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Kayla Ewell Actress

Kayla Ewell

Currently starring as "Caitlin Ross" on CBS's soap opera series "The Bold And The Beautiful". Kayla was born and raised in Southern California. She first discovered her love of acting when she participated in the children's chorus for the National Broadway Tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She came to the recurring role on the critically acclaimed NBC television drama Freaks and Geeks. In addition, she has made appearances on television shows including The Profiler and Boston Public. Her appearance in the national Coca-Cola campaign featuring the Counting Crows as the "girl on the beach" garnered her national attention. Kayla enjoys a wide variety of leisure activities. She is accomplished in tap, jazz, and hip-hop dance. She also enjoys taking time to participate in recreational activities such as surfing, rock climbing and white water rafting. She resides in Los Angeles and was born on August 27, 1985, in Long Beach, California.

B&B Next Generation

SOAP OPERA WEEKLY turned the interviewing duties over to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Drew Tyler Bell and Kayla Ewell (Thomas and Caitlin) and let them ask each other the questions. The young on-screen lovebirds discuss everything from kissing to fast food.
Kayla Ewell: How many girls did you kiss before you kissed me the first time?
Drew Tyler Bell: You were my first kiss.
Ewell: You don't have to name them.
Bell Let's say an adequate number.
Ewell: Juicy question, juicy answer, come on!
Bell: Under 20.
Ewell: Okay. Same here.
Bell: You felt it didn't you?
Ewell: I did.
Bell: You got sucked in. Literally. (laughs)
Ewell: What would you rate it, on a scale of 1 to 10?
Bell: It was off the charts, baby. Is this all going to be about the kiss?

Ewell: What's the one thing you hate about working with me? You can be honest.
Bell: Hate is a pretty strong word.
Ewell: Okay, then what's the one thing you wish you could change about working with me?
Bell: You always say I'm in a bad mood. What do you find most appealing about me?
Ewell: When I don't think you're in a bad mood, it's really fun and easy to be around you. Most of the time, you're hyper and bouncing off the walls, so when you're not, when you're in a mellow mood, I'm like, "What's wrong?"
Bell: It's like if you see Jim Carrey walking normally down the sidewalk, you'd be like, "What's wrong with Jim Carrey?"
Ewell: No, I wouldn't.

Bell: Okay, bad example. How many posters do you have of me in your bedroom?
Ewell: In my bedroom or the whole house?
Bell: Bedroom, specifically.
Ewell: Five. I use you as wallpaper.
Bell: You have one up on the ceiling, so....
Ewell: When I lay down I can see you? Yeah, and on every door.
Bell: Everyone hates me but her, so I have to pay her to keep the posters up.
Ewell: That's not true. Everyone loves Drew. We hang out a lot. If I want to hang out with anyone on set, it's Drew.

Bell: She's always worried about lines before scenes.
Ewell: I'm not worried!
Bell: If we have six scenes, she wants to go through every single thing. We'll be five minutes away from doing our first scene and she'll say, "Drew, let's run scene five!" I'll be like, "I'm going to be so messed up if we run scene five."
Ewell: He has to run one scene the whole time and then after we do it, go to the next one.
Bell: It just makes sense. You can't be talking about a dead uncle if you're doing a scene where he hasn't died yet! You know what I'm saying?
Ewell: Yes. I'm just getting used to Drew's sense of humor.

WEEKLY: You were in the film Jeepers Creepers II? Wasn't that shot completely out of order?
Ewell: Good call! But you were doing two scenes a day, not eight or nine.
Bell: The problem with film is they don't have to have a specific 22 minutes [like B&B], so if they don't like your scene, they just cut you out.
Ewell: Which is what happened with Drew.
Bell: Yeah, I got cut out a lot.
Ewell: I told Drew I rented the DVD and saw him, and he said, "Oh, did you check the deleted scenes?" I'll have to rent it again, now.

