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Lorenzo Lamas Actor

Lorenzo Lamas

Lamas currently stars as "Hector Ramirez " on CBS's "The Bold And The Beautiful". Lorenzo was born in Santa Monica and grew up in Southern California. At thirteen, he moved with his mother, stage and screen actress Arlene Dahl, to New York City. Lorenzo attended the Admiral Farragut Academy, a military school where he developed his character and discipline that would benefit him for the rest of his life. During his four years at Farragut, he became interested in athletics and lettered in wrestling and track. Lorenzo was president of his senior class and 2nd in charge of a Battalion of 300 cadets. He graduated with the intention of enrolling in the University of California to study veterinary medicine. During the summer of this year, however, Lorenzo visited his father Fernando on the film set of The Cheap Detective. It was at this point that Lorenzo decided to purse a career in acting and to follow his father’s advice to enroll in Tony Barr’s actors’ studio. Lamas’ first big break came at nineteen, when he won the role of Tom Chisum in the blockbuster film Grease. From there, he was cast in several television roles until he got another lucky break, being cast in the nighttime soap Falcon Crest. Lorenzo had been studying the martial art, Tae Kwon Do, and the producers quickly realized how important it was to incorporate this skill into his character’s action scenes. After nine years on Falcon Crest, Lorenzo’s action hero credentials were established and he made a number of action movies including Snake Eater, Body Rock and CIA Target Alexa, which he also directed. Lorenzo was by this point a black belt and met with Stephen Cannell to develop an action television series, Renegade. For the next five years, Lamas filmed 110 episodes of this show, producing and occasionally directing as well as acting in the series. Air America followed, whetting Lorenzo’s appetite for aviation. Thanks to the many hours this series required he spent behind the controls of an airplane, Lamas became a certified private pilot in 1997 and later got his commercial helicopter rating as well. Actively pursuing his career as an actor, director and producer, Lorenzo stays very busy. He is also co-chair on several children’s charities, including Make a Wish, MDA and The Children’s Angel Foundation. Lamas was born on January 20, 1958.


Lorenzo Lamas: I Belong Here

Lorenzo Lamas may be a newcomer to daytime television, but his experience in serial television on programs like Falcon Crest and a huge list of credits in feature films, makes him another great asset to the B&B cast. Lamas has been cast on B&B as Hector Ramirez, a Los Angeles fireman and single father to Forrester Creations' gorgeous young intern, Caitlin Ross (Kayla Ewell). Read on as Lamas shares about his new role and his character's struggle to raise his daughter single-handedly.

Q: What has it been like so far working in daytime, since this is your first role on a daytime soap?

Lorenzo Lamas: Well you know it's a challenge that I have yet to test myself with. After 20-some odd years in television and syndication and independent movies, and you know that whole other world of entertainment; this was an un-chartered frontier for me. It kind of serves a duel purpose for me. It gives me a new challenge, which I love, in a craft that I adore, and it also keeps me home so I can be the father to my children that I want to be at this stage in my life.

I have three little girls that I absolutely adore and share custody [of] with their mother. It was a wonderful opportunity to really kind of test my, I guess my skill as an actor. When you're learning 10 pages of dialogue a day, it's different than what I'm used to doing. We do ten pages of dialogue in a day but I'm only in two or three pages of it, you know. In an hour long show, we usually filmed over six days; here we're doing a half an hour in one day.

Q: Now did B&B pick you, or how did that happen?

Lorenzo Lamas: You know it culminated in kind of a very divine manner. They had just put out a breakdown for Hector Ramirez, and my agent had been in talks already with the producers about bringing me on for something and it just seemed [to work out].

Q: So what do you know about the character, besides the fact that he's a firefighter?

Lorenzo Lamas: Well, he is a Hispanic man who is raising a daughter, as a single parent. He is constantly coming to grips with that responsibility, he adores his little girl, and the way I said it is the way he looks at her. Although she is 18, and growing, naturally very quickly, he tends to want to hang on to the little girl in her, and doesn't want her to get hurt, to get in over her head. He has specific things that he would like to see her do with her life, among which would be to somehow serve humanity in a graceful, humanitarian way as a doctor, a lawyer, a professional, something…

Q: He is kind of looking down on her, on her choice to be involved in the fashion industry?

