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George Stults Actor

George Stults

Stults was an outstanding addition to WB's cast of "7th Heaven" a few years ago. He plays a cop by the name of "Kevin Kinkirk", who is married to "Lucy Camden". In addition to his guest-starring television credits in such popular series as Will & Grace, Friends and Spin City, Stults appeared in a series of television and print ads for Liz Claiborne's fragrance "Bora Bora." Stults began taking drama and acting classes in high school, appearing in numerous plays. In addition to performing on stage, he performed in the ring as a wrestler, and as a result, received a wrestling scholarship at the University of Southern Colorado. He transferred to Whittier College in his third year to be closer to his brother. Shortly after moving to California, Stults was discovered by a commercial agent while eating lunch in Beverly Hills. It wasn't long after he began attending acting classes and auditions that he landed work as a professional actor. George spent this past summer shooting an independent film in Vancouver called What Lies Above, an action thriller in which he stars as a professional rock climber. Stults was born on August 16, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his brother, Geoff, who coincidentally plays his brother "Ben" on "7th Heaven". George Stults was first discovered 4 years ago when a woman stopped her car in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and handed him her business card. It turned out she was a Hollywood agent and at that moment he was then "discovered". It was only a few parts later where he would land a starring role on 7th Heaven. The guest spot he originally tried out for was in Drunk. At the time, Stults was seriously considering joining the U.S. Navy. George auditioned for a role on 7th Heaven where his younger brother Geoff already had a recurring role as Mary Camden's love interest Ben Kinkirk. George was later cast in the role of Ben's older brother Kevin. This is first appearance of brothers George and Geoff Stults side-by-side on screen together.
The offical WB description for this episode included the tagline "MARY AND LUCY HEAD TO NEW YORK FOR A GIRLS WEEKEND".

George Stults is the right match for ''7th Heaven''

Just when fans thought 7th Heaven's hunk quotient was slumping — heartthrob Barry Watson is leaving at the end of the season — a tasty new piece of eye candy has come along.

Last Monday [on the Ring], single Camden gals Lucy and Mary (played by Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel) found romance on a trip to Buffalo. Turns out, Mary's firefighter beau Ben Kinkork (Geoff Stults) had a brother named Kevin Kinkork who was perfect for her sister Lucy. But the real coincidence here is that the siblings are kin in real life too!

"When [Geoff] came in to read for the part, he told us that he had a brother," recalls exec producer Brenda Hampton. "So after we had Geoff on the show for a few episodes and we liked him, we called in his brother, George Stults, just to see what he was like. And we loved him!

"Beverley Mitchell and George Stults have this great on-camera chemistry," Hampton adds. "Lucy and Kevin are just a match made in heaven, so we plan on keeping him a long time."

That's good news, considering Lucy will need to fill the void left when Biel's Mary departs the show next season. Sadly, the dueling sisters were just starting to get along. Says Hampton: "As they've gotten older, they both find themselves with more things in common. While they've had this rivalry growing up, I think that goes away and, as you get older, you find the joys of sisterhood." Too bad it wasn't sooner!

Art of being George Stults

Cop-ing an attitude: "I may play a good cop [on 7th Heaven] but, if I do something wrong while I'm driving, I am the kind of guy who will try my best to get out of a ticket."

And The Winner Is... "My brother [Geoff aka fireman Ben] is extremely popular. He's the most social individual I have ever met. Everybody loves him. He could easily be one of those people who wind up running the country."

Family Affairs: "I identify a lot with the values of 7th Heaven. My parents enforced certain things. I always had a curfew. I didn't always abide by that curfew but... I tried."

Dear Mom, Please Send Pasta: "I think the thing I miss most about home is my mom's cooking. She makes the best rigatoni and her mashed potatoes aren't bad either."

Calling All Campfire Girls: "Girls who camp are my kind of girls. I love being outdoors, camping, kayaking, rock climbing. That's my thing and if I meet a girl and she doesn't like doing those kinds of things, well, what's the point?"