Bell: Okay, let's go back to the kissing! You haven't taught me to surf yet.
Ewell: I keep telling Drew I'll teach him, even though I suck. Why would you want to learn from me?
Bell: Dude, the only problem is I'm on contract and if a shark eats me....
Ewell: Oh, my god, that's another thing. Drew is scared of sharks. I think it's because you grew up in Ohio, not near the ocean.
Bell: My brother is a pilot and he's taken me up over the ocean and you can see the sharks!
Ewell: No, you can't.
Bell: Yes, you can!
Ewell: I'm taking you surfing and we are going to sit there for hours and you'll see there are no sharks.
WEEKLY: I caught you two going through the soap magazines earlier.
Ewell: We make fun of ourselves, a lot. It's fun to be in the magazines.
Bell: I look at me and I look at her, and I say, "How did I get that lucky?"
Ewell: Drew! He knows what to say to girls.

Bell: How many times have you gotten pulled over [by the police]?
Ewell: Once, because I didn't have my registration stickers. My little brother put my license plates on for me and he forgot to put the stickers on. It was 2:30 in the morning and my friends were in the car with me. I didn't know what I was doing [wrong]. I was so nervous and then I could not find my registration! The cop thought I stole the car. He was like, "What's your job? How did you get the car?" He was trying to see if I had money to pay for it. I told him, "I'm on a soap opera on CBS." He was like, "Oh, cool. You girls have a good night." Then, he let me go. He was nice, actually. I saw him the other day and I waved and he waved back.

B&B’s Kayla Ewell learns to strike a pose

On the day Kayla Ewell (Caitlin) had to strut down the runway playing "model" for the Forrester fashion show, the actress found herself distracted by a few real models. "Those girls from [UPN’s] AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL are here," Ewell whispered excitedly near the set. "My roommate and I were absolutely obsessed with that show. I am such a huge fan!"
Ewell thought she could probably use a few pointers from the two up-and-coming models, given that she herself had absolutely no prior experience on the catwalk. "With the whole modeling thing, I was scared in the beginning because I didn’t know what to do, really," says the actress, whose character on the show is the inspiration behind Forrester’s new Ingenue line.

Fortunately, the rookie got a little help from one of her co-stars. "Emily Harrison (Bridget) said, ‘I used to be a model — let me show you some stuff,’" Ewell explains. "So on our breaks, she’d show me how to turn, how to walk. It really helped me. Once I kind of knew what to do, I was fine." When it came time for Ewell to show off what she learned from Harrison, she could strut her stuff with confidence. "When our director saw it, she said, ‘Dang! That was really good!’ So now, I think it’s all really fun."

On the set, Ewell earned the nickname Ariel (as in The Little Mermaid) thanks to the long red wig she donned for the fashion show. As for her chosen outfits, the actress was giddy about getting to wear such unique styles. "It’s like playing dress-up," she laughs. "Our costume designer made all these things and it made me think, ‘Oh my gosh, how did you even think of this?’"

As for the anticipated showstopper piece, Ewell says even she was nonplussed by the mini-minidress. "I said, ‘Is this the shirt?’ and they said, ‘This is the whole dress!’ It’s literally a showstopper! But once I put it on, I felt so cool."

Kayla Ewell really loves what she is doing now

KAYLA EWELL recently joined the cast of B&B as Caitlin Ross, an ambitious new intern at Forrester Creations. CBS.com caught up with her on the way to a photo shoot to discuss this new character. “It’s perfect timing because I’m stuck in traffic,” she chatted from her cell phone when this interviewer called. “I have all the time in the world!”

CBS.com: How did you land the role of Caitlin?
KAYLA EWELL: I got lucky! I auditioned twice and then got the screen test. It was between me and another girl, and the other girl was so nice. Drew [Tyler Bell, Thomas] was in on the decision and he chose me. I don’t know, I guess it was just meant to be!

CBS.com: So you tested with Drew. Did you guys hit it off right away?
KAYLA EWELL: Yeah! There was this connection. Our personalities just really clicked. When we acted together, it just kind of flowed.

