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Heather Locklear Actress

Heather Locklear

A familiar figure on the TV spotlight, the blonde beauty currently stars as "Harley Random" on NBC's "LAX". Recently she was featured in MGM's "Uptown Girls" and in Warner Bros.' "Looney Tunes: Back in Action." Locklear showcased her comic flair on the hit comedy series "Spin City," portraying campaign manager Caitlin Moore. Previously, she starred on the popular drama series "Melrose Place." Locklear also starred in the HBO thriller "Double Tap," the critically acclaimed NBC telefilm "Shattered Mind," and in the highly rated miniseries "Texas Justice." Well-known for her concurrent starring roles in two popular dramas, "Dynasty" and "T.J. Hooker," Locklear began her acting career while attending UCLA. Locklear resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and their daughter Ava, who was born in 1997. Locklear provides her time and support to the Motion Picture & Television Fund and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Locklear was born on September 25, 1960, in Westwood, California.In Her Words:
"Good luck. And remember, [acting is] not brain surgery. So have fun."
— Heather Locklear (From "How to Get a Part," by Margie Haber, with Barbara Babchick)

Five Things About Heather Locklear

She attended UCLA for a short period of time.

Her father, William Locklear, was the dean of the School of Engineering at UCLA while she studied there.

She once dated Scott Baio.

In 1981, the year she made her TV debut, Locklear starred in two shows at once: "Dynasty" and "TJ Hooker."

She has been a spokeswoman for the Health and Tennis Corporation of America.

Heather Locklear in Boston Legal Arc

Heather Locklear has booked a two-episode arc on ABC's Boston Legal, reports Variety.

It will reunite her with "Legal" executive producer David E. Kelley, who cast Locklear in a 2002 episode of Ally McBeal. Locklear will play an exotic murder defendant -- dubbed "the Black Widow" -- who's accused of poisoning her older hubby.

The episodes are expected to air during the May sweeps. On the feature front, Locklear will next star alongside Hilary Duff in The Perfect Man.

Heather Locklear Is An Angel at Heart

Heather Locklear went from being the quintessential good girl to playing TV's most notorious rhymes-with-witch character, Melrose Place's Amanda Woodward. But unlike the characters she portrays so well, the blonde beauty is nice, friendly, and surprisingly down-to-earth (despite the rock-n-roll hubby and the fat paychecks.)

Heather Locklear was born in show business Mecca, Los Angeles, on September 25, 1961. Many of her family's neighbors were performers, but the Locklears were not. Locklear's father worked as an administrator at UCLA; her mother was also an office worker (she later became involved in casting.) Locklear and her two sisters and brother enjoyed a pleasant, All-American childhood. Pushed to be diligent students, they were discouraged from catching the acting bug; Locklear, who wore braces for three years, was actually so shy that she once got an F because she wouldn't deliver a monologue in front of her class.

Rejected from the cheerleading squad, Locklear eventually joined her high school drama club. Although she had long dreamt of becoming a psychologist, she soon realized that acting was her true passion. The experience of hiding behind a fictional character suited her wallflower tendencies.

During her freshman year as a psych major at UCLA, bolstered by her new friends' belief in her captivating looks and personality, Locklear enrolled in a commercials workshop. She was signed by a modeling agency and began getting regular, well-paid work, appearing in ads for Coca-Cola and Tame hair rinse, and bit parts on television. Locklear soon found balancing work and school too much to handle and, in the first semester of her sophomore year, she dropped out of college, much to her parents' chagrin.

While appearing in small roles on the TV series "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island," Locklear was spotted by big-shot producer Aaron Spelling, who became her mentor. In 1981, he cast her on the popular nighttime soap opera, Dynasty, playing lead lady Krystle's wild-child niece, Sammi Jo. The following year, Locklear also began appearing in the role of Officer Stacy Sheridan on the cop show, T.J. Hooker, enforcing the law for four years, from '82 to '86.

Still, Locklear wasn't exactly viewed as the next Meryl Streep. Directors told the 20-something novice that her acting abilities were raw and unpolished. To dispel doubts about her talent, she began training in earnest with acting and voice coaches.