Lorenzo Lamas: Yeah, I mean he has worked for every dollar he's ever made in his life, and he doesn't want his daughter to work as hard to make as little as he has. So she's a very bright student, as far as I can tell in the storyline, she really is his pride and joy, and he wants academic opportunities for her. He wants her to go to college, all the things that might help her to achieve a certain level of success as an adult that he didn't have. So you know the conflict for my character is one of being fair to her, being a modern father you know, not steeped in Latin machismo, you know like a lot of Latin Hispanic, families are very old-fashioned, and I'm constantly at grips with that; that conflict. I want to try to listen to her and really allow her to be the woman that I know she can develop into. I'm a professional life-saver; my character has made his life by serving and saving people, so he has a sense of that nobility that almost prevents him from supporting anything less than a noble effort on whatever profession my daughter may choose.

Q: So how is he going to respond when he finds out she is working at Forrester Creations?

Lorenzo Lamas: I don't think this is going to be a very happy household when he gets the news that his daughter is working for Forrester. That's not what he has in mind for her. I think he'll see this as one of the biggest challenges of his life, is to help persuade her not to go down that road and not jeopardize the wonderful, loving relationship that they have already built.

Q: And what are you like as a dad with your own three daughters? Do you have that Latin machismo that kind of comes in sometimes?

Lorenzo Lamas: I guess so. I mean I guess the energy that I father with has something to do with having an opinion and feeling that I…I probably feel I know what is right for my children, and it's truer in a sense with my six-year-old than obviously it is with my 18-year-old daughter. I have an 18-year-old daughter in real life. And they're two different relationships, and the relationship with the little one is basically just steering her away from the street with running cars, and it's easy, fairly easy. The relationship with my daughter is far greater in difficulty and in challenge. I am wrestling with in real life the things that Hector is wrestling with, with Caitlin. So, it's an interesting situation.

Q: Does Hector have any other ties with anybody on the show that they've explored at all, or is it just he's a total outsider?

Lorenzo Lamas: Well you know, as far as I know, his relationship with Caitlin is the primary force of his life. I think that in time we will discover that he has had relationships with perhaps some people that we know. But at this present time, I really don't know for sure where his life has taken him and how much the writers are going to want the audience to be privy to it.

Q: Did you develop the character of Hector with Brad Bell [B&B's Executive Producer and Head Writer] or were you presented with this character and his world?

Lorenzo Lamas: Half and half. When I went to discuss the character with Brad, at our first meeting, he really laid the groundwork for a real good character study for me. I had this whole [back story], but I'm not at liberty to say what that may be because it may be totally opposite what Brad has in mind for his back-story. But I've got to do my little bit of homework as an actor.

The thing that comes through with Hector is that he may not have the education to go head-to-head with the greatest minds in society, because he's not equipped, but he has the heart to follow, and the nobility that gives him the truest sense of honesty, which I think can put him up there on the same level as anybody. He sees the honesty in almost everything that he is exposed to; he sees it in his line of work. He knows everyday that he can probably lose his life doing what he does, and yet he still does it and he's more or less at a certain peace with what he does. I would imagine these firefighters have to achieve some level of peace with what they see, as horrific as it may be.

It doesn't give him a sense of being better than anybody; it gives him a sense of being confident in his own judgment. And sometimes that may be brash when it comes to his dealings with his daughter. It may seem a little harsh to her, it's my way or the highway kind of thinking. But I try to temper that with at least a physical connection with her, a shared look, where we can look into each other's eyes and know that there's love there in spite of the rules. I think that's important. And Kayla, the actress that's playing my daughter is wonderful. We had a really good day today. Today was really the first day that we had some really good scenes to play. And she's terrific and a very good actress.

Q: Have you met anybody else? Like have you met Jack Wagner (Jack) or Ronn Moss (Ridge) or any of the other B&B cast?

