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Jay Leno

He follows in the footsteps of legendary NBC late-night hosts Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson and is the host of the Emmy Award-winning and top-rated “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Beginning his 13th season in May 2004, Leno has created his own unique late-night style with a combination of humor, talk and entertainment each night at 11:35 p.m. ET - the wee hours when viewers want to wind down with a few laughs before drifting off to dreamland. Leno’s “everyman” style and personality have helped him earn millions of fans worldwide, but primarily in the regions where people can relate to his personable style and work ethic. He has been touted as one of the nicest people in show business and the hardest-working -- a winning tandem for the man who says “Anyone can have a life - careers are hard to come by!” In addition to the 12-year milestone, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” has experienced numerous highlights during its reign, including winning two Emmy Awards - the first in 1995 for Outstanding Comedy, Variety or Music Series, and the second in 1996 for Outstanding Technical Direction. In 1999 and 2000, “The Tonight Show” took home the trophy for Favorite Late Night Show in the annual TV Guide Awards determined by voting viewers. Leno’s personal highlights include receiving a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and being the first person to drive the pace car of all major NASCAR events.

Prior to becoming host of “Tonight,” Leno had been the exclusive guest host on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” since September 1987. He first appeared as a guest on the show March 2, 1977, and he made numerous additional appearances on “Tonight” as well as NBC’s former program “Late Night with David Letterman.”

One of the country’s premier comedians, Leno has appeared in hundreds of comedy shows around the United States for the past 20 years. In 2001, he traveled to Bosnia, where he performed for military troops associated with the war in Afghanistan. Leno also traveled to Aviano, Italy in 1995 to entertain military troops associated with the peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia. He remains passionate about performing in front of live audiences and appears regularly in Las Vegas, on college campuses around the United States and in other venues.

Leno’s children’s book “If Roast Beef Could Fly” (from Simon & Schuster) hit bookstores in April 2004 and immediately was a New York Times Bestseller. His other book, “Leading with My Chin” (from HarperCollins), hit the bookstores in 1998. He also has published four versions of “Headlines,” the compilation of books and desk calendars featuring his favorite funny newspaper headlines, and “Police Blotter,” a book with more humorous newspaper clips involving police stories (book proceeds go to various charities).

Leno was born in New Rochelle, New York, and raised in Andover, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Mavis, live in Los Angeles. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his collection of classic cars and motorcycles.


Judge: Leno Can Tell Jokes About Jackson

The judge in the Michael Jackson trial delivered the punch line Friday that Jay Leno has been wanting to hear: The comedian is allowed to crack jokes at Jackson's expense.

Judge Rodney S. Melville made his ruling about Leno as he clarified a gag order preventing everyone involved in the case from discussing it. Leno has been subpoenaed to testify at the trial, and the comedian feared that the order would apply to his monologues on "The Tonight Show."

"I am not attempting to prevent anybody from making a living in the normal way that they make their living," the judge ruled, adding that Leno may not talk about the specific things to which he is a witness.

Leno has been finding creative ways to make jokes about Jackson without opening his mouth.

After arriving "late" for the taping of Thursday's "Tonight Show," Leno stepped out of a black limousine wearing SpongeBob SquarePants pajamas and accompanied by several bodyguards. One of the bodyguards held an open umbrella over Leno's head as the comedian remained silent when asked why he was late.

Earlier in the day, Jackson had arrived late to court wearing pajama bottoms and a T-shirt under a coat. His lawyers explained the pop star had come straight from a hospital where he had been treated for a back injury caused by a fall.

"They're ruling on my gag order tomorrow to see if I'm allowed to tell Jackson jokes," he told his audience Thursday. "I'm not legally allowed to tell Michael Jackson jokes, but I can still write them."

Then, as he has in recent days, he called on another comedian, Drew Carey, to handle that night's Jackson duty.

"Michael Jackson showed up to court late today wearing his pajama bottoms," Carey told the audience. "You know what? You find the kid wearing the pajama top and we have another court case on our hands."

Leno may be called to testify about having contact with Jackson's accuser or his mother. The defense contends the family tried to bilk Leno and others out of money.

Jackson attorney Robert Sanger said Leno has made "very cruel jokes" about the pop star that could affect how he might testify, and he urged the judge to restrict Leno further.

"We're not putting him out of his business if he can't talk about Michael Jackson for a few weeks," Sanger said.

