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Jim Belushi Actor Comedy

Jim Belushi

Funny man Jim currently plays himself on ABC's comedy "According to Jim". A native of Chicago, graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Speech and Theatre. He then became a resident member of Chicago's famed Second City, from 1976-80. In 1979 he left for Hollywood, when writer-producer Garry Marshall cast him in the series Who's Watching the Kids, and later in Working Stiffs. Among Belushi's other television credits as an actor and writer are Saturday Night Live, Parallel Lives, the Oliver Stone/ABC miniseries Wild Palms, the movie Sahara and the critically acclaimed series Beggars and Choosers. In 2000 Belushi co-starred in Return to Me, and he received rave reviews for his work with Gregory Hines in Who Killed Atlanta's Children? It was his work in About Last Night with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore that brought Belushi his first serious attention as a film actor. In the 1986 feature, he reprised the role he had originated on stage in David Mamet's Obie Award-winning Sexual Perversity in Chicago, from which the film was adapted. His feature credits since then show an extraordinary range: He was James Woods' spacey DJ buddy, Dr. Rock, in Oliver Stone's Salvador; a mentally handicapped dishwasher in Homer and Eddie; and the defiant high school principal standing up to drug dealers in The Principal. Other starring roles include Joe Somebody, the K-9 franchise, Curly Sue, Taking Care of Business, Once Upon a Crime, Mr. Destiny, Red Heat, Only the Lonely, Thief, The Man with One Red Shoe, Real Men, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Jingle All the Way, Retroactive, and Gang Related.

Belushi has performed on Broadway in Herb Gardner's acclaimed Conversations with My Father, off-Broadway in True West, John Guare's Moon Over Miami, and for Joseph Papp as the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance. In addition he does numerous voiceovers for film, television and for commercials. He is the official voice of Blockbuster Home Video, and did one of the dog voices in Disney's wildly popular 2002 film, Snow Dogs. Besides acting, Belushi loves music. He has several music projects, including The Sacred Hearts and Big Men Big Music. The Sacred Hearts are a rhythm-and-blues band who have been together for six years, performing 40 nights a year at clubs, casinos and corporate events all over the country. They are the "official house band" for The House of Blues, in which Belushi is a partner, and have entertained former President Clinton and Vice President Gore. Big Men Big Music is a project that Belushi is doing with his friend, Dan Aykroyd. This band spent the summer of 2003 performing around the country. Belushi currently has three CD's out: Blues Brothers Live from Chicago, The Sacred Hearts' 36 x 22 x 36, and the recently released Big Men Big Music CD, Have Love Will Travel.

A dedicated husband and father, Belushi has little time outside career and family, but he has made a major commitment as founder and member of the board of the John Belushi Scholarship Fund, which supports college and college-prep students pursuing performance and visual arts education. Belushi was born on June 15, 1954, in Chicago, Illinois.

Jim Belushi plays the King of the castle

Jim Belushi returns to network television in the role he was born to play: a husband who knows the key to marriage is nodding at everything your wife says, and the essence of raising children is to remain a big kid yourself.

In According to Jim, Jim plays a father who's struggling to hang on to what's eluded every other soccer-dad, achieving the picket fence ideals while keeping a firm hold on your manhood. He's the kind of dad who plays "Frozen Guy" with his kids, a game he designed around his love of drinking beer and watching football. But this guy isn't just a loving father, his devotion to his wife knows no boundaries -- although he may have a hard time getting off the couch and proving it.

Jim Belushi brings his refreshing sense of humor and unique spin on being the King of the Castle to this contemporary family comedy. With Jim as the head of the household, family life as we know it will never be the same.

Courtney Thorne-Smith co-stars with James Belushi and Kimberly Williams in the ABC comedy, "According to Jim." On working in the half-hour format after many years on hourlong series such as "Melrose Place" and "Ally McBeal"she said, "I started in a sitcom a bazillion years ago and I loved it. I loved the rehearsal process. I loved performing in front of the audience. I love that it's a job you can do as an actor and still have a life. I was ready to have a life again.'' On how she did to prepare for the role of wife and mother, Courtney said, "Absolutely nothing." And on winning the part Thorne-Smith said, "I went in Monday morning, met Jim (Belushi), read with Jim, had a great time. Went in Monday afternoon, got the job, was thrilled and delighted, then came home and said: 'They think I'm old enough to play a mother of three!?'"

Jim Belushi Sues 'Catwoman' for Harassment

Actor Jim Belushi (According to Jim) says his next-door neighbor, actress Julie Newmar, is spying on him, destroying his property and calling him names behind his back.

So he has filed a $1 million harassment suit against the actress famed for playing the villainess Catwoman on the 1960s "Batman" TV series, saying he will not let her drive him out of the neighborhood.

Newmar's agent, Fred Wostbrock, declined to discuss the allegations except to say: "You've got to be kidding. The only person Catwoman would hassle is Batman—[actor] Adam West."

Belushi says that Newmar, 71, destroyed a fence and landscaping on his property, spied on the actor and his family and directed loud music into his backyard.

The suit, filed last week in Los Angeles County Superior Court and made public on Monday, describes Newmar's behavior as "an effort to force Belushi to move from his home."

It says her conduct has grown "more alarming and her harassment and apparent obsession have become more intrusive" over time.


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