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Elisabeth Rohm Actress

Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth has been starring as "Serena Southerlyn" on NBC's "Law & Order" since 2000. Joining the long-running and Emmy Award-winning series has been a joy for Rohm, who says of her fellow castmates, “They are beyond my expectations in acting, professionalism and kindness.” While studying writing and European history at Sarah Lawrence College, Rohm accidentally discovered acting when she landed a role in the drama department’s production of David Henry Hwang’s “Bondage” (as Madame Butterfly). Rohm’s first professional break came when she landed a role on the daytime drama “One Life to Live.” Soon after, she starred opposite Kyle MacLachlan in Dick Wolf’s (executive producer of “Law & Order”) network television pilot, “The Invisible Man,” followed by a supporting role in the NBC’s miniseries, “The ‘60s,” and a starring role in the BBC miniseries, “Eureka Street.” From 1999-2000, Rohm pulled double duty as she concurrently starred in the cable drama series “Bull” (alongside Stanley Tucci), and played the recurring role of the young and beautiful detective Kate Lockley on “Angel.” Though born in Düsseldorf, Germany, Rohm was raised in New York City, and is pleased to be again working for Wolf in her hometown. “Loyalty pays off,” says Rohm, “and coming home is always the best scenario.” While retaining dual citizenship in the United States and in Germany, Rohm currently resides in Los Angeles and New York City. In her free time, she is working on her debut album and writing a book . Rohm will leave her role as Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn midseason to pursue a movie career. She can be seen in the upcoming film “Miss Congeniality II” with Sandra Bullock. Rohm was born on April 28, 1973, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Meet Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth plays the scorching assistant D.A. on NBC’s Law & Order.

Elizabeth used to be on Angel promoting vampirism among today’s youth.

“You’re filled with abandon. And you lose your self-consciousness. I guess if you don’t look stupid, you’re not doing it right.”

“I walk away from confrontation, but then I come back…with a car bomb.”

“I think all women want to be with a strong man. They want to know that they are not the one in control all the time.”

Elisabeth Rohm: Justice Is Blond

Elisabeth Rohm, the latest in a long line of special prosecutors on Law & Order, invites you into her chambers.

Courtrooms have always turned us on—the briefs, the Latin phrases, the topless bailiffs. On TV, they’re even sexier. Exhibit A: Elisabeth Rohm, the scorching assistant D.A. on NBC’s Law & Order. Off-camera, the tall, blond barrister readily shares bawdy boarding-school stories and can crack up a roomful of dudes with extended shtick about oral sex. She also exhibits a startling ability to knock back cold ones. Despite her roots in Düsseldorf, Germany, America has embraced the world’s most luscious lawyer. I would have done the same, but she has formidable connections in law enforcement. Besides, I’m not ballsy enough to piss off Sam Waterston. The man’s an animal.

STUFF: Did you talk to your Law & Order predecessors to find out where the potential sexual-harassment suits were on the show?
ELIZABETH: What’s really funny is that I have the most inappropriate sexual-harassment sense of humor. So I oftentimes am told, “Liz, you really need to go to a sensitivity seminar.” Recently, I went to see Robin Williams and he did this whole spoof on oral sex—you know, how stupid people look when they’re doing it. The next day I’m telling this whole involved monologue in front of a crew of, like, 100 guys. And Sam looks at me and he’s laughing. He’s like, “Liz, you’ve got to watch yourself—you’re a girl.” But it does look stupid. Sex isn’t sexy sometimes.

Do you think you look stupid when you have sex?
You’re filled with abandon. And you lose your self-consciousness. You just want to please your partner. And that means no holds barred. I guess if you don’t look stupid, you’re not doing it right.

Speaking of silly-looking, do you have any unsettling Jerry Orbach stories?
He’s unsettling ’cause he’s just happy all the time.

Pretty annoying, isn’t it?
Yeah, it kinda bugs me. [Laughs]

So, in contrast, you’re the angry, scary, brooding type?
I walk away from confrontation, but then I come back…with a car bomb.

Good thing I don’t drive anymore.
Don’t worry—I can find other ways to destroy your life. But then I’d spend hours apologizing, trying to make it up to you. In fact, let’s have another drink.