Media attorney Theodore Boutrous Jr. argued for the clarification on the gag order on grounds Leno's First Amendment rights were violated.

The judge also joked about Leno on Friday, saying "I'd like him to tell good jokes ... but I guess I can't control that."

Actor Brad Garrett tells Leno's Jackson gags

TV host Jay Leno drafted in a substitute to tell his jokes about Michael Jackson because a gag order prevents him telling them himself.

Leno brought in Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett to read the lines he had written for his NBC Tonight Show.

"As I'm sure you know, I was called as a witness in the Michael Jackson trial," Leno told his audience.

"I'm not allowed to tell any Michael Jackson jokes. I can still write them," he added.

Leno is on the list of possible witnesses who could be called by Mr Jackson's defence team.

Necessary to protect

He has asked a judge to exempt him from the gag order preventing anyone involved in the case speaking about it.

His motion to the court contends that Justice Rodney Melville could not have meant to limit "public personalities" such as himself from commenting on the case.

But Mr Jackson's defence lawyer Robert Sanger has filed a response, arguing Leno should not be exempt.

"While the need for a protective order is unfortunate and does come at some cost, it is necessary to protect Mr Jackson's right to a fair trial," Mr Sanger said.

Among the jokes Leno has already made at the expense of Mr Jackson is: "Today, Michael Jackson's lawyer said that he will not play the race card - mainly because he can't figure out what race Michael is."

Gag Order In Jackson Case No Joke For Leno

Have you heard the one about Jay Leno, the gag order in the Michael Jackson case and the First Amendment?

It's no joke, according to one legal expert: Leno, concerned he could be barred from making "Tonight Show" quips about Jackson's molestation trial, can claim constitutional protection.

Leno should prevail with a First Amendment freedom of speech argument, said Jamin Raskin, a law professor at American University in Washington.
"The court, in order to avoid a Constitutional showdown, would try to draft a very carefully worded gag order that would allow him to make fair comment on the public aspects of the case," Raskin said Thursday.

Leno was subpoenaed for Jackson's trial in Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville issued a sweeping order barring anyone involved in the case from discussing it outside court.

It would be ridiculous to apply the gag order to Leno," said comedian Bill Maher, host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

"They should absolutely let him do his jokes," Maher said Thursday. "The jokes he's going to make are the same ones he'd make if he wasn't involved in the case."

A publicist for the show declined to say whether the subpoena had led Leno to change the monologue's contents.

In a motion filed on behalf of Leno, attorneys said the court couldn't have intended the order, issued more than a year ago, to limit "public personalities" such as Leno from commenting on the case.

Applying the order to Leno would be prior restraint in violation of the First Amendment and the California Constitution, the motion argues, and it asks the judge to clarify or lift it.

If the order has given Leno pause, it's hard to tell from his monologues. He's regularly feasted on the trial and Jackson's odd public image.

On the Jan. 31 show, Leno joked that Jackson's bail was high because "the judge felt he was a flight risk."

"You know, that he may try to take a spaceship back to his home planet.

"More problems today for Michael Jackson," Leno said on Tuesday's show. "Police now say he served alcohol to two more boys, two minors, in 2003 and he was sleeping with three other boys. So now not only is Michael creepy, he's a little tramp, too."
Jackson, 46, has pleaded not guilty to charges of molesting a boy; conspiracy and administering an intoxicating agent, alcohol, to his alleged victim.

In a statement Thursday, NBC said it was confident the judge "did not intend the gag order to prevent Jay Leno from doing what he has always done, which is entertain the country every night with jokes and comments about current events and breaking news."
Comedian David Brenner decries what he sees as creeping censorship for entertainers but thinks Leno might want to restrain himself on the subject.

"Making jokes about Michael Jackson is like shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun. It's so easy … Pick on something that makes you reach a little bit," said Brenner, who was a frequent "Tonight" guest host in the late Johnny Carson's day.

Maher takes issue with Leno for his string of Jackson jokes, which Maher claims have contributed to the pop star's "ironclad reputation as a pedophile."

If Leno must follow the gag order, political satirist Will Durst is ready to help him out.

"Jay should hire me to come and do the Michael Jackson jokes for him," Durst said. "He could hand me the note cards and I could read them. He could stand next to me wearing a gag."

