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Joanna Garcia Actress

JoAnna Garcia

Joanna stars as "Cheyenne Montgomery" on The WB's comedy series "Reba." Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Garcia first started performing at the age of 10 when she auditioned for a local theater production and landed the lead. While she caught the bug immediately, her parents put school first and she continued to feed her passion by acting in local plays. While in high school, Garcia was discovered by Nickelodeon and commuted from Florida to Montreal, Canada to star for two seasons in the television series Are You Afraid of the Dark? After graduating from high school, she spent a year attending Florida State University, but Hollywood was calling. She moved to Los Angeles and, the day she arrived, landed a role in the television movie Holy Joe. Soon after, she was cast in a recurring role on the acclaimed drama series Party of Five, playing Claudia's (Lacy Chabert) friend at boarding school. She also had a memorable recurring role on Freaks and Geeks, playing Vicki Appleby, the popular freshman cheerleader who spent "7 minutes in heaven" with the ultimate geek, Bill (Martin Starr). She made an indelible impression with a guest-starring role on Boston Public, in an episode in which her character was caught giving oral sex in the school hallway to sway a student election. She has also appeared on Family Law, Providence, Dawson's Creek and, while guest-starring on Opposite Sex, became close friends with Allison Mack, who now stars on The WB's Smallville.On the big screen, Garcia was seen in the feature comedy sequel American Pie 2 and the comedy spoof Not Another Teen Movie.She has also appeared in the original television movies From the Earth to the Moon and Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder. When she's not working, Garcia volunteers teaching English as a second language to pre-school-aged children in Los Angeles. JoAnna Leanna Garcia was born on August 10, 1979.

Meet JoAnna Garcia

Most Telling Trait... Her lips. JoAnna's full lips imply she is very generous. She is also a great conversationalist. If you call her on the phone, expect to be talking for some time. JoAnna' s short upper lip may mean she takes criticism personally and is very conscious of her looks.
The Forehead: People with oval foreheads like JoAnna's tend to be homebodies. JoAnna loves to maintain projects and may be interest in health-related topics.

The Face: JoAnna has a wide face. She enjoys open spaces and being by the water. She is also young at heart and highly self-confident.

The Eyes: JoAnna has sparkling, flirtatious eyes. Guys may find her irresistible, which may well get her into trouble. She is a very emotional person and cares about others. She must set some time out for herself and her family or they will feel neglected.

The Nose: Ski-jump nose owners like JoAnna are natural volunteers. Money is not her focus. If JoAnna were in business for herself, she would have a hard time making a go of it unless she had a partner who handled money well. The rounded tip of her nose relates to her inquisitiveness. She loves scoping out the latest news.

The Cheekbones: Pronounced cheekbones imply JoAnna loves traveling and changing up her routine. She is fun to be with because of her sense of adventure.

A seemingly ubiquitous television presence in the later '90s and early 2000s, Joanna Garcia has been appearing on the small screen since she made her debut in 1992 in Nickelodeon's popular Clarissa Explains It All. Later taking on a more substantial role on that same network with Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Garcia began her transition into film with the sequel to the popular teen sex comedy American Pie. A native of Tampa, FL, Garcia got her first taste of stardom when she landed the lead role in a local theater production at the age of ten. Developing an insatiable appetite for the spotlight following her debut, she was discovered by Nickelodeon while in high school and was soon making the notable commute from Florida to Montréal to appear in Dark. Though she would attend Florida State University for a year after graduating high school, the call of the Hollywood hills was too hard to resist and the aspiring actress dropped out to relocate after landing a role on the made-for-television movie Holy Joe (1999). Turning up in such popular shows as Party of Five and Freaks and Geeks (in which she turned in a memorable performance as popular cheerleader Vicky Appleby) soon after, Garcia also scored with distinctive roles in Boston Public, Providence, and Dawson's Creek. Returning to television for her role in Reba after her feature debut, Garcia could next be seen on the silver screen as a Tourette's Syndrome-inflicted cheerleader in Not Another Teen Movie. JoAnna Garcia posed in some sexy photos for Maxim magazine in last years September issue. She also appeared in K-Mart commercial.

We Get Funny with JoAnna Garcia and 'American Pie 2'

As JoAnna Garcia speeds down the freeway chatting on her cell phone, the sparky blonde is on her way to tape an episode of the WB comedy "Off Center" starring Eddie Kaye Thomas ( "American Pie 2").

