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David Eigenberg Actor

David Eigenberg

David's most prominent role was as "Steve Brady" on HBO's series "Sexy & The City." Steve Brady, a quintessential New York bartender-owner whom Cynthia Nixon's independent, relationship weary Miranda can't seem to live with or without. When Eigenberg came in to audition for Sex and the City, the producers determined right away that he would be perfect for Miranda. The part of Steve was actually written with David in mind. Before making an impression with Sex and the City audiences, Eigenberg received attention for his chilling performance as shooter Alex Robbey on Homicide: Life on the Street. He next played on the opposite side of the interrogation table in a recurring role as District Attorney Harvey Welk in The Practice. Eigenberg has also appeared as a series regular in The Beat, with Mark Ruffalo, Lea DeLaria and Celeste Holm - Oz creators Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson were executive producers. The actor also performed in the role of Nick Delvecchio in the Jerry Bruckheimer produced series Soldier of Fortune, Inc. - Special Ops Forces also featuring Dennis Rodman. More recently he has also had a recurring role on the dramatic series Ed. A member of the Ensemble Studio Theater in New York City, Eigenberg has performed in numerous Off-Broadway plays. On Broadway he received his break in 1990 playing a hustler in John Guare's Six Degrees of Separation. Currently he is starring in the Richard Greenberg's "Take Me Out" on Broadway. His film credits include A Perfect Murder, Daybreak and Rude Awakening and the science fiction thriller The Mothman Prophecies, with Richard Gere and Laura Linney. David Eigenberg was born on May 17, 1964, in Manhasset, New York, USA. David was born in New York, but grew up in Naperville, Illinois. He attended Naperville Central High School and proceded to forge a career in acting. He moved back to NY to aquire more experience in his passion of acting. During the 11 years in NY, he became helpful around his neighborhood fire department and in November 2001, helped the rescue crews clean up the carnage at the former WTC. He is a former high school wrestler and football player, and the only boy in a family of six children.

Meet David Eigenberg

Currently: Starring in Broadway's baseball hit '' Take Me Out''

Hometown: Mapleville, Illinois. As a kid, Eigenberg wasn't initially interested in acting, until he observed the attention lavished on his sister, who was "doing plays with some clowns or some shit." Eleven year-old Eigenberg followed her lead by appearing in a local college production of Kurt Vonnegut's Happy Birthday, Wanda June. "What a wacked-out play," says Eigenberg. "Especially for then. Now it would be nothing, but when a play back then took on premature ejaculation… People walked out. But I kind of think that if someone doesn't walk out, you're not doing something right!"

Rebel Without a Job: Despite his early taste of the stage, Eigenberg kicked around for a few years in his teens. "I wasn't a hardcore J.D., but I got enough arrests to really piss off my parents," he says with a shrug. After leaving the University of Iowa after just five weeks (he got thrown out of the dorm), and a brief stint in the Marines, he finally settled into carpentry school in Chicago. But when a carpenters strike caused Eigenberg to look elsewhere for income, a small casting notice in the newspaper caught his eye. One Shining Moment, a musical hit in at the Drury Lane Theatre that starred local actors like Kevin Anderson and Megan Mullally, was looking for someone to play the role of Bobby Kennedy. Eigenberg didn't get the gig ("I could sing and dance a little bit, but I just couldn't do it."), but he did get cast in the chorus a few weeks after his audition.
Steve in the City: After years struggling as a New York actor (and falling back on his carpentry skills regularly), Eigenberg landed the role that would make his career: playing Cynthia Nixon's paramour bartender Steve on HBO's Sex and the City. Although the role transformed him into a reluctant sex symbol for millions of viewers, Eigenberg says he's rarely even seen the show. "I can't watch myself anymore," he says. "The only parts of Sex and the City that I've ever seen is when I have to loop. Last year, I only had to loop one line. At the [season] premieres, I always duck out." Next month, Eigenberg starts shooting episodes for the final season of the show. Will Miranda and Steve finally wind up together for the sake of their baby? "I honestly don't know the storylines," he says. "I try to restrain myself from it. I don't spend a lot of time speculating about it either. I actually really trust [Sex and the City Executive Producers] Michael Patrick and Jenny Bicks."
Love At Last: Although Steve is still single in the city, Eigenberg recently got hitched to wife Chrysti, a member of the U.S. Army Reserves. When they met last year in Virginia, she didn't recognize him from Sex and the City, which was a big plus. "I'll be 39 shortly," he says. "And I was really resigned to the fact that I'd become a bachelor because I couldn't meet anybody that didn't say, 'Love your show!'" Eigenberg glows when he talks about his new wife: "I never believed in love at first sight and then it happened to me. It's one of those strange things. And although I'm very cynical, I came to a point in my life where I said, 'I've been cynical long enough' and I gave into this."

