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Eva Longoria Actress Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is on the fast track to stardom with her return to primetime as the star of the new ABC series Desperate Housewives, where she portrays Latin sexpot Gabrielle Solis. Just voted by Variety as one of the "Ten New Faces to Watch" this Fall, as well as one of USA Today's "Fall TV's Hot 11" and TV Guide's "New Faces of Fall," Longoria also co-stars in the recent CBS movie-of-the-week The Dead Will Tell. Last season she starred on L.A. Dragnet, Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf's modern-day take on the classic police drama. Voted one of Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100" for 2004 (and part of Maxim's 2005 calendar), one of People en Espanol's "25 Most Beautiful People," and winner of an ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama, this Young and the Restless alum proves that talent and versatility pave the way to success. On Desperate Housewives, Longoria plays a glamorous, former runway model married to the handsome, sexy Carlos. In this dark comedy that looks at the sexy, insidious and incredibly secretive lives of the inhabitants of a neighborhood cul-de-sac, Gabrielle is "desperate" because all of her teenage dreams did come true and yet she still hates her life. She has learned too late that what she wanted and what she got are not the ingredients to happiness, and she deals with her husband's cold disapproval by having a fling with their 17-year old gardener.

In The Dead Will Tell, which aired in October, Longoria played a quirky psychic named Jenny, whose mental abilities play an intricate part in resolving a long overdue, unsolved murder. On the critically acclaimed L.A. Dragnet, she played Detective Gloria Duran, a keen observer, well trained in psychology. "I was so excited to work opposite veteran actor Ed O'Neill and to have the opportunity to portray a detective who not only exhibits a tough exterior, but shows her sexy, feminine strength at the same time," Longoria acknowledges. Longoria also flexes her comedic muscles in Hot Tamales Live, a critically lauded comedy/variety show in which she both stars and co-produces. Hot Tamales Live performs regularly at The Comedy Store and consistently sells out its performances whenever they perform across the country. Hot Tamales Live is available on DVD/videocassette and pay-per-view. Previously she celebrated her theatre debut in the popular comedy farce, What the Rabbi Saw. Acknowledging her "comedic flair," Back Stage West proclaimed "Eva Longoria is sensational." The youngest of four sisters who grew up on a ranch in Corpus Christi, Texas, Longoria attended Texas A&M-Kingsville, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. After graduating from college, she entered a talent contest that brought her to Los Angeles, where she was spotted and subsequently signed by a theatrical agent. Her timing couldn't have been better, and she was determined to see where her acting dreams would take her. Longoria's birthdate is March 15, 1975.


'Housewives' star Eva Longoria refuses designers who snubbed her before she found fame

'Desperate Housewives' star Eva Longoria refuses to wear clothes from designers who snubbed her before she found fame.

The brunette beauty, who plays cheating Gabrielle in the hit show, says even though top designers are sending her outfits she can still remember how they treated her when she was a "nobody".

She said in an interview with Britain's Now magazine: "All the free stuff is insane.
I still feel bad about taking it. I was on another TV show ('Dragnet') before this and we couldn't get a doughnut for free!

There are some designers whose clothes I won't wear because they were so mean to me when I was a nobody. It was like 'Pretty Woman'.

They all said: 'Who are you?' We're not dressing you.' Now everyone's sending me stuff."

TV’s new homemaker is a domestic fantasy come to life

Few people are as happy about having been tossed into a loony bin as Eva Longoria. “My character on The Young and the Restless tried to kill someone and was sent to an insane asylum, so I was let out of my contract,” she says. “But I was OK with that. I always said I’d leave soap operas.” Now the Corpus Christi, TX, native stars as one of the titular horny homemakers on ABC’s new drama Desperate Housewives. “It’s The Stepford Wives crossed with Sex and the City crossed with American Beauty,” she says. “So it’s basically Sex and the Stepford.
Given the theme of Eva’s new show, it seemed only appropriate that the 29-year-old’s FHM photo shoot involved doing domestic work in her delicates. “It wasn’t a new experience—that’s standard operating procedure in my household,” she says. “Who doesn’t do housework in their underwear?”