Leno's Harley Raises Money for Tsunami Victims

A Harley-Davidson donated by Jay Leno and autographed by some high profile guests has sold on eBay for $800,100 (pending verification), with the proceeds going to the American Red Cross International Disaster Relief to benefit victims of December's tsunami disaster. Leno announced the results of the auction during the taping of Friday's (Feb. 4) show.
The motorcycle has been on Leno's Burbank set since Jan. 3 and went up on eBay on Jan. 24.

Since Leno announced the charity implications of the bike, it has been signed by show guests including Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Moore, Simon Cowell, Jennifer Garner, Snoop Dogg and Brian Williams.

In addition to attracting the John Hancocks of Leno's regular guests, the motorcycle drew some surprise guests to the "Tonight Show" stage. A roster of stars including Dustin Hoffman, Tea Leoni, Ellen DeGeneres, Dennis Miller, Virginia Madsen, Matt LeBlanc, Tim Robbins, Sharon Osbourne, Jesse James, Donald Trump, Denzel Washington, Bill Cosby, Sheryl Crowe, Ashton Kutcher, William Shatner, Dr. Phil and Sylvester Stallone made walk-on appearances just to sign.
Double Oscar nominee Jamie Foxx was the final celebrity to scribble on the bike.

In 2001, a motorcycle donated by Leno and signed by several big-name guests raised over $360,000 for the victims of 9/11.

Leno fed jokes by Chevy Chase, interview tips from Magic Johnson

The New York Post reported last week that the recently deceased king of all late-night television, Johnny Carson, occasionally sent David Letterman new jokes he had written, and that Letterman would sometimes use them in his nightly “Late Show” monologue. Not to be outdone, an executive producer of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” announced Friday that Leno has been secretly getting monologue jokes from retired comedian/latenight talk show host Chevy Chase and interview tips from another former latenight talk-show host, Magic Johnson.

It came as a big surprise that Chase and Johnson were still active in the latenight world, assisting Leno with his show. Early Friday, Debbie Vickers, executive producer of “The Tonight Show” held a news conference at the NBC studios in Burbank to talk about how Leno has been getting their help.

“Magic has given Jay daily advice about his interviewing skills,” says Vickers. “About ten years ago, Jay was simply an awful interviewer. But with Magic’s guidance, you can see just how he has become more like Magic. You can really see it now.”

Vickers adds that guests who have appeared on Leno’s show have been asked how the interview went, and most of them have responded with the word “Magical.”

“They always say ‘Magical,’ but they say it with a strange smile. I’m not sure what that’s about. I’m pretty sure it’s not sarcasm, because I’m good at spotting that sort of stuff,” says Vickers.

As for Chevy Chase, he sends in about 13 pages worth of monologue jokes everyday.

“It’s true, Mr. Chase does fax Mr. Leno jokes on a daily basis,” says Vickers. “We pay $50 a joke. There’s a lot of competition, and if Mr. Chase keeps up the good work, there’s a slim possibility that one of his jokes will one day make it on the air, although we’re not making any guarantees. Also, Chevy should be aware that he doesn’t need to fax in all those jokes during the weeks ‘The Tonight Show’ is dark.”

Chase has also reportedly spent the last several years faxing monologue jokes to several other talk-shows.

“Chevy is very active when it comes to writing humor,” says Chase’s agent Mark Collins. “It’s tough work. For instance, he’s written a ton of monologue jokes for ‘The Charlie Rose Show,’ and he’s hoping that he’ll be able to make some sort of impact with his humor.”

Also this week, it was discovered that Carson Daly, the host of NBC’s “Last Call” has also been receiving lines from a couple of well-known people.

“They’re not so much jokes, although the person who writes them thinks they’re funny,” said Daly during a telephone interview. “Pat Sajak won’t leave us alone. He keeps flooding our office with his faxes. It’s really getting embarrassing. As for Arsenio Hall, he’s actually employed by the show now. He keeps telling me that I should do a segment called, ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm.’ It’s sad, I have to tell him that I’m not interested. I’ll tell you one thing though, Aresnio is a pretty damn good production assistant. I tell you that. No other PA makes such a great cup of coffee.''


Carson Tribute Boosts Leno Ratings

Jay Leno dedicated Monday (Jan. 24) night's "Tonight Show" to the memory of his predecessor, late night legend Johnny Carson and viewers flocked to the show for laughs and tears, making it one of Leno's most watched broadcasts ever.
Monday's "Tonight Show" did an 11.2 rating/26 share in early Nielsen overnight metered market ratings. The episode featured Carson's veteran sidekick Ed McMahon, as well as regular Carson guests and friends Don Rickles, Bob Newhart and Drew Carey. Facing repeats of CBS' "Late Show with David Letterman," Monday's "Tonight Show" delivered the fourth highest ratings of Leno's tenure.

