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Catherine Hickland

Catherine Hickland

Catherine has been starring as "Lindsay Rappaport" on ABC's soap opera "One Life To Live" since May 1998. Ms. Hickland is well-known to television audiences. Her first professional job garnered her nationwide attention as a stewardess in an airline Fly Me advertising campaign. Since then she has starred as Tess Wilder on Loving and The City, enjoyed the dual role of Julie Clegg and Jenny Diamond on Capitol, and played Dr. Courtney Marshall on Texas. Ms. Hickland has also guest-starred on numerous primetime series such as Law & Order, Knight Rider, Eight Is Enough, Airwolf and Vega$, and in television movies including The Seeding of Sara Burns and To Race the Wind. Feature film credits include The Last Married Couple in America (her first movie, in which she played George Segal's young squeeze) and Millions with Billy Zane. Shortly after her work on Capitol, Ms. Hickland moved to Rome for two years, immersing herself in a new language and a new culture. After her return to the United States, she met her husband, All My Children star Michael E. Knight (Tad Martin). They were married in June 1992. In 1995 Ms. Hickland starred as Fantine in Les Misérables on Broadway. That same year she performed with the symphony of Lyon on New Year's Eve, in Lyon, France. In 1996 she staged several sold-out performances of her cabaret, Boys on the Side. Hickland also released a CD, Sincerely Broadway, which features songs from Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables and other hit musicals, and boasts a 24-piece orchestra. In 1999 she introduced her new show, Once More with Feeling, to a packed house at the China Club. In May 2002 Ms. Hickland performed with Campbell Scott in A.R. Gurney's Love Letters at the Fleetwoods Stage in New Rochelle, NY.

Ms. Hickland is the President of her own cosmetics company, Cat Cosmetics, which originally launced in March 2001 online. She soon expanded and the company is now a thriving Madison Avenue business celebrated in numerous beauty and entertainment magazines. On June 22, 2002, Ms. Hickland debuted Cat Cosmetics on QVC with great success and will continue to make appearances in the near future. Ms. Hickland also reaches millions of Daytime fans as a guest editor of Soap Opera Digest. Her popular column, "Product Queen," offers beauty tips and advice and has quickly become a fan favorite. In June 2003, Ms. Hickland and OLTL co-star Hillary B. Smith debuted their live comedy show A Couple of Soap Chicks at The Brokerage in Bellmore, NY. The show is an offshoot of Hickland and Smith's real-life friendship and work experience with a lot of audience participation on topics that all women can relate to. Ms. Hickland is an animal lover and often dedicates her time and efforts to animal organizations and causes. Catherine was born on February 11, 1956, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Hickland and Knight starred opposite one another on stage in the play, Run for Your Wife, in Los Angeles. They now live in Manhattan with their dog and six cats.


More fun stiff about Catherine Hickland

Attended Ft. Lauderdale High School, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Was once an answering-service operator in Hollywood.

First professional gig was playing a stewardess in a airline commercial.

Lived in Rome for two years and made several Italian movies.

Married and divorced Richard Knowlton in 1978.

Married David Hasselhoff (Mitch, Baywatch, Michael Knight, Knight Rider) in 1984. The couple divorced in 1988.

Self-described sugar addict.

Also has a weak spot for hamburgers.

Has just taken up running for the first time in her life.

Carries around three checkbooks, one for her company, one for her personal account, and one for her corporation.

Extreme Makeover with Catherine Hickland

Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) changed her body, and tells you how you can, too!

It’s a story that most women can relate to: One day, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) woke up and really needed something different. "I just remember thinking I really wanted to change the way I looked from top to bottom," says the actress. "I wanted to change my look, and I wanted to change it drastically."
First, the easy part: She added hair extensions until her own hair grew into the longer length she wanted. Then, the hard part: "I wanted to lose weight, get in the gym and change my body," she says. "I wanted to do it without a trainer, without a cook and without all that stuff that people can’t afford. I also wanted to see if it could be done on top of a super-busy life."

Just Do It
Finding time would be no easy task, as Hickland has not one, but two full-time jobs. In addition to her duties on OLTL, she’s the owner of the Cat Cosmetics company headquartered in New York City. Like most women, she’d been telling herself that she simply couldn’t find the time to make the changes. Then she got real.

"I hate the gym," she explains. "I thought I could tell myself that and not walk in there after not going for four years. But then I decided to talk myself into something a little more positive and just walk through the door and do it."

Her strategy was simple. She made a short-term commitment that she could live with. "I committed myself to five days a week, for just three weeks in a row," she says. "I had heard somewhere that if you do that, you start to crave it, and now I do crave it."

While Hickland easily could have hired a trainer to keep her motivated for the long haul, she chose to go it alone, almost. "Well, I did hire a trainer, for just one day, to show me [exercises to do] so I didn’t hurt myself and so I would know what I was doing," she relates. "That’s something most people could afford. After that, I was on my own."

Role Model
Soon, Hickland’s three weeks turned into months, and she started to see results. "My body is very different now," she says. "And I want to show other women that they can do it, too. I am really dedicated to showing women, no matter what age, no matter what size, that it can be done. Everything I do outside of OLTL is geared toward showing people that something can be done. You can get in shape. You don’t need to be rich and famous to do it, you just need to be motivated, that’s it."

