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Amy Acker Actress

Amy Acker

Amy is best known for her role as "Winifred" on the TV series "Angel." Amy Louise Acker was born on December 5, 1976, in Dalls, Texas, USA. Amy's father is a lawyer in Dallas and her mother is a full time mom. Growing up Amy wanted to be a ballerina. She studied ballet, modern and jazz dancing for 13 years. But sadly after knee surgery in high school she couldn't dance anymore. So Amy started taking acting in high school during her sophomore year, and she loved it. Also in in the ninth grade, Amy began modeling. She started Southern Methodist University in 1996.Amy is not a Methodist, but attended SMU because they were supposed to have a really good theater department. As part of her acting course at SMU, she was trained in weapons and certified in combat. Amy's first television role was in the Wishbone company, which was used solely for the PBS television show Wishbone. During her junior year,she modeled for J.Crew's Spring 1998 catalogue. Previous to that shoot, Amy spent 3 of her summers modeling in Japan. While in school she performed in many plays: Seta, Beast on the Moon at Stage West; Terry, Balm in Gilead; Isabella, Measure for Measure; Chorus, The Greeks; Christina, Fefu and her Friends; Anna, Apparent Wind. She performed with Undermain theater (UMT), during her senior year (1998-1999) at SMU, in the praised Therese Raquin which Amy was nominated for Actress in a leading role in 1999 Leon Rabin Awards. Whilst she was at SMU,she was in the TV movie "To Serve and Protect" as Melissa Jorgensen which was release February 14 1999. It was filmed in Dallas, Texas so it was close to home. She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Acting from SMU when she graduated in 1999.

After she graduated from SMU ,she went and worked at a Shakespeare theater for about eight months in Wisconsin called American Players Theater. There she played Hero in Much Ado About Nothing and Hilda in The Master Builder by Ibsen. After American Players Theater,she moved to New York for about eight months, wanting to still do theater. In July of year 2000 Amy was in the play Talc, which was part of the 11th edition of The American Living Room festival in Manhattan. Although originally Amy wanted to stay with theater,she ended up doing a couple of independent films (The Accident as Nina and The Energy Specialist) and a television pilot (MTV's Hell House). It was then Amy realized she wanted to also pursue an onscreen career. So she made a vocational decision and moved to down to Los Angeles, California in November of year 2000.

The transition was gentle for Amy because her agent was set up in both LA and NY. Furthermore Amy was glad that many of her SMU fellow graduates were in LA.When Amy first came to LA she roomed with a girl from American Players Theater. Before Amy auditioned for ANGEL she worked on the science fiction movie Groom Lake, with the acclaimed William Shatner, at the end of year 2000. Amy went in and read and after the final cut got the part. Originally "Fred" was suppose to be a three episode deal. She was still auditioning for work, and there were some possible pilots lined up. So when Joss Wheadon mentioned a possibility of her being a regular for ANGEL's third season, Amy needed to know quick. So they shot a test scene and sent it to the network for approval. It was approved and the rest is history. Amy would be a regular. ANGEL started shooting season three on July 10th 2001. During her free time Amy travels, reads, skis, does yoga, hikes and horseback-rides. And she is learning to play golf. For the summer of 2001 Amy visited her eldest sister in Paris. Like her character Fred, Amy enjoys Mexican food. Amy still lives in LA. with her husband James Carpinello ( m. 25 April 2003 - present) and their son, Jackson James Carpinello, born January 2005.

Her personal quotes:

[on meeting Alyson Hannigan, whose "Buffy" character Willow crossed over to take part on "Angel" for the season 4 episode "Orpheus":] "This is our first time actually meeting each other. She's pretty cool, so I'm hoping that Joss will maybe make me a witch or something, too." [March 17, 2003]

[on her "Angel" character Fred facing the evil vampire Angelus as played by star David Boreanaz, who ad libbed a lot of his lines:] "I think it's great; he has so much fun playing that character. It's a lot of improvisation and taking risks. You never know what he's going to say; it changes from take to take. He's definitely trying to make a shock; he's going out of his way to make me uncomfortable. It's hard. She [Fred] has heard everything he can do. He's bringing out some of the vulnerability in Fred." [January 23, 2003]

"I want to be strong and a vampire slayer." [January 23, 2003]

[on her "Angel" character Fred:] "Looking back at my character, I've gotten to do about 12 different parts because I started out crazy, in a potato sack, in a demon dimension. Now I'm in charge of this multimillion-dollar science lab. The journey between those points has really brought a lot of strength to the role." [in The Fresno Bee, February 4, 2004]
Where are they now

(2004) Currently guest-voicing as The Huntress for the Cartoon Network's _"Justice League Unlimited" (2000)_ for an episode "Double Date".

