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Farah Fath Actress

Farah Fath

Farah stars as "Mimi Lockhart" on NBC's daytime soap opera "Days Of Our Lives". How many young actresses land a role on their favorite soap opera at their first audition? Days of our Lives' talented newcomer, Farah Fath, did just that. Fath portrays Mimi Lockhart, an insecure, yet effervescent teen on NBC's number one daytime drama. Born in Lexington, Kentucky in May 1, 1984, Fath grew up with stars in her eyes. "I loved being in the spotlight ever since I can remember," recounts the energetic teen. Farah began her show business career as a child model at the tender age of five. When she was eight-years-old, Farah traveled to Los Angeles to participate in an International Model and Talent Convention. The young beauty began competing in pageants at eleven years of age and was crowned "Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen" in 1995. Farah was a National Speech Winner in several pageants. Fath juggled modeling assignments, commercials, and pageant competition with academics, but still found time to be a cheerleader in junior high and appear in her high school's production of "Life With Mother Superior." She also appeared in a national commercial for Pringles Potato Chips and numerous print ads for Duncan Hines.

Farah's life changed forever in January of 1999 when she returned to Los Angeles to attend another International Model and Talent Convention; she walked away with a few awards and an agent. Reluctantly, Fath returned to Kentucky to finish her Freshman year of high school, knowing that she would return to Los Angeles with her mother that summer to make the audition rounds. In July of 1999, Farah's agent called with the news that she booked an audition with Days of our Lives. Farah landed the recurring role of Mimi on her very first audition in Hollywood. "I remember the first day on the set. I was freaking out. I saw Kristian Alfonso, Deidre Hall, and I was in total awe because I had grown up watching them. My grandmother thinks of them as her own children. My babysitter actually got me watching when Marlena was possessed - I saw that and I was hooked."

Farah expected to be in Salem for only a few weeks, but when September arrived, Fath decided to stay put and begin her life anew on the West Coast. "I was really excited to stay in Los Angeles, but I missed my family and friends," recalls the young actress. "My Mom had to commute back and forth for the first few months, but it was well worth it. I now have a contract role on my favorite daytime drama. I still can't believe I'm living my dream."

When she isn't working or spending endless hours in the Days of our Lives school room, Farah enjoys shopping, hanging out with her new LA friends, and attending church regularly. Farah's twelve year old younger sister Victoria (Torie), has caught the acting bug and plans to join Farah and her mother, Lisa, in Los Angeles after the school year. Fath remains close to her father, Greg, who still resides in Lexington, Kentucky and works in the car business. Farah's prized possession is her cockapoo named "Ziggy," who is half cockerspaniel and half toy poodle. She unwinds listening to her favorite band, Hanson, and watching her favorite show, "Friends" starring her favorite actress, Lisa Kudrow.

Farah stands 5'4" and has brown hair and green eyes.

Farah Fath is a glamorous young woman now

Ever since Farah Fath stormed into Salem as the adorably quirky Mimi, she's been taking the fans by storm. She's grown up in the past four years, changing from an insecure, ungainly teenager into a glamorous young woman. Not only has Mimi changed, but so has Farah, and she's got a lot of insight into the terrible teens, being on TV (and doing love scenes!) and what it's like to meet your idol -- in this case, Lisa Kudrow. Read on for more on Farah and on the lovable Mimi.

Q: First of all, how would you describe Mimi?

Farah: I would describe her now as more mature and wiser and nicer. She's found herself now and she's come into her own and she's not the lost little puppy dog that she was, following Belle around. She has her own life now. She's happily in love; I think she's just a very happy person right now.

Q: How do you think those changes came about?

Farah: Some of Mimi's character growth and maturity comes from me personally changing. Going from being 15 to being 19 is the biggest growing period of your life. It really is. I grew up and all I get from people now is, "You look so different." What did you look like when you were 15 and what did you look like when you were 20? Everyone changes, but people always say "I just can't get over it!" And I'm like, "Get over it!" I think the writers and producers started to see that they couldn't write me as this girl who can't get a boyfriend because, you know, it's lame. I can get a boyfriend! So, they finally started writing Mimi as though she's growing into a young woman. I think that's good. I think it shows that you can grow up and feel comfortable with yourself. I think it's cool because her character is so true to life, when you're going through puberty and you're going through changes and you're trying to figure out who you are and where you belong. Eventually you'll figure all that stuff out. Everyone does, or hopefully most people do. Everyone eventually grows up and gets more mature and isn't as goofy.
Q: How was it to make that change on TV? Most people get to do it in the privacy of their own homes or lives.

