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Mackenzie Rosman

When she auditioned for the role of the youngest child, Ruthie, in "7th Heaven" at the age of 5, Mackenzie impressed producer Aaron Spelling and others by walking up to each individual in the room, shaking hands and introducing herself. 7th Heaven was Mackenzie's TV show debut, but she was no stranger to the cameras. Before 7th Heaven, Mackenzie Rosman appeared in various commercials, including Tuffs Diapers and Hormel Chili. She was born December 28, 1989 in Charleston, South Carolina. Mackenzie says, ' well actually I didnt really know my real father that well, He and my mom got a divorce when I was 4 and thats when we moved from South Carolina to Los Angeles. I now have a Step-Father named Randy and he is the best Step-Father in the whole world! I dont just live with my Mom and my Brother, I live with my Mom, Step-Dad, Brother and Sister. My Favorite movie of all time is Titanic! I also loved the movie Grease. I used to listen to Country Music, but I dont listen to it as much anymore, now im more into Varieties of music, such as Pop, Rock, and Rap. One of my favorite Actor's is John Travolta, he is sooo great! I also like Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. My favorite color now is Blue, i used to love all different colors when I was younger, but I think ill stick with Blue this time. My Favorite food has always been Ice Cream! But thats a dessert, so I would probably say Lasagna, and my favorite drink now is Vanilla Coke! She now lives with her family in Los Angeles. Her brother Chandler hopes to follow in his sister's footsteps, but things are not always pleasant between the two. "The way we argue drives my mom crazy," she told us.

Fun facts about Mackenzie Rosman

Question: What color are your eyes?
Answer: I have brown eyes

Question: How tall are you?
Answer: I am about 5'2"

Question: Do you have a boyfriend?
Answer: Yes I have a Boyfriend named Tommy

Question: Do you have any advice for anyone trying to get into the acting business?
Answer: my advice is never give up, you will get your big break eventually, If I can do it..You can do it!

Question: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Answer: In my spare time I love to go swimming, I also love to go to the beach and hang out, and talking about boys with my Bev and my friends, hehe.

Question: What sites do you go to when you're online?
Answer: I dont really look at too many websites, but I usually look up stuff for Schoolwork, hehe, I know it sounds boring.

Question: What fun things do you and the cast like to do backstage on the show?
Answer: Me and the rest of the cast from 7th Heaven usually will watch TV, something like MTV or ESPN, we also go outside and play basketball all the time, and MTV films most of their Music Videos in the WB Studios and we will always go watch them film a Music Video, just recently they made a new music video for Missy Elliot and Ja Rule, but thats basically what we do in our free time during the show.

Question: Do you like Professional sports? If you do, what are your favorite teams?
Answer: Yes I do like Pro Sports, I watch all sports, Basketball, Football and Baseball. My Favorite teams are the Philadelphia 76ers, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves!

Question: Do you like being famous?
Yes, I love being famous, its so much fun, But im still just an ordinary person and I like to be treated like anyone else.

Question: Does it bother you when someone comes up to you and asks you for an autograph?
Answer: It never bothers me when someone comes up and asks for an autograph, I love giving autograps, Im gratefull for all the fans I get and I want to show my appreciation!

She thinks Conan O'Brien is so hillarious

She hopes they rebuild the twin towers

She loves Philly chesse steaks

She goes to Philadelphia every year to visit her aunt and uncle.

She goes to 76ers games and Eagles games

She thinks Allen Iverson is cute

She likes the Pittsburgh Penguins even though she doesn't watch hockey.

She's a sports fanatic and knows everything about sports.

She's a Falcons fan but of all the teams left in the playoffs she's rooting for the Titans.

She likes Torii Hunter from the Minnesota Twins because she thinks he's cute.

There is going to be an 8th season for 7th Heaven, and Barry Watson will be back for all of next season. Jessica Biel will only be back for half the season. David and Adam will be gone next season.

Mondays through Fridays they usually work a solid 3-5 hours a day, but if they have to work on Saturdays or Sundays it's probably 9 hours at the most.

She did do the JonBenet movie in 2000, but she doesnt think they ever showed the movie anywhere, and they might have canned it.

All she has in her fridge is vanilla coke, but she also loves cherry coke.

She loves chicken.

She likes chicken nuggets from Wendy's but not as much as she does from McDonald's.

Question: What is the most unusal thing a fan has sent you?
Answer: Well one time a Fan sent me a picture of himself Nude, it was pretty disgusting!

Question: What state besides California do like most?
Answer: I really dont like living in California, there is too much Crime and stuff like that, im always afraid im going to get shot or killed when I step outside. I really love New York City, its the best and biggest city in America! I also love Philadelphia and Miami!

Question: Which country would you like to visit most that you haven't yet?
Answer: I would like to go to Australia one day, just to see all the Wildlife there!

Question: Where did you go for your best vacation?
Answer: My best Vacations were actually in the United States and not in another country, Me and my family took a Vacation to Detroit, Michigan. I just loved it there and I loved the sites that we got to see, but it was a little to cold! Another city we went on Vacation to was Atlanta, Georgia. Actually my Grandparents live in Atlanta and I go down to Atlanta every Summer, but I just love it there, Atlanta is home to me!

