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Alexis Thorpe Actress

Alexis Thorpe

Alexis stars as "Cassie" on NBC's daytime soap opera "Days Of Our Lives". Thorpe made her first foray into acting when a childhood friend dragged her along for moral support during her audition for a local production of “Annie.” After watching her friend audition, she gained the confidence to get up on stage and try it herself. A star was born and she ended up wining the title role, which, needless to say, didn't sit very well with her young friend. While attending high school in Esperanza, Thorpe juggled her academic curriculum with cheerleading, golf, basketball and lead roles in several high school productions. Her first professional role was portraying Wendy in the musical Peter Pan at the Canyon Lake Theatre. After high school graduation, Alexis was ready to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, but at the strong urging of her father, she enrolled in community college at Fullerton, in California. Her appearance in a workshop production of the musical Assassins caught the eye of an agent, who immediately signed the budding actress. Two weeks later, Thorpe received her SAG card playing a model in the movie The Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkel, directed by Des McAnuff. Thorpe also starred in the Sony Pictures release The Forsaken, portraying a Vampiress named Teddy. Thorpe fell in love with her fiancé, actor David Lago, when she played his girlfriend, Rianna, on The Young and Restless.

When Alexis isn't working, or planning her wedding to Lago, she enjoys rock climbing, golf, shopping, and exploring her new passion, gardening. She resides in Los Angeles with her 2 dogs (a Boxer named Toby and a Maltese named Samson) and her Himalayan cat named Chloe.

Alexis Thorpe was born on April 19, 1980, in Newport Beach, California, as the oldest of four children. Alexis loves being big sister to Lauren (age 20), Kathryn (age 13), and her younger brother Joe (age15) who stands a staggering 6'7" and, according to Alexis, "Whose talents on the basketball court will make him way more famous than I could ever dream to be."

Alexis Thorpe has auburn hair and hazel eyes.

Alexis Thorpe's transformation

Her Days of Our Lives debut wasn't exactly ordinary. She literally dropped into Salem via a spaceship dressed in tin foil. Yet, over the past year, Alexis Thorpe has transformed her alien alter ego into a typical American teen-ager. Thorpe weighs in on the highs and lows of creating Cassie DiMera and why she prefers playing her to The Young and the Restless goody-goody (Rianna) she left behind.

SOAP OPERA WEEKLY: What has it been like playing a character as unusual as Cassie?
ALEXIS THORPE: I was watching an episode the other day that had flashbacks from when Eric Winters (Rex) and I started. I was embarrassed watching it. I felt bad for her. She was mocked and ridiculed, every day. I was excited when we were able to start talking and adapt to Salem society. It was nice as an actress to start fresh. I felt I got to mold Cassie from a baby, because she really had no life experience. This character is truly mine. Everything that she's turned into, thanks to the writers, has been a ride. She's gone from being this innocent little girl who couldn't even talk to someone who maneuvers herself around to get relationships and what she wants.

WEEKLY: Did you learn anything from having to act without the luxury of being able to speak, when the role began?
THORPE: You have to trust yourself and not the words. You have to trust that through your eyes and expressions, and not by overusing them, that you can get your point across. Because you don't want to look like you're a mime. I see actors sometimes and their faces are like moving clown faces. You're like, "OK. Tone it down a little bit!" Because it's all about subtlety.

WEEKLY: On Y&R you were the quintessential good girl. Was it difficult adjusting to playing the bad girl?
THORPE: It was wonderful! I hated, hated, hated playing Rianna a lot of the time. I felt like there was so much more they could have done with the character and yet she was trampled on by every boy in Genoa City. I felt like it was this poor-pity-me act every single day.