The 22-year old actress has been busy as she currently plays a pregnant teen on the WB's new sitcom "Reba." Aside from her TV escapades you may remember her as the unconscious drunk party chick during Stiffler's (Sean William Scott) golden shower scene in "American Pie 2."

Zap2it.com spoke with Garcia about "Reba," "American Pie 2" and her role as Sandy Sue in the upcoming comedy spoof "The Last Teen Movie" which is set for release in December.

ZAP2IT.COM: How was it working with Reba McIntyre, was she a diva?
JOANNA GARCIA: No, not even sort of, she's the farthest from a diva I have ever encountered. She is one of the most kind-hearted, real women I have ever met in my entire life. She's a superstar but still so eager to know more about the business and do more work. She exudes such a maternal feeling that you feel like you are in the presence of your mom.

ZAP2IT.COM: Tell me about your scene in "American Pie 2."
JOANNA GARCIA: I honestly did not really know how funny it was going to turn out. Sean was so hysterical after I had passed out and I was in the background, I couldn't hold my laughter. I was shaking because it was just funny. They kind of let the camera roll on him and I think that everyone enjoyed that torture. If there was any tidbit that I could have been a part of I definitely would have chosen that one.

ZAP2IT.COM: Did you find it hard fitting in with the cast?
JOANNA GARCIA: No, not at all. I didn't find it to be an issue even remotely. It was a great group of actors and we had a lot of fun. I mainly worked with Sean and we got along great and now I'm working with Eddie.

ZAP2IT.COM: What was it like parodying a movie that you were in?
JOANNA GARCIA: I was actually shooting the two ("American Pie 2" and "The Last Teen Movie") simultaneously. I worked on "American Pie" for a lot longer than you would think, it was over about a month. It was a group of young actors and for a lot of us it was our first big film and my character, she has Tourette's syndrome, and so it was more than anything just a blast. So, no, I wasn't worried that I was making fun of a movie that I was also in, but it was just more fun for me and I had a great time.

ZAP2IT.COM: Sandy Sue has Tourette's syndrome , what character is that taken from?
JOANNA GARCIA: Um, I think that the Tourette's was more of just a comedic thing, but she kind of parodies Olivia Newton John from Grease and they kind of brought that whole genre into it and that's what I represent.

ZAP2IT.COM: You're 22, did you go to college?
JOANNA GARCIA: I did, I went to Florida State University for a year and then I moved out to L.A.

ZAP2IT.COM: Did that help or hurt your career?
JOANNA GARCIA: Nothing I have ever done I look back at and regret. I have had such an amazing life. I am so grateful now that my parents kept me in school when I was in high school and didn't allow me to move to LA for different projects that had come up and different opportunities. I rushed a sorority and had a really good time, and then when I made the decision to move out here it was like a fresh start and never once have I looked back, never once.

ZAP2IT.COM: Would you take any classes now?
JOANNA GARCIA: I'm not actively seeking out a class per se, but I would definitely take help. When I was doing "The Last Teen Movie" I worked with a coach on my Tourette's and Jennifer Coolidge (Stiffler's Mom) a little bit, to really attempt to be a character actress, which is very different from anything I have ever done.

ZAP2IT.COM: Which do you prefer, movies or TV?
JOANNA GARCIA:You know I never had the desire to get into film until maybe a few months before I got "American Pie 2" and "The Last Teen Movie," just because I was having such a great time and I was really enjoying myself.

JoAnna Garcia: Life is good

Caught up with Tampa native JoAnna Garcia at The WB party in Hollywood where the "Reba" co-star was with her boyfriend Jaron Lowenstein of the brother singing duo, Evan and Jaron ("Crazy for This Girl").

He shocked her recently by getting his hair clipped short.

Life is good for the Tampa Catholic grad who is coming off her first season on The WB's top-rated comedy. "I think we surprised a lot of people, even ourselves over the success," she said.

JoAnna is happy to shed that fake pregnancy padding that she wore most of the season. Her character, Cheyenne, gave birth and is headed to the University of Houston as the mother of an infant.

She said Cheyenne and hubby Van (Steve Howey) will grow and get a little smarter this coming season. "We're going to be better than ever," she said.

JoAnna, who has been in Hollywood less than four years, gushed over star Reba McEntire who plays her TV mom. "I call her Mom sometimes because this cast has really bonded," she said.


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