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Gregory Smith Actor

Gregory Smith

Gregory stars as "Ephram Brown" on WB's hit drama series "Everwood". At the age of 21, Smith already has more than 10 feature films to his name, as well as more than a dozen television credits. He began his acting career at the age of 6 with a starring role in the feature film Andre. Smith also played the lead role of Sport in Nickelodeon's first feature film, Harriet the Spy. Other film credits include Krippendorf's Tribe playing Richard Dreyfuss' son, Steven Spielberg's Small Soldiers and the independent film The Climb, opposite John Hurt. During his summer hiatus, Smith wrapped production on the feature Nearing Grace, opposite Jordana Brewster, and Kids in America. Smith co-starred opposite Mel Gibson in The Patriot and was featured alongside co-stars Colin Farrell and Scott Caan in American Outlaws. He can also be seen in the independent film Book of Love, which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. Smith was born on July 8, 1983, in Toronto, Canada.

Recently honored by Movieline with the "One to Watch" Award, Canadian-born Gregory Smith joins The WB as the sensitive yet strong-willed teen Ephram Brown in the Monday night drama "Everwood." Smith was also the recipient of the 1997 UNICEF Award at the Berlin Film Festival as well as the Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actor for his role in the film "My Teacher Ate My Homework," which co-starred Shelly Duvall.

At the age of 19, Smith already has nine feature films to his name, as well as more than a dozen television credits. He began his acting career at the age of 6 with a starring role in the feature film "Andre." He quickly followed that performance with the fantasy film "Leaping Leprechaun" and its sequel, "Spellbreaker: Leaping Leprechaun 2." He then went on to star in "The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space" before being cast as Sport in Nickelodeon’s first feature film, "Harriet the Spy." Other film credits include "Krippendorf’s Tribe" playing Richard Dreyfuss’ son, "Small Soldiers" and the independent film "The Climb" opposite John Hurt.

Most recently, Smith co-starred opposite Mel Gibson in "The Patriot" and was featured alongside co-stars Colin Farrell and Scott Caan in "American Outlaws."

His television credits include "Kate Brasher" opposite Mary Stuart Masterson, Rhea Pearlman and Hector Elizondo, and the miniseries "A Wrinkle In Time." Smith has also had numerous guest-starring roles on such television programs as "Sirens," "The Commish," "Outer Limits," "Street Justice," "Hat Squad" and "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" He also starred in the television movie "Zenon – Girl of the 21st Century."

Smith enjoys spending time with his friends and three younger siblings, two brothers and a sister, who are all hoping to follow in their older brother’s acting footsteps. A dual citizen of the United States and Canada, he currently lives in Los Angeles when he’s not on location in Utah for the filming of "Everwood.

Gregory Smith: 'I am not a morning person'

On why Gregory really needs a girlfriend:
"Would I go out with a girl like Madison? Sure, I don't discriminate. I take it as it comes, but...I haven't been able to get a girlfriend for a couple of years now. I swear. That's the truth."
On his odd, personal habits:
"I am not a morning person. I don't have a cell phone. I don't cook. I drive an old Camaro that I got when I was sixteen. And...I've been known to do stupid things with my time, like Friendster."

On all things Everwood:
"This year, my character is not as down and dark as he used to be."

On his pinch-me lifestyle:
"Utah is a great place to live. I feel pretty lucky!"

On his five year plan:
"My five year plan is actually the anti-five year plan. I just hope to remain not homeless. I do worry about that, I do, I sometimes think it's my destiny."

The single guy: "Since Everwood began, I've got a lot more to do but, other than that, I haven't changed. I still prefer to hang out with my friends and joke around. Work is pretty much all consuming, so my love life is kind of non-existent. There's nothing too glamorous about my life."
In the doghouse: "The most popular dressing room on our set is Emily's. That's because it smells the best. She always has incense and candles and all of that in there. As for Chris and me? Well, our dressing rooms smell like a dog kennel."

Going downhill: "The best part about shooting in Utah is the skiing. I grew up in Canada and I used to race a lot. Last year, Emily dislocated her knee so I couldn't take her skiing. We did do a lot of snowmobiling, and I must say, that woman is out of control."

Anger management: "The most intense episode last season was also the best episode for me. It was called "The Unveiling" and it was actually the first time you ever saw Ephram and his mom together [through flashbacks]. It justified a lot of Ephram's anger. When you get to see the kind of relationship he had with his mom, and what was taken from him, you can understand him better."

Ephram Brown - Gregory Smith

Don't let Everwood's new "it" guy Gregory Smith's "aw shucks" appearance fool you. Trust us, this 19 year old has an edge both on and off camera. Already he is racking up a job history that guys twice his age would envy. (Check him out in The Patriot and Krippendorf'sTribe.) As for his awesome gig as city guy turned small-town outcast on The WB? Just you try and resist watching him do the tortured soul thang - we dare you.

My character is: "Intense and complicated. I'm really going to have to stretch myself as an actor to get into him."

So far the thing I like most about portraying a guy like Ephram is: "The drama. I'm the one who's always getting into big fights. I yell. I scream. Stuff like that is cool." Watch

To prepare for a career move like this I needed to: "Watch movies like Varsity Blues. I am Canadian and when I first started working in America, I didn't know what to expect." Watch

The biggest change so far to my personal life?: "The purple hair is his, not mine. After I had it done, I definitely got a different type of girl smiling at me and coming over to say hello. It was pretty interesting."

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