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Andrea Parker Actress

Andrea Parker

Currently starring on ABC's "Less Than Perfect", Andrea Parker began studying dance at the age of six. She began her professional career in the arts at 15, dancing with the San Francisco Ballet Company. A transition to contemporary dance and acting was inevitable for the beautiful and talented Parker. Her first big break came with a role on the famous Seinfeld episode, The Contest. While Parker is best known to television audiences for her four seasons as the evil Miss Parker on the NBC drama The Pretender, she also has considerable comedic talents showcased on Less than Perfect. Other television credits include recurring roles on ER, JAG and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., and she also appeared on Dream On, Ellen, Coach, Dave's World, Married with Children, and has starred in several movies of the week. Parker lives in Los Angeles, close to her family, which is deeply important to her. In her spare time, when not in her garden, she enjoys photography, travel, horse riding, stunt driving and target shooting. She even attended the Motion Picture Stunt Driving Course in San Bernardino, California. Parker was born on March 8, 1969, in Southern California, USA.

After recurring roles on "ER" and "JAG", she needed just a few paragraphs of the pilot script for "The Pretender" to know that she wanted the roll of Miss Parker. "It was kind of strange, " says Parker. "As soon as I saw the role of Miss Parker, I said, 'Hey, my name's all over this script.' I knew I had to make it mine. There was just too much synchronicity for it not to happen. After I was cast, I had to tap into a lot of anger and pain in playing her. We're both alike in that we go after what we want, but I would never dream of treating people the way she does."
While promoting "The Pretender" in Monte Carlos' TV festival with her co-star Michael T. Weiss in Feb, 2001, Andrea Parker said in two different interviews that she has been living with a guy named Jim for 11 years. She was married to Jim and he died of cancer almost 2 years ago.

Her hobbies include horseback riding, stunt driving, and target shooting.

Over the past two years, Andrea Parker has spent much of the little free time that she has corresponding with and mentoring child and teenaged cancer patients as part of her affiliation with the Glenn Siegel "My Good Friend" charity organization. She first heard about this organization when she was guest-starring on JAG and was so moved by its cause that she jumped right in.

Andrea Parker stars in TNT's movie ''The Pretender''

Turner Network Television's (TNT)THE PRETENDER: ISLAND OF THE HAUNTED, the follow-up to its successful Original film The Pretender 2001. Based on the popular television series, the film stars the original cast: Michael T. Weiss as Jarod, Andrea Parker as Miss Parker, Patrick Bauchau as Sydney, Jon Gries as Broots, Jamie Denton as Mr. Lyle, Richard Marcus as Mr. Raines and Harve Presnell as Mr. Parker. The movie was written and executive-produced by series creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle and directed and executive-produced by Fred Keller. Both films were produced by 20th Century Fox Television in association with NBC Productions.

Jarod (Weiss) is the Pretender, a virtuous genius whose exceptional intelligence allows him to master any profession. Taken from his parents as a child prodigy in the early 1960s, Jarod spent decades isolated under the caring instruction of Sydney, a psychiatrist at The Centre, a think tank that sells the services of Jarod's computer-like mind to the highest bidder. As an adult, Jarod flees The Centre and uses his unique ability to help others, while evading the alluring Miss Parker and her group of Centre operatives, who desperately want Jarod back.

Continuing with Jarod's quest for discovery, THE PRETENDER: ISLAND OF THE HAUNTED reveals the mysteries of Jarod and Miss Parker's pasts, as well as the shadows behind the creation of The Centre. On this journey, Jarod searches for his mother, and Miss Parker discovers surprises about her own family while hunting Jarod. In the course of their search, they stumble across the powerful mystic scrolls, which are being highly sought after by The Centre. Interest in The Pretender has been high since the series premiered in 1996. The show's intelligent writing and complex characters drew millions of viewers each week and spawned a huge Internet fan base. Ultimately, the tremendous fan base paved the way for the making of the Original movies.

Andrea Parker plays a trained killer Miss Parker

Q: What makes this film different from the other Pretender installments?
A: This is one of the few times Miss Parker and Jarod have been in the entire episode together. In five years, Michael and I haven't had very many opportunities to work together. This is really our first adventure together in the same script, and it has been such a treat. It's also different because there are some really fresh situations for Miss Parker. It's not the same ruthless, condescending, impatient behavior.

