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Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel

Currently starring as "Danny McCoy" on NBC's hit series "Las Vegas". “ I am extremely excited to be part of such a dynamic cast,” Duhamel said. “I think Danny’s position as a Las Vegas insider makes him an exciting character to follow behind the scenes of the city.” Born in Minot, North Dakota, Duhamel played football at Minot State University where he was studying biology with the intention of going to dental school. However, the aspiring dentist decided to forgo medical school, and moved to Los Angeles where he began modeling and auditioning for commercials, while studying acting full time. After a few months, Duhamel landed his first acting job playing the title character in Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” Shortly after the shoot, he moved to New York City to join the cast of “All My Children,” playing a role that garnered him three Daytime Emmy nominations, including this year for Outstanding Supporting Actor (he won in 2002). Duhamel’s other television credits include a guest appearance on NBC’s “Ed.” He is currently filming the feature “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton” for DreamWorks, directed by Robert Luketic. Duhamel currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Josh ( Joshua David) Duhamel was born on November 14, 1972, in Minot, North Dacota. His mother, Bonny, is a teacher and his father, Larry , is an ad salesman. He also has 3 sisters. Josh is dating Fergie from Black Eyed Peas. He enjoys basketball, football, skiing and golf. Josh won his first ever Emmy at the 2002 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama series. Josh Duhamel got a deal with GAP in 2004 to return to his previous career, modeling.

Josh Duhamel on his "Las Vegas" character: "A little playboy is OK, but there's got to be some substance there."


Meet up-and-comer Josh Duhamel

He's melting hearts on Las Vegas now, and our intrepid reporter spends an afternoon finding out how her fellow Midwesterner went from stockboy to Hollywood hunk.

Josh Duhamel, 32, is currently performing what we have laughingly dubbed "popsicle maintenance." As the hot Santa Monica sun beats down on us, the star of NBC's frothy drama "Las Vegas" (Mondays, 9 p.m. ET) is frantically trying to stop the syrupy juice of a cherry-pineapple popsicle from dripping all over his washboard abs. It's a sight that many a teen girl would drool over. For my part, I can't help but giggle.
We found ourselves in this sticky situation because I invited this fellow Midwesterner to take a surfing lesson with me this gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and he gamely agreed. After spending an hour under the tutelage of Surf Academy founder Mary Setterholm, the two of us hit the water. Duhamel (doo-MEL), a natural athlete who was the quarterback of North Dakota's Minot State University football team back in the day, has no problem getting up on the board on his first try. When we finally emerge from the ocean an hour or so later, it's clear a new Moondoggie has been born.

Now, however, we're sprawled out on the beach, talking about how a guy who grew up in a small town in the middle of the country (Minot, population 36,000) ended up making it in Hollywood. "It just sort of happened," he says. "After college, I followed an ex-girlfriend to northern California, did a bunch of odd jobs and then sort of fell into modeling."

Among those odd jobs: running a backhoe, filling orders on the night shift at a hardware distribution center, and working for the Gap. Of the latter job, he says: "I was so poor. They wouldn't let me on the floor as a salesperson, because I was so poorly dressed. And so I was the stockroom boy." He got the last laugh, though: This winter the Gap asked him to be part of their holiday ad campaign alongside the likes of fashion diva Sarah Jessica Parker.

One of his first jobs in "the business" came after he had moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles: a bit part in Christina Aguilera's 1999 "Genie in a Bottle" video. "I was an extra, one of the guys who pull up in a car and crash her slumber party," he recounts. From there, Duhamel continued to audition for bigger roles and commercials until he landed a three-year stint on "All My Children," which films in New York. After that, he headed back to L.A. and has been working steadily ever since. In addition to "Las Vegas," the actor nabbed the title role in the 2004 movie "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!"