Farah: Thankfully, I was pretty oblivious there for awhile! My weight fluctuated, my height was changing, my facial features were changing. It's such a gradual process that I didn't sit there and really think about it too much. I look back now, I see pictures of myself when I was 16 or whatever, and I think, "Holy crap! I have come a long way!" But, you know what, I think everyone does. Obviously, when you're on a show for three or four years and you're young, you're going to change. And that's just that. As far as how did it feel to go through so many changes on TV, I guess it was hard in a way, but I really didn't think too much about it. It's other people who give you trouble about it.

Q: Do you feel you missed out on anything having been on TV since you were 15?

Farah: There have only been a couple of times when I felt, gosh, I never went to prom. Or, I didn't have a real high school graduation. I had one in Salem. What was funny was my mom was on set that day at the Salem High graduation and she said, "I'm crying because this is the only one I'm ever going to see you do!" I don't regret a single thing. I think my life has been the most blessed and I wouldn't change a thing. It does suck that I never got to go to prom, but you know what? Maybe my prom would've sucked. That happens to a lot of people!

Q: How has your life changed since you've been on the show?
Farah: I feel like I've gotten it together. I feel very happy and lucky that I don't have to go to college and figure out what the heck I'm going to do. I don't have that feeling of -- I don't know what to do with my life, I don't know what I'm going to be, or if I'm ever going to make any money. I just feel so lucky that I've had such a great job since I was 15. Give me a break. Who does that happen to? So, I'm very lucky. I feel like I belong to something and I'm proud of what I do and it's really fun and everything I dreamed of.

Q: If you weren't an actor, what else do you think you'd be doing?

Farah: I'd probably be a makeup artist. I do my own makeup for the show. That's just fun for me. I guess I'm just an artistic person. I like to decorate, too. I would maybe get into that. But there's always that part of me that could've been a chiropractor!

Q: How has your family dealt with you being out here and being a successful actress?

Farah: It was pretty much of a whirlwind. I moved out here for two or three weeks and I got this part. My grandmother had been watching the show her whole life. I've been watching since I was eight. It was a pretty big deal to them. Being from a small town in Kentucky, it is a big deal and I know that. I don't think it's a big deal because I'm doing it every day and I just feel like I'm lucky. I just feel like I had a dream and I wanted to go after it and I made it happen. I think that's what people should be impressed by. And I think they are. Of course, whenever I'm home there are always tons of questions about the show. That just comes with the territory. My dad has every picture I've ever been in, clipped from the magazines. He has a whole collage, a whole wall in his office and his office has a big plate-glass window so when you drive by you can look in and see my pictures while you're on the road! My mom's always asking, can I have a picture for this person? I think for the most part they know that I haven't changed as far as who I am, my personality and all that.
Q: When you came on as Mimi, what was the storyline?

Farah: Being Belle's friend, to make her look good and me to look bad. I took that and ran with it. I was supposed to be the girl in school who is insecure and boys don't like her. Because there are girls like that out there. And there are people watching who can say, that's who I was in high school. You get a part and you don't play the popular girl. So what. I don't care. I didn't want to play the popular girl. I'll play whatever part is fullest. Mimi, I love her character. I love the changes that she's gone through. I think she has an exciting character. I think she's fun to watch, because she's very unpredictable, she doesn't try to be perfect, she doesn't try to be anything else but herself.

Q: What have been some of your favorite storylines on the show?

Farah: Probably my favorite is the Rex and Mimi stuff. It's written so well and Eric (Winter) and I have really good chemistry and we get along really well and he's fun to work with which shows, I think, on-screen. We have a good time. I just love the way it's written. I love the way that he really loves her. She can just go on and on and on about the stupidest stuff and he can be talking about DNA and it totally clashes but it goes. It's cute. I like what we're doing right now.

Q: Take us back to how Mimi got involved with Jan. Mimi wasn't so nice for awhile then.

