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Leah Remini Actress

Leah Remini

Leah's voluptuous phyqisue combines well with her humor, which form the great star that she is. Currently starring on CBS's "King of Queens". Leah left school at 14, with a warning from her mother that it was fine not to achieve at school only if she was going to achieve in life. At the beginning of her working life, Leah had a variety of jobs, such as waitressing, selling car insurance, and as a telemarketer for a solar heating company. Leah got her first speaking line as an actress on an episode of "Head of the Class", and her acting career has skyrocketed ever since. After two seasons as co-star in the prime time NBC comedy, "Fired Up", Leah currently has a starring role in the hit CBS comedy, "The King of Queens". Starring roles are not new to Leah. Early in her career she starred in "Saved By The Bell", playing "Stacy Carosi", and "Living Dolls", playing "Charlie Briscoe". She has also had recurring roles on "Cheers" as "Sarafina Tortelli", the daughter of "Carla", played by Rhea Perlman, and on "Evening Shade" as "Daisy". She has also been seen on "Friends", "NYPD Blue", and other major shows, as well as movie roles. She has been featured in "TV Guide", "People Magazine", "Redbook Magazine", "Womans World" magazine, "InStyle", "Stuff", and may other publications. Leah is married to Angelo Pagan, and On June 16, 2004, Leah gave birth to her daughter, Sofia Bella. Remini was born on June 15, 1970, in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

In Her Words: "I love it when people recognize me — I don't care if it's for a tampon commercial. It's nice."

Meet Leah Remini

THE SEXIEST HOUSEWIFE EVER: Leah plays the wife of Kevin James’ character on CBS’s The King of Queens.

SHE WAS A TORTELLI, ONCE: Leah’s acting credits include a stint as a one of the Living Dolls and recurring roles on Saved by the Bell and Cheers.

THREE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW: “Compliments that come out of nowhere are sexy. I love a man in a suit. Men should stay clothed, even if they have nice bodies.”

THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE OUR PERFECT NIGHT: “A perfect night is when I would have my period. Because men do really sweet things when they wanna get laid. So all the sweet things he’d be doing would be done with me knowing he’s not gonna get any.”

“Why do men need to scratch their balls in front of women while they watch SportsCenter? Why? That hand is eventually gonna get to me.”

Princess Leah

Leah Remini, TV’s hottest housewife, finally loses the fat guy and shows us who really rules the roost.

Today is a good day. Leah Remini—the adorable Brooklyn-born star of CBS’ The King of Queens—is massaging my foot. “I’m cuddly, but only to a point, so rubbing feet is good,” says the girl next door—that is, if you live next door to the Playboy mansion. As her character Carrie Heffernan, she’s smart, sexy and tough enough to tear my foot off. Nestled on her comfy couch with my tootsie precariously perched in her paws, I proceed cautiously. It’s a long hop home from her house in the Hollywood Hills.

STUFF: They’ve done an E! Celebrity Profile on you. Do you watch that stuff? The Richard Simmons one was great!
LEAH: Of course! I especially loved my mother’s shitty comments. Let me refresh your memory—though I’m sure you taped it. She said, “When Leah was hired for Living Dolls, a show about models, I said, ’Leah? A model? Where are they going with this show?!’” And here’s my older sister on E!: “Leah got conceited when she got Living Dolls, but I kicked her in the face—and let me tell you, she never did it again.” This is the shit that my family tells people.

My family thinks no woman could ever love me. What do you think?
We have little checklists, us gals. First, you have good shoes and hopefully you have cologne on—I can’t tell because of my allergies. And you’re not trying too hard to look cute. And then you were very at ease when you arrived. You weren’t trying to be someone you’re not. You didn’t think, Leah’s a feisty New York girl, so I’m gonna go, “Hey, bitch, what’s up with you?”

You swear a lot. What if I were to start talking all potty mouth in front of you?
Although I do have a sailor’s mouth, it’s not attractive to me to hear men cursing. That kinda talk is not charming. And I hate when men say “titties.” As in, “Show me your titties.”

I didn’t know sailors had such pretty mouths. Any other useful etiquette tips for me-um, men?
You should have a silent power. You should know when to allow your woman to get the best of you. You should know when to say, “Yes, my love. I was wrong, and you were right.” There’s so much power in that. When you have to be right—just to be right—you make yourself look like an idiot. I love men who know when to put their foot down and when not to.

What mistakes do most men make?
Men stop trying after a while and get lazy. It manifests in watching ESPN and pulling shit out of their ears. They’ll stop seeing you as somebody who should be wooed or somebody they should shower for. You’ve got to ask, five years after you’ve met, what would you do if you just met her today?

What can we do to improve relations with the fairer sex? And by fairer, I mean hotter.
We’re at a time when men have been de-balled, because women can make the same amount or more money than them. So you’ve gotta step it up with consideration. It’s so simple. Do something fucking charming for your woman when you don’t wanna get laid.