Is Sam Waterston as big a party guy as we think he is?
Who said that?

Um, I think it was me.
Oh, I thought you heard about our nights out.

Who hasn’t? Any problems maintaining law and order?
Not technically, but he and Dianne Wiest have definitely been known to go out and tie one on. We’ll go to the Half King pub, which is right around the corner from the studio. And we’ll pound down pint after pint. Then we’ll talk about everything.

Have you discussed Celebrity Boxing?
It never came up, but we do talk a lot about sex.

A three-way sex talk with Sam Waterston and Dianne Wiest. Who among us hasn’t had that fantasy?
It’s not like we’re talking about sex with each other. We’re really just challenging each other intellectually. We all love hanging out together. They call us Waterston and the Twits.

I have your second album.
When we get together we want to shake things up. I call it stirring the pot. I don’t care if you want to talk about bisexuality, if you want to talk about murder, if you want to talk about pain or childhood or things that are difficult. I’m fascinated.

So tell me about your childhood. By the way, this is going to cost you $150 an hour. My dad’s this big power attorney who lived on Park Avenue. My mom lives in Westchester [County in New York]. I was a little rebellious. When I was 18 or 19 I went through a bit of a dark period. I would just do crazy stuff. One night when I was 18, I was out till about 5 A.M. with my friends at a club in New York. I had to get back to my dorm way up in Westchester, so I jumped in a cab. Then I realized I had only 10 bucks on me. We were in the South Bronx and, like a genius, I told the driver I didn’t have enough money. He dropped me off on the spot at some gas station from Escape from New York. No kidding, there was a stencil of a dead body on the ground and yellow crime-scene tape around it. I was terrified. I was screwed.

What happened?
This trucker pulled up and offered me a ride. I got in and, as a defense mechanism, I started getting all intellectual on him and talked about philosophy and literature until he almost passed out from boredom.

Has an attractive woman ever tempted you to rifle through her briefs?
No, but recently I ran into my best friend from college who I hadn’t seen in years. She was absolutely stunning and great fun to be with. So I invited her to a cocktail party. She spent the entire time hitting on me like nobody’s business. She wasn’t apologetic at all about it. She told me she was sexually confused. So we went dancing and she was all over me. I’m sure she was as turned on by my celebrity as my body, but whatever it was, she wanted me badly. Anyway, I was fascinated by how much she desired me. I tried to say good-night to her, but she begged me to let her come up to my apartment to look at college pics. I said OK, but I was really wary. When we got upstairs, my boyfriend was sitting there, and that put an end to it.

And if he hadn’t been there?
Let’s leave a little to the imagination.

Ever get in trouble with the law?
When I was 16, I was walking down Park Avenue smoking a cigarette and this cop was following me. I thought he was watching out for my ass—but he was just watching my ass. I yelled at him. I told him to quit loitering and move along. It was disgusting. I was 16.

Does being on Law & Order give you a get-out-of-jail-free card with cops?
Just the other day we were driving in Manhattan from one set to the other and we missed our exit and went through the tunnel to Brooklyn. My driver told me to ask a cop if we could make a U-turn. I rolled down the window and it was a really good-looking cop. He immediately recognized me and said, “Where do I know you from?” I told him Law & Order, and he got all excited. Then he told me we couldn’t make a U-turn.

What do you suppose those judges wear under their robes?
I’m not sure, but if it were me and it were summertime, I’d go with a bikini.

You share a birthday with Saddam Hussein. Is this something Homeland Security should know about?
No. I think they’re fully aware of my activities.

Could you use this coincidence to help broker peace in the Middle East?
It would work as well as Mariah Carey going and singing to the troops. It would have been more effective if they sent Glitter to the Taliban.

You used to be on Angel. Did you worry that it would promote vampirism among today’s youth?
I think vampires are so sexy, that whole eroticism around it. I guess being a free spirit to me is allowing yourself to be decadent—and different.

So you’d like the freedom to rip out men’s throats?
It’s not like I want to dominate men. I think all women want to be with a strong man. They want to know that they are not the one in control all the time. I enjoy my femininity. I can do things you can’t—like wear these sexy heels and luscious lingerie.

