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Kristin Kreuk

The exotic cutie currently plays "Lana Lang" on WB's "Smallville", Kreuk began acting in high school plays, but focused more on her schoolwork than the stage. Fate came calling at the beginning of her senior year, when a casting director looking for new talent for the television series Edgemont tapped Kreuk for a starring role. It was her first professional audition. Kreuk starred on Edgemont for four seasons. In 2002, she became the newest spokesperson for Neutrogena and started an advertising campaign with them. Kreuk currently lives in Vancouver and, when not working, enjoys reading and spending time with friends. Kristin Laura Kreuk was born on December 30, 1982, in Vancouver, Canada, to a Dutch father ( Peter) and Chinese mother ( Deanna). She studied in the Eric Hamber High school in Vancouver. Her favorite TV shows are Friends, Third Watch and ER and her favorite actress is Jodie Foster. Kristin enjoys watching movies with friends, dancing, reading, writing, gymnastics. Kristin Kreuk plays Laurel (age 16), the urbanite from Toronto on the TV series Edgemont. Smart, savvy, hip and artistic, Laurel is fundamentally shy, and feeling like a fish out of water in her new suburban environment. Laurel is also drop-dead gorgeous. Laurel knows Mark is off-limits - but she is falling for him. She knows she should turn back before it's too late - but she can't. Edgemont is Kreuk's professional debut, having previously participated in threatre productions at Eric Hamber high school where she was a student. Kristin Kreuk starred in the title role for ABC's television movie Snow White, in Spring 2001. She landed the role of Laurel at an open casting call. She was originally planning to go to university for psychology or environmental studies (and still might someday). Kristin hates cameras. She has a small, close-knit group of friends she depends on and really values, and really loves living in Vancouver (but would move to the U.S. for her career). She loves Granville Island, especially the food.


Kristin Kreuk Traumatized by Partition

Smallville star Kristin Kreuk will co-star with Jimi Mistry in Partition, an epic romance set in India during the last days of the British Empire, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Kreuk is set to play a 17-year-old who is traumatized by the events that separate her from her family as India is divided into two countries.

Myriad Pictures is co-producing the film with Canada's Sepia Films.

Kristin Kreuk: Fine Actress behind Beautiful Face

Who she is: She plays Lana Lang, the beautiful girl next door for whom Clark Kent pines in Smallville, WB's clever update of the Superboy story.

Why you might know her: She starred in the TV series Edgemont for two years, but you'd only know that if you get Canadian TV. Smallville is her American debut.

Why you will know her: Most of the teen-idol fervor will focus on Smallville's Superboy, Tom Welling — and with good reason. But WB has an almost magical ability to find cover-girl-ready faces, and the lovely Kreuk could be the latest. It helps that there's a fine actress behind that beautiful face, one who reveals a loneliness in Lana that makes her all the more appealing.

Kristin Kreuk appears in Femme Fatales and CFQ magazines

Kristin Kreuk (Lana) is featured in two new magazines that you will soon be able to find on newsstands everywhere.

Kristin is in the December 2004 issue of Femme Fatales magazine where she talks about Smallville in addition to her Earthsea miniseries, which premieres tonight.

She talks about becoming involved with a mythology that already has a fan base, both with the miniseries and with Smallville, and reveals that her sister is a big fan of the 'Earthsea' series of novels. She also talks about her Earthsea co-star Shawn Ashmore, who appeared on two episodes of Smallville though the two of them hadn't had the opportunity before to work together. "Everyone on Smallville loves him, loves him to bits," she told Femme Fatales' Sean Jordan.

The Kreuk feature in Femme Fatales clocks in at five pages and is filled with some nice photos from both projects. Meanwhile, over in the December/January CFQ, Kristin talks about her role on Earthsea and talks about the evolution of Lana Lang.

Both issues should be on newsstands soon if they are not already. CFQ and Femme Fatales will both soon be relaunching their websites; for more information on them, click here. Also keep an eye out early in 2005 for a Kristin Kreuk appearance on Femme Fatales' cover as she has been named one of the "50 Sexy" women for the year 2004.

Kreuk Likes Smallville Changes

Kristin Kreuk, who plays Lana Lang in The WB's Superman series Smallville, told SCI FI Wire that the show is entirely different this season and that her character has undergone changes as well. "That's actually quite fun for me," Kreuk said in an interview while promoting her latest project, SCI FI Channel's upcoming original miniseries Legend of Earthsea. "I enjoying changing it up."