In L.A. you must see desperate housewives everywhere you turn. What are some of the telltale signs that a wife is having an affair?
Well, if she starts taking tennis lessons for no reason whatsoever, she’s probably having an affair. If she gets a personal trainer and still hasn’t lost those 10 pounds, she’s probably having an affair. And if she hires a gardener and he’s not a little Mexican man—and I can say that, because I’m Mexican—she’s probably having an affair. It’s funny, though, the guy who played my gardener on Desperate Housewives was so shy that they were like, “Eva, you have to talk to him. He’s terrified.” He’d never had an onscreen kiss or anything like that before, so I was like, “Honey, come here. I was on a soap opera. I had to have sex every day. Let me teach you, my son.”
Yeah, what about that? Soap stars are constantly in bed with each other. Does anybody ever really kiss?
Oh my God, yes, all the time.

Does it ever get so heavy that they take it back to the dressing room?
Absolutely. I know that for a fact. Not me, but I’d say that happens 25 percent of the time. Especially with the younger actors. You see it all the time: People end up dating each other because they started on the screen.

You once kissed a woman on film. Is she the only lady you’ve ever kissed?
No. It happened one other time, and it was pretty shocking because I wasn’t prepared for it. I met a girl in Las Vegas who I didn’t know liked me. We were hanging out with a bunch of friends and we were saying goodbye and she gave me a kiss. It was very, uh, surprising to me, but it was nice.

Was there tongue involved?
Oh yeah. It was a kiss-kiss. A real kiss. It was soft and gentle and sweet.

Interview with "Desperate Housewives" Star, Eva Longoria

Looking absolutely stunning, "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria showed up to partake in the glitz and glamour of an old-style Hollywood premiere as Warner Bros. Pictures played host to the Los Angeles Premiere of "Ocean's 12" at the historic Grauman's Chinese Theater.

As the star of one of the most watched (and most addictive) shows on TV, Longoria's popularity on the red carpet easily matched that of "Ocean's 12" stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. With hundreds of fans screaming out her name, Eva Longoria was gracious enough to stop and chat with me briefly about the popularity of "Desperate Housewives" and her upcoming role in "Harsh Times," an independent film with Christian Bale ("Batman Begins").

When you got the first script, did you have any idea “Desperate Housewives” would be as big as it is?
I knew it was different. I knew it was great, but no, I didn’t. You dream about this but you don’t really expect it.

How did it differ and stand out from other scripts and other projects you’ve been offered?
Well, the writing. The writing is amazing. I was the first one cast so it didn’t even have a cast attached. It was just the writing itself. It stood out from any crime-drama that they were trying to make.

Being the first cast, did you look at the other characters and consider playing one of the other roles?
No. No, I really wanted to be Gabrielle. I didn’t want to have kids (laughing).

You also just signed on for “Harsh Times” with Christian Bale, didn’t you?

What grabbed you about that script?
Oh God, it’s so dark! It’s an independent film and it’s really dark. Basically it’s a movie about what it would feel like to kill your best friend.

Are you the one that does the killing?
No. It’s between Christian Bale and Freddy Rodriguez and I’m basically the only adult in the movie because they’re two losers that just don’t want to grow up, and they are forced to in the end.

Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria Slams Dating Rumours


DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES stunner EVA LONGORIA has silenced reports she is dating 'N SYNC hunk JC CHASEZ, by bringing basketball star TONY PARKER to the SCREEN ACTOR'S GUILD AWARDS.

The Latina actress, 29, has been linked to the boy band singer for several months, as well as the SAN ANTONIO SPURS player, 22, in recent weeks, with her spokesperson confirming the actress is "happily dating".

Longoria, who plays unfaithful trophy wife GABRIELLE SOLIS in the hit ABC show, spoke to REFORMA newspaper during a trip to Monterrey, Mexico last week (ends04FEB05), and set the record straight on her relationship with Chasez.
When asked about Chasez, Longoria replied, "He is only my friend."

And on the red carpet at Saturday's (05FEB05) SAGs, Longoria proudly showed off her younger companion Parker to the paparazzi.

Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria Tones Up For Nude Scenes


DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA has hired a personal trainer to improve her naked appearance in the hit TV series.

The 29-year-old actress - who plays frustrated trophy wife GABRIELLE SOLIS in the GOLDEN GLOBE award-winning show - has hired a fitness instructor to keep her body prime for those revealing shots.

