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Chris Pratt Actor

Chris Pratt

A novice in acting, Pratt is gaining great experience by playing "Bright Abbott" on WB's drama "Everwood". Born in Minnesota and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington, Pratt's introduction to Hollywood happened in a way that most aspiring actors only dream of. In 2000, Pratt was working at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Maui, Hawaii, when he found himself waiting on the table of director-actor Rae Dawn Chong. He made such an impression on her, that she offered to fly him to Los Angeles to appear in her comedy-infused horror film Cursed 3, a movie that is notable for the fact that it has no Part 1 or 2. Although the movie has yet to find distribution, Pratt considers the role to be a wonderful experience and the starting point in his career. During his summer hiatus, Pratt completed production on the Sci-Fi original movie Stratosphere and Strangers with Candy, a big screen version of the hit sketch show on Comedy Central. In 2001, he was offered a starring role as a snowboarding secret agent in the pilot The X-Team, which filmed in New Zealand. Since Pratt was the only actor who already knew how to snowboard, he was able to enjoy the slopes while his fellow actors were undergoing rigorous training sessions. Only two months after the disappointment of finding out The X-Team was not ordered as a series, Pratt was cast in the pilot of Everwood. Pratt enjoys snowboarding, painting and fly-fishing. His first priority after he has saved enough money is to buy a house for his parents, who still live in his hometown of Lake Stevens near his older brother and sister and their families. Pratt was born on June 21, 1979.


Chris Pratt is ''finicky''

Family trauma, small-town drama, the angst of unrequited love . . . Monday night has become a lot more interesting now that Everwood's around. Best friends Chris Pratt and Mike Erwin speak out about life on the set, dream girls and bad habits.

Chris Pratt
Bright Abbott might be a bully, but Chris Pratt likes to think he has a good heart. The WB dream guy lets us know what makes him tick.

Even the Worst Day Can Wind Up Being the Best: I didn't have a car. I had gotten five tickets and a boot, and I'm thinking, "This is the worst." So my friend Jen said, "Aw, come over and I'll cook you some lunch." I walk two miles to her house to get some lunch, and then I get this call on my cell phone. My manager's like "Chris Pratt, you have an emergency audition in one hour for the WB." I kinda fit the WB profile, so I think I've auditioned for the WB 2000 times. So, I'm like, "Aw man, I just got lunch, can we do it tomorrow?" But she picked me up. I looked at the five pages of sides and I said, "This guy's a bully. I don't want to be a bully!" I went into the auditionI knew I'd do my best, but there was no attachment to it and I wasn't nervous. If I had a week to prepare for it, I probably would've walked in and like acted and then not gotten it'cause I would've been an actor and I would've been doing my thing. It just goes to show that when you're right for something, you get it.

On Being "The Guy": Basically, I knew after I left the audition that the part was going to be mine. That sounds really cocky, but I felt really good about it. Then I was like "Alright, see you later, guys," closed the door, and, I do this all the time, I put my ear up to the door. They were saying, "Yeah, that's the guy," and I was like, "Whoa, I'm the guy, I'm the guy!"

On the Popular Crowd: I had a lot of friends in high school, but I wasn't, like, popular. That word "popular" is kind of loaded because a lot of times when people are popular, they only hang out with the popular crowd and they only stick by certain people based on whether they're popular too. I wasn't like that at all. My friends that I had in high school were my friends that I had in elementary school. A lot of people go their separate ways based on that popularity factor in high school, but I didn't. I stayed friends with all those people, I still am friends with all those people.

Laugh If You Want to be His Girlfriend: A sense of humor and security with one's self. Being able to cut it up and have a good time without worrying every minute about anything. Just being low-maintance and a lot of fun!

Why Moms Are So Good (or Not): I'm very messy. Disgustingly messy. I have a three bedroom house and I will sleep in my bedroom until it's so nasty and dirty that I don't want to go in it anymore. And then I'll switch to the guest room and I'll sleep in that until it's so nasty, I can't go in it. Then I'll switch to the couch downstairs in the living room. Once a month I just have to do a super-through, not even super-through, but just put in nine hours to clean up what I've done all month. Usually I only get about halfway done. I'm just really a slob. My mom took too good care of me.

You Gotta Have Hobbies: I'm an artist, I like to paint. I'm painting a mural on my wall right now in my bedroom. And I watch a lot of DVDsI rent eight or nine DVDs a week.