Among other things, Kreuk's Lana has developed a new relationship with Jason Teague (Jensen Ackles), a storyline that will continue to develop. "The show has evolved a lot," Kreuk said. "They were going darker last year, which I actually thought was quite interesting, going more adult and a little darker. But it wasn't appealing to the same audience anymore. So they brought it back to being more youth-oriented, and there's more sex, and I think the storylines are starting to shift again. There were a lot of shuffles in The WB itself this year, so powers were kind of shifting, and I think the direction of the show got confused. But now it's coming together, and all these really great storylines that we have are being fleshed out a little more."

Kreuk declined to discuss details. "I'm just going to be selfish about this, because I really only know where I'm going, mostly," Kreuk said. "But we've got the storyline with Lana's tattoo. Jane Seymour has come onto the show to play Jason's mother. Jane's character is quite evil and complex, and Lana has dreamt of her in her past, from when she was a witch. It's all convoluted, but they're going to flesh out that storyline and see how it connects to the mythology and to Superman and to these crystals. And that will eventually lead to ... well, that's the secret." Smallville airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Wednesdays.

Kristin Kreuk gets real lessons from a fantasy of ''Earthsea''

Although they may be set in far-flung worlds, fantasy tales can never truly be separated from their creators and from the lands that created them.
Some of the most popular fantasy -- from "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" to "Harry Potter" -- comes from a British (and by extension, a northern European) tradition. But what if the fantasy originates in North America, a land once thought mystical and mysterious by European explorers? Further, what if it comes from a woman who spent much of her life in Portland, Ore., in the Pacific Northwest, a well-watered land of forests, rivers and seashore?

Published between 1968 and 1972, the Earthsea trilogy -- "A Wizard of Earthsea," "The Tombs of Atuan" and "The Farthest Shore" (along with a fourth book "Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea") -- was originally intended for young adults but has become a worldwide favorite with all ages.
On Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 13 and 14, Sci-Fi Channel adapts the first two books into a four-hour miniseries called "Legend of Earthsea," set in a mythical, windswept land of island kingdoms. Robert Halmi Sr. of Hallmark Entertainment, along with Kevin Brown and Lawrence Bender of Bender-Brown Productions, are executive producers. Robert Lieberman ("Casino") directs from a screenplay by Gavin Scott ("The Mists of Avalon").

Filmed on location in Vancouver, Canada, "Earthsea" stars Shawn Ashmore (the "X-Men" movies) as Ged, an impetuous youth who discovers he has magical powers. With the help of legendary wizard Ogion (Danny Glover, "Lethal Weapon"), he seeks to master his craft, but instead unleashes an evil force. This forces him on a journey that leads him to Tenar (Kristin Kreuk, "Smallville"), the successor to High Priestess Thar (Isabella Rossellini, "Merlin"). Ultimately, Ged and Tenar must combine their powers to save Earthsea.

"It's usually a European and middle-European world (in fantasy)," Halmi says. "Because 'Earthsea' comes from America, it comes with all those American traditions. That's why it's multicultural, multiracial. You never see wizard movies done in England that has any kind of color in it, because that's a different world. We have no mythology, so we create our own."

Kreuk first became aware of "Earthsea" through her younger sister, a fan, and she knew Halmi's Hallmark Entertainment because she did a multicultural version of "Snow White" for the company.

"They took a chance on me with 'Snow White,'" Kreuk says. "And I was shooting at home in Vancouver" -- where "Smallville" also films -- "which was another bonus for me. It would not have happened if it had not been shooting in Vancouver. "And it's perfect. The way you envision Earthsea is just this chain of islands, which is outer Vancouver, the Gulf Islands. I think they took a layout of the Gulf Islands and used that as the landscape of Earthsea. It's beautiful."

She also appreciates the differences between "Earthsea" and European fantasy novels. "The women are strong and play a very important role in bringing peace to Earthsea," Kreuk says. "Isabella's character is wonderfully strong, as is mine, rebellious in some ways and feisty. The men and women work together to come to this end.

"There are still guys on a quest, but there are women at the other end of the quest that hold all the power. It's between man and woman, between faith and magic, fatalism ... making them come together so that everything is right."

As Tenar learns from Thar, Kreuk took the opportunity to learn from Rossellini, daughter of film legend Ingrid Bergman.

"Isabella seems in some ways like a child," Kreuk says. "She's so graceful and down to earth and funny and smart and worldly. She's passionate about what she does. I've also just watched her enjoy everything, keep her sense of humor when things get rough.

"And she's a woman who is who she is. She's Isabella Rossellini, and she's always been Isabella Rossellini. She's so grounded and real. As a young actor who's really just starting out, you can see where you should be and who you should be like. She's someone to emulate, because there are so many people who just start to believe that they are the be-all and end-all of the world -- and nobody is."

Hearing Kreuk's compliments, Rossellini laughs heartily. "I don't think I taught her anything.She didn't say it to me; the makeup artist said to me: 'She's so impressed to work with you.' I said, 'With me? What would she be impressed about with me? I'm not a superstar. She's worked with Halmi; I've worked with Halmi.' She doesn't let anything through."

