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Katherine Heigl Actress

Katherine Heigl

Katherine stars as "Isobel Izzie Stevens" on ABC's new series "Grey's Anatomy." The show is based on the daily personal and professional struggles of young student interns working at a rigorous hospital. Katherine is most famous for her breakthrough role as "Nicole" in the 1994 romantic comedy movie "My Father, The Hero." Her most prominent TV appearance has been on the WB's science fiction series "Roswell", where she plays an alien. Katherine Heigl was born November 24, 1978, in Washington D.C., to parents Paul and Nancy. Raised in New Canaan, Connecticut, along with her 2 older brothers and older sister, Katherine's time in the spotlight began when she started modeling. Once Wilhelmina, a modeling agency, got hold of photos of a then nine-year old Katherine, it didn't take long for her to get modeling jobs. She appeared in magazine ads and a Sears catalogue, and made her television debut with a role in a Cheerios commercial. Modeling paved the way to acting for Katherine, as it did for young actresses such as Rachael Leigh Cook and Mena Suvari. By the age of 12, she could be seen on the silver screen in the 1992 film, That Night, making her feature film debut.After a role in Steven Soderbergh's King of the Hill, Katherine appeared as Gerard Depardieu's daughter in the 1994 remake of the French film, My Father, the Hero. Her role as the beautiful teen having to bear with her father's strict rules was not a stretch for the actress; apparently, she was not allowed to date until she was 16. Venturing into the action genre, next up for Katherine was the film, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, as Steven Seagal's niece. She only pursued a full-time acting career after graduating from New Canaan High School, where she balanced acting and modeling with the hectic life of a student. With appearances in Seventeen magazine and film and television roles under her belt, Katherine moved to the hub of acting to further her career. Once in LA, she starred in independent films such as Prince Valiant, Stand-Ins (as Rita Hayworth's stand-in) and the Disney feature, Wish Upon a Star. After a role in the 1998 Bride of Chucky, the latest installment of the Chucky slasher series, and the film Bug Buster, Katherine starred opposite Peter Fonda in the made-for-TV film, The Tempest.

Presently making herself comfortable on television, Katherine is a regular on Roswell, the hit alien series on the WB network. She actually auditioned for the three female lead roles before winning the role of Isabel, the "alien on earth" character she portrays on the show. To publicize her role on "Roswell", Katherine graced the covers of magazines such as TV Guide, Maxim, and Teen, and was interviewed on “Later with Cynthia Garrett” and “The Craig Kilborn Show.” Along with her mother Nancy, she also appeared on an episode of the Sci-Fi Television talk show “Crossing Over with John Edward,” during which she spoke with John Edward, a psychic medium, about her late brother, Jason.

During the three years "Roswell" was in production, Katherine found time to work on several movies. “100 Girls”, an independent film released in 2001, is the story of a college freshman who meets the girl of his dreams in an elevator during a black-out, and spends the rest of the movie trying to find her again. Katherine’s cameo role is that of Arlene, the Competitive Tomboy. The second film, “Valentine,” a horror film starring David Boreanaz and Denise Richards, appeared in U.S. theatres on February 2, 2001. In this movie, which is based upon the 1996 novel by Tom Savage, Katherine plays Shelley, a medical student who meets a sudden demise.

In the spring of 2001, Katherine accepted a role in “Ground Zero,” a two-hour, original television thriller scheduled to be telecast that fall on NBC. Katherine and Kerr Smith (“Dawson's Creek”) co-starred as brilliant and politically concerned college students, who build a nuclear device to illustrate the need for a change in national priorities, but are betrayed by a fellow student when the bomb ends up in the hands of a terrorist. Unfortunately, the telefilm, directed by Eric Laneuville, written by Tom Vaughan, and based on the bestseller, “The Seventh Power,” by James Mills, was shelved when its storyline was deemed too close for comfort to the terrible events of September 11, 2001. Shortly after the horrific attack took place, Katherine recorded a passionate public service announcement for the American Red Cross in an effort to help raise money for victims of the atrocity. "Ground Zero" re-surfaced in 2003 under the new title of "Critical Assembly". The film premiered on NBC on July 12th almost two years after its original release date.

