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Natalia Cigliuti Actress

Natalia Cigliuti

The newcomer to ABC's "All My Children", Natalia joined the cast in 2004, taking the role of "Anita Santos Warner". Ms. Cigliuti's recent projects include the independent film Reality Check and Romantic Comedy 101. She most recently appeared in Simon Sez opposite Dennis Rodman, and the independent film Hollywood Horror. Her other feature credits include Fearless and Skooled. Ms. Cigliuti started her acting career at the age of fourteen after a local talent agency discovered her at her eighth grade fashion show. At the age of fifteen, she landed her first series, playing "Lindsay" on Saved by the Bell. This led to other television work, including a starring role on Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills 90210, Odd Man Out, Random Years and numerous guest star appearances on programs such as CSI. Ms. Cigliuti also starred in the made-for-television movie, Attack of the Killer 'B' Movies. A native of New York, Ms. Cigliuti currently resides in both New York and Rhode Island. She speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys swimming, horseback riding, roller-blading, playing softball and soccer. She especially loves spending time with her family. Cigliuti was born on September 6, 1978, in New York. Her parents are from Uruguay. She has two brothers: one older, one younger. Natalia was nominated for Young Artist Awards in 1994 and also nominated for Young Artist Award, Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a Cable or Off Primetime Series for Saved by the Bell: The College Years (1993). She Shared Award With: Jonathan Angel, Isaac Lidsky, Bonnie Russavage, Robert Sutherland Telfer.
Natalia married NASCAR driver Rob Rizzo,on STARDATE July 24, 2004.

Natalia Cigliuti's reality

“People still ask about my Bell days,” says 26-year-old knockout Natalia Cigliuti, who spent four seasons playing Lindsay Warner on Saved by the Bell’s spinoff, Saved by the Bell: The New Class. “I’ve got such a weird collection of fans from that. It’s always like trash men and cab drivers who want autographs. Who knew the show had such a blue-collar following?” Who indeed.

Most discerning critics say The New Class didn’t hold a candle to the original – there were no Casey Kasem-hosted episodes, and Mr. Belding and Screech made a poor team, nothing like the heat generated from the old Zack Morris and Mr. Belding rivalry. But Natalia insists fans weren’t deterred. “I was in Rhode Island recently, and I met a group of college kids who do Saved by the Bell and New Class trivia. They are very competitive about it, like some sort of game show. One question was, ‘When Lindsay wanted to go to The Max on a date, what was Mr. Belding doing?’ I didn’t even know the answer, but all these kids did. I was flipping out.”

Perhaps it was Saved by the Bell’s cult following that opened doors for Natalia at Beverly Hills, 90210 after she graduated from The New Class. Though it was only a small recurring role, the experience was something of an eye-opener. “I couldn’t believe how different it was on the set. Everybody was in everybody else’s dressing room,” says the New York City native. “Jason Priestley cracked open a bottle of wine and I couldn’t believe it. I was like, ‘Whoa, you can just do whatever you want here?’”

Producer Aaron Spelling was so impressed with Natalia’s 90210 performance that he offered her a leading part on his short-lived cops-on-bikes series, Pacific Palisades. But the young starlet almost missed her chance to slip her tight rear into the blue spandex.

“Two nights before we started shooting, I went out dancing with some friends,” she says. “This girl I didn’t know kept bumping into my butt. When I asked her to stop, she said, ‘What’s your problem?’ I didn’t even get a word out before she grabbed a beer bottle and broke it on my head. I was all sliced up and bleeding everywhere. I looked horrible.” By the time the cameras began rolling, however, the cuts and scars were hardly noticeable. Amazing what a little concealer can do.

Though her big-screen appearances haven’t quite worked out as planned (Held Up, starring Jamie Foxx and Nia Long, hardly stayed in theatres long enough to collect bad reviews, and Simon Sez co-starred Dennis Rodman – need we say more?), Natalia is optimistic about her next film, 2002 Reality Check. Yet she swears she won’t be fazed if the film doesn’t work out. “I don’t even own a copy of Simon Sez),” she says, showing how little interest she has in the industry. “I recently moved to Rhode Island, where I can ride my horse every day. That’s my reality. Nothing else really matters.”


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