She says, "I didn't realise, however, that I'd be down to my underwear so often, so I've had to hire a personal trainer.
"I'm genetically small and I don't work out, but when I saw the first couple of episodes, I thought, 'I've got to start working out!'"

'Housewife' Eva Longoria heads for hills

Eva Longoria, who co-stars on the show Desperate Housewives, has purchased a Hollywood Hills home for nearly $1.2 million (U.S.).

Longoria, the youngest housewife in the cast, bought a three-bedroom, three-bathroom Mediterranean style built in the 1920s. The 2,000-square-foot home has a grand entry with a fireplace. It has an updated kitchen and a large living room with hardwood floors.

Longoria, 29, plays former model Gabrielle Solis. The fickle Gabrielle is married to handsome, wealthy Carlos but had a fling with her young gardener.

In April, Longoria is expected to start shooting a feature film with Michael Douglas. Before Desperate Housewives, she appeared on the daytime drama The Young and the Restless.

Eva Longoria: Thank$, gang

In other news from Wisteria Lane, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria are getting $250,000 "thank-you" bonuses from ABC, a source close to the show says. Housewives supporting players Nicollette Sheridan and James Denton also were given significant bonuses, with the rest of the cast receiving lesser amounts, USA Today reports.

'Housewives' star Eva Longoria joins new thriller

'Desperate Housewives' star Eva Longoria is joining Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Basinger in the new thriller 'The Sentinel'.

Production Weekly reports that the film is based on the book by former Secret Service agent Gerald Petievich and is due to begin shooting in Toronto in mid-May before moving to Washington.

The film tells the story of a secret service agent (Douglas) who finds himself framed for murder and he uncovers a plot to kill the President of the United States.

Clark Johnson, the director of 'SWAT', is to helm the movie.


'Desperate Housewives' Feeling Overexposed

"Desperate Housewives" beauties Eva Longoria and Nicolette Sheridan are beginning to feel over-exposed.
The ABC show won an army of fans upon its debut last year, when many TV audiences were looking for a show to replace the void left by "Friends" and "Sex and the City."

Despite loving their new A-list status, Longoria and Sheridan admit they're worried the public will get sick of seeing their faces.

Longoria, who plays bored trophy wife Gabrielle Solis, says, "We feel a little overexposed right now. We are trying to cut back, but it's hard when Vogue and Vanity Fair are asking us to shoot for them."

When asked by E! gossip columnist Ted Casablanca about the possibility of a big-screen version of the TV hit, Sheridan replies, "I think people are inundated enough with 'Desperate Housewives' -- the television series -- that the movie could really put them over the edge."

Longoria adds, "I can't even think that far."

ABC's 'The View' gets 'Desperate'

The ladies at "The View" are getting pretty desperate. During the week of Feb. 7, the five stars of "Desperate Housewives" will co-host ABC's "The View" while the show broadcasts from Los Angeles. Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Nicollette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross will each join the daytime talk show for a day.

The Wisteria Lane residents will be filling in for "The View" moderator Meredith Vieira, who will not be making the trip from New York to Los Angeles due to family obligations.

Broadcasting live from Disney's El Capitan Theater, the week is a themed series called "The View Celebrates Los Angeles."

On Sunday, Hatcher won a Golden Globe for best actress in a TV comedy or musical. The ABC show also won for best comedy or musical TV series.

The other hosts of "The View" are Barbara Walters, Star Jones Reynolds, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The show airs weekdays on ABC.

Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria Wants Teenage Lover


N SYNC singer JC CHASEZ's actress girlfriend EVA LONGORIA wants to have sex with a teenager - yet Chasez left adolescence behind nine years ago.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES beauty Longoria, whose on/off boyfriend Chasez is 28, admits the idea of sleeping with a younger man turns her on.

The 29-year-old says, "I wouldn't mind bedding down with a teenager. Men reach their sexual peak at 19, so I'm all for it."
Earlier this month (JAN05), Longoria dented Chasez's confidence when she told ROLLING STONE magazine her best sex of the past year came courtesy of her vibrator


Chasez's Girlfriend Eva Longoria Linked To Another Man

JC Chasez's girlfriend Eva Longoria has been romantically linked to another man -- basketball star Tony Parker.

The "Desperate Housewives" beauty has been dating the 'N Sync heartthrob for a number of months, but gossips claim she is also involved with the San Antonio Spurs player.