Rising Sons: "My mom loves the fact that my brother and I are [on The WB]. She thinks it's cute that people recognize us and girls go crazy when they see us at the mall."

George Stuits is not a worried kind of man

On the fame game: "Nothing has changed [since appearing on 7th Heaven] what so ever. My brother, and I still live in the same crappy apartment and it's wonderful. We are too lazy to move. We do exactly the same stuff and lead the same lifestyle we did before we got into acting."

On playing Mr. Nice Guy: "Kevin Kinkirk will never have a dark side. I mean, everybody freaked out when he had two sips of champagne. Nope. I don't think you'll ever see him losing it on 7th Heaven."

On how much he loves Lucy: "Bev is definitely a hot babe. She's a full grown hot woman now. I tease her constantly. To get back at me, I get bossed around on a daily basis...I love it."

On making his mama proud: "My mom and dad live in a small mountain town in Colorado. They love the fact that my brother and I are in this crazy entertainment business because my mom gets to brag all the time and people always want to know what's going to happen next on 7th Heaven."

On wearing a badge: "Anytime I travel outside of L.A. I am no longer George Stults, I am officer Kevin Kinkirk. People see me and they're like: 'I know, I know you!' It's hysterical. The fans are just amazingly great."

On his real life persona: "I like to go with the flow. I am not a worrier, I think my brother worries more than I do. He is Mr. Go! Go! Go! whereas, I can sit on a couch for five hours and do absolutely nothing."

George Stults' sweet home at ''7th Heaven''

After guest appearing for the past couple of seasons on shows like Maybe It's Me, Friends, and Will & Grace, Hollywood newcomer George Stults has finally found his home sweet home at The WB as Lucy Camden's hunky new boyfriend. How happy are we!

My 7th Heaven job goes something like this: "I'm the new guy. I play Lucy's new love interest. It doesn't get much better than that. This guy is a nice cop; he's got good manners. But he can be a little aggressive, I guess." Watch

Fitting in to the Camden way of life has been: "Really cool. I relate to the Camdens because I grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado. My parents were really great about instilling my brother [Geoff] and me with strong family values."

Sharing the limelight with my brother Geoff (think Mary's fireman beau Ben) is: "Totally awesome. My brother and I are so tight. We do everything together. We graduated from college together, we live together, we have bunk beds - just kidding! Seriously? We are really close, so being on a show like this together makes a lot of sense to us."

The cast made me feel: "Right at home. I had no idea until I got the job that 7th Heaven was such a huge hit. Now I know why. This is an amazing group of actors. I never once felt intimidated or nervous about starting up."

Why I won't miss all those crazy make-or-break auditions: "I went out for this commercial. They needed a wrestler, so I showed up in my singlet. There I was, surrounded by all these huge muscle heads. I walked in and felt like a complete moron...I was the only one there who didn't look like a wrestler!"

More fun stuff about George Stults

Q: How tall are you?

George: I'm 5'11

Q: What is your favorite sport to watch?

George: Favorite sport to watch is Hockey and that would be the Detroit Red Wings, even though they are no longer playing right now and I'm a little upset right now, but oh well.

Q:Do you have any favorite sports that you like to play in your spare time?

George: I like to rock climb, I like swimming. I don't get to do it that often in the ocean but I prefer to swim in the ocean everyday if I could.

Q: Other than swimming are you big into water sports?

George: I have done them all. I love tubing, I love water skiing, I love scuba diving, snorkeling, and anything that has to do with water sports. I love the one thing that I tried like 4 years ago - I tried wake boarding and I couldn't get up. It was so frustrating.

Q: Are there any roles past/present that you would like to play?

George: I want to do something with the movies or action and maybe romantic comedies sort of thing.

Q: Have there been any roles on TV that you wished you would have gotten, like a role on friends?

George: TV wise nothing comes to mind, but movie wise I wish that I had Tobey Maguire's role as Spiderman. I love Spiderman. I grew up thinking that I was Spiderman so I'm a little disappointed that he's Spiderman and I'm not.

Q: What is it like to work with Beverley Mitchell?