According to the industry trades, Leno's most watched episode came on May 20, 1993, when his show followed the series finale of "Cheers" and pulled down an 18.5 household rating. Leno's first appearance as full-time host brought in a 13.8 rating on May 25, 1993, while the May 14, 1998 episode after the "Seinfeld" finale did a 12.4 rating.

Johnny Carson died on Sunday (Jan. 23) at the age of 79.

Leno to Auction Off Harley For Tsunami Victims

Talk show host Jay Leno is to auction off a Harley Davidson motorcycle signed by stars like Nicole Kidman and Matt LeBlanc to raise funds for the tsunami relief effort in Asia.

The effort is the second time Leno has teamed up with Harley Davidson bosses to raise cash for charity - Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Sylvester Stallone were among the stars who signed a bike the TV star auctioned in 2001 to raise cash for the victims of September 11 and their families.

Leno will ask all his upcoming guests to sign the bike before selling if off and handing over all profits to the Red Cross International Disaster Relief program.


Jay Leno fixed up date for 'desperate' Hatcher

Sexy actress TERI HATCHER's love life has been given a boost, after comedian JAY LENO set her up on a date with a dentist she's been admiring from afar.

Hatcher, who now stars in the hit comedy series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, recently admitted to Leno that when she saw DR WILLIAM DORFMAN on the reality show EXTREME MAKEOVER, she decided to look him up on internet search engine GOOGLE.

And Leno tracked down Dr Dorfman to Sweden, where he's attending a convention and asked him to leave a special message for Hatcher.

In a taped message which Hatcher listened to on Leno's chat show on Friday (19NOV04), a flatted Dr Dorfman said, "It's so ironic, because last week I saw your show and I said to all my friends, 'I would love to meet that woman. She seems so sweet and down-to-earth and she's so beautiful.'

"As soon as I get back in town, Jay promised he'd give me your number, and I will give you a call."

But now a coy Hatcher says, "I'm quite at loss because I just need my teeth fixed. I've got a cracked veneer and there's multiple reasons to go see Dr Dorfman. He seemed nice.

"I'd go out with him, but if it doesn't go well, will he still fix my mouth?"

Hatcher has rejected Leno's offer to have a film crew tape their first meeting.


Jay Leno: I Remember Being Breastfed

Comedian JAY LENO claims his memory is so good, he can recall being breastfed by his mother as a child.

The 54-year-old talk show host insists he remembers being fed in the days long before he had teeth to eat solid food.

He says, "People think I'm nuts but I can remember distinctly being very young and I remember the shadow of my dad coming in the room, my mom putting me down and going, 'Oh, great.'"

Jay Leno and McGregor's Masturbation

Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR caused a stir on American TV on Tuesday night (19OCT04), when he spoke candidly about masturbation.

During an appearance on comedian JAY LENO's chat show, the MOULIN ROGUE! star explained that upcoming roles in THE ISLAND as a clone and the man he's cloned from meant he got to "play with" himself.

He then cheekily added, "I played with myself, in this instance, just before I came out (on the show), actually!"

McGregor proceeded to tell the audience about his 2000 movie NORA, explaining, "There was a scene where I have to sit and have a w**k reading one of these (sex) letters. It's the funniest feeling. I remember walking to set knowing that I was about to have a w**k in front of all these people. It's a really weird one. You just hope that nobody's really paying attention."

And just to ensure the audience knew what he was talking about, McGregor made masturbatory gestures as an explanation.


Jay Leno Helps Tsunami Relief Effort

What do Jay Leno, Coldplay and Sandra Bullock have in common? They're among the many celebrities who are stepping up to the plate to help those devastated by the tsunami.
NewsCenter 5's Jorge Quiroga reported that the "Tonight Show" host and Andover, Mass., native Jay Leno is auctioning off a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on eBay and sending the proceeds to the Red Cross.

The motorcycle will by signed by Leno and guests on his show.