Lorenzo Lamas: I met Ronn in make-up, a very nice gentleman, he welcomed me to the show, and that's about it. Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie), I met her. I watched her tape. I think I came in a day before I worked just to see the format, just to have an idea of how it works and what the schedule was and everything. And she was very sweet too.
Monique: Let's talk about how your daughter is kind of the future of B&B and you have had a lot of press about you and your future on the show. Can we assume that your charactrer is going to be around for a while?

Lorenzo Lamas: Well I certainly hope so. I'm really working hard to cement my character in the minds of the audience. Yeah, I'd love to be around for a while.

Q: So it seems like in the past years you've had a lot of film projects here that you've been involved with in all different roles?

Lorenzo Lamas: I've done 35 odd, well, some are less odd than others, but I've done 35 independent movies and I've directed two of them, produced a half a dozen of them. I haven't written one yet. The independent movie world is…they are going to be fine without me for a while [laughs]. You know, I've done quite a few of them and some have been really good experiences. I'll say most of them have been credible and I've enjoyed the process of that.

I really quite honestly got tired of the constant packing and unpacking of suitcases and leaving town, and leaving my children behind and dealing with all that. You know, another factor in my decision to come on board is certainly the fact that there isn't great written material in that medium, as much as I would like. Scripts have not been as good as I would have liked them to have been, and you do what you can do, you know.

I've worked with every single director I've ever acted in a movie with, to help flesh out these characters and you know, I'd say 90 percent of it has been successful. Then of course syndicated television, since 1992. I was in syndicated TV; Renegade, and then Air America, The Immortal, and those shows. But it's almost like I've gotten back full circle.

It's really neat because I did a gallery photo shoot for B&B last week and the gallery photographer, Tony Esparza, did my first gallery ever for CBS on a show I did called California Fever, with Jimmy McNichol and Michelle Tobin and Mark McClure and, lets see, it was 1979, and we were tripping! Me and Tony were tripping you know! Here I am back at the studio, he's still here, and you know, I feel like it really belongs…I belong here, it feels like I belong here.


Lorenzo Lamas' Son AJ Also Rises!

Other than Ed Bryce (Bill; GL) and Scott Bryce (Craig; ATWT), daytime hasn't seen many father/son actors. And even Ed and Scott were not on the air at the same time. Currently, Lorenzo Lamas (Hector; B&B) and AJ Lamas (Rafi; ATWT) are the only father/son daytime duo, and they are the only ones ever to be appearing on their respective shows at the same time.
To celebrate this historic occasion, SoapCity sat each of the Lamas men down separately, and asked them the same question (think The Newlywed Game) to see how well each really knew the other!

SC: AJ, what was it like growing up with Lorenzo Lamas as your dad?

AJL: It was great. I only know one Lorenzo Lamas. You guys know a bunch. The Lorenzo Lamas I grew up with was great, amazing.

SC: Lorenzo, what would AJ say it was like growing up with you as a dad?

LL: Never a dull moment.

SC: AJ, what's your favorite father/son memory?

AJL: We went to this dude ranch in Tucson and we rode horses for two weeks and wrangled cows and branded cattle. It was the most horrifying experience of my life, but it was great. It was amazing, it was just me and him, we had a blast being cowboys.

SC: Lorenzo, what is your favorite father/son memory?

LL: I think that the memory that comes to me is putting AJ on a mini bike at the age of three. He rode it! He was riding a bicycle without training wheels by two. So, I got him a mini-bike at three and we used to go to a vacant lot and I used to sit there and watch him just ride around this motorcycle trail, and I'd sit there for hours and watch him just go round and round.

SC: AJ, what's your favorite role that your dad played?

AJL: I love the renegade! Renegade was very cool. He's the best.

SC: Lorenzo, what is AJ's favorite role that you've ever played?

LL: Reno Raines from Renegade.

SC: AJ, what inspired you to become an actor?

AJL: Four years ago, I was in a huge golf tournament, and I was winning the tournament, and I blew it on the last hole. I ended up playing third. I was devastated. So I was at home watching TV, watching Dawson's Creek and crying. My mom came in, and I said, "I can do this! If they're doing this, I can do it."

SC: Lorenzo, what do you think inspired AJ to become an actor?

LL: Probably because if he didn't try acting at this point, he might never be able to try it later on.

