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Jamie Lynn Discala Actress

Jamie Lynn Discala

The cute actress is best recognized for her role as "Meadow Soprano" on HBO's acclaimed TV series "The Sopranos." DiScala returns as 'Meadow Soprano,' the daughter of a mob boss trying to balance her school life, social life, and her parent's divorce. DiScala's performance on the show earned her the 1999 and 2000 Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Series, as well as two ALMA Award nominations for Best Actress in a Drama Series (2001 & 2002.) DiScala's talents extend to the stage as well. She made her Broadway debut as 'Belle' in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" in October 2002, remaining in the role through February 2003. In the summer of 2001, she starred in the national tour of Rodger's and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" opposite Eartha Kitt. Additional theater roles include New York regional productions of "Annie," "The Wizard of Oz," "The Sound of Music," "The Wiz," and "Gypsy." A survivor of Anorexia, DiScala's story of her battle with an eating disorder, Wise Girl, was published in 2002 to rave reviews. Currently a spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association, Jamie regularly speaks across the country educating people about the dangers of eating disorders. Jamie Lynn was born on May 15, 1981, in Jericho, New York, and currently resides in Los Angeles and New York.

Jamie-Lynn Discala: 'Going Down'

America’s favorite TV Mafia princess is all grown up and ready to run a prostitution ring of her own.

For a self-proclaimed “nice Jewish girl,” Jamie-Lynn DiScala sure does associate with some dicey characters. On March 7, she returned as the delectable Meadow on The Sopranos, where her bagels and orthodontist bills are paid for by blood and murder. And before the month is over, the 22-year-old will go even further into the underworld, playing notorious Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss in a new USA Network biopic called Going Down.

“I was able to get a taste of Heidi’s personality by watching her Sex Tips With Heidi Fleiss video—and it’s pretty darn good,” Jamie-Lynn says. “The sex advice she gives is very explicit and dirty. Everyone thinks of her as a shrewd bitch, and she can be, but really she’s a fun, nice girl.”

The former Ms. Sigler’s career took off when she walked into The Sopranos audition and killed the producers with her innocence and dark-eyed eroticism.
“I dated one celebrity during the third season and he didn’t treat me very well,” she says. “Tony Sirico knew who I was dating and he honestly wanted to find this guy and kill him.”

Jamie-Lynn has been married since last July to her manager, A.J. DiScala, which means Paulie Walnuts no longer needs to provide protection. It’s just taking him a while to get the hint.

“Tony threatens my husband all the time,” Jamie-Lynn says. “Every time he sees him, he holds his fist up to A.J.’s chin and says, ‘Do you know who you’re married to? And do you know who cares about her?’ It’s nice, but I’m like, ‘You don’t need to do that.’”
Your husband is 10 years older than you. Is there anything a young buck can learn from a seasoned pro?
Men and women are different species and I’ve totally stopped trying to figure men out. I’ve learned that you can’t tell men how to act; they have to get there on their own. But I definitely recommend that all women date older men. Men age better, for sure, but women mature faster.

Before you married, what was the best move a guy could make?
Everything guys did was wrong. I couldn’t have a guy come up and say something because I immediately thought it was cheesy. I could not be picked up.

Why so hostile?
I think it’s from watching my brothers over the years and knowing their intentions. I apologize now to all the men who tried to pick me up.
Give us a glimpse of one of your brothers’ technique.
He’s going to kill me for telling you. OK, first he would come up and say, “Can I ask you a personal question?” The girl would say yes. Then, “Do you find me attractive?” More times than not, the girl would say yes. “Are you in a relationship?” If yes, he would say, “Is it monogamous?” Then he asks her what color panties she’s wearing.

That worked?
It sounds like you’d slap him right across the face, but it always worked.

Why do women dig gangsters in wife-beaters and Caddies?
Women always love the bad boy. There’s also something glamorous about the Mafia. Here are these burly Italian men in this secretive world where there’s a lot of money and flashiness. It’s masculine and powerful, and women like power. James Gandolfini doesn’t understand it. He says, “I’m a fat, ugly Italian—why do women love me so much?’”

Remember your first screen kiss?
It was the last episode of the first Sopranos season. I was scared shitless. He was an older guy who was supposed to be my Dominican boyfriend, and I just did what he did. Later in the day, James asked me if he used tongue, just joking around. I was like, “Yeah.” He said, “You’re not supposed to French in a screen kiss!” But I didn’t know that.
You had a body double for the Fleiss pic. Did you vet her to make sure everything was in order?
I did. It was so awkward. I had a tape of these naked women. They were in a room and they had to turn around and I had to say which boobs and butt look most like mine. And then I was thinking, should I upgrade?

Do women secretly fantasize about being a prostitute for a night?
A lot of Heidi’s girls were like that. Some of them were in it for the thrill—even famous actresses. I guess there is a thrill to it—that feeling that your heart is going to be pounding for the next 24 hours because you’re doing something illegal. And it’s addictive to leave with a wad of cash in your hands.

What makes a Long Island girl different from a Midwestern girl?
Our accents. I tried my whole life to get rid of mine. When I was a kid, I would go on these auditions and the feedback would be: “Really cute, but that horrible accent. You’ve got to get rid of it.”

Reveal, if you will, your most embarrassing high school moment.
I was in the school play when I was a sophomore. I was doing my song and dance with all my friends sitting in the back, and my top popped off. I wasn’t able to wear a bra with the shirt I was wearing, so I gave all those kids the first shots of boobs they had ever seen in their lives. I was mortified! But maybe the Girls Gone Wild guy was in the audience and I started that whole thing.

Going Down: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss premieres on the USA Network on March 29.

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