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Molly Sims

Molly Sims

She is a beautiful and multi-talented renowned super model, and now an actress. Molly stars as "Delinda Deline" on NBC's hot series "Las Vegas". Molly Sims hails from Murray, Kentucky, but it was at the Vanderbilt University in Tennessee that her life experienced a whirlwind change. While a law student at the University, Molly's roommate convinced the green-eyed brunette to have shots taken, and sent to New York modeling agencies. Her roommate must have had the modeling scout flair, as NEXT modeling agency signed Molly soon after. Leaving her law studies behind, Molly headed to London, where she worked for several years. Next thing she knew, she was appearing in magazines such as British and American Elle, French Vogue, Madame Figaro, and gracing the covers of Madame Figaro, French Vogue and British Marie Claire. If you haven't had the luck or luxury of viewing Molly in her magazine spreads, you've surely seen her in one of many advertisements for companies such as Nautica, Armani, Chanel, and Maidenform. She has also worked with everyone's favorite company, Victoria's Secret. Molly kept busy with competitive swimming for 10 years while growing up, which would explain why she looks so great in the bikinis she models in the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, along with Yamila Diaz and Elsa Benitez. Now Molly is still behind the camera, only it's a television camera. As the host of MTV's trendy show House Of Style, Molly has followed in the tradition of models-turned-MTV hostesses, like her predecessors Cindy Crawford and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

A resident of New York and Los Angeles Molly has traded in her swimsuits for bodysuits in order to practice yoga regularly. Luckily for us, Molly's only roommate for now is her dog Poupette. She is official spokeswoman for Old Navy clothing store (US) and appears on their tv commercials.

Molly Sims has brains and beauty

Molly has been modeling for 6 years, which is an eternity in the fashion world. She has followed in the tradition of models-turned-MTV hostesses, like her predecessors Cindy Crawford and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. She has done extensive modeling work in Europe, and she is featured in the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated. Molly has brains and beauty, and that substance will help her get a career beyond the catwalk. This is not surprising, considering she wanted to become an attorney while studying at Vanderbilt University.

Molly is one of those rare women that is naturally beautiful and she doesn't need any help to present her sexy appearance. Molly has transformed herself into one of the most recognized models out there by appearing on MTV's House of Style and as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. She not only brings her good old-fashioned Kentucky charm to the table, but also a new intelligence and wit to MTV's House of Style show.

Molly is a southern girl from Murray, Kentucky, and it was while she was enrolled at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee that her life experienced a whirlwind change. Molly was a law student at the University, and her roommate convinced the green-eyed brunette to have some photographs taken, and sent to New York modeling agencies.

The next thing she knew, Molly was appearing in magazines such as British and American Elle, French Vogue, Madame Figure, and gracing the covers of Madame Figaro, French Vogue and British Marie Claire. She has worked in many advertisements for companies such as Nautica, Armani, Chanel, and Maidenform, and everyone's favorite, Victoria's Secret. Molly's fantastic body comes from competitive swimming for 10 years, which explains why she looks so great in the bikinis she modeled in the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, along with Yamila Diaz, Elle MacPherson and Elsa Benitez

The first word that comes to mind when looking at Molly Sims career is diversity. She's been a top model for almost a decade now, doing the catwalk thang, plus she's appeared in too many pages of glossy magazines and also starred in advertising campaigns for luxuries including jeans, perfumes and anything else you'd care to look or smell good wearing.

Furthermore, she's successfully made the move from modeling to TV, which so many top models aim for, but rarely get.

Although it's sometimes an unfair stereotype, it is often true that your average supermodel has average intellect, which, it must be said, doesn't always sit well with on-screen producers.

This is where the very bright and smart Molly comes in, two of the reasons she was cast for the role of host on MTV's House Of Style series. The TV show is essentially about new fashion and youth trends, which kicked off way back in 1989, when 'big hair' was hip. The original host was none other than Cindy Crawford. Molly has also been a reporter on the US tabloid show, Entertainment Tonight.