The hard work paid off. Spelling soon gave her another break, casting her in his buzz-worthy nighttime soap, "Melrose Place," in 1993, which won her household recognition. Viewers got a thrill from observing Amanda's cold-hearted scheming, razor-sharp business instincts, and take-no-prisoners ambition. She dominated the show for five years-even earning a Golden Globe nomination-until it was cancelled in 1999.

Meanwhile, Locklear-who had first married bad-boy rocker Tommy Lee (of Pamela Anderson infamy) in May 1986, later divorcing him in 1993-now shares her life with guitarist Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi. The couple got hitched in a romantic Paris wedding on December 17, 1994, and gave birth to a daughter, Ava Elizabeth, in 1997.

Locklear was taking on new roles in her professional life, as well. In 1999, she was cast in the hit sitcom, "Spin City," to play the series' fictitious New York City mayor's on-the-ball campaign manager. Funny, charming, and good-natured, her character also became leading man Michael J. Fox's character's love interest. Many of her co-actors on the series-along with TV audiences-were wowed by Locklear's sparkling comedic touch. The critics took notice too, nominating her for another prestigious Golden Globe. Maybe that's because whether she's playing a nice girl or, more often, a diva-from-Hell, she never fails to exude charm.


Heather Locklear remains TV's most wanted woman

Even after her recent failure ''LAX'', the network think the former star can do no wrong
A drama about the inner workings of an airport has all the intrigue of an empty luggage carousel, but NBC's LAX seemed destined to soar because of three words: ''starring Heather Locklear.'' In her 23-year career, the actress has established herself as the hardest-working (you try juggling simultaneous starring roles in T.J. Hooker and Dynasty), most reliable show savior (thank you, Heather, for resuscitating Melrose Place) in Hollywood. Even a small guest appearance from La Locklear has boosted ratings for series like Scrubs and Two and a Half Men.

In September, Locklear seemed poised to extend her near-perfect record. LAX debuted to an audience of 13 million. But then things went south — quickly: The series lost 5 million viewers in its second week and went into a free fall until November, when NBC axed the drama from its schedule.

Why didn't her presence boost LAX the same way it did Melrose (viewership jumped 22 percent when she joined) or Spin City, which she critically rejuvenated? Insiders insist Locklear shouldn't be blamed for LAX's crash landing: Though early promos showed the drama to be a light confection about an airfield chief (Locklear) and an egocentric terminal manager (Blair Underwood), the show spiraled into a dark hodgepodge of airport crimes and forgettable guest stars. Even Locklear recognized the risks of LAX before its debut. ''Right off the bat I knew there would be a ton on my shoulders with this show,'' she told EW in August. ''You can set yourself up, though. Like with Coupling last year. I know Rena Sofer and I saw what happened. Sometimes the publicity is too much for the show.''

Unlike that Coupling star, Ms. Miniskirt is emerging from her accident of a series unscathed. LAX wasn't even off the air before the rumors began to fly: Warner Bros. flirted with asking Locklear to join NBC's Joey. More tantalizingly, there were reports she was moving to Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane (not true — DH consulting producer Charles Pratt Jr. said execs originally considered Locklear for a role but couldn't land her because of her existing pact with NBC). TV insiders say there's a 99 percent chance she'll land on someone's schedule next fall, provided she wants to, which seems likely if you read between the lines: ''If I'm overworked, then I'll cry. And if I'm underworked, then I'll cry,'' said Locklear. ''You know actresses. They get a job — they want a vacation.''

Wipe away the tears, Heather. Here's why you're such a hot commodity:
At 43, she's arguably the most bankable woman on TV. NBC's grip on Locklear ends with LAX, so she's free to consider other offers. (Don't expect another holding deal.) And a source close to Locklear says she wants to be on air by next fall. ''Everyone would like to be in business with her, we are no exception,'' says Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. TV.

Her stellar reputation as a workhorse is one reason. ''She used to say she knows what it's like to not be on a hit show,'' says former Melrose writer Carol Mendelsohn, now an executive producer of CSI. ''She's been on both sides. It makes you real appreciative.''