Like his character, Ashmore also took away lessons. "I was never frightened of [working with Glover and Rossellini]. I think it's more of a challenge. There's a responsibility to this work. Some people can slough off fantasy as escapist and not take it seriously, but this is a real story.

"So to watch two amazing actors come in and take responsibility and give their all to these characters is pretty amazing." Ultimately, fantasy works best when it offers a perspective on the real world, and Glover knows that.

"So much of what we consider the fantasy world," he says, "resides in our own spirit, in our own hearts, in our own mind. What's inherent in this story are enormous values and ideals: values around one's use of one's gift, the use of one's gift for the betterment of the world, or the values that deal with responsibility."

Art of being Kristin Kreuk

Date-line: "Right now I don't have any one special person in my life. It's not that easy to find someone I can relate too. I'm tough to crack because I'm shy.
Name That Tune: "I'm really into hip hop music right now. That and rap. Basically I listen to just about everything except heavy metal."

Street Wise: "I'd rather walk than drive a car. In Vancouver, where I am from, you can get to just about anywhere you need to go on foot. Even if it's raining I'll go out for a stroll. I just love that.

Brazil Nut: "Someday I'd like to do some real traveling. I'm obsessed with Brazil and I've always had this dream of backpacking through South America."

Hidden Talent: "I did gymnastics when I was growing up and to this day I can still do the splits."
Wonder Woman: "I wish Lana would become more independent! Sure, she's tough in some ways, but she's also a wimp."

Seeing Red: "Clark is a different guy now thanks to his exploits on red kryptonite. I think Lana kind of likes that side of Clark. She also has an incredible dislike for the guy 'cause he can be so flat-out mean to her."

In The Cut: "I'm not allowed to do anything new with my hair. I'd get shot. This season it's a little shorter and there are curls but, that's it."

The Naked Truth: "I think Tom is officially used to (showing skin) now. I don't know how shy he is about it. Michael and Sam have no problem in that department. They're not shy! This season, I think we are already prepared for more of the clothes-taking-off stuff."

Not So Blind Dates: "In real life, I could go out with any of the guys on Smallville. Clark would be a great boyfriend because he is so loyal and generous. Lex is very sexy. You know, that dark, evil thing is always attractive. And Pete is just plain funny. A lot of girls, including me, like funny."


Kristin Kreuk is a Woman of Steel

At only 19, Kristin Kreuk is set to star in a WB series pegged to be the next cult hit. Who could've predicted? Okay, that's a trick question. Kreuk recently opened a letter she wrote to herself during an 8th grade social studies class that said, "Kristin, I hope you're an actress right now." She doesn't remember making the prediction, but she's pretty sure her 13-year-old self would approve.

Vancouver-based Kreuk was struggling with college applications when her high school drama teacher sent her out on her first audition. She landed the lead in a Fox Family Channel series called Edgemont. Next came a role as everyone's favorite poisoned princess, Snow White, in an ABC movie airing this fall. Then, on her first visit to Los Angeles, she landed the part of Lana Lang, Clark Kent's high school crush in the new WB series Smallville, premiering October 16.

While college might no longer be in the cards, Kreuk's education isn't over. Smallville's producers wanted her to be well versed in the man-of-steel mythology, so they sent Kreuk a textbook filled with details about the caped crusader to bring her up to speed.

Since she's an expert now, how could Lois Lane never tell the difference between Clark and Superman? "We have to suspend our disbelief. Clark Kent was so dorky it was hard for her to put together that this dork could also be this person she was madly in love with. Your mind can do lots of things when it wants to."

Who would she go for--the mild-mannered reporter or the studly superhero? "Oh, that's hard. I would probably like Lex, because he's so evil."

Is she a bad girl in the making? "No, Lex is just so interesting and always charming. But I don't think you'd want to stay with him long-term."

Kristin Kreuk is happy to live and to work in Vancover

This doesn't seem to be the same old Superman series, but did she know that when she was auditioning? "I live in Vancouver, where they were casting, and what you get is a breakdown. It tells you about the characters they're auditioning. There's a little blurb about each and a tiny paragraph about the show. All it basically said was that it was about a young Superman, and the character I was trying out for was a popular girl who's a cheerleader dating the star quarterback, Clark loves her, blah, blah, blah.

"And I was like, Huh? She doesn't sound very interesting. But I'll go audition for it and have fun. Then I went down to L.A. and met the writers and producers, and they were so into it; they were so stoked to do the show. That caught on, and when I read the script I thought, This is so different. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. I love it."