CBS.com: Did you ever watch the show before?
KAYLA EWELL: I did not, and I wish I could say I did. I was in school all the time, so I didn’t watch any soap operas. Now, I am the number one fan and I watch all the time! [Laughs] My whole family watches it. All my friends are new viewers!

CBS.com: What was your first day on the set like?
KAYLA EWELL: I was really nervous in the beginning because you never know what to expect, but once I got there and met everyone, they were so nice. Everyone kept saying to me, “Welcome to the family.” My first scene was with John McCook, who plays Eric Forrester. He’s a veteran at these soap operas. So, I was a little nervous, but he was so sweet. He made me feel so comfortable in front of everyone. He was like, “Don’t even worry about it. Act like no one’s watching. It’s just you and me.” I kind of call him my soap opera dictionary because I don’t know some of the terms that they use and he really helps me and lets me know everything. So, it’s really nice. He’s been a blessing just because he helps me with things that normally I don’t think anyone would.

CBS.com: You grew up in Southern California. Did you always know that you wanted to act?
KAYLA EWELL: Not in the beginning, I was dancing and singing. I did the Disneyland parade and I was in the national Broadway tour of Joseph [and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat] and I toured around in fifth grade. So, I was really into singing and dancing. The one day, an agent just approached me at my dance studio and said, “Hey, would you like to try this?” It was just one of those times where I was like, “I guess I’ll try it.” And it just really worked out. I love it even more than singing and dancing. It just gets me really happy and I love it!

CBS.com: You have a pretty impressive resume, having done a number of guest spots on primetime television. This is your first daytime role, right?
KAYLA EWELL: Yeah, it is. Actually, I’m doing daytime for The Bold and the Beautiful and I’m [recurring on] Boston Public. I’m doing daytime and primetime at the same time, which is fun because they both have their ups and downs. I get to see how different each of them is. I really like daytime because there’s an episode everyday for viewers, so it’s not like they have to wait a whole week for it. So, I think they can get into it easier and it’s just more fun for them. And also, taping daytime is a different experience because you have to know your lines really fast. With primetime, you take your time on the shot, but you need to know your stuff in daytime. So, it’s a bit of stretch. It’s really fun. It’s something different and new, so it’s exciting for me.

CBS.com: You were also in a Coca-Cola commercial with the Counting Crows. What was that like?
KAYLA EWELL: That was so much fun! I was a little nervous to meet the band. They were so friendly and so nice that I felt so comfortable. They took pictures with me. Actually, they ended up asking me to go on tour with them, but it was my senior year of high school, so I said no. That would have been a wonderful experience, but I decided to experience high school a little bit. It turned out we had a wonderful time together.

CBS.com: Do you still sing and dance?
KAYLA EWELL: Yes. I don’t do any shows or anything, but I still take dance classes and I love to sing. So, it’s like my stress release.

CBS.com: With your background, would a long-term goal be to star in a Broadway musical?
KAYLA EWELL: That would be very fun for me because it would be both [things that I love to do] together. I haven’t actually thought about that, but I think that would be wonderful. When I was in Joseph, I enjoyed it so much. Good idea!

CBS.com: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
KAYLA EWELL: In L.A. still, having a really good job and being able to be close to my family, making sure that they’re a big part of my life also. I think family’s really important and my family and I are very close. So just anything that makes sure that I can stay with my family and friends and that I’m happy. Anything that helps me grow, you know?

CBS.com: Do you have any siblings?
KAYLA EWELL: Yeah, I have an older brother who is married and has his own family now. I have a sister who’s thirteen months younger than me, so we’re really close and a younger brother who’s four years younger. We have a really close family, which is really rare, and we try and stay close no matter what happens. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that for the rest of our lives.