Since the Fall of 2002, Katherine has continued to work prolifically on an amazing variety of projects. In a film for ABC / Touchstone, "Romy and Michele: Behind The Velvet Rope", Katherine was cast in the role of Romy. The telepic follows two best friends as they head to Hollywood after graduating from high school. It is a prequel to the movie - "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion", which starred Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow. Filming wrapped towards the end of 2002 and the project is scheduled to air in 2003 under the new title of "Romy and Michele: In The Beginning".

"Love Comes Softly", a telefilm for Hallmark Entertainment, found Katherine starring in the role of Marty Claridge, a young, pregnant newlywed travelling west in a covered wagon, facing tragedy along with a new life. Based on a very successful series of books by Janette Oke, "Love Comes Softly" aired on cable's Hallmark Channel on April 13th, 2003. The film was a huge success and was received by the largest audience in Hallmark’s history.

In early 2003, Katherine's returned to the horror genre with "Evil Never Dies", a modern-day variation on the Frankenstein story co-starring Thomas Gibson as a police officer who discovers that the executed murderer of his wife is being brought back to life as part of a professor's sordid experiment. Katherine plays the role of the professor's assistant, whose motives are not as clear-cut as the police officer is first led to believe. "Evil Never Dies" was filmed in Melbourne, Australia, and broadcast on June 1st 2003 as TBS Superstation “Movie Of The Week”.

Katherine attended the First Annual “Share the Beat” gala on September 20th 2003. The event was organised and hosted by the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness and the Coalition on Donation – two charities dedicated to inspiring all people to donate life through organ and tissue donation. Katherine and her mother Nancy were both members of the planning committee for the event. Organ and tissue donation is subject very close to both of their hearts, as Katherine’s brother Jason was an organ donor.

In October 2003, Katherine was cast opposite Johnny Knoxville, as the female lead in Fox Searchlight Pictures’ comedy “The Ringer”. Shot in Austin, Texas and directed by Barry Blaustein, the Farrelly brothers’ comedy sees Katherine portray Lynn, a beautiful Special Olympics volunteer and the love interest of Knoxvilles' character Jimmy. Filming was expected to wrap late 2003, with a worldwide cinematic release scheduled for late 2004.

More fun stuff about Katherine Heigl

Full Name: Katherine Marie Heigl
Date Of Birth: 24th November 1978
Astrological Sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity: German / Irish
Home: Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Blonde / Brown
Eyes: Brown. Katherine is also near sighted, but avoids wearing contacts as they hurt her eyes.
Family: Mother - Nancy
Father - Paul
Brother - John
Sister - Meg
Pets: Miniature Schnauzers - Gus & Romeo
Favorite Actors: Edward Norton, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Lange, Marlon Brando, Robin Williams, Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe.
Favorite Movies: Steel Magnolias, Ordinary People and Good Will Hunting.
Favorite Television Shows: The West Wing, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Dream Roles: Joanne Woodward's role as a woman with multiple personality disorder in The Three Faces Of Eve; Rita Hayworth's role in Gilda; the ingénue in All About Eve.
Favorite Music: Rock and Roll; Neil Diamond, Coldplay, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan.
Favorite Novel: Beach Music by Pat Conroy
Favorite Foods: Sushi, Buttered noodles and Creamed Spinach, Fettuccini Alfredo
Favorite Sport: Hockey (to watch)
Favorite Perfume: Amazing Grace by Philosophy
Phobia: Slugs
Perfect Date: Going to the movies, talking for hours over a great dinner in a fun restaurant
Hobbies & Interests: Music, Cooking, Dancing, Reading, Movies, Writing, Art, Knitting and Needlepoint.
One Word To Describe Herself: Insatiable

Katherine Heigl's Not Playing

If you are a UFO freak, you know Katherine Heigl from TV’s Roswell, about Tabasco-swilling teenage extraterrestrials. If you’re just a plain old freak, you know Heigl from 1998's Bride of Chucky, in which the now-25-year-old actress fended off the advances of a murderous carrot topped toy. “They had people off-camera working the puppet, and they’d totally fuck with you,” Heigl recalls. “I’d be holding the doll, and they’d use his little hand to start molesting me.” Now Heigl’s gone legit with a new TV drama, Grey’s Anatomy, in which she and three surgical interns fight for lives (and sleep) in a Seattle hospital.