She's accessible. Part of Locklear's appeal is that she can make evil characters like Melrose's Amanda sympathetic. ''Women are not threatened by her beauty and want to be her because she's not a wallflower,'' explains NBC head of casting Marc Hirschfeld. ''Men just want to be with her.'' So should most actors, Pratt says. Much of Locklear's strength comes from her ability to boost everyone's game. ''[Melrose's] Jack Wagner, Rob Estes, Andrew Shue — they were never better than when they were acting off of her,'' says Pratt.

Soaps are back. Though Locklear has proven she can do drama and comedy, many believe she fits best in a prime-time soap. Says former Melrose costar Jack Wagner, ''It'd be great to see her land something where she's this controlling bitch who's at the same time sexy and noble — someone you love to hate.''

ABC alone has at least nine soap scripts, including a drama about the L.A. real estate world. If that doesn't work, there's a certain island that wouldn't mind having her. ''Would it be odd to suddenly have Heather Locklear emerge and say, 'I'm here to be a love interest'?'' quips Lost cocreator Damon Lindelof. ''Heather, all we'll say is, If you haven't had enough of planes, there's always a place for you here.''

Where There Is TV, There Is Heather Locklear

Sure, she has never nabbed an Emmy or a Golden Globe, but she has won something far more valuable: our hearts. There's no doubt that Locklear is the go-to girl if you're looking to attract viewers or boost sagging ratings.

This fall, she heads up NBC's LAX, a drama set at Los Angeles International Airport. Locklear plays runway chief Harley Random. (Is that the greatest character name ever, or what?) She knocks heads--but will she knock boots?--with her rival, terminal boss Blair Underwood, while trying to keep the world's fifth largest airport safe.

The series not only marks Locklear's return to the small screen, it gives her the chance to set a new record for TV longevity...

Do you know you could be the first actress to have five series that each lasted three years?
Shhh! Oh, well, that would be nice...knock on wood.

You weren't aware of that?
No, I'm not counting. I'm just hoping we'll get to 13 and 14 episodes.

Between Spin City and Scrubs, you've been all about the comedy since Melrose Place. How does it feel to get back into a meaty drama?
Sometimes when you do a sitcom for so long, you have a whole different style. Now, I have to get back to being a little more grounded and not just about facing the audience.

You have a great cast with you, including Blair Underwood and Paul Leyden. Does that help make the transition back to drama easier?
I think so. Then it's not just on your shoulders. It's not like "Oh, it's The Heather Locklear Show." So, this will be good, with all of us together.

Were you nervous to start this project?
I was a little bit of a wreck at times, until I could start working and get my feet a little and wet and all of that. Working with this cast and everyone for a month in Dallas doing the pilot and being away from home was helpful. But we're in [California's] Ontario airport, so it'll be a different home again.

Do you bring your daughter, Ava, with you to the set?
No, I tell her I will wake her up in the middle of the night, and then we'll get in the car and drive around and talk, or we'll just read a book. I hardly see her while her eyes are open.

Are you excited about the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Dynasty?
Oh yeah, that's right...isn't that odd? Have they cast Sammy Jo at all, because I'm thinking I'm still young enough to play her. [Laughs.] No, I'm kidding! Actually, if it's going to be anyone, Hilary Duff would be the perfect one. She's a great girl.

Heather Locklear's show ''LAX'' has been cancelled

The show didn't strike gold in the ratings, despite the appearance of veteran ratings queen Heather Locklear; after 10 episodes, NBC has taken the show off the air, with no plans to air the remaining episodes. So, even though it's not official, the show seems to have been grounded.
NBC has officially grounded its low-rated freshman drama "LAX" by opting not to pick up additional episodes of the show, which stars Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood as airport executives.
The original 13-episode order for "LAX" will be completed. Ten of them already have aired with no immediate plans for the remaining three. "LAX," which most recently aired in the Wednesday 8 p.m. time slot, is being pre-empted the next three weeks for previously scheduled


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