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Danica Stewart Actress

Danica Stewart

Danica stars as "Jessica Bennett" on NBC's soap opera "Passions". Jessica is the daughter of Sam and Grace Bennett, and younger sister of Kay and Noah. Jessica is honest, loving, and kind--nothing at all like her manipulative sister, Kay. In fact, she is constantly reprimanding Kay for her malicious schemes to get Miguel. Jessica harbored a secret crush on Reese but at the time, Reese only had eyes for Kay. Eventually, Reese moved on from Kay and discovered love with Jessica. The young woman enjoys her job as an Avon mark Representative. Danicas's other major TV credits include "CSI" and "General Hospital". Danica's natural hair color is blonde. In her spare time, she enjoys dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, roller blading and skiing. Danica was born on August 2, 1983 in Kennewick, WA at Kennewick General Hospital.

Southridge High School Grad Danica Stewart Making It in Hollywood

Her Acting Credits Include CSI, Passions, General Hospital

She left home the day she turned 18 to follow her dream of becoming an actress. Three years later, Southridge High School graduate Danica Stewart is making quite a name for herself.

"A dream that usually is going to entail somewhat of a risk and me moving to LA was definitely one of the biggest risks I've ever took," she said; "and it was something I knew I had to do because if I didn't do it I would have regretted it forever."

She's currently starring in the NBC soap opera Passions, where she plays Jessica Bennett. She also acted on General Hospital, C.S.I., Skin, Oliver Beene, and Home of the Brave, to name a few.

Danica Stewart Memorable Quotes:

"Anywhere Heidi [Mueller, Kay] and I go, people ask us if we're sisters. And I've even been mistaken for Heidi outside of work. We have a lot of similarities. We're about the same age and we have so much in common - like, we're both from small towns. We get along really well and we've hung out outside of work. Heidi and I share a dressing room and we're going to go shopping and get all kinds of stuff for it."

"I had my own karaoke machine when I was little. I sang Debbie Gibson. That was my first tape ever and I used to jam out to her songs all the time."

"Comedy for me is challenging, and I love to be challenged. I found that a lot of people are like, 'Your show is surprisingly funny.'"

Danica Stewart: Before and After

Natural blonde Danica Stewart went brunette after getting the role of Jessica on Passions

"I actually love it," Stewart reports. "It's a good change; one that I probably would've never done. I was walking past the mirror and I was like, 'Who is that girl?' My mom is a natural blonde, too. She said she thinks she likes it better. A lot of people have liked it either the same or better."

Danica Stewart: It's All Relative

PASSIONS's casting department knew what it was doing when it signed newcomers Danica Stewart and Heidi Mueller (Kay) to portray siblings. "Anywhere Heidi and I go, people ask us if we're sisters," notes Stewart. "And I've even been mistaken for Heidi outside of work. We have a lot of similarities. We're about the same age and we have so much in common -- like, we're both from small towns. We get along really well and we've hung out outside of work. Heidi and I share a dressing room and we're going to go shopping and get all kinds of stuff for it." Meanwhile, Stewart is tickled that she is buddied up with someone from WHO WANTS TO MARRY MY DAD? "I was just watching her a few months ago [on the show] and now I know her," Stewart chuckles. "And I met her brother, Chris, and her dad. It was cool. Her dad is so witty."

Getting to Know Danica Stewart (Jessica, Passions)

It wasn't until we put a giggly Danica Stewart on the spot during an interview that she revealed the reasons behind the choices she makes.

Rap or Rock? "Rock. I've just never really been all that into rap; I'm into rock more. My brother is into rap and maybe after hearing it for so many years, I'm like, 'No more!'"
Diet or Regular? "Diet. I think regular is too syrupy. It doesn't have all the fizz in it that diet [soda] does."
See America or See Europe? "Europe. My boyfriend just backpacked through Europe and said it was the most amazing experience. I want to go to Venice [Italy]. I want to ride a gondola. I rode one in Las Vegas [at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino]."
Rain or Snow? "Both of them are great. Snow."
Shopping in The Mall or by Catalog? "I can't shop in a catalog; I have to try the clotes on."
Hit Snooze or Jump Out Of Bed? "I jump right out of bed. I have to, otherwise I wouldn't get up; I would lay there forever."
Make Dinner or Make Reservations? "Make reservations. I love Mexican food, but I've really been into Urth Caffe. Their salads are great."
Dogs or Cats? "Dogs. I want a Pomeranian so bad. I go [to pet stores] and look at them all the time."
New York City or Los Angeles? "I've only visited New York, so I'd have to say Los Angeles."
Karaoke Singer or Observer? "I have to admit, I had my own karaoke machine when I was little. I sang Debbie Gibson. That was my first tape ever and I used to jam out to her songs all the time."
Make Your Bed or Leave it Unmade? "Make it. I'm really clean. I have an all-white bed and my friends are always like, 'How do you keep your bed clean?' It's not like I jump on my bed with shoes on."