You should have seen me last night.
I bet that was cute.

Elisabeth Rohm Splits From Fiance

"Law and Order" beauty Elisabeth Rohm has split from her fiance, legal expert Dan Abrams, after two-and-a-half years together.
The German-born blonde -- whose new film, "Miss Congeniality 2," is due for release next month -- moved in with Abrams last year but has since found it difficult to commit to previous marriage plans.

A source says, "She had her things packed and moved out of his apartment last weekend."

According to Page Six, Rohm's representative has confirmed the split, but insists the two are still good friends.

More fun stuff about Elisabeth Rohm

Nickname: Lis

Height: 5'8"

Parents: - Father named Eberhard Rohm (German corporate attorney) Mother named Lisa Loverde (American writer; also wrote for Guiding Light)

Her parents divorced when she was about 8

Elisabeth's parents moved to New York from Germany when she was 1

Elisabeth attended the boarding school Saint Andrew's-Sewanee in Tennesse

Elisabeth went to Miami when she was 17 to try modeling, saying later that she was a "wild thing" during that time period

She studied writing and European history at Sarah Lawrence- it was here that she first found her biggest calling (acting), while in a play called 'Bondage'

She enjoys horseback riding, and has often mentioned owning horses, and wanting to start learning how to jump- even if it is dangerous, saying "If I fall, I'm not going to fall that far."

In fact, Elisabeth was in serious training from ages 5-11, dreaming of becoming a competative equestrian.

Elisabeth has even written a book about a young woman in 1911 Scotland whose husband commits suicide (which remains unpublished)

Elisabeth Rohm's 5 favorite things:

Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite TV Show: The Facts of Life - "I've been a fan since the beginning."
Favorite Movies: Out of Africa and Cinema Paradiso - "Because I'm a romantic."
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Sport: Horseback Riding

Elisabeth Rohm stars in ''Angel''

Elisabeth Rohm plays Detective Kate Lochley in ANGEL, the spin-off series to the highly popular BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Kate started off as a romantic foil for Angel, but circumstances during the first season, namely the death of her father by vampires and discovering that Angel is a vampire, turned her against Angel, determined to investigate more strange phenomena, distancing herself from her colleagues who begin to make fun of her because of her new found beliefs. However this leads to her superiors "suggesting" to her that she leaves the job she loves.......

Multi-talented Elisabeth Rohm

We're smitten with Elisabeth Rohm's well-rounded but unrestrained philosophy of life. Her combination of beauty and thoughtfulness give us a few ideas of our own.
Elisabeth Rohm plays no-nonsense Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn on the long-running hit NBC drama, Law & Order. Before she took on that role, she played Kate Lockley on the WB's Angel. Outgoing, but at the same time introspective, Elisabeth Rohm has a remarkably well-rounded personality. Her interests range from history to equestrianism, and she has a keen sense for psychology, too. "I believe you're supposed to do something every day that you're afraid of," she says. "I live by that motto, which is why some people see me as ballsy."

It's easy to see that Elisabeth has acting talent to spare. Dick Wolf, creator/producer of Law & Order (and its plethora of spinoffs) praised her as "one of the finest young actresses working in television." But Elisabeth has many amateur skills as well. In addition to horseback riding, she sings and has even written a novel (as yet unpublished).
Elisabeth Rohm's sexiness is undeniable. She enjoys eating at steakhouses, for instance, so dinner with her wouldn't be one of those I'll just have the garden salad affairs. She thinks traveling is sexy too, but that's easy for her to say; anyplace would be sexy if Elisabeth Rohm were going there.

In 2002, Elisabeth made Maxim magazine's "Hot 100" list. And considering her vivacious personality and sense of fun -- not to mention her lithe and graceful good looks -- Elisabeth makes it onto our own personal "Hot 1" list.

At 5'8" tall, with blonde hair and greenish eyes, Elisabeth Rohm is the prototypical German beauty. She has high cheekbones and slightly angular features which, on anyone else, would look severe. But Elisabeth's warmth and ready smile more than compensate. Even when she's looking pensive, there's still a little twinkle in her eyes.