It's easy to understand that she is no ding-bat, as she studied Law at the Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. One of Molly's most oft-used quotes shows that she's also a realist: "Be yourself, fill your life with good people, and don't get a big head. It can all be gone tomorrow." Spoken like a true celebrity scholar...

Molly Sims' Real Story

But where did it all start? Born in a town called Murray, in the American state of Kentucky, where that big horse race happens, she grew up as a swimmer.

In fact, she was a competitive swimmer for some 10 years during her youth - probably one of the reasons why she still looks so radiant today.

While studying law at the aforementioned Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, one of her close friends saw something special in Molly.

Usually it's dorky-looking talent scouts who prowl beaches and malls that uncover top models, but whatever prompted her friend to suggest that Molly get some professional photos done, it was to be the start of her modeling career.

The portfolio of photos were sent to Next modeling agency and soon after, she was signed on as a model. Simple, really...

Leaving law school behind, Molly flew to London where she worked for a few years, getting to grips with what can be, at times, a very cut-throat industry. Before long, she was appearing in Elle, Vogue, Madame and Figaro magazine - many of them for the front cover!

From here things went from good to great, with a spate of TV ads. She worked with the likes of Chanel, Armani and Nautica, and later back in America she appeared in the sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie catalogue.

More recently, however, Molly has appeared in 2001 and 2002 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and once you've made SI's Swimsuit edition, you know you've hit the big time!

Molly Sims lives in New York, New York and is known to be a big fan of yoga, but not yoghurt. She was recently hosting MTV's House Of Style, which is said to have been through a complete revitalisation since she came on board.

With an ability to boost the ratings of TV shows, thanks in large part to her sharp wit and amazing figure, Molly Sims is testament to the fact that yes, those who start a career in modeling can do more than just look nice in skimpy chiffon outfits.

Molly Sims supermodel look

Molly Sims is not only great to look at, but she can hold her own in a conversation. Here's to intelligent and beautiful women. She is the host of MTV's House Of Style and has done extensive modeling work in Europe, and in all major runway shows. Her most celebrated cover was for Marie Claire, while she will be featured in the upcoming Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated.

Telling Molly Sims she has an unforgettable face is like telling Arnold Schwarzenegger he has an accent. It's apparent, it's obvious, and boy does she know it. Though she has transformed herself into one of the most recognized models out there by appearing as the host of MTV's House of Style and as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, the modeling world wasn't always the career path of choice for Miss Sims.

She wanted to be a lawyer, but thanks to a persuasive friend she sent her portfolio to an agency, and voilà, she made it. Good thing too, because she not only brings her good old-fashioned Kentucky charm to the table, but also a new intelligence and wit to MTV's House of Style show. As a result, the show has recently generated the kind of buzz that it once got when Cindy Crawford and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos were hosts.

She's a very opinionated person (as evidenced by her commentary on House of Style). She has brains and beauty, and that substance will help her get a career beyond the catwalk. But that shouldn't be surprising considering she wanted to be a lawyer while studying at Vanderbilt University.

Molly doesn't just have the typical "girl next door" look. She has the "girl next door that is so hot she became a supermodel" look. She has very sexy eyes, and an irresistible "come hither" stare. Her excellent debut on MTV has allowed her to branch out into other hosting duties like Fashionably Loud, also an MTV show about music and fashion. Molly Sims is one of those rare women that is naturally beautiful. She doesn't need any help to look good; give her old jogging pants and a ripped T-shirt, and she will still look amazing. Then again, any woman would look kind of amazing with a ripped T-shirt, wouldn't she?

She was once a self-described "fashion emergency," being the victim of big hair and shoulder pads. She has since cleaned up and now describes herself as "street edgy/vintage chic." Even her description sounds fashionable.