George: It's a blast, I was very lucky to get this job to be her love interest and then become her husband. She has been in the business and acting a lot longer than I have been I have. I have learned a lot from her and I work with her on a daily basis and have a blast and a good time. She's always prepared and handles her job very professionally. So it's a pleasure and it makes the day go by so much easier and faster and quite enjoyable actually.'

Q: What's your favorite thing to do for the 4th of July?

George: My favorite thing to do for the fourth of July is to watch the fireworks; I love fireworks and downtown Detroit has one of the best fireworks display in at the least the country that I know of. I don't know about the world (laughs). I love to watch fireworks anywhere and every couple years I'm lucky enough to see the downtown Detroit Fireworks and I'll take them where I can get them.

Q: What helped or influenced your decision to want to become an officer in the Navy?

George: I was going to college and I didn?t really know what I wanted to do yet with my life and I wrestled in college and I had always been a physical guy who loved the outdoors and especially loved the ocean and I did a lot of research about the armed forces and I thought that the Navy SEALS would fit best for me. And then my buddy whose going into the marines as an officer talked me into going into the navy as an officer and I was ready to do that and I was waiting for my diploma to do that and that was right when I got discovered and went into the whole acting thing and lucked out there.

Q: A couple of years ago you had a one liner on the Friends episode (The One with Joey's New Brain) what was it like for you to be on a TV show that millions love?

George: It was a complete blast. Matt LeBlanc went out of his way to come up and introduce himself to me and was super cool and it was just a great experience to see those guys do their thing and see how much fun they have. And I was actually really jealous because you know it?s pretty much like they were getting paid to be in a high school play - is pretty much what it is and they are very lucky to have each other and to end up having such great chemistry because you know they did it in the beginning but they kept at it and it ended up being one of the greatest shows ever to be on TV. sitcom wise and yeah it was a great experience. To this day I'm so jealous (laughs). Sitcoms are so much different than one hour dramas and you know it?s quite an awesome rush to perform live in front of an audience and you know its feels so good to make people laugh and to laugh yourself and that's what they did for ten years'good times.

Q: After acting for a while, many actors/actresses start producing and or directing, is that something that you would like to do in the future?

George: Right now I honestly have no desire to do that. I mean I still have only been acting for a short amount of time and there is a lot more that I want to do acting wise before I think I'll ever decide to do something like directing or producing, but my brother Geoff, that is what he is doing right now is producing.

Q: Last year you won The Teen Choice Awards for best male breakout star. Were you expecting that?

George: Was I expecting that? Heck no! I had no idea what was going on. I didn't even hear them when they called my name that I had won. I thought that I was going up there to win for the whole cast for the TV drama, yeah I thought I was going up there for that but it was - I was just happy that the fans voted for me, it was pretty exciting. I had a great time. Every year I have done the teen choice awards it's been fun.

Q: Have you won any other awards besides that one?

George: No that's the only - I guess since I have been in the entertainment business that's the only award.

Q: What has been the craziest thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?

George: Well (laughs) let's see, I don't know. Nothing to crazy -I mean just yell, and scream, and cry that's it, that's pretty much it. Nothing too exciting. I have gotten some wild fan mail but yeah, nothing too crazy.

Q: Do you sign all of your autographs yourself?

George: I personally have signed every single one.

Q: Do you have any idea how many you have signed?

George: Oh god, no. I have no idea. Quite a few, quite a few. I don't know. Maybe if I had to estimate maybe a 1,000. I don't know. It's cool though, it's great to get fan mail and to see how much these people appreciate 7th Heaven and my character, so I'm lucky to get it.

Q: At what time or moment did you realize that you had actually become someone famous?

George: I don't know it's been - I have been real lucky because it's been so gradual. It's been like at a slow pace to because you know; I guess you call it famous. I knew it that once I became a series regular on a show as popular as 7th Heaven and been as successful as it has been and there was no getting around it. (laughs). I think it was once Lucy and Kevin got married that was when I knew it was going to happen (laughs).