Taking It Out: A big fan of playwright Richard Greenberg ("Three Days of Rain was one of the best plays."), Eigenberg took part in an initial reading of Take Me Out at the Public in early 2002, but couldn't join the cast for their initial run at London's Donmar Warehouse because Sex and the City, in his words, "owned my ass." When the offer came to replace Dominic Fumusa for the Broadway run of the show, Eigenberg jumped at the chance. He was even willing to watch his part shrink for the sake of the show. "They cut like six lines from my part and were like, 'Are you OK?' I was like, 'I'm all for fucking cuts, man!' They cut like a half hour out of the script, which is good because it was too long. I ain't going to see Nicholas Nickelby!" Eigenberg had already disrobed for Broadway (as the naked hustler in Six Degrees of Separation), but Take Me Out, which requires him to not only perform his first scene au natural but also join his co-stars soaping up in a group shower scene provided additional challenges. "The thought of my mother coming and watching me wash my balls was not something I was looking forward to," he quips.

'I can't know of that kind of hurt' by David Eigenberg

Naperville native who now lives in New York City and is a regular on HBO’s “Sex and the City.”

Ask almost anyone who was in the city that morning in September and they will most likely tell you it was one of the most beautiful days they could remember.

As buildings came down in the city of New York, so did the tears of America; quiet tears, tears of anger, frustration, confusion or more apt ... bewilderment. The tears of the families of those who went to work that day I cannot tell you about, I can't know. I can't know of that kind of hurt.

New York and America lost so much on that day and it is only through twisted irony and human character that we must or have found the good that comes from such times.

In the weeks that followed, Naperville opened itself to the families of the missing seven men of Ladder Company 101, Redhook Brooklyn. Handmade quilts went to the families and Al Nocella, a firefighter from that house, made sure they got there as he did with everything that came.

How much came in? I have no idea. It never seemed important, just that somebody someplace else cared about these families and the kids. And that, I believe, was heard.

Nothing was ever formally presented, nor was I ever around. Al just told the families this is from a town in Illinois ... Naperville, and that's what happened.

Firemen do something in every city or town every day. When everyone is running away they rush in. It's just the way they are.

The families and the wives? They're OK. The men in the firehouse keep tabs, but can you really ever tell how someone is?

We are a resilient species. In that one day, in this golden country of America where fortune has laid its gentle hand, tragedy rained down and a world of people witnessed.

I walked to my local deli this morning to get my newspaper as I do most every day. "Morning, Boss," the man behind the counter said. "Morning," I replied as I put the change on the counter looking up at the hard-working face of the Muslim man who I have chosen to believe loves this country as much as I do.

He said, "Have a good day." And I replied, "You, too, Boss." And went about my day and that's New York and that's America.

David Eigenberg is a Naperville native who now lives in New York City and is a regular on HBO's "Sex and the City." Eigenberg returned to Naperville in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks to ask residents to contribute to the Red Hook Firehouse, which lost seven firefighters during the attacks on the World Trade Center.

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