'Angel,' 'Felicity' Stars Join CBS' 'Unit'

Scott Foley, Amy Acker and Regina Taylor are the latest additions to the ensemble of CBS' drama pilot "The Unit."

Based on Eric Haney's book "Inside Delta Force," "The Unit" looks at members of a Special Forces unit and their families. David Mamet ("Glengarry Glen Ross," "Heist") and Shawn Ryan ("The Shield") are executive producing the 20th Century Fox TV production. Dennis Haysbert ("24"), Michael Irby ("Line of Fire") and Regina King ("Ray") were previously announced for the cast.

Foley, last seen in a guest starring role on FOX's "House," is best known for his run as Noel Crane on The WB's "Felicity." The actor, who also starred in NBC's "A.U.S.A.," has also done recent spots on "Scrubs" and "Jack & Bobby."
This will be Acker's first regular television gig since she ended her run on The WB's "Angel" last spring. In addition to playing Winifred Burkle from 2001-2004, Acker has appeared on "Wishbone" and in the 2003 telefilm "Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt."

Taylor has been a regular on "I'll Fly Away" and "The Education of Max Bickford."

The Hollywood Reporter has no specifics on which parts the various actors will play.

Amy Acker: Out of This World

He's cursed to an eternity of unhappiness, she's dead and they're separated by rival networks. As if Buffy and Angel didn't have enough problems, along comes Fred, as in Winnifred, the newest member of Angel Investigations. Fans will remember her as the cave-dwelling physics student who helped Angel and company escape a demon dimension last season. Now the cast is back in modern-day L.A., where Fred lends her scientific smarts to the cause--and she has it fierce for the dreamy undead one.
Texas-born actress Amy Acker, who plays Fred, is also new to the City of Angels. After a short stint in New York, working on independent features, she moved to Los Angeles last year and landed the role of Fred within two months of her arrival. Not bad for a newbie. Acker claims she has adjusted much better to living in La-La Land than Fred, who's still "having a hard time getting into the swing of things." Maybe her hang-up on the unavailable Angel has something to do with it.

Which got us wondering...

So, will Fred be able to make Angel forget about Buffy? "She likes him, but I'm not sure how much it's going to be reciprocated."

Can't we get a tiny scoop? Do Fred and Angel kiss? "There hasn't been one yet. I think my character wishes she's going to, but I'm not sure it'll happen."

How hard did she have to work to become a series regular? "Joss and David, the producers, had said they were looking for a new female character to add to the show, but they weren't really sure who it was going to be or for how many episodes. So I went in and had a normal audition, then they called me back the next day. The day after that, it was just me and the producers; we met and talked about the character. It was all really quick."
What's been the best part of joining the cast? "Fred loves junk food, so yesterday, I got to eat ice cream. I'm always getting the snacks on set. The first day, my room on the set had Taco Bell wrappers all over the floor, so you can see she has been excited to get back and have tacos."

Have they told her about the nightmare schedule, shooting everything at night? "Actually, I think they've tried to change that this year. Everyone told me, "Well, get ready to never sleep." But they've been building some outside stuff indoors this year so we don't have to actually go out in the middle of the night five nights a week. It's still long, 14-hour days or something, but it hasn't been till the crack of dawn."

Whatever the case, there couldn't be a better job than working with a seminaked David Boreanaz, right? "Oh, yeah. Well, he had his little cut-up tank top on. But it's pretty awesome."

What has been her most Hollywood moment so far? "I went to the American Pie 2 premiere with a good friend of mine from New York who happened to be Sean William Scott's good friend, so we rode in the limousine with him. He was the nicest person. Somehow, I ended up sitting on the side of the door that was by the red carpet, so when the limousine pulled up and everyone expected him to get out, I got out instead, and no one had any idea who I was."

We have a feeling that will change.

Amy Acker's Heavenly Luck

One of the most heartbreaking losses of this season was the WB's abrupt cancellation of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, Angel. Completely original, frequently gothic in scope, Angel was one of the best-written shows on television. The show was enjoying its fifth year when the WB announced, in a rather cryptic memo, that it was ending the show despite calling Buffy and Angel "cornerstones of our network" and admitting: "The sum total of the work done on those shows has produced some of the proudest moments in our history." Despite rabid campaigns organized by fans of the show, Angel aired its final episode May 19.

