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Alexis Bledel Gilmore Girls

Alexis Bledel

Alexis is one of Hollywood's emerging young stars. Bledel was born on Septmeber 16, 1981, in Houston, Texas. Besides starring in WB's "Gilmore Girls", Alexis will appear in in four feature films, including a starring role in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, an adaptation of the best-selling novel. The coming-of-age story also stars Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera. Bledel will also be part of the ensemble cast of the Robert Rodriquez film Sin City, with Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Rosario Dawson, and Brittany Murphy. Other upcoming films include Bride and Prejudice, an Indian musical version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, directed by Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham), and the independent film Orphan King, for writer/director Andrew Wilder . Bledel made her feature film debut in Tuck Everlasting, based on the acclaimed novel by Natalie Babbitt. The film also stars Ben Kingsley, William Hurt, Sissy Spacek and Jonathan Jackson. Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls Bledel began her acting career appearing in community theater in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She also modeled in New York during her school breaks. Before winning the role of Rory Gilmore, Alexis attended NYU Film School to study writing and directing. Unknown to many people, Alexis is a daughter of an Argentinian father and Mexican mother, and her first language is Spanish.

Alexis Bledel: The Distress of Success

Unfortunately for Alexis Bledel, it's time to talk. The 23-year-old star of "Gilmore Girls" doesn't like to do interviews. She feels uncomfortable answering questions about herself and almost never comments on her personal life.
Yet even as she politely makes those limits known, she is gracious about why. "It's almost more natural to be in character on a set," she says. "That's a controlled environment where you know where the boundaries are. In a public situation with reporters, it's more evasive.

"It feels evasive to me."

But she knows that interviews are a requirement for her right now. And if she must talk, she has a lot to talk about: "Gilmore" reaches its 100th episode tonight, and she has three feature films in the can. In Sin City with Bruce Willis, based on the comic book by Frank Miller, she plays a prostitute named Becky. She has a small part in the Indian musical twist on Jane Austen called Bride & Prejudice and is one of the girl pack in the bonding comedy-drama, The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.
Bledel is almost painfully shy but rarely coy. When asked, she'll answer, though she'll admit she doesn't think her answers are sufficient to make a very good story. Shyness got her into show business. Her parents encouraged her to try community theater when she was 8 years old, hoping it would help her overcome her shyness.
She did productions such as "Our Town," "The Wizard of Oz" and "Aladdin," and later was scouted in a mall to model. A modeling career was launched while she was in high school, taking her to Tokyo, Milan, New York and Los Angeles.

After graduating, she enrolled at New York University as a film major. In the spring of 2000, Bledel got a manager through her modeling agency and headed to Los Angeles, where she quickly landed the coveted role of Rory on "Gilmore Girls."
As Rory, she plays a woman coming into her own. She's smarter than her peers but is walking through her coming of age with her mother, a feisty single woman living in an idyllic small town. Bledel nabbed the role without much acting experience. She suddenly found herself the lead in a one-hour drama among actors with several years of experience on her.
"She's grown enormously," says veteran character actor Edward Herrmann, who plays Rory's grandfather. "She was perfectly charming [in the beginning] as she always is, but she was unsure. "She had come from NYU. She didn't know whether she wanted to do this. ... To deal with the rigors of this show [is] tough. ... She's a trouper."

Still,Bledel doesn't seem entirely comfortable with it all. A billboard of Bledel and co-star Lauren Graham hovers at a tourist-busy intersection of Hollywood to promote "Gilmore's" milestone. Bledel sees such a display as a necessity she's not entirely at ease with.
"I never had the experience of being a struggling actor, but a lot of my friends have," she says. "I would probably have a much more appreciative perspective on all this if I had [to struggle]. "... - I remember when they first started airing promos here in L.A. for the show, even before it started airing. People started treating me differently and looking at me more.
"It was weird.It was a different feeling for me. It was like [the images were] a more noticeable thing for people than the acting" part of the job. Fame "slightly skews everything a bit," says Bledel. "It socially affects you. It can mess you up. You deal with it. I'm happy where I am now because I am not terribly famous."

