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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley was born on November 30th, 1985, in Camoarillo, California. Her parents are Gary and Layne Cuoco. Having first stepped in front of the camera at a tender eight months old, Kaley has endured audition after audition through the years in the hopes of landing a steady television gig. She started out modeling around 6 years old! She also appeared onstage in a community theater playing roles in "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Annie." But acting wasn't her only gift, she started tennis at only 3 years old! She thought she would make a career out of that but soon she would go further then she would have hopped. Her first real movie gig was in 1995 in the movie Virtuosity, she played Karin, it starred Denzel Washington. Later then did a little cameo with one of the now biggest star in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston! Her career was starting to look better by the year as she starred in tons of movies, but what really got this young girl noticed was the Ladies Man, she joined the cast in 1999, she played as Bonnie Stiles, but like most TV shows it didn't last that long, it ended in 2001. She then started more auditions, after tons of rejections, Kaley heard some magic words last spring in 2002 when her cell phone rang shortly after meeting with the producers of “8 Simple Rules.” Kaley would star as the role of a lifetime, playing Bridget Hennesy, the hot blonde who gets by with her looks. After the first season ended things were looking good for the new hit TV Show, it would end up for another season! As they took a break from taping the new season they would go to John's favorite place, Disney Land, during that time Kaley was dating actor Kevin Zegers, of course John had to approve of him before she would date, and he knew he was a good person. Things were looking good for Kaley as her stardom was becoming better by the day. She appeared on the cover of TEEN, of course this was not the first time Kaley has been on the cover of something, in 2001 she was on the TV Guide with other young new actors and appeared on USA Newsweek in 2003. In early August she went back to ABC to start shooting season two of 8 Simple Rules, they completed three episodes for a September premiere. At this time sadly John Ritter passed away & Kaley was shocked and very heart broken, she didn't want to go on with 8 Simple Rules because she felt it was more of the Ritter Show, after months and months of thinking she decided to continue the show, they aired the first 3 episodes and took a long break and then worked on the Goodbye episode. Kaley would soon join up for new upcoming roles for ABC and NBC, she just completed an NBC mini series 10.5, she also completed a movie with BSB Nick Carter and ex-boyfriend Kevin Zegers. She also has an upcoming cartoon coming up about two dogs, she will talk for the poodle. Things are starting to look up for this actress and now we don't have to say "The hot blonde on 8 Simple Rules" we can now call her by Kaley Cuoco and people would know who we A ’re talking about.

We like how Kaley Cuoco balances a professional, mature dedication to her career with a healthy and grounded home life. Just when you start to think that every child star eventually succumbs to drugs, it's nice to know that people like Kaley can grow up in showbiz and still end up relatively normal.Kaley Cuoco plays Bridget Hennessy on the hit ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, and has appeared in movies like Virtuosity (1995), Picture Perfect (1997), The Hollow (2004), and Lucky 13 (2004). She also appeared onstage in community theater productions of "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Annie."

In her spare time, Kaley is a gifted tennis player, competing nationally in the sport. She also enjoys hiking, running, going to the gym and spending time with her two dogs Petey and Lucy, and her horse Bojangels (Bo for short). She currently lives with her parents and younger sister Briana in San Fernando Vally, California.

More fun stuff about Kaley Cuoco

Weight: 119 lbs
Height: 5' 7½" (1.71 m)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Idol: Her grandfather
Celebirty Crush: Michael Vartan
Pet Peeve: People smacking there gum
Catch Phrase: Gi-normous!
Favorite Designer: Gucci
Favorite Book: The lovely bones
Favorite TV Show: Who's Line Is It Anyways
Favorite Old TV Show: Three's Company
Pets: 2 dogs and 1 horse, Petey, Lucy and the horse Bojangels

Kaley Cuoco: I Wanted to Quit 8 Simple Rules

When John Ritter died suddenly on September 11, 2003, Kaley Cuoco, who plays the sexy older daughter Bridget on "8 Simple Rules," wanted the show to end.
"I was going to quit and I wanted people to quit with me," she tells andPOP in an exclusive interview. "I didn't want to do it myself, but I was ready to go."

Her fellow cast members did not agree and persuaded her not to quit. But Cuoco's decision to stay on the show came when she thought about what Ritter would have wanted.

"To me, it was the 'John Ritter Show' and that's all that mattered. Without John being here, it just didn't seem right," she says. "Finally there was a moment when it just hit me. John wouldn't want me to sit on my butt for the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself or sorry for him. As cheesy as it sounds, he would have wanted us to go on."

Cuoco is thankful that the show continued. Ritter's character was killed off on the show rather then being recast, leaving the Hennessy family, like the actors, to grieve.