WEEKLY: Who have you learned the most from at Days? THORPE: I love working with Thaao Penghlis (Tony). He is so in the moment. Anything he does is so dynamic. He doesn't even have to talk. He's got this strength about him, but he uses it in a subtle way. He's not always big, when it could be really easy to do with his character. When we have father/daughter scenes I love working with him. I feel like he really is my dad. When he's mad at me in a scene it hurts me. He's fun, too. He'll teach me how to tango. In the middle of dry block we'll start dancing around.
WEEKLY: Is there anybody on the show that you hang out with off-screen?
THORPE: I feel fortunate, because the cast as a whole gets along really well. Of course, there are tiffs every once in a while. We were taping [the Basic Black] fashion show the other day, which was a huge production, and we all had the best time. Kirsten (Storms, Belle) and I are still really close. I hang out with Jason (Cook, Shawn) every once in a while. He bought a new house and is completely redoing it. So I go there and help him paint or whatever needs help with for the day. Eric (Winter, Rex) and his wife and I go out every once in a while. Recently, I've been talking to Arianne (Zuker, Nicole) a lot more. I feel like I'm going through something in my life, taking that next step toward maturity. I'm over going out. For a while, I was out all the time. Kirsten and I were dancing at clubs, going on trips.... Things have quieted down, because I've chosen to move on and move forward, instead of playing around like a 5-year-old.

WEEKLY: What's your typical day off like?
THORPE: I take my dog, Samson, out, because he's in way too much when I'm working. We go walking or to the beach or to the park. I do that in the morning to get my day started. To relax, sometimes I get a massage. I also go out to Orange Country to visit my family a lot. We're very close. I'm the oldest of four. I have two sisters, Lauren and Kathryn, and a brother, Joe. My brother plays basketball, so I go down to to watch his tournaments, which I love. I really get into it.

WEEKLY: Do you enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of L.A.?
THORPE: I love Orange County. There's no traffic. It's not smoggy. There's no pretension. You can go out for coffee looking like crap, and nobody cares. Everyone from my hometown is really sweet. There's no violence there. No drama. It's very family-oriented. It's sad sometimes, because I get in the car to leave, and I'm almost in tears. I'm sad because I know I'm not going to see parents and brother and sisters again for a week. I try to convince them daily to move up to Los Angeles. That would make me so happy. But it's best for them to be in Orange County. It's a whole world away.

WEEKLY: Let's get back to Cassie for a moment. She's related to almost all the eligible bachelors in Salem. Any thoughts on who could be her love interest?
THORPE: I'm thinking maybe we could bring Ashton Kutcher on (laughs). I'd like to see her with somebody older. Also, I don't want to see her chasing after somebody again. That's her pattern. They're always unavailable guys, who are bad for her. At the moment it's better for her to be single. There's nothing wrong with being female and being single. It's sad sometimes. Women always think they need to have someone in their life or a man around. That's not how it is. You can do so much more for yourself when you're on your own. Right now, Cassie needs to figure herself out. Then, we'll bring on Ashton Kutcher.

Alexis Thorpe's real love

Alexis Thorpe, DAYS' Cassie, sits down with Soap Opera Digest to discuss her role on Days of Our Lives and her real-life love David Lago, Y&R's Raul.
Alexis Thorpe is thrilled with her new role as DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Cassie. Here, she reveals how she and fiancé David Lago (Raul, YOUNG AND RESTLESS) fell in love, what kind of friend she is and how she and Kirsten Storms (Belle) became instant pals.
Digest: How did you and David hook up?

Alexis Thorpe: It's kind of weird. When I was working with him, I just fell in love with him as a person. We didn't have the relationship first. We weren't dating, it was just like we were really good friends. And then, more and more everyday, I would just fall in love with him, and I didn't want to say anything, because it's normal that you kind of like your co-star and I thought, "This will pass." But it kept getting stronger and we just got along so well. Everyone saw it but us. Finally, when we did realize it, it just took off. We've been great ever since. We don't have any problems anymore. Our biggest problem is when neither one of us admit our true feelings for each other and we really wanted something out of this. We kept saying, "We're cool, we're not like that, really. We like dating tons of people and being single." Which wasn't true. It's just both of us were afraid to commit. He's my best friend, honestly. He gets along with my family. He's my family now.

Digest: When did you get engaged?