Bledel says she may eventually give up acting altogether. She certainly doesn't want to headline a feature anytime soon.
Such a star turn would mean the spotlight.
"That makes you the center of attention. There's that many more eyes on you," she says, "and I don't want that."

Alexis Bledel: Life And Love Everlasting

At a graceful 23 years old, Alexis Bledel is having the time of her life, first as Rory Gilmore in the smash hit Gilmore Girls, and now in Disney’s period fantasy, Tuck Everlasting, which had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.

Alexis Bledel, otherwise known as Rory Gilmore on the hit TV series Gilmore Girls, seemed a tad dazed amidst the chaotic turmoil of the Toronto Film Festival. The petite, seemingly shy actress says right off the bat that this was her first Festival experience “so be gentle with me". Duly noted. She was in Toronto to promote her first film, Tuck Everlasting. Based on the award-winning book by Natalie Babbitt, the film revolves around Winnie Foster (Bledel), a teenage girl on the cusp of maturity. Winnie longs for a life outside the control of her domineering mother (Amy Irving), and when lost in the woods near her home, she happens upon Jesse Tuck (Jonathan Jackson), a boy unlike any she’s ever met before. He and his family (William Hurt, Sissy Spacek, Scott Bairstow) are kind and generous, and they immediately take her in as one of their own. However, the Tucks hold a powerful secret, and with the mysterious Man in the Yellow Suit (Ben Kingsley) tracking them down, they fear that the world as they know it could end. Ultimately, Winnie must decide whether to return to her life or stay with her beloved Jesse and his family forever. Looking for the right project during her Gilmore Girls hiatus, Bledel found it in this whimsical drama. “It’s such a beautiful story and for a children’s film, it deals with some relatively dark themes especially in its treatment of death," Bledel says.

Though playing a 15-year old in Tuck, the 21-year old actress has no problem harking back to her own adolescence playing either this character or Rory in Gilmore Girls. “There’s just so much stuff that these characters go through, and so many changes happening, there’s a lot to play, as an actor."

One of the themes in Tuck Everlasting is this notion that given a choice, by drinking from a magical spring, one can live forever. While some may find that appealing, that is of no interest to the young actress. “The film raises a lot of issues regarding the ability to live forever and the darker side of that and I just don’t think I’d want to see all my friends and family die while I live on."

A former model born in Houston, Texas, Bledel has achieved fame in a relatively short period of time. Before heading on the road to Hollywood, Bledel went to college at New York University studying film. Ironically, she recalls, “I always thought that I would work BEHIND the camera, because it’s a more comfortable place for me to be, really," she admits. But Fate intervened and while Bledel was busily studying at NYU, she started working as a model to earn some extra money and began auditioning for some TV pilots prior to landing the part of Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls.

Bledel admits surprise that such a sweet series about a mother and daughter has afforded her opportunities beyond her expectations. “The show has definitely given me opportunities. I guess I was sort of surprised but I hadn’t had any prior experience with television, so I didn’t really know what to expect. To me, this is normal," the 21-year old actress laughingly adds. “But I guess this isn’t the way it works out. I think we’re really lucky so I think there must have been a need for that kind of programming at the time for it to appeal so much to mothers and daughters who can watch something like that together. There aren’t that many shows about single moms in that situation which is so common in our society." Bledel is currently shooting the third season of Gilmore Girls and admits that Rory will be undergoing some growth and change throughout this next season. “She’s in the process of applying to Harvard which she’s very excited about. She’s also trying to figure out the situation with the two guys in her life." Asked if she can relate to that specific situation, Bledel laughs slightly. “I’ve never been in the situation where I’ve had 2 guys chasing me at the same time and fighting over me." In other ways, the actress identifies with Rory. “She’s a little more than a planner than I am, not to mention careful and studious, but like Rory, I have a great relationship with my mother, though Rory has a more unique bond with hers. They’re more like friends."