"Las Vegas" creator Gary Scott Thompson says Duhamel won the role on that show because, in true Vegas style, he took a risk in the audition. "He chose the most difficult scene [we offered] to audition with. When he walked through the door and said what scene he was going to do, I went, 'Oh, my God. What is this poor kid doing?' " Thompson recalls. "No one else had tried that scene, which was about his character getting caught in bed with the boss' daughter. But he pulled it off. And it was funny. It was everything I was looking for."
On "Las Vegas," Duhamel plays Danny McCoy, a casino's security expert. With his good looks and charm, he's also the casino's resident hottie, and his character is a bit of a playboy. When the "P" word is mentioned, the actor gets slightly defensive: "A little playboy is OK, but there's got to be some substance there. I don't want him to be somebody who doesn't respect women."

His concern for his character's, well, character makes sense if you look at Duhamel's own life. His parents divorced when he was little, and though he remains close to both, he lived with his mom while growing up. He also has three younger sisters. When the topic turns to his mother, he admits one of his goals in life is to avoid doing anything that would embarrass her. "Unfortunately, I've already embarrassed her a few times," he says sheepishly.

How so? "I was working at Applebee's as a waiter back in college, and I got a call at work, my mother screaming, 'How could you do this?!' I had had a fake ID, and I got arrested for it. Some news channel out of Bismarck, N.D., did a statewide documentary-style [story] about how minors are making fake IDs, and whose card do they use? Whose picture do they use? The whole size of the TV? Mine. My mother had no idea. I'd kept it out of the newspaper. That's how she found out," he says with a laugh.

Luckily, these days his TV appearances are strictly on the up-and-up. "The thing I can say about all this stuff that's going on right now is that I appreciate it. I'll ride this out as long as they'll let me. And if it ends, I'll probably go back to school and be a dentist. But," he turns and looks at me, squinting in the sun and flashing the sort of smile that breaks hearts on sight, "hopefully, I won't have to."

Josh Duhamel: Fun Fearless Male Of The Year

BL was knee deep in hunks Monday at Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Male Awards. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to try to get these dudes to say something intelligent. It wasn't that difficult, except when recipients were posed with our lamest question: Why are you a fun fearless male?

"I'm not. I'm just not," introspective Ben McKenzie of Fox's "The O.C." told BL. "I think there was a lack of better people to put in the issue."

"I'm not sure about the fun part," droned Simon Cowell.

"Well, I'm definitely fun and fearless, but the male part was always in question," gabbed "Queer Eye" Carson Kressley. "Thanks for confirming, Cosmo."

"I wouldn't have put that on me," jokester David Spade told BL. "I'm a fun squirrelly male."

"I'm not sure," replied Kevin Bacon (news). "I would hope it was because the kind of the choices that I've made with the parts that I've played. There's nothing I won't play."

Fun Fearless Male of the Year Josh Duhamel was ready to play. He appears on the mag's inner cover in a tight black T-shirt that's playing peek-a-boo with his Calvins underneath. How embarrassing. It's probably because he's beltless in the snapshot. BL asked the 32-year-old about his issue with belts.

"I have nothing against belts. I just forgot mine," the faux-hawked Duhamel retorted. "Do you got one? Could I borrow yours?"

Uh, The Associated Press isn't that kind of news organization. Like his red carpet predecessors, Duhamel played coy when asked why he was selected as a fun, fearless male. But Cosmo editor-in-chief Kate White had a very good idea. In fact, she felt so strongly, she interrupted BL's alone-time to tell Duhamel why he made the cover — well, the inner cover.

(Fun Fearless Female Ashlee Simpson (news) graces the outer cover. Insert your own Ashlee joke here.)

"Oh my God. He's just the hottest thing in the world," White interjected, totally trying to steal Joshie away from us. Hey Kate, he asked us to remove our belt first. Back off!

"It's hard for me to believe I deserve this," he said batting his puppy-dog eyes toward BL then to White. "Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered by it."

"Oh Josh," White replied. "Maybe one day you'll realize it."

As the luncheon began, honorees entered on a catwalk while two female vocalists — who we swear we recognized from "American Idol" auditions — rapped their introductions. Each male definitely looked fearful as he strutted — except for Cowell, who gripped a pack of Kools and his wallet in his left hand and spanked the tush of one of the crooners with his right, forever earning the respect of BL.

