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Brooke Burns Actress Model

Brooke Burns

A gorgeous and talented model and actress, Burns is a familair face after acting in "Baywatch" and hosting the reality show "Dog Eat Dog". Her most recent credentials include starring on Fox's North Shore. As a young girl in her native Dallas, Texas, Brooke Burns ("Baywatch") was groomed to be in the spotlight and was a successful ballerina for 12 years -- until an unfortunate ski injury halted her dancing career. In reality, those years of discipline and training might have been good preparation for her recent stint on NBC's "Fear Factor." "I was part of the first celebrity 'Fear Factor' and I saw some of what there would be if a show such as 'Dog Eat Dog' became 'Fear Factor' meets 'Weakest Link,'" says Burns as host of NBC's newest challenge reality show. Describing her new role as host, Burns adds, "I love the opportunity to be myself as opposed to playing a character. I'm excited about the improvisational side of the job, and I think the key to being a good host is listening and being who I am." Burns' mother wasted no time after her daughter's ballet career ended, and quickly enrolled her at a modeling agency. By the age of 16, Burns was traveling and working throughout Europe. A year later, she returned to the United States and continued modeling in New York. After some work in commercials, she was cast as a regular in the series "Out of the Blue," which taped in and around Sea World in Orlando, Florida.

After relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a television acting career full time, Burns' first audition was for the popular beachside syndication series "Baywatch." Although not hired initially for that drama, she made numerous television guest-starring roles on other series, including Timothy Hutton's "Nero Wolfe" and the recurring role of Jennifer, the fantasy girl on "Ally McBeal." Eventually, the "Baywatch" producers cast her as Jessica "Jessie" Owens," a role which she reprised on the series' spinoff "Baywatch Hawaii." Burns made her comedic and feature-film debut in last year's "Shallow Hal" (alongside Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black) as a young, tragically ugly girl whose inner beauty proves to be much stronger than her disagreeable outer appearance. Burns was born on March 16, 1978, in Dallas, Texas. Burns gave birth to a daughter, Madison, in 2000. After developing a cult following on Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii, Burns decided to leave the show at age 22 when she discovered that she was pregnant. The father was recent hubby Julian McMahon of the WB show, Charmed. In addition to her Baywatch role, Burns appeared in several episodes of Ally McBeal, where she played a fictional character in Calista Flockhart's delusions.

Producers from NBC were impressed with her charisma and sense of adventure, and asked her to sign on as host of a new reality show/game show called Dog Eat Dog. She readily took the position and has enjoyed great Nielsen ratings since its recent debut. Although her accomplishments are not walk-of-fame worthy, Burns has the wit and looks to last a long time on screen, whether it's small or silver. With her marriage over after some apparent issues with her husband's fidelity, we only hope she can remain on stable ground and continue to impress us.

Although we don't see why it's necessary, Brooke Burns is set to prove to legions of fans and new audience members that she is not just another pretty face. Athletic, graceful and smart, Burns has more assets than those that are most obvious. A former ballet dancer and competitive swimmer, her acting skills and comedic touch are nothing to shake a stick at. Admittedly, it's fun to look at stills of her resuscitating people on Baywatch and imagine the possibilities, but it's certainly refreshing to know that all her eggs are not in one basket.

With more credentials than most other Baywatch alumni (aside from supposed singer David Hasselhoff), Burns also boasts an adventurous personality, including a love of motocross. She's even quite well-spoken and educated, representing causes ranging from saving endangered sharks to protecting abused children.

After a TV hiatus thanks to her split from Baywatch, we're glad we can stop sending threatening letters to television networks demanding we get our Brooke Burns fix once a week, now that she is the host of NBC's Dog Eat Dog. She's hot, smart and tough, delivering a killer three-hit knockout that can only propel her to impressive heights. Brooke Burns readily took the position and has enjoyed great Nielsen ratings since its recent debut. Although her accomplishments are not walk-of-fame worthy, Burns has the wit and looks to last a long time on screen, whether it's small or silver. She is a natural athlete who excels as a swimmer having been trained by her father, a former national champion swimmer at SMU. In her spare time, Burns is a mentor for PennyLane, a residential home for abused children.


Burns, Esposito, Cortese Hop to WB Pilots

"North Shore" star Brooke Burns, Jennifer Esposito and Dan Cortese are all headed to The WB for pilot work in a flurry of casting activity at the Frog. Rider Strong and John DiMaggio have also joined pilots.