Longoria, 29, was first spotted with the 22-year-old sportsman in the Spurs locker room at the end of November, reports Star magazine.

Just a few weeks later, reports surfaced that Longoria and Belgian-born Parker were dating -- and that he had left his longtime French girlfriend for her.

Longoria's representative will only say that the actress, who is currently in the process of divorcing her actor husband Tyler Christopher, is "happily dating."

Beautiful Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Christopher (Isabella, The Young and the Restless) may be leaving Y&R in June, but she's doing so with major exposure. She's currently gracing the pages of People en Espanol, who picked her as one of its "25 Most Beautiful." The actress admits she was surprised and honored to hear she'll top this year's list of Latin stars who, according to magazine, exhibit "extraordinary talent and captivating good looks." "It's awesome to be recognized by a community that I feel has so many beautiful people."

With romance as the theme of the issue, Longoria struck her pose in California's Joshua Tree, in the Mojave Desert. "It was the best photo shoot I've ever done," Longoria raves. "It was at an old Dennis Hopper movie set built in the middle of nowhere, shot with all natural light. They asked a few other people to shoot there, and no one would. I was like, 'Oh, my God, yes! Awesome!' It was first-class all the way. I thought: We're the Most Beautiful People because there are 20 people here to make us so!"

Perhaps less romantic is the footage from the behind the scenes video of all 25 shoots." They were following me around and I was constantly eating!" Longoria laughs. "Every time they turned on the camera, I was putting something in my mouth."

The magazine was also interested in what comes out of Longoria's mouth." There were a lot of fun questions like, 'If you were a man for a day, what would you do?'" Longoria recalls of her interview, adding, "I don't think you can take yourself too seriously with a recognition like this."

As for joining past honorees Ricky Martin (ex-Miguel Morez, General Hospital), Eddie Cibrian (ex-Cole Deschanel, Sunset Beach; ex-Matt Clark, Y&R) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo Santos, All My Children) as fave beauties picked from daytime, Longoria concludes, "It's a great opportunity to get your face out to people who don't watch Y&R [and] something that can break the boundaries that have been created around you."

Eva Longoria's best sex

Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria (seated on the bottom step), 29, has revealed: "The best sex I've had in the last year was with my vibrator."

That must come as sad news to her boyfriend, 'N Sync singer JC Chasez.


Eva Longoria drives home ''ad''

The mention of a new model from Buick in Sunday night's "Desperate Housewives" was not a coincidence. Rather, it was a carefully planned piece of product placement.
The scene involved Gabrielle (Eva Longoria), who is forced to take a modeling job to earn money while her husband languishes in jail. She accepts a job at a mall as the spokesmodel for the Buick LaCrosse.

"When ["Desperate Housewives'" writers] were developing the plot line, this opportunity came up and they gave us a call," said Jill Cooley, advertising and promotions manager for Buick.

"There was an opportunity in the plot line in the script for a vehicle, and they asked us if we would be interested in that," said Cooley. "And of course we were interested."

Writers asked for "talking points," said Cooley, one of which was repeated by Longoria's character.

But, said Cooley, "no money changed hands" for the scene, which had Gabrielle reluctantly extolling the car while dressed in a blue sequined evening gown.

"We don't pay for product placement like that," said Cooley. "It's part of the ongoing relationship we have with the show."

That relationship includes providing a fleet of cars to the "Desperate Housewives" set for free.

The series has already shown characters driving the Buick Rendezvous, and future episodes will have them tooling around in Buick's new SUV, the Terraza.

"We supply them with vehicles," said Cooley, "and they were nice enough to take us into consideration."

A producer for the show referred questions to ABC. An ABC spokeswoman did not comment.

Product placement on television is nothing new. It's a regular feature of reality series including "Survivor" and "The Apprentice," and it has become more common in scripted shows. But writing a specific product into the script - and then mentioning that product's benefits - is not as common.

"It's very rare to be so tightly integrated," admitted Cooley.

Indeed, it was the first time one of Buick's cars has been mentioned by name on "Desperate Housewives."

"We don't want it to feel stilted or forced," said Cooley. "We want it to flow naturally within the show."

Buick does buy conventional advertising on "Desperate Housewives." Sunday night's episode featured two spots for the LaCrosse.