"This is camp," he told Cosmo publishing director Donna Kalajian Lagani post-procession.

"No," she responded, "this is Cosmopolitan."


'Cosmopolitan' honors the 'fun and fearless' Josh Duhamel in NYC

It was a frisky lunch honoring Cosmopolitan magazine's annual "fun, fearless" celebs, and for the first time, the focus is on 10 guys.
But the center of attention Monday was Cosmo's February female cover subject: Ashlee Simpson (news). The multiplatinum-selling singer, who was caught using backing tracks on Saturday Night Live in October and was booed at the Orange Bowl (news - web sites) last month, kicks off a tour Feb. 16.

She has a message for her detractors: "I'm enjoying what I'm doing and having a great time. I'm not listening to anything. It's nice to get out there and play."

The afternoon's fearless theme fit her situation, she said. With critics bashing her vocal ability, "I've had to do a lot of things that you could definitely be afraid of. I've stepped up to the plate and not been worried about anything."

Now, she's "stepping up and going, 'Here I am.' "

The Juicy Couture-clad Simpson, who was dubbed "Fun, Fearless Female" of the year, was joined at Cipriani restaurant by Y-chromosomed co-honorees: Las Vegas' Josh Duhamel, who was pictured on Cosmo's inside cover, and fellow actors Kevin Bacon (news), Benjamin McKenzie, David Spade and Drew Lachey (news); American Idol's Simon Cowell; CNN anchor Bill Hemmer; and style guru Carson Kressley. Honorees Taye Diggs (news) and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs did not attend.

McKenzie, who plays the brooding Ryan on Fox's The O.C., said his character would "start getting a little bit darker. The plotline will involve him getting in a little bit more trouble and turning into a little bit of a bad boy."

Lachey, who stars in Broadway's Rent, said reports of trouble between his brother Nick and his wife, Jessica Simpson (news), are "garbage. You have to laugh at it. There's no truth to any of it."

As for Cowell, he said he's surprised to have been selected to be part of the group.

"I would never describe myself as fun. Sometimes fearless. And definitely a male. I think I'm here because someone else couldn't make it. Seriously!

Movie Newcomer Josh Duhamel Heats Up the Screen

Big screen newbie Josh Duhamel makes quite an impression as the fictional hunky superstar Tad Hamilton in “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton,” co-starring Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace. Duhamel does such a good job of being a ‘movie star’ on screen that it’s tough to believe “Win a Date” marks his feature film debut.

After casting Kate Bosworth as the film's female love interest, the filmmakers debated the merits of casting a newcomer versus casting an established, big name star to play the role of Tad. In the end, director Robert Luketic felt it was best to go with a relative unknown. Producer Douglas Wicks concurs and says, “Josh Duhamel has one thing you can’t fake: screen presence. He fills the screen. He is
also a really good actor with a great, subtle comic timing.”


Have you ever met a celebrity who shattered your illusions?
No, not yet. I haven't met that many, to be honest. I don't go to many things. But the ones that I have met I've been impressed with, so far. I'm sure there will be times.

Your character goes on a date for charity. Is that something you would ever consider?
I've done this before. I have done it in real life. When I was on “All My Children,” we did a thing for “Seventeen Magazine” where a girl won a date. I went to her prom with her in Alabama, and she was a sweetheart. I didn't move to Alabama and I didn't buy a farm there, but we still keep in touch (laughing).

Who did you have a teen crush on?
Who did I have a crush on? Lots of people. I used to sneak into my uncle's [stack of “Playboys.”] I think everybody has crushes. I definitely had them. Alyssa Milano was one of them. But I think every teenage boy did.

Was it tough playing a character who could be viewed as a jerk, but also needs to be seen as a nice guy?
I wanted the decision for [Kate Bosworth’s character, Rosalee] to be difficult. I wanted it to be a difficult decision for the audience, too, but I didn't want him to be too nice either. So it was a difficult line to kind of walk. Yes, his reasons for wanting to be with her were ultimately selfish. He's a narcissist, and a lot of times the worst narcissists are the ones who seem like the nicest, most genuine people. [People] who look you in the eye and tell you what you want to hear. And that's what he did, but I think he is a good guy at heart.

