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Chris Noth Actor

Chris Noth

Noth's most recent and noteable appearance was as "Mr. Big" on HBO's series "Sex & The City." Hailing from Madison, WI, where he was born November 13, 1954, Noth moved around a lot throughout his childhood, living in England, Yugoslavia, and Spain. Returning to the States, he studied with the storied acting coach Stanford Meisner before being accepted into the prestigious Yale School of Drama. Noth got his start on the stage and in television performing at the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, CT, and appearing in productions with theater companies across the country, including the Manhattan Theater Club and Los Angeles' Mark Taper Forum. Working in television beginning in 1982, he did a number of shows before breaking into film with small parts in Off Beat (1986) and the Diane Keaton comedy Baby Boom (1987). Noth's big break came in 1989, when he was chosen to play Det. Mike Logan on Law and Order. Noth portrayed the young policeman for five seasons, winning both critical nods and fans, many of whom were saddened when his Law and Order contract was not renewed in 1995. Noth continued to work on television and did minor work in films such as Naked in New York (1994) before getting his next big break in the form of Sex and the City (1998). As Big, he was one of the few male characters who could hold his own in the presence of the series' strong female protagonists, played by Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, and Kristin Davis. The show proved to be an enormous critical and commercial hit, in the process winning Noth more fans and more work; in addition to his role on the series, he could be seen on the big screen, appearing opposite Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt in Cast Away (2000) and in the 2001 Leelee Sobieski thriller The Glass House.

More fun facts about Chris Noth

Birth name: Christopher David Noth

Height 6' 4" (1.93 m)

He spent two years as an undergraduate at Marlboro College in Vermont, during which he lived in a cabin in the woods that he constructed.

His first performance at the College was as an arch angel in "Faustus."

Unmarried and is the owner of a NY nightclub called "The Cutting Room."

Mother, Jeanne Parr, was a television news reporter (European correspondent) for CBS.

Probably best known as Sarah Jessica Parker's on-again, off-again romancer "Mr. Big" in the TV cable hit "Sex and the City."

His last name rhymes with "both" not "moth."

Probably best known as Sarah Jessica Parker's on-again, off-again romancer "Mr. Big" in the TV cable hit "Sex and the City" (1998).

Studied with Sanford Meisner before graduating from Yale School of Drama.

He toured Vietnam with singer Nanci Griffith to support the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation's campaign against landmines.

Has been confirmed that he will return as detective Mike Logan in a guest appearance on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" in January, 2005. He last appeared as Mike Logan in the TV movie, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," in 1998.

Considers Indonesia his "spiritual home" after spending many months filming Jakarta there.


Was the last original cast member of "Law & Order" (1990) to leave the series. Although often touted as an original cast member, Steven Hill (District Attorney Adam Schiff) joined the series after its first episode.

In July 2004 in Israel starting a new advertising campaign for a famous hand-cream company. Will stay in Israel for a few weeks.

Quotes By and About Chris Noth

"I have enough attention already. More, I don't really need."
Chris Noth on his future plans.

"Everyone feels like family and I am back in the city that I love."
Chris Noth on coming back for the fourth season.

"I think he's a leading man who is incredibly versatile. He can be the straight man, and he's wonderful with character parts. He's got tremendous integrity onscreen."
Nina Tassler, CBS's senior VP of drama development on Noth's acting.

"I say that he should marry her, but no one listens to me. I would have -- what's not to like!"
Chris Noth on what he thinks should happen between Big and Carrie.

"Republicans will destroy the country... that comes from a Republican sensibility, which is to destroy the fabric of the psychological well being of most men. They have gotten too involved with making money. They do not understand the real values, the democratic values, of the emotions and the commitments that are the basic drives that nourish us. This is why you should not vote Republican."
Chris Noth on politics.

"And not only was his personality perfect, but the fact that his character is named Mr. Big was more perfect for a plus-size company that does sell to bigger women."
Ms. Chris Hansen of Lane Bryant on Chris Noth's ad campaign with their company.

In Step With Chris Noth

At a Manhattan eatery famed as a power-lunch spot for powerful New Yorkers, I was with none other than “Mr. Big” from the hit HBO series Sex and the City.

Tall, tough yet affable Chris Noth was understandably disheveled following a day-long weather delay at the Montreal airport—no jacket or tie, unshaven, drinking black coffee, eating a bison burger and needing a little sleep. But that didn’t stop people from coming over to the table to say hello. (One pretty waitress asked for a date.)

On Feb. 16, Noth (rhymes with both) will star in a 2-hour original TNT movie called Bad Apple, about the underbelly of New York’s criminal world. As one of the executive producers, he nurtured the film to life after years of trying to get it made. It’s based on an Anthony Bruno novel, and Chris portrays FBI agent Mike Tozzi, with Elliott Gould as a mob boss. “Elliott is wonderful,” Noth said. “We don’t play it for laughs. There’s laughter, but you know lives are at stake. I love Anthony Bruno’s books. If this one works, we’ll do some more—not as a series but as individual movies with the same characters.”