Burns, who played hotel scion Nicole Booth on FOX's low-rated "North Shore" this season, has joined the cast of "Pepper Dennis," opposite Rebecca Romijn and Lindsay Price in what surely will rank as one of the prettier ensembles of this development season. Strong ("Boy Meets World," "Cabin Fever") will also be part of the cast, the showbiz trades report.

The AP reported last week that FOX had cancelled "North Shore." The network isn't commenting on the report, but given that the show averaged only about 4 million viewers per week, it's unlikely to return.
Esposito, meanwhile, has taken a part in the network's untitled drama from former "Sex and the City" writer Liz Tucillo. The "Summer of Sam" and "Taxi" star, who has a recurring part on "Judging Amy," will play one of four sisters who live in New York opposite Laura San Giacomo ("Just Shoot Me").

Cortese, late of UPN's "Rock Me Baby" and DiMaggio, a prolific voice actor who played Bender on "Futurama," will star in the comedy "Grown Men" with Dean Cain. The show revolves around former college fraternity brothers who have remained close.

Brooke Burns' road from 'Baywatch' to the Dogs

Want proof that actress and TV host Brooke Burns is more than just another pretty face and former "Baywatch" babe?

Just check her out in the impressive bit part she played opposite Jack Black in last year's hit comedy "Shallow Hal." Buried in prosthetic makeup that makes Nicole Kidman's nose from "The Hours" seem tame, Burns' turn as a shy wallflower in the flick proved to critics what she knew in her heart all along--she really can act.

Of course, if the acting thing doesn't work out, the red-hot 25-year-old can fall back on her other job as host of "Dog Eat Dog." The Dallas native got the gig after impressing executive producer Matt Kunitz during an appearance on "Celebrity Fear Factor."

"I just thought 'what fun!'" she said earlier this year. "It sounded like such a blast. I thought that even if I didn't get the hosting job, maybe I could be a contestant. They were really open to me being a part of the process and open to ideas."

But despite the success of the show, Burns admits that she hasn't exactly been swept up in the whole reality-TV craze. That's thanks in part to her baby daughter Madison, who's into a different dog.

"My friends are all obsessed with 'Joe Millionaire' and 'The Bachelorette,' but I'm not," she says. "'American Idol' I actually got into because I love Simon. But I don't watch much TV with the baby. It has to be 'Clifford the Big Red Dog!'"

''North Shore'' may still have a chance because of Brooke Burns

‘North Shore’ filming,but has yet to pull plug. Producers have not yet ordered the dismantling of its $1 million set, giving the show some hope. FOX television's struggling hotel drama "North Shore" is checking out early this month and will not film three of its scheduled 22 episodes.

Producers told cast and crew on Friday that the hour-long drama will shut down Dec. 17 and not return in January to complete filming as planned. An executive early last week said the production would take a holiday hiatus before returning here next month to film the last two episodes.

Producers, according to several sources, emphasized on Friday that "North Shore" had not been canceled and the network had only decided not to complete the season while it evaluated the ratings of remaining episodes. "There's some hope that we'll be picked up, because last week's show got a pretty good score," a production executive said. "We'll have to wait for the network's decision."

Giving credence that the show is still breathing is that producers here have given no orders to dismantle the massive hotel set in the Hawaii Film Studio's sound stage or the bar set at Ko Olina Lagoon. The hotel set is the most expensive in Hawaii history, costing more than $1 million. "This is a wait-and-see, temporary wrap," a production source said. "That the sets will stay intact is a sign that our heart is still beating."

"North Shore" stars Kris Polaha, Brooke Burns, Jason Momoa, James Remar, Amanda Righetti and Shannen Doherty. Producers hoped that Doherty's addition in September would spike ratings, but they continued to be marginal. "North Shore," which debuted in June, was the first of three Oahu-based series this year. Fox executives said the show had to find its audience with the uncommon summer launch, but that hasn't happened.

"North Shore" would be the second Hawaii series for Momoa and Burns that's been canceled, including "Baywatch Hawaii."

Each "North Shore" episode costs about $2.3 million, with $1.5 million, or 65 percent, spent here. The production employs 60-65 local crew members, several local stand-ins and hundreds of extras. The state will begin about 11 months of an extensive demolition-renovation-grading project at the film studio in February. FOX has a month-to-month revocable permit for use of the studio and has only told state officials it will wrap Dec. 17. It has not canceled its agreement.

