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Allison Munn Actress

Allison Munn

Currently starring as "Tina" on WB's comedy comedy series "What I Like About you". Born and raised in South Carolina, Munn spent her childhood taking voice and dance lessons and performing in local theatre productions such as Annie, Oliver, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Her first professional acting jobs were in productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat, Grand Hotel, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Pirates of Penzance at various regional theatres across the United States. Once out of school, Munn knew she wanted to pursue acting full time and moved to New York to study theater. She soon joined the cast of the famous off-Broadway production of The Fantasticks at New York's Sullivan Street Theatre. After starring in more than 500 performances of The Fantasticks in the role of 'Luisa,' as well as in The Wild Party at the prestigious Manhattan Theatre Club, Munn made the move to the west coast. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, Munn landed the recurring role of 'Caroline,' 'Fez's' (Wilmer Valderrama) overly possessive girlfriend on Fox's That '70s Show. Her other credits include a recurring role on Now and Again and guest starring roles on Law and Order, SVU, JAG, Boston Public, Inside Schwartz, and Charmed. Her film credits include the feature film, White Oleander, starring Michelle Pfiffer and Rene Zellweger. During her recent summer hiatus from the show, Munn filmed a role opposite Orlando Bloom in writer/director Cameron Crowe's upcoming feature Elizabethtown. Munn currently resides in L.A. with Buster Keaton - her Yorkshire Terrier. An avid reader and self confessed Internet junkie, Munn enjoys singing, dancing, playing guitar, road trips, and hosting game nights with her friends. She lends her name and support to the non-profit political organization, Rock the Vote, where she is actively involved in encouraging young people to register to vote. Munn was born on October 7, 1974. She graduated from AC Flora High School in 1992. Allison starred in the Off Broadway musical, "The Fantasticks" at the Sullivan Street Theatre in New York City. She played the role of Luisa for over 500 performances.

Allison Munn Keeps It From Being "The WB No-Star Party"

When Joy dishwashing liquid was introduced in 1950, the earliest ads crowed that the product made dishwashing "well, almost nice". At the WB All-Star Party on July 13, "What I Like About You"'s teen-on-the-cusp-of-30 Allison Munn singlehandedly made the TCA Press Tour shindig "well, almost tolerable", filling a large void caused by the absence of Amanda Bynes.
The gorgeous Miss Munn shouldered a big load at the party which was attended by key representatives of WB shows old and new. She was the only female WILAY star to show up that night. Amanda was still in the Dominican Republic busy with "Lovewrecked". Jennie Garth was probably singing lullabies to Lola Ray. Leslie Grossman...who knows? I bet she was having fun whatever she was doing. But once again, as we remarked about a year ago when we were assessing the fallout from Amanda being a no-show in England for the "What a Girl Wants" premiere...without Amanda, it's almost not worth having a party.
But Allison Munn, our South Carolina belle, basically saved this party by her presence. In a top just like the one Amanda wore at the Rock the Vote concert back in April, Allison smiled and looked smashing for the scant press contingent that was there. "Scant" as in no AP and no Reuters photogs. We have some advice for them. The stars of the WB are not lepers, nor do they have any contagious disease. YOU CANNOT CATCH ANYTHING FROM A WB STAR. We have to start telling them this because the wire services do not deem the WB an important network to cover during a press tour. Cripes, that's why they're there! To have photos taken and all that kinda stuff! If you're not gonna help the WB, then don't help CBS, or ABC, or any of them.
And if you do come, press, put on a game face and pretend to have some sort of an idea about supporting the new fall fare, not trying to get the entire freaking network to go under. We had to endure Marc Berman's reports for Mediaweek from the conclave, and seeing that the WB pays him proportionately less than the other networks do, he did an absolute hatchet job on all the new series but one: "The Mountain", another one of these gang-related soapish hours we're so over. And how much does Berman want the WB to fail? In today's Mediaweek column, capped by a singalong with the "Kate and Allie" theme, he was rubbing his hands in glee in reporting that the new WB game hour "Studio 7" was "dead on arrival". Earth to Marc Berman, for the last time we hope: you're a TV critic, not a TV programmer. Live with it.
While not exclusively a "Media Mania" piece, we really have to take the WB to task for the reportage of the Press tour on its own site. They were shown exultantly crowing "Everyone was there!" in an obviously amnesiac state (if Allison Munn's picture is up there and we don't fricking HAVE a You-Know-Who Steps Out gallery, folks, you can be damn sure NOT everyone was there). And they did put together a set of 12 red-carpet pics of the WB girls, at which point the amnesia kicked in big time and they forgot Allison Munn was there.
Allison, and to a minor extent Nick Zano (who probably was looked at with scorn as his "Pepsi Smash" laid a major egg in the ratings again this year), salvaged the All-Star Party, which should've been rightly named "The Some Star Party". Lori Loughlin, who thinks she owns the network all of a sudden, was front and center, her "Summerland" -- err, "The Bradin Show" -- being picked up for an additional 13 weeks of summer sweep up duty. Drew Carey -- marked for an especially early death by Berman -- showed up with green hair to promote his "Green Screen" show, saying "I'm a whore for promotion!" The support crew from "Blue Collar Comedy" showed up, including two actresses from the show and our old pal, the mighty Gary Anthony Williams. Megyn Price of "Grounded for Life" was the evening's cleavage goddess, kicking co-star Lynsey Bartilson for a row of trashcans in the glamor department.
The Frog should've paid more attention to its returning shows, especially WILAY, which was the least-represented comedy at the party. The show needs a push again as it will have new cast and new relationship strife to address. And the next time Amanda can't show up to the party, don't have one. But Allison, our aim is true...we want to thank you for showing up and tell her you can fill in for Amanda anytime, but it'll be...well, almost a party.