ABC announced this month that 8 Simple Rules has been picked up for another season, something that the cast expected, yet was still relieved when it was made official.
"After this whole year, we really didn't know what was going to happen," Cuoco says. "The final phone call that said we're going to be picked up again was just a miracle. We've overcome the impossible and we're still pushing forward. I know John is smiling and so happy that he gets to watch us on TV."

After taping the final episode this season, the cast brought out a 7-foot high picture of Ritter during their curtain call.

"The mood was wonderful," Cuoco explains of the season's final taping. "We had the audience going crazy and we just raised [the photo] in the air, just screamed out loud, 'thank you, John.' Whatever happens with this, this has been a life changing experience for all of us and now it's continuing and we're so thankful and grateful."

David Spade and James Garner, two gifted comedic actors, were brought in mid-season and have signed on for next season.

"James Garner is like a peaceful river through our chaos," says Cuoco. "He's just such a loving and amazing grandfather to me because I don't have a grandfather and he has no grandkids.

"And David Spade finally brought some laughter back to our set. He's become one of my closest friends and we've bonded really well because he's had some tragedies in his life and he's been able to help me and the rest of the cast through it. It's a different show. It will never be the same show that it was last year."

Punk'd Kaley Cuoco Wants Revenge on Ashton Kutcher
There are two types of Hollywood celebrities: those who fear Ashton Kutcher and those who hate him. Scores of singers and actors have not been Punk'd and fall into the first category. About two dozen, including Kaley Cuoco, fall into the latter.

Cuoco, who stars as the sexy older teenage daughter in 8 Simple Rules, was Punk'd in one of the first episodes of the new season. She thought she was too smart to get Punk'd.

"I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet," she tells andPOP. "I watch Punk'd like a Saint. I always said it would be fun to be Punk'd but that it would never happen to me."

When it did happen to her, thanks to Amy Davidson, her co-star who set her up, she was shocked.

"I had no idea. I felt so famous and so popular, it was really fun."

However, Cuoco has a message for Kutcher: beware.

"All us people who have been Punk'd should make a show called 'Get Ashton' and try to make a master plan at how we can get back at him."

Another celebrity should also beware of this blonde bombshell.

"Now I get to Punk somebody else. It's like tag."

Kaley Cuoco stars in the new comedy ''Crimes of Fashion''

The mature actress has a handle on her life and career, just what one needs to be a good mob boss. The young student has a major problem. Brooke (Kaley Cuoco) is trying to become a leading fashion designer by attending the best fashion design school in the nation. Most of the students and teachers ignore her. In general, she just doesn't have anything going on in her life .. not until a grandfather she never knew dies and leaves her his family business. The use of the word "family" is appropriate because grandpa was a major mob boss. When word of Brooke's inheritance leaks out, school becomes the least of her worries. George (Dominic Chianese), a man used to getting his way, is determined to have Brooke run the mob for her late relative and the feds plan to nail them both as soon as Brooke makes a mistake.

When was the last time you saw a mob-related movie that didn't have a body count higher than the Empire State building? The ABC Family makes the mob quite fashionable again in the comedy drama "Crimes of Fashion." The main reason the movie works is the presence of veterans actors who play the leads. Cuoco also qualifies as a veteran if no other reason than she learned so much from the late John Ritter when he played her father on ''8 Simple Rules.''

She is now learning a lifetime of acting tricks from James Garner, the actor called on to help her series survive Ritter's untimely death. When Cuoco is required to teach her mob employees how to get blood out of their clothes, she handles the scene like a pro. Cuoco came across as a compassionate actor who knows how to build a career without stepping on toes, an energetic young lady who knows how lucky she has been to be surrounded by gifted actors all of the time.

Q: Do you still have time to get in tennis now that you're in a good series and have movie roles?

A: I don't play any tennis anymore. I stopped when I started "8 Simple Rules". I played a few nights ago just for the charity event and for Bob and Mike Bryan because they do so much for me. I had a lot of fun and I'm thinking of maybe getting back into it, I have had two years off, so maybe eventually I'll slowly get back into it, but it's really not something I'm into doing right now.

Q: Do realize how lucky you are to learn under both John Ritter and James Garner?

A: Of course I feel lucky. John was the smartest and most amazing comedian I've ever worked with. I think more than teaching me about acting or comedy, he taught me about life and the love of people and respect of people. James Garner is doing the same thing in a different way. He's a movie legend. He's my grandpa. I think he gives me more advice on boyfriends than he would ever dare to give me on my career. That's what I love so much about him. He has no grandkids, so we from the show become his grandkids. I am the luckiest girl in the world. We're so blessed that we have him on our show with us.