With more than 20 million people tuning in to "Desperate Housewives" each week, those spots cost millions of dollars.

Sunday night, Buick landed a spot viewers weren't likely not to click away from. And it's hard to put a price on that kind of advertising.


Eva Longoria is the hottest star on the hottest TV show

A year of sex for the star of "Desperate Housewives" The hottest, juiciest show on network TV this season is Desperate Housewives (25 million-plus viewers tune in every Sunday). And the hottest, juiciest of the Wisteria Lane housewives -- when she isn't shopping or mowing the front lawn in a pink party gown, she's doing the nasty with her seventeen-year-old hunk of a gardener -- is played by Eva Longoria, 29. A Corpus Christi, Texas, native and a veteran of the soaps (she spent a couple of years sexing it up on The Young and the Restless), Longoria says she wears only G-strings and doesn't even own a pair of full-bottom underwear. She also recently went through a divorce from General Hospital star Tyler Christopher and is now hooked up with 'NSync singer JC Chasez. Lucky him.
Describe your year in five words. . . .

Wait a second -- my urine? Describe my urine in five words, I don't think I can do it in five. Oh -- my year! Overwhelming, exciting, amazing, hard and fun.

Best concert?

Prince! And his Musicology album. I'm not, like, "Oh, I've got to see his concert." I just happened to be in Vegas, and they gave me tickets to go, front row. We went. It had to be the most entertaining concert I've ever been to. I went with eight of my girlfriends.

Best movie of the year?

The Notebook! [That's the tear-jerker, adapted from the shameless Nicholas Sparks best seller, in which hotties Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling go at it every chance they get.] Ohhh! Take your girl. It's a great date movie. The whole theater is [sobbing noises]. It was amazing.

Best sex this year?

With who, or did I have it?

Best sex you've had this year?

Probably with my vibrator. I own two. I have the rabbit one, and I give that as a gift all the time. To other girls. For a birthday or the like. It's the best gift to give: an orgasm. And if I can't do it for ya, I'll give you the tools to succeed! I have one rabbit and a Pocket Rocket.

Biggest regret of the year?

I don't regret anything I do.

Best present you received?

It was a poem someone wrote for me. The guy I'm dating.

Break anything this year?


Will you be more politically active in the year to come?

I was extremely politically active this year. I campaigned for Kerry. We did an outreach for Latino voters to get them to go out and vote. That was really tiring. It was during the beginning of the show, and I did some swing states with the bus tour. And I didn't do very well, obviously. Ha-ha. But I will be more politically active. I'm involved with an organization called MALDEF -- Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. They fight for Latino rights, a lot of farm-worker rights. Actually, I'm going out to work one day in the field with the United Farm Workers, for a documentary. Hopefully they can use it. I'm doing it for PBS. A day in the field, and it's going to be so backbreaking.

Did you cry this year?

I cried a lot this year, both in happiness and sadness. I cried with happiness over the exciting things happening in my career. My divorce. In a divorce, no matter the relationship, it's still the death of something. And you have to mourn it. You have to go through it, or else it's unresolved. And then you're like, "Coulda, shoulda, woulda?" And I like to say, "I'm going to mourn over it, and it's never going to come back." Then you move on.

Eva Longoria reveals why she loves married love

When THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Eva Longoria (Isabella) promised to love fellow actor Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL) in good times and bad, she never would have guessed that all that lay in store for them were good times and better ones! "We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary [on January 20]," she relates. To celebrate, the happy married rented a cabin in Big Bear Lake, CA, and spent a weekend snowboarding with eight of their closest pals. "That was the fun part," the still-blushing bride maintains, "having our friends along for the ride."
Of course, there’s nothing that the sweethearts enjoy more than one another’s company. That’s why, after Christopher spent much of 2002 globe-trotting for his film and primetime roles, he and Longoria agreed that the next 12 months would be all about them. "Last year, we were apart a lot, with Tyler traveling so much," says his wife, adding that the reality of their life together is rather different than she imagined it would be. "We eloped, and I really romanticized what I thought being married would be like.

"But," she goes on, "I soon realized that marriage is a lot of work. The first year was really hard. So we decided this Christmas that we were going to concentrate on being together. Where he goes, I go, and vice versa. We cook together every night, we go to the gym together, we run lines together!"