Q: Why are Jarod and Miss Parker working together?
A: They're trying to find answers to all the questions about their respective mothers. For the last five years, we've slowly been getting bits and pieces, and now we're finally going to get some answers.

Q: What is a pretender?
A: He's a child prodigy who has been trained through simulations for his entire life to understand how people feel and why they do the things they do. He can read a book about a heart transplant in the morning and perform one in the evening. We're taking a little creative license with the show, but it's really nice to have a positive hero.

Q: What is Miss Parker like?
A: She's a trained killer: Intelligent, agile and ferocious. There's something to be said for that kind of strength, dedication and relentlessness, but she's also very removed from what's really important like feelings and love. She hasn't had much experience with that. She lost her mother at a very young age and grew up in a pretty sterile environment. She's a survivor. She has a very hard exterior which protects her from what's really going on inside.


Andrea Parker enjoys "Miss Parker"

Andrea (who said she does not like to be called Miss Parker off screen) told her fans that the thing she enjoys most about her role on The Pretender is that she has "Free license to explore and act out parts of my personality that I usually hide with tact." She went on to say that the writers give all of the actors on The Pretender a great deal of freedom to interpret their individual characters ... and she takes advantage of that opportunity. Part of "Miss Parker's" demeanor in any given episode is directly related to how Andrea is feeling on the particular day that the scene is shot. She even does some of her own stunts!

In her first chat session, Parker said that her favorite episode of The Pretender was "Keys" - because it was the only time that she and Michael T. Weiss were able to work together. She went on to say that she "had the blessed opportunity of beating up a man much larger than myself! And, I got to show Miss Parker's martial arts abilities." During her October 14 chat, Parker said that "Not Even A Mouse," the Christmas episode from the first season, was one of her favorites, along with "A Toy Surprise" which was from the second season. She also said that during this season, she would be working directly with Michael T. Weiss (at some point ... we don't know how often).

No stranger to hard work and dedication to her craft, clearly, there are similiarities between Miss Parker and Andrea, but there appear to be crucial differences as well. When asked by a fan if she wore stiletto heels when not working on The Pretender, Andrea replied, "Are you crazy?" Parker also said that it takes 8 days to film each episode. She previously expressed the opinion that she'd like to see Miss Parker "bust a move" and perhaps escape the Centre herself, but artfully dodged any question regarding a possible future relationship with Jarod (as in relationship) other than the one that currently exists.

When asked if she is anything at all like Miss Parker, Andrea says "no" in a lightly humorous fashion and lets it go at that . . . but when asked what kind of gun "Miss Parker" uses on The Pretender, she answered the question and then immediately asked the questioner why they didn't ask what kind of gun she keeps at home! Parker said "maybe" when asked if she would be directing any episodes this year and spoke of a complex, love/hate between her character and Sydney (played by Patrick Bauchau).

Parker quit smoking in May of 1998 and we noticed that she didn't "light up" in the premiere of The Pretender's 3rd season. No explanation was given regarding why the chain-smoking Miss Parker suddenly stopped indulging her former habit -- perhaps NBC thought it was time to begin making her more "socially acceptable" (a shame, if it's true -- we liked her "one-of-a-kind " attitude).

Andrea Parker helps ''My Good Friend'' charity

Over the past two years, Andrea Parker has spent much of the little free time that she has corresponding with and mentoring child and teenaged cancer patients as part of her affiliation with the Glenn Siegel "My Good Friend" charity organization. She first heard about this organization when she was guest-starring on JAG and was so moved by its cause that she jumped right in.

I think that a quote attributed to Andrea Parker, about the Glenn Siegel "My Good Friend" organization tells any interested fan just about everything they need to know about the real life Parker. She said, "I'm not here to get anything out of this; I just hope to relieve some pain, give love, and offer a hand to those who need it. I want to let them know that they are valued. I'm troubled by the randomness of life, where some are blessed while others are burdened. I hope if I were going through something like this, I would know that no one can do it alone. Some kids get love at home, others don't. There's got to be someone there to help.

One of the good things about being an actor in Hollywood is that you're in a position to remind other people that there are still others who need help. It's the ultimate gratification -- it's why we were put on this earth." Way to go, Andrea Parker!

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