Question: Have you ever gone to Hershey's Chocolate Factory and Hershey Park, in Hershey, PA?
Answer: No, I have never been to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory.

Question: Do you go visit fans of yours in hospitals?
Answer: I always visit my fans in the Hospital, I never hesitate to go!

Question: Do you like candy, and if so what's your favorite?
Answer: I love candy, my favorite of course is Bubble Gum, me and bubble gum were meant for each other!

Question: Do you like acting in a tv show or movie more?
Answer: I prefer acting in a TV Show more than a Movie, its alot more funner and you get to see your fellow Cast Members/Friends everyday!

Mackenzie growing up and dealing more with adult issues

IML: Wow, "7th Heaven" is already in its seventh season! How do you think the show has changed since it first started airing?
Mackenzie: Well, at first, there weren't as many children and it seemed like all the kids were perfect. They did everything right and they were all younger. Then it changed because the issues the children face are changing as they get older. Like some of the older kids are getting married and moving away.
IML: How do you think your character, Ruthie, has changed?
Mackenzie: She's changed a lot. She's gone from being the youngest kid in the family -- the little girl who everybody thinks is so cute and stuff -- to not-the-youngest-kid in the family because she now has baby twin brothers. Now Ruthie is more grown-up and dealing with more adult issues.
IML: The show has gotten really popular and it seems to appeal to both kids and adults. Why do you think that is?
Mackenzie: People can really relate to what the characters are facing. People watch it and think, "Gosh, I thought that only happens to me! How did they know that?"
IML: You've got six brothers and sisters on TV. How many do you have in real life?
Mackenzie: I have an older sister named Caitlin, who is 15, and a younger brother named Chandler. He's 10.
IML: Do you guys ever get in fights?
Mackenzie: Me and Caitlin get along pretty well, but Chandler and I fight quite a bit.
IML: How do you and Chandler resolve things?
Mackenzie: By not talking to each other for the rest of the day! (laughs)
IML: Really? You don't talk things out?
Mackenzie: No, we do, eventually.
IML: Do you think it's hard for your brother and sister, with you being an actress? Is it tough for them that you're in the spotlight and they're not?
Mackenzie: No, they don't mind at all. I mean, my brother, he's done television stuff, but he just didn't like doing it as much as I do. Caitlin's just not interested in it.
IML: Do you ever wish you had a bigger family like the Camdens?
Mackenzie: Actually, I like having a smaller family. I think the more people you have in the family, the more people there are to have problems with.
IML: We hear your 13th birthday is coming up. Are you excited?
Mackenzie: I am!
IML: Do you think things will change now that you'll be a teenager?
Mackenzie: I don't really know if anything's going to change. It's more of an idea than anything else. You know, "I'm a teenager now!"
IML: What do you think will be hardest about being a teen?
Mackenzie: You're a little kid, but then you're not an adult, so you're in the middle. That's kind of difficult.
IML: Do you do any volunteer work?
Mackenzie: I'm involved with a charity called Carousel Ranch. They help disabled people by getting them involved in horseback riding.
IML: So, you're into horseback riding?
Mackenzie: Oh, yeah! I've been riding for four or five years. I do hunter/jumpers. That's the name of the type of riding I do.
IML: How often to you ride?
Mackenzie: Well, I have eight horses in my backyard. I ride all the time. It's just been so hot lately that I haven't really been able to ride that much, just a couple of times a week. Usually when it's not so hot, I like to ride at least four times a week.
IML: That's amazing that you've got horses right outside your house! Is there one particular horse that's your favorite?
Mackenzie: Yes, there is. Her name is Xena.
IML: Do you think it is important for kids to find something that they're passionate about?
Mackenzie: It's really important to find something you really enjoy - something you can focus on and be good at.
IML: What's your advice to someone who's still figuring out what they're good at?
Mackenzie: Try out a bunch of different things. Take a lesson or two in everything and see what you like the most.
IML: Great advice! Thanks so much for chatting with us, and good luck with the show this year.
Mackenzie: Thank you!

More fun facts about Mackie Rosman

~Has some Cherokee Indian backround
~Her favorite episodes are when she tells the jokes
~Brings her dog (Molly) to the set every day
~They don't treat her differently at school
~Her co-stars tickle and tease her backstage
~She does schoolwork three hours a day
~Washes her hair in Pantene and Aussie (her hair has to be done every day so it looks good on the set)
~Her agent is from the Savage Agency
~Andrew Keegan kissed her on the top of her head
~Mack insists she is a normal girl
~Is auditioning for big screen rolls...Good luck Mack!!

Mack's Pets

Two dogs: Molly and Gizmo
One rat: Sweetie
Two horses: Easy Mocha and Xena Warrior Princess
Two cats: Chance and Eddie
Two Fish: She doesn't remember their names
Two Birds: Information is unknown what their names are
One Mouse: The mouse is missing

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