SC: AJ, what would be your dream role to play?

AJL: Myself. I would love to be on Saturday Night Live. The dream would be to host it.

SC: Lorenzo, what do you think would be AJ's dream role?

LL: The role that Anthony Quinn made famous in the movie Requiem for a Heavyweight.

SC: AJ, what is your dream project to work on with your dad?

AJL: There's a book, The Alchemist. I've always wanted to turn it into a screenplay, and he could play the part of the alchemist.

SC: Lorenzo, what would be your dream project to work on with AJ?

LL: I guess it would be a crime fighting dynamic duo.

SC: AJ, how do you feel being a third-generation actor?

AJL: I recently saw one of my grandfather's movies with Raquel Welch. A Hundred Rifles. When I worked on American Family with Raquel, she was telling me about the time she went to Argentina to shoot this movie with my grandfather, and my dad was there as a little kidz The legacy is funny. Me and my friends laugh about it. I think that whole Latin charisma charm thing skipped a generation with me. Maybe my kid will get it.

SC: Lorenzo, how do you think AJ feels about being a third-generation Lamas actor?

LL: He'd probably say that it was a double edged sword. If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.

SC: AJ, what was the best piece of advice your dad ever gave you?

AJL: Don't embarrass me.

SC: Lorenzo, what is the best piece of advice you've ever given AJ?

LL: Think fast, but speak slowly.

SC: AJ, how do you think your dad feels watching you act?

LL: Devastated.

SC: Lorenzo, how do you feel watching AJ act?

LL: Comfortable.

Big Daddy Lorenzo Lamas

Actor, director and producer LORENZO LAMAS has found a new home weekdays on The Bold and the Beautiful as Hector Ramirez, one of LA's finest firefighters and single dad to teenaged Caitlin and adopted son Jimmy, and he couldn’t be happier.

CBS.com: How did your role on B&B come about?
LORENZO LAMAS: Well, shoot, I have just been waiting for a role like this. This has just been an amazing, divine intervention. I was available, I was sick of doing independent movies, and I got a chance to really sink my teeth into a great character.

CBS.com: You gained international success with Falcon Crest, then went on to get involved in the action genre with movies and shows like Renegade. What drew you back to doing drama?
LORENZO LAMAS: Well, it was the love of the craft. I had done dozens of action movies, and it was pretty much what I was known for, and am still known for, which is why this has been such a wonderful opportunity for me. It gets me back to what I fell in love with in the very beginning of my career, which is the craft of acting and developing a character that doesn’t depend on wires or stunts or explosions. Hector Ramirez is a noble, responsible human being trying to raise a daughter as a single dad and I can relate a lot of this character to me as a person. I’m a father of six children. I’ve raised, I think, wonderful kids. My oldest now is 20. He’s my only son, and he started his career in acting a year and a half ago, [and is] doing very, very well. I’m very proud of him. It is something to say when you listen to your children and you guide them and you help them avoid some of the pitfalls that you perhaps fell into and they do well. It’s great. That’s what I love about the character that I play, because he’s really involved in his daughter’s life. He’s a hands-on dad. The writing is phenomenal. Brad Bell is doing such a great job weaving this character into a group of people who have been with the show for seventeen years.
CBS.com: What is Hector’s relationship with Caitlin like?
LORENZO LAMAS: It’s a lot like my relationship with my 18-year-old daughter. You try to be a friend but not too friendly because you still have to be the dad and they still have to respect you enough to do what you suggest that they do, in order that they save themselves from trouble or difficulty. It’s every parent’s challenge to be an influence on [his or her] children without being a dictator. So, that’s Hector’s challenge. How does he get his daughter to listen to him about not going to work at a place that she really wants to work at because he knows down the road it’s going to create conflict and possible heartbreak for her?

CBS.com: Viewers recently had a chance to see Hector in action when he saved Amber from the fire. What was it like taping those scenes?
LORENZO LAMAS: It was great. It was just like old times for me. There’s an explosion, there’s fire, I grab somebody and get out. It’s very, very exciting. It adds an element to this daytime genre that we don’t see a lot of, and that’s great. I’m coming in and doing my thing, and a main character is saved. And a relationship ensues between [Amber and Hector]. It’s just good television.