Noth’s current gig, Sex and the City, is winding down to its final episode, which is scheduled to air Feb. 22. I asked Chris about working with Sarah Jessica Parker. “Sarah Jessica is impeccable,” he told me. “She’s warm, professionally and personally, and lights up when she has a good line or a good scene—or when you do.” And after the series ends? “She’ll raise her kid,” he said. “She knows what’s important.”

Is Noth going to miss being “Mr. Big” on the show? “Sure,” he said. “They’ve told me I’m in the last episode. They’re really keeping the lid on. I’m going to miss the company—the women. It’s the women’s show, really. They’re terrific.”

As for women, Chris has never married. He has a girlfriend and lives in L.A. He also has a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan but is looking for a larger place. “I don’t make that big Hollywood money, but I’m doing OK,” he said. So much so, in fact, that he’s co-owner of a bar and restaurant in Manhattan called The Cutting Room. He scribbled the phone number and manager’s name on my newspaper. “We have great jazz and great burgers,” Noth said. “At night, singers drop in and perform. You’ve got to come down.”

Brady's Bits
Chris Noth is quite a guy—with quite a track record. He graduated from the Yale School of Drama, starred on Broadway in The Best Man and was in the film Cast Away with Tom Hanks. And for five years he played Detective Mike Logan on the original Law & Order. He and Jerry Orbach are still close and play hoops at the same club he belonged to in his Law & Order days. Last year Noth starred as Pompey in the fine TNT miniseries Julius Caesar and may have stolen the show—even in a cast with Christopher Walken and the late Richard Harris. “It was a great experience,” he said. “It was the last work Harris ever did, so I was fortunate to get to know him.” Chris is the son of longtime CBS-TV reporter Jeanne Parr, so I asked him about the press. He said he doesn’t like gossip columns, and he believes the media have given George Bush a pass. When we finished “power lunching,” Chris took the Lexington Avenue subway home—lugging his own bags.

A post-'Sex' talk with Chris Noth

Big. The man who puts the "sex" in "Sex and the City" and reminded us all over why we love men in uniform during his five years on "Law & Order." The man who -- if I really do have a little bit of Carrie in me, as I would like to think -- should be one of my "great loves," the one who got away, the irresistible man in an irresistible suit who steals my heart only to break it time and time again.

Well, I heard Big was coming to Yale, so Liz had to come to Big. As I had to be reminded more than once, the man I sat down with Thursday afternoon was not actually Mr. Big but Mr. Chris Noth DRA '85, the thespian counterpart to "Sex and the City's" eligible multi-millionaire.

Lizzie Gunnison: I have obnoxious questions and serious questions, which do you want?

Chris Noth: Serious ones.

What's the best and worst thing about being Big?

See that's the thing -- I'm not Big. The part has done great things for my career, that's the best thing. But, you hate to have a role stick to you like Big has. I hate having people feel like that's me, trying to make Big a persona and not a part.

Wow, who does that?

You'd be surprised. People will run up to me on the street and scream "Big!" It's very bizarre. Like, the time 30 18-year-old girls started chasing me down the street. We live in such a TV culture, people feel like they know me because they see Mr. Big in their living room every Sunday night.

Are you a lot like Big, though?

No. He's better dressed. My friends and family all think it's pretty ironic for me to play this millionaire businessman.

If you had it to do over again, would you still be Big?

Yes. It's frustrating at times but it was ultimately very good for my career so I would do it again. Let's not talk about Big.

Ok. You went to Drama School here. What were your favorite bars in New Haven?

Gypsy. It was cool when we went there, I went back recently and it looks like Friendly's or something. It's changed. Kavanaugh's, Heidelberg's, The Brass Rail. Some of those aren't here anymore.

Did you read the YDN?

No. Well, sometimes. We had no time to read, I didn't even read The Times.

How about books? Do you read those?

I love Shakespeare. Right now I am reading "Lost Over Laos" by Richard Pyle, a book about photojournalists killed in an airplane crash while covering Vietnam. I actually would like to put a project together addressing that. I read "A Moveable Feast" and "The Sun Also Rises" every time I'm in Paris. I love "The Killer Angels." When I was at Yale I read a lot of Romantic poets.

If you could be anything besides an actor what would you be?

Travel writer, like Theroux.

Actually, rumor has it you're doing some writing. What are you writing?

Who told you that? I was trying to write a script for a while but I've stopped with that. Now all the writing I do is very personal.

What are roles you would love to play but haven't?

