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Amanda Righetti Actress

Amanda Righetti

Lately, Fox has been introducing some of the hottest new faces in TV shows. After appearing as "Hailey Nichol" on the drama series "The O.C", she now stars as "Tessa Lewis" on another Fox drama series "The North Shore." Amanda Righetti was born on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. The youngest of eight children, she has six sisters (one of whom is now a dealer in a Vegas casino) and one brother. Growing up in Sin City, Amanda had some unusual experiences: "One time I was walking down Paradise Road," she recalls, "and this guy pulls up and says, 'How much?' I was like, 'I'm not a hooker!'... It was one of those 'only in Vegas' things." Amanda was outgoing as a child, and a bit of a tomboy. "I used to get into fights with boys all the time," she admits. Once she hit her teen years, Amanda grew up fast, partying and having some tumultuous, almost soap-operatic relationships with boyfriends. Soon Amanda was eager to strike out on her own, so she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Ironically, her first gig was on the Las Vegas-set CSI in late 2001, which she followed up with an appearance in the movie Angel Blade (2002). From there, Amanda was cast in the lead role in a FOX TV pilot called No Place Like Home, produced by Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman. The pilot was not picked up to be made into a series, but Amanda received crucial exposure, and FOX executives remembered her when they were casting a role that would prove to be Amanda's ticket to stardom. That role was Hailey Nichol on the hit series The O.C. After her first appearance midway through the show's first season in late 2003, Amanda made a dozen more in the months that followed, winning over fans as the rebellious daughter of Caleb Nichol. But her success, ironically, would take her away from The O.C. during its second season.

Amanda's rising stardom and popularity convinced FOX executives to cast her in their new O.C.-esque summer series, North Shore. She replaced fellow O.C. actress Navi Rawat as Tessa Lewis before North Shore aired, with an understanding that if the new show, set in Hawaii, didn't pan out, she could return to The O.C. Sure enough, despite its pricey sets and exotic locale, North Shore looked to be in trouble as FOX cut back the number of episodes to air in late 2004. Since then, there have been rumors circulating that the show would be canceled (despite regular appearances by Shannen Doherty), but they haven't yet been confirmed. Meanwhile, Amanda reprised her Hailey Nichol role on one episode of The O.C. in November 2004.

Amanda's most recent project is Romy and Michelle: In the Beginning (2005), a made-for-TV movie in which she took a supporting role. Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Hawaii, Amanda is engaged to Jordan Alan.

The O.C.’s hottest auntie drops anchor in Magnum P.I.’s backyard

Ask anyone spending the remains of a dwindling career confined to a Day-Glo coffin on the set of Hollywood Squares and they’ll tell you success is fleeting. That didn’t stop 21-year-old bombshell Amanda Righetti from taking the gamble of a lifetime by leaving a comfy spot as Hailey Nichol on the red-hot ratings juggernaut The O.C. to say aloha to a new show and a new land. “I’d never been to Hawaii before,” the sexy North Shore star says of her latest digs on the island of Oahu. “Now I’m working and living here.” And while Fox’s sun-kissed melodrama didn’t exactly ride the tsunami of success left in The O.C.’s wake, it has offered the world bonus shots of bikini-clad hotness.
Are you as mischievous and unpredictable as your characters on North Shore and The O.C.?
I had one of those “it’s time to start living” moments recently, so I went to Amsterdam. It’s funny because I partied a lot when I was younger, and I’m only 21, but I’m in a mellow stage of life right now.

Were you extra mellow in Amsterdam?
Extra mellow?

You know how they do it over there.
Yeah, I’ll say it was a good trip, and sometimes it was very mellow.
Does life get any better than playing a hot chick on a show that shoots in Hawaii?
Work has been really good to me this year, but I’ve had my moments of complete grumpiness, like when we’re shooting on location and it’s really hot and sticky outside.

Do you combat the humidity by shedding clothes?
Sometimes. The girls are in skirts and bikinis for the most part. I actually got to keep a killer suit from this FHM shoot, the red one. I’m a sucker for red. And I like the Brazilian cut. I hate getting tan lines, so if I’m lying on the beach or at the pool, I want something that has a little less coverage.

Filming in Hawaii, there’s bound to be sex under a waterfall.
I think it’s inevitable.

Where do you stand on outdoor sex?
I haven’t made love outdoors since I was 16. There just aren’t enough hours in the day when I can go on an exotic hike and start having sex under a waterfall.
What other soap-opera moments have you had in your life?
One time, I had this boyfriend who cheated on me. I cheated back and then we broke up and then got back together. It was very soap-opera drama: “I love you. No, I hate you!” When you and Brooke Burns have your first cat fight on North Shore, will it be in the pool? That script hasn’t crossed my desk yet. Maybe it’ll be in the ocean, or maybe they’ll get kind of crazy with it and do a bar brawl.

When did you last fight in real life?
I used to get into fights with boys all the time. The worst was when I was 7 years old: This kid called my dad gay and I got so upset I punched him. Then he punched me in the stomach and it turned into a brawl. But sometimes you have to get down and dirty. It feels good.