"Miss Congeniality" star Sandra Bullock is living up to that title and more. Bullock donated $1 million to the Red Cross to boost its Southeast Asia Relief Fund. It is Bullock's second million-dollar donation. Her first came following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Leonardo DiCaprio has also reportedly opened his wallet to give a large donation to UNICEF. He's also set up a link on his official Web site for others to donate. A Thai island where DiCaprio shot the 2000 thriller "The Beach" sustained massive damage from a tsunami.

Movie stars are not the only ones pitching in. Other entertainers are donating their time.

Irish rockers U2 and other groups like Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand will take to the stage to help raise millions of dollars for tsunami victims during a Live Aid-style concert. Organizers are hoping to hold the event on Jan. 22 in Wales.

Tonight Show with Jay Leno

President Bush saw Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ last night. I'm not sure he really understood it. Bush said he liked the movie, but didn't understand why all those people were so mad at Yanni.

Dan Rather admitted he was misled about the authenticity of the Bush documents. Dan was furious. In fact, today, he was talking about that 86-year-old former Texas National Guard secretary and he said, "The bitch set me up!"

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was at the White House. And President Bush said, "For someone not from this country, his English is pretty good."

Jay Leno gets his jabs in

Late-night talk-show hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman wasted no time poking fun at Friday night's Pacers-Pistons brawl at The Palace. Both hosts turned the melee into a lighthearted subject during their Monday night monologues.

On "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Leno "mistakenly" referred to Pacers forward Ron Artest as "Ron Arrest." Leno then asked his studio audience if it watched the newest reality show, "Who Wants to be Attacked by a Millionaire." Leno also drew laughter when he said, "It was probably the first sports event in history where the nosebleed seats were right in the front."

Leno also said that "Commissioner David Stern handed out four suspensions and four Vibe Awards" -- in reference to the brawl that occurred on the Nov. 15 awards show in Santa Monica, Calif.

Letterman also made an Artest-Vibe reference on the "Late Show with David Letterman," saying "Ron Artest was suspended for the regular season, but the good news is that he'll be hosting the Vibe Awards next year."

Jay Leno needs live audience

Being seen by an estimated 7 million viewers five nights a week hasn't diminished Jay Leno's need for a live audience. "When you work on TV, there are people who are paid vast amounts of money to write nice things about you, or plant them in the paper," says Leno, host of The Tonight Show. "So even when you do something poorly, they will come in with research that shows you're doing well. Because they have a vested interest in it."

Then the inevitable punch line: "Then, one day, you're fired and you have no idea what happened." Leno performs tonight at the Palm Beach Convention Center, in a benefit for the ARC of Palm Beach County, which provides services for the mentally challenged. Benefits make up a large percentage of the 150 live dates he does every year.

Appearing live, he says, "is still really the only measure of finding out what works. Like last month, I took a gig at Oral Roberts University. Jokes I do on The Tonight Show are too racy for that place. "I just wanted to see if I could do it, if I could gear my act to the specific audience that I'm playing to," Leno continues during a phone interview from the NBC studios in Burbank, Calif.

"When I talk to young comics nowadays, a lot of them say, `I just want to do colleges' or `I'm only doing hip jazz clubs.' Well, if you're a comic you should at least make an attempt to make everybody laugh. Different groups find different things funny. Not a lot of people find everything funny."

The Massachusetts native with the big chin became one of the most famous people in America when he succeeded Johnny Carson in 1992. Accusations that he "homogenized" his comedy for a mainstream audience have never fazed him, Leno admits. "When you're 22 years old, broke and single, you have a different outlook on life than when you're 54, kinda chubby and pretty well off. Comedy's a bit like golf -- you can do it until you're 70 if you tailor your game to your age group, to what it is you do.

"Is it less edgy? Yeah, I guess it is. But I'm well-known. When I was starting out, all my jokes were about flying economy and how awful it was, and I couldn't afford first class. Well, if I do that now the audience goes, `This guy can afford it! He's hosting The Tonight Show!' "As long as people sense that it's real, then it'll get a laugh. Hey, there are funny things that can happen in first class, too."

He's never "worked blue," using dirty words to shock or titillate his audiences. "It's not that I'm a great moralist, but I find it limits my audience," he says. "I have nothing against guys that work dirty, nothing at all. "If I look out and I see a mom, a dad, a teenage son and a grandma, and they all laugh at the same joke, that's pretty good. I can gear my act to any one of those people, depending on the audience I'm playing to, and that's OK too."

NBC recently announced that Conan O'Brien, whose talk show follows Leno's, will take over as Tonight Show host in 2009.