Dog Eat Dog’s Brooke Burns is the best thing to happen to NBC

Brooke Burns appeared as both a beauty and a beast in last year’s Shallow Hal and had a cutely charismatic cameo in a recent celebrity Fear Factor. In fact, the former Baywatch beauty made enough of an impact on the show’s producers to persuade them to snag her as the host of NBC’s Dog Eat Dog (which is essentially Fear Factor meets The Weakest Link—minus the shows’ annoying hosts). Along the way, Aussie actor Julian McMahon (son of a former prime minister of Australia) promptly married and then amicably divorced our beloved Brooke. “I’m the queen of one-percent chances. Like, I slept with my ex-husband only once without protection, and that’s when I got pregnant,” sighed Brooke as she confided in me and, as a result, you the reader, on her predilection for learning the hard way. And, with that, this tantalizing Texan and I began the deviant dance that is this interview.

STUFF: Would you say that David Hasselhoff’s recent album, Hooked on a Feeling, was a more introspective effort than 1993’s You Are Everything?
BROOKE: I don’t think I heard the one from ’93. He sings on the set, but I don’t think we actually ever had the album on. Thank God!

S: You testified in front of the House of Representatives defending a bill banning shark finning. I love sharks! My guess is you like ’em, too.
B: I do. I do love sharks. The tuna fishermen go and fin the sharks and dump ’em back into the ocean. It’s basically mutilation. [The House] listened very intently—even though I was wearing my conservative little suit.

S: Hmmm. You were on Fear Factor with former professional wrestler Chyna. Did she wear a cup?
B: Not that I noticed! I didn’t cop a feel.

S: Which of the Baywatch girls would’ve been more apt to star in Bitchwatch?
B: God, you are evil. Let’s see.…I had a bit of a run-in—and no names!—with one of my female costars. I got pregnant when we had three months left working on the show, and I had to be really careful about the physical stuff. So she started going, “Hmmm—why is she stopping her swimming routine?” She came up to me and said, “Are you pregnant?” So I said, “Please, you know, shhh.…” The next day a producer came to me and said she had blabbDescribe a recent episode in the Sex and the Single Mother of One series that is your life.ed to everyone. There’s a reason she was cast as the evil one.

S: Describe a recent episode in the Sex and the Single Mother of One series that is your life.
B: Go to the Hustler [a Beverly Hills sex shop] and buy lots of toys! [Laughs] I love being a single mom. But it’s definitely different when you’re dating. [Pretending to talk to a date] “So, your place, not mine, because at 4 A.M. when Madison wakes up for her bottle, I’m going to kick you out of bed.”

S: Let me throw a theological brainbuster at you: What if God was one of us? You know, just a stranger on a bus.
B: Well, I do believe he’s amongst us. If he/she is, that’s great. But you know what? I’m not going to live in fear of the rapture every day. It’s just not fun, OK?

S: Did being a devout Christian result in you being all virginal and shit?
B: I was a virgin until I was 18, and then my first—if I told you who my first was you would really have a heart attack. A total Hollywood—

S: Tell!
B: No way in hell! But it was wonderful. I still think, Awww, the first. I guess I felt like I’d waited long enough. When it’s time to let go, you let go.

S: Top or bottom?
B: Both.

S: Uh, I was talking about which bunk you like to sleep in. What are you referring to, Nancy Naughty?
B: Uh-huh. Right. Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to summer camp.

S: Did the Baywatch execs have any waxing or shaving guidelines as far as bikini lines are concerned?
B: Oh, everyone does something different. I did laser. My gynecologist actually started doing it, so I was like, That’s perfect. It’s like a rubber band snapping you a thousand times, but it’s worth it. Shaving every day is a nightmare, and waxing gives you ingrown hairs.

S: Tell me about it! On the topic of public sex: oh-so hot, or you’d rather not?
B: Oh-so hot.

S: Examples, please.
B: Oh, Bill, Bill, Bill. You’re killing me. My father’s going to see this. I can’t.

S: More than one position, or is missionary your mission?
B: My God, are you kidding? Oh, I’ll just say the more positions the merrier. Yeah. Wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor.

S: Nee-haw! Your ex was a Speedo man. What are your thoughts on the most banana-hugging of bathing suits?
B: I think I’m going to go American next time. The Aussie wore a Speedo. I’m thinking that was my downfall. If I ever meet another guy who wears one again, I’m just going to be like, OK, bye.

S: During your marriage, Julian was reportedly linked to Charmed costars Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano. With that in mind, would you like me to link him to a moving train?

