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Hunt Block

Hunt Block

Hunt has been starring as the manipulative "Craig Montgomery" on CBS's soap opera "As The World Turns" since July 2000. He received his first Daytime Emmy nomination as Outstanding Supporting Actor for his portrayal of the conniving Craig in 2001, and was nominated as Outstanding Lead Actor in 2002. Block, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Harvard University, was the recipient of the Vivian Beaumont Fellowship and the American National Theatre Association Fellowship. A veteran of both movies and television, Block appeared in the feature films The Lonely Guy and The Next Best Thing. On the small screen, he is best known to soap opera fans for his portrayal of Ben Warren on Guiding Light, which earned him a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Best Villain. In addition, he played the dastardly Peter Hollister on the CBS primetime drama Knots Landing and appeared as Guy Donohue on All My Children. He has also guest-starred on such shows as Murder, She Wrote and Hill Street Blues, as well as in several made-for-television movies, including Bloodline: Beverly Hills Ninja Murders, The Dirty Dozen IV and She Was Marked for Murder. Block's theater credits include As You Like It, Forever After, A Loss of Memory and the Lincoln Center Festival of New American One Acts. Block, who was raised in a Maryland suburb, lives in Connecticut with his family. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and photography. Block was born on February 15, 1953, in Maryland.


Hunt Block plays Craig's Dastardly Deeds

Craig drugged Lucinda so she couldn't finger him for the embezzlement. Dollar signs continued to be on his mind when Craig married Barbara for her money and embezzled money from BRO. He was accused of trying to kill Barbara in a devastating fire, but was later cleared.
Craig helped evil James Stenbeck escape from prison in order to free Carly, who was being held captive (Carly, Emily and Rose were all being held hostage by henchmen working for James, at the request of a vengeful Barbara). Later, in an attempt to keep Parker away from Rosanna, he kidnapped the young boy. The protective father then turned his focus to sabotaging his daughter Lucy's relationship with Aaron.

Craig arranged for ex-wife Barbara to be kidnapped. Disagreeing with Rosanna's desire to have a baby, Craig sabotaged an adoption through an agency. Then in desperation to keep his wife, he conspired with Annabelle Fettle to illegally adopt Cabot. He later bribed Molly to hide Annabelle from the police. Jealous of Rosanna's friendship with Paul, he framed Paul for the murder of Rose.
Craig paid off Mitzi to lie to the police about seeing Paul poison Rose. A pro at kidnapping by now, Craig nabbed Cabot. Most recently he arranged for Lucy to be kidnapped, then killed Don, one of the would-be kidnappers when he blackmailed Craig. Desperate to pin the crime on someone else, he planted evidence to make Sierra's new husband, Alan Drake, look guilty of the crime. He also paid kidnapping thug Wade to scare Lucy away from her lover, Dusty. During the dramatic climax, the other kidnapper was killed, Lily almost fell to her death and Alan was fatally shot.


Hunt Block Interviews ... Hunt Block

"Hunt Block, please." The security guard at GUIDING LIGHT's New York studios leads us back through narrow corridors to a darkened door. We pause for a moment, considering the trail that Ben Warren has cut through Springfield over the past two years. We knock anyway, and enter a small, windowless room, lit only by a candle. Block sits on the floor in a corner, dressed in heavy hiking boots, a straitjacket and a turban.

Block: You've been reluctant to give interviews. Why?
Block: My personal life is personal. I know nothing more about the plot of this show than anyone else. And, my recipes are secret.

Block: Even the casserole?
Block: Especially the casserole.

Block: So, why now?
Block: I didn't want my egg dishes to become an issue.

Block: How do you like working on GUIDING LIGHT?
Block: There are a lot of talented people here who work their tails off every day trying to make something compelling, entertaining. Of course, it always has to be done by yesterday, so usually, we're one ring short of a circus (without the jokes). Still, I take a lot of pride in working hard.

Block: Do you have any say in what goes on?
Block: I'm just a mouthpiece. I do what I'm told. I play a character in a story.

Block: What do you think of your character?
Block: For a guy who was given away as an infant; who, from that primal pain, hardened himself to be untouchable, a shark, a predator, he seems to listen to a lot of Johnny Mathis.

Block: You don't think sharks respond to Johnny Mathis?
Block: Sharks respond to their mates, offspring and blood in the water.

Block: How do you like your workmates?
Block: Like any crowd, we at the GUIDING LIGHT Feeling Factory are a bunch of artists, artisans, lunatics, blowhards, whores, dancers, capitalists, posers, angels, deviants, paranoid-schizophrenics, schemers, clowns, heroes, princesses, self-obsessed pigs, parents, children, punks, slags, etc.

Block: What are you?
Block: A face in the crowd.

Block: We're noticing an empty vodka bottle.
Block: I take a lot of empty drinks.

Block: Why?
Block: I find I have to pretend I'm drunk most of the time to explain Ben Warren's behavior.

Block: Has that been a problem?
Block: I have been developing artificial complications of the liver. Someday, I'm going to have to pretend to dry out.

Block: We've noticed that there aren't a lot of windows here.
Block: First of all, it's a privilege for any actor to be in a dressing room. That said, I'm better off in the dark. If I knew what time of day it was, I'd probably get depressed, and that might interfere with my aggravation preparations.

Block: What part of Ben has been left unspoken?
Block: His quiet side.... Never mind. His past. He locked himself up emotionally early on. Control and deny the pain, and it can't hurt. So, what does he really care about? We don't know. He's already rich, famous, powerful, persuasive. Most of his life is just a game now. The holes are in the past: his father, his children, abusive adoptive parents, old girlfriends, associates, friends, clients, pets, golf game, etc. So much is buried. Pity.

Block: We see that you like to talk ... sometimes. Do you ad-lib lines?
Block: Rarely. This ain't the place. There ain't the time.

Block: Do you speak in tongues?
Block: I only speak with a tongue.

Block: You all spend a lot of time at the studio. Has anyone ever died there?
Block: Of course.

Block: Anyone born?
Block: Not to my knowledge. When I arrived, I shared an air shaft with a couple of castmates who liked to have sex during lunch.

Block: That must have been a distraction.
Block: It made my memorization harder. I am pro-love.

Block: Are you having fun on GUIDING LIGHT?
Block: You betcha! Of course, on various occasions, I have been instructed not to smile, laugh, sing, hum, jump, eat, drink, breathe, grunt, bite, lick, grimace, dance, get too mad, act too sober, act too drunk, and no hands in pockets, ever. Add that to my considerable natural limitations and, well, you have to be resourceful.

Block: What does that mean?
Block: Boxer shorts come in a lot of wacky patterns.

Block: Have you made a lot of friends?
Block: There are some really great people at GUIDING LIGHT.

Block: Where exactly is Springfield?
Block: I don't think anyone knows.

Block: What's your favorite egg dish?
Block: Just a second....

Block: We had to try.
Block: We all have to try.

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