Why do you believe Tad was interested in Rosalee? Was it strictly platonic?
I think the reason why people loved him was because he had these boy-next-door qualities and because he was very likeable. [Then] over the last how many years, he'd progressively become a bigger and bigger star. Being said ‘yes’ to all the time, he became detached from reality and detached from the person who he was. He kind of got caught up in everything, and he's not the person he was, and he's not feeling like he did before. I think Rosalee helped him feel like that and that's why he wanted to be around her. I think without even realizing it, he basically was using her to make him feel like the person he was. She didn't BS him. She told him straight up, “You would never get caught up in that kind of stuff,” [when] in fact he had been, and she called him on it. He liked that about her. So yeah - the answer's yes. It was for platonic reasons, but he wouldn't have minded getting a piece.

How was it to work with Kate Bosworth?
Kate is a real sweetheart. It was kind of interesting to me because she's on the verge - she already is. Just to watch and see how she handled it. Some days she would be a little overwhelmed by it all, wherever she would be. But all the attention that she gets - she's so well-adjusted. I think she's 21 now. It's amazing. She's an incredibly smart girl. Topher [Grace] is another one. I just have so much respect for these guys. Topher called me at home after I got the part and congratulated me, which I thought was very cool. I'd been watching “That ‘70s Show” for so long. The whole experience of working on this movie was so fun. I had more fun working on that than I've had on anything else. I had more fun working than on my days off.
Have you ever generated the kind of frenzy Tad does?
Part of the reason I got this job was because this woman right here (pointing to his publicist/manager) was really smart. [She used] something we had - some footage we had from what we call “Super Soap” weekend in Florida where the biggest fans from ABC daytime would go to this big event at Disney World. You go to this thing and every single person there knows you. It's the weirdest thing. Because everybody knows you, you feel like you're Tad Hamilton walking down the boulevard in Disney World. We had footage of walking down the streets there at a Question & Answer thing with all these people watching. She sent this [tape] to them [so they’d think], “Well, maybe he does have an idea of what it feels like.” It was a microcosm of what it's actually like for somebody like that - Tom Cruise or whatever. Nevertheless, I did have a sense of what it would feel like.

Actors who work on soap operas say their audiences are the most possessive.
They're very loyal. But you have to remember it all comes from a good [place]; they mean no harm. They watch the show every day. They feel that they know you. They do sort of know you because this character, a lot of it is you. Especially when you're doing it every day. You can't just be ‘playing a character’ every day, so part of it is you. They just love the show, and they love watching you. It's all very good, and I'm grateful for it.

Is there a stigma in Hollywood towards soap operas?
There is definitely a stigma attached. It ticks me off a lot of times because there's a lot of really good actors in them. And again, there's a lot of really good actors who have come from them and have done really well. Alec Baldwin was on a show for three years.

It's interesting because it's the ones with the biggest egos and insecurities, they thumb their noses. It's the ones who cast me in these things who see beyond that. It's people like [the people at DreamWorks] who see beyond any of that, and they just look at the actor and that's it.

As an actor, what did you get out of working in soaps?
To me, I'll put it up against any acting training school that you want. You're on the job every day, learning. If you use it as a tool to learn, which I told myself early on, “This is a great opportunity to really sort of work on becoming a good actor.” You learn all about how cameras are positioned, lighting, how to manage people and production, all these different things. When I came to LA and started auditioning, and I got the parts on “Las Vegas” and in “Tad Hamilton” - yeah, it's a much bigger playing field, but at the same time it comes down to two people in a scene together. So it helps you to kind of block out anything else. [You] have all the practice on the soap, learning every day doing it, [and] you're able to block all that other stuff out - all the grandeur of being on a big set with all these cameras and lights and everything else.