B: [Laughs] Oh, God, I’m sure there was a time in my life when I would have said yes. But he’s a great father, so I would say no—for Madison’s sake. It’s funny—he was actually really great while we were together. Then I guess that’s where it turns back to the whole L.A. thing. You know, I found out through The National Enquirer. That was the final straw.

S: Would you describe your sexual appetite as all-you-can-eat, soup and salad or just water, please?
B: Oh, my God, I’m dying here! I don’t even know if I can answer this one. I’ve already put my parents through so much. The whole getting-pregnant-out-of-wedlock thing…

S: I’ll just put you down as all-you- can-eat, then.
B: [Sighs] OK. My heart is, like, getting so nervous to see this article.

S: You’re part of a game I call Six Degrees of Humiliation. Your ex-husband’s ex-ex-sister-in-law is Kylie Minogue who, in reaction to an interview we did, slapped me across the face at a Saturday Night Live after-party. Would you ever do that to me, Brooke?
B: I’ve been thinking about it for the past five minutes. [Laughs] No, no, I don’t think so. I’ll bet you never washed your face again. I never had any interaction with [the Minogue sisters]. I love their music. They’re both pretty feisty.

S: A word of advice on the upcoming photo shoot: They keep cases of champagne in the refrigerator. It helps loosen the girls up. Anyway, take the lot of it. Even if they see you do it, they never say anything.
B: You’re so funny. Any requests for what you want me to wear? [In a shaky voice] Um…a thong is never wrong. I rhyme when I get nervous.
I’ve noticed that.

Brooke Burns is the best Mom

Each month, iParenting.com spotlights a mother who inspires and moves us, who embodies the qualities that we all admire in a person, a woman and a mother. Above all, the Mom of the Month is dedicated to her children. Rich or poor, famous or not, she shines as an example of what mothering is all about.

Meet November's Mom of the Month, Brooke Burns, a 25-year-old single working mother. Burns is devoted to her career as an actress and to being a hands-on mom to her preschool-age daughter. Discover why parenthood is No. 1 on Burns' list of priorities in this fascinating feature.

A brief marriage to actor Julian McMann (Charmed) resulted in Burns' "best friend": daughter Madison Elizabeth, 2 1/2. "Ever since I was 12, I wanted to have a baby," Burns says. "I've fulfilled that dream. I'm happy to be a young mom; it's enhanced my work and who I am as a person."

As much as she loves to laugh, Burns is serious about being a mom. "Motherhood deepens you as a person," she says. "Having that in your life exposes you to so many aspects of yourself. Kids are little mirrors, and they make you think about what you say. It is so rewarding to go home and have something that grounds you."

Burns didn't plan on being a single working mother, but now that she is, she believes it may have happened for a reason. "Working is fun for me," she says. "I used to think I would be a stay-at-home mom, but now I enjoy working and not depending on someone else."

Which is a good thing, because babies tend to put a damper on dating. "I date, then I don't date," she says. "The baby weeds out all the bad guys – when they come to my car and see the car seat and the bottles, the guys who were only interested in having a good time will be like, 'Gotta go now – bye!'" But Burns would like to fall in love again. "I always romanticized the idea of marriage. But it turned out for the best because I have my best friend," she says. "I'm a relationship kind of girl and want to get married and have more kids."

Growing up, Burns says people would comment that her older sister was the smart one and Burns was the cute one, and those labels hurt. Today, Burns is smart enough to know that Hollywood careers don't last forever – and cerebral workouts may be more important to her than physical ones. "I'm in the process of going back to school to study child development," she says. "I'm at that place now where you really want to work on your brain just like you work on your body. I feel better about myself when I exercise all parts of me. Eventually, I may want to teach or be a psychologist."

When Burns does work on her body, she swims, practices ballet and uses her own body weight as resistance. Her demanding personal trainer keeps her to a punishing schedule. "My trainer is 2 feet tall, doesn't let me sleep, wakes me up early, keeps me up late, makes me crawl like a kitty cat, and bicep curls and squats are all part of our routine!" she says.

Then there's the food factor. Burns sticks to a specific eating plan: "Yeah, I eat Spaghettios, macaroni and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly!" she says, laughing. "Seriously, I don't diet because whenever I'm on a diet I eat that food plus whatever else I want. Eating is a joy!"

So how does she look the way she does? "The key is everything in moderation," she says. "If I tell myself I can't have a candy bar, I will think about candy bars all day. But if I have one bite of Godiva chocolate, I am fine. The less you obsess, the better. If you're happy, you have fewer problems with eating disorders. You're mentally and physically sound."

