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Dan Gauthier

Dan Gauthier

Dan has been starring as "Kevin Buchanan" on ABC's soap opera "One Life To Live" since June 2003. At the age of 18 he moved to California to attend San Diego State University, where he excelled in track. Following his time at the SDSU, he began modeling. Mr. Gauthier has numerous acting credits. His primetime television credits include recurring roles on Melrose Place, Beverly Hills, 90210, Ellen, Courthouse and Sisters, and guest-starring roles on Will & Grace, Friends, Still Standing, Cupid and Charmed. He starred as Brad Powell in the 1989 teen classic, Teen Witch, and also appeared in the feature films Son In Law and Groom Lake, directed by William Shatner. In 2000 Mr. Gauthier displayed his comedy talent in the short film The Right Hook, and in August, 2003, he will once again work with the creative team to play a lead role in the film Docs and Robbers. Mr. Gauthier met his wife, Lisa, during the filming of Teen Witch. When he is not working on New York-based OLTL, he spends his time in Los Angeles with his wife and son, Cole. Mr. Gauthier is a sports enthusiast, especially when it comes to basketball. He also enjoys playing golf and renovating and remodeling homes. Dan was born on December 2, 1963, in Oregon.


Dan Gauthier's Favorite Things

During WEEKLY's most recent interview with ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Dan Gauthier (Kevin) we asked him some questions meant to probe the personality. And indeed they did. Read on for details on the actors' criminal past, a glimpse into his financial savvy and his thoughts on preventative health care.
WEEKLY: Name five things that you like very much.
GAUTHIER: My family, golf, basketball. The open outdoors: water, the sun, the moon, just things like that. A good book and a great movie.
WEEKLY: Well, that's six, so let's not set a limit. What are the things you dislike very much?
GAUTHIER: Annoying noises: the sound of the city, car alarms. Walking by or being behind one of those buses that has smoke coming out of the back. Crowds. Huge, humongous, obnoxious, sweaty crowds. People who are rude and unkind, which a lot of people in New York are — and unhelpful. And super-arrogant people who don't have the right to be that. I dislike that a lot.

WEEKLY: Can you name an incident in your childhood that most affected you?
GAUTHIER: I got caught stealing when I was young and after that I never stole again. I can't remember how old I was. Maybe 16. I've gotten in trouble twice with the law in my life and both times it was a huge revelation that you do not want to mess around. You do not want to go down that road. I didn't do really huge bad things. I got caught stealing and I didn't pay some traffic fines, and then I got pulled over and I had a suspended license, which I didn't know about. They treated me like a serious criminal, like I had really done something bad. I was actually on TOUR OF DUTY at the time. They cuffed me, took me to the station. I was in the Beverly Hills Police Dept. because I got pulled over on Sunset Blvd. between all the mansions. They printed me, took my mug shot and asked me to sign an autograph because, of course they were cops and they watched TOUR OF DUTY, which was a Vietnam show. So anyway, I went into jail. I said, "You're not going to put me in the holding cell, are you?" And they said, "Yeah." I go, "No. You need to put me somewhere where no one is." The go, "We'll put you in the women's cell. There's no one in there." So they put me in the female cell because the holding cell had like 15 guys in there. I was like, "I'm not f----ing going in there. You guys are out of your minds."

Anyway, I had to go to San Diego, I had to go to Santa Monica, I had to go to downtown Los Angles on three different occasions and appear before the court. It took me $2000 in fines and it took me probably 20 hours to clear it all up. I was like, you know what man, being irresponsible just makes your life a nightmare. Problems don't go away by ignoring them. Crime doesn't pay, you get caught.

WEEKLY: If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?
GAUTHIER: A million? That's not too much. I'd probably just invest it. Depending on where the stock market was it might be really conservative stock like Johnson & Johnson, get a 4 percent dividend -- that'd be 40,000 a year...if it was set after taxes, right?

WEEKLY: Yeah, sure.
GAUTHIER: So that'd be $40,000 dollars a year in dividends out of a Johnson and Johnson and they grow at 15 percent so that would be 19 percent. Nineteen percent of a million dollars, that's not bad right? What's 19 percent of a million? 190,000?

WEEKLY: You tell me. You sound like you know your math better than I do.
GAUTHIER: $190,000. That's 190,000 a year on a $1 million investment. That'd be pretty sweet.

WEEKLY: Have you ever had any medical difficulties or health issues?
GAUTHIER: No. Just my knees and stuff like that. But no, I've been very fortunate as far as that goes. I'm lucky. I have a friend who just got non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He's at stage four and he has three kids. He's 41. He's a year older than me. Just out of nowhere man. My father died of prostate cancer, you have one in six chance of getting it anyway, so when your father dies from it it goes down to a one in three chance. I know it's expensive, but I think that insurance companies should pay for CATscans. The amount of money they would save in chemotherapy and things like that would be astronomical. My father's medical bills for seven years were ridiculous. CAT scans can tell everything. It's just the smart thing to do. If I was rich I'd pay for it myself. If I was like Bruce Willis or something I'd get a CAT scan every year, wouldn't you?

WEEKLY: Now I will. I never really thought about it before.
GAUTHIER: I would. What the f---, man?

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