Do you get a lot of that “wait till the game’s over” treatment, or do guys treat you like a queen?
Men have just come up to me and asked for my number right away. That doesn’t work. You have to know somebody and have a conversation. I was in Starbucks with my sisters, and a guy said, “Hey, you gals are cute, and I’m from Texas.” Like I’m gonna say, “Texas? You’re not from around here, so I should have sex with you.” It was so obvious that he was trying to get sympathy that he was new in town. He asked me for my number—when I refused, he asked my sister for hers.

Do you have any favorite stops along the male-anatomy tour?
Well, there’s the obvious part, which, frankly, is the only reason we keep you around! The trapezius muscle, the shoulder, is very sexy to me. When you see a man in a robe and it’s exposed, it’s very, very nice.

Exposed? This is a good start. What else do you find sexy?
Cleanliness, cologne, genuineness, attentiveness, integrity—all very sexy to me in a man. Compliments that come out of nowhere are sexy. I love a man in a suit. Men should stay clothed, even if they have nice bodies. I love police officers, firemen, the usual girl stuff. But I’m not into fantasy role-playing, like I want my guy to dress up and arrest me. And I like talking dirty—I do.

So you want a clean cop who talks dirty. What turns you off?
Men who wear big socks and high-tops. Men should not wear sneakers unless they’re going to work out. And men who forgo underwear. You gotta know what’s going on down there.

Aside from tube-sock shopping, what are your ideas for a perfect date?
A perfect night is when I would have my period. Because men do really sweet things when they wanna get laid. So all the sweet things he’d be doing would be done with me knowing he’s not gonna get any.

I guess there’s only one logical follow-up question: Why do women spend most of their lives in the rest room?
There’s a lot involved in going to the bathroom for women. You guys just whip out your dick, and then you may or may not wash your hands. When I’m being gazed upon by you across a table, I wanna know that there’s nothing hanging outta my nose or that my lipstick isn’t on my teeth.

Do you find men to be as meticulous as women are?
Why do men need to scratch their balls in front of women while they watch SportsCenter? Why? That hand is eventually gonna get to me. Every time I’ve started a relationship, I think, This one’s not a ball scratcher—he’s different. But all of ’em turn out to be ball scratchers, big time. You guys save the cologne-wearing and the nice part of you for strangers, but we get the ball scratching at home.

So you’re saying that women are always on their best behavior?
Maybe at first. When we meet someone and are in love, we show that guy that we match our bra and underwear every day and always have our toenails done. And then after a year, we start wearing our ugly underwear and our bras don’t match. Then we stop shutting the door when we’re peeing. That’s something to look forward to.

Besides the underwear, what are some of the other perks of being a woman?
We get to pass shitty stuff off to men. The guy has to kill the spider and get the dead mouse outta the pool.

You’re the latest hot sitcom wife, so to speak. Who were your role models?
I loved I Love Lucy. I loved their relationship, because he was so tolerant of her. And The Honeymooners because Alice didn’t put up with Ralph’s shit.

Were there any you didn’t like?
Jane Jetson—I didn’t respect her. She allowed her daughter to be kinda slutty.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a big, fancy TV star?
I would be an investigator or a lawyer, because I love to interrogate the shit out of people. I do it on a daily basis.

What’s the one thing our readers shouldn’t do if they run into you after this comes out?
Approach me and say, “Hey, I liked your titties in the magazine.”

Impossible. That would have meant they didn’t read the article. Motormouth

Leah is the Quaker State motor oil girl. But what does she really know about cars? Apparently, everything.

STUFF: What’s a fuel injector?
LEAH: It’s a mechanism that delivers gas evenly to the engine. Before electronic fuel injection, there was the carburetor. Cars with carburetors can still get their engines flooded.

Lucky guess. “Head gasket” has a nice ring to it. What the hell is it?
It’s part of the block, between the two halves of the engine.

Anybody who took shop would know that. What is oil viscosity?
This refers to the oil’s thickness, its ability to flow. Old motor oil becomes thicker, like tar. You certainly don’t want that. You want one that will keep those pistons and cylinders moving easily.

Being smug is not an attractive quality. How much will you charge me to change my oil while wearing nothing but overalls?
I’ll fax you a quote, and then our people can have a conversation about it. We’re becoming friends now, and I don’t want money to come between us.

Five Things You Must Know About Leah Remini

Before becoming a star, Leah Remini waitressed, sold car insurance and worked as a telemarketer for a solar-heating company.

Her first TV gig was a one-line part on the sitcom "Head of the Class."

Remini's favorite hobby is karaoke. Her friend Marc Anthony built a karaoke bar in his house that is nicknamed "Leah's Lounge."

She appeared in the blockbuster comedy "Old School" in 2003.

Remini's real-life husband and sister have both appeared on episodes of "King of Queens."

Leah Remini Is A Queens Bee

This native New Yorker went from Hollywood misfit to TV star.
Leah Remini was born on June 15, 1970, in Brooklyn. As a child, she and her sister would put on shows for her family. Even though her first official audition, a tryout for the Broadway musical "Annie," didn't go swimmingly, it only further fueled her acting dreams.