Alexis Thorpe: December 23, 2001. We'd been talking about it. I knew that I loved him more than I ever thought I'd love anybody. It didn't scare me, but in a way, I felt sort of sad, like, "I am moving on," and I'm not mommy and daddy's little girl anymore. I have my own life and I'm starting my own family and that's weird. But it's so exciting in its own way.

Digest: How's the wedding planning going?

Alexis Thorpe: Great. It's kind of hectic. We waited a long time. We've been engaged for almost a year. I'm really glad. We had talked about doing it this past September, but with everything going on with my grandma [she passed away earlier this year], I was just not in the right frame of mind to plan a happy wedding. I'm really glad we decided to do it next year.

Digest: How would your friends describe you?

Alexis Thorpe: You should ask them. Ask Kirsten [Storms, Belle]. What I want them to say is that I'm a good friend, I don't take crap from anybody and I'm the first one to open my mouth in a situation, given it good or bad. I love giving out compliments, but I don't give them out excessively. I only say what I truly believe, be that good or bad. If someone needs a talking to, I'll be like, "Excuse me, we need to have a conversation." Just to be a good person is what I strive to be. My friends and I just have the best time being kids. I had so much fun as a kid.

Digest: Did you grow up with them?

Alexis Thorpe: Yes. My closest friends I've known since I was 12. My two best friends are sisters and one of them I met when I was in the 8th grade and ther one when I was a freshman. The other one was the older sister, but as we grew, the age difference didn't mean as much anymore. We just all kind of blended into this great friendship together. I'm not friends with a lot of people from high school. You just really realize who your friends are once you grow up. I had people who knocked on my door, saying, "Hey, I haven't seen you in 4 years, but we're best friends, can you help me?" or people who didn't want to talk to me anymore, and that hurt, but it was better to know that then. I have people from my old high school who are great, great friends, and then other ones who I don't wave to on the street. I think that comes with being an adult; you just move on. But I've got friends from everywhere.

Digest: Speaking of which, did you think you and Kirsten would become pals?

Alexis Thorpe: No. I think that a job is a job. I have a lot of friends and a very busy life - I'm getting married- and I have a lot going on. So, it's great to get along with co-workers, but I never expected to make a really close bond with anybody, especially so quickly. Within the first two weeks, Kirsten and I went to San Diego together. I can't believe she's 18. I just look at her sometimes and I forget. She just told me yesterday that she was born in '84, and I was like, "My God! What did you just say?" I'm not that much older, but still. That was weird. I'm used to being the youngest on the set, because at Y&R, besides Ashley [Bashioum, ex-Mac], I was the youngest. Here, I'm the oldest out of almost everybody.

Digest: In your storyline.

Alexis Thorpe: Yes. I'm used to being the little one and now I'm the big sister. Still, we get along really well and it's not, like, you're older than me, you're younger than me. It's fun. It's like a party. We all get along so well. On set, we mess around. We make them mad at us sometimes, but I think that opens the air of creativity when you're enjoying yourself, because you have more to work with and you trust the people who you're working with so you can be vulnerable in situations. I think we have the best teens in all of daytime.

One on One with Alexis Thorpe

The outspoken, bubbly and beautiful Alexis Thorpe and her character Cassie are taking their leave of Salem. It's been a short but eventful run and Cassie has definitely left her mark. She and brother Rex literally fell out of the sky and then had to try to find their niche. Rex succeeded more at fitting in, but Cassie gave it everything she had. She had to build up a tough shell to keep from getting hurt, but those who knew her saw right through that. Underneath was a sweet, sensitive girl who just wanted to be loved. We'll miss her and her portrayer, Alexis Thorpe.
ays_Allison: First of all, what do you think you'll take with you from your time here?