"I have always found it fascinating how much of a voice the public gives celebrities. It's just interesting to me because it's not like we did that much to deserve having so many people hanging on our every word.....I'm not quite at that level yet. But I've thought about the projects I've done and how often they are just kind of fluff, whatever, you know entertainment, and how often they actually have something to say."

Next year, she’ll appear with jackass Johnny Knoxville in the Farrelly brothers’ The Ringer. “It’s about a young man who fixes the Special Olympics for money,” says Heigl, who plays a volunteer and attracts Knoxville’s character, a sicko who pretends to be developmentally disabled in order to compete. “South Park did an episode just like it,” says Heigl. “Everybody was furious.” Not everybody, Katherine. The freaks will love this, too.

Katherine Heigl: TV's hottest doctor will get your heart beating!

With a Johnny Knoxville film in the can and a TV drama coming soon, the former Roswell star's ship has officially landed.
Katherine Heigl is all wrong for Hollywood: She was raised a Mormon, not a red-string-wearing Kabbalah lover. She loves to knit (“It’s getting out of hand because I’m about to start knitting outfits for my damn dogs!”) She hates the L.A. “Scene.” And she’ll never, ever be accused of pulling a Mary-Kate (“Doughnuts, spaghetti, whatever- I just want to eat.”) Luckily, the 26-year-old has enough naughty-blonde voluptuousness going on to fuel forest fires. And Tinseltown can’t say no to that.

Signed to a modeling contract at age 9, the New Canaan, CT, native started out shilling for kid- friendly Cheerios and Sears before segueing into and acting career. She nabbed her first starring role in 1994's My Father, the Hero, and by age 20, had landed a lead role on TV’s Roswell. She’ll next be seen in this winter’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy on ABC and the upcoming comedy film The Ringer, where she stars opposite Johnny Knoxville. “Johnny was constantly fucking with everybody on the set”, Katherine says. “He took a cattle prod to the executive producer’s thigh. Of course he was aiming for something else….”

With all her upcoming projects, is there anything more Katherine could do to up her visibility? “Maybe I should do a sex tape,” she says with a laugh. “I mean, hey, look what it did for Paris Hilton!”

We like this girl.

Let’s travel back to your childhood. How has being officially beautiful since age 9 warped your fragile young mind?

I don’t look in the mirror every morning and say, “Wow, baby, you’re something else!” But here’s the run-down - and I hope this doesn’t come across as ridiculous: When people treat you a certain way for most of your life because of the way you look, you don’t think about it much. It’s just the way it is. But, let me tell you, I got made fun of like you wouldn’t believe all though middle school because I developed late and was flatter then a fucking wall. I got stuff like, “Were you out late last night? ‘Cause you’ve got some bug bites.” Then after I had done Under Siege 2 when I was 16, I cane back all developed and everybody thought that I’d had breast implants. I thought that was so funny, so I’d wear really tight body suits and be like, "No, no, don’t bump the breast, you might pop it!” They didn’t know if I was kidding or not.

Speaking of Under Siege 2, did that super-letch Steven Seagal notice your 16-year-old chest?

My mother was with me and she was very, “Do not fuck with my daughter.” Steven had six bodyguards on the set and he made everyone on the project wear a badge. The one they made for my mother said, “Nancy Don’t Fuck With Me Heigl.”

Katherine Heigl: Executed killer's second life suggests Evil Never Dies

Her TV series Roswell ended a year ago, but Katherine Heigl can’t escape the pull of the supernatural.

After three seasons as alien Isabel Evans, the young actress plays an assistant to a modern day Dr. Frankenstein in Evil Never Dies, a TBS movie thriller premiering Sunday, June 1.

After a vicious killer (Simon Bossell) is executed for murdering the wife of a police officer (Thomas Gibson, Dharma&Greg) in the couple’s home, he is revived in an experiment by a professor (British actor John Waters). Another wave of homicides results, sending the cop in pursuit of the madman he thought was dead.

Since she also starred in the 1998 Child’s Play sequel, Bride of Chucky, Heigl realizes she has a certain cache in the science-fiction and fantasy genres.

“I know that a lot of actors make choices in terms of trying to stay away from something,” she says, “and I certainly make those choices as well. After Roswell, I felt the need not to play someone of high-school age anymore and play adult roles. As for horror and sci-fi, I thought I’d like to veer toward romantic comedies, but when a great story comes along, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity.”