Farah: I think in that whole process of Mimi trying to find herself, she got caught up in the wrong crowd for a while. While Belle was off obsessing over falling in love with Shawn, Mimi had to find her own thing to do. And that was Jan, unfortunately. Jan persuaded her to do things that she shouldn't do. She knew she shouldn't be doing them, but she did them anyway because Jan was blackmailing her and telling her that she'd ruin any kind of popularity that she had. It was fun playing that stuff, like when I'd get in fights with Chloe. Those were fun scenes, especially when Chloe and I had the catfight on the beach in Puerto Rico in our wetsuits. I got to grab her ponytail and swing her around! Nadia and I were just talking the other day about how we miss beating each other up!
Q: Were there ever any times when you thought the "goofy sidekick" stuff was too much?

Farah: The first time I thought it was taken too far was one of my first episodes when I had to beg Shawn to go to the dance with me. That was ridiculous. Who really gets on their knees and begs someone to take them to a dance? I don't care who you are, no one does that. But, you get stuff and you just have to put 110% into it even if you don't think it's cool. There was a lot of stuff that Mimi did and said that made me think, "Oh, give me a break." I would never, ever do this in my lifetime, but you just do it because that's the way it's written and that's what makes your character who they are.

Q: Have you done anything to work on your comedy skills?

Farah: I did Groundlings for awhile. My idol is Lisa Kudrow and she was a Groundling. So in the time period when I wasn't working very much, I did Groundlings. I did the first level and I moved up to the intermediate level and then I started working a lot and I had to quit because I didn't have time. Improvisation is the best training you'll ever have because it will make you never be nervous about anything because it is the most nerve-wracking stuff that an actor can do. Not only is it improv but you have to be funny. There are rules and guidelines as to how to do it. You can't just start talking. You have a subject and you have to say who you are and where you are in the first sentence. It's very technical. But I think if you can do that as an actor, then you can do anything. Comedy, people say is the hardest to do. That's true for some people if you don't have that natural sense of humor. I get my sense of humor from my dad. My mom's funny, too, but not that funny. I've just gotten funnier and funnier as the years have gone by!
Q: I understand you also went to the Museum of Television and Radio to watch some old George Burns and Gracie Allen shows?

Farah: Eric and I had done some scenes and Roy Steinberg (Days' producer) came down and suggested we check them out. Eric and I looked at each other and were like, "We have to go because a producer told us to!" So, we went and we were watching it and I could totally see the comparison. Gracie was so eccentric and just out there and funny and aloof and George was the straight guy. And that's exactly how Rex and Mimi are. I just thought she was hilarious. I usually can't get into old, black and white shows, but I loved this. I thought she was hilarious. I totally saw what Roy was talking about. They were so cute together and she was just funny as hell. I get written funny but not as funny as she was. Everything out of her mouth was funny and we are on a daytime drama so we can't always be like that.

Q: How was it taping those first love scenes with Eric?

Farah: Eric and I were very nervous. We'd never done it before. We were nervous just because you've got to be in the most minimal clothing in front of lots of people. It's just funny. You don't want five million people to see what your face looks like when you're getting it on! It's horrible! You only want one person to see. You have to get all into it and it's just really embarrassing. I don't know if I'll be able to watch it. I don't want to watch myself like that. It could be very uncomfortable. I'm just glad it was with Eric and not someone that I don't really know that well. Eric and I are very comfortable with each other and he's very respectful and I am, too, so we did the best we could and we hope it turns out well. I'm a modest person as it is. I don't wear bikinis to the beach; that's just how I am. I'm very modest. Those were tough scenes. But once they were over, we were like, woosh! Done! I was so stressed out about it. I'd never been nervous like that.
Q: Did you do anything to prepare for it?

Farah: No, we just kind of threw ourselves into it. The only thing I was thinking about before was I hope I don't look fat. That's about it.

Q: What would you like to see Mimi do in the future?

Farah: I'd like to see her continue to be strong and confident and enjoy her time with Rex but not become obsessed with him like so many soap opera characters do. I'd like to see her be successful in a career, but I don't really know what.

Q: If you had the opportunity to stay on the show indefinitely, do you think you would?