Leno understands that TV personalities have a shelf life. "The show has been No. 1 every single ratings period consistently for the last 10 years," he says. "But after that, you say to yourself, `OK, you're going to be 59, 60...' "And at some point you get that tap on the shoulder: `Uh, Jay, have you thought about moving on?'"


A Good Laugh with Jay Leno

Jay Leno: “Well, things are pretty quiet at the White House today. Well sure, nobody left. They've all been fired, they all quit.”

Jay Leno: “The big gossip in Washington, DC, these days is all about President Bush kissing his Cabinet secretaries. You know about this? First, he kissed Condoleezza Rice twice on the cheek. Then he kissed his new Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings, right on the lips. Is that unbelievable? One day, Bush goes to the Clinton library, comes back ‘The Tongue.’”

Jay Leno: “I'm sure you saw the opening of the library. It rained on Bill Clinton's parade yesterday, which is kind of a switch. Usually, Hillary does that.”

Jay Leno: “Security was tight. In fact, I understand Bill Clinton frisked each woman personally.”

Jay Leno: “Did you see the library? It's really something. They said the most popular attraction is the viewing booths where you pay a quarter and you get to watch.”

Jay Leno: The Clinton library “is totally transparent, except the Clinton apartment, which is on the top of the library. … Shouldn't it be the other way around, you know? Shouldn't the Clinton apartment be transparent? See, that would be the attraction, don't you think?”

Jay Leno: “Because you know, Hillary's going, ‘I know what's going on in the library, I want to know what's going on in the apartment.’”

Jay Leno: “I guess there are two sections to the library. There's the smaller wing to the left of the building, and the larger area, which they call the vast right wing. That's off to the side.”

Jay Leno: “President Bush, he gave a speech at the library, and told a story about how he was shocked to learn Bill and Hillary first met at the Yale University library. He was shocked because he went to Yale for four years, didn't even know they had a library.”

Jay Leno: John Kerry told Geraldo Rivera “that he lost the election because of that last-minute Osama bin Laden tape. … See, that's not a good sign. You know what I'm saying? After a year of campaigning, people still prefer bin Laden's speech over John Kerry's speech.”

Conan O’Brien: “Bill Clinton's presidential library opened yesterday, and it costs $7 to get in. That's a fact, $7. Yeah, on the bright side, every night is ladies' night.”

Jay Leno will host the ASF's industry dinner on January 24, 2005

"I am looking forward to introducing Jay Leno to the securitization industry, perhaps kicking it off with a joke or two of my own," said UCM's President and Head Asset-Backed Securities Trader John Devaney. "Sponsoring the headline entertainment at ABS gatherings has become a tradition for us, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to be working with the American Securitization Forum. That's a first for UCM."

In the past, United Capital Markets has sponsored various musical acts at securitization conferences, including Blues Travelers, Counting Crows, Steel Pulse, ZZ Top and, most recently, the Doobie Brothers.

Good news with Jay Leno and his friends

“The Secret Service has now doubled guards around the White House. They doubled the number of guards. Not to keep people out, to keep more of Bush's Cabinet people from escaping. They are trying to sneak out everywhere. Do you believe how many -- you know, I haven't seen this many secretaries running from the Oval Office since Clinton was in there.

And contradicting earlier reports, Homeland Security director Tom Ridge said reports that he is stepping down are news to him. That's what he said. They're news to him. Why is the homeland security guy always the last to know? Kind of ironic, the only cabinet member whose heart is still in it, Dick Cheney.”

David Letterman: “Maybe you heard about this down in Washington yesterday, a man tried to jump the White House fence. However, good thing he was knocked back over by fleeing Bush Cabinet members.” Big shake-ups in the Bush White House. I don't know. It's hard to picture the Bush administration without Spencer Abraham, isn't it? Secretary of State Colin Powell has resigned and will be replaced by Condoleezza Rice, and it is her job now to make sure to keep the world hating us.” But President Bush had high praise for Condoleezza Rice. He said she is one of our greatest Condoleezzas.”

Conan O’Brien: “President Bush announced today that Condoleezza Rice will replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State. When asked why he was leaving, Powell said, ‘I want to see what it's like to be ignored in the private sector’. He's okay now, but Dick Cheney, he went to the hospital this weekend. He's fine now, but he went to the hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. Yeah. The doctors asked Cheney when he first noticed this, and he said, ‘1972.’”

