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Allison Mack Actress

Allison Mack

Now beginning her fourth season on The WB's acclaimed drama Smallville, Allison Mack stars as Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) best friend. Mack's role continues to grow this season with the arrival of Lois Lane (Erica Durance) and the ever-complicated love triangle between Clark, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe. Mack also starred in Showtime's critically acclaimed feature My Horrible Year! This story follows the intricate and turbulent life of a teenage girl as she turns sixteen. Mack, who brought years of training and experience to the project, proved to be the perfect fit for Eric Stoltz's directorial debut. The story was written and directed by Eric Stoltz and also starred Karen Allen and Mimi Rogers. Since beginning her career at age 4 in her first commercial for "German Chocolate," Mack has continued to be a busy working actress with an impressive roster of television roles. She garnered much attention for her portrayal of a teenager who abuses and inflicts wounds to her wrist on The WB's Seventh Heaven. In the fall of 2000, Allison starred in The WB's The Nightmare Room, and The Opposite Sex, as well as a recurring role in Evening Shade. Allison also starred in Disney's feature Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves and Camp Nowhere. An avid fan of musical theatre, Allison's talents extend beyond film and television. She received rave reviews for pulling double duty, both as a choreographer and performer in Rent and Chicago. As a result of those performances, Allison was offered the chance to make her directorial debut with Jer Bear Productions' staging of Hair. Rave reviews from LA Weekly, Backstage West, The Tolucan Times and The Burbank Times all attest to Allison's diversity in the entertainment field. Music and dance, as much as acting, remain a passion for Allison.

Allison Mack was born July 29, 1982 in Preez, Germany. Her father, opera singer Jonathan Mack, was performing with a local company, and Allison spent her first two years there. Who knew that this rather uneventful beginning would lead to a starring role in the WB’s new hit show Smallville. Smallville involves the life of Clark Kent (soon to realize he is the famed Superman) as a teenager. Allison plays Chloe Sullivan, one of Clark's good friends. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 8 (7 central) on The WB.

After moving home to Southern California, Allison began her career at the age of four, doing commercials and print work. When she was seven she began taking acting classes at The Young Actors Space and soon started working theatrically.

She has starred in many prestigious movies for television, working with such highly repsected actors as Sissy Spacek and Aiden Quinn in HBO's A Private Matter; Peter Coyoteand Jill Eichenberry in Living A Lie; Mary Tyler Moore in The Care and Handling of Roses; and with Dolly Parton in Unlikely Angel. Allison also recently was seen on the Showtime Movie, My Horrible Year, also starring Eric Stoltz (in his directorial debut), and Mimi Rogers.

Allison has been seen on the big screen in Camp Nowhere, and had a fun time working on the Disney video feature Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.

Allison is an accomplished dancer and singer making her a triple threat – or rather a triple treat. In her free time Allison likes to read, go to movies and theatre, listen to music (all kinds), or just spend time with her friends and family. Allison also devoted time to the charity, KIDS WITH A CAUSE, helping children less fortunate than her in the Southern California area. Kids With A Cause, Inc. (founded in September 1999) was created to provide a helping hand to the children of the world who, through no fault of their own, suffer from poverty, hunger, sickness, lack of education, abandonment, neglect and/or abuse. The members behind Kids With A Cause are primarily celebrity youth and teens (from film, television & the recording industry) who recognize that they have been very fortunate and understand, even at a young age, that it is never too early or never too late to donate their time to help others and give back to the community and to the children of the world.
Allison Mack lives in Southern California with her Dad (Jonathan Mack), Mom (Mindy), older brother Shannon, and little sister, Robyn.

She was able to display her comedic flair as a series regular in the ABC series Hiller and Diller playing Richard Lewis' daughter. Working with comedy greats Lewis, Kevin Nealon and Eugene Levy was a precious opportunity for Allison. Audiences also know Allison from her performance on the FOX series, The Opposite Sex.

Art of being Allison Mack

A Star Is Born: "I grew up in a very artistic family. When I was 4 years old, my mom started me in modeling because she thought I looked cute in clothes. I went to my first acting class when I was 6. My first commercial was for a German chocolate company. I also did a commercial for a doll called Bouncing Baby."
Who's That Girl? "In my everyday life, I don't really look like my character on the show. I don't do my hair like her, and I try not to dress like her. I like to keep my private life and anonymity."

Bookworm: "I'm very into arts and crafts. I like to paint, make pottery and read a lot. I get a lot of good books from Kristin Kreuk who's a big reader. I'll go to Chapters, which is the Barnes & Noble of Canada, and I'll spend way too much money on books."

Long-distance Love: "It's difficult living in Canada because my boyfriend, my cat and my family are all in L.A. So I fly down quite a bit. But Vancouver is a beautiful, homey city, and the people are very friendly."

Role-model Behavior: "Audrey Hepburn is my beauty role model because she was so classy. I think it's important to evoke a classy attitude and to dress like an elegant person."

Growing Pains: "Chloe got to show a lot more emotion in the second season. And this season you're going to see more of the same. She's becoming more of a whole person, which is exciting for me. It's going to be a good year!"
The Cutting Edge: "You won't be seeing my new haircut on the show. My hair guy and I sort of overstepped our bounds. We tried to go for something a little funkier with the bleach blond. But I am a comic book character. We can't change, so I only get to wear it like this in my personal life."

The Wedding Planner: My fiance is a musician and he's totally funky. He had "Will you marry me?" tattooed on his chest. Then he had the date I said "Yes" added. We're not going to get married any time soon. I don't want to stress and rush it. I want to be able to enjoy the planning process and I can't really do that while I'm working and he is on tour."

Boy Crazy: "Sam and Michael are both pretty hot. They're both single, good-looking boys. Michael is so funny - he is such an exhibitionist. Sam is like a big brother to Kristin and me. He's very protective when we go out. I think if I were to date any of their characters in real life, I'd choose Pete. The other two take themselves way too seriously!"

No Sweat: Tom and I get our butts kicked by the same personal trainer. We do kick-boxing and martial arts. Kristin just started to get into it, but she is one of those annoying girls who just looks good no matter what. She's into mellow stuff like Pilates. I like to do crazy things like rock climbing."

Allison Mack loves New York

On explosive cliffhangers: "I don't know how they are going to top last season. I mean we were all dead! That's about as dramatic as it gets, don't you think?"

On playing matchmaker: "I would never do that. I don't mess with romance and my cast-mates. Those are two separate parts of life that do not mix in this business."

On Clark and Lana: "I love the Clark and Lana love story but it's definitely played itself out. It's time to move on for everybody. This year is all about the pay-off. It's out last year of high school so we get to deal with all kinds of interesting stuff."

On Allison, then and now: "I was fresh out of high school when I got the show. The show definitely grew me up! I'm a lot more calm, at peace and chilled out now."

On life after Smallville: "The first thing I'm going to do after Smallville ends is move to New York City. I am going to the city! I want to change locations, give myself some new projects to work on."

On which co-star has changed most: "Kristin has gone through the most change I think. She's opened up a lot. She used to be shy and quiet. It's really fun to see what's happened to her. She's much warmer and more accepting and open and outgoing."

On her secret to happiness: "Travel! I love it. That's what I want most I think: To travel. I want to see art and meet interesting people. I once backpacked through Europe. I just threw a sack on my back and stayed in hostels."

On her favorite hobby: "I work out with a trainer who trains stunt men. My workouts aren't so much about lifting weights and push-ups. I do all different kinds of martial arts and aerial work on wires, like in [the movie] Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I'm bruised up all the time, but it's worth it."


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