On a sunny day in April, it's the next to last day of shooting on the series, and Amy Acker still seems stunned by the news. The petite actor, who joined the show as brainy science geek Winifred "Fred" Burkle in Season Three, sits in a trailer on location in Hollywood and attempts to describe the melancholy mood of the set. "It's strange; you sort of feel like this is your office," she notes. "You don't really imagine not seeing these people every day. You realize this is how the business works and no show runs forever, but it's still hard." Many tears had already been shed as she watched the people she worked alongside leave one by one. "Alexis [Denisof, who played her love interest Wesley] had his last day last week, and I was crying for two hours after I left work," she recalls. "All my friends are, like, 'It's just a show.' But it's sad when you've been with these people for three years, 15 hours a day sometimes, five days a week. Even if you see people outside of work, it's not exactly the same."

Acker's tale of moving to Los Angeles and landing on a hit show is the stuff Hollywood fairy tales are made of. Born and raised in Texas, she had worked at a Shakespeare festival in Wisconsin and lived in New York before heading west. She had been in L.A. only one month when she won the role on Angel. "It was just an audition," she says simply of being cast. "I went on this audition where there were a lot of people, then went back the next day and there were only two people, and then I went back the day after and it was just me. So I thought that was a good sign." Even she seemed surprised by her luck, having heard so many stories about struggling actors. "Now is going to be the time where I'm going to have to suffer through all of the not working," she observes.

Word of the show's cancellation came down in early February, not long after it aired its 100th episode and only a month after the WB spoke highly of the program at the annual Television Critics Association Tour. Acker was told in person by series creator Joss Whedon. "I'd gotten a bunch of cryptic messages on my answering machine from agents and managers, asking me if I had talked to Joss yet," she recalls. "I had just seen him the day before, and he had said he was going to dinner with [WB Co-CEO] Jordan Levin. I said, 'Call me if he cancels the show or something.' He said, 'That won't happen.' Well, it did happen."

According to Acker, Whedon called her the next morning and wanted to meet up with her. "I said there was a Coffee Bean by our house, and he said, 'Do they serve alcohol? We need a bar,'" she recites with a laugh. "I said, 'I don't think there are any bars open at 1 o'clock.' He said, 'Do you have alcohol at your house?' So we kind of drowned our sorrows at my place."

Ironically it was the second time in a year she thought her time on the show was coming to an end. Last year Whedon told her he would be killing off the character of Fred, but Acker would now be playing a bright blue demon goddess named Illyria that occupied Fred's body. Reveals Acker, "He told me last October he was going to kill Fred. And then he told me I was still going to be on the show. I thought that was the end of me."

After Acker dodged the bullet the first time, it seems particularly cruel that the show would end up being pulled off the air just months later. Perhaps worst of all was the timing of the announcement. Asked if she had anything else lined up, she points out, "It's been hard because we found out sort of halfway through pilot season. And it's not really easy to run across the street to audition for a sitcom when you've got blue hair and a blue face." Still, she is trying to remain optimistic. "I'm hoping something good will come up," she says. "I think we're all a little scared and nervous."

Which is not to say there isn't any levity on the set, even if it is mixed with self-deprecation. As Acker sits in the makeup chair preparing to undergo her transformation into Illyria, a process that generally takes two hours, actor Gary Coleman appears in a commercial on TV. As the former child star speaks about how important it is to invest money lest you leave a hit program and end up bankrupt like him, her co-star Andy Hallet starts laughing. "Someone told me I'm going to be taping one of these commercials with him next week," he notes.

By Acker's own admission, she's playing things by ear. And she claims to look forward to auditioning and experiencing new roles. "It seems like there's tons of good stuff out there," she said. "I'm excited to play a new character, and I'll see what comes up. I'd like to use the auditions not only to get a job, but also as a chance to act." And though she has heard stories of some people who are actually relieved when their show ends, she's not one of them. "People who are excited to move on," she says, "probably don't have Joss Whedon as their boss."

Amy Acker New Role - Astin Leads the Cast of ’The Final Season’

Rudy’s about to score again.

Sean Astin has been cast in the lead role for “The Final Season”, a new drama that’s being billed as baseball’s version of “Hoosiers”.

Amy Acker, Tyler Hoechlin, Sam Elliot and Katherine Ross have also just signed to star in the pic.

To be directed by David Mickey Evans [“The Sandlot”], it tells the story of a young man named Kent Stock [Astin], who in the early 90’s, gives up a job and ditches his wedding plans to take over as head coach as the Norway High School baseball team. Kent must win over his players and convince them and himself that he can fill their former coach’s shoes and that they can go out winners.

“The Final Season” tells the story of a team that wouldn’t give up. In the summer of 1991 Norway High’s baseball tradition ended on a triumphant but sombre note and great losses were repaired, at least for one shining moment.

Amy Acker, formerly of TV’s “Angel”, will play Kent’s love interest, a by-the-book lawyer who is representing the State’s side in the reorganization process.


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