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oprah winfrey

Oprah to dramatize lesser known work!

With typical restraint, Oprah Winfrey explained why she had chosen to make a TV movie of Zora Neale Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” “I love, love, love this book,” Winfrey told critics Sunday, the last day of the TV industry’s two-week preview marathon. “Other than ‘The Color Purple,’ I don’t think I’ve ever loved a book as much.” Designated the world’s No. 1 Pop Idol by no less an authority than cable’s VH1, the artist known universally as Oprah was here not as talk show host or magazine mogul but in a slightly less visible role: as executive producer of ABC’s “Oprah Winfrey Presents” series of dramas. Winfrey wears more hats than a baseball team, which has left her less time to produce than she would like. She has not made a movie since ABC’s “Amy & Isabelle” in 2001. What drove her to make this one — and to appear before critics for the first time since she promoted “The Women of Brewster Place” in 1989 — was her conviction that Hurston, an African-American novelist who died in 1960, is a neglected master. Winfrey hopes the film, which stars Halle Berry as an independent spirit fighting the constraints of the South of the 1920s, will introduce the book to “a public that probably never knew she existed,” she said. “I’m still astounded when I bring up her name and people who are supposed to know something about books don’t know her name.” The movie, directed by Darnell Martin from a screenplay by Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks (“Topdog/Underdog”), will premiere March 6. But Winfrey said it had been on her mind for about a decade. Not quite three years ago, she took the plunge and called her friend Berry about it. The actress, Winfrey recalled, had won an Oscar for “Monster’s Ball” the night before. “I thought, ‘I better get in now, because I know everybody else is going to be calling her up. And I know it’s a bold move to say, ‘Congratulations, you looked really nice at the Academy, but could you do that movie I’ve been talking about for 10 years?’” In fact, to hear America’s champion talker tell it, she was nervous about the call: “I didn’t know whether she was going to be, like” — here Winfrey adopted a “Masterpiece Theatre” tone — “‘Now I have an Oscar. I’m sorry. I cannot talk to you.’” Didn’t happen. “Not when Oprah calls and asks you, and not when it’s a book you love,” said Berry. Given a chance to portray one of Hurston’s women, Berry added, “I’d do it on a street corner in New York City.” For Berry, one perk of filming was getting slapped by 80-year-old co-star Ruby Dee. In character, of course. “Maybe she’s 5 feet tall, if she’s that tall,” Berry said, so “when the smack came up (in the script), I told Darnell, ‘Somebody needs to tell her it’s OK to slap me. I’ll be OK.’ “Well, the first time she slapped me, she slapped me to the ground,” the actress said with a grin. Read Full Article

Donald Trump to Martha Stewart.. You're Hired!

Lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart will star in a prime-time spinoff of NBC's hit reality show "The Apprentice" sometime after her release from prison next month, the network said on Wednesday. The NBC show, titled "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart," will be modeled after the series hosted by Stewart's friend and fellow tycoon, Donald Trump. No air date was given, but executive producer Rob Burnett said production on the series may begin while the domestic diva is under home confinement following her scheduled release in March. Burnett said the show would follow the format of the original "Apprentice," which features Trump and a group of would-be tycoons competing for a high-ranking executive post in one of his companies. On Stewart's spinoff, which Trump will have a hand in producing, contestants will vie for an unspecified job somewhere in her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Burnett said. Trump said he doubted Stewart would use the signature phrase he has made famous on his own program. "She's probably not going to say, 'You're fired.' She's probably got her own expression that's different from what I do," the real estate magnate said. He said he had not decided whether he would appear on her show. Trump said he and Burnett, the man behind the CBS reality hit "Survivor" as well as "The Apprentice," began discussing a prospective "Apprentice" spinoff several months ago. "I'm a good friend of Martha's. I have been for a long time," Trump told reporters in a conference call announcing the deal. "And I've learned one thing fairly recently over the last couple of years. She's a very brave woman. Very few people could have withstood what she's withstood. She's gone through a tough time. And she's done it admirably." Read Full Article

Donald Trump's Royal Wedding

The traditional thrill of surprise at the gown in which the bride bedecks herself was missing when the former model Melania Knauss and the wealthy real estate developer-turned reality television star Donald Trump were married at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church here Saturday night. The bride had already modeled the Dior gown, strapless and dramatically form-fitting from bust to hip, then gathered into mounds and furls of white satin encrusted with embroidery, crystal and pearls, on the cover of the latest issue of Vogue. Inside were more photos, including one of the couple of the moment in a double-page advertisement for Donald Trump, the Fragrance, as well as more bridal secrets: The gown was reported to include 90 meters of white satin, the skirt so wide and voluminous that for the wedding supper at Mar-a-Lago, Ms. Knauss was to be seated on a bench. Still, there are some pictures that simply do not do a woman - or a gown - justice. And that was one. Shortly after 7 p.m., when Ms. Knauss came down the aisle of the church to the strains of "Ave Maria," she looked magnificent. Her head was completely covered in a swath of white veil, which fell into a 16-foot train, and she carried a small diamond cross and rosary, with roses on either end. She was preceded by her older sister, Ines, and Cameron Burnett, son of one of Mr. Trump's partners on "The Apprentice," Mark Burnett, When the priest took the couple through their vows, "obey" was not in the lexicon. And when he asked the guests, including former New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and the singers Billy Joel and Tony Bennett, if they would all enable the bride and groom to uphold those vows, they said quietly, "We will." The priest then exhorted them do it one more time, with feeling, and the 350 or so guests shouted out, "We will." He also noted that the unity candle lit by the couple had been given to Melania at her baptism, which happened to fall on Mr. Trump's birthday, June 14. After the couple was pronounced "husband and wife," Mr. Trump kissed the bride not once, but three times. The crowd cheered before leaving for Mar-a-Lago and its newly refurbished $42 million ballroom featuring 24-karat-gold moldings and 11,000 square feet of marble flooring... Read Full Article

