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Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton

Audiences are familiar with Hilarie Burton from her work as one of MTV's hottest VJs. Today, Burton plays Peyton Sawyer, the fiercely independent, beautiful high school student on The WB's hit drama One Tree Hill. With a presence in network and cable TV, radio and soon, the big screen, she is one of the hottest young stars of today. Born and raised in Virginia, with her three brothers, Burton developed a passion for acting early in life. Shortly after moving to New York to pursue her dream, she landed the coveted job of VJ at MTV. As a host of TRL, MTV's wildly popular request show, and various MTV specials, Burton interviews the most talked-about people in entertainment, from Angelina Jolie to Ben Affleck. You can also catch her talking to the hottest names in music on her popular syndicated college radio show "W.O.B.U." Next year, Burton will make her feature film debut in, Our Very Own, a comedy/drama set in Nashville, Tennesse, in the 1970s. Burton will continue to host TRL and MTV's Hits, traveling back and forth between New York and Wilmington, North Carolina, where One Tree Hill is being shot. Burton was born on July 1, 1982 in Loudoun County, Virginia.

You can see Hilarie Burton now on the WB and MTV

On first season growing pains: "Moving down to North Carolina, we all had our little hardships. We were all away from our friends and we were very isolated down there. I was homesick. Joy [as in Bethany Joy Lenz] came to my rescue. She knew exactly how I was feeling. She's a very old soul and very spiritual. She can make any situation better."

On backstage crushes: "When Brian Greenberg first sashayed his way down to Wilmington all the girls had crushes on him. He is a very cool, very talented guy who also happens to dance really well."

On being a menace to suburbia: "I just might be the worst driver on the show, but that's only because I am a New Yorker! We don't drive in the city, we ride the subways. Duh! If you put me down in suburbia and give me a 1986 Mercedes of course I am going to run into things and hop curbs and stuff."

On being bad: "It's a different way of life down here. We aren't in New York where everyone is so body conscious. I'm having a really great time indulging in all sorts of bad habits like my chocolate and hot water diet. I drink plain hot water and chocolate, a lot of chocolate. I do that and yard work. I've never felt better!"

On the King of Tree Hill: "People think James is shy, but James Lafferty is a gentleman. He doesn't need to draw attention to himself, and he doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anybody. I really appreciate that. James Lafferty is going big, big places. He's a very talented man. I just wish he were older. See! I have a crush on James, but who doesn't?"

On her secret plan for Peyton: "I've always had crushes on my teachers. So, of course, I think Peyton should have a crush on some kind of an authority figure or teacher. She would get such a kick out of trying to seduce an older man."

Bring It On: "I was captain of my cheerleading squad in my high school, and I was president of my class and homecoming queen, but I was also into the dark stuff. I went through a weird stage just like Peyton is going through. I was totally into Boy George and David Bowie was my man. I loved androgyny. For a time, I would only wear men's trousers."

Can You See Me Now? "In high school, there were mean girls who got off on making fun of people like me. Now they can make fun of me all they want, while they're watching The WB!"

Me, Myself and Murray: "I've never studied acting or anything because I've been so lucky with MTV. I'm convinced I got the chance to be on One Tree Hill because I did a guest thing on Dawson's Creek as myself, when the cast appeared at the MTV Beach House. And my only scene was with Chad Michael Murray. So, now the Chad and I are reunited. How bizarre is that?

Peyton's Place: "I have no idea what is going to happen to me on this show. Everybody wants to know who I am going to mak out with next. For all I know... I could be making out with the coach."

I Want My WB: "MTV has been incredibly supportive of my job at The WB. They told me to go for it! So, now I get to do both. I get to do One Tree Hill and TRL! It's the best of both worlds."

Peyton Surprises Hilarie Burton

“One Tree Hill’s” Peyton – actress Hilarie Burton – admits she’s a little surprised about the turns her character has been making over the past season. “I’ve played Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the witch in Into the Woods, and I’m always the troublemaker, stirring the pot. That’s how Peyton started out, and I was having a great time, and then all of a sudden she’s this ingénue,” says the actress, who also hosts MTV’s “Total Request Live.” Peyton’s become softer and more caring.
Laughs Hilarie, “This whole vulnerable thing – I don’t know what I’m going to do!” She adds, “I’m trying to make a balance between her feistiness and her weakness. I’m exploring Peyton. She’s kind of an anything girl. It’s not like when you sign to do a movie, and the character and story are completely defined. She’s evolving as we go along.”

Burton does have a feature film on the way for next year, called “Our Very Own,” with Cheryl Hines, Jason Ritter, Keith Carradine and Allison Janney. She plays a troubled teen circa 1978, “a total departure from Peyton Sawyer,” in the flick.

Hilarie Burton stars in the ''One Tree Hill'' TV show

Aside from a love for hoops, it would seem that Lucas (Chad Michael Murray, Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls) and Nathan (James Lafferty, Emeril) are two young men with little in common, but they are bound by the dark secret that they share the same father.
Arrogant and assured, Nathan is the star of the high school basketball team and hails from a wealthy family. Quiet and driven, Lucas is the only child of a single working mom. He is also a legendary playground basketball player.

