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Jason Lewis Actor

Jason Lewis

Jason plays hunk "Smith Jerrod" on HBO's original series "Sex & The City." With his natural charisma, innate acting ability and brooding good looks, Jason Lewis has the potential to bring needed heat to the final season of "Sex and the City." If enthusiasm by its producers is any indication, this relative newcomer also has the potential to parlay his series regular role on the HBO series into a career as a leading man. In 19 of 20 episodes this season Lewis portrays the new love interest of Samantha (Kim Cattrall), becoming integral to a series-culminating storyline with just the right mix of comedy, drama and sexual tension. Though he can reveal little before his first episode airs on June 29th (after the season premiere on June 22nd), Lewis affirms that there is "great chemistry" between him and Cattrall as well as the rest of the award-winning "Sex" cast. After leveraging his good looks early in his career, Lewis honed in on his true passion: acting. His first small role in television led him not immediately to more work, but rather to a desire to improve his craft out of the gate. Working with a top acting coach, Lewis developed his technical skills through "active self-evaluation" while enjoying the "cathartic" experience of emotional immersion. He attributes his work ethic to his grandparents, who were also a major influence on his love of movies and reading.

After a few guest starring roles, Lewis portrayed an introverted advertising executive in the romantic comedy Kimberly (HBO and Showtime) a "rash and gregarious" palace guard in the period adventure The Kings Guard, and an anti-terrorist special agent in the action film The Elite (HBO and Showtime). Disillusioned with both the process and creative malaise of Hollywood, however, Lewis sold his house in California and underwent another form of catharsis: a three-month sabbatical with his dogs, camping in parks across the U.S. and Canada. Refreshed and recommitted, he embraced his craft again in New York, finding a more satisfying professional environment. Lewis' first audition proved the value of self-reflection, flooring the producers of "Sex and the City" and landing one of the most sought after roles on either coast.

Jason Lewis was born June 25, 1971, in Newport Beach, California, USA. A supermodel turned actor, Jason Lewis is from Southern California. As a teenager, he was determined to get out and see the world. He had to work hard in order to do so, working for a plumbing contractor, and 55 hours a week as a waiter in a restaurant. In June of 1993, when finally he had enough money collected, he went to Paris at the suggestion of a model scout who thought he would do great in the modeling industry. Jason did a little modeling and was soon on his way to Milan, where he was adored by the fashion industry there.

Towards the end of 1993, he landed a GUESS? campaign and his career boosted increasingly. He began landing campaigns with Tommy Hilfiger, Boss by Avedon, Byblos, and Ray Ban. He also continued working many major fashion shows in Milan, New York, and Paris. In 1996, Jason was nominated for Male Model of the Year at the VH1 Fashion Music Awards. Besides all the runway shows, he has been featured alone in an 11-page editorial in the February 1996 issue of GQ. He was also one of the stars of NBC TV's "High Sierra Search and Rescue" (1995), a visually stunning seven part series about mountain rescue set in the High Sierras.

Following this early success, he has studied with three private acting coaches for what he hopes will be a future in film. He had done a guest stint on "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990), and was a recent addition to the cast of "Sex and the City" (1998).

Once living in New York as a high profile model, Jason followed an incredible modeling schedule. However, his interest in acting limits his modeling assignments to just fashion editorials and ad campaigns (no longer runways). His loyal fans still remember him in the pages of GQ and Esquire in 2002, and the winter 2002 Gap campaign. He is signed to Wilhelmina Models, Inc. Some of his best friends are also major male models, such as Alex Lundqvist (who was also Jason's roommate), and Mark Vanderloo.

More fun stuff about Jason Lewis

Just as his SATC character, he also waited tables, though he claims he had never got as much attention as Jerry does.

Although he appeared in both Zoolander clips in the 1996 and 1997 VH1 Fashion Awards, he is nowhere to be seen in the movie itself. However he was mentioned by Ben Stiller in Zoolander related interviews.

Grew up in Los Alamitos and attended Los Alamitos High School.

Has a sister; and an older brother Sean.

Jason Lewis Runs For Success

The 32-year old actor is bulking up for success. The playground is a distant memory. But that doesn't mean fitness can't be fun. "I play every day, whenever my body and time allow me to," says 32-year-old Jason Lewis, fresh off his starring role in Sex and the City. "I love running up gorges and creeks. It's not a predetermined path, so your body has to work in unexpected ways."

He adds an element of surprise in the weight room as well, focusing on exercises with a Swiss ball or medicine ball. Try one of Lewis's favorite ab routines with a workout partner: Grab a medicine ball and sit on the floor. Lift your legs and lean back so your body forms a V. Now toss the medicine ball with a high loft to your partner, who's in the same position in front of you. Catch the return toss in front of your chest, twist your torso to one side and down, then twist forward as you toss the ball back to your partner. Alternate twisting from side to side.

Of course, this shock-your-body approach to fitness can tear down muscles, so
Lewis takes L-glutamine to help his recovery. "I'll put it in my water when I go out on my mountain bike," he says.

Jason Lewis' Legal Spirit

He was Samantha's hot model boyfriend on "Sex and the City," and thanks to his PR girlfriend, Jason Lewis became the Absolut hunk with a huge billboard on Times Square on the hit show.

But the ad was part of "Sex and the City," meaning that the billboard was fake. Only that didn't stop the vodka giant from using the provocative ad in real life. Now, Lewis is suing. The lawsuit obtained by "CJ" claims that the ad appeared all over the internet, in magazines such as In Touch and Ad Week, and even popped up on the Today Show during Lewis' appearance.

The documents say that at no point did Absolut have the proper authorization or permission to use Lewis' name and likeness. And to add insult to injury, Lewis says he never got paid.