The Frankenstein-like theme of Evil Never Dies was the main lure for Heigl, who went to Australia to make the film.

“When I first heard the story, I thought, ‘This is ridiculous’” she says, “then I read the script and though, ’Why couldn’t this be possible?’ It just seemed so real, with all the medical jargon for bringing a corpse back to life, I realized that people could really buy into this. It makes you think about the advances in science that could make something like this possible.”

Technical advisers who were on the Evil Never Dies set heightened Heigl’s faith in the story.

“I always think it’s really wise for producers to have those sorts of people around,” she says. “Actors have no idea which wires should connect where or whether it’ll look believable. Doctors were around during the lab scenes, helping us know which machines were supposed to do what and to make it look as honest as possible. Today’s audiences are so sophisticated that if you don’t play to their level of knowledge, they’ll resent it.”

For all her sci-fi work, the former Wilhelmina model maintains she hasn’t sought such projects purposely.

“Science fiction was not something I was particularly interested in,” Heigl admits. “I’m usually more interested in romances or anything with just a good story that could be real. I did find Roswell fascinating, and through that, I started to get into the genre. It’s a whole other world that writers and fans have to believe is possible, and I love mythology, so sci-fi became interesting to me at a time when I didn’t think it would be.”

Sparked in part by the show’s current weeknight repeats on Sci-Fi Channel, mail from Roswell’s fans continues to reach Heigl.

“One of the most interesting things about that show for me,” she reflects, “was that because Isabel was an alien, I got to do many things, so that was creatively satisfying. I think anyone’s fear of getting involved in a show that could run for several years is that you’ll be playing only one character for that long; that can get stale for an actor, so on Roswell, I really lucked out.”

Evil Never Dies is airing soon after Heigl’s work as a frontier widow in the Hallmark Channel movie Loves Comes Softly, shown in April. “I’ve been really fortunate with the timing of all the projects I’ve done recently,” says the actress, who was born in Washington D.C., but raised in Connecticut. “Each one afforded me the opportunity to do something totally different. I filmed a TV spin-off of the movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion for ABC, and it was the first time I had ever done broad comedy. I had so much fun.”

Now making an extremely updated version of the Emily Bronte classic Wuthering Heights for MTV, Heigl says, “I’ve never read the book – which is just shameful – but this is a very modern adaptation of the original story. There’s heroin addiction in it, so it’s very modern, indeed…I was in an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest for NBC. It was set during the Civil War, so couldn’t call it complete modernization, though it was an update. I’m a huge Shakespeare fan, and I particularly love Othello and Romeo and Juliet, so I found the movie updates of those fascinating.”

Katherine Heigl - Irresistible!

Do you believe in aliens? With Katherine Heigl of "Roswell," you are going to be convinced of life in another galaxy. Discover what awaits our heroes in the second season of the series. Now boarding for new adventures.

"The Roswell Incident? I do believe it. How can a rumor be perpetuated for so long without any proof? I’m convinced that other forms of life exist: we are not alone in the universe."

Katherine Heigl is convinced of the existence of an "extraterrestrial" retrieved after the crash of a UFO, July 4, 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico. Mystery or fraud? The phenomenon always fascinates…Katherine is also excited about Isabel, the alien that she portrays in the series "Roswell."

"She and I look alike. Isabel is calm and thoughtful. On the other hand, I am more carefree. We haven’t had any other choice but to grow up fast, very fast."

Too fast?

"I began so young in modeling. But later, that helped me in becoming an actress: I was already used to the lights and cameras."

She debuted with Gérard Depardieu

Katherine does not renounce the little girl who still remains in her. "I still have the blanket I had when I was a baby," she admits. If there were more people like me, or who continued to suck their thumb, there would be less war. At least, that’s my philosophy."

At 14, she proved herself in the American version of "My Father, the Hero," with Gérard Depardieu. One year later, she was beside Steven Seagal in "Under Siege 2." "I learned martial arts and kickboxing. But I’ve forgotten all of it."

In 1999, she was Jade in "Bride of Chucky," but Isabel is the role she prefers. The numerous special effects, demonstrating Isabel’s supernatural talents, don’t frighten her. "At first, it was bizarre. Now, I have the feeling of really having her powers," says Katherine. As to the role of her dreams: "I would have loved to interpret Juliet. But other actresses have really played that character."