Farah: I'll stay as long as I feel I want to, or as long as they'll have me or as long as I'm happy. I'm only 19. I think I could spare a few more years here. I'm learning so much and I'm having a ball now and my scenes have been more challenging lately which, an actress, is what I want. Challenging scenes. As long as I keep getting good scripts then I'll probably be here for awhile.

Q: I know you love Lisa Kudrow, but is there another actor or actress that you dream of working with?
Farah: Pretty much just her! No, I like a lot of actors. I'd love to work with Tom Hanks or Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro, but who wouldn't want to work with those guys? I just know they could make any actor look good because they're so good. I know that they can have chemistry with anyone they try to have chemistry with. I think it would be cool to work with brilliant actors. To see how good they could make me look.

Q: How was it when you were on Friends? Had you met Lisa before?

Farah: I'd seen her three times. I'd been five feet away from her but almost passed out so I couldn't say anything! But I wasn't going to let my chance pass this time. I talked to her for 15 minutes. She's a sweetie-pie. It was the most amazing day of my life. I feel so lucky. I'm almost guilty about all the opportunities I've had. I feel bad that I went to Friends. I feel bad that I'm on Days of our Lives! I want good stuff to happen to everyone. I feel too lucky and too blessed. And getting to hang out with Lisa Kudrow! Little did she know that I'm obsessed with her! I kept it under control. That's a good actress for ya!

Q: One last question. At the Emmys, Jason Cook said that "Days actors are one big family, one big dysfunctional family." What do you make of that?

Farah: I think he meant exactly what it says! You always hear that behind the scenes it's an even bigger soap opera. And you know what? It's true! We can say that we are all pretty close, but, hello, there are going to be dramas, with any group of people that are around each other all the time. This industry is so competitive and actors are very competitive and money and popularity can easily go to people's heads. I would never say who I personally think is dysfunctional, but it would be a lie to say that everyone is just perfect. But I just take everyone for who they are. I like everyone here. I really do. There's no one that I don't get along with. There's no one that I have to avoid in the halls which is pretty much all I can ask for. There's always going to be, "Did you hear about so-and-so?" But that's just normal. It happens at school, it happens at church, it happens everywhere. Everyone wants to know dirt and yeah, there is dirt, but who cares.

Farah Fath's favorite things

Farah Fath (Mimi, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) is like any other 18-year old in that she loves to shop and talk about clothes and makeup. Here's a look at some of her favorite things.

Farah Fath: In Her Purse
"I have a M.A.C compact, dazzling white toothpaste, a bracelet a fan gave me, Clean n' Clear oil blotting sheets, a necklace Kirsten got me, mascara, my cell phone, my check book, my keys, a coupon, movie tickets, a lot of receipts. All my lip glosses were taken out by me last night. I put them in my makeup bag, because I had eight lip glosses in my purse and I thought they need to go in my makeup bag, so when I'm doing my makeup, I know where they are. Now, I have none with me and I'm really sorry."
Farah Fath On Buying Cheap
"There's something about drug stores... I'll go in and buy five bottles of scented body wash or spend a lot on makeup. I have to go to Save-On for cleaning supplies, because you save money. My favorite is the cosmetics aisle. You can buy any product there. They have brand name hair products that we have at the set, but you can get them for so much cheaper."

Farah Fath On Wearing Glasses On And Off The Set
"I'm into glasses. I only wear contacts when I'm taping, because they irritate me, so I'm working on having a big glasses collection. I have two right now and I'm picking out some right now. I was once late to the set, which is so unusual, but I only grabbed my saline, not my contacts, so I wore glasses on the show because there wasn't time for me to go back home and get them." On Shopping For Her Apartment "I'm almost done. Actually, I've had a good time making things for it. I did a painting for my roommate that I ended up keeping for myself!"

Farah Fath On Saying Too Much In A Digest Gossip Column
"At a fan appearance, people were asking me, 'What does Weena mean? What is Weena?' " [Fath talked about the expression Weena in SOD and how she and all of her co-stars use the made-up word]

Farah Fath on being young actress

When the cameras aren't rolling, DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Kirsten Storms (Belle), Farah Fath (Mimi) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) are as close as they are on screen. Even more so, maybe. Here, the young ladies give us a peek into what they do when they're not in Salem.