Don’t soaps also teach you discipline? You always have a script with you in your hip pocket.
You do, and you learn rhythms of scenes and what works. There's a tendency to fall into certain habits, but if you tell yourself not to do that, and if you don't stay there too long… I think if you start staying for too long, you tend to fall into certain bad habits. I tried not to do that [but] sometimes I did. But, to me, it was the best thing that could have happened to me, doing those three years on that show.

Speaking of television, what’s happening with your TV show, “Las Vegas?”
We're happy with it. They won't tell anybody [what the status is] until May 15 or whatever - whenever they do that. We hope so. We know they like the show. We've sort of navigated our way through four or five episodes, and I think we're getting on track now. I think it's funnier. So I'm happy they're happy.

And the final question – do you have any special talents besides acting?
I can fart the Pledge of Allegiance. Just kidding. No, not really. I play sports… I'm 6’3”. I don't know what to answer when it comes to that. I really feel like a regular dude who happens to be incredibly lucky. I love football and beer and have a normal girlfriend. I just happen to drive a big yellow Hummer. Just kidding.

More Fun Stuff About Josh Duhamel

Josh got engaged to a girl called Kristy, but she called the wedding off two weeks before the ceremony.
Josh Duhamel has been on the cover of TV Guide twice.
Josh made People Magazines '50 Most Beautiful People'.
He presented an award at the 61st Golden Globes with Las Vegas co-star Molly Simms.
Announced on ABC's The View that he is now engaged to longtime girlfriend Kristy Pierce. (2004)
Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at Daytime Emmy Awards for All My Children. (2003)
Nominated for America's Favorite Couple at Daytime Emmy Awards for All My Children. (2002)
Nominated for America's Favorite Couple at Daytime Emmy Awards for All My Children. (2001)
His Hair Color: Dark Blonde
His Eyes Color: Green
Gave up his dream to become a dentist when his grades were not good enough to get in a dental college. As a result he moved to California where he got discovered while posing for fashion magazines.
Turned down the role of Dusty Donovan on As the World Turns in 2002, saying that he would return to daytime only on All My Children.
Shares the same middle name as his father.
He is on People (USA) magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list of 2004

Josh Duhamel's Hollywood story tale

Josh Duhamel's discovery tale is the stuff of Hollywood legend.
It literally started in a talent-agency mailroom, where the wannabe tooth doc and former small-time model had taken a temp job sorting head shots for $80 a day.

"This agent walked by and asked if I was an actor," he says. "I said, 'Yeah sure.' I hadn't done a bit of acting but figured, How hard could it be? They sent me on a TV audition, and I basically stunk up the room. [They said] I was cute but also the least-talented person they saw all day. I wanted to crawl under the couch."

The embarrassment prompted Duhamel to get serious. After months studying acting, he started to get better feedback, landed some commercials and was eventually offered a part on All My Children. Then the training really began.

"It's difficult to overcome the soap-opera prejudice. People forget that a lot of good actors come from them," he says. "Soap work is as good or better training than any school you can go to. You're on the job with a s--tload of dialogue to learn every day, forced to sink or swim. And sometimes you have to play the nice guy and his evil twin."

Not that he's having a problem finding work these days. After winning a Daytime Emmy, Josh scored the role of a casino-security expert on NBC's hit Las Vegas and a lead in the studio film Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!, playing the titular cocky celebrity, who falls for small-town girl Kate Bosworth while on a publicity-stunt date. He also just nabbed a starring role in Antarctica, Disney's upcoming polar epic.

"I think anybody who would tell you they aren't at least partly like Tad Hamilton would be lying. Actors are vain people," he says. "But I don't have three Porsches or a giant house. I don't have bitches at my pad all the time...Not that I'm not enjoying the perks of this life. I travel, get free clothes, go to great parties, had topless pancakes with James Caan and learned how to milk a cow. How much more fun could I be having?"

Josh Duhamel returns to Minot for a date

Actor Josh Duhamel came home for a date. Minot elementary school teacher Deb Rasmuson won a dinner date with Duhamel, a Minot native and star of the romantic comedy "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!" and NBC's "Las Vegas," in a charity raffle. She decided to give the prize to her daughter, Kelsey, a high school freshman.