In love, Katherine is more realistic. "My first date in Los Angeles was a disaster. My exercise trainer invited me to dinner. In the restaurant, he didn’t stop bragging about his ambitions. He knew that I was in the business, and he had invited me out of self-interest. I’m never going back to that gym!"

Why Katherine Heigl Is A Hot Babe

What does a hot alien babe do on her days off? We ask Roswell star Katherine Heigl.

Although she has been called one of the sexiest people in the universe by major American magazines, Roswell star Katherine Heigl maintains a good sense of humour about these accolades.

"I don’t know how my family feels about me being called that (one of the universe’s hot babes)," she joked, "But, I’ll buy it! Why not?

"On a more serious note," she says, "I definitely don’t wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and think ‘I’m hot’ or ‘I’m stunning’. What’s really on my mind is: ‘All right, it’s another day and I’m just me,’" Katherine says earnestly during a recent Manhattan bash in celebration of her hit teenagers-from-space TV drama.

And – great news, Roswell fans! – the hit show will be back for a third season. When the second series finale was filmed, the show’s fate was uncertain, but just as it was aired here last week, the news broke that the show had new owners and another reprieve from the axe.

The show had also nearly been canned after its first series – until outraged fans bombarded the network with thousands of [bottles of] Tabasco sauce (an alien favourite), and convinced the bosses to save it.

Katherine is level-headed about her celebrity. "The best way to approach me is to just come up and talk to me and be cool. That’s all I can ask for."

A child model who turned to acting in her teens, Katherine made her feature debut in That Night, starring Juliette Lewis. She instantly knew she had found her path in life. "My first film was an amazing experience, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do." Between film projects, Katherine graduated high school early and moved from Connecticut to L.A., hoping to act full-time.

Her ever-growing CV includes movies with Gerard Depardieu (My Father the Hero), and Steven Seagal (Under Siege 2), plus Steven Soderbergh’s King of the Hill, The Bride of Chucky, tele-film The Tempest, Prince Valiant, Stand-Ins, and Wish Upon A Star with Peter Fonda (sic). And she will soon be seen in the movies Valentine and 100 Girls.

But her main love for now is playing Isabel on Roswell. "The show is just so much fun. The hours can be really long, but it’s an opportunity to do what I love every day for nine months. For me, it’s about having fun with it and always being challenged and learning your craft. I feel so lucky because I really love what I do."

Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon

A Roswell star takes a more grown-up [and hacked-up] role in Valentine....

In her new movie, Valentine, Katherine Heigl gets the coveted role played by Drew Barrymore and Jada Pinkett in the Scream flicks - she’s the first to get gored. Call it 'When Blind Dates With Stalker Tendencies Attack'. Heigl plays a med student who makes the mistake of going back to the lab after a frightfully bad date. "She dies a very gruesome, terrible death," Heigl says, with a laugh. "She goes back to school to study after a date with this absolute jackass of a guy, and goes to work on cadavers. You can imagine where it goes from there."

But even though she’s the first to go, the Roswell star enjoyed each of her 15 minutes on screen. "It was just fun to play somebody older. After playing an 18-year-old on the TV show the last few years, it was great to play somebody who could be a medical student!" And, indeed, Heigl, 22, has had other awkward Valentine’s Days. "I had just come back to school one January, and I started dating this guy I really liked, who was a year older. It was fun, not that serious, and then I became interested in this senior guy that I really liked. So on Valentine’s Day, the guy I was dating wanted to come over and make out on the couch. And the guy I really liked sent a dozen roses. He comes over thinking we’re going to make out, and the roses are on the counter. So I had to get rid of one to date the other - I could see which was the better one!"

These days, Heigl’s current boyfriend is trying to get her into Radiohead. She’s not so convinced about that. "It’s hard for me because it’s so different and weird. I like Coldplay - ‘Yellow’ is my new favorite song." But in the end, she’d rather listen to something that exposes her suburban-Connecticut roots - Neil Diamond’s ‘Hot August Night’. "My mother missed a Neil Diamond concert giving birth to me," she says. "My boyfriend will go put on Radiohead, and I’m like, ‘Can’t we just play ‘Hot August Night’?"

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