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Angelica Bridges Actress

Angelica Bridges

Sexy and Voluptuous actress and model is most recognized for her role on "Baywatch." She has also appeared on different TV shows such as "Days Of Our Lives", "NYPD Blue" and "Mortal Kombat." Her movie credits include "Mystery Men" and "Tomcats." Angelica Bridges was born November 20, 1973 in the small town of Harrisonville, Missouri. A small-town girl, Angelica was a tomboy throughout her childhood, preferring horseback riding and fishing rather than playing dress-up. If she did play dress-up, it was in dance outfits while taking dance lessons since the age of 3. Dreaming of someday becoming a star, Angelica started out in media with radio commercials and voice-overs. The 12-year-old ambitious lass headed to Kansas City, Missouri, to enter a talent search held by NBC. Angelica may never have needed her looks to succeed (her prior experience was limited to radio), but now her looks and talent got her to the next level: she was among the 20 to sign a contract for future assignments.

Next up for Angelica: modeling. She began to model at 14, and even appeared on the cover of Teen Magazine and was crowned "Miss Missouri Teen" at age 16. After having tried her hand at music after high school (Angelica was lead singer of a band, which performed at the "Shanghai TV Festival"), Angelica pursued modeling more intensively. While performing in Universal Studios, the founder of the Elite Modeling Agency caught eye of 1992's "California Young Miss America", and signed her to become an Elite model.

Moving from radio to television, Angelica showed off her model body in television commercials for products such as Diet Coke, Pontiac, Toyota, Doritos (pre-Ali Landry), Hanes, IBM, Bally's, Pepsi, American Express (as a modern-day Ginger Rogers), and most notably, Brut Cologne, as Troy Aikman's girlfriend. Angelica was also known as the "Ultress Girl", having signed a 2-year contract with Clairol.

After appearing on television in a string of commercials and gracing several magazine covers, Angelica broke into acting with a recurring role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, in 1996. The green-eyed redhead already had a role in the 1995 comedy California Heat on her resume. Television guest-appearances began to pour Angelica's way, such as on Night Stand, NYPD Blue, Cybill, Silk Stalkings, and Conan (as Red Sonja). In 1997, Angelica did her requisite Baywatch duty, as Lieutenant Taylor Walsh on the T&A series.

Her Baywatch gig didn't last long, and Angelica continued to do the television rounds, with a recurring role as Omegis in Mortal Kombat: Conquest, and appearances on Pamela Lee's V.I.P., and the comedies Suddenly Susan and That '70s Show. In 1999, the model/actress was cast in a bit part in the film, Mystery Men, and will next be seen in the films Tomcats, Do It For Uncle Manny and The Month of August.

"The world is constantly looking at you as if you're under a microscope. That can put a lot of pressure on any human being!" -Angelica Bridges, on her Baywatch role

More fun facts about Angelica Bridges

Was a Playboy cover model
Appeared on BAYWATCH and the comedy show SON OF THE BEACH.
She actually enjoys entertaining the world with her wide array of animal sounds and cartoon voices and lends her voice to many national radio commercials
Sometimes Credited As: Angie Bridges, Anjelica Bridges
Began her modeling career at the age of 14, appearing in Teen Magazine and, at age 16, won the title of Miss Missouri Teen.
Performed in The Shanghai TV Festival, which is seen by over 300 million viewers.
In 1992, Bridges was crowned, California Young Miss of America.
Was an Elite model.
Landed a two-year contract with Clairol to be the Ultress Girl.
Several commercials including spots for Diet Coke, Toyota, Doritos, Sony, Pontiac, IBM, Bally's, Hanes, Pepsi and, most recently, American Express.
Best known commercial is for Brut Cologne, in which she plays Troy Aikman's girlfriend.
In 1996, she landed the recurring role of Sharon Taylor on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.
Guest-starring roles on Cybill, Pacific Blue, NYPD Blue, Silk Stalkings and The Young & The Restless.
Appeared in the 1999 film MYSTERY MEN.

Angelica Bridges is the ultimate pin-up girl

She is easy on the eyes, hard on the heart, and causes men's blood flow to head south. All the hallmarks of the quintessential bombshell. Angelica hasn't let up on that image either; she has become a seasoned veteran of magazines, along with providing her extraordinary looks for countless commercials and TV guest spots.
Her best known role to date has been as a Baywatch lifeguard during the season where Carmen Electra and Marliece Andrada were on. The high-profile role led to her gaining international status, and further magazine stories in France, Spain, Italy and England.

Though she has basically been stereotyped to B-movies and TV shows, that doesn't stop Angelica Bridges from having a prolific B-career. Chances are that even if she only modeled, she would make a nice little fortune. She has become a natural after beginning her modeling career at a very young 14 years of age.

Angelica considers herself an actress now, having honed her skills through such staple routes as soap operas (where Angelica was "discovered" for NBC's Days of Our Lives). But what is really interesting is that the stylish and seemingly snobby Angelica is actually a very down to earth person (though one that looks like a Greek statue come to life). Among her notable talents are her abilities to do cartoon voices and animal sounds. Yes, it sounds geeky, but you have to love gorgeous women who can imitate Bugs Bunny.

We love red hair. There is something unique about a sexy redhead that drives men wild, and Angelica fits that profile. She is among our favorite redheads of all-time alongside ultra-svelte Amber Smith and Angie Everhart. But we are among friends here, right? We can't fool you. Saying that her sex appeal is a result of her hair is like saying Pamela Anderson is a desirable woman because of her pancake making skills.

Angelica Bridges is currently involved in several movie projects, including some independent movies, but nothing with a lot of buzz. Though she wants to break away from the T&A roles, she will likely carry the "stigma" of being a former Baywatch babe.

Her less than stellar resume hasn't stopped her from appearing in countless TV series in guest roles like NYPD Blue, That '70s Show, and Suddenly Susan. She has also done a string of commercials, most famous were a ballroom dancing American Express spot and a Brut Cologne commercial in which she played Troy Aikman's girlfriend. At 16, she won "Miss Missouri Teen", an early indication of how beautiful she was destined to be. Her beautiful facial structure makes her a timeless beauty. She is going to age gracefully. Personal style? Try low-cut and form-fitting. Any complaints? Not from anybody on our voting panel. Then again, you aren't exactly reading this to find out Angelica Bridges' latest thoughts on haute couture, are you?


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