"I wasn't really that excited at first," Kelsey Rasmuson said. "Right when it was announced, everyone was swarming around me, wanting to be my best friend and pick them to go along with me. I started to get excited as it got closer and I realized I would get to meet him (Duhamel)."

Kelsey, a friend and her aunt went with Duhamel last week at a new downtown restaurant in which he is an investor. Organizers said the raffle brought in more than $8,000.

Duhamel's mother is a substitute teacher and his sister is a student at the high school in Minot. He was interested in investing in his hometown.

"When I got the first call from my mom, she asked if I would be interested in doing it and I said 'yes' and just kind of forgot about it," Duhamel said. "I guess I just thought it would be a little raffle thing for my sister's school. There's no way I thought it would be this big."

Deb Rasmuson said her daughter has taken some teasing after that first date.

"We're giving her a hard time," she said. "Where does she go from here?"

Caan Mocks Duhamel After Faux Pas

Screen hunk JOSH DUHAMEL is constantly teased by JAMES CAAN, after asking the veteran actor if he'd ever worked with MARLON BRANDO.

Duhamel was thrilled when he landed a role on TV show LAS VEGAS alongside Caan, but he admits his excitement caused him to forget that the actor had starred with Brando in classic movie THE GODFATHER.

He says, "On the Vegas set, when we first started working together, I asked James Caan if he had ever worked with Marlon Brando. He just kind of looked at me, and it took me a few seconds to realise that I had made their unbelievable error!

"I had asked this question not realising that they worked together in one of the greatest movies of all time! It was so embarrassing - and to this day, James won't let me live it down!"

Josh Duhamel's Strange Hollywood Sights

Hollywood hunk JOSH DUHAMEL is constantly fascinated by life in Hollywood - because he's never seen such devotion to vanity and pet care anywhere else in the world.

The North Dakota native - who stars in the new movie WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON! - was stunned by what he found when he moved to Tinseltown.

He says, "In West Virginia or North Dakota, you just don't see people driving around putting make-up on in their rearview mirror or wiping their dog's a*s. The dog just takes a dump in the front yard. That's it."

Duhamel's Problems Solved By Storyline

Hollywood hunk JOSH DUHAMEL has had his basketball injury written into the plot of his hit TV show LAS VEGAS - because producers didn't want to leave him out of the series.

The actor ruptured his achilles just before Christmas (03) playing basketball and he's currently working with a trainer to fix his leg.

But he couldn't take time off American TV's new megahit, in which he co-stars with MOLLY SIMS and JAMES CAAN, so the show's writers came up with a plot that allowed him to hobble around on crutches.

He says, "My character gets shot in the foot and it was actually fun for a couple of episodes with this foot thing and the crutches and hobbling around.

"But then they were like, `OK, we need you to walk again; the joke's over.'"

Las Vegas DVD - Season 1 - Uncut & Uncensored

Ahh, Las Vegas, Sin City, where dreams can be made or shattered with the roll of the dice. Las Vegas explores the inside of the Montecito hotel and casino, a huge resort located on the Las Vegas strip. At the heart of the casino is Big Ed Deline (James Caan), the chief of operations, and the man in charge. He's former CIA, and knows a thing or two about keeping things running smoothly, or how to correct them if they go astray. His protege is Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel), a former marine that's a favorite with the ladies on the floor, and in bed. He would have been wise to stay away from Delinda (Molly Sims), but how was he supposed to know she was Ed's daughter? Delinda bores of things easily, so Ed is surprised when she becomes the hostess at the casino's restaurant, and then turns it into one of Vegas' hottest nightclubs. Casino's need whales (big spenders), and there's no one better than Sam Marquez (Vanessa Marcil) to lure them to the Montecito, and take care of their every whim. There's also Mary Connell (Nikki Cox), the special events coordinator; Nessa Holt (Marsha Thomason), the pit boss; and Mike Cannon (James Lesure), an MIT engineering graduate that makes more money as the head valet. Under Ed's watchful eye they tackle cheats, mobsters, lover's spats, and a whole lot more.