Allison Munn loves to work with Cameron Crowe

In Cameron Crowe's upcoming movie, "Elizabethtown," Orlando Bloom stars as Drew, a suicidal designer who must return to his hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, for his father's funeral. On the flight home, Drew makes the acquaintance of Claire (Kirsten Dunst), a quick-witted flight attendant who, as Crowe's official website puts it, "helps him navigate the rough waters ahead and proves that amazing things happen when you least expect them."
According to actress Allison Munn (TV's "What I Like About You") who plays a hotel concierge in "Elizabethtown," just the opportunity to work on a film with Cameron Crowe was reason enough to sign on to the project. And playing a girl who falls in love with hunky Orlando Bloom's character isn't exactly a role that's hard to get into, either.

Have you finished work on Cameron Crowe's "Elizabeth?"

I was lucky enough to get to do “Elizabethtown.” Cameron Crowe is one of my heroes. I mean, an absolute hero of mine, and to work with him was just so exciting for me. And let’s not diminish the fact that my scenes are with Orlando Bloom, who is just so beautiful and so talented.
So you have a role thousands of women would love to play?
Oh yeah. Well, I didn’t have the exact scenes every women wants. In fact, my character was in love with him but he doesn’t like me back. I’m just a hotel concierge who is just in love with him, and he has other things going on – unfortunately.

What was the atmosphere like on Cameron Crowe’s set?
I have to tell you, in between scenes on the set he plays music. He’s a guy who just hooks up songs to prepare you for the next scene. Amazing! What a great way to get actors into the characters. And another thing he does is from the minute you walk onto the set, he’s a fan of you. He tells you what he loved from your audition. He tells you how great you are. I don’t know if it’s a trick, but what it ends up doing is it fills you with so much confidence that you go in there and you give the best performance that you could possibly give because he has made you so confident. It’s amazing. He really is an artist. I love him.

Can you share what it was he said about your audition?
He actually just pointed out what he liked. My character is very specific. She’s a very, very Southern sort of character. I’m like, “Yes, sir. Yeah, yeah.” So he was telling me he loved my undercurrent of “Uh-hum, yeah, I like that, yeah, okay, okay.” He brought that up. He’s like, “That was just so cool.” I was like, “Oh my God, Cameron Crowe thinks I’m cool!” That’s awesome.

Was this a tough character for you to find?
No. I’m from South Carolina and it’s everyone I grew up with.

And how was working with Orlando Bloom?
He’s great. He’s very focused. He’s such an intense, focused actor, and he talks very quietly when he looks in your eyes. He’s just very serious and intense. But when they called “Cut,” it’s not like he’s playing around and goofing off, but he’s able to step out of the character immediately and be like, “Okay, so, we’re talking about nutritionists in LA…” He’ll go back to the conversation we were having before the director yelled “Action,” which I love in an actor.

I have to say it makes it a little bit easier, if it’s for long days on the set, to be able to break out of that character for a little bit and just relax, rather than staying in such an intense place. Although I do have to say that the scenes we were in together were not super [serious]. I don’t know how he would work if he was dealing with the death of his father in those scenes. In my scenes, it was a little big lighter so I think he was able to step out of the character, which I really love.

Was it the script or the fact that it was a Cameron Crowe movie that hooked you?
Both. Seriously. But I have to say if the script had been, “A guy walks into a bar, gets shot, the end.” If it was Cameron Crowe attached to it, I absolutely would have done it. At the end of the day, it’s always going to be about Cameron Crowe.

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