On Being a Gemini: I'm finicky. I'll say one thing and mean it and then 15 minutes later, I'll say the exact opposite thing and I'll mean it. My opinion just swivels back and forth like a swing, it's just terrible. I got this fountain at this little store for $40 and I put it in the corner of my living room and I was like "God, that's great, I love this fountain, everyone look, I love this fountain!", and the thing is out on my back porch now, I don't even want to think about it.

Chris Pratt has weird habits

The Flip Side: "The Everwood set is really light and fun when the cameras are turned off. We joke around, cut it up. It's like being at recess all day long.'"

Wonderwoman: "Emily is a totally strong-headed girl who will not put up with any B.S.-ing. If you even poke at her a little and accuse her of doing something girly, she will totally kick your butt."

Getting tongue and cheeky: "Make-out scenes are the best, because all you have to do is mess it up a little bit and you have to do it all over again and again and again."

The Beet Goes On: "I have some weird habits. For instance, I love beets. Show me a salad bar and I will clean them out of their beets."

Name That Tune: "My favorite way to blow off steam is to sing obnoxiously loud in the shower. Lately, I've been getting g a lot mileage from the music on the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack."

Worth the Wait-er: "The fact that I am an actor today is a dream come true. One day I was working as a waiter in Hawaii and this director (and actress, Rae Dawn Chong) was my customer. Four days later I was in L.A., making this silly little horror movie. That's how it happened, I swear."

On the new season of Everwood:
"I'm looking forward to this third season because I think Bright's finally gonna get some action. Yup, I think he's gonna get a girl! I hope they include me on the casting process."
On keeping it real:
"It's hard to say whether the cast has changed a lot. I think we've managed to stay pretty humble. Nobody is going out and buying some tricked out SUV with 24 inch spinner rims, you know. We're holding on to who we were before Everwood started."

On all things Emily:
"Emily has always been incredibly mature for her age. When she started the pilot she was 15 years old and even then I would ask her for advice. Now, she is 18. She's become so sophisticated. She has always been beautiful but she is really blossoming."

On looking on the Bright side:
"Compared to Emily and Greg, my character, Bright, has had it easy. I mean, think about it. If your character is depressed and, as an actor, you make the commitment to go there, you have to work really hard to do that. Then they call "cut," but you can't just go home at the end of the day and let it all go. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes days, to come out of it."

On Plan B:
"The minute this acting thing goes down the crapper, I'll be moving to Hawaii. I can always go back to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company [restaurant], where I used to work on Maui and live in my van."

Chris Pratt is a hot up-coming actor

If Chris Pratt weren't starring on Everwood as Bright Abbott, he'd be selling shrimp, surfing waves and listening to the Strokes in Hawaii. So what else is this hot up-and-coming actor into? Read on!

At only 19, Chris and ten of his friends picked up and left his hometown of Lake Stevens, WA for the land of volcano's and point breaks: Hawaii. "I practically retired at the age of 19 and moved to a tropical island," he admits. Sweeet! Then, nearly a year later Chris hit the slopes of New Zealand to snowboard for an ABC pilot called Extreme Team. "I've been snowboarding my whole life so I spent a good amount of time tearing it up on insane mountains," he says. "And I was technically working!" But after all the tricks ABC decided to turn the pilot into a "Movie of the Week." (Look for our boarder boy this winter on ABC!)

Chris owes his acting career to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. For real! Back in Hawaii, while working there as a waiter, Chris served seafood to an unexpected customer: actress/director Rae Dawn Chong, who got him a part in the horror spoof, Cursed 3. "I guess waiting tables at a place like that where you're required to be animated was a platform for me to entertain," he says. Looks like he made some impression! And she's not the only one...

Chris says he truly appreciates his friends unlike his bully-boy character Bright. "I've had the same friends from the time I was in third grade until the time I graduated -- and even still now [at 24]," he says. "Besides, the popular guy will end up moving back to his hometown to sell insurance while the outcasts will become successful." Except for him, of course. "Yeah, I guess I was popular," he admits. "But I wasn't a jerk to people like my character on the show."

And how is he with people -- specifically the girls? "A dude's got to be persistent," he says. "Persistent and confident." And attention girls: Get his attention by being comfortable the way you are. "I don't want a people pleaser. Call me on something if I'm doing it wrong!" And while cutie Chris is single at the mo', he does have a wee bit of a crush on a New York actress. A brunette, actually. And although he won't confirm it's the same Rosario Dawson who he says he'd like to someday act with, we have our own speculations. For now, his single self is all yours.

Catch Chris in the next season of Everwood on the WB!

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