Los Angeles attorney Mark Kahlmanson, author of the new book, "Nothing is Too Late," says model-turned-actor Lewis may have a case. "There's a whole assortment of damages that Lewis could recover," Kahlmanson observed. "This may well be an example of where Absolut permitted the producer to use its logo in the show and someone at Absolut assumed that they could use Jason."

But they couldn't -- not unless there was a contractual provision that permitted Absolut to do this.

Lewis originally got famous as a fashion runway model for the likes of Hugo Boss, Saks Fifth Avenue and Rayban Sunglasses. The suit says, "Lewis strategically accepted only the most particular modeling assignments" and that the Absolut ad has "operated to undermine years of careful career planning." Lewis is seeking an unspecified amount of money.

Jason Lewis following his 'Bollywood Bride' to Mumbai

Hollywood's rising star Jason Lewis will play the lead role in 'My Bollywood Bride', a comedy of a star-crossed lover who pursues his Indian woman to Mumbai.

Lewis, considered by many as an emerging star, is known for his role as Samantha's younger lover in the tremendously popular TV series 'Sex And the City'. 'My Bollywood Bride' is his first major feature film after the series.

The movie, jointly produced by Bollywood star Kashmira Shah, her husband Brad Listermann and Vivek Wadhwa (an IT businessman in North Carolina), is a comedy about an American who falls in love with an Indian actress and pursues her to Mumbai.

In the movie Jason plays Alex, a former wind surfing pro, turned adventure novelist, who meets and romances Bollywood star Reena, while she's on a vacation in California. Torn between her blossoming feelings for Alex and her Indian family values, Reena returns home without saying goodbye. Alex, unable to get over his love for Reena, decides to follow her to Mumbai and win her back.

'My Bollywood Bride' will go on floors on May 10. It will be directed by Rajeev Virani, who has been associated with music videos, commercials and other television programs.

Dawson Dating 'Sex and the City' Hunk?

Sexy actress Rosario Dawson has turned her amorous attentions to TV hunk Jason Lewis, despite the model-turned-actor's limited dance skills. Dawson - who reportedly enjoyed a brief romance with Colin Farrell on the set of their upcoming movie Alexander - was spotted passionately kissing the Sex And The City star at Vin Diesel's birthday bash in Miami, Florida at the weekend . However, Dawson's attraction to Lewis - who played Samantha Jones' toyboy Smith Jerrod in the defunct comedy - was temporarily reduced when the actor failed to ignite the dance floor at Prive nightclub, according to website Pagesix.Com. In front of an audience including Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, Spike Lee and Busta Rhymes, Lewis sparked hilarity with a series of spectacularly uncoordinated dance moves.

"Absolut Hunk" Sues Absolut

Raising the question, when does a product placement become a commercial?, actor Jason Lewis has sued the Absolut Spirits Co. and the Ketchum public relations firm, claiming that they used his appearance on Sex and the City in a fictitious ad for Absolut vodka to promote the product elsewhere. Advertising Age had hailed the use of the fictitious ad on the show, in which Lewis posed naked on a bed with a bottle of vodka placed between his legs, as "a wildly successful product placement." (He played an actor-model dating Kim Cattrall's character whose naked photo appears on an Absolut billboard in Times Square.) Lewis says that Absolut immediately began using the fictitious ad on the Internet, referred to him in a press release as the "Absolut Hunk," and then published the recipe for an Absolute Hunk cocktail. The suit said that Lewis's contract specified that the fictitious ad would not be used outside of the series without his consent and that it would not be published in magazines or where young children had access. In another product-placement development, actress-singer Jessica Simpson has sued the Motorock auto racing company claiming that she was not paid the $140,000 they had agreed to shell out for her to wear a T-shirt promoting the company on the video for her single "With You."

'Sex and the City' Hunk Sues Absolut Vodka

Sex And The City heart-throb Jason Lewis has filed a lawsuit against drinks giant Absolut Spirits Co. - for exploiting the use of his face in advertisements. The blonde actor - who played Kim Cattrall's love interest Smith Jerrod in the recently-defunct series - says he only agreed to appear in the infamous advertisement, which pictures him naked holding a bottle of Absolut Vodka between his legs, on the condition it would be limited for use in the series. However, Lewis - who filed the lawsuit on Thursday - says the company used his image to promote their Absolut Hunk cocktail on the internet. The lawsuit explains that Lewis is furious because he has deliberately shunned big money offers from tobacco and alcohol companies throughout his career, even when he was short of money. Absolut Spirits Co. have yet to respond to the suit.

Sex And The City Hunk Sued by Ex-Love

Sex And The City heart-throb Jason Lewis is being sued for $130,000 by ex-girlfriend Maxine Bahns after allegedly failing to repay a loan. The blonde actor - who plays Kim Cattrall's younger love interest Smith Jerrod in the show - reportedly borrowed $70,000 from Bahns in 1999 to invest in some real estate. According to Bahns - the former love of Edward Burns and star of film She's The One - Lewis bought the $550,000 property in 2002 and sold it for $657,000 but has yet to repay the loan. Her lawsuit - filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court - has yet to be responded to by the 32-year-old actor.

Cattrall Co-Star Loved Sex Scenes

Sex And The City hunk Jason Lewis was delighted to star opposite stunning actress Kim Cattrall in the show's sexiest ever scenes. The blonde heart-throb had the enviable job of romping with British born Cattrall in a storyline where their characters engage in a run through of Indian love manual the Kama Sutra. And ex-model Lewis, 29, admits that before filming began he was terrified. He laughs, "She is a great kisser and a really sexy woman. The scenes were nerve wracking. I was a wreck."

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