CBS.com: Are you still at home with your parents or are you living on your own now?
KAYLA EWELL: Okay, funny that you should ask that! I’m moving into an apartment with one of my best friends, and we are going to live there together on our own. After the photo shoot today, I’m driving there and officially staying there for the first time. I was staying at the dorms at college and decided two shows and college was just too much. I took a leave of absence for about a year or two. I’m definitely going to go back; I made a promise to my parents that I would go back and get a college degree. But right now a lot’s happening so I’m just going to take it and go with it.

CBS.com: What were you studying?
KAYLA EWELL: I was a Communications major, so there wasn’t anything specific.

CBS.com: You have a busy schedule, but what do you do when you’re not working?
KAYLA EWELL: Mostly hang out with my friends. I’ve always lived by the beach, so I absolutely love the beach. So, even if it’s not hot, [I] sit and listen to the waves. And go work out and dance and sing in the shower! But mostly hang out with my friends and go out to dinner with my parents. Just have a good time, whatever we feel like doing at the moment.

CBS.com: I understand you like to travel.
KAYLA EWELL: Yeah, I do. I love to travel. We take a family vacation every year.

CBS.com: Tell me what Caitlin is like.
KAYLA EWELL: I’m so excited to play the character because I feel like she is a lot like me. She really loves what she’s doing. She is so engulfed in fashion, and I see fashion kind of like the industry that I’m in right now and how I love to do it. She is working for Eric Forrester, who is basically compared to the Steven Spielberg of film. So, she meets him and it’s like a dream come true. She works with him a lot and she kind of sees him almost as a fatherly figure. They open up to each other and he is just this wonderful person for her. Fashion is kind of like her release, too. It’s just something that she loves to, so she loves to go to work and she’s always in a good mood because she loves what she’s doing and it makes her happy. There will be something coming up with Thomas Forrester, of course. They meet at the fashion place. He’s kind of trying to hit on her and she’s like, you’re young and you’re a Forrester, it would never work out. But she definitely feels like there’s something underneath. She puts up this front like she’s not interested in him. Then they meet again and he keeps persisting and finally he gets through. It should be fun for the viewers to see what happens.

CBS.com: Will Caitlin also meet Thomas’ sisters?
KAYLA EWELL: You know, I really don’t know. We’ve talked about other things but never about his family. I know that she gets nervous around his family and if she does meet them, she would not really know how to act and want to make a really good impression but probably end up not making a good one because she gets nervous or something. We haven’t really talked about his family that much with the producers, but that would be a really good storyline if they did that. So, we’ll see.

CBS.com: Is there anyone on the cast you haven’t had any scenes with yet that you’d like to?
KAYLA EWELL: You know, I haven’t even met everyone yet on the cast so I don’t know if I could actually answer that question. But I would love to have scenes with really anyone because everyone that I’ve met is so nice and just so welcoming. It’s really interesting because it really is like a family. So, anyone in the family would be great with me!

CBS.com: Do you have any ideas for what you’d like to see happen for Caitlin?
KAYLA EWELL: I would like to see kind of a struggle between her and Thomas because he’s in this rich family and my feeling is she doesn’t come from that rich of a family background. So, we’ll see. There might be kind of a struggle between the differences of backgrounds that they come from. There are a lot of interesting things that can happen there.

CBS.com: If Caitlin decided to pursue an older man, is there someone on the canvas who might catch her eye?
KAYLA EWELL: If anyone, probably Deacon. They go out to dinner once in one of the episodes, but it’s not really like a date. It’s just kind of like they go together. I was talking with Sean [Kanan, Deacon] about the characters and he said that Deacon has a past with younger girls. The producers said, no, we’re not going in that direction. But I guess if they wanted to, they probably could.

CBS.com: Do you watch a lot of TV?
KAYLA EWELL: Not really. I love TV, and when I have a chance to watch it, I don’t really have a preference for any show, I just like to flip around. TV’s fun, but it’s more fun to be on it than watch it!

CBS.com: Do you go to the movies often?
KAYLA EWELL: I go to the movies all the time. My friends and I love the movies. My favorite movies are like Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan, the fantasy ones.