Jay Leno: “Boy I tell you, I watched ‘Extreme Makeover’ today. But enough about the Bush White House.” Today, Bush had a Cabinet meeting. Just him and Cheney, that was it. I'm sure you heard this story. Today, President Bush had his ‘Colin’ removed.” Secretary of State Colin Powell submitted his letter of resignation. Yeah, yeah. Actually, he submitted it six months ago, but Bush didn't get around to reading it until today. Vice President Dick Cheney rushed to the hospital after experiencing a shortness of breath. I guess he panicked when he saw the price of oil starting to go down.”

David Letterman: “Welcome to the program. Folks are here on a great night. The entire balcony here in the Ed Sullivan Theater is filled with outgoing members of the Bush Cabinet.” Colin Powell and three other Cabinet members resigned today. And President Bush says it proves that he's winning the war against his own staff. You know what happened over the weekend? Dick Cheney, they rushed him to the hospital. … And don't kid yourself, it was serious. For a few minutes, President Bush was actually in charge. On Thursday the presidential, Clinton Presidential Library opens up on Thursday in Arkansas. It's a wonderful facility. It's a state-of-the-art library. In fact, visitors will be able to get a virtual Lewinsky.”

Will Jay Leno retire in 2009 from The Tonight Show?

Retire from the Tonight Show? Yes. Retire from showbiz all together? Not likely.

Tonight Show host Jay Leno announced in September he would step down in 2009, after 17 years in the late-night talk-show arena. Fellow late-nighter Conan O'Brien has been named his successor. On Saturday, Leno shares his good-natured humor at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in a concert to benefit The Arc of Palm Beach County, an organization that has helped nearly 2,000 families. The organization has programs that support and assist children and adults with developmental and mental disabilities.

Calling from the Tonight Show set in Los Angeles, Leno talked about leaving the show, upcoming projects and election funnies.

Q: How come you announced stepping down from the Tonight Show five years in advance?

A: [NBC] just wanted to get this whole thing settled with Conan, so it's fine with me.

Q: So do you think he's the best person for the job?

A: I like Conan. He's certainly the only one out there now.

Q: Have you made plans for after you retire from the Tonight Show?

A: I'm not retiring from show business all together. I'll probably do something else.

Q: Are you working on any other projects right now?

A: I wrote a children's book last year and that went pretty well [If Roast Beef Could Fly hit stores last April and was a New York Times bestseller]. I got a couple more books coming out.

Q: During the presidential election, you took plenty of jabs at President Bush and John Kerry's every night. Do you find more joke material during an election year?

A: Oh yeah, there's a lot more, and the jokes tend to write themselves. There's always a sleazy ad or someone making a little faux pas that the rest of the world jumps on. We do these Bush Freudian-slip things all the time, which are fun. The candidates always do something [laughable], like when Kerry got a hunting license a week before the election. It was like, come on, was he really going to go hunting a week before the election?

Q: What kinds of jokes can the audience expect on Saturday?

A: Jokes on a wide range of subjects -- the election, current events. It's a pretty mainstream show. I don't work dirty, but that doesn't mean it's a kid's show I'll be doing. You can be funny without using four-letter words. But people always think, `Oh, then what you do is balloon animals?'

No, no. People can't seem to tell the difference between Christian and porn. There's stuff in the middle, you know."

Q: Will you be poking fun at Palm Beach County's previous voting habits?

A: I'll wait and see when I get there.

Jay Leno's hobby is collecting bikes and cars

Throughout mass media these days, Harleys and the people who ride them have become fodder for good television. This is shown best through the popularity of American Chopper, a Discovery Channel show that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a family working to build custom bikes under seemingly never-ending deadlines. In other words, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. have a new reason to fight each week, and some 4 million viewers tune in to see each explosive episode filmed at the Orange County Choppers shop in Rock Tavern, New York.

On the other side of the media coin is Jay Leno, the host of NBC's Tonight Show. Jay is an all-around good guy, mostly seen off set in a denim shirt and messing with one of his vast collection of bikes and vintage automobiles. Hang out in Malibu, California, at the world-famous Rock Store on a Sunday, and you can almost bank on seeing him show up to hang with the guys and get reactions to his latest wild restoration. It is no secret that Jay is a vintage bike fan and he keeps his well-staffed shop busy restoring his finds from all over the country.

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