Plus, Elisabeth complements her natural beauty with judicious use of beauty products; in the April 2004 issue of Women's Day magazine, she shared some of her beauty tips and preferred products. As men, it was all Greek to us, but judging by the results, we assume she knows what she's talking about.

Elisabeth Rohm has an excellent sense of style. She can pull off any color, and can use it effectively. For example, she uses black to great effect -- since it provides a great contrast with her stunning blonde hair -- whether she's wearing an elegant evening gown for a night out, or a black blouse and denim jacket to watch a basketball game.

Don't let Elisabeth's Law & Order character, Serena Southerlyn, give you the wrong impression. "She's a bit icy," Elisabeth explains, "I'm more granola!" Indeed, Elisabeth likes a kind of personal style, from floral prints to wavy hair, which would give the more staid Serena an aneurysm.


Law & Order’s star Elisabeth Rohm looking forward to new roles

Don’t fence Elisabeth Röhm in. The actress, best known for her role as the ambitious Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn on NBC’s long-running hit “Law & Order” is packing up her legal briefs, ditching her business suits, and taking on new roles.

Born in Germany to a corporate attorney father and a free-spirited writer mother, Röhm was raised in New York City. Bitten by the acting bug in college, she got her first professional break on the daytime drama "One Life to Live".

Before her debut on "Law & Order" in 2001, Röhm reached a decidedly hipper, albeit more gothic, audience in the recurring role of detective Kate Lockley on the WB’s Vampire-drama "Angel". But gavels down, it is the NBC stalwart that has packed the most punch. Now in her fourth season, Röhm, like so many before her (Carey Lowell, Jill Hennessey, and Angie Harmon), is making a break. But unlike the often nonchalant departures of previous characters, this episode is likely to have viewers talking the next morning.

Up next on the docket — her film debut alongside Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality 2," which will be released in March. And now, 10 questions for Elisabeth Röhm.

1) I know you were on “One Life to Live,” but is it true your mother was a writer on “Guiding Light”? Your family must have a flair for the dramatic!

She did for a brief, brief period of time. I think for a year or so. The irony is that she wrote for “Guiding Light” when I was probably like eight years old, and I really only came to acting about the time I was 18. My mother probably has more the flair for drama. If I picked up any of that from either of my parents, I’m sure it came from her.

2) So you’re leaving "Law & Order" — and that’s kind of the grand tradition, isn’t it? A lot of people have played that role over the years on "Law & Order" and have gone on to pursue film careers.

Well, I think that the boys have had greater luck, you know? The women have chosen different paths. I mean, both Carey (Lowell) and Angie [Harmon] went off and had children. Angie I think has done a movie and may be doing something currently and then Jill [Hennessey] is starring in her hit show. I think Chris Noth has done a lot. I mean, what is great about this show and what I love about it, especially in reflection of Jerry Orbach passing, is that it was a place that we were lucky to grow up in ... the list goes on and on of people who really trained under the auspice of Jerry Orbach and Sam Waterston and Michael Moriarty. Here you have a marriage of the young and the accomplished coming together and learning from each other.

If I had stayed, I don’t think it would have made much sense, and as much as I loved the show I personally had to kind of kick myself out of the crib.

3) You haven’t had one of those ‘Oh, what have I done?’ moments?

You know, I’m sure I did. I’m sure I had several. It was very hard for me to make the decision because my managers and agents wanted me to not even do any of this season. Most girls left after a three years and Jill left after two years. I was very comfortable and I had planted myself there and Sam Waterston had become a really good personal friend so it was a harder decision for me. But then I traveled and I shot a film this summer and it opened my eyes to something beyond what’s comfortable and I realized that I didn’t have anything else that I could offer this character.

4) Your character on "Law & Order" is obviously very serious, doing the business suit thing. But when I saw you at a party recently, and when you’re on the red carpet ... Va Va Voom! Very glamorous, very girly! Are you looking forward to losing the business suit look for a while?

God, yes. I mean, you know, that’s also it. Working with Sandra Bullock on “Miss Congeniality 2” was hysterical. She’s so funny, and suddenly I felt young again, laughing and appreciating her humor.