CBS.com: Could you see yourself doing something in film down the line?
KAYLA EWELL: Oh my gosh, totally. If that’s what’s meant to happen because I think that would be so much fun. Yeah, definitely.

Life can't be better for Kayla Ewell

Forrester's Ingenue Caitlin Ramirez is living on an emotional high these days. What could be better? She's Forrester's new designer and model, and now her romance with Rick has taken a turn towards relationship status! Her portrayer KAYLA EWELL chatted with CBS.com about this exciting whirlwind.

CBS.com: When you came on the show your character started out with such emotional storyline and now it seems Caitlin's life is on the upswing. It's like a whirlwind for her.
KAYLA EWELL: It's really cool. I kind of parallel it to me getting this job because it was so happy and I felt like everything was going so good. It's easy for me to portray Caitlin being like that because that's how I felt just a couple months ago.

CBS.com: What was it like to work the runway as Forrester's ingenue?
KAYLA EWELL: It was so fun.

CBS.com: Have you ever done any modeling in real life?
KAYLA EWELL: No. I never have. It was so interesting. I think that every girl wants to be a model. It's always been something that I've been like, "Oh, wouldn't it be so fun to be a model?" Walking the runway was really fun.

CBS.com: How was it working with the models from America's Next Top Model?
KAYLA EWELL: They were very nice. They helped me because I was like, "OK, what should I do?" They told me to "walk like this and pose here." I loved the show [America's Next Top Model]. I asked Gina in wardrobe to take a picture of us and act like she needed it and then she gave it to me! My roommate and I love that show so we have the picture up on our fridge.

CBS.com: How's it been working with Justin [Torkildsen, Rick]?
KAYLA EWELL: Great. I think he's a really good actor so it's easy [working with him]. He has good chemistry. And we're friends now. I love his wife. She's so nice. The fact that I was working with someone that is married was weird for me in the beginning but once I met his wife I was totally fine because she is really nice. They handle [on-screen romances] well. I enjoy working with him.

CBS.com: Did you have any initial concerns about this romantic storyline being that Rick is older than Caitlin?
KAYLA EWELL: No. I didn't really think about it. It's a soap opera and fans are going to be happy or unhappy with different storylines. So, I think some people will like it and some people won't. It's just all the drama. It stirs it up.

CBS.com: Do you ever go online and check out what fans are saying about you or your storyline?
KAYLA EWELL: Yeah. It's funny because my friends do it and they'll call me and say, "Guess what -- someone just said this about you." And I'll be like, "You know what, that's okay." And she'll [say], "No, it's not okay!" It's fun, though.

CBS.com: Does Caitlin feel badly for leaving Thomas behind?
KAYLA EWELL: I think that's the one thing that gets her upset. She really loves Thomas but just not in the way they thought. She kind of thought she liked him until she met Rick. I feel badly. I would read the scripts and I watched the show the other day and I was like, "Oh my gosh! I'm so mean!" I felt bad for Thomas. I just wanted to give him a hug.

CBS.com: Would you like to see a time when they reconnect?
KAYLA EWELL: Yes, if that's where the storyline commits. I think it would be awesome. I love working with Drew [Tyler Bell]. We get along really well. We have fun together.

CBS.com: What do you think Caitlin's expectations are for this relationship with Rick?
KAYLA EWELL: I think she expects them to stay together forever. I think that's not going to happen and it's going to be a big deal for her. I think [she] believes that he loves her, too, and I think he does love her but there's a big age difference and a lot of people don't want us to be together. This is her first love.

CBS.com: Is Caitlin still worried about how her dad will react to this relationship?
KAYLA EWELL: Having her mom on her side is a big deal. So now it's two against one, because her dad is so protective. Having him not know is a really big deal but that's worth risking for Rick.