Hotspur in "Henry IV," Coriolanus, Dr. Astrov in "Uncle Vanya."

Can we talk about Big now?

Ok, sure.

Who is your favorite cast member on "Sex and the City"?

I really only work with Sarah Jessica, so I know her best. But I love all the girls. I am very good friends with John Corbett too.

What is your favorite S.A.T.C. episode?

I would say the one where Carrie farts in bed. Or the mud fight with Corbett. Gosh, there are like 10, not just one. What's yours?

I would say the one where you fall in the water with Carrie and dive after her Christian Dior bag. Very gallant.

When do we get to the obnoxious questions?

I can be obnoxious. Can I sit on your lap?

If you'd like.

That's ok. I have some friends who want me to ask if you like much younger women.

I like all women.

So what's it like being every 20-year-old girl's ideal man?

Am I?

Yes, I've asked around. Why do you think that is?

Honestly, it has to do with the fact that "Sex and the City" has such a cult status. People want in on the lifestyle, they create me in their minds as someone I'm not. Honestly I think people meet me and are disappointed.

I think girls just love how you do stuff like send her red roses for her birthday.

What? Send who?


That's Big who sends the roses.

Oh. Right.

TV Star Chris Noth Digs In To The Holy Land Planting Trees With JNF

Law and Order and Sex and the City actor Chris Noth joins the century-old tradition of planting trees while visiting Israel, planting an olive tree in Jewish National Fund’s Presidents Forest in the Jerusalem foothills.

Andy Michelson, Director of JNF’s USA Department in Israel reported that Mr. Noth was moved by the significance of planting an olive tree, which he saw as a symbol of peace and the longevity of life in the Holy Land.

Mr. Michelson also presented Mr. Noth with a JNF Blue Box, explaining the significance of the blue charity tin JNF introduced in the early 20th century in which people all over the world collected coins, enabling JNF to purchase land in what eventually became the State of Israel.

"I am amazed by JNF's extensive ecological work and that there has been an organization doing this kind of work in Israel for over a hundred years," said Mr. Noth.

Noth Set for 'Law & Order' Return

Sex & the City star Chris Noth is set to return to the force in 2005 as a Law & Order regular. The actor, who played Mr. Big in Sex & the City, is set to reprise his detective character Mike Logan, which he played for five seasons on the original Law & Order drama in spin-off show Criminal Intent. And if series star Vincent D'Onofrio's health problems become a serious problem, Noth is being tipped to take over the lead role in the program. The Cell star D'Onofrio has fainted twice on the set recently with a mystery illness. A show insider says, "The producers need to protect the show, and I think that moving Noth into the lead would be a very likely scenario."

Alternative 'Sex and the City 'Endings Released

Fans of defunct comedy Sex And The City will finally be able to see the alternative endings to the hit show on a special DVD. Producers at the Home Box Office cable network recorded four different finale to the six season series, and decided Sarah Jessica Parker's neurotic journalist character Carrie Bradshaw would reunite with her ex-love Mr Big - played by Chris Noth - during the final broadcast on February 22. A special bonus feature of cut scenes and mistakes are set to come out on a special edition of the season six later this year. In other endings, Mr Big tells Carrie they can never be together, while another finale features Carrie tells her pals Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) she is engaged to Russian boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov) - who she dumped in the February episode after he slapped her across the face.

Mystery A-List Star To Shake Up 'Sex and the City'

An A-list star is being introduced to spice up sitcom Sex And The City - but HBO executives won't say who it is. In the final season of the hit Sarah Jessica Parker-starring program, many have assumed her character Carrie will end up with on-off beau Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth. However, producers are set to introduce a new character to provide love interest for Carrie and keep viewers guessing who she will walk off into the sunset with. Executive producer Michael Patrick King explains, "Why would we bring in a major name if Big was already the clear winner?"

'Sex and the City' Heroine To Get Her Man?

Fans of hit show Sex And The City have been offered a tantalizing clue about how it will end - by Mr. Big himself. Sexy star Chris Noth - who plays the on/off love interest of Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw - has hinted that the on-screen lovers could become husband and wife as the New York comedy comes to a close. Noth says, "It's a show that won't end with a period, exclamation mark or a question mark. It will end with a dash." The hunky star has confirmed he will appear sporadically in the final series of the show.

Pregnant Sarah's Co-Star Jokes He's the Daddy

Stunning actress Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City co-star Chris Noth has been joking he is the father of the child she has been expecting for six months. Noth, who plays the infamous Mr. Big in the hit TV series, has been a friend of Parker and her husband actor Matthew Broderick for a long time, and jokes among pals that his romantic on-screen relationship with the actress has boiled over into real life. Sarah laughs, "Chris has been making trouble. Whenever we go out in public, he tells everybody, 'You know whose that baby is? It's mine!' I hope no one believes him!"


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