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Monica Potter Actress

Monica Potter

Currently appearing as "Lori Colson"on ABC's drama hit "Boston Legal". Potter's major film credits include I'm with Lucy, as well as other notable feature performances, among them Along Came a Spider, Patch Adams, Head Over Heels, Without Limits, and Con Air. Before pursuing acting, Monica worked in the modeling business for a few years in Chicago and Miami. Potter made her acting debut on the soap opera series "The Young And The Restless" in 1994.

Monica Louise Potter (Brokaw) is born in June 30th 1971, which means she is Cancerian, a zodiacal sign which historically always gave good results. Her parents are a dad inventor and a mother secretary. Monica raises among 3 sisters in a strict family, and goes to Euclid, a private catholic girls' school. She begins to work at 12, and tries modelling. Her first steps are only local ads and covers. At 14, the actress still hesitates for her future career between modelling and... nun !! The calm and order of the Orders attract her. And she has since childhood her father's influence, who sees her as the boy he didn't have . But as years pass, Monica turns to a pretty young maiden.
Her life chooses an unpredictable path : Monica is pregnant at 18, and marries her boyfriend. She tries castings at Chicago, then Miami, where she is sent in Peru for the "famous" Nubeleuz, a children show Monica would later refer as a "disaster". She thinks to surrender, but her father supports her financially, and she continues. In 1993 Monica's arrival in Los Angeles. She hasn't got much dollars, and a second child is on his way. LA is however a turning point for Monica. She'll stay here for 5 years. The french director Luc Besson gives her her first opportunity : she's one of the chewers in a gum commercial. "(French director) Luc Besson was shooting a gum commercial and he chose me as one of the chewers. He was really great. I told him I wanted to be an actress, and he helped me get an agent." But everything isn't so easy, and Monica must work hard. After many lousy jobs, she finally gets a little role in the famous soap "The Young & the Restless". It's a little start, but it keeps growing from the ad to the soap ! But everything isn't so easy, and Monica must work hard. Monica then acts a lot : she's seen in Bullet Proof, Heaven Or Vegas. Her first major role comes with "Without Limit", a Tom Cruise's product. Monica gives her talent and beauty to Mary Marcks, Steve Prefontaine's girlfriend. Actor Billy Crudup plays Steve Prefontaine, and will get attracted by his partner's appeal. Monica Potter's 1st box office hit is "Con Air". She starts here her long impressive serie of partnership with Hollywood biggest stars. Monica is seen again in major movies like Patch Adams, Head Over Heels or the recent Along Came a Spider, costarring Morgan Freeman . Critics enjoy Monica's talent and hability to move ("She is usually the best thing in any movie she's in"), and movies' successes attract directors and producers. Today, Monica's fame keeps growing. She made the MAXIM's cover, and will soon be in the theatres again in a new sexy romantic comedy.

Six web sites are dedicated to her, while there were only 1 two years ago. As a woman, she is bachelor but hangs around (Adam Duritz). She raises her 2 sons alone, but has kept her ex-husband as her closest friend. She is an happy and beautiful woman, humorous (which I believe without difficulty !!!), moving, and she never reads what's written on her, good or bad. She's one of Hollywood's most talented and promising actress.

Meet Monica Potter

Where you’ve seen her:
In mainstream movies Con Air, Patch Adams, Without Limits, and Head Over Heels; in the British comedy The Very Thought of You; and playing a hard-nosed Secret Service agent in Kiss the Girls sequel, Along Came a Spider.

Bosom buddy:
“I think I put out a let’s-be-pals vibe. Guys see me as a friend. And it really wouldn’t be so bad to have more guys hitting on me. But I’m usually really good friends with the guy before we move to the physical stuff.”

Calling all mute paraplegics:
“The perfect man is quiet and exudes that man thing but still has feelings. I want someone to be relaxed and trusting, laid-back but not lazy, a hard worker but not so hard that I don’t get the attention I need.”

So you’re saying blondes don’t have more fun?
“My question is, why does everybody want to be blonde? The grass may always be greener, but once you hop the fence, you step in dog crap.”

