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Charlotte Ross Actress

Charlotte Ross

Charlotte's most prominent role is as "Detective Connie McDowell" on the TV series "NYPD Blue." Ross was discovered in a theater performance at the age of 13 in her hometown of Winnetka, Illinois. At New Trier High School, she continued her study in performing arts and trained at the Steppenwolf Theater and Second City in Chicago. After moving to Los Angeles, she performed at the Pasadena Playhouse and the Tiffany Theater. Ross starred for two seasons in the critically acclaimed cable series Beggars and Choosers. She also starred in the family drama Trinity, created by John Wells, and the mini-series A Will of Their Own. She has had lead roles in television series, including The Five Mrs. Buchanans, The Heights (for which she earned a gold record for her performance of the series theme song) and the telefilms A Kiss So Deadly, Fall Into Darkness, She Says She's Innocent and Dark Waters. Ross has also had many notable guest-starring roles, having portrayed a manic-depressive on Birdland, a strung-out drug addict on ER, and, most recently, Kelsey Grammer's love interest on Frasier. Her film credits include Touch and Go with Michael Keaton, Love and a .45, Savage Land, Foreign Student and Donuts. She earned two Daytime Emmy Award nominations for her role as Eve Donovan on Days of Our Lives. Ross is also a singer, having studied opera for five years. She has love and compassion for animals and has collaborated with Jane Goodall Institute, SPCA, and PETA for many years. While on location in Puerto Rico, she adopted a homeless dog named Taco who now befriends her yellow lab, Alex, and her one-eyed Pekinese, Katy. She resides in Los Angeles.

Meet Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross was born January 21, 1968 in Winnetka, Illinois, USA. Reportedly 5' 4".

It's like something from a Greek play: the hero spends his whole life cleverly avoiding the grim fate that has been laid down for him at birth, but tragically meets it anyway despite all his noble efforts.

The hero in this case is Charlotte Ross, currently of NYPD Blue fame. Charlotte is a beautiful blonde. Not Pamela Anderson-in-her-prime beautiful, to be sure — although she was voted “Illinois Dream Girl” when she was 19 — but good looking enough that she'll always be the Beautiful Blonde in any show she's in as long as there aren't any other, younger beautiful blondes on the show. (Charlotte's in her mid-thirties at the time of this posting, an age when most TV Hot Chicks start to hit the wall.) And being a beautiful actress in Hollywood, while it has its perks and certainly opens doors, tends to overshadow any other talents an actress might have and doom her to playing eye candy for the rest of her short career.

But Charlotte doesn't want to be trapped into forever playing a bukkake-type focus for the masturbating masses — she's a two-time Emmy-winning Serious Actress, after all, with a strong background in opera to boot. So she's tried to keep her roles varied, from tough-talking cops to stockbrokers to drug addicts, from comedies to drama, TV to film. Short of plunging her face into a bowl of battery acid, she's done all a Hot Chick can reasonably do to avoid the Permanent Hot Chick label and still pay the bills. (Which apparently isn't much, judging from her pictures in the galleries here.)

And have her efforts paid off? How will she be remembered, at long last? Her chameleon-like acting talents? Her singing? Her comedy?

None of these, of course. In the end, even if she manages to eliminate cancer, AIDs, and international terrorism, Charlotte's only enduring fame will rest on her ass-showing PETA ads and, more than that, her near-naked appearance in an episode of NYPD Blue. Her career will have been one of a sex icon whether she likes it or not.

From Oedipus to Charlotte, then, the edifying lesson to be learned here is — to quote the more familiar Homer of The Simpsons — “Never try”.

More fun stuff about Charlotte Ross

Education: New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois
Steppenwolf Theater and Second City, Chicago

Husband/Wife: Michael Goldman (18 October 2003 - present)

Father: Peter (retired financial adviser)

Mother: Debbie (ski instructor)

Brother: George (writer)

Son: Maxwell Ross Goldman (born on March 23, 2004)

Was Illinois Dream Girl in 1987.

Charlotte Ross: When fur offends

Before Easter, NYPD Blue’s Charlotte Ross joins the ranks of Christy Turlington and Pamela Anderson in helping PETA’s ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ series.
NYPD BLUE performers getting their kit off mightn’t be anything new, but from memory this marks the first time that one of them has done so for a cause other than ratings. Twice-Emmy-nominated Charlotte Ross, who plays Det Connie McDowell on the series, bares it all for animals in a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaign scheduled to run in Gear magazine before Easter with the tagline ‘I’d rather show my buns than wear fur.’ The photographs were shot by Robert Sobree in Los Angeles earlier this year.

In the PETA release, Ross says, ‘I can’t think of anything more heartless than to torment and kill animals in the name of fashion.’ She is not alone: Dominique Swain, Pamela Anderson, Kim Basinger, Sheryl Lee, and Christy Turlington have all appeared in the ‘Naked’ series of advertisements over the years. Without high-profile endorsement from figures such as Ross, PETA risks being seen as a fringe group. When PETA mounted a protest several seasons ago at New York Fashion Week, leading to increased security, it didn’t earn many marks within the fashion industry, even from members who would normally be sympathetic to its cause.

Campaigns such as ‘Naked’ are considered by some to be more civilized and allows readers to make up their own minds. Often, animals raised for fur face lives in small cages, often sick or injured and left unattended to, unprotected in extreme weather conditions, or days of agony in traps, tearing flesh and breaking bones in a struggle to get free. However, action from animal rights’ groups have brought the ill treatment to light.

Charlotte Ross Leaving NYPD BLUE

Actress CHARLOTTE ROSS will leave hit show NYPD BLUE before its final season begins next year (05). Ross has played DETECTIVE CONNIE McDOWELL on the show since 2001, but now wants to "be a mom" and pursue lighter, comedic projects, according to her husband and manager MICHAEL GOLDMAN. The screen star gave birth to son MAXWELL on 23 March (04). A representative at TV network ABC says producers are unsure of how to resolve the show's storyline.

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