Las Vegas is a show I heard a bit about, but I didn't have a chance to catch it when it first aired. Call me crazy, but I hate coming into a series part way through a season, especially when I think it'll be released on DVD. I didn't realize the show would be such a nice blend of drama and comedy, with a bit of action tossed in. I'd have to say that this is one of the coolest new shows I've seen in awhile.

Yes, yes, yes! Universal did a bang-up job on this set, and I'm so pleased. Over the past year I've had a few minor complaints with the Universal sets, but everything has been corrected for Las Vegas. I hope we see the same quality for future sets as well.

Scott's The Best and Worst Television of 2004

Best Actor: Josh Duhamel (“Las Vegas”)

Besides being blessed with a surplus of charisma, Josh Duhamel has a God given acting ability that separates him from the competition. His performances are effortless and smooth; and above all, he knows how to have fun with his character in a show that highlights the most colorful city on earth. With the casting of Duhamel, the creators of Las Vegas hit the jackpot.
Honorable Mention: Matthew Fox (“Lost”)

Josh Duhamel works on the GAP TV commercial

Mary J. Blige has released her version of The Emotions 'Best Of My Love' as a digital download.

The song was recorded for a Gap television commercial being run in the USA. The ad features Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Duhamel and Blige.

"I've listened to The Emotions since I was a little kid," Mary says in a statement. "I have always wanted to perform 'Best Of My Love.' Working with Sarah Jessica Parker and Josh Duhamel on the Gap campaign was such a warm experience." Mary is currently working on her next studio album but it won't be due until late 2005.

Josh Duhamel's movie ''Win a Date with Tad Hamilton'' on DVD now

Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel) is one of Hollywood’s hottest movie stars, but his penchant for booze, cigarettes, fast cars, and even faster women is having a severely detrimental effect on his career. In order to restore some of that “nice guy” credibility and keep the movie offers rolling in, his agents Richard 'the driven' Levy (Nathan Lane) and Richard 'the shameless' Levy (Sean Hayes) devise a competition in which the prize is a date with Tad himself! The eventual winner, Rosealee Futch (Kate Bosworth), is just about the biggest Tad fan there is. Rosalee works as a grocery store clerk at the Piggly Wiggly supermarket with her best friends Cathy (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Pete (Topher Grace), but her devotion to Tad has blinded Rosalee to the fact that Pete himself is in love with her.

However, Rosalee’s date goes better than she ever dreamt it would, and Tad himself realises that he no longer has his priorities in order. Enchanted by Rosalee's innocence and overwhelming goodness, Tad leaves Hollywood for a simple life on a ranch in West Virginia to be closer to his new love, much to the horror of his agents (and, of course, Pete). What follows is a tug of love between the Hollywood superstar and the small-town boy, all for the affections of the girl next door.

There are two things I require from a romantic comedy: romance, and comedy. Tad Hamilton has precious little of either. The film feels like it has had huge chunks of the story removed for the sake of fitting a specific running time, giving the audience very little time to get to know the characters before the film shifts into “top gear”. For example, Pete’s feelings for Rosalee are very subtly implied, and I didn’t feel that the two were close enough for the eventual payoff to hold any credibility.

The other big problem with the film is that Tad actually turns out to be a nice guy, and one who is genuinely interested in Rosalee at that. It would have been much easier to root for the wimpy small-town boy if Tad had merely been using her as a means to an end (and he is an actor after all). Throw in the fact that there are few, if any laugh out loud jokes in the film, and you’ve got yourself yet another bland, formulaic teen comedy that we’ve all seen a thousand times before…

I’m not really sure what to say about Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. I didn’t find it in particularly funny (I believe I chuckled once), and the kind of overly sentimental, unrealistic “romance” depicted in the film left me cold. I mean come on, who’s going to choose the local boy over the handsome, wealthy, talented, movie star, who also happens to be a nice guy? This kind of “fairytale” ending only exists in the minds of twelve year old girls and unexceptional scriptwriters.




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