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves:
“I have a lot of respect for nuns. I grew up Catholic and kind of spiritual. I really like nuns’ way of living. I like the order they keep. I think it would be fun to sit there with the sisters and play Yahtzee or Scrabble. I know it sounds weird.”

More Fun Stuff about Monica Potter

Monica has three sisters. They all attended a private, all-girls, Catholic school while growing up.
Monica had her first son when she was 19 years old. She is now the mother of two.
Monica is a vegetarian.
Monica lives by the beauty secret of applying castor oil to her eyelashes and eyebrows to make them appear thicker.
The rock band The Counting Crows wrote a song called, "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby." It is all about Ms. Monica.
Her full name is Monica Louise Potter.
Her nickname is Mocky.
Monica modeled in both Chicago and Miami before she decided to try out acting.
Monica started her acting career on the daytime soap opera, "The Young And The Restless."
Monica married her second boyfriend when she was 19 years old.
While filming Con Air, Monica was the only girl in the cast so she had to "hang out" with the guys, including visiting a strip club just to see...
Monica's dream isn't to be a big celebrity but to help children. "I love acting, and I see it as a way to achieve what I really want to do. I want to help children. One way to do that is to be a successful actress."
Monica is from Cleveland, Ohio and still lives there because it is a great place to raise children. She lives right down the street from the house where she grew up.
Monica has a tattoo of a shamrock on her left ankle.

Monica Potter stars in the horror hit movie ''Saw''

A low- budget horror movie has turned into an international success for Australian director James Wan and writer-star Leigh Whannell. ''Saw'', their $1 million movie starring Danny Glover, Monica Potter and Cary Elwes, has earned more than $53 million in the US – and counting.

"We would have been happy just to have made Saw and have it seen by our friends," said Wan, 27, who lived in Perth from age eight to 14 and returns tomorrow with Whannell to promote the film. "But for it to have broken out to the mainstream and made how much it has made is something we never expected," he said.

The pair, who became friends while studying film and media at RMIT in Melbourne, shot a $7000 trailer on DVD and shopped it around Hollywood. Several studios offered six figures for Whannell's script but only one, Lion's Gate, asked them to star and direct in return for a percentage of profits. "It (the DVD) was one of those few things in life that did exactly what it was meant to do," Wan said.

Three months later, they were shooting Saw. Wan said the surprise hit, which made $17 million in its opening weekend in the US, hadn't made them instant millionaires. "Not just yet," he said. "Leigh and I are still scavenging for food and rent money, but it's not far off. "Besides, the film was released on a Friday and by Monday the sequel was already announced."

The filmmakers have taken horror, sci-fi and mystery to a new level in the year 2004. However, someone ate their Wheaties when they conjured up the storyline for "Saw", as it tops any previous effort to bring forth the true meaning of sociopath.

The film starts out with two men, who wake up in a filthy bathroom, each chained to a pipe on the opposite end of the room. Neither of he two knows how they got there, or worse, why there is a dead man lying in the middle of the room. Upon meeting each other and trying to comprehend the nature of their captivity, they stumble upon a tape in their pockets, and the only way to listen to the message is to pry the tape player out of the dead man's hand.

After doing so, each man listens to their tape and discovers that the only way they will escape the bathroom alive is to follow the instructions recorded. However, they have a limited time to do so, and if the instructions were indeed followed, then only one of the two would make it out alive.

The plot is impeccable. It shows true ingenuity and keeps the audience on edge the entire time. I have to say I was truly impressed with the end. It was typical of your horror movie ending, yet its disentanglement of the plot deserves a simple "wow", for its manipulation of the viewer's mindset.

The cast includes Cary Elwes (that guy from Liar, Liar who couldn't do "the claw"), Leigh Whannel, Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), and Monica Potter (Along Came a Spider, Patch Adams). The movie was filmed in the U.S. of A., and actor Leigh Whannell, who plays a main character, also wrote the screenplay. The movie originally rated NC-17 for its content, had to be re- rated to fall in the category of "R" and meet MPAA regulations. However, a little more could have been done to secure the "R" rating as it was borderline.