Q: Which celebrity's hair do you envy?

Danica Stewart: "Jennifer Aniston. I love her new bangs. That's my favorite new look."

Q: If you could steal one thing from your character's wardrobe what would it be?

Danica Stewart : "I would steal the green gown I wore at the Blue Note."

Q: What's your favorite Web Site?

Danica Stewart: "EBAY. It's so fun to see what's for sale. You never know what kind of great gems you'll encounter. It's also very exciting to be in a bidding war, but it's never fun when someone outbids you."
Q: What's the one thing you wish you could change about your looks?

Danica Stewart: "I wish I was tall. I've always wated those supermodel legs!"

Q: What soap star would you like to meet, but haven't yet?

Danica Stewart: "One of the actresses who I really wanted to meet for the longest time was Alison Sweeney [Sami, DAYS] and I recently met her. I would like to meet Susan Lucci [Erica, AMC]. She is such an icon and has made such a name for herself and I respect that. She is also a great actress."
Q: What's on your nightstand?

Danica Stewart : "I'm reading Bridget Jones's Diary, by Helen Fielding. I loved the movie and the book is just as good, if not better. It's hilarious."

Hollywood discovers Danica Stewart

Danica Stewart's secret childhood dream to be a Hollywood actor appears to have come true.

The 18-year-old Southridge High School graduate will portray one of the lead characters in a new television series called Brats, which is planned tentatively for a fall premiere. The show is about the ups and downs and constant mobility of a military family.

Hollywood heavyweight producer Aaron Spelling, who's producing Brats, hasn't officially approved the series yet, but there's no doubt the show will be seen on the WB network this fall, said Terrance Hines of Hines & Hunt management agency in Burbank, Calif., who represents Stewart.

"There's no doubt in my mind that (Brats) will be another 7th Heaven for television," Hines said. "It's about a beautiful family with real emotion, and there's lots of great writing for the show."

But before Stewart starts acting like a Brat, she'll make her soap opera debut Wednesday on General Hospital. The show airs at 2 p.m. You also can catch her in the latest edition of ABC Soaps magazine, now on newsstands.

In the soap gig, Stewart plays the 16-year-old daughter of Felicia, a longtime private investigator on the show.

"Maxie, the name of my character on General Hospital, is a teen-ager at odds with her goody-goody image," Stewart said.

Though Stewart, daughter of Donna and John Stewart of Kennewick, had a similar clean-cut image while growing up in the Tri-Cities, that didn't make it any easier to act the part.

"No matter what anybody says, acting is a lot harder than you think," Stewart said in a telephone interview from California last week. "This is an amazing profession, but it's still very hard to become a totally different person every time you walk in front of a camera."

Maxie will have a recurring role on the soap opera, which Stewart will be able to fit in between the filming of Brats, her manager said.

Stewart plays the 14-year-old daughter in the Spelling show. She'll have an older brother and two younger siblings, and her father will be played by Rob Estes of Melrose Place and Silk Stockings fame. Her mother will be portrayed by Cynthia Geary, best known for her role in the movie 8 Seconds.

Oddly enough, few people knew Stewart wanted to be an actor. She never took part in her high school's plays or community theater. Instead, she spent all four years at Southridge High as a cheerleader, which helped conquer her bashfulness.

"When I was very young, I was just too embarrassed to tell people that I wanted to be an actor," she said. "I thought they would think it was silly."

All through high school Stewart's mother took her to Seattle each month for private acting lessons.

She also took on some modeling work, shot some commercials, had bit roles in a few music videos and appeared in a segment of CSI television series last year.

But as soon as Stewart graduated from Southridge last June, she made the big move to California.

She's spent the past 10 months supporting herself working odd jobs -- a restaurant hostess and store clerk -- in between taking acting classes and going out on hundreds of auditions.

"It was frustrating for a while," Stewart said.

She might have succeeded in getting more acting jobs had she been willing to take on more enticing roles, she said.

"I just don't think I'm quite ready for seductive roles. I'm
lucky because I can play younger roles, so I think I'll stick with
those for a while."

Her mother, Donna Stewart, said she worries but believes her daughter is mature and responsible enough to handle Hollywood.

Stewart's blond, wholesome good looks are definitely a plus in the acting business and probably are what caught Spelling attention, her agent said.

But she has something else that's captured the attention of the Hollywood elite, he added.

"Danica is a beautiful girl, but she's also very sweet, honest, intelligent, generous and she works hard. There's a magic about her that people in this business see right off the bat," Hines said.

Stewart also has a goofiness that makes people like her, he added.

"Pretty, smart and funny, too. That's a plus in this business, no doubt about it," he said.

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