.

CBS.com: Is Amber going along with this new venture out of resentment towards the Forresters?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I don't think she has any resentment. She just wants to do something fresh and new and young. She loves designing and creating. It's her chance and her outlet to do it. She needs a job.

CBS.com: This is a way for her to show the Forresters she can make it on her own, too.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yes. And [to say], "This is me and I'm not changing for you and if you don't like it, too bad."

CBS.com: Has Amber given up on Rick?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yes, I think so. I think she realizes that Rick is never going to want anything to do with her again after her last little escapade.

CBS.com: Do you think that's fair of him to hold it against her? It's not like she meant to have a nervous breakdown.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Well, I mean, Rick has forgiven her so many times before and this is just like the final straw. She took off with the kid and didn't even say anything to him. Had she backed off and been patient and done everything that he wanted her to, they probably would still be together. But, since she just flew off the handle and took everything into her own hands, he said, "Fine then. You don't need me."

CBS.com: Will we get more good rivalry between Amber and Bridget?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I don't know. I think so. I think it's working well. They hate each other for the most part. [Smiles] I'm enjoying it. It's fun.

CBS.com: Would you like to see Amber end up with Deacon or Oscar?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Personally, I think that Amber should end up with Deacon because then they could have a happy little family. And the audience always really liked Amber and Deacon together. I'm rooting for that. But who knows? I never know.

CBS.com: Do you ever anticipate any of the things that happen to Amber?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: No, I just go with the flow, see what happens.

CBS.com: Are you ever allowed any creative input as far as your character goes?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Oh, yeah. Brad [Bell, Executive Producer and Head Writer] is totally open to storyline ideas and he uses a lot of stuff that we recommend. It's really good.

CBS.com: It's nice to have an involvement with your character.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Yes. It makes you feel more connected to the character.

CBS.com: What do you do to keep the days and your character fresh for you to portray?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: My goal everyday in general is just to be creatively challenged on a daily basis. Sometimes it's hard when you really don't have much of a scene going on if you have one line. But I've been on the show for a long time; it's really hard to keep it fresh sometimes. It helps working with different people and not the same ol', same ol' all the time.

CBS.com: Did you imagine you'd have the longevity you've had with this show?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I really don't expect anything. I just go on whatever I feel like doing at the time. I signed on because I was having a good time with it but you never know. I don't plan on being here next year or not being here next year. I do whatever feels right to me at the time. That's how I've taken it for all these years. If I'm ever unhappy, I won't be here anymore because I wouldn't work somewhere that I was unhappy. But as long as I'm happy, I have no problems. I have fun with it. I definitely would never stay anywhere I was miserable.

CBS.com: It's nice to have that sense of yourself and freedom.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Well, you know, so many people end up doing things that they regret or [feel] that they didn't take their chances when they could've, or they feel like they've gotten stuck in the whole soap thing. And while I definitely know that I do want to do other things, too, and this is not the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life, I want to explore the world around me. I know I'm going to do that one of these days. But until then, I'll just hang out.

CBS.com: You had such an early start in the business, which affords you time in the future to pursue other things later.
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I started soaps when I was a teenager. I was literally right out of high school. I got my first job like a month out of high school. It was like, "Wow, okay. Here we go." I've been working in this industry since then.

CBS.com: Do you feel in a way that you've grown up in this industry?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Oh, I totally have. I mean, I've grown up in the entertainment business in general. Between my friends and my boyfriend, it's like I've seen all the different sides of it. I've seen so much of the music industry, and nothing surprises me now. I'm like, "Been there, done that - bought the T-shirt twice." [Laughs] It's probably changed my outlook on the world because I don't take things that seriously. That's the way I choose to live my life. It's funny because working with people like Lesley[-Anne Down, Jackie] who worked with me on Sunset Beach when I was seventeen, eighteen, and having them go, "I remember you when you were fresh off the boat." And I'm like, "Oh my God, that's right." It's funny to look back and see the different people I've grown up knowing. It's weird because in the soap world everybody kind of knows each other through other people or they met at award shows. It's like a big family.

CBS.com: Would you say that starting in the industry at such a young age has grounded you more?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: I went through my whole wild phase - everybody does. When I first moved out here I was like, "I can go to parties whenever I want! I'm going to get out of control!" And of course, I did, but now I feel like I grew up a lot quicker than I would have [otherwise]. I was looking at that picture [pointing to a photo on her cork board], I was eighteen. I was with Sarah Buxton [ex-Morgan] and [we were] at Aaron Spelling's Christmas party. I was like, "Wow. I have to wear an evening gown like at prom." I was like the little girl that could. It was a crazy time but it's so funny now because I'm a homebody. I go to events if they're charity events and I know I'm going to raise money for a charity. I'm not the girl who likes to go out and party. I wouldn't go to a bar if somebody dragged me to it, unless it's for a birthday party. And then I usually sit in the corner. I'm such a homebody. I have to get home to my dogs. I didn't think I'd be like this when I first moved out here but now I'm so happy that I am.

CBS.com: What's the most important lesson you've learned so far?
ADRIENNE FRANTZ: Not to trust everybody, definitely. I was so trusting. I trusted everybody. I was such a kid when I started. I got back-stabbed a lot by a lot of people, people that I thought I could trust. Now, I'm really selective with who I trust and who I let into my inner circle of people. You never know who's going to stab you from one side and twist you on the other. That's the biggest lesson I've learned in all of this. In your life you'll probably have five people that you can truly trust with everything. I definitely have those five people. I've learned a lot and I've grown up

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