CBS.com: So, we can expect for Amber and Hector to be linked together in the future?
LORENZO LAMAS: Yes. They will be at least friends.

CBS.com: Did you know anyone on the B&B cast before joining?
LORENZO LAMAS: Linda Gray, who plays Priscilla. We are old friends. We’ve known each other for 20 years because we were both on primetime soaps back in the 80s. I used to watch [Days of Our Lives] with my stepmother Esther Williams, and Esther used to really love Susan Flannery [Stephanie, who played Laura Horton]. When I saw Susan on the set, I told her that. It was pretty cool. She liked that.

CBS.com: Are you currently involved in any projects outside of B&B?
LORENZO LAMAS: No. Lately they’ve been keeping me so busy on the show that I haven’t had time to do anything else. I really haven’t missed it too much. I will write and continue to develop action movies for a future date. The whole process is exciting and fun for me.

CBS.com: I understand that you’re proficient in Tae Kwon Do.
LORENZO LAMAS: Yeah, I have a black belt. It’s like yoga or Tai Chi. When I practice in the morning and stretch and do my routine, I go somewhere else. My mind just totally relaxes and lets go of all worry. I just concentrate on my breathing. It’s a great thing to do. I can’t stress it enough that the more parents get their kids involved in martial arts, the better. It does really discipline young people and give them a sense of who they are and what they can accomplish. It’s a great thing to do when they’re young. They carry those lessons with them their whole life. They learn respect for people that are older than they are. They get a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when they’ve achieved a certain level of skill. It really is a wonderful thing for kids to get involved in.

CBS.com: Do you think we’ll see that skill incorporated into Hector’s character?
LORENZO LAMAS: You never know. I don’t need that to happen personally but it’s there as a skill if they want to tap it.

CBS.com: What do you do when you’re not working?
LORENZO LAMAS: I’m raising children. I share custody with three of my youngest girls – my six-year-old, four-year-old and three-year-old. They’re with me two weeks a month and I’m a hands-on dad from bath time at night to breakfast and getting ready for school in the morning. I do it all. I have help, but I’m really doing this thing called parenting 100% and being the best Dad I can be to these children. That takes a lot of my time when I’m not working. I do my martial arts like I talked about and I ride motorcycles and fly airplanes and helicopters. I try to do a little bit of everything.

CBS.com: You’ve also been involved in the reality television craze with the show Are You Hot?. What was that experience like?
LORENZO LAMAS: It was fun. It was a total lark to do. I got a chance to just sit there like a guy and look at beautiful people and have comments. And they paid me for it! [Laughs] It was just something to do between acting jobs. I’m not a celebrity host, I’m an actor. I’m much more comfortable doing what I’m doing now.


Action star Lorenzo Lamas to join B&B

Former primetime soap star Lorenzo Lamas will join the cast of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful in February. Lamas will appear on B&B in the contract role of Hector Ramirez, a Los Angeles firefighter. Ramirez will also turn out to be the father of newly-hired Forrester intern Caitlin Ross.

Lamas, who enjoyed a nine-year run on Falcon Crest, has never before appeared on daytime television despite having an extensive acting portfolio. Lamas made his acting debut in 1969, landing the uncredited role of Native America in 1969 film "100 Guns." His first credited role came nine years later when he played Tom Chisum in the motion picture "Grease." Despite his success in motion pictures, Lamas will probably always be remembered for playing Lance Cumson on Falcon Crest. Last season Lamas appeared on the ABC reality series Are You Hot?

Some fans are already critical of B&B's hiring of Lamas, saying that the hiring appears to be little more than a publicity stunt to increase ratings. Similar cries echoed in 2002 when CBS's Guiding Light hired former Dynasty star Joan Collins to tackle the role of Alexandra Spaulding. Collins' addition to the cast failed to register even a small blip on the ratings and Collins exited Guiding Light less than three months after her debut.