Quite honestly, I'm at a loss for words when it comes to rating this movie. Based on the plot and creative way the movie was fashioned, I would have to say it is a work of art. However, there are some disturbing scenes that include flesh ripping, blood spurting, self -mutilation and some language that isn't exactly pleasant.

All in all, I'm going to break it down like this: If you enjoy feeling that chill that runs up your spine when you experience something out of the ordinary, then is right up your alley.

Romantic comedy ''Head Over Hills'' starring Monica Potter on DVD now

Amanda Pierce (Monica Potter) is an art restorer at the Met. She's the kind of girl who always falls for the wrong guy so it doesn't come as much of a surprise to her that when that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman. Amanda takes solace in her lone friend Lisa (China Chow) who recommends that she move out and move on. So Amanda goes on an apartment search and finds a killer deal on a room. Before she even arrives at the apartment (which looks more like a loft) she gets knocked over by a huge dog. The dog's walker (Freddie Prinze Jr) comes over to her and apologizes and in true movie fashion she finds herself smitten with him. She can't seem to get a clear thought out as all her sentences come out jumbled and sounding desperate. Following the meeting she heads up to check out the apartment. It's a lovely place the only thing is her roommates are 4 struggling models. There's Candi the Australian girl-next-door type (Sarah O' Hare), the Russian Goddess Roxana (Ivana Milicevic) , Holly (Tomiko Fraser) the smart one and Jade the sheik all American girl (Shalom Harlow). Given her recent luck Amanda is unsure of what to do but in the end takes the place as it's really the only place she can afford. It just so happens that the man Amanda ran into earlier lives in the apartment immediately across from the models which can be seen from the models pad. Candi explains that his name is Jim Winston and he is a fashion executive. Amanda's hopes die as she figures he must only be interested in models. She finds out this simply isn't the case when he asks her out on a date. However before the date occurs Amanda witnesses a disturbing event from the window and she begins to investigate Jim.

"Head Over Heels" is really two movies put into one and as such it doesn't work. It's hard to believe that the screenplay was written by two of the screenwriters of "There's Something About Mary" - 1997's funniest film. So many of the jokes in this movie have been done before and done better. Some of the jokes involve the classic trip and fall scene, the mistaken identity gag, and the jumbled sentence. In one soon to be classic scene Monica Potters character Amanda means to say "I've got to run" but instead it comes out "I've got the runs". Occasionally there is a really good joke but when they come so few and far between it's hard to really remember them. There were at least one or two jokes that I thought were so clever that I wish I had written them down as I'm in no hurry to revisit this film.

The performances in this movie are a mixed bag. The lovely and talented Monica Potter (Con Air, Patch Adams, Along Came a Spider) looks too pretty to be playing the normal every day girl that she is. She does her best with the limited material and can't be faulted too much. Had this role been given to another less capable actress such as Denise Richards then the movie would have been even less bearable.

On the other hand, Freddie Prinze Jr. who quite possibly holds the title for the world's worst actor, once again plays his generic character. The guy who stands there, looks cute and acts dumb. The models made up of a mixture of actresses and real life models add eye candy for the guys but don't really turn in very noteworthy performances. The exception being Sarah O'Hare's Candi who attempts and succeeds at both physical comedy and verbally comedy. Her character's constant stories about her Uncle Pete are some of the strongest comedic bits in the movie. In a cameo role of the "Guess Jeans Girl" model Noot Seer who would have gone to my high school if she wasn't modelling looks great. I run into her on occasion and it's great to see her in a movie even if she doesn't have any lines.

In the end there are more problems then redeeming qualities in "Head Over Heels". While it has it's moments there aren't enough of them to save the picture. If the film had continued along the line it started then the outcome would have been different and a better film would have emerged.
In an interesting move, "Head Over Heels" was shot in the aspect ratio of 2.35:1. For the DVD release Universal presents "Head Over Heels" in a beautiful 2.35:1 transfer enhanced for 16x9 TVs.

I think it's safe to say that "Head Over Heels" doesn't have the most compelling plot but what it lacks in story it makes up in visuals. Detail is excellent, colors vibrant and flesh tones amazingly accurate. This is a step above your usual comedy mix but not a big enough step to go up another notch on the rating scale. I'd describe the mix as a slightly better than average comedy mix.


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