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Missy Peregrym

Missy Peregrym

Missy stars as "Jackie Bradford" on ABC's drama "Life As We Know It." The show is based on British Melvin Burgess’ controversial young-adult novel about the sexual antics and day-to-day lives of three 16-year-old boys. Peregrym’s acting credits include a lead role in the television series Black Sash and guest appearances in such television series as Dark Angel and The Chris Isaak Show. Peregrym currently lives in British Columbia, Canada, where she grew up. In addition to acting, she enjoys spending her free time singing, practicing martial arts and engaging in such sports as basketball, soccer, running, tennis and snowboarding. Missy ( given name Melissa) Peregrym was born on June 15, 1982, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Missy has lived most of her life in Surrey, B.C. with her father, a minister, her mother and two sisters. She began her career in front of the camera at age 18 when she started modeling. The print advertisements soon turned into commercials for Mercedes Benz, Sprint Canada and the Olympics. It wasn't long before Hollywood came calling.

Missy's first guest appearance was on the action-drama series Dark Angel opposite Jessica Alba. She followed that up with the role of Julia on the critically acclaimed cable series The Chris Isaak Show. Her next audition landed her the plum role of Tory in Black Sash.

A dedicated soccer player, Missy's new schedule has forced her to take time away from the sport, but she picks up games whenever she can. She also enjoys snowboarding and outdoor sports on the local Vancouver mountains. She currently resides in Vancouver with her family.
She Is currently dating Zachary Levi from ABC's sitcom Less Than Perfect.


Missy Peregrym stars in the new drama series ''Life As We Know It''

From the producers of the critically-acclaimed series Freaks and Geeks, Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, and the former co-chairman of the ABC Entertainment Television Group, Stuart Bloomberg, comes a one-hour drama series based on British author Melvin Burgess’ breakthrough novel, Doing It. life as we know it defines the spirit of life through the eyes of Dino Whitman, Jonathan Fields and Ben Connor, three hormone-charged teenage boys on the brink of becoming young men. This coming-of-age story is not just about sex – which dominates their every thought – girlfriends and sports, but about how the pressures of growing up affect their attitudes toward the things and people they love, and how these experiences with their families, friends, coaches and teachers shape them into men.

Dino (Sean Faris) is a rising hockey star with athletic good looks and charisma that make him the envy of his classmates. Fascinated by his beautiful girlfriend, Jackie (Missy Peregrym), he can barely control his teenage sexual impulses. His confidence is wildly shaken when he makes a devastating discovery about the relationship of his parents, Annie (Lisa Darr) and Michael Whitman (D.B. Sweeney). Meanwhile, Jackie quietly struggles with her own sexual boundaries with Dino and relies heavily on her friends, Sue (Jessica Lucas) and Deborah (Kelly Osbourne), to maintain her willpower.

Bright, sarcastic and utterly consumed by thoughts of girls, Ben Connor (Jon Foster) is under constant pressure from his parents to achieve unattainable perfection. Ben is mesmerized by his English teacher, Ms. Monica Young (Marguerite Moreau), and is simultaneously thrilled and panicked at the thought of having a physical relationship with her.

Jonathan Fields (Chris Lowell), the least confident but most creative and grounded of the three friends, finds secret comfort in his relationship with the eccentric, full-bodied Deborah (Kelly Osbourne), because she shares his world view. Unbeknownst to each other, Deborah and Jonathan both entertain thoughts of taking their relationship to the next level, though Jonathan also worries that making things more “formal” will bring ridicule from others.


Missy Peregrym plays in the “Black Sash”

Martial arts star Russell Wong (“Romeo Must Die”) stars in this unique drama as an ex-cop who sacrificed everything and must now rebuild his own life as a teacher and mentor to a diverse group of teenagers. From the writer and executive producer of “The Karate Kid” and “Kiss of the Dragon,” and the executive producers of “Smallville,” The WB’s “Black Sash” features a multigenerational cast, dazzling martial arts and stories of hope and redemption.

As an undercover narcotics cop, Tom Chang (Wong) paid a high price for staying true to his values. Framed and wrongly incarcerated in Hong Kong for allegedly smuggling heroine, he loses his career, his wife and the right to see his daughter. All he has left are the blazing skills of a master martial arts combatant. Now, after five years in a Hong Kong prison, Tom has come home to San Francisco, intent on restoring his life.

Once back in San Francisco, Tom’s mentor, Master Li (Mako, “Pearl Harbor”), gives Tom his martial arts school to run and a place to live in his building on the wharf. Tom finds a new family in the young men and women he trains in Chinese martial arts. His dedicated students include Tory Stratton (Missy Peregrym, “Dark Angel,” “The Chris Isaak Show“), a fiercely beautiful 17-year-old who has turned to martial arts as a way of dealing with the rage she feels over the death of her policeman father. A newcomer to the group, Trip Brady (Corey Sevier, “Between Strangers“) is the victim of a violent father. For Trip, Tom’s knowledge and kindness open the door to a new life. Bryan Lanier (Ray J, “Moesha“) is a tough-talking, streetwise teenager with a quick wit and a deep loyalty to his fellow students and to Tom. Another newcomer is the shy and warm-hearted Allie Bennett (Sarah Carter, “Undeclared”), who is searching for acceptance, friendship and for some of the skill and bravery she admires in Tory.

Tom relies on the spiritual guidance of Master Li to help him deal with issues that arise in his life and the lives of his students. He also begins the long journey of trying to win back the right to see his daughter and the acceptance of his ex-wife, Beth (Ona Grauer). Tom spends his days teaching a new generation the skills and enlightenment he learned from Master Li. His message is timeless: patience and flexibility are the keys to overcoming any obstacle.


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