Bledel says that she has a genuine affection for her character. “It’s nice to play a character for so long that I like so much, because it’s interesting to see her branch out." And the actress is happy to continue doing the series “as long as it lasts", further admitting that unlike most TV shows, there is no specific end in sight, no standard contract. “I’m available until Rory has kids of her own, if need be", she says laughingly.

Meanwhile her growing legion of fans gets to see a different side of her in Tuck Everlasting.

Art of being Alexis Bledel

An Old Soul: "Sometimes I feel like I am an old person trapped in a young person's body. I'm boring. I go to movies. I read. That's about it."

Through the Looking Glass: "The success of the show is overwhelming. It's like being Alice at the Mad Hatter's tea party because you never know what's going to happen next."

School Rules!: "I was at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for a year and I loved it. There are a lot of really creative people, there is a constant exchange of an ideas. We talk about what's been done [in film] and all the rules for filmmaking and then we talk about how to break them."

More fun stuff about Alexis Bledel

Gilmore Girls is Alexis' first professional acting job, and she doesn't have any prior experience.

Was spotted in a mall by a modeling agency. She worked as a catalog model and traveled all over the world including Milan, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Her first language is Spanish. Her mom's from Mexico and her dad was born in Argentina.

That '70s Show is one of her fave shows.

Loves to play the piano. In between scenes on the Gilmore Girls, she heads to her trailer and practices on a keyboard.

Also enjoys photography, writing, reading, watching movies and hanging with her family.

Didn't grow up speaking English, she learned it in school.

One of Teen People Magazine's 25 Hottest Stars under 25 (2002)

Her parents encouraged her to enroll in community theater when she was eight years old to combat her shyness.

Alexis Bledel's Quotation:
Her Gilmore Girls audition: "It was very unexpected. I was nervous and didn't know what I was doing. It just happened to work out."

Alexis Bledel's Award:
Family Television Awards: Best Actress, Gilmore Girls (2002)

Alexis Bledel Speaks About Her New Life

Alexis Bledel made her way into the entertainment business as an actress in the Texan theatre scene before becoming a model in her teen years. Modeling proved promising for Alexis who found herself modeling at fashion shows in New York, Tokyo, Milan, and Los Angeles while still in high school. Upon graduation, she enrolled in film studies at NYU only to move to Hollywood a year later. There she quickly won the role of Rory Gilmore in The WB's Gilmore Girls.

In this interview Alexis talks about her experiences leading up to the premiere of the Gilmore Girls and her new life as a TV actress.

So, the Gilmore Girls is premiering this fall?

Alexis: Right!

I suppose you’ve started filming already?

Alexis: Yes. We are on the 4th or 5th episode now.

How’s it going?

Alexis: Going well, thank you.

Are you getting into your character?

Alexis: Little by little.

Little by little? What are the difficulties you’ve come across so far?

Alexis: This is my first acting job.

That’s what I’ve read.
Alexis: Every day I learn something. Sometimes it’s difficult. Especially when I have to do something that I don’t normally do. Of course that’s just acting. It’s a challenge but it’s a lot of fun.

How did you end up on a show with The WB?

Alexis: I was modeling with an agency in New York and a manager with the agency introduced himself to me one day and he said he had auditions for someone my age. He asked if I would be interested in doing some and I said, "Sure." I went on a couple and they kept calling me back for this one and I got it.

You started acting to overcome your shyness?

Alexis: Yeah, my mother put me in theatre when I was a kid. She thought it would help.

Do you find it has helped?

Alexis: I think so. The theatre and traveling through my modeling jobs, all of those experiences have helped a lot actually.

Do you think a lot of actors are shy people?

Alexis: That’s what I’ve been told.

Most actors that I've come across seem to be very extroverted people.

Alexis: Me too! I think that it is a myth. I’ve been told that there are a lot of other actors who are shy too. I’m sure it’s true.
Through modeling, you’ve been to a lot of places. What’s your favorite city that you’ve been to?