And like you said, you go down the red carpet and you get a sense of glamour and beauty. ... I’ve always been cast as older, so it would be really fun for me to be a romantic lead or be in a comedy or do a dramedy series.

5) Okay — tell me — you played a detective on 'Angel', you were assistant D.A. on 'Law & Order', now you’ve got ‘Miss Congeniality 2’ coming out in the spring. Are you staying on the right side of the law again in this upcoming film?

I am, I am. I’m so on the right side of the law that I’m completely anal and probably rather abrasive and annoying to the more eccentric and creative Sandra Bullock character. I’m an FBI agent. I don’t know what it is — I guess if you’ve got a college education you get cast as a cops, lawyers, FBI agents ...

6) Do you get to flex your comedic muscle in the film?

Yeah a little bit. The whole film is very funny. I think that when I’m funny, the joke is on me. You know, I don’t realize that it’s funny — which is very funny. It’s very much the kind of humor I’d like to do. I do tend to be very serious and philosophical and so, you know, as I’ve grown up I’ve learned to lighten up and see that the world, as complicated as it is, and human nature, as interesting as it is to analyze ... it’s all just a crapshoot. People that really take themselves so seriously are very funny and are funny to laugh at. And I’m one of them.

7) I’ll admit to being a regular watcher of all things 'Law & Order'. As a result, I have little or no social life, because it’s on all the time. But I haven’t really seen any clues that your character is about to leave, so my prediction is that something big is going to happen. Enlighten me.

That’s very interesting, because there are two camps. There are people that think that they’ve seen clues and there are people that have seen none.

8) Oh no, I’m the stupid one.

No, Sam (Waterston) doesn’t feel like there have been any clues. ... I’m kind of somewhere in between. I know what happens when I leave; then I wonder if there were real moments that led up to that. And I think that there have been a few, but I think it’s going to be surprising.

9) Do you get into some sort of trouble here?

Of course I get into trouble! It’s no fun having a big party if you don’t get into any trouble. And a departure, I guess, is a party!

I did an Internet search of your name. I got about 40,000 results and one of them goes to a link that lets people see how biorhythmically compatible they are with you. You’ll be sad to learn that you and I are only 87 percent compatible.

Oh honey, that’s really good though! One of my best friend’s mothers told me once that you only get 80 percent of what you want and if we’re in the 87th percentile we’re really doing well!

10) Okay, then! Have you had any of those bizarre instances where people treat you as though you’re really the character you’re playing on TV?

Sure! But not so crazy as when I was on the soap. When I was on the soap people would engage in conversations with me about my character. But now I’m playing a character that’s almost characterless. So I get “Hey, Serena!”

I love it. In fact, Serena’s a prettier name than Elisabeth.

Elisabeth Rohm is very eccentric and very educated

And here she is. Number 14. The 14th person to step into the cast of Law & Order, the Menudo of TV shows. The fourth to step into the role of beautiful-but-cerebral sidekick to Sam Waterston's speechifying lawyer. (Though she is Law & Order's very first blond!) It's a hallowed Esquire tradition to feature the ladies of Law & Order, and we are not about to ignore precedent. So may we present to you the latest incarnation of Angie-Carey-Jill: the blond, 28-year-old former soap-opera star Elisabeth Rohm.

Some facts about Rohm: She likes eating at steak houses and riding horses (an activity she knows has sexual overtones, so stop smirking). She was on Bull, the TNT Wall Street drama. She likes traveling because it's "sexy" and "good for the soul." She's written an unpublished novel, and she also wants to be the next Spielberg. She enjoys working with Sam Waterston because "he's very mentally eccentric, and so am I. He's very well educated, and so am I."

Indeed, she's quite grateful for her Sarah Lawrence education: "I can sit and meet a politician. I can talk to doctors, lawyers, people at the UN—anyone." Lawyers especially. Her father is one. Which is why she balked when we asked her to tell us her favorite lawyer jokes. Didn't want to offend him. So instead of a joke, she offered up a law-themed quote from Mae West: "It ain't no sin to crack a few laws now and then, just so long as you don't break any."

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