Q: In the future would you want to be doing films or be on a successful sitcom like Friends?

George: Yeah. I think I would definitely because I haven?t done any. I?ve only done one short film since I have been out here so I don't have really any experience with it but I had, you know a little bit of experiences in the sitcom world and right now I?d have to say that for sure, because its just having a blast every single day and with films you shoot for a couple of months and they?re over with, and a long lasting sitcom like Friends you build these great relationships that last forever and you know the only reason the show goes on for so long is because of those relationships. You know the movies you can have so much drama and people fighting everyday and not getting along because they still can be successful because they are only doing it for a couple of months or whatever it is and then it's over and you may never see those people again, but if you're fortunate enough to be on a show that lasts as long as Friends or you know 7th heaven, even though I have only been on a couple years I've still built these fantastic relationships and it's just been great.

Q: Where do you see yourself after 7th Heaven? Do you want to take some time off for a little while or do you just want to jump right into a project until something comes along?

George: Oh I'll be jumping in. I'll be begging people for another job.

Q: What short film have you been in?

George: It was a short film called "Joey Was Here" and it was through the AFI (American Film Institute). It's only 20 minutes.

Q: What occupation would you have gone into if being an actor hadn?t worked out?

George: I would have been in the Navy SEALS for sure. It was either that or it was this (talking about acting).

Q: What is your favorite home cooked meal?

George: Well my mom makes this special rigatoni with green peppers that I absolutely love. She hasn't made if for me in a long time either. I'll have to remind her about that.

Q: If you have one, what take out restaurant do you have on your speed dial?

George: (laughs) there is this place called Joan?s in Hollywood that has a couple of my favorite dishes. One of them is this chicken rotisserie salad that I absolutely could eat every single day, no problem because it's not only healthy but it tastes fantastic.

Q: On the season finale part 2 you fainted. Were you able to do that in one take or did you have to re-take it until you got it right?

George: (laughs) Well it was uh'well you know when we shoot the show you have to do everyone close up and you gotta sometimes get two shots of you and then do what is called a master shot of Beverley and I together. Lucy and Kevin do a far away shot, so I had to do it several times but it was pretty easy because they pretty much wanted me to drop out of the camera.

Q: Did you hit anything?

George: Well I fell on the ground and it was pretty hard (laughs), but yeah it was pretty goofy. I get people all the time who saw the finale - at least men in general talk crap about it because they say men don't pass out when they hear, they pass out when they are in the hospital having a baby? is when they pass out.

Q: How many times does it normally take to shoot one scene?

George: Well it just depends. It depends on how many characters there are in the scene and how long the scene is. If it's just a one page scene with Beverley and I and we in come prepared like professional actors are suppose to (laughs), it'll fly by. Depending on the set up, the crew gotta set up the lighting and it just depends. It can go anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours, and the thing about 7th Heaven is that you have to get every exact word that is written in the script you have to say it like that - they will keep redoing it until you get it done. And other TV shows you can change a word here and there, you can't do that with 7th Heaven because the executive producer Brenda Hampton, also the creator is very strict with what is written but it is kind of challenging and it makes it more fun that way. It's like playing a game with yourself, at least that?s what I do (laughs). I challenge myself to see how many times I don't screw up (laughs).

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time when you're not filming?

George: I like to kick my brothers butt at video games. We have PlayStation 2. We play NCAA football because we love college football but we also play hockey and a couple other good sporting games.

Q: What's your favorite place to go on vacation?

George: I would have to say that I haven't been to too many places. I want to go to Europe because I have never been there. I want to go to Ireland and go to Italy so bad but as long as I'm outdoors like camping, or something like that or there's water around I'm happy (laughs).

Q: Do you have a favorite TV Show?

George: Well of course 7th Heaven ladies. Have you guys heard of a show called Nip Tuck? It's a more of an adult oriented show because there's like bad language, nudity, and some adult material involved.

Q: Do you watch 7th Heaven every week when it's on?

George: Yeah I try to so I can watch myself when I screw up so I don't do that again. You gotta learn from your mistakes right? The only way to learn is by watching what I do wrong so I don't do that again hopefully (laughs).