Alexis: Probably Tokyo. I found it the most interesting because it was such a different culture from us.

How much time did you spend there?

Alexis: I went twice, each time for about a month-and-a-half.

You are working with a lot of experienced TV actors and I was wondering if any have taken you under their wing to help you learn the trade?

Alexis: Not so much to teach me directly. They’ve all be really sweet and supportive. It is a pleasure working with all of them. I had a lot of scenes with Ed Herman. In one episode we went golfing together and I hung out with him and his daughter. He showed me around LA, not teaching me about acting but just showing me around the city.

So what characteristics of yourself do you see in your character, Rory?

Alexis: Just the fact that she is independent of a lot of things that are going on around her. She reminds me more of myself in high school than right now. I think that is the most familiar thing.

What did you do to celebrate after winning the part of Rory? I’m sure it was a big moment in your life.
Alexis: When I got the part I was in LA and I went to get a piece of pizza with a friend of mine because he was the only person I knew in LA before I went home.

You celebrated with a piece of pizza?

Alexis: Yeah, but when I found out the show was picked up it was Mother’s Day. I was at home so I got to celebrate with my family. That was kind of the big celebration because it was definite that it was airing. That was great because we got to celebrate Mother’s Day and the show being picked up.

I guess that was even more of a celebration because often a show doesn’t get picked up. There are just so many pilots.

Alexis: Right! I didn’t really celebrate until everything was definite. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Before you started the Gilmore Girls you finished a year of film school at the University. What are your future aspirations in the entertainment industry? Do you want to get into directing or producing or anything like that?

Alexis: I would love to get into all of it if I can. I write a lot too so I would like to write or direct in the future if I can.

Do you write screenplays?

Alexis: Yeah.

What type of stories do you usually write?
Alexis: I don’t know. They seem to be all over the map. I don’t really have a certain genre that I stick to. I’m kind of just playing around with all kinds of different things.

Where did you grow up, Alexis?

Alexis: In Houston.

What do your friends back home think of you being a TV star?

Alexis: I don’t think it has affected anybody just yet because it hasn’t started airing. I think in October it will affect people more than it does right now. It’s weird because the commercials for the show started airing and they see that. They call me saying that it’s weird.

Here you are with a nationally televised show on the WB. There is potential for you to become somewhat of a celebrity in the next few months. How are you feeling about that?

Alexis: I haven’t really thought about that at all. A couple of people have said that. There is no way that you can prepare yourself for that kind of thing. I have no idea what’s going to happen so I am taking it a day at a time.

In general, do you feel you are a lucky person?

Alexis: Yeah I would say so. I’m really happy with my life.

Can you give us any insight on what the Gilmore Girls is going to be about?
Alexis: It’s about a mother-daughter relationship. A single mother and her 16-year-old daughter. The mother had her daughter Rory when she was 16. It is kind of about how they had to grow up together and experience the same things at the same time. Her mother is a great friend. They’re like best friends. But her mother sometimes doesn’t know how to be a mom but she knows how to be a friend. So Rory has to deal with that situation and her mother has to figure out how to take responsibility and raise this girl who is becoming a woman. It’s complicated.
As an aspiring screenwriter, do you hope to someday help write for the show?

Alexis: I can’t really say at this point because we just started. So I have no idea what the future holds.

If you could only choose one what would you rather do, act or model?

Alexis: Act.


Alexis: You become more involved in what you are doing. You put a lot more into it and it is a lot more rewarding. It’s not just about how you look, it’s how you can portray and what emotions you present to other people. I think it’s a more powerful medium in a lot of ways.

How do you memorize your lines?
Alexis: I don’t actually. I kind of just read it before we start shooting and hope for the best. I kind of just go over it before I go to sleep at night and in the morning I read it over several times and jump into it.

You’ve just started acting and I’m sure just being interviewed is a new experience for you. How do you feel about the self-analyzation you have to go through when people ask you questions about yourself all the time?