Amanda Righetti plays in 'North Shore'

North Shore is a lush drama that captures the passion, intrigue and heart of Hawaii. This 20-something ensemble series is set at the Grand Waimea, a luxury hotel, where Jason Matthews (Kristoffer Polaha, America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story) is the popular general manager and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Booth (Brooke Burns, Shallow Hal) is the newly hired head of guest relations, having left her father's hotel empire to make her own way in the business – and in life. Working side by side causes much tension between them, but their romantic relationship may be far from over.

Just as interesting as the hotel's clientele is its staff, which is filled with friends, thrill-seekers, former con artists and dreamers in paradise. Waitress MJ Bevans (Nikki DeLoach, Misery Loves Company), Jason's surrogate little sister and roommate, is just waiting for her t-shirt design business to blossom into a fashion empire. Chris Remsen (Jay Kenneth Johnson, Days of Our Lives) runs an adventure company that caters to Waimea guests and bartender Frankie Seau (Jason Momoa, Baywatch) keeps those guests well-lubricated while trying to hide a mysterious past. And let's not forget Gabriel Miller (Corey Sevier, Black Sash), the young lifeguard trying to carve out a surfing career, or Tessa Lewis (Amanda Righetti, The O.C.), a former con artist who's now putting her skills to use as the Waimea's concierge.

Hot and sexy Amanda Righetti is ready for more

In our humble opinion, Amanda Righetti's energy and undeniable beauty make her perfect for titillating FOX TV fare. Amanda's sex appeal is palpable; we long for the day we might get the chance to palpate her. Amanda Righetti found overnight fame as Hailey Nichol on the hit FOX series The O.C. in 2004. The next summer, she got more exposure (in every sense of the term) in the Hawaiian melodrama, North Shore.

Having spent her childhood in permissive Las Vegas, Nevada, Amanda Righetti grew up in a hurry. But that didn't dull her sense of adventure or her faith in her own talents: she took a Vegas-sized gamble on acting in Los Angeles, which paid off handsomely with a role on the hit show The O.C. in 2004.

Amanda has had less success on North Shore, for which she left The O.C. in 2004, but the setting of sand and surf is an even better showcase for beautiful Amanda. Even the show's expensive set budget ($850,000 per show) can't compete with Amanda as eye candy.
Amanda has also shown off her considerable style during TV appearances on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, as well as in magazines like FHM.

Possessing an overall sunny disposition, the fun-loving Amanda Righetti impresses us with her charm and good humor. But even she can have her "moments of complete grumpiness," she confesses, such as when she's shooting on location in sweltering heat.

Regarding her acting talent, it's obvious Amanda has a knack for playing the mischievous and unpredictable bombshells that are the bread and butter of prime-time soaps. But Amanda still needs to prove herself in serious drama, or at least in considerably different roles, before we can confidently acknowledge hers as a talent to keep an eye on.

It's no coincidence that foxy actresses find fame on the often-sleazy FOX network, and Amanda Righetti is no exception. We believed every second of screen time when she played the volatile and nubile Hailey Nichol on The O.C.; in real life, Amanda has been just as wild. "There just aren't enough hours in the day when I can go on an exotic hike and start having sex under a waterfall," she laments when recalling she hasn't been able to make love outdoors for years.

Indeed, it seems that Amanda, after party-filled teen years, has lost a little bit of her sexy edge. Feeling she's in a "mellow stage of life right now," Amanda is now engaged to Jordan Alan. But all we need is one good O.C.-style plot twist in Amanda's personal life to bump her sexiness rating right back up again.

Once Amanda Righetti came of age, she headed west from her native Las Vegas to Los Angeles to become an actress. But unlike many raw young hopefuls on similar migrations, Amanda found success in relatively short order. Her appearance in a discarded FOX pilot led to her being cast on The O.C. and, from there, to a leading role on North Shore. While we give her credit for her acting success, it remains to be seen whether Amanda can turn these opportunities into a successful long-term career.

As a relative newcomer, Amanda has broken out of the "unknown" category, but has yet to achieve widespread stardom. She's solely known for her work on The O.C. and, more recently, on the ailing North Shore. Until she pads out her resume with meatier and more varied roles, her fame will be limited to recognition by prime-time soap fans.

Amanda Righetti's brown eyes and brunette locks add a touch of vixen to her good looks, but her fresh-faced beauty gives her a wholesomely delectable aspect. Amanda is helped in that department by an infectious smile that gives her nose a cute little crinkle when it spreads across her face.

Considering that her acting work takes place in the super-sunny locales of Southern California and Hawaii these days, it's no surprise that Amanda has a gorgeous tan on her svelte and youthful form. Although she's not the most curvaceous woman around, we have little cause to complain about her appearance, especially after she did a bikini spread in FHM.

Amanda Righetti knows her clothes. She likes patterned, embroidered jackets and pointy-toed high heels. Whether she's wearing flared trousers or a provocative zip-up dress with a silk blouse, Amanda always looks sharp -- especially when she accessorizes with an Abbey Branch bag (she's extra partial to the black Murphy II and the cyan Fandango travel bag).

For less dressy affairs, Amanda will make do with a baby tee; but even then, she'll have stylish pants and shoes to go with it. She's just as serious about beach fashions: "I want something with a little less coverage" to minimize tan lines, she says. For that reason, Amanda prefers a Brazilian cut, and if it's a fiery red, so much the better.

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