Storms, Fath and Bjorlin On Shopping

Digest: Do you see each other on weekends?
Storms: We try to meet up...
Fath: There's spurts.
Storms: We'll go through a month where we'll see each other all the time and then we'll go through a month where we're both like, busy..
Fath: We always manage to find time...
Storms: We always manage to find time to get together and go shopping!
Bjorlin: I've gone shopping with Kirsten. It's kind of fun; we like the same things, probably because we're around each other so much. You're influenced by people and environment, you start speaking like each other and doing things the same way.

Storms and Fath On Their New Digs

Digest: Kirsten and Farah, have you shopped a lot for your apartments?
Storms: I think I'm worse about that than Farah is. I have a roommate now and we went without a couch for about two months. She finally bought a couch and said, "Listen, this is what you owe me, it's coming over right now." I was like, "Thank you, I never would've gone out and done that." My walls are bare. The thing is I don't know what I want to do my apartment. in, what kind of colors, anything, and I don't want to start buying stuff if I don't know what I'm doing.
Fath: Me, on the other hand... I'm going crazy decorating my apartment. I had a bunch of modern furniture and just crazy modern paintings and everything was pink and purple and it was just... I just got really sick of it. I was kind of inspired by Kirsten's parents house, which is all decked out in shabby chic.
Storms: It's white. People say it's like walking into heaven.
Fath: It's all white shabby chic. I didn't plan on doing all white shabby chic, I'm doing colorful shabby chic. Instead of getting new couches, which are purple and yellow, I just got slip covers made for them. It took a month to get them and they're a gorgeous floral. Then, I got all new furniture for my bedroom. I've redone everything. Every room. I'm not all the way done. I'm still waiting on my armoire, which is gonna be red, which isn't very typical shabby chic, but it's still antique. I've gone to all different antique shops and everything... it looks really cute.
Storms: She's motivating me to figure out what I want to do. But I don't know. I need to take her with me. Farah will be like, "Do you like this? Yes? Write a check for it." That's how Farah is, "I like it, I'm getting it, it's being delivered." I'll sit there, saying, "Well, I don't know, because then, what if I don't like it when it gets there?"
Fath: If I didn't decorate it the way I did, I don't think I'd even like being in my apartment.
Storms: That's not me. I still have boxes in my room.
Fath: I'm sure you do.

Storms, Fath and Bjorlin On Being Young And Acting Young

Fath: Sometimes Kirsten and I can be walking around and people will be like, "Sometimes you guys seem so much older than you are." Then, if they only knew some of the times.
Storms: We get yelled at here sometimes. One time we were running downstairs in the hallway and we were screaming at each other. There's that Life commercial that goes, "Hey, Mikey, he likes it." We changed it to, "I like it, hey, Mikey!" We were running around, screaming that one day and the stage managers were like, "You guys need to be quiet, this is a work place." We were laughing hysterically.
Bjorlin: It's been fun watching everyone grow up these past three years. I can't see myself, but it's nice to see how everyone's growing up mentally and physically and I'll see flashbacks or pictures that's two years old and I'll be like, "Oh my God, we looked like such babies!" It's crazy.

Storms and Fath On Being Soap "Stars"

Digest: How has your feeling about your job changed?
Fath: I don't know. I still think it's cool.
Storms: It's more routine. I don't think it will ever settle in, the popularity of the show. Farah used to watch it. I never watched it before... I'd only seen it a couple of times and didn't really understand it. I was like, "I'm gonna be on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. That's cool. Whatever." Even when we have these fan events, these people are obsessed with the soap opera, but it doesn't faze me.
Fath: It's mind-boggling. I don't even think about when we're at work and we're taping scenes and we're doing stuff. It's my job now; we don't think it's going to air on television and 5 million people are going to be watching it. You just don't think about that at all. Even if you do, you don't think "5 million people are going to watch this."
Storms: I don't think I could imagine 5 million people.
Fath: It's weird to know that besides your closest friends and stuff, there are thousands of people who know your name. It's just weird and you don't think about it.