In what little spare time they have, they fix up their new Los Angeles–area home. "We bought a beautiful, Spanish-style house, and we’ve done it in a Mexican and Native-American décor [in honor of our respective heritages]," she reveals. "Anyone who walks in knows we live here!" (The couple love going out in their new beighborhood as much as they like staying in: There’s a dog park down the block and only one Starbucks! "The rest are independents," Longoria notes.)

As if they don’t now get all the quality time they could possibly desire, Longoria and Christopher have taken added steps to make sure they remain each other’s focus. "We decided against taking on any new projects," the ambitious performer admits. "And just in the past four months, we changed our phone numbers and disconnected from the world." Isn’t it romantic?

Eva Longoria promotes healthy lifestyle

There's a reason these hot housewives seem to strip on every show: Their bodies are honed and toned for a close-up from any angle.

Eva Longoria's character, Gabrielle, is a former runway model, who has a sexy husband and a 17-year-old lover. Eva's red-hot body helps bring Gabrielle to life.

Longoria keeps lean by lifting weights, running and doing yoga. She also loves salsa dancing and sweating to Spanish tunes.
But the actress, who is 5'3", says she has to "work out a lot to stay toned. I eat well because I enjoy eating well."
Harley Pasternak, a trainer to Halle Berry, Eva Mendes and Orlando Bloom, says Eva has "a great butt, nice hamstrings and a small waist -- just a great natural body. God blessed her!"
Texas-native Longoria once dreamed of being a trainer. "I wanted to be a health and fitness coordinator," she has said. "...I wanted to promote healthy lifestyles."

Eva Longoria will be at the Golden Globe Awards

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria says she'll be at the Golden Globes next month to cheer for her fellow cast members.

Her ABC co-stars Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman were nominated Monday for best actress in a TV musical or comedy series, and Nicollette Sheridan was nominated for best supporting actress in a miniseries, movie or series. Longoria didn't receive a nomination.

"They have all paid their dues and are so awesome to work with. It couldn't have happened to better women," Longoria told the syndicated entertainment TV show Access Hollywood.

Desperate Housewives was nominated for best comedy or musical series.

"I am so happy that I get to go to the Golden Globes and just be a cheerleader," she said.

The Golden Globe Awards show will air live Jan. 16 on NBC.

Who robbed Eva Longoria?

ABC's "Desperate Housewives" has adultery, murder and suicide. That's kid's stuff, though, compared with the show's new off-screen mystery: Who robbed Eva Longoria?
When the 2005 Golden Globe nominations were announced Monday morning, "Desperate Housewives" racked up five nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, more than any other TV program. Nods for best actress in a television musical or comedy went to leads Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman, and there was a supporting actress nomination for Nicollette Sheridan.

In the tally of Globe nominations, "Housewives" propelled once-moribund ABC to second place with nine, behind HBO's 20 but well ahead of NBC, Fox, CBS, which drew six, three and two nominations, respectively.

Voters bestowed no laurels on the "Desperate Housewives" ensemble's fourth principal, though, the 29-year-old Longoria, who portrays a pampered hottie having a fling with her teenage lawn boy.

"I think we're all a little surprised" by the Longoria shutout, Sheridan said. "I think she's extremely talented."

"Horrible," Hatcher said of the snub. Alluding to Longoria's relative youth, she added: "Maybe they just decided to nominate actresses over 40" (Hatcher is 40, one year younger than Sheridan; Huffman and Cross are both 42).

Were the foreign journalists who vote on the Globes put off by Longoria's steamy trysts with her school-age gardener? Not likely. Cross and others close to the show theorized that Longoria might have sunk her chances by failing to join her co-stars at a Globe-sponsored luncheon back in October.

Her publicist said the starlet spent that weekend traveling to Texas to visit a sick aunt, who later died. "She doesn't regret not going to the lunch at all, because she was very close to her aunt," said spokeswoman Liza Anderson. She said Longoria was working and unavailable for comment Monday, but added: "She's beyond thrilled for her co-workers and friends."

Some observers were surprised by "Housewives'" appearance in the comedy category, which is typically reserved for half-hour series. As Marc Cherry, the show's executive producer, said, "The problem with our show is that we're truly a dramedy.

"We have comedy and we have drama, and neither (category) is a perfect fit."