Alexis: It’s weird because I was never asked to define myself so much before. You never asked to put yourself in categories and all of a sudden you are. I don’t want to categorize myself a lot of the time. I just want to live each moment, but it's kind of hard to do that when you are asked to analyze yourself constantly. But it’s also good in that you are forced to think about things that you don’t ordinarily think about. I think it’s strange.

Alexis Bledel stars in the new movie ''Tuck Everlasting''

Beautiful, delicate, 21-year-old Alexis Bledel was a model when she was in high school in Houston, Texas. She attended NYU and completed her first year as a film major but she had to put her plans on hold when she was cast as Rory in the popular t.v. series "Gilmore Girls". Her career has expanded with the lead role of Winnie in Tuck Everlasting, a magical film based upon the popular novel. When we spoke with Alexis in Los Angeles, it was early in the morning and she was still yawning…politely. Dressed in navy sweater coat, jeans and boots and wearing no make-up, she looked more 14 than 21 as she told us about the physical demands of the film, some funny moments and her wish to return to her writing some day.

AGW: How did you become involved in Tuck Everlasting?

Alexis: I read the script then I sat down with Jay Russell the director and talked about the movie and his ideas. I really liked what he had to say and I asked him lots of questions and he answered all of them. Later on I was up for the part and I got it and it was great.

AGW: Had you read the book?

Alexis: I read the book once I got the part but I hadn't read it before then.

AGW: What did you like about the character of Winnie that made you want to make this your first big movie?

Alexis: She has a lot to do in this movie. The script is full of her and she basically goes from being a child in the beginning of the movie and grows throughout the course of it. There's a lot of great stuff to play in between.

AGW: What was it like working with Oscar winner Sissy Spacek? Any acting tips exchanged?

Alexis: I certainly didn't give her any pointers. It was interesting watching her work because she seems to be a very sensitive person and I think that's what makes her such a great actress because she notices so much and knows so much about her characters and what they would do in every situation, how their surroundings would effect them.

AGW: If you could live forever, what would be the one thing you would want to accomplish?

Alexis: I would be kind of like the character Jesse in the movie. I'd want to see as much as possible and travel the world. I think that's probably the best thing to do with all that time.

AGW: Is there somewhere you would especially like to go?

Alexis: I haven't seen most of Europe. I'd really like to spend time there and I'd love to go to Africa. Those are my top choices.

AGW: If you were faced with the choice that your character has in the movie, what would you do?

Alexis: I probably wouldn't want to be stuck at fifteen because I think that's a pretty conflicted age to be stuck at with all the hormones and the crazy skin problems or whatever. I'd want to be a little older and have a sense of myself. I probably wouldn't do it either [choose to live forever].

AGW: This is a period film. You wear a corset. Did that help to put you into character?

Alexis: Yes. Definitely. When you put the corset on it gives you a glimpse into what those women's lives must have been like, a little bit. Just the fact that they did that to themselves to look a certain way gives you an idea of how important it was to be a proper young lady in those times, to kind of fit the mold of what they were trying to accomplish socially. The director, Jay Russell told me to use the corset as a device to remind myself that not only physically, but emotionally, she was trapped in her surroundings and wanted desperately to get out. It was definitely a reminder because the thing is so tight!

AGW: Your successful series and carrying this movie is a lot on your shoulders. How are you handling it?

Alexis: I took a few months off last year to kind of step back from it. It think that's the best way to gain perspective on all of it; kind of step back and look at it, evaluate it and move on. All of that stuff just comes with the territory. I've always just looked at it as the job and this [interviews] is part of it to me. I try to make as much time as possible to do my stuff, live my life and all the rest is just my job.

AGW: What was the most challenging scene for you?

Alexis: There was a lot of physical work in this movie that I wasn't really aware of. We were running around. It was tiring in a whole other way. On [Gilmore Girls] we talk really fast and that's sort of mentally exhausting to keep track of it and spit it out and have it have some sort of humanity but this was exhausting in a whole other way. When I read the script, I read mostly the dialogue to kind of understand the character and what I was supposed to do. But in between all the dialogue were all these little paragraphs that I just kind of… 'okay so they're running around, great' but I didn't realize that's going to be a whole day of climbing up rocks and jumping into very cold water! You don't take that into account until you actually do it. Now I pay such close attention to all that stuff and take notes like 'jumping, running'.