After growing up on opposite sides of the tracks in the same small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, the two boys' lives suddenly collide when a twist of fate puts Lucas on Nathan's high school basketball team and the half-brothers compete, not only for control of the court, but also for the heart of Nathan's beautiful girlfriend Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton, MTV's TRL).

Lucas' transition into Nathan's world creates an instant love triangle. Peyton is an intensely private and sensitive girl. She is a gifted artist, but for now, she keeps her art hidden from the world. Although she is Nathan's girlfriend, she quickly feels a connection to Lucas. Peyton lost her mother at a young age and, like Lucas, she knows the pain of growing up without a parent. She and Lucas both see the world from an outsider's point of view.

Nathan is painfully aware of the rapport between Peyton and Lucas, and it doesn't take him long to notice that Lucas' best friend, Haley (Bethany Joie Lenz), is an unusual and intriguing girl. Because of her close friendship with Lucas, Haley finds herself suddenly forced to deal with this strange new world of wealth and privilege.

While the teenagers struggle to find their places in the world, the adults in Tree Hill are dealing with the residue of decisions they made years ago. Nathan's father Dan (Paul Johansson, John Q) and Lucas' mother Karen (Moira Kelly, The West Wing) were high school sweethearts. When Karen became pregnant during their senior year, she was devastated by Dan's decision to put his own life and career first. He went off to college on a basketball scholarship, leaving Karen behind to raise their son Lucas alone. When Dan's dream of a basketball career didn't work out, he returned to town with the wife he met in college and his new son, Nathan. Now a wealthy businessman and one of the biggest fish in the small pond of Tree Hill, Dan lives his basketball dreams through Nathan.

Dan's actions have had a ripple effect on many people in the town. While Karen struggled to raise Lucas without a father, she remained friends with Dan's older brother Keith (Craig Sheffer, A River Runs Through It). Keith is Lucas' biological uncle and has served as his surrogate father over the years. His connection to Lucas is complicated by his attraction to Karen, and he is haunted by the possibility that he and Karen might have ended up together - and the hope that they still could. Karen's entire adult life has been focused on her son, but now that he's taking his first steps into a new world, she knows she can't protect him anymore.

Lucas and Nathan's new rivalry on and off the court has even brought back old emotions for the grizzled basketball coach, Whitey Durham (Barry Corbin, Northern Exposure). Whitey coached Nathan's father, Dan, when he was the school's star player, and now he is coaching both of Dan's sons. He knows he is partly responsible for Dan's decision to not give up his scholarship when Karen became pregnant, and he has to juggle conflicting responsibilities and loyalties toward the two boys.

Years in the making, a deep and bitter conflict slowly unfolds as the two boys struggle to come to terms with who they really are and a father who has chosen to live vicariously through one son, while ignoring the existence of the other.
One Tree Hill is from show creator Mark Schwahn (The Perfect Score), executive producers Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola (Smallville) and Ann Hamilton (thirtysomething, Party of Five) for Tollin/Robbins Productions and Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.

Hilarie Burton signs "tighty whiteys" for charity

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The Other Side of Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton stars as Peyton Sawyer—the beautiful cheerleader torn between two half brothers—on the WB drama One Tree Hill. As if that weren't enough, Hilarie is also an MTV veejay. And she just finished shooting an independent film, Our Very Own. Despite her busy schedule, Hilarie, 22, made time to chat with Teen Newsweek.

TN: What were you like in high school?
HB: I went through a lot of changes in high school. In ninth grade, I wanted to be the all-American girl. I was a cheerleader. I couldn't afford Abercrombie & Fitch [clothes], but I wanted to look like I did. Later I realized I didn't have to try so hard anymore.

TN How do you feel about Peyton?
HB: She's a train wreck. I love her. I'm so glad someone's putting a girl like her on TV. You don't have to be one thing. Peyton has made that OK.

TN: What's in store for Peyton this season?
HB: She's repairing her relationship with her best friend, Brooke [played by actress Sophia Bush]. I think it's important that they're honest and stay close.

TN: What about her relationships with half brothers Nathan [James Lafferty] and Lucas [Chad Michael Murray]?
HB: I think Peyton is going to have to take a break from the boy drama. There are other elements to your life besides who you're making out with.

Personality Parade by Hilarie Burton

Q: I see Hilarie Burton on WB's One Tree Hill and MTV's Total Request Live. What's next for her? And any serious romances?

A: "I'm in love with a 'stone fox' [a real hottie] who likes driving around the country, just like me," says Hilarie, 22. "And I'm in love with Wilmington, NC, where we shoot One Tree Hill." Its second season premieres this week. She also has resumed her MTV gig and wrapped her first film, Our Very Own. We predict great things for this willowy blonde.

Q: Tell me more about Hilarie Burton. She's a regular on the WB's One Tree Hill, but she hosts Total Reqest Live on MTV, too. With OTH coming back, will she still do both?

A: "it's a pretty hectic schedule flying every week back and forth from Wilmington, N.C. [where OTH is filmed], to New York City to interview the hottest celebrities [for TRL]." But she's grateful for the opportunities. Burton tell us that her "MTV viewers really gave the push to One Tree Hill. And I got a lot of air miles."

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