Following her mother's second divorce, Remini's family moved to Hollywood. The tough New York teen struggled to fit in at her new school. Despite her mother's protests, the 14-year-old dropped out and spent the next three years working dead-end jobs and auditioning. In 1989, she got her big break when she was cast as a streetwise model on the show "Living Dolls." Unfortunately, the series lasted less than one season. A determined Remini went on to land recurring roles on "Saved by the Bell" and other TV series. Her tenaciousness finally paid off when, at age 28, she nabbed the part of the secretary wife of a truck driver on the show "King of Queens," which debuted in 1998. Her chemistry with co-star Kevin James attracted viewers to the working-class comedy, and the actress became an audience favorite.

Remini's life continues to flourish professionally and personally. She married her longtime partner, Angelo Pagan on July 19, 2003, and is enjoying the sixth season of "King of Queens." But she is even more excited about her new role...as a mom. She and Pagan are expecting their first child in June 2004.

Lea Remini speaks about her life

I was born in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, New York. I had a "normal" childhood. I was basically a good kid (my mother told me that). I was and still am very close to my mother. She was and is a really great mother. There was nothing I couldn't tell her. I always felt that she was my friend. From a very early age she told me about drugs and the effects of them (she was a 70's gal) and hoped that my sister and I would never do them. We never did. I knew if I did try them, I would have to tell her and she would be very disappointed in me. The guilt was enough for me NOT to do them. I was the kinda kid that wouldn't even cut school when we had a half-day. But I was mouthy. Always had an answer. My mouth got me into trouble. As far as acting was concerned, I was always entertaining. My sister and I would put on shows for my mom, like imitating Donny & Marie, Carol Burnett, reenacting scenes from Charlie's Angels (I played Kelly, and if I couldn't play Kelly, I wouldn't play!) I think I wanted to be a singer most of all but being that I can't sing, kinda helped my decision to be an actress. Like all little girls, I took dance, Ballet, Tap and Jazz. I wasn't really good at that, either, although I really enjoyed Tap, so I continued with that more. When I was 12-13, I realized that there really wasn't a big market for Tap Dancers, so I quit that, too.

My mom moved us to Florida after her divorce, in search of a better life for her daughters. I soon made friends with some "actor types". My friend, Lightfield Lewis, introduced me to an agent and soon I was auditioning for roles. I enrolled in an acting class, and had a part time job being a horrible assistant for insurance agents. For a year or two, I worked and went on audition after audition, being turned down, being told I have to lose the accent, lose this and that; I finally landed a small role on HBO's "Vietnam War Stories". I was so bad. I mean it. SO BAD! The director had to take a break and send me to my trailer to collect myself. I was really nervous. I then landed ONE line on "The Head of the Class". Okay, so I had one line. I decided that I should really milk this line and someone would "discover" me. I made this one line, like a monologue. The director kept telling me, "Say your one line and just move off the stage!" Really bad experience. I didn't get discovered there. I kept working regular day jobs, like waitressing, phone sales, and cashier - that kinda stuff. In 1989, I auditioned for a show called "Living Dolls" for ABC. The role was for a girl who was "tough talking but with a heart of gold". I thought, "This is so me and if I don't get this role, I have no chance of making it in this business. I auditioned 7 times, for a room full of executives. So Petrified. I later found out that they loved me, but wished I looked more like a model. They hired a trainer for me to lose some weight and I got the job. I cried and cried, I was so happy. I really thought that was it.

No more auditioning. I didn't know that there was this thing called "ratings". The show was cancelled after 15 episodes and I was really crushed. I thought that I was washed up. I did, shortly after my mourning period, land another show. That, too, got cancelled. I could really go on and on about the 10 or 15 more times that I mourned, thought I would never work again, then worked again, and so on.

People think that you land in Hollywood, get a television series, and you are there. That's so not the case. I remember while on "Living Dolls", I was reading a fan letter a little girl had written me and she wanted to know how many houses I had, how many private jets and that kind of stuff. I was at the time living in an apartment building in Hollywood, where there had been a drive-by shooting there the night before. As I was reading this letter aloud to my sister, I was also looking through old purses of mine, searching for loose change to go to Taco Bell for dinner. Need I say more?

The life of an actor, from my point of view, is not all fun and games. It's a struggle. People expect you to have this kind of house, that kind of car, act a certain way, and look a certain way. It's like you are constantly working to live up to the expectations of others. You are always wondering, who's my friend, who's not. You are being judged "24-7". There are certain things that entertainers, who are in the public eye, have to sacrifice. I do because I love to entertain. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Lea Remini helps the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade

Leah is participating in the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, and she wants your help. It's as easy as buying nail polish. The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade is offering "Celebrity Nailwear." Six celebrities such as actress Tracee Ross, daughter of Diana Ross, Ali Laundry, TV star, Miss USA 1996 & 2002, actress Sharon Stone, actress Salma Hayek and also Leah Remini have teamed up with Avon to help fight breast cancer by creating their very own shade of nail polish. Leah's shade is called, "Leah's Courage." Others shadea are Tracee's Passion, Ali's Faith, Sharon's Heart, and Salma's Hope.


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