AGW: Was it weird getting used to how slow making a movie is?

Alexis: I thought it was great, man. I could read. I listened to my music in my trailer. You have a lot more time to think about your character and what you're going to do in the scene, make sure that it's all consistent, fitting into place. I've appreciated the time but there were times when I said 'Okay what are we doing? Can we move this along?' But we actually moved pretty quickly on this film because we had a limited amount of time to shoot it and it was sort of a fast pace for a movie. I think our daily page count was bigger than a lot of other movies.

AGW: What music did you listen to on your breaks?

Alexis: I listened to a lot of Dave Matthews on this movie. Make of that what you will. I'm not sure why.

AGW: Do you watch the director on the set? Do you have interest in ever being behind the camera in your career?

Alexis: I do. It's a much more interesting place to be than in front of the camera. I don't know how things will play out. I've got my hands pretty full right now. I like writing a lot and I'd like to write something and try to get it made at some point. When you're on a set there's so much going on, so many different processes at the same time that you observe it all like a big clump. So I have this clump of information floating around in my head that I'm sure will be useful at some point.

AGW: What would you write?

Alexis: I don't know. That was going to be my main concentration in film school. That's the way it was going toward the end of the year that I was there. I still have a lot of work to do on my writing before I'll send something out there to be evaluated by other people.

AGW: What in your life is your anti-drug or natural high?

Alexis: My job just keeps me so busy that if I were to be on drugs and try to attempt doing my job I'd be useless. My job keeps me busy, man.

AGW: Are you anxious to do another film?

Alexis: I'm not anxious. I've really got my hands full with the program because it's a crazy schedule but I'm reading a lot of things right now to pick out what the next one would be. Lots of options floating around.

AGW: So you are too busy for a social life?

Alexis: A one hour t.v. show is all-consuming. It pretty much takes over your life and that's all you can really do while you're working on it. We have a hiatus every year. You can get in touch with all the people you've lost touch with and spend a lot of time with your family kind of apologizing for not being available or you do a film.

AGW: Was it fun working with Jonathan Jackson [her leading man in the film]?

Alexis: Yeah. He's a great guy. We had a good time on this film. He's very professional. He's been acting a long time since he was very young so he really had a good handle on it and he shared some of his wisdom with me. When we were having one of those days with the climbing and jumping around, he was like 'don't worry about it because all the bad stuff you forget. At the end of the shoot you'll only remember the good stuff'. I'm working on that. I think I'll get there.

AGW: Did anything funny happen on the shoot?

Alexis: Back to Jonathan, there's a waterfall and we jump into the water off this rock. There was like a square foot of water that we could jump into where there weren't rocks in the water. He jumps in first and he's shouting some lines at me and, with his head, he's like pointing at the square foot where I'm supposed to jump. It's windy and cold and I'm confused. He's motioning with his one arm, steering me in the right way so I won't split my head open. You never see it but it was this unspoken thing… 'Don't wipe out now'.

AGW: The woods in the film are beautiful.

Alexis: It was. It's crazy because Baltimore is just a regular city. The inner harbor is nice but it's pretty straightforward and then you're in a suburban neighborhood and take a random left and you're in this beautiful national park with waterfalls and gorgeous forests. It's unexpected.

AGW: How has your family influenced your acting and choices?

Alexis: They're always just a constant source of support. They just want me to do what makes me happy so it's pretty great.

AGW: Would you do another period movie?

Alexis: I love period pieces. Some of my favorite movies are period pieces so I would definitely do another one. I'd love to do one set in the '60's or something like that. Some bell-bottoms and some platforms.

AGW: Do you plan to go back to college?

Alexis: I would love to but back to the all-consuming subject. It just doesn't allow for school or life or anything. It's just work.