Las Vegas - Season 1 - Uncut & Uncensored Review

Ahh, Las Vegas, Sin City, where dreams can be made or shattered with the roll of the dice. Las Vegas explores the inside of the Montecito hotel and casino, a huge resort located on the Las Vegas strip. At the heart of the casino is Big Ed Deline (James Caan), the chief of operations, and the man in charge. He's former CIA, and knows a thing or two about keeping things running smoothly, or how to correct them if they go astray. His protege is Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel), a former marine that's a favorite with the ladies on the floor, and in bed. He would have been wise to stay away from Delinda (Molly Sims), but how was he supposed to know she was Ed's daughter? Delinda bores of things easily, so Ed is surprised when she becomes the hostess at the casino's restaurant, and then turns it into one of Vegas' hottest nightclubs. Casino's need whales (big spenders), and there's no one better than Sam Marquez (Vanessa Marcil) to lure them to the Montecito, and take care of their every whim. There's also Mary Connell (Nikki Cox), the special events coordinator; Nessa Holt (Marsha Thomason), the pit boss; and Mike Cannon (James Lesure), an MIT engineering graduate that makes more money as the head valet. Under Ed's watchful eye they tackle cheats, mobsters, lover's spats, and a whole lot more.

Las Vegas is a show I heard a bit about, but I didn't have a chance to catch it when it first aired. Call me crazy, but I hate coming into a series part way through a season, especially when I think it'll be released on DVD. I didn't realize the show would be such a nice blend of drama and comedy, with a bit of action tossed in. I'd have to say that this is one of the coolest new shows I've seen in awhile.

Yes, yes, yes! Universal did a bang-up job on this set, and I'm so pleased. Over the past year I've had a few minor complaints with the Universal sets, but everything has been corrected for Las Vegas. I hope we see the same quality for future sets as well.

It's All Make-Believe in Las Vegas

At 1 p.m. on a Tuesday, we navigate through human gridlock at the Culver City studio where the NBC series "Las Vegas" is filmed.

It appears all Hollywood roads lead to the door of executive producer Scott Steindorf. Dozens of young aspiring actresses are here to roll the dice.

The bespectacled Steindorf, 40ish and fit, breaks away from the casting call and we head for the set through familiar surroundings -- a multimillion dollar re-creation of a casino.

After snaking our way through the cavernous building, we enter a glass-enclosed room. Co-stars Josh Duhamel and James Lesure lean over a boardroom table, talking with co-executive producer-writer Matt Pyken and director Bryan Spicer.

Steindorf makes introductions just as my cellphone goes off. There's something surreal about being on the set of "Las Vegas," interrupting a $25,000-an-hour production, while a tipster has hot news from the real Las Vegas: Sandy Murphy and Rick Tabish, not guilty!

Pyken takes over as tour guide. As this episode's creator, Pyken, a Carson Daly look-alike, is on the set all day to retool the script and oversee the shoot. They are shooting Episode 13 of the second season's 24; each episode taking eight 12- to 14-hour days.

We settle into director's chairs in a room where Spicer is sitting in front of a TV monitor, awaiting the next scene with Duhamel and Lesure.

In "Las Vegas" they are best buds, but in this episode, which airs Monday (9 p.m. on KVBC-TV, Channel 3), they are having words over how to handle the kidnapping of James Caan's character, Big Ed Deline.

Sylvester Stallone was in the previous day, says Pyken, for a scene that had Caan held hostage in a bathtub.

At that moment, the realization occurs to me: This is the episode Steindorf and Pyken referred to three weeks earlier during a conference call. Their offer: Would I agree to play myself in a guest appearance?

They laid out the story line. After Caan's character is kidnapped, they explained, I would fall under suspicion because a pit boss points out that I have $400,000 in gambling debts at the fictional Montecito casino.

In real life I gamble so rarely and for so little that the only time I established a line of credit, back in 1979 at the then-Union Plaza, I wouldn't qualify as a minnow in a whale's world.

But my limited gambling background wasn't the reason why I passed on the invitation to make a cameo in "Las Vegas."