Farah Fath: This is in the new SOW

After a long time of being "always a bridemaid, never the bride," Days of our Lives Farah Fath (Mimi) and Eric Winter (Rex) were finally given a storyline, and it was a doozy--Mini had daytimes first abortion in 20 years. Yet, they're still on the back burner. Here's the actors' take on their status, that controversial plot twist, and the two names they wish were obliterated from their characters vocabulary, pronto!

Soap Opera Weekly: Was the abortion story your chance to move front-burner!
Eric Winter: The abortion storyline was definitely an opportunity to be put in the forefront, but it was so controversial that it didn't have the full effect it could have. It never felt like the front-burner story, because it was kept so under wraps.
Farah Fath: They were so scared, so hesitant to do the story, they they downplayed it. It could have been bigger than it was.
Winter: Right now, we're not at our peak. We're supporting cast for Shawn and Belle. We had this huge abortion story going on, but the entire time we were so concerned about keeping them together. We've had bigger story in the past, like when Mimi and Rex first got together, when Rex was going through his bipolar disorder and headaches, when Cassie died...

Weekly; Why do you think the writers chose Mimi to have an abortion?
Fath: My character was the obvious choice. Mimi is the young girl. She's impressionable. She and Rex have sex a lot. Personally, I think Mimi would not have made that choice, but they wanted to do it for the shock value.

Weekly: What was your reaction when you first learned about it?
Fath; I didn't think I was going to like it, because it's against my beliefs personally. Then, as I was reading on down the line, I saw that Mimi regretted it. I thought that would give me, as an actress, a chance to portray a sense of remorse, which was necessary. I wanted fans to feel for Mimi, not hate her because of it.

Weekly: Were you actually worried fans might hate Mimi?
Fath; Yes. (Executive producer) Ken Corday asked me right after it aired, "So have you gotten any hate mail yet?" Actually no.
Winter: I can attest to (the fan responce), because I go on a lot of personal apperances. They aren't mad at Mimi at all. Every fan comes up to me and says, "Be gentle with Mimi. Be nice to Mimi." It's amazing. Fans love Mimi and will stand by her side.

Weekly: Farah, since the abortion isn't something you believe in, did it make a more difficult to play?
Fath: Yes. I had a meeting with Steve Wyman about the story and said, "You know, I didn't want to do this." If it was going to be where Mimi just did it and then, whatever. I would have had to put my foot down. I told him I'm pro-life. So when you saw Mimi struggling it was because I didn't want my character to do it. Steve told me that it was probably better for me as an actor to be pro-life. It showed the torment even more.

Weekly: Eric, how do you think Rex will handle learning the truth?
Winter: I can't imagine that Rex will stand by Mimi. If you think of Rex back in the past, he was a hot-tempered, spur-of-the-moment, freak-out-over-anything guy. If he held it together over this, I'd be shocked.

Weekly: Do you ever talk about who you'd like to see your characters get together with if Rex and Mimi break up?
Winter: We're very protective of each other.
Fath: We ARE (laughs) I don't want Rex to be with anyone but Mimi
Winter: I feel the same way. We have this personal connection with each other. Truthfully, without Mimi, Rex would not have ever had a story.
Fath: He's my lifeline too
Winter: Mimi's always had a story, but it's propelled to another level with Rex. We feel like we've helped each other. We've made ourselves more stable figures on the show, because of our relationship. So we have this strong tie to each other

Weekly; Maybe it;s all those bed scenes
Winter: They never show us in clothes (laughs)

Weekly: Was that awkward in the beginning?
Fath: Maybe a little, but Eric and I are good friends and he's not like this gross guy. Eric Winter is NOT that gross. We both felt comfortable, because that's our personality
Winter: The first love scene we ever did....Neither of us had done anything like that before. The director walked us through it and made us feel comfortable. All the crew supported us. But it was still awkward. Now it's a walk in the park

Weekly: What's it like playing the couple with the most active sex life?
Winter: What cracks me up is when fans come to apperances and their 6-or-7-year-old daughters say, "Rex and Mimi are my favorite couple." I'm like, "Wow, they're watching a lot of sex."
Fath: It gives us a reputation. We're known for that, and it's funny.

Weekly: Have there been any mishaps during all of those bed scenes?
Winter: (To Fath) We've had your boob fall out a couple of times, but you've caught it. Surpringly, we haven't had any mishaps.
Fath: It goes pretty smoothly

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