Q: When you watch your series, it's easy to see the love.

A: After everything happened, we all got super tight. I can't deny it. We all just love each other. James Garner and David Spade came on and we fell in love with them too. We've just become a family all over again. We don't want to lose anyone again.

Q: You also worked with a special man in the ABC Family movie, Dominic Chianese. He has been in "The Sopranos" and a "Godfather" flick. If he didn't act in mob parts, he could be in the mob. Were you at all intimidated around him?

A: He was so not like that. He's so professional, all about the work. I really respected that. He taught me how to really focus and how important the work really is. He's a legend too. I've just been so lucky to be able to work with all these amazing actors.

Q: Would you say that this movie may be the one that throws you outside teen roles because you're getting older and you're wiser and you're smarter. Plus it's sort of like a college role anyway that required you to have a major lip-lock moment with a Fed.

A: Yeah, it is a little older. For me, what I really want to come out of it is to show people that I can hold together a movie, be the number one character and play someone who is twenty.

Q: What was it like to be a Gucci fan and get a script about a fashion designer?

A: This was like a dream come true. Anything that has the words "crimes of fashion" in it is right to me. The script was so adorable and it was so me. I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style. It couldn't have been more perfect for me.

Q: Is there a George figure in your life who has helped you stay grounded as a celebrity?

A: My parents, definitely. My whole family actually, but my parents. I had such a normal and amazing childhood. I've been so lucky. My parents are cool and normal. They don't talk about the business and I still have stuff to do at their house. I will always be the way I was a couple years ago before anything happened. And that's to my parents' credit, my amazing parents who have been around me my whole life and raised me right. I'm very happy with what has happened so far.
I know you're on a tight schedule today. Your parents and ABC should be proud of all you've done.

Kaley Cuoco learns 8 simple rules

Kaley's luck turned around when she was cast, in the spring of 2002, to play Bridget Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter (later shortened to 8 Simple Rules). It was only after Kaley joined the cast that she learned that TV veteran John Ritter (of Three's Company fame) had just signed up. "I've taped sitcom pilots that went nowhere, and I was sure this was another dud," Kaley later admitted. "But the second I met John, I knew I'd never been more wrong."

8 Simple Rules turned out to be a hit and was renewed for a second season. As the whole cast became like a family in real life, Kaley grew especially close to the good-natured Ritter. Just like the father he played on TV, Ritter was critical of many of Kaley's boyfriends -- advice which turned out to be right on the money, as Kaley often discovered for herself.

But in September 2003, tragedy struck. Five days after spending the day at Disney's California Adventure with Kaley and her then-boyfriend, Kevin Zegers, and other ABC stars, John Ritter died suddenly from an aorta tear. Kaley's first instinct was to quit 8 Simple Rules, feeling it had been, in effect, the "John Ritter Show."

But Kaley soon reconsidered, feeling that Ritter would have wanted her to move on. 8 Simple Rules was renewed with added cast member James Garner. "We've just become a family all over again," Kaley says. "We don't want to lose anyone again."

In the meantime, Kaley's career has picked up. In 2004, she appeared in the TV miniseries 10.5 and starred in the TV movie Crimes of Fashion. Kaley's recent credits also include feature films like The Hollow (2004), Lucky 13 (2004), Debating Robert Lee (2004), and Bratz (2005).

Kaley continues to live with her parents, Gary and Layne Cuoco, and her sister, Briana, at home in California, where she is home-schooled.

Kaley Cuoco loves fashion world

Kaley Cuoco's mesmerizing green eyes anchor a face that is at once cherubic and sensuous. She has plump cheeks and a pretty mouth that, while small, is immaculately shaped. Topping off Kaley's beauty, so to speak, is a head of dirty-blonde hair.

As a well-ranked amateur tennis player, Kaley has just the sort of lithe physique you would expect of an active young woman. She stands 5'8" tall and weighs 125 pounds, making her slim and trim enough for a bikini, although it may be a few more years before Kaley's beauty shines through completely.

Kaley Cuoco is, like many a young woman, a keen follower of fashion. "I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style," she says. Kaley's a big Gucci fan and owns 10 Juicy Couture outfits; so it was a special thrill for Kaley to be cast as a fashion designer-cum-mob boss alongside The Sopranos' Dominic Chianese in the TV movie Crimes of Fashion(2004).

Kaley's style is heavily influenced by her youth and by the agreeable Californian climate. She likes to wear low-rise jeans, but even when she isn't -- such as when she's wearing something a little sportier -- Kaley is often exposing her well-toned midriff. She seems to prefer light colors like pink and lavender, although you'll occasionally catch her in black.

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