''I want to be the motivator," she concludes. "I want to be the person who flips the switch for you."

''One Life To Live'' Star Catherine Hickland— The Cat's Meow

With her latest performance, Catherine Hickland has proven her catty 'One Life to Live' character has more than just nine lives. Nasty, irredeemable characters on daytime usually wind up in one of two scenarios, dead or undead (meaning ghost). It’s a rare thing when an actor plays a villain with such depth that the character doesn’t end up at the bottom of a lake or return as the “good” twin. Catherine Hickland’s misunderstood, master manipulator Lindsay Rappaport is that rarity. Lindsay has lied to just about everyone she’s ever known, including her children. She’s drugged, kidnapped and tampered with medical test results. Each and every time she pulls one of her cleverly horrendous schemes you find yourself repeating, “She’ll never talk her way out of this one.” Yet somehow she does. But unlike most “bad girls” who get a personality overhaul and suddenly see the light, Lindsay is like a leopard. She never changes her spots. Thankfully for us, she doesn’t learn her lesson, quit while she’s ahead or take no for an answer. When her life catches up with her, she simply starts over again down the same road of lies and deception. Case in point: Lindsay lied to her teenage daughter Jen, telling her she was pregnant by a guy other than her boyfriend just so she could break them up. Lindsay’s feelings were obvious. Jen’s beef-cakey boyfriend Cristian is a former artist turned bartender. Lindsay’s translation: penniless with no potential. But Jen’s one night with friend Al could have changed everything. Al has the Buchanan name behind him. Lindsay’s translation: cha-ching! It’s times like these, when you think Lindsay couldn’t possibly sink any lower, that the writers invent ways to have her do just that. Then, somehow, someway Lindsay reveals what we’re sure must be her absolute last redeeming quality and we’re sucked in all over again.

During the recent Troy/Lindsay storyline, I found myself actually cheering Lindsay on as she clubbed Troy over the head with a crowbar. Yes, Lindsay is a conniving, calculating, sometimes criminal, but her actions are almost always motivated by what she believes is devotion. It may be her twisted version of it, but in Lindsay’s mind she did what she did for love. Troy, on the other hand, is just a pig with an agenda. Whether they meant to or not, OLTL writers have written Troy into a corner. He may not be Colin, but tricking Lindsay into falling for him so he could get her to admit she was the one who kidnapped and drugged Nora, was just as evil as one of Colin’s stunts. I’ve got to say, I’m almost sick of “Nora, Nora, Nora” myself. Why is every man on this show in love with Nora anyway? Imagine how Lindsay felt knowing for more than twenty years that her husband Sam was in love with Nora. If I thought I could get away with it (and clearly Llanview would be the place to go) I might kidnap and drug Nora too. Okay, so maybe that’s going a little over the deep end, but what viewers know about Lindsay, thanks to careful crafting by Hickland and the writers, is that she’s the way she is because of the loveless relationships she’s had with men over the years, starting with her own father. Troy’s seduction of Lindsay was so real, I was even believing they would ride off into the sunset together. What’s worse is that I was hoping they would. OLTL’s only flaw in this story has been that Troy never had even a twinge of regret, never even a pause to consider the consequences. The smart thing to do was have Troy start to develop real feelings for Lindsay. Hickland and Ty Treadway had chemistry, but now all I want is to see Troy buy a one-way ticket out of Llanview. Treadway is indeed a talented actor, but enough already with the Colin thing.

After watching this latest plot develop, I realized Lindsay Rappaport is the most complex, exciting, multi-dimensional character in daytime. Executive Producer Gary Tomlin and the writing staff can take some credit for that, but most of it goes to Hickland, who gives a flawless performance on a daily basis. Hickland knows this character so well her expressions and reactions are scarily realistic. She’s done a beautiful job during this storyline and there are so many amazing scenes, I could never pick just one to point out. So here are a few. While Lindsay had Troy chained up, she looked at him and with a straight face said, “I don’t want to keep you chained up. I’m not that kind of girl.” Don’t you just love her! When Troy “proposed” to Lindsay, she initially said no, then listed all the messed-up marriages and bad relationships that made her an unlikely candidate for wedded bliss. Hickland poured Lindsay’s heart out and demonstrated that vulnerability that makes Lindsay so easy to forgive. Hickland can take any story, any dialogue and win me over, and while I enjoy seeing an independent woman on soaps, I’d like to see OLTL finally give Hickland and Lindsay a love interest they both deserve.

Simply Gorgeous with Catherine Hickland

"Simply Gorgeous" is a 45-minute video with Catherine Hickland. I knew she was a soap opera star but Catherine is also a beauty expert and entrepreneur with her own line of Cat Cosmetics. Her video covers pretty much all the basics in facial cleansing and makeup application. I found the video full of helpful hints. I especially learned how and where to apply bronzer - it gave my face a younger look. I liked that Hickland kept makeup application simple. She demonstrated how many different women could wear similar colors. The basic neutrals can be worn by just about anybody. I was amazed to watch her do one of her famous eight minute makeovers - the before and after pictures were so different you wouldn’t believe it was the same person!

I would recommend this video to women who either want to learn the basics or learn tips to enhance their beauty routine.




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