Q: What made you want to do Trading Spaces when you were on it last year?

George: I had no idea what Trading Spaces was at the time we did it. We just did it because my publicist came up with the idea and thought it would be cool and when Geoff and I heard that they'd redo one of our rooms in our crap hole apartment we got real excited about that and we were like heck yeah! They're gonna make one of our - like our living room in our apartment look nice definitely.

Q: Does the room still look the same?

George: For the most part it's pretty much the same. We had to move one of the couches around.

Q: Is there anyone in particular (actor, actress, or producer) that you would like to work with in the next couple of years?

George: Oh let's see, there's so many of them out there it's tough to choose just one (laughs). I wouldn't mind doing a romantic comedy with Jennifer Garner, she?s fun, I like her. Actually Mandy Moore - she looks like she would be fun to work with.

Q: Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

George: Spiderman.

Q: How soon before you tape a show do you get your scripts?

George: We usually get the scripts a night or two before we start an episode.

Q: Is it hard to memorize your lines?

George: It's just like anything it's - I never did that growing up and I have only been doing it for a couple of years now and depending on your personality and how you learn - like some people have photographic memory and whatever else and for me it was extremely hard and I put a lot of pressure on myself. It's just like anything: the more you do it the easier it gets.

Q: Do you know any other languages?

George: I like to pretend that I know a little espa�� but I really don?t, because I have a lot of friends that know espa��but I really don?t (laughs). I took it in high school and I think I took a year in college and I still don?t know anything.

Q: How did you get started?

George: Well I was very fortune because I was in college at Whittier College which is out by Los Angeles and I came in to Hollywood to visit a friend for lunch and I was eating lunch with her on this balcony at this restaurant and this woman drove by who was a theatrical agent and jumped out of her car and handed me her business card and she ended up becoming my first theatrical agent so it was kind of luck. I just lucked out. I was in the right place at the right time.

Q: Have you gone on the internet to see what people have done before for you or the way the people talk about the show?

George: I'm curious to know what my fans would like to see me in. Whether they like to see me in a sitcom or in a movie. Whether it's family, drama, romantic comedy, that sort of thing. That's what I'm curious to know.

Q: While you have been doing 7th Heaven have you been doing other auditions or have you just stopped until 7th Heaven has ended?

George: No, I got out on a couple of auditions here and there like during the hiatus. I have been trying to get something going, some sort of movie that will shoot during the hiatus. It?s tough trying to find something that you?re right for that?s not going interfere with 7th Heaven.

Q: How much time does 7th Heaven keep you tied up? Are you shooting every single day of the week when you?re working?

George: Well it shoots Monday thru Friday and it takes eight working days to shoot one episode and usually I?m probably working five out of the eight.

Q: You modeled or did the commercial for Liz Claiborne. Did you have fun?

George: Yeah it was a blast. I got to go to Hawaii and hang out on the beach and cruise around in the ocean. It was fun times.

Q: Do you have any pets?

George: No, we don't have any pets. Geoff and I live together in Hollywood and we do not have any pets. We really want one because we always grew up with dogs, and like turtles, newts, and lizard guys. We always had something, but we love dogs but we really don?t have much time and we have a small apartment so it's tough. We like big dogs, we don't like the little ones.

Q: What?s your favorite animal?

George: My favorite animals I guess are marine mammals like dolphins and whales. When I was a little boy I wanted to be a marine biologist just so I could help animals like whales and dolphins and stuff like that. I always wanted to be a veterinarian because I always wanted to help animals and I have always been an animal lover. Someday when we (Geoff and himself) get a house we will definitely get a dog for sure. That way we will have more room with hopefully a big yard.

Q: Do you have a favorite Holiday?

George: St. Patrick's Day because I'm Irish.

Q: Ok, Last question. Did you check out the website?

George: Yes, actually I'm looking at it right now. You guys just have done a great job, you really have. I'm very impressed and you now call it the "official" instead of the unofficial!

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