Alexis Thorpe: I've grown so much, emotionally. I've been through a lot in the last year and a half, personally and professionally. This place has been great for me because it was like my rock.
I've built relationships here that I didn't think you could build in a working environment. You come to work and you separate yourself. As an actress, we're sort of taught to because of the drama of the business. You don't want to get too close to anybody or anything. That's a sad way to live, but a lot of people do. Coming here, I just built so many strong relationships with so many different people. I've had the best time. I feel like I've grown 10 years, 20 years, honestly, I do. As a person, I went through a lot of different phases. I broke up with my fiancé and went through my crazy party days when I was going out every night dancing and getting my nose pierced. Now I've kind of settled a little bit. I'm more focused on work and my family and the important things. It's been a wild ride but it's so strange because it doesn't feel like it's been just a year and a half. I feel like I've been here forever. In a good way. The whole year has been good for me. I've not only grown as a person but I think as an actress as well. I've been given an opportunity to play such an amazing character and I think daytime has really been given a disservice to not be able to see her anymore. Cassie is such a cool character. She has so many different layers. I'm just thankful that Peter (Brash) and Paula (Cwikly) created her and gave me the opportunity to really grow and mold whatever I wanted. A lot of characters are started with a vision and you have to bring that vision to the table. I was allowed to create whatever. I was just talking to make-up today about my final scenes and what I'm going to look like when I'm falling out of the piñata and I'm covered in goo. And I thought it's strange and it's almost ironic that I came to this show, to Salem, in a pod, covered in goo and that's how I'm exiting. I guess it's fitting. It's a little sad.

Days_Allison: Are you going to miss playing Cassie?

Alexis: I just feel so attached to the character so I want to see her happy. I want to see her find love and feel connected and feel wanted. These are things she always aspired to achieve and she never did. Even in her death, she's finally doing something for the good of others instead of just for the good of herself by exposing the killer and by doing that she gets whacked herself. She should've just turned the other way!

Days_Allison: Do you have any favorite moments or scenes or times?
Alexis: Any time that the six of us younger people were together. Myself, Kyle, Eric, Farah, Jason and Kirsten. It felt like I was part of Saved By the Bell or something! We worked well together; we like each other. It was just a different feel. It brought something different to Days. It was nice because I feel that we have the best younger cast of all the shows. We have the best cast in daytime, but the younger kids, all of us together, I think we're damn good! Also any scene that I did with Thaao or Deidre. Deidre helps me to rise to the occasion every time. I just look at her and I can draw from any emotion that I need for the scene. She just gives so much. Anything, though. I had fun in my few scenes with Kate. She and I were kind of catty and that was fun. The Love is Blind stuff was long and grueling, but that was fun, too.

Days_Allison: Who or what do you think you'll miss the most when you leave?

Alexis: The people. Everybody. All the cast, the crew, the camera guys, Mikey, John and Lou. Make-up and hair, I don't know what I'm going to do without them. People say that, but I really mean it. They transform me. My hair is curly and difficult and unruly and they make it this gorgeous mane. I'm going to be calling on them; that's for sure. I told them already. And wardrobe, gosh, I just love Richard. He's incredible. Everyone is. I've grown so much just watching everybody else and seeing the professionalism. The pure joy that they have coming to work every day. It's easy when you work on a soap and you're there every day working on the same character, you could kind of fall into a rut and get bored but these people don't. They love what they're doing. And I think that this storyline has almost reaffirmed that for everybody. Everyone is a little bit uneasy about what's going on. Every day we're living it to the fullest. Just like you should in life, but we're doing it at work. Making sure that our scenes matter and that we are prepared. Making sure that every moment that you have on camera, out on that stage in Salem, is the best because none of us know, obviously, how long it's going to last.
Days_Allison: What would you like your last day to be like?