With its nominations for "Housewives" and the desert-island thriller "Lost" (cited in the best drama category), ABC was clearly a big winner. It was just the latest breakthrough for a network that was written off as recently as September.

The Globe nominations are "terrific for everyone here," ABC boss Stephen McPherson said.

Eva Longoria stars in the hit show ''Desperate Housewives''

Today the lane is as freshly scrubbed as Disney's Main Street an hour before opening, and the neighborhood is as busy as a yard sale. On the street/set, the camera, makeup, wardrobe and sound crews are working on the 10th episode of "Desperate Housewives," the Sunday night soap opera that has saved ABC from its mortal slumber -- just as surely as the slightly subversive dramedy has jump-started the careers of its cast of talented but desperate actresses, most of whom had reached that age in Hollywood when the casting calls slow.

Saved, too, by the show was its creator, Marc Cherry, who confessed he couldn't get an interview for a writer's job in recent years, much less real work. (His spec script, he says, "was born of sheer desperation, if I can use the word.") How fickle the fates. One day Cherry is in his Studio City condo writing a teleplay nobody wanted (the four networks initially turned it down). Now he's a certifiable genius driving his new Lexus (license plate: DSP HSWV) right to his reserved parking spot.

But that's what 22 million viewers and the No. 1 new show on network television will do for a 42-year-old writer in this town. "I was starting to think I wasn't all that talented," Cherry says. "But these days my self-esteem is much better, thank you for asking."

The show is not only a smash with viewers, it is also (mostly) the critical darling of the fall season. "A triumph," writes David Bianculli of the New York Daily News. "Whips up saucy moments with the flair of a world-class chef," says Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel. From The Washington Post's Tom Shales: "In its visual style, witty language, borderline surrealism and overall mad attitude," the show "stands on a mountaintop all its own, the best new drama of the season and perhaps the best new comedy, too."

Such praise can go to a gal's head. The show's publicists have been barraged by media wanting an inside look at ABC's secret weapon. Getting onto the set of "Desperate Housewives" was like negotiating the SALT II Treaty. But finally, here is Marcia Cross playing the irresistible Bree Van De Kamp, in a retro print apron, holding a breakfast tray with a vase of cut roses, folded linen and fine china, awaiting her cue.

One of the things that makes "Desperate Housewives" unique is the fact that the show is propelled by women, by their relationships, their points of view. The women are the suns; the male characters revolve around them like planets. Since prime-time network television is driven by female audience (60 percent), this seems like an obvious choice. But flip through the TV guide: Male-led sitcoms, macho reality games and endless "procedurals" (the "CSI" clones) dominate the airwaves.

"What could be more interesting than the lives of four women?" On TV, "there are always roles for wives, but they're never fleshed out." "Women can relate," Eva Longoria says by phone from a New York greenroom, minutes before her guest spot on the Conan O'Brien show. Longoria plays Gabrielle Solis, the vixeny, materialistic ex-model bored with her empty marriage (hence the tryst with the high school jock).

"These women feel modern. They're divorced, married, kids, no kids," Longoria says. "I've heard women say they feel like each character. I've heard men say that, too, about their wives."

As for Gabrielle (Longoria at 29 is the youngest of the lead actresses; the others are in their forties), the actress and former Miss Corpus Christi says, "She provides an outlet for frustrations. Gabrielle has no moral boundaries, no kids. She's not a very good wife. I think there are a lot of Gabrielles out there. Unhappy. Having affairs. Or wanting to."

Says Longoria, "It works because the show is sad, dark, scary, weird and funny."

It is, of course, important not to take all this too seriously (nobody is out there searching for the deeper meaning of middle-age male sexuality in "Everybody Loves Raymond"). But the show has sparked a little flame of controversy.

The American Family Association has complained about the peekaboo of lingerie and promiscuity (after all, Gabrielle would be prosecutable for statutory rape in several states) and convinced a couple of advertisers to pull their spots.

Some conservatives say the premise mocks the all-American goodness of Mom and apple pie. (In a scene from an earlier episode, Felicity Huffman's character, the overstressed minivan mom Lynette Scavo, finally cracks and temporarily abandons her brats a few blocks from Wisteria Lane. Bad mommy!)

From another quarter, the show has been cited as evidence of a backlash against women.