AGW: Any news on what is coming up on Gilmore Girls?

Alexis: This season Rory comes back. She's been away all Summer with Paris at a young politicians' convention of some sort and she comes back and has to deal with the situation with the boys that she's created. She has to pick up the pieces.

AGW: There was an adorable little fawn in the movie. Did you get to pet it?

Alexis: Yeah. That was completely spontaneous. We weren't going to get that. They just put the fawn down and it just ran up to Jonathan and started licking his nose.

AGW: Coffee is so important to The Gilmore Girls. Are you addicted too?

Alexis: After the first year, I was drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee because they would give it to us all the time at work. Now mine has either tea or coca cola in there because I made myself sick off coffee. I can't drink any more. It's gross.

Alexis Bledel's Upcoming Projects

Alexis will star in the Disney feature "Tuck, Everlasting" based on a classic children's novel. She will shoot the film this spring/summer on the east coast.

Storyline: Alexis will play a free spirited 15 year old in a stuffy Victorian household who stumbles on the Tucks, a strange family hiding out on the grounds. She learns that the Tucks have discovered a spring that makes them immortal. When the teen disappears, a man, ( Ben Kingsley) assigned to find her tries to use the spring for his personal gain. She must decide whether to become immortal and stay with a Tuck she's fallen in love with.

The movie is being directed by Jay Russell, (My Dog Skip) and also stars William Hurt.

''Life is a sandwich'' for Alexis Bledel

Find out what Alexis Bledel craves most in life, plus a whole lot more as our big girl on campus Fills In The Blanks for The WB.
My friends can always count on me to:

People would be amazed to discover that I am:

The best concert I ever went to was:

The one liner that best describes my life story so far is:
Life is a sandwich.

Right now my guiltiest pleasure is:
The chicken breast fillet sandwich at Wendy's with ketchup and pickles.

The smartest decision I ever made in life was to:
Take the path of least resistance.

I never leave home without:
My keys.

My most treasured possession is:
My picture album. I take it with me everywhere I go.

Fifth season of "Gilmore Girls" with Alexis Bledel as Rory

The show, which began its fifth season last month, actually got its equilibrium back toward the end of last season, when the writers finally appeared to get a handle on how to treat the closer-than-close Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) relationship. When Rory headed off to Yale at the beginning of the fourth season, much of what had made the show great was thrown off balance, and by midseason, Lorelai, who was in the midst of opening a country inn, had become a shrieking mess (through no fault of the talented Graham, it should be noted).

But as the season closed, juicy story lines involving the breakup of Lorelai's parents and Rory's dalliance with a married ex-boyfriend had developed. Strangely enough, Lorelai's disapproval of Rory getting back together with her ex, Dean (Jared Padalecki), gave the show a dose of bracing honesty and helped ground its lovably goofy comic sensibility in reality, a delicate balancing act that, at its best, the show pulls off with style.

This season might be the show's best yet (and strongly improved Nielsen ratings reflect that; last week's episode was the No. 1 program among women 18-34 in its time slot). Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has handled the long-awaited romance between Lorelai and local diner owner Luke with admirable grace and restraint. Lorelai talks a mile a minute, but even she was struck dumb when Luke took out his wallet and revealed he'd been carrying around her phone number, scribbled hurriedly as a joke when the two first met, for more than eight years.

And Rory's Yale adventures are more interesting this year; she's trying to make a name for herself on the school paper and tangling with a charming yet condescending upperclassman named Logan (Matt Czuchry). Even Lane (Keiko Agena), Rory's music-obsessed best pal, has been brought rightly to the fore this season; she recently told her hunky bandmate that she has a crush on him. In Tuesday's episode, Mailer does a creditable job of playing himself, and Rory's dad, Christopher (David Sutcliffe), turns up as well; his wife has just left him and their toddler daughter for one of those fabulous jobs in Paris that people on TV always seem to get. Will he complicate things between Lorelai and Luke? Will someone make a reference to the pop band the Bangles in the process?

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