Rachel Bilson is the hottest one commodity

A raven-haired seductress, Rachel Bilson is the hottest thing to hit FOX's primetime slot since Jessica Alba. With a sexy gaze and tight body, she has captured our hearts and invaded our fantasies. Let's all hope Bilson continues to brighten our days and frequent our dreams for many, many, years to come. To date, beautiful Bilson's career has been short and sweet. But she landed a role that has left everyone talking: that of Summer Roberts on FOX's newest hit drama, The O.C. With the success of this show, Bilson has become a hot commodity -- one we'd love to deal with during any season. Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, Party of Five, and The O.C. -- they have more in common than you think. Sure, they were (or are) all successful FOX dramas that focused on the loves and losses of the young, rich and beautiful. More importantly, however, each primetime series has produced some real standout beauties. Take a look at the list: Tiffani Thiessen, Heather Locklear and Jennifer Love Hewitt are all well-known hotties and now, Mischa Barton and -- arguably the finest of them all -- Rachel Bilson can be added to the list. Thanks to the success of The O.C. (which stands for Orange County, for those out of the loop), the world has become acquainted with these last two babes. In particular, Bilson piques our interest with her dark features and naughty smile. Although she has spent less than a full season on FOX, she has been able to nab the spotlight thanks to these attractive traits, as well as a natural flair for the camera. In the limited time we have gotten to know her, she has made an incredible impression. Whether or not The O.C. continues its successful run, we're convinced that Bilson will leave her mark on TV or even the big screen. Since Bilson is a newcomer to television stardom, many are quick to associate her real personality with that of spoiled, gossipy Summer Roberts on The O.C. This assumption, it turns out, is not far off. Bilson admits to having been spoiled as a child and is the first to point out that, as a quick-witted and cunning babe, she usually gets what she wants, whether it's acting roles, gifts or guys. Read Full Article

Courtney Thorne-Smith is a bride in June and a divorsee in January

Even in Hollywood, where celebrity marriages, like sitcoms, tend to last only a few seasons, this one had a stunningly short run. On Jan. 3, just seven months after staging a spur-of-the-moment wedding on the Hawaiian island of Lanai, actress Courtney Thorne-Smith announced that she and her husband, genetic scientist Andrew Conrad, have "mutually decided to separate," adding that no third parties were involved. Friends who had witnessed the three-year courtship of the former Ally McBeal star and her beau were all but speechless. "To be honest," says one intimate, "I am as confused as the next guy." Also taken by surprise were the editors of IN STYLE WEDDINGS (a sister publication to PEOPLE), which had hit the newsstands a week earlier with Thorne-Smith, 33, on the cover in her bridal gown. Still, says the magazine's managing editor Martha Nelson, "Whatever we're going through, it is not as bad as whatever she is going through." Though Conrad, 37, and his wife's former Melrose Place co-star Rob Estes were high school friends, Conrad and Thorne-Smith didn't meet until 1997, when her sister Jennifer fixed them up. They became engaged in October 1998, but their June 1 wedding was so impromptu that they hadn't even procured a marriage license. Now, no one knows what will become of the $1 million-plus lot that they bought in Lanai, where they planned to build their dream house. Read Full Article

LeBlanc and Berlanti Back Frog's 'Prince'

"Joey" star Matt LeBlanc and "Everwood" creator Greg Berlanti are teaming up for a pilot at The WB. The two are among the executive producers of "The Prince," a drama project that's received the green light from the Frog, the Hollywood trade papers report. The show is a family drama set in the upper echelons of New York society, revolving around the relationship between a father and son following the death of the kid's older brother. Jesse Wigutow ("It Runs in the Family") wrote the pilot script and will receive a co-exec producer credit. The pilot is one of LeBlanc's first forays into producing via his production company, Fort Hill Productions. The Warner Bros.-based company is also developing a comedy project that will star Dennis Hopper. On "The Prince," LeBlanc and John Goldstone will serve as executive producers along with Berlanti and Mickey Liddell, who serve the same capacity on The WB's "Everwood" and "Jack & Bobby." Read Full Article

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