Creator Cherry takes this in stride. "I was stunned, well, just a little stunned," he says, sitting in his barren office on the Universal lot, a boyish and burly man dressed in sweats and sneakers, taking an hour out of his marathon seven-day-a-week writing schedule.

"There was this scathing reviewer who thought I was writing these 1961 portraits of women. Calling them housewives. How dare I? And the fact that a lot of their personal unhappiness revolved around men in their lives." Cherry pauses. "I thought, have you met any women? A lot of the women I know, that's what they're complaining about -- either the man in their life or the lack of a man in their life."

He explains, "Now, if I'd written a show called 'Gabrielle,' I can understand how I might have gotten into trouble." But with the four characters as archetypes, "I'm safe."

Eva Longoria's Hometown Roots

She's become one of Hollywood's hottest actresses -- and guess what? She hails from our own Corpus Christi. Eva Longoria is one of the stars of Desperate Housewives, the star of an upcoming feature film and a three-year fixture on the CBS soap opera The Young and The Restless.

But what's she like off camera? The 29-year-old "desperate housewife" is well, not so "desperate" these days. Her career's more like -- sizzling. Eva says, "I don't know. I don't call myself amazing. It definitely has made me a little more selfless and always thinking of others."

What? The woman voted to People en Espanol's 25 most beautiful people? And Maxim magazine's "Hot 100?" Even NBC's Jay Leno loves Eva. On Desperate Housewives Eva plays a steamy seductress who knows just what she wants.

That's acting. The "Eva" that leaves a fair amount of young men wondering "naughty or nice?" They should talk with the woman at Infinity Modeling who discovered her in Corpus Christi. Elaine Motl, who discovered Eva, says, "Nice. Definitely a nice girl and the real Eva who she is on the inside is an extremely nice girl. And then you develop that based on the character role she's playing."

So all that naughty is just playing in front of the camera? "You'd probably have to ask her that directly," Motl says laughing. Iris Martinez of Cutting Edge Promotions knew Eva eight years ago at Infinity and can share a moment with the star even now. Martinez says, "It was exciting and her and I just looked at each other. We laughed and we knew what we were laughing about because it was like, we never thought we were going to be here."

Longoria says, "I will always remember where I came from. I would love to move back to Texas as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I have to be in L.A., but I definitely want to move back to Texas." Eva’s smile has made her one of Tinseltown's hottest "draws." Not bad for a Miller High School graduate who spent her summers on a ranch near Kingsville.

"Corpus Christi is so great. It's a mixture of big city and small town. When I lived here I always thought it was the biggest city in the world," Longoria says. Eva says she picked up certain values in Corpus that keep her grounded, but she's also picked some of that up from her family. A mother who spent 25 years as a special education teacher and a sister - Lisa - who's participated in Special Olympics for years.

"It really changed our lives being involved with Special Olympics," Longoria says. So what's next for the starlet? More movies? Modeling? "It's so hard to say because a television show takes up so much of your time. We only have three months off out of the year. So I would like to do a feature film on my days off but I will never leave the medium of television. I love television. It's big enough to notice everything great and small enough not to notice mistakes," she says. Eva wears an $18,000 dress for a fashion show in an upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives.

Eva Longoria will star in ''Harsh Times''

Christian Bale ("The Machinist") and Eva Longoria, one of the stars of the hottest new TV series "Desperate Housewives," have signed on to star in "Harsh Times," an indie film written by David Ayer ("Training Day" scribe). Ayer will also direct the film.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Harsh Times" is the coming of age story of two men in their 20s set in Ayers' favorite locale - South Central Los Angeles. Bale and Freddy Rodriguez ("Six Feet Under") play the two leads, with Longoria playing Rodriguez's character's girlfriend.

Ayers told The Hollywood Reporter he held on to this project even after other producers and studios were interested in snatching it up.
Ayers said, "It's not written by committee. The reason I wrote this is I wanted to know what would it feel like to kill your best friend. And what would it take to get to that point. I want this to be as authentic as possible and let the streets and people speak for themselves. This is a movie about the guys I grew up with and about the L.A. I know."
"Harsh Times" is set to begin shooting in late December 2004.

Christian Bale will next be seen in "Batman Begins" and also is working on the Terrence Malick film, "The New World," with Colin Farrell.

" Who's making the headlines today?! "