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Christian Jules Leblanc

Christian Jules Leblanc

Christian has been playing the role of attorney "Michael Baldwin" on CBS's soap opera "The Young And The Restless" from 1991 to 1993, and reclaimed the role in 1997. LeBlanc was nominated for Daytime Emmys in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actor" in 1999, 2000, 2003 and 2004. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, LeBlanc grew up in New Orleans as the second oldest of eight children whose father, retired Major Andre Victor LeBlanc, is a decorated veteran. LeBlanc graduated with honors from Tulane University, where he majored in Roman history and pre-med, but opted to pursue an acting career after he was offered a role in the PBS television series Edit Point. He has appeared on the television programs Cheers, Gabriel's Fire and Perry Mason. In addition, he was a regular on the series In the Heat of the Night and played Kirk McColl on the As The World Turns, both on the Network. Onstage, LeBlanc has appeared in "Ladies in Retirement," in which he co-starred with legendary actresses Julie Harris and Eileen Brennen. More recently, he appeared in the Los Angeles Times Pick-of-the-week, "No Orchids For Miss Blandish." LeBlanc completed his first short film, Puppy Love, with fellow New Orleanian Grace Zebriski which was named "Best Short American Film" at the Los Angeles International Short Film Awards in April 2001. An award-winning artist who is currently writing and illustrating his first children's novel, LeBlanc's premier art show, featuring his illustrations, opened at Anton's Gallery in Washington D.C. to critical acclaim. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where his hobbies include genealogy, water skiing, swimming, racquetball and body surfing. He has also worked as a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles school district. A world traveler, LeBlanc's journeys have taken him to Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

He stands 5' 10" tall and has brown hair and brown eyes. He was born on August 25, 1958.


Big Brother Christian Leblanc

Once the town pariah himself, Michael Baldwin is dealing with suddenly having his very disturbed younger brother Kevin in Genoa City with him. CBS.com chatted with Emmy nominee CHRISTIAN LEBLANC about his latest storyline.

CBS.com: You’ve had some really great scenes lately, following the revelation that you have this half-brother in town.
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC: Yes! Not just any half-brother, I have this wonderful actor Greg Rikaart [Kevin], who’s just really wonderful. It’s so interesting that that was not planned. The biggest kick I get is, we’ve got this huge response about how much we look alike, and even [how] our mannerisms and how we talk [are similar]. I don’t think we’re really that much alike, but in the scenes, the writing is good enough and we rise to the occasion – he makes me work – that you read brothers. What bigger compliment can you get? You can’t just dig that out without working on it. Greg and I got together beforehand and plowed through it. What a joy! It’s always nice when you’re on daytime to have a family.

CBS.com: You had some really intense scenes when Michael finally went to Kevin and decided to support him. The fans really responded to them.
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC: Did they? I tell you, those are hard scenes for both of us, but [Greg] really pulled out the stops. This is someone’s who’s never done daytime. It’s interesting. Greg has no brother; I have six. And I’ve had most of those talks that we’re having. I’m like, oh, God!
CBS.com: Michael’s really put himself out for his brother. How do you think he’ll react when he realizes that Kevin hasn’t been honest with him about the things he has done?
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC: They introduced this abuse storyline, that we were abused. I felt that I abandoned him, so there’s guilt there. All the history that I’ve been given from the show plus what I’ve kind of molded in my mind [have fallen] seamlessly into place. It’s amazing how this explains so much. [Michael] had a very similar beginning to Kevin. [He] didn’t know how to deal with women. You do these horrible things. Where do you come from? An alcoholic home. My stepfather, Kevin’s father, [was a drinker]. It just fits so much that you would have these problems relating to people that maybe you would go to the law because the law gives you a black and a white, there’s no gray. If you’re so desperate for the mother who’s ineffectual, the father who’s drunk, the law gives you a nice, clean separation. The problem with Michael is that love and relationships are not clean and separate. It just made so much sense, and this was not how it was planned. This great actor comes on the show, and, oh, let’s make him [Michael’s] brother. In very few mediums you can do these things. I think it really surprised people – including me. But it got a great response. Kevin just makes so much sense then. When you see this betrayal again, it’s so easy to do in the character of Michael as far as, “Again he’s betrayed me!” But there’s something that pulls Michael back because of the ten-year spread. He left his little brother because he had to go get out. [But Michael] can’t give up because of his sense of justice that he’s always had, even though it’s been warped. He loves the underdog. I’m surprised as anyone else when the scripts come in and they just work. They just fit so well into the make up. It was just a little gift from the writers. It’s an embarrassment of riches. I don’t know what Michael will do, but it’s certainly so complex and layered. It’s a huge challenge to play. These scenes with brothers throw me completely off my comfort zone, which is all you can ask for as an actor. To make it hard and difficult keeps you on your toes.

CBS.com: Like you said, Michael Baldwin was once a “bad guy” like Kevin. You would have thought his character was written into a corner and would be gone already; the same thing could have been said for Michael at some point. Yet, both characters have survived, which is a testament to your acting and to Greg’s acting.
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC: The gift is to find something appealing or human in what would be a kind of pedestrian, evil character. I think longevity comes from making that a well-rounded human being. I think the most interesting thing about Michael, and I think Kevin also, [is here is a] good person doing bad things for good reasons, doing good things for bad reasons. It’s the human condition. I think an “evil character” has the placement in these kind of dramas to really give that to people sometimes much more than the hero does. Even as a dramatic device, the evil character kind of moves the action. He’s got the secrets. I’ve always thought Michael Baldwin is one of the best characters they’ve written. I’m completely content with that one!

CBS.com: We’ve been getting a lot more positive letters about Michael lately. People are demanding to know why he doesn’t have a woman!
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC: Well, one of my biggest regrets [is that Victoria and Michael never got together]. It was going to be so good. Heather [Tom, ex-Victoria] loved it. She is the most incredible actor. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that that didn’t happen.

CBS.com: Is there anyone else you could see Michael end up with?
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC: The good thing about Heather was there was such the great placement as far as being Victor’s daughter and where he was at the time. It was also without the baggage. Because Christine and Michael have had so much baggage as far as their history. So, I don’t know. There are so many options. I’m as interested to hear as anyone. I think that’s where you’d really see Michael’s colors; when he’s in love. Christine is such a character that will always be in his life, but it will be interesting if someone comes along that doesn’t have that history.

CBS.com: Do you think we’ll ever see Kevin and Michael’s mom come to Genoa City?
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC: Oh, I hope so. I think so. I think that would be the next step. That would be such an interesting character, I’ve got to say!

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