Playing a gambler on a hit TV show might sound tempting, and in another era few ink-stained wretches would have turned it down. But in this day and age of reality TV and media scrutiny I prefer to keep a firewall between fact and fiction.

Back on the set during my Thanksgiving week vacation visit, Scene 22 is minutes away. More Duhamel and Lesure.

A young woman from wardrobe approaches Pyken in our tiny room where Spicer is directing the show.

They are discussing, um, nipples. Seems an assistant director was just summoned to a big office and thought he was being called on the carpet, his career in the balance. When he got there, he was asked, "Are Vanessa's nipples meeting standards?"

Vanessa is Vanessa Marcil, who plays Sam, a sexy, savvy casino host. NBC censors must have a full-time job toning down the plunging necklines favored by Marcil and her alluring female castmates Molly Sims and Nikki Cox.

During a break, I engage Duhamel in small talk about his late-November sweeps-week romantic showdown with Mary (Cox).

Their on-screen relationship had been heating up and there had been hints they may be heading for the altar.

"It's over," said Duhamel, explaining why his character, Danny McCoy, backed off. "It was too soft."

After lunch, the action moves to a studio across the street for a wedding chapel scene involving feuding Elvis impersonators.

In the scene, a 400-pound Elvis shows up at the wedding as a hunka, hunka burning ex-hubbie, steamed that his ex, an Elvis chapel owner, stole away a high roller.

I won't spoil it for you but here's a hint: picture a rumble in an Elvi jungle with baseball bats and chapel statuary.

In the middle of the storm is Leigh-Allyn Baker, who plays a feisty female Elvis who is marrying off the high roller.

Baker's claim to fame: She was Miss Calloway County Fair Queen in Murray, Ky., in 1990. A year later she returned to the pageant to crown her successor, a stunning blonde named Molly Sims. Yes, that Molly Sims.

"She was so tall I had to ask her to kneel" during the coronation, said Baker, who, during her shooting breaks, chats with Marcil, who played Gina Kincaid in "Beverly Hills, 90210" from 1998-2000.

About 8 p.m., as the chapel scene drags on for take after take, Marcil wanders into the director's room where Pyken and others watch the TV monitor over Spicer's shoulder.

Chewing pomegranate seeds from a plastic bag, she sits down and joins the downtime banter. She confesses that she seldom watches the show because old habits die hard.

"Growing up I was only allowed two hours of TV a week. I'd go to the library and check out 11 books," said Marcil, who grew up in Indio, Calif., near Palm Springs. As a teen, she worked at the Wienerschnitzel "across from the Date Festival," in her brown polyester uniform.

"My parents never took me to Vegas -- not once. I didn't go until I was 18. I've never gambled. I'm too frugal."

An exotic mix of Mexican, French, Italian and Portuguese descent, Marcil is a homebody, bargain shopper and a Personal Digital Assistant fanatic.

"The only things I spend money on is real estate, cars and electronics. I went to buy a mattress and went to three mattress places and played three guys against each other, and I got a $2,300 mattress for $900."

She spends her off-hours with son Kassius, 2 1/2, and her fiance, Brian Green, whom she met on "90210" when he went by Brian Austin Green.

A middle-aged man in a baseball cap pops into the room, engaging Pyken in conversation.

Pyken introduces him as Scott Lewis, a writer's assistant on the 150-member cast and crew. Lewis is no stranger to Las Vegas. As one of Jerry Lewis' five sons, he often visited during his father's headliner days.

"I worked with (Gardner Stern, another `Las Vegas' co-executive producer-writer) on `Breaking News,' " said Lewis. "He pulled me into `Las Vegas.' Now we're trying to come up with a good story angle to get my father on it."

Pyken, the former director of the California Coalition for Reagan-Bush 20 years ago, has deep family ties in Las Vegas, too.

"My grandfather (Morris Joseph Singer) was a big gambler. When he died the family spread his ashes at Red Rocks because he loved seeing the hawks. I scattered some of his ashes on a gaming table at Caesars Palace."


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