The addition of the character of Hector Ramirez also signals a return by The Bold and the Beautiful to incorporating Latino characters into its storylines. In May 2001, B&B began simulcasting each episode in Spanish in an attempt to court Spanish speaking viewers. Several Latino characters were also folded into the mix, but within a year none of those characters were still a part of the show's canvas.

Lamas begins taping on January 26th and will make his on-air debut on The Bold and the Beautiful on February 18th.

Lorenzo Lamas plays vampire king in horror movie ''Blood Angels''

When young horror freaks break into the movies, they usually shoot zombie or slasher movies, which you can call either homages or ripoffs. The works of George Romero, Tom Savini, Sam Raimi and Wes Craven are so engrained in their young psyches that inevitably these aspiring filmmakers turn to what they know and like best—or costs the least amount of money to produce. Concurrently, Sci Fi Channel’s appetite for CGI creature carnage and Blockbuster’s shelf-filling quotas have lead to a boom in low-rent monster movies. At the same time, Hollywood, hunting for the next hot remake to exploit from Asia, has instigated an explosion in Japanese, Korean, Thai and Hong Kong horror product, with even the leftovers finding a home on Stateside specialty DVD labels. All of these categories of the macabre descended on—and swelled the coffers of—the participants of November’s 25th American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA.

More sexy bloodsuckers prowl Ron (PROM NIGHT III) Oliver’s lively BLOOD ANGELS (formerly THRALLS), where the bloodsuckers fill up at raves. Lorenzo Lamas headlines as BLOOD ANGELS’ vampire king, while on the other side of the fence, the actor combats regenerating alien nasties in DEEP EVIL, scripted by visual FX artist Ken (PYTHON 2) Gendreau. Vancouver’s Flesh & Fantasy FX team (FINAL DESTINATION) created the parasite critters for SUBHUMAN, but someone please tell us why the brochure for the film has a still from Troma’s KILLER CONDOM on the back! I really dug Simon Hunter’s DEAD OF NIGHT (a.k.a. LIGHTHOUSE) a few years back, and it’s great to see the British director re-emerge with the soon-to-be-lensed GRUESOME. Sci Fi already grabbed broadcast rights to GRUESOME, in which a troublemaking wizard seeks to "take over the world with an army of vicious, living gargoyles."

"Latin Dragon" introduces a Latino Superhero

With over $640 billion in purchasing power, a population of over 39 million and the number one minority group in the U.S.... What’s missing? A Latino martial arts action hero!

Universal recently released the world wide feature film "Latin Dragon" starring Fabian Carrillo, America’s first mainstream Latino Martial Arts Action Hero! This breakthrough feature film was distributed internationally in 60 countries by Image Works Entertainment International and released domestically by Universal and Screen Media Ventures to very positive reviews. "Latin Dragon" has a star-studded cast that includes Gary Busey, Lorenzo Lamas, Joyce Giraud, Robert LaSardo, James Hong and Pepe Cerna.

"The New York Times" called Fabian "The first Latin action hero and maybe the next great action hero of our time." Fabian’s press kit is available in digital format at: Fabian’s story is an amazing one! He was raised in the Bronx and fought his way out against the greatest of odds. Fabian went on to be a highly respected martial arts champion, then on to acting in several feature films before his first starring role in "Latin Dragon." Also, Fabian earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Marketing with a Second Major in Spanish from Albany State University. He holds five Black Belts in different disciplines of the martial arts and was a three-year national Karate champion in fighting, forms and weapons. Recently, Fabian was inducted into the Masters 2003 Hall of Fame receiving the "Living Legend Award."

With the burgeoning Latino market in the U.S., Fabian’s success story is remarkable -- he’s truly a representation of the American Dream. He’s a positive example for Latinos, or any other group in the U.S., who may have the talent and ability but are surrounded by negative circumstances in their lives. He wants to show them that they are important, that their dreams are attainable, and that if you are good, it doesn’t matter where you come from!

Fabian is an amazing actor, champion and hero who is really making an impact as an international film action star. He is slated to appear in three feature films next year as well as producing and hosting a TV show which is currently in development. Fabian is very talented, charismatic, accomplished and articulate. Fabian has recently been on the front page of many newspapers and various magazines covers including "Variety."









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