In her spare time, Burns enjoys basketball, hiking, running – and writing. "I write stories about Madison; I tell her stories about 'Princess Madison,'" she says. "You have to write them down. You also have to keep a journal of all the things they say, so you don't lose track of them. Like the other day when I bumped into something and said, 'Ouch!' Madison said, 'It's OK, honey!' She is the greatest."


Brooke Burns of "Shallow Hal"

As Jessie in "Baywatch," and the Fantasy Girl in "Ally McBeal," Brooke Burns is no stranger to roles that rely on outer beauty. In "Shallow Hal," Brooke plays the role of Katrina, a woman whose inner beauty shines through.

Can you describe your character in this film?
I'm Katrina, an unattractive, dorky, but very sweet, girl. Jack Black gets hypnotized to see people for their inner beauty, so he thinks I'm quite lovely.

This is a change from your "Baywatch" persona.
Oh yeah, I wear a different nose, eyebrows, and fake teeth - they are all definitely different.

What was it like seeing yourself transformed?
The first day it was a blast - I was laughing the entire way through it. Then I went out to the mall one night just to see how it was, just in general, not actually on the set. I have to tell you that it was really heartbreaking. My heart was broken and it's really sad. People won't look you in the eye. I thought that people would stare and make comments. But because they didn't know it wasn't real, all I heard were little whispered comments. It was really sad, really sad. I just wanted someone to look at me and smile, and I thought, "Wow, we are really shallow people."

Do you think moviegoers will enjoy this film?
I think it's definitely going to make people laugh - the Farrelly Brothers are known for that. I think that this is also going to pull on a few heartstrings and hopefully people will leave with a little bit of their world view changed. When they do see people who are different, they'll look them in the eye and give them a smile, and give them an opportunity to share their inner beauty.

Will there be a "Baywatch" reunion?
I don't know - watch and see

Brooke Burns is putting life lessons to work

In fact, the''Shallow Hal'' film's producers (Bobby and Peter Farrelly) were so taken by Burns when she auditioned for the part of Hal's neighbor (though they didn't offer it to her because she looked too much like star, Gwyneth Paltrow), they wrote a role specifically for her: Katrina, the woman with whom Hal shares a cab, only to find out later he is seeing her inner beauty rather than her true outward appearance. "[The Farrelly Brothers] told me I was the dorky-est pretty girl they had ever met," Burns says with her trademark chuckle. "I didn't know whether to be happy or insulted, so I just said thank you!"

When they offered to write her into the movie, Burns, 25, didn't believe they would follow through. "I thought it was a typical Hollywood thing that wouldn't happen," she says. But the filmmakers made good on their offer, and Katrina became one of the movie's most memorable characters.

Being "Katrina, Beautiful on the Outside" was the easy part – Burns is breathtaking. She's been modeling since she was 16, has appeared on several television shows (including Baywatch) and was even cast in the reoccurring role of Jennifer, the fantasy girl on Ally McBeal. The hard part was making Burns ugly, or "Katrina, Beautiful on the Inside."

"It took two and a half hours to get me into all the makeup," she says. "I had two noses, fake teeth and big capillaries all over my face." Not that she minded the makeover. In fact, she even wore the new look to the mall one day – and learned a bit about human nature.

"I saw people's reactions to me, and it was a lonely place to be," she says. "It was like being handicapped." Burns was dismayed that people wouldn't make eye contact, help her in stores or even look her way. "Now when I see people with a deformity, I think of what they have been through," she says. "Scars are always a sign of victory, not of defeat. They make you a better person, because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Burns uses this knowledge in her role as host of NBC's challenge competition show Dog Eat Dog. In what she describes as "Fear Factor meets Weakest Link," contestants vie for prize money by competing in a series of wild and taxing stunts designed to send losers to the "Dog Pound."

Hosting allows Burns to be herself, as opposed to a different character, and she ad-libs the entire hour-long show. "I'm excited about the improvisational side of the job, and I think the key to being a good host is listening and being who I am," she says.

Which comes easily to this Dallas, Texas, native. "I grew up in the 'Bible Belt' and my dad is an elder of our church," she says. "People glorify TV and actors, and that makes actors superhuman. But it's just a job – a really fun job!" Although often mistaken for a dumb blonde, Burns has a taste for life and an adventurous character to round out her looks. As demonstrated on Fear Factor, she can take her lumps if it's for the sake of a new experience.



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