Alexis: I told everybody that I didn't want a cake. I spoke with Ken about it last week. At the time he seemed to understand but the next morning I got a call from Steve saying, "You know, Ken really wants you to have a cake and so do I. We really care about you and we want to show everyone that and have a celebration of your time here and wish you well. It's important and it's tradition." We've had so many cakes recently, can't we just skip mine and forget about it?! Let's just go out to dinner and have cocktails. He just kept saying how important it was so I said, "Fine, have your cake." I don't even like cake! It's just strange. I'm not good in that situation which is probably my biggest fear. I don't like hearing people talk about me and I don't like having to respond. I never can find the right words to say. I go home and think, "I should've said this, I should've said that." It's just emotional and it's not a thing that you want to share. On my last day here -- as I'm covered in blood -- I'd rather have quiet moments with the people that I want to talk to. Which is everybody! So, I guess it's kind of nice that everyone is all together. It's supposed to be for morale but you just realize that people you care about, you're not going to see them as much as you normally do. That's a sad, sad fact for everybody. It seems that whenever we have a cake, it's like, "All right, who's next?"

Days_Allison: What are your immediate plans?

Alexis: I'm flying to Capetown, South Africa, for two weeks. I felt like I needed to just get away and cleanse myself from the last few months. It's just been draining. And figure out what I want to do. I've had a lot of interest coming in, mainly from some other soaps. I want to figure out what coast I want to be on, if I want to do a soap right now, if I want to take some time off, maybe try pilot season. I want to figure some things out in my own head, so I want to take these two weeks and just try to find me again.
Days_Allison: What about long-term goals?

Alexis: I don't even know what tomorrow is going to bring! I try to plan and then things always get shaken up so I don't like to plan anymore. A year ago, I had totally different plans for the future. And now? I still have the same general timeline. In five years, I hope that I've found a relationship that I'm happy in. Maybe a few kids along the way. Maybe. I'm having a hard time with my dog right now! I want to be working at a place that I love. I want to find a place like I found here. And find the people that I can communicate with and grow with and just love. That's most important. And find a character that I can really embrace and care about.

Days_Allison: Do you like the idea of being on a soap and playing the same character for what can be a long time?

Alexis: I do, but it's difficult. The beauty of it is that you don't know where it's going to go. It can go for 30 years or for three minutes. That's great, because it gives you a lot of opportunities. But right now, I need that script in front of me that tells me what's going to happen. Beginning, middle and end. No surprises, no piñatas. In the future, I want to be producing; I want to know what I'm going to be doing. I don't like having people tell me what to do. If someone tells me to do something, I'm the one that's going to say, "I'm not going to do that. And not only am I not going to do that, I'm not going to do this, now, too!" Maybe until I grow up I need to find something that I have a little more freedom in.

Days_Allison: Is there any kind of message that you'd like to give the fans?
Alexis: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Honestly I had no idea how much fan support I had and how people really embraced my character. I really didn't get it. I thought that everyone hated Cassie. She was the little vixen and snobby. When I released on the net that I was leaving, I put it on the board that I care about. I don't really visit message boards or talk on them because a lot of them are negative and I feel like there's nothing to be said because you can't change any of those people's minds. But I found one from a girl named Heather. She put so much time into it. She has all these articles and interviews and pictures. She really made it a great-looking site. I was so thankful that she put it together so I started posting on it. I heard about a week before I posted that I was being let go. Then I did Salem Days Fest and that was difficult. People kept on asking all these questions and I don't like not being able to be candid and expressing myself openly and honestly. But with respect to the show and our producers and Jim Reilly I was going to keep it a secret. Then I found out that Digest was releasing it the following Friday. Secrets always get out; there are little birds everywhere. When I heard that, I thought, you know what, it's coming out on Friday, anyway, I'd rather my fans hear it from me. So, I typed up a little message and I put it on the board. There were 200 members then, now there are more than 4,500 members. It's nuts! I'm getting presents. I just got a "Soap Vixen Award" -- a trophy with my name on it. And a packet of letters from people about how they just love my character and they're so sad she's leaving. I really had no idea. And it means so much. The week before I was told that my character was going to be killed, Digest gave me a thumbs-up. It's really nice as an actor to see that even a character that you think doesn't necessarily get pushed as much as others do or isn't as likeable as others are, still gets recognition. She's still cared for. These fans have just been the best and they inspire me to do other things… greater things. I just want to say thank you and keep on board.




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