CBS.com: On the home front, what do you think about their new "perfect family" arrangement?
KAYLA EWELL: I think Caitlin's always wanted it. I think Hector, Samantha and Jimmy -- all of us -- have always wanted it. So, we're going to try our best to make it like that. Every family has its fights but I hope in the end it can be [perfect] because we have fun playing it like that. I think she does expect that and if it's not like that it's going to be a big deal to her.

CBS.com: Do you think Caitlin would like to see Samantha and Hector getting married?

CBS.com: How much fun is it to portray all the changes in Caitlin's life right now?
KAYLA EWELL: It's different. She started out this really, really nice, good girl and I just did scenes with Adrienne [Frantz, Amber] that show that she could be mean. It's fun because when you're in stressful situations a bad side comes out of everyone. So, now you get to see Caitlin's bad side for the first time. It will be really fun.

CBS.com: How was it to go head to head with Amber?
KAYLA EWELL: Fun! She knows how to do it. She's really good at it. When someone's in your face like that, it's easy to give it back. I enjoyed it. I walked off [the stage] going, "Oh, that was really fun."

CBS.com: Does Caitlin feel threatened by Amber at all?
KAYLA EWELL: Definitely. Especially because she's been married to Rick and they have a kid together. Honestly, I think Caitlin genuinely wants to be Amber's friend but when Amber doesn't want to be Caitlin's friend it's like, "Um, okay, fine. You don't want to be friends then we won't even talk. I'll hate you." So, it's one extreme or the other. To get Caitlin on your bad side is pretty hard but Amber does it pretty easily.

CBS.com: Do you enjoy playing the mean side of Caitlin?
KAYLA EWELL: Definitely. It's fun because I normally play really nice people. So, to play meaner and more evil is fun -- more fun than playing nice.

CBS.com: Are you similar to Caitlin at all?
KAYLA EWELL: Yes. A lot. When my parents watch the show they're always [saying], "Kayla, I swear you just play yourself." But there's a little bit of a difference between us because I'm not into fashion. For me, shopping, when I see something I like it and that's it. Caitlin is so into fashion. Caitlin's more reserved, I'm more bubbly in real life. But other than that, it's pretty close.

CBS.com: How would you describe your own personal style?
KAYLA EWELL: It's kind of if I like it, I just get it. I like to feel comfortable. If I'm going out I'll get dressed up but most of the time I like to be pretty comfortable in just jeans and a top. I love flip flops because they are so comfortable for my feet. Here [on set] I wear these huge heels, might as well be comfortable [at home].

CBS.com: What's your favorite piece in your personal wardrobe?
KAYLA EWELL: My Uggs. Once you put your feet in them, you don't want to take them out.

CBS.com: Are you taking any vacations during your hiatus from the show?
KAYLA EWELL: My family is going to Bora Bora. We're taking a cruise to different islands like Moorea. I'm so excited. My family and I are really close, my brothers and sister and I and so when we go on vacations with the whole family we really have fun. It will be cool.

CBS.com: How many siblings do you have?
KAYLA EWELL: I have an older brother, then I have a younger sister and then a younger brother.

CBS.com: Do any of them have acting aspirations?
KAYLA EWELL: No. My sister's a cheerleader. My brother plays soccer and then my other brother owns his own company. So, they have their own thing so I can be the actress of the group.

CBS.com: Do they ever come to the set and watch you?
KAYLA EWELL: Yes. My little brother just came last week, my sister is coming next week and then I'm sure my older brother will come within the next year.

CBS.com: Do they watch and give you advice or feedback?
KAYLA EWELL: Yeah. They watch and like my dad will say, "Okay, I felt like you were rushing." And I'm like, "Oh thanks Dad." They give constructive criticism. He's honest with me. He'll tell me if it seemed natural. They give me hints. My sister does too, but mostly she'll say [things like], "Oh that shirt you were wearing is so cute." Oh and the scenes where I was really crying, my little brother [said], "I don't like watching it because it's not really you." He doesn't like watching me be upset.

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