She's from Vancouver, she goes to Hollywood, then gets sent straight back to Vancouver. Is she bummed not to be shooting Smallville in L.A.? "I'm so happy I'm in Vancouver. I really don't want to go to L.A. I live with my parents here. I'm sort of looking for a place, but I've never lived on my own, so moving out would be kind of difficult while I'm working on this show. I'm going to wait till I have a nice break and then find a place."

Have her friends dropped by the set? "I hate having people on set. I just don't like it. I've never actually had anyone come and hang out. It makes me uncomfortable. Our studio is out [of the way], none of my friends have cars, and neither do I. It's just a pain. Plus, they're going to school and I'm working, and they don't want to hang out on set. It's boring."

Yeah, kissing that Tom Welling must be a real chore.

Kristin Kreuk was a ''shy person''

Growing up in Canada, the last thing Kristin Kreuk expected to become was famous. With a starring role on the new WB show Smallville, all of that is about to change. Here, Kristin dishes about what it feels like to be the new girl in town.
The WB: Give us the scoop on Smallville...
Kristin: Well, the story is inspired by Superman, but it's about Clark Kent and what it's like for him growing up in this small town and what happens to him when he starts to discover he has certain powers.

The WB: And you're the lucky girl he chooses as his love interest?
Kristin: In a way. Clark really likes Lana (my character) but they've never really had a chance to get to know one another, until now.

The WB: What's Lana like?
Kristin: When the show starts off, Lana is the popular girl at school. She's smart and she's the cheerleader type. But, there's a lot more to her than that. She lost her parents when she was really young so there's a lot of loneliness to deal with too.

The WB: How does it feel to have your first really big acting job?
Kristin: I can't believe how lucky I am to have this opportunity. I'm just so happy. I also think I'm still in shock. This whole thing kind of fell into my lap.

The WB: So you're not the type who was born wanting to be an actress?
Kristin: I grew up in Canada and I took theater classes through out high school. I enjoyed it, but my real plan was to attend University.

The WB: Were you discovered by accident?
Kristin: Kind of. One day some producers called my school. They were looking to cast a teen soap and my teacher suggested I go to the audition. I wound up getting the part and everything has just fallen in to place since then.

The WB: Does that mean you're putting college on hold?
Kristin: For the time being yes. When I first started doing professional acting I really didn't think I had the talent for it. I was planning on using the money I made from the soap to pay for school.

The WB: What were you planning to study?
Kristin: I wanted to be a forensic scientist for a long time. I thought it was the most interesting thing ever in the 6th and 7th grade - just to be able to try and figure out how a crime happened. It's like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Solving mysteries seemed like it would be fun, scary and exciting all at the same time.

The WB: And now?
Kristin: Obviously forensics will have to wait. I love this job. I am working with the most talented group of people and I'm doing things I never thought were possible. It's also scary because I am a shy person and now all of a sudden I'm in this totally new place. I'm not that great at meeting new people and having to, well, talk. I'm not good at small talk, conversations with strangers. The most amazing thing is that I never thought I could do this as a career and here I am. So for now I'm just going to ride it out. When the train stops... I'll get off and go to university.

Kristin Kreuk forever

"Smallville" star Kristin Kreuk told Spin magazine that a palm reader assured her it was safe to live dangerously. "She told me that I have a long life line. She said I could speed [while driving] and be all right. I could probably jump off bridges and I wouldn't die."

Kristin Kreuk stars in the new SF movie ''Earthsea''

The four-hour series – a long feature film, essentially – will air on the Sci Fi Channel in two parts on the 13th and 14th of December. It follows in the success of the well-made Dune and Children of Dune series and stars Hollywood veteran Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) as well as Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men). Like Dune, it is based on a popular fiction series – in this case, the Earthsea novels by Ursula K. Le Guin.

In conjunction with the airing of Earthsea, Borders and Waldenbooks bookstores putting up special Earthsea displays with the novels and miniseries soundtrack for sale.

The casting of prominent African-American actor Danny Glover is significant, as it touches the essence of what Le Guin hoped to accomplish when she wrote Earthea. While most of the heroes in her award-winning epic are colored, the villains are white – and that's done on purpose, she told The New Tribune.

"That was a completely deliberate political act. Fantasy has been pretty much a white game," she said. "I was sick of that already in 1968. I thought, this is silly, this is stupid."

With Earthsea, Le Guin hoped to put both political and magical issues in a serious light, as compared to lighter works like the Harry Potter books. "[The wizards in Harry Potter] … use their wizardry just against each other. It's a competitive sport, whereas my Earthsea books are really kind of a study of power. What's good about having unlimited power, what's bad about it, what's the responsibility, what does it do to you as a person to have power.

"I think in my Earthsea books, the wizards are testing themselves in a kind of real world, where it's not full of Muggles, it's full of real people